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Submissive Whore Gets Her Spankings!

submissive whore

I’ve always been a submissive slut. Something that has always been my favorite part of being a good submissive whore is bare bottom spankings. My Master used them as a form of punishment. But I wanted to be spanked. Feeling my ass cheeks burn with each new slap. Hearing the clap of his hand or the whip on my bottom always get me wet and ready for Master’s cock.

I didn’t follow Master’s directions once because I was really craving a spanking. He did just what I thought he would, he bent me over the spanking chair and whacked my ass until I was welted and sore. With each new blow to my ass, I could feel my pussy tingling, aching to be filled by Master’s dick.

But instead of getting fucked like I wanted, Master put me on my knees and fucked my face. He had no mercy, letting my choke and gag. The tears were falling down my face trying to take his entire cock into my throat. Then he grabbed a cup and filled it with his cum. Handing it to me, he told me to eat his cum. I drank up as I was told. Filling my mouth with the hot creamy load.

Tied Up And Fucked By My Son

submissive phone sex

My son came to visit me over the weekend. I have missed him as my Master. I live to serve and please him in all ways. I still have our room set up with the bed and all our restraints and toys. He wasted no time taking his submissive MILF slave to that room and tying my up, spread out on the bed and completely naked. He took clamps and placed them on my nipples, pulling on them until I cried out in pain. He smiled. Then he took a large butt plug and slowly shoved it into my ass. He loves watching my face as it goes it, the pain from the stretching causing my eyes to water. It felt so good once it was inside me. I love having my ass filled. He started licking my pussy and shoving an eight-inch dildo up my pussy. I begged him to let me cum and he kindly gave my me release.

Submissive Whore Gets Gang Banged

submissive whore

One of my Master’s a few years ago played the best trick on me. He wanted to test me and see how much of a submissive whore I really was. He was surprised to find that I might be the sluttiest submissive little fuck toy around. He sent me instructions that morning with to do. I was to get a cab with nothing on but a long coat and a pair of high heels. I was to take this cab to a hotel in the city; he had reserved a room under my name. He said there would be further instructions for me when I got into the room. When I walked in, there was a gag, blindfold, rope, and some handcuffs there. He left a note telling me to put on the blindfold, tie up my ankles, put the ball gag into my mouth and be on my knees at the foot of the bed waiting for him to arrive. After some time, I heard the door open and I could sense someone behind me but no one spoke. Then I heard them grab the hand cuffs off the bed. I assumed it was my Master as he handcuffed my wrists behind my back. He grabbed me and tossed me onto the bed tied up and gagged. My ass and pussy up in the air exposed and ready for a cock. When I felt his dick slide into me I knew it wasn’t my Master’s. I was being fucked by a stranger. Then someone took my blindfold off and I could see there was a room full of men with their cocks out and my Master was watching me as they all took their turns fucking me and cumming inside my ass, my pussy, and blowing their loads onto my face. When it was over my Master was so pleased with how well I took the hours of pounding, I was rewarded with many orgasms of my own.

Submissive slut rope training

Submissive slut JessicaTo a casual observer, it would perhaps appear that I’m being tortured, but the reality isI am utterly at peace when I’m bound. Utterly loved. I feel more free tied and bound than I feel in any other way. In this way, I can give myself to him totally and I have no decisions to focus on, short of breathing. I can just be. Just exist.

The height at which I am suspended is chosen to provide him with perfect access to my genitalia while he binds himself with me. I am completely submerged in ecstasy and a sense of endless pleasure, as I moan and beg for him not to leave our cocoon of love making. I have never been taken like this, never been loved like this, ever before.

Never been completely someone ele’s before.

Bondage and submission training with Jessica

Bondage and submission JessicaThey say a picture is worth a thousand words. This one, is simply revolving around Bondage and submission. You may add words like pain, or punishment; but I think more along the lines of patience, training, and beauty. A well trained slut, when fully tied and set, is a true work of art, from her head to her feet. To be admired, watched, adored. For her poise and discipline.

And she is to be rewarded, after all is said and done, by a firm spanking, and a harder fuck!

Whores like me, we find the softest, most loving things in an all-out violent fucking. Maybe it’s the way Master caresses our bruised tits while he hammers away in our assholes, or the way the deep bite of his teeth into the tender flesh behind our cunts says “you’re mine!”

In my case, it’s the flavor of Master’s bloody, stained dick sliding in the back of my throat, that shows me he wants every one of my senses to be filled with his flavor, his scent, his everything, blending and coating my own.

For, as soon as the words “that’s my good girl” are whispered hotly into my ear as he strikes me with his cane, I climax harder than any regular, plain fucking could ever make me!

Because… I cum for my Master!

