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Submissive Slut Enjoys the Party!

Submissive slutIt was party time, and I was one of the subs. There was rope play, and I was going to LOVE it. They had brought in plenty of rope, and I was in heaven! My arms were tied behind my back in several places, and my tits were bound up so tightly that the circulation was being cut off, but they were perfect fucking globes. My thighs were kept open by a spreader at the ankles, and everyone was free to walk by and do whatever they wanted to my body. Some walked by and smacked my tits, my ass, my belly, and even my cunt. Others brought the violet wand around and zapped me in different places. By the time the fucking actually started, I was so fucking wet, it was dripping out of me. The first person to reach me for fucking was a woman, and she was quite the hottie and a dominatrix. She doesn’t get on the floor for just anyone, so seeing this woman get down on her knees in front of me was breathtaking. She ran a finger lightly over my cunt from ass crack to clit, pulling off some of the juices that were dripping from me. Then, of all things, she put her face between my thighs, and drug her tongue over that same stretch. I groaned at how erotic it was to have this powerful, dominant woman on her knees and licking my cunt. She dipped her tongue up into me and pulled some of those juices out, making me even hotter. When she finally stood back up, I was horny as fuck, and I knew how privileged I was to get that treatment from her. She pulled me to a private room, and she dominated me for the rest of the night, and I could not have been happier!

Spanking Chat – Master’s Anger

Spanking chatMaster was angry. I had no idea who had pissed him off, or what had happened, but he was pissed. He stalked right past me, hardly acknowledging my presence, which he only does when his anger could potentially cause me harm. I knew to stay out of the way until he called for me, and just did the household things I knew he’d appreciate until then. When he finally did call for me, I could hear the iron-willed control that I loved so much threading his voice. When I found him, Master was in the dungeon, and he had his flog and riding crop out, along with the shackles. Master told me that he needed me to endure pain for him, and that he was sorry that he needed to because he loves me so dearly. I walked over to the table, bent myself over it, and held my hands in their proper place. He shackled them to their respective bindings, and ran a hand over my bare ass. He bent down and kissed each cheek, apologizing again, before I felt the first blow from the flog. He spanked me hard several times, then switched to the riding crop, landing blows all across my cheeks, and occasionally hitting my hips and thighs in the process. I was welting, and I would bear these marks for a few days, I already knew this. But, I knew that I was helping Master, and that made all the difference. By the time his fingers found their way to my cunt, I was sore and aching, and I needed what only he could give. When he finally rammed his dick all the way into me, I cried out with the pain and pleasure of it. Master took his anger out on my cunt and ass for over an hour before kissing every inch of the skin he’d bruised.

Extreme Fetish Phone Sex

Extreme fetish phone sexSuspended from the ceiling, I was staring at him through bleary eyes. He’d already clamped my nipples, and had me gagged. He was cracking that whip across my ass and thighs, digging it into me, lashing the skin til parts of it flayed open. I knew I shouldn’t have done it, but I am such a weak little bitch sometimes. Now, I had to accept the punishment. He set the whip down and picked up the riding crop. He started smacking that down across my tits, over and over again, welting them, making them bleed in places. The tears rolled out of my puffy eyes as I cried through that ball gag. The next 2 lashes from the crop smacked the nipple clamps so hard that they ripped their way off my nipples, pulling bits of skin with them. He told me, then, that what he did was for love, and that I needed to remember how loved I was. He kissed my cheek, and then left me to hang there and think about my actions for a bit.

Slave Training for the Workplace

Slave trainingThey walked into the office, and I knew I was in trouble. They were 2 of Master’s friends, and I knew well enough that when they came around, Master wasn’t going to be far behind. I thought about trying to get up and run, but I knew that would only make matters worse. I wasn’t sure what I’d done to deserve punishment, but for Master to send them by my job, even so close to the end of the day, meant it was bad. They bound me to the chair I was seated in, and then proceeded to slowly cut my clothes off, shirt, then bra, then skirt. They left my panties whole, and I wondered if that was at Master’s bidding. When Master walked in, the scowl on his face told me I’d done fucked up. His crop was in his right hand, and I even noticed that it wasn’t his favorite crop – it was the well-worn, well-used crop that he liked to punish his slaves with. He didn’t just walk over to me, either. He walked to my boss’s office, and knocked on the door. After a few minutes of them talking behind that door, they both walked out. The humiliation of my boss seeing me all but naked compounded the situation. Master explained that my boss had called the house and left a voicemail with a complaint about my forgetting something when I had left the day before. It was important, and I’d apologized to my boss when he’d approached me about it this morning. I sat there and looked directly at Master’s feet, knowing anything else was unacceptable. He took that crop and swung it, hitting me across the shoulders. He smacked each breast, the inside and outside of each thigh, and right across my tummy. I was welted everywhere. I knew I’d never do that again…

Slave Training Brings Rewards!

Slave trainingMaster was proud of me! I had managed to clean the entire house AND finish all the chores he had left for me, and he was going to reward me!! He carried me to his bed, and tied me up to the head and foot-boards. When I was secured and unable to move, he put a sensory deprivation hood on me. Every sound was muffled, and I couldn’t have seen a thing if I had wanted to. I felt his fingers, warm and firm trail from my collar bone down the center of my chest. The next thing I felt was cold and hard, thin, like a pipe, trailing that same path, before veering off to play at my nipples, one at a time. The coldness had my nipples puckering up and all but begging for some attention, and me moaning out my desire, but it soon vanished. Then, I felt something light and soft trail over each nipple, then down over my stomach and belly. That soft object traced patterns over my hips, just where they met my thighs, and drove me wild. I needed to be touched lower, my cunt was dripping and throbbing, and I was hungry to cum. When that moved away, I groaned with the loss and anticipation of whatever was coming next. The warm liquid I felt next surprised me. It was drizzled down over my shaved cunt. Then, I felt my pussy lips being held open as more of the liquid was drizzled over my clit and down my gash. When I felt it being massaged into my pussy and clit, I realized it was an oil or lube that had been heated up. I felt what I thought was a finger run over my clit and down my gash, but the next thing I knew, it was vibrating its way up my love-canal. It worked its way inside of me, and fingers actually started working at my clit and my shit box. I came hard, and he just kept going after it, letting that vibrator bury itself deep inside of me as he kept working me over. He let me come 4 times before he pulled it out and stopped playing with me. Then, I felt it. His great big dick was poking at the entrance to my ass. The oil allowed the head to finally penetrate, and I let out a gasp as it popped home. He started working his cock in and out, forcing it slowly deeper, until he was balls-deep inside of me. When his fingers started driving into my cunt and over my clit, I knew I was done for. He fucked me mercilessly like that. I lost track of time, and only knew that my body was a quivering mass of orgasmic jelly when he finally came. And, Master came inside me!! He let my ass have his entire juicy load!

Bare Bottom Spankings for Bad Girl

Bare bottom spankingsHe had me by the hair, spanking my ass for being such a bad girl. His dick was waving around in front of my face, fully-hard, and I wasn’t allowed to touch it. The tears were streaming down my face as my ass turned so red. Then, he let me go and lay his naked body on the bed. He had me climb on top of him reverse cowgirl style. As I started to ride him, he continued to spank my ass, hard. Every smack drove me closer and closer to orgasm, and yet, when I got close enough that he could sense I was about to cum, he pinched the backs of my thighs hard enough to distract me from it. He did that several more times. He finally shot his load deep inside of me, and then pushed me off. He made me sit with his cum inside of me all evening, not letting me clean up until just before bedtime.

Erotic Bondage Stories are REAL!

