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Not Being A Very Good Submissive Whore

Submissive Whore

Normally I am a very good submissive whore, but my master had a business trip. He told me that it had been delayed and he would be staying overnight. I told him that I would be a good girl and he didn’t need to worry about me. But the truth was that one of my girlfriends had just called. She told me about a hot new night club that had just opened. I really had wanted to join her for a night of drinking and dancing but I knew you would never go for it.

So with you being out of town this was the perfect opportunity for a crazy wild girls night. I put on a red lace corset with stockings, heels, and a short black skirt. My girlfriend came by and picked me up. We started slamming tequila shots as soon as we hit the club. We were on the dance floor, dancing the night away when I felt someone slap my ass. I turned around and there you stood. I was so shocked I didn’t even know what to say. You threw me over your shoulder and carried me out of the club. You shoved me into your limo.

I started stuttering about how you were suppose to be out of town and how did you find me. You pulled me over your knee. You pulled my skirt up and my panties down. You started spanking my bare ass not even caring that the privacy glass was down and the limo driver could see. In between spanks you explained that tonight had been a test which I totally failed. Along with the fact that you were able to track my whereabouts through my cell phone. You spanked my bare ass the whole long drive home even though I was crying and begging you to stop.

Submissive sex

You made me exit the car just the way I was. I had to do the walk of shame with my tear stained face and my panties hobbling around my ankles. Once inside you ran your finger against the slit of my pussy. You told me that it was awfully wet for such a naughty girl. You told me that part of my punishment would be that we would only be having submissive sex for the next week. I would be used as a fuck toy for your pleasure, but I would not be getting any of my own. You made me get down on my hands and knees. You roughly face fucked me until you blew your load. Afterwards you made me go stand in the corner to reflect on my behavior for the rest of the night.

Submissive Whore Leah

Submissive Whore

I am a submissive whore and always have been. Nothing makes my pussy wetter than my man being in charge of me. My master is not cruel but he does demand total submission from me. My master expects me to take care of the house and have dinner ready for him when he gets home from work. I put a pot roast in the oven earlier this morning but then I went into my art studio to paint. I became so involved in my art work that I totally lost track of time until I heard the smoke detector going off. I ran into the kitchen and pulled out the pot roast. I was trying to decide what to do with the black charred piece of meat when you arrived home.

You were not happy to be standing in a smoke filled room and even less happy with the fact that your dinner was burnt. You crossed your arms and raised an eyebrow. You told me to explain how this happened. I knew you could tell by looking at me with paint splatters on my body exactly how it had happened. I also knew from your body language that I would be being punished. You have a selection of butt plugs for me and you chose the size according to the punishment. When you told me to bring you the biggest one, I knew I was in major trouble. You made me bend over and grab my ankles. You shoved that huge butt plug up my ass without any lubricant causing me to let out a scream.

Bare bottom spankings

You told me that you were to blame for some of my behavior lately because you had not been giving me enough bare bottom spankings. You said that you would be rectifying that for the rest of this month I would be getting a spanking everyday. How hard the spanking would be would depend on how good I had been for the day. You then pulled me over your knee and spanked my ass until it was dark angry shade of red. You then told me I had 15 minutes to get cleaned up and we would be going out for dinner. I had to sit on my well spanked ass with the large butt plug still in it.

You told me that when we got to the restaurant I was not to be squirming around in my chair. I was to sit still and behave like a lady. Dinner was so miserable that I hardly ate. My ass was throbbing from both the butt plug and the spanking. When we returned home you bend me over the sofa and yanked out the butt plug. You shoved your big hard cock into my tight ass and roughly fucked my ass raw. It stung so bad when you shot your hot salty cum into my raw bleeding ass that I started crying. Not just because of the pain but because I had disappointed you.

Bondage whore


Fuck Me Good, Master

bondage whore

My latest fantasy…. I come into your Dungeon like atmosphere. I’m wearing a skimpy little skirt, and a silk top that you’ll easily slip off. As soon as I walk up you slap me in the face, push me to my knee’s and slide your thick, hard, huge pre-cum cock deep in my throat. Fuck me in my mouth, and slap your dick across my face and slide it against my soft, luscious lips baby until your squirting me all in the face, mouth, tit’s. Now you pull me up, place a chain around my little waist, connecting to my wrist, and down to my ankles. Whip the shit out of me, leaving red whelps. Make me beg you to stop until you bend me over and push your fuck rod  deep into my asshole. Grab my sweet ass and squeeze it while you pull me up and down, penetrating my ass. Tight little rosebud asshole. Fuck me hard and good Master!

Submissive Phone Sex with Leah

submissive phone sex

My name is Leah and I’m a Submissive whore, anything your sweet little fantasies will take us is where I want to go! Kidnap me , throw me in your trunk, take me somewhere quiet and secluded so there’s no where to run and no one to hear. Tie me up, gag me, and beat me Master! I love when I’m bounded and you beat the shit out of me, my pussy is pulsating at the same time. The harder you spank me, the wetter I get! I’ve been a bad girl, I need to get what you think I deserve. If we get to the point of no return at least I’m happy, as long as you are! xoxoxo, your sex slave.

Submissive Whore

submissive whore

My name is Leah and I am a Submissive whore, anything your sweet little fantasies will take us, is where I want to go! Kidnap me, throