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Cheap phone sex with Jenn

Cheap phone sexI love big black cocks going in and out in all of my holes. I love feeling my pussy and asshole stretch out from how thick it is, and I always can take it all because I am such a fucking slut. Do you like a submissive slut  that you can take advantage of, and do whatever you want to? Then I am the girl for you baby. I will let you do whatever you want to me, I like being degraded and used like a flesh light baby. I want to put  your big thick cock between my tits and jerk your cock with them. Would you like that baby? Would you wanna cover me in hot thick jizz? That would be everything I would want baby, so lets do it.

Submissive phone sex; Please, I will do anything

Submissive phone sexI was at my other job today and I woke up really fucking horny. So I decided to take my favorite pink vibrator to work with me so when I get the chance I could fuck my little throbbing cunt. My manager told me he was going out for lunch and I thought it would be a perfect time, so I pulled out my 8 inch vibrator and slid my panties to the side and started playing with my wet pussy hole. I started to move the end in circles teasing my little cunt until it was dripping all over my desk chair.

Then I decided to take of my panties and gag myself with them while I fucked my cunt faster and faster. You could hear how wet my cunt was, that made me hornier so I fucked myself as fast as I could till I exploded all over my desk. Like a good little submissive slut I got on my hands and knees and licked up every drop of my cum.

Submissive phone sex with Jenn

Submissive phone sex Submissive phone sex is exactly what I was meant for.  I love being treated like a nasty little fucking slut and I sure enough act like one all the time. I love going to the local truck stop or a bath house and sucking all the random cocks that go through the glory holes. I love seeing all the different size cocks that I get to put in my little slutty mouth. I love getting them sloppy wet, so I shove it down my throat till I am balls deep and all fucking spit and slobber run down my mouth. I will make sure to clean up all my spit off the floor like a good little bitch. I will hold my head still and let you face fuck me as hard as you want baby.

Use my bare little tight cunt

Cheap phone sexI know you want to dominate a little bare pink cunt all night long. I have a nice tight little body and perky little titties for you to abusive. You can tie me up and use me like a little fucking whore, I just want to be dominated in any way you can. I love being called nasty names, the nastier the better in my opinion. I am a submissive slut and that will never change. I like to feel the handcuffs metal digging into my wrists till they bleed. I don’t mind shedding blood or whatever my master wants. I want to lick your asshole and make sure your all clean and I will be a good girl. I promise If you call me you won’t be disappointed.

My new toy

Cheap phone sex I got a new toy and I love using it on my calls with my nasty masters, and all I have to do is sit on it and it vibrates my little pink cunt. I like to bounce up and down on it as I rub my little throbbing cunt, and I can’t help squirting all over it. I have a phone in one hand and I get to rub my pussy with the other as my new toy does the rest. I wish my master was here to control it and make me have a forced orgasm, and that makes me so fucking horny. I really want you to control me and make me your little fucking bitch all night long, do you think you can do that?

I will be a little whore for you

Cheap phone sex Being a submissive whore is all that I am, and believe me when I say that I will do anything you want. I love feeling your big hard cock sliding into my cunt over and over again, going deeper and deeper as I scream on your cock. You make me feel like a good little slut as I grind your cock and all my juices are squirting all over your big balls. I will take my tongue and clean up your cock and balls, believe me that will feel so good baby. I really want your balls to unleash all your cum all over my cunt and my little asshole. Make me your whore please master? I want to be the perfect little slut for you.

Toilet princess

Cheap phone sex I am a submissive whore to the extreme. I am not just a submissive whore over the phone I like to live my daily life as a pet to a master. I literally will do anything for you and I won’t complain, I like getting shit and pissed on! I don’t mind eating it or using it to masturbate in front of you. I am a nasty whore to add ontop of me being a submissive slut. I want you to bend over and I want to use my wet tongue into your asshole and scoop everything out of your tight asshole with my tongue. You can even use my face as your personal toilet any where you want. Call me tonight, please master.

Your personal toilet Jenn

Bondage Whore Jenn

Cheap phone sex I hate when masters see me and think they have to take it easy with me. I am not new to the kinky sex and the pain that comes with it, and I am usually a very bad girl so you have to take it 10x harder. I want you to control ever move every breath I take, if I take one out of order I want you to take a riding crop and swat my face as hard as you can. I just love being a dick sucking little slut. Can you bend over so I can stick my tongue straight up your ass, that is my favorite thing to do for my master. I really need a good master to spank me and beat me

Submissive phone sex with Jenn

Cheap phone sexBeing a submissive slut is all that I ever wanted to be. From a young age I always liked being spanked when I got in trouble, and I would properly do things to get spanked. My daddy would bend me over his knee and either spank me with his hand or with a belt and by the time I got up and went to my room my panties where soaking wet. When I got a little older my mom used to slap me across my face for being a dumb little whore and I couldn’t get enough. I knew when I got my first boyfriend(master) I would want him to punish me for every little thing I didn’t do right. Do you think you could be better than the rest? Call me and lets find out.

I need to cum

Cheap phone sex I really need some cock! My master has been punishing me because of course I was a bad girl, so he told me I can’t cum for 2 weeks. But I really want to cum, and I just hope my master doesn’t find out. I have been edging my cunt for the past couple days and I have been trying so hard not to squirt all over myself. I just wanna fucking explode and all I need is a dominate master to call me and tell me exactly how I should cum. I will do whatever you want and I promise I will keep a secret. I can barley even write this my cunt is throbbing so much and I need something big and fat in my cunt so I can fucking cum everywhere. I love edging my self then sucking on my fingers and damn it tastes so fucking good.

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