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Submissive Whore Loves To Serve Her Son


submissive whoreI love being a submissive whore for my son. He needs to use and abuse all his submissive mommy’s fuck holes. I’m always more than willing to do whatever it takes to please his cock. Usually, he loves to tie me up. He likes having my ankles and wrists bound together. He also loves to see me tied up from the ceiling, and the way my arms start to lose feeling in them from being held up for so long. Restraining his Mother gets him so hard. Once he has me all tied up with nowhere to go he has his way with me. Take his massive hard cock and fucking whatever he pleases. Pissing on me and making his filthy pig slut mommy. Fucking my face and tearing open my asshole make his cock spray huge loads of cum in me. Sometimes he makes me take it out of my ass or cunt and eat it. Eating his cum pleases him very much and I live to please him. Whatever my Son wants from me he gets. I never say no to my little boy.

Bare Bottom Spanking From My Kinky Son

bare bottom spankings

My son loves to give me bare bottom spankings. Getting them makes me feel like such a good mommy whore. With every new welt that spreads across my ass, I get even wetter. When he came home the other day I could tell I was in for a real hardcore spanking session. He was angry about something and that usually means he’s going to take it out on his submissive mommy slut. Abusing his Mother’s ass and cunt always give him the stress relief he needs and I am more than happy to please him. So, when I saw that was angry, my pussy immediately got wet just knowing he was going to punish me for his bad day. He took me into his room and told me to strip. My cunt was already gushing when I saw him grabbing his cane. Then he took my naked ass and bent me over his bed. He began whacking my ass so fucking hard I was screaming out with each hit of the cane. He showed no mercy. My ass was welted, red, and bleeding by the time he was done with his spankings. Then he took his cock and rammed it into my asshole. After dumping his load inside me he let me get up and leave his room. I know he felt much better after abusing his whore Mother and making me into his submissive fuck toy.

Submissive Whore Toilet Slut For My Son

Submissive Whore

My lives to abuse his submissive whore Mother. The other day he came home and was ready to make me his little toilet slut. He tied me my ankles together and my wrists. After placing a gag in my mouth, he began to piss all over his Mommy’s face. I could taste the urine coming into my mouth through my ball gag. He even pulled it out for just a second to give the last of his piss. He told me to thank him for my drink. I did as I was told, like a good submissive Mommy. He slapped me in the face with his hard cock and ripped my gag out. Then he started forcefully fucking my face. After a few minutes of choking on his cock. He told his toilet whore to lay down. Then he squatted over his Mother’s mouth and started to shit. Making me eat up all of it. He told me to keep some of his shit in my mouth so he could fuck my toilet whore face. After dropping his shit into my open mouth, he wanted back to shoving his cock down my throat. He started cumming. I could taste my shit mixed with his cum dripping down my throat. He made me swallow every last bit of it.

Submissive Whore Gets Her Sons Big Cock

Submissive Whore

My son taught me how to be a good submissive whore. He was a demanding child and always knew the had the power to make me do anything he commanded. He would leave me lists of things to do for him that would make him happy. When he got a little older, the things that made him happy were abusing and using his mommy like a fuck toy. After he would fuck my face and dump his cum into my belly, he would leave for school, leaving me instructions. One day, he wanted me to be in his room with a gag in my mouth and on my knees waiting for him completely naked. I did as I was told and waited patiently for him to get home, my pussy getting wetter by the second. When he walked through the door, he pulled me up and bent me over his bed. Tying my arms behind my back and taking ropes and wrapping them so tightly around my tits that they turned reddish purple. Then he rammed his cock into my ass. He didn’t bother taking his time or even getting his dick wet for me. He just shoved it hard and fast into my tight asshole. He fucked my ass as hard as ever until he came inside me. Then he let me fall to the floor and I felt his cum leak out of my ass onto his carpet. He threw a towel at me and told me to clean up because it was time for his Mommy cunt to make his dinner.

Cock Worshiping Is What My Son Loves

cock worshiping

Cock worshipping is what my son needed the last time he came home to visit me. He missed his submissive mommy and needed me on my knees loving every inch of his dick. I spent hours praising his amazing piece of man meat. My son is blessed with the most beautiful cock that can please any woman he chooses. But, my boy desires to use and abuse his submissive Mother. I love it. I can’t get enough of his wonderful cock sliding into my mouth. Even when he face fucks me so hard that I think I might throw up. I live to please my son and he knows how much I worship his cock. He can stuff it anywhere he pleases, he knows mommy will never say no. When he needs someone to show him how perfect his dick is and how easily it can make a girl cum, mommy is here to show him. I let him tie me up and use any fuck hole he wishes until he is fully satisfied.