Erotic submissive storiesEvery once in a while, he’ll call for a special, and we’ll have a great time. It’s been a little while since I’ve last played with Master, though, so when he called again, I was all excited. He told me that he’d found a fucking machine, and we were going to play with it together. I’d fantasized about that ever since he called, and when we finally played, it was amazing!! He tied me down with my legs pulled back and my arms strapped down. He put the machine down at the foot of the table he had me bound to, edged it close enough to extend the arm and put the head of the dildo at my pussy entrance. He turned it on, and it slowly made its way into my cunt, drawing a gasp and a moan from me as it intruded at almost a snail’s pace. It barely made it halfway into my cunt before the arm started to withdraw, so he adjusted it. The next pass made it all the way to my cervix, and he started to slowly turn the machine up. It got a little faster, and a little faster, every minute, until it was fucking he fast and furious. I honestly don’t remember how many times I got off, but my body was a pile of jelly when it was said and done. Master had to carry me to his bathroom, bathe me, and then carry me to his bed. It was an amazing night!

Submissive Sex Gang Bang!

Every once in a while, I like just a good, hard, pussy-pounding fuck. If it happens to be with multiple partners, more’s the better!! One of my favorite lovers called me up and asked if he could come over and dominate me the other night. I love how he fills me up with his big dick, so of course I said yes. He brought 2 friends with him, and from the moment my door opened, I didn’t have a single say in anything that was done to me that night. They had me stripped down and on my knees immediately, stuffing cocks down my throat, pinching and pulling on my nipples, smacking my ass, pulling my hair. Submissive sexThey picked me up and tossed me around like a rag doll, taking turns shoving their cocks into my ass, my cunt, double penetrating, and keeping my mouth too stuffed with dick to say 2 words. The one time I actually managed to get 2 words out about how good it felt, they smacked me across the face, stuffing yet another dick into my mouth. That time, they skull fucked me, and I almost passed out from lack of air. They never lost control, though, and I go to enjoy the entire fuck-fest. My pussy is still throbbing thinking about it!

Submissive Sex with Gretchen

He had a massive fucking dick, and I was so horny that I just wanted to gobble it up. He wasn’t having any of it, though. Just BECAUSE I wanted that dick in my mouth, he denied me. He started playing with my pussy – fingering my clit, sliding those fingers into my cunt, massaging gently and just driving me batty. When I thought he was finally going to fill my pussy up with that big dick, I was mistaken. Submissive sexHe started to slide that dick into my tight, dry ass. His pussy-juice covered hand came up to wrap around my throat and catch my moans before they could escape me. He worked himself into my sphincter completely dry, forcing the head past the tight muscles. He thrust in and out, shoving that dick further and further up my sphincter. He even sat down with me on his lap and held my legs up and back some so that he could force his big dick even deeper into me. Once he finally got that shaft balls-deep into my cunt, he started working it in and out, over and over, driving that dick into my g-spot from behind. He worked me into a frenzy, so much so that I started doing my best to bounce up and down on him even as he held me prone. When I came, I gushed juices all down my ass and his cock and balls. He made me clean it, too, but I totally didn’t mind!

Erotic Submissive Stories – Slavery

Master came to play. He took me out to dinner, commanding every step I took. He ordered my food for me, and told me what to eat and when. After dinner, he treated me to a walk on the boardwalk. He had me strip down to nothing at the car, and then guided me along the boardwalk from one end to the other, and back again. He knew I was equal parts embarrassed and turned on, and he made sure by sticking his finger inside me once we got back to the car. He let me settle back on his leather seat completely naked, handing me my clothes when I was sorted. Once we got back to my place, I thought he was surely ready to get off, but he proved me wrong. He made me start a load of laundry, including what I’d worn that night. Erotic submissive storiesThen, he led me to my bedroom, commanded me to lie down on the bed, and then stood at the foot of the bed. He wanted me to touch myself. He wanted one hand on my tits, and the other playing with my pussy. I was to rub one out, and so I started. I slid my right hand over my right nipple and then moved it along to my left, as my left hand worked its way to my clit. I started rubbing circles over my clit before plunging 2 of my fingers straight up inside of me. I worked myself up into the heat of just before climax, and I begged him for the chance to cum. He denied me, choosing that moment to strip himself down and stuff his big dick up inside of me. Oh, I fought so hard to control that orgasm, and when he finally told me I could cum, it was such a release!

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