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His Happiness Is My Happiness

submissive whore

My Master’s happiness is what motivates me. When he has his submissive whore tied up, gagged, and taking his merciless punishment, I tell myself, his pleasure if the only thing that matters. I live to serve him, and he needs to have his control over me. The other day I was getting dressed, Master was looking at me and as I slide my panties down to my ankles and stepped out of them, leaving me standing in front of him completely naked he asked me to come over to him. Instructing me to lay on the bed with my face towards the end of the bed, he grabbed my ankles and tie each to his bedpost. He fucked my face and came into my mouth, then he left me there to wait for him to use as a fuck toy when he got home. I waited all day for my Master to come and use my tight fuck holes. It was torture, but if it pleases my Master than I can take it.

A Special Surprise From Your Submissive Whore Mommy

submissive whore

My son loves his submissive whore Mommy. We had the best Christmas yesterday. He came home for the holiday and I had a special surprise for him. I had a friend of mine, who is another slutty submissive mother, come over and tie up for my baby boy. I stripped down completely naked and let her tie up my wrists behind my back, my ankles, my knees, gag me, and tie a rope around my fat tits to squeeze them together. Then I laid down under the Christmas tree and she put a big red bow on my ass, which was sticking up in the air. I didn’t know what time my son would be awake that morning, so I had her come really early. I laid naked and tied up under that tree for hours waiting for him. By the time he woke up and came out my tits were turning purple. He saw me, and I could see that he already had a hard cock. He did just what I thought he would, he rammed his cock down my throat and gave me his hot load of cum.

Bare Bottom Spankings Makes Master’s Cock Hard

bare bottom spankings

I love taking bare bottom spankings. Feeling my ass cheeks start to sting makes my pussy so fucking wet. Tie me up and slap my ass. Use your hand, a belt, a whip, any fucking thing you want. I’ve even been spanked with a wooden hairbrush before. I was brushing my hair and getting ready for the day when my Master walked by and saw me. I love to tease him and I know how much he loves seeing me play with my bald cunt. So, like a naughty little subby whore I pulled my panties to the side and let him watch me rub my clit and run my fingers down to my little pink fuck hole and slip my fingers inside. He walked over to me and grabbed me by my wrists, pulling me to my feet. Then he shoved me over so that my hands were on the edge of my vanity and snatched up my wooden paddle hair brush. He ripped my panties off and gave my ass a good hard smack and then another and another until my ass was red and welted from his spankings. Then he shoved his cock into my tight cunt and filled me up with his load. I finished getting ready while feeling his cum drip out of my freshly fucked hole. My ass was stinging the whole time while I was sitting there trying to finish putting on my makeup.

A Good Submissive Whore Never Says No

submissive whoreBeing a submissive whore is just natural to me. I’ve always needed a leader to take control of any situation and that followed into my sexual desires. There is something about having a dominant older man use and abuse me and take complete control of me that just makes my pussy gush. Restraining me and making me feel helpless to your torture and your relentless spankings and pounding of all my holes. I fucking love it and I can’t get enough. I live to please my Master and to be his favorite submissive little fuck toy. My Master loves that I have no limit to the never-ending teasing and torturous games he wants to play with me. I’m always at home on my knees, completely naked, wet, and waiting for him to come and use me in whatever way he sees fit. Sometimes he will just fuck my face and then shower me with his piss, leaving me there on the floor covered in his piss with the taste of his cum on my tongue. I wake up every day hoping that he has a new kinky and dirty way to use my subby cunt.

A Good Submissive Whore Never Says No


submissive whoreI’ve always been a submissive whore. It’s just in my nature. I love to please and serve cock. I started out being a naughty little teen whore and then grew into a submissive nympho. My pussy is always wet and thinking about getting dominated by a huge cock. I’ve always loved getting stretched out, but it wasn’t until I got a little bit older when I realized how much I love being used and abused like a fuck toy. I met this guy once a long time ago and he changed my whole world. He took me home with him to fuck and I got a kinky surprise. He made me call him Master and tied me up. My ankles and wrists were bound as he teased and tortured every inch of my body. It was that night that I learned how much my cunt gushed and being so submissive to someone. Ever since I have given my subby fuck hole to many Masters and I never say no. I’ve done so many humiliating and degrading things to make my Master cum. There is no limit to how far I’ll go to please a cock. After all, it’s my job as your submissive little toy.

