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On my Knees

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I didn’t do a good enough job of scrubbing the floors, so Master needed to punish me. He put on one of my collars and told me to stay on my knees. I was not allowed to stand up for any reason at all. Master grabbed the back of my head and pushed my lazy slut face into the floor so I could see what a bad job I did. He stuffed my mouth with cleaning sponges until I started to choke and dragged me by my hair close to him. Master used his whole fist to punish my sorry cunt…he didn’t even take off his rings. I could feel them ripping me up inside. Then he shoved his whole cock up my asshole and pumped until runny shit started seeping out. It felt like I was being torn open, but it’s what I deserve for not taking care of Master like I should. I took his anal abuse until he came straight into my asshole. He dragged me to the basement and ordered me to stay there until told otherwise. It’s been a long time and I’m sticky with shit and semen…I wonder when he’ll release me.

Submissive Whore Jessica

submissive whore

I pissed off master. He was not happy with me. When I came home, he made me strip for him. He put my collar on my neck that says “Slut.” He made me go in the dog cage. That was just the beginning. He left me in the cage while he gathered a small posse of men to sodomize me. He knows I hate rough anal. I try not to fuck up because if I do, I get a hardcore ass fucking, usually by multiple cocks. I was nervous. I had no idea what was in store for me until it happened. Twenty two men showed up to fuck the bad pet. They gang banged my ass.  Multiple cocks in my asshole at once stretched it and gaped it wide open. They didn’t just use their cocks either. I got fists in my ass as well as beer bottles and other objects not made for the asshole. Master was super mad at me. This was the worse he had ever had me fucked. Once I thought it was done, they pissed on me. Master had this sick giggle as they all drenched me in piss. I was sore and I smelled like a toilet. I am still unsure what I did, but I know I didn’t deserve such hardcore treatment. Don’t let Master know I said that. I am sore enough already.

Your Filthy Toilet Whore Mommy

submissive whore

My son gagged me and let all his friends come over and see what a submissive whore his mommy is. It was the weekend and he had a group of his friends come over from school. They couldn’t believe it when they saw me. They walked in to see me sitting on my knees, tied up, and with a gag in my mouth. My son told me that I was to do as they commanded and that I was a fuck toy for all of them this weekend. After the first time they saw my son piss on his slutty mommy they all got the idea to use me a toilet whore for the weekend. None of them used the bathroom, instead, they gave me all their piss, shit, and cum. It was so fucking filled with it. I stayed on my knees tied up like a good whore for the entire weekend. I only got my gag taken out to get my mouth fucked by a nice hard cock. My son untied me after his friends left and let me play with my pussy and cum too for being such a good submissive mommy. He didn’t let me shower though, he said I needed to feel like the filthy fucking cunt that I am.

Submissive Fuck Toy

Submissive Slut

My son needed a submissive slut to stuff his hard cock into and take all his sick and twisted fantasies out on. I was the kinky fuck toy that let him. I’ve always been submissive by nature and worshipping cock is something I’ve always loved to do. So when my son got a little older and discovered the dirty and naughty things that made his cock explode, I had no problem fulfilling his every need. I’ve let my son tie me up, use me as a toilet, and dump his cum into all of my three fuck holes. He uses me in any way he pleases. If he asks Mommy to put on her collar, get naked, and beg for his cock then I do it without question. If he tells me to lay down and take his shit and piss then I will do that for my Son, My Master. I will do anything to please him, like a good submissive fuck toy.

Come Abuse This Kinky MILF

submissive whore

Come and abuse this worthless submissive whore milf. My son taught me how to be a nasty cock loving fuck toy. He abused and used his mother’s ass and cunt. He would tie me up and piss and shit all over his toilet slut. There was nothing I wouldn’t let me son do. Tie me down and pound my fucking ass until I’m bleeding. I was crying and yelling because he was ripping my tight asshole open and he spit in my fucking face and called me a dirty fucking cunt. I’m a submissive mommy whore that will let you do any kinky fucking taboo thing you desire. My fuck holes are toys for you to use and abuse however you wish. I will do anything to make you fucking cum for me. Let me be your perfect fucking whore. Let me please you, I know my place, on my knees worshiping your big hard cock.