Submissive Slut For My Dominant Son

Submissive Slut

Being my son’s submissive slut has always been the highlight of my life. He was a demanding boy from the beginning and Mommy could never say no. He was my whole world and I could deny him no pleasure. As he got older, the things he needed turned into more sexual and carnal desires. He was still my demanding little boy who wanted everything to be his way. Only now, he demanded that mommy get on her knees for him and suck his cock off until he shot his load into the back of her throat. My son craved that power and needs to own his mommy whore. I will be my son’s submissive little fuck toy for as long as he needs me. He uses and abuses every hole in my body to give himself pleasure and I am will deny him nothing. If he wants to choke momma with his cock, I will gladly take the face fucking. If he wants to rip open my asshole until it’s bleeding from the rough ass fucking he gave me, then I will take it and beg for him to fill my ass with his cum. My son is my Master and I will always be his submissive little whore of a Mother.

Submissive Whore Gets Spanked By Her Son

Submissive Whore

Being my son’s submissive whore gives me all the happiness I need. I live to serve him and please him in every way I can. He loves seeing his mommy tied up, gagged, and spanked. I can see his eyes light up with a smack on my juicy ass as he watches it jiggle and ripple from his whacking. Sometimes he will leave me spanked and tied up in his room for days just to make me suffer and show that he really can do anything he wants. I gave him complete control over me a long time ago. Throughout the day he will come in and piss on me or fuck my face and cover me in his cum. By the time he lets me free I’m soaked from head to toe in piss and semen. He loves seeing his whore of a Mother look so filthy. Before I leave his room to clean up and shower, he grabs my face and tells me to thank him for letting me be his dirty cunt mommy.

Submissive Whore Mommy For My Kinky Son

Submissive Whore

Being my Son’s submissive whore gives me a sense of purpose. I live to serve him and please him. When he came home for a week it was the happiest I have been in so long. The second he walked through the door he wrapped a collar around my neck to let me know I was still his pet. I spent the week crawling on all fours and taking spankings whenever he saw fit. He treated me like his toy. I would make him breakfast and serve it to him, then get on my hands and knees and wait for him to finish. When he was done he would shove his hard cock into my mouth and cum down my throat. Then I would clean up after him and crawl my way into his room. Throughout the day, whenever he would get the urge to use and abuse me, he would shove his cock into whatever hold e was craving, load me with his cum and go back about his business. He loves treating me like filthy fuck toy pet.

Submissive Whore Jessica Gets Face Fucked

Submissive Whore

Being a submissive whore to my son has always brought us both so much pleasure. My baby boy craves that power over me. He loves to see mommy choking on his huge cock and the drool dripping down my body and tears running down my cheeks. I know my son likes it best when I get all dressed up and slutty for him. So, since I knew he was coming to visit, I got all ready for him. I put on a sexy corset with a black thong, thigh high fishnets and bright red high heels. My hair was curled perfectly, eyelashes black as can be, and my lips were a whore red just like my shoes. When my son walked in I was waiting on my knees and looked up at him. I could tell he was pleased to see me dressed like such a slut for him. To show me his appreciation, he pulled his cock out and told his mommy to choke on it. Forcing the entire thing down my throat, he fucked his mother’s face until my makeup ran black down my face and my red lipstick smeared all over my cheeks. He pulled out just before he came and shot his load all over my face, telling me what a beautiful cock sucking mommy whore I was.

My Son Sells His Submissive Whore Mommy


submissive whore

My son loves abusing his submissive whore mommy. I still remember the time he came home from school and he had brought all his friends home to play with me. He had called and gave me instructions to be completely naked except for a pair of heels and a blindfold. I was to be on my knees, wet, and waiting for his arrival. When I heard the door open I heard three different voices. The conversation I overheard let me know that my son had promised to sell my fuck hole to his friends. He told them that for a price they could do anything to his submissive whore of a mother. There was nothing that was off limits. They paid up and I heard my son leave the room. The boys took their turns forcefully fucking my mouth and making me gag on them. They each gave me a golden shower and said I was their fuck toy pig slut. When they picked me up and threw me over the bed I felt hands spreading my ass apart. Then two of the boys took their cocks and shoved them into my ass at the same time, ripping me wide open. When they had finished and dispensed their cum into my now gaping asshole, the last boy push me to my knees and gave me a cum shower. I could feel the blood and cum dripping from ass. When all the boys left, my son walked back in the room. He stood over me and pissed on me and told me at least his submissive whore mommy was good for making him some money.

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