Jessica loves being a Submissive whore ornament!

Submissive Whore JessicaI fucking love being a submissive whore ornament! Whenever Master holds one of his biggest parties, I am the centerpiece! This time I was especially honored! He had a beautiful birdcage made for me!

He placed me in the middle of the room in it, gagged, with my wrists and ankles bound tightly to the sides, leaving my holes wide open for whomever wanted to fuck me, suck me, or see what they can make fit!

I felt so sexy as his guests arrived. Each at one time or another came by to inspect my Master’s pet, touching my breasts, sticking fingers in my vagina, or a toy in my little ass. I even was rewarded by receiving cum in my sloppy wet fuck holes, and all over my pretty little face!

I was so proud that I was able to take so many fun things Master’s guests shoved in me, toys, tools, and even their fists! Master looked so happy when he saw me taking a fist in my cunt, and in my asshole, at the same time!

But none of them was as big an honor as my Master, who was so kind as to fuck my cum filled cunt, remove my gag, and allow me to lick and suck his dick nice and clean!

This submissive slut needs used!!

Submissive slut JessicaMy appetites as a submissive slut have grown recently. I need more than tied up and my holes used and torn. I need more than modeling as furniture, or shitting in a pail or drinking from a doggy dish. I need my limits pushed and fucking shattered! So I reached out to a retired Navy captain I’m so fond of. I told him I needed slut boot camp! And he didn’t let me down!

As soon as I walked in the door I was smacked hard across the face and knocked to the floor. He sat on my back and commanded me to crawl to the next room. I barely made it, knees and hands bleeding from the course wooden, splintery floor.

He tied me to this big, hard wall, lacing ropes around me and up through my cunt, sliding against my sensitive little clit. He attached this huge weight to the other end and stood there holding it. My heart pounded even as my kitty oozed exited juices!

Slowly, bit by bit he lowered the weight. Squeezing my clit, cutting into me.

As soon as He released it, and my pussy held it’s full weight, I almost came right then and there! He walked up, put my nipple between his teeth, and rubbed my pussy over the rope as he clamped down, drawing blood.

Fuck! I squirted all over his hands!

What’s next?

Bondage and submission breaks boredom!

Bondage and submissionWhen we’re snowed the fuck in, the walls get small quick if you don’t keep busy. Luckily, bondage and submission is the perfect way to stay busy! Luckily my sexy caller had time to come dominate me! But he had no intention on keeping me warm! He stripped me down, tied me the fuck up, and led me to the back yard! He already had a bag of fun things for me! As soon as he planted me in a tire and rigged me up, mu cunt was already flowing in anticipation! He pauses, and looks around, before getting a bright glint in his eye. Walking over to the eaves and grabbing a handful of icicles, I forgot all about the delicious way my skin was drawn up and goose-bumped all the way to my nipples. He spread my pretty little pussy wide with his speculum, and started filling my pussy full of the freezing spikes! While I was thoroughly filled and icy, he fucked the shit out of my puckered little asshole! 

Over and over again he surged his hot rod into my little kitty, contrasting sharply with the cold, melting ice filling my cunt!

We came together in an explosion of orgasm strong enough to shoot the ice from my vagina!

I love being so submissive!

Make me your submissive whore, Please?

submissive whore JessicaI crave to be your submissive whore! I’m just so fucking horny, and I need a big, strong, horny man to be my master! Punish me, bind me, gag me, use me as you will, and I’ll beg for more! I’ll be your very own sex doll, just like Barbie! I’ll dress as you order me to, fuck how you need me to. I so love it when you ram your beautiful dick down my throat over and over again until I puke all over your man meat. Use that slimy hammer to destroy me puckered little asshole! And I so dearly love you grabbing my throat, choking me while you ram into my body over, and over again! Take me right to the edge of blacking out, for when you release me, my whole body surges, going right to my sensitive, hardened clit. Deny me my orgasm, make me beg and plead for release!

And when my body is laying there, bloody, bruised, and broken, use me again! I crave being ravaged by you, oh please, please!


I need submissive phone sex, sir!

Submissive phone sex Jessica

I get off so fucking hard on submissive phone sex! I so crave the rough, firm handling of an experienced Master! The feel of the thick leather binding my big, beautiful tits! The luscious sting of my nipples being whipped, clamped, and twisted.Oh the sexual pain is so delicious, so sweet, I can’t get enough! Use me, make me your good little slut! For your piss fills my goblet, your marks be my badges of honor! Spank me, choke me, chain me up and use me as a coffee table for your guests to rest their shoes on, and I shall never be happier. Write “whore” on my forehead, and I’ll smile whilst you use my ass as your umbrella stand, Master! My hands do your bidding, and my holes, ever at your service!

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