My Master Makes Me Do Filthy Things

submissive whore

My Master gave me a golden shower and covered me with his piss and shit. He took me into his room where he had me strip down for him. Once I was naked he tied me up and gagged me. Once he stuffed a dildo and a butt plug into both my tight fuck holes he pulled his cock out. I thought he would remove my gag and fuck my throat like I know he loves to do. But instead Master started to piss all over me. He called me his submissive whore and his dumb cunt. When he ran out of piss he emptied himself in another way onto my chest. He rolled me onto my back and squatted over my tits. Then I saw his shit come out of his asshole and dump right onto my tits. Master just rolled me back over onto my stomach to lay on his shit. I felt so used and filthy. After he removed my gag and fucked my mouth he let me go clean myself up. When I came out he took out my plug and let me rub my pussy until I came.

Submissive Whore Needs A Master

submissive whore

I am a kinky submissive whore that is wet and ready for your cock. I will do literally anything to please my Master. Taboo’s, kinks, and fetishes of all filthy kinds make my submissive cunt start to drip. Tie me up and shove a ball gag in my mouth. Show me how worthless and beneath you I am, show me my place while you fuck my whore mouth. Fill my mouth with your load, your piss, or your shit. I will take it all and beg for more. All of my fuck holes are yours to use and abuse in any way that will please you. Bring your whips, restraints, gags, and hard cock that has a nice big pair of balls filled with warm creamy cum. I’ll be your favorite new submissive cum loving whore that you can stuff your cock into and rip open. Come and get me, I’m on my knees and waiting for you tingling at the thought of being your pet.

Waiting For My Master

Submissive Slut

My Master left me tied up with a plug in my ass all day while he was at work. I woke up and he came inside my tight cunt. Then he inserted a plug up my asshole. It stretched me out as he put on my knees and tied my hand behind my back. I was blindfolded and left there like a submissive slut all day. Time can be a restraint all its own. Waiting for my Master to come home makes my mind start thinking of all the possibilities. My pussy starts dripping at the thought of him giving me a nice spanking and fucking my tight pussy until I squirt all over his cock. When he came home my cunt started to tingle. He gave me a good face fucking and the spankings I was hoping for. After my ass was sore and red he bent me over his bed and fucked me until I came so hard for him.

Submissive Mommy Whore Cunt

submissive whore

My son gets so fucking nasty with his submissive whore mommy. I’ve been pleasing his massive hard-on ever since he could get an erection. When he realized what filthy and taboo things make his cock explode for mommy I had no problem giving him just what he needed. My son loves to tie me up and give me a good spanking. He loves the sound of my “yes, sir” grabbled and slurred from behind my ball gag. When he spanks my juicy ass with his riding crop I thank him and beg for more, “please, sir may I have another spanking?” My dripping wet mommy cunt is his for the pounding, fisting, or filling with what he wishes. Being his human toilet whore has been my job. I lay down and take his piss and shit. I’ve opened my pink fuck hole with both hands to make a wide gaping hole for him to sit his ass on and shit into. I’ll do any fucking thing for my Master. I’m his submissive mommy whore that worships her son!

Selling Your Mommy’s Fuck Holes

Submissive Slut

I’m a submissive slut to my son and all of his friends know it. He knows his naughty mommy lives to serve him and that he can do any fucking kinky thing he wants with me. Sometimes he needs to prove that he owns my fuck holes and that can make me do anything he wants for his own amusement. He likes to sell my cunt, as, and face to his friends. They come over and my son will have my bound and tied up sitting on the floor. There’s a blindfold over my eyes and I am in complete darkness. I would wait for what seemed like hours to hear his door creak open. Then I would be fucked in whatever way they wished. I was used like a nasty fuck toy by dozens of my son’s friends. After it was over, I was dripping cum from every hole and I was covered in loads of creamy warm cum. My son was proud of his submissive mommy slut and blew his load deep down my throat after everyone had finished. He knows mommy loves the taste of his cum. 

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