Submissive Whore Gets Sold By Her Son

submissive whore

My son sold his submissive whore mother to the highest bidder. After face fucking me and showering me in his piss one night, he told me that was going to sell me for a night. He had me dress up like a proper slut. I had on thigh-high fishnets, a corset, high heels, and red lipstick. He told me that I was to spend the evening standing in the middle of the room for all his friends to look over. When they arrived, they all spent the night looking me up and down and circling me, inspecting every inch as if I was a piece of cattle for sale. But today I was a piece of meat for sale. I was a fuck toy that they could buy. My son set it up just like an auction. Everyone took their seats when it was time and he rattled off numbers until the highest bidder was found. Then my son handed me off to him and told him to have fun with his new fuck toy.

Submissive Whore Will Do Anything For You

submissive whore

My Son loves his submissive whore mommy. Tying me up and hearing the sound of my gags makes his cock rock hard and ready to use his Mother’s tight fuck holes. He loves watching his piss and cum spray out of his dick and all over his dirty slutty mom. I’m so submissive that there is no pleasure I could ever deny my little boy. He has complete control over his naughty Mother’s body. He tells me when I can and can not cum and he tells me how it’s going to be done. Sometimes he fucks me and doesn’t let me cum at all. He wants to show me that my pleasure and my orgasm don’t matter, my job as his submissive cunt and his Mother are to please him. So he will tie me up and have his way with me, forcing his cock into my ass or my gagging me with it by shoving it down my throat, and then he will dump his load of warm creamy cum wherever he pleases and leave me there filled up like the cum slut I am.

Submissive Slut Takes Her Son’s Load

Submissive Whore

I love being my son’s submissive slut that he can use as his little fuck toy. He has been all about my big juicy tits lately. He normally loves to tie me up and pound my asshole until I’m bleeding and dripping with his cum. But the last few days he has been abusing my tits and sliding his cock between them. He ties my hands behind my back the other day and ordered me to get on my knees. Then he tied a rope around my boobs that he could pull tighter and tighter. My tits started getting red almost immediately from him squeezing them. He fucked my face as he kept pulling on my tits. His massive cock choked me, and my eyes started to water. My son loves to see my mascara running down my face as I cry while he rams his cock down my throat. Once he had his fill of fucking my mouth, he takes the rope off and titty fucks me until he shoots his load right into my face. When he’s done with me I’m lying on the floor covered in his cum.

Submissive Whore Gets Her Pussy Shared

submissive whore

Being my son’s submissive whore makes me feel so proud. He loves to show me off to all his friends and let them see what a kinky slut his mother is. He invites them all over and lets them have their way with me. He will make me get dressed up in the sluttiest outfit I have, thigh highs, heels, red lipstick and everything. Then he ties me up to his bed and lets them come in. They all look like a hungry pack of wolves when they see me laid out for them. My son told them that they can do whatever they want to me. So they each take their turn fucking each hole. My mouth, pussy, and ass are fucked and stretched and filled with cum. Then when they are all done, my son gets on top of me and fucks my face nice and hard. Watching me choke and gag on it makes his cock even harder for his submissive mommy slut. Then he dumps his own load down my throat. He loves sharing his dirty mommy’s fuck holes.

Submissive Whore Loves To Serve Her Son


submissive whoreI love being a submissive whore for my son. He needs to use and abuse all his submissive mommy’s fuck holes. I’m always more than willing to do whatever it takes to please his cock. Usually, he loves to tie me up. He likes having my ankles and wrists bound together. He also loves to see me tied up from the ceiling, and the way my arms start to lose feeling in them from being held up for so long. Restraining his Mother gets him so hard. Once he has me all tied up with nowhere to go he has his way with me. Take his massive hard cock and fucking whatever he pleases. Pissing on me and making his filthy pig slut mommy. Fucking my face and tearing open my asshole make his cock spray huge loads of cum in me. Sometimes he makes me take it out of my ass or cunt and eat it. Eating his cum pleases him very much and I live to please him. Whatever my Son wants from me he gets. I never say no to my little boy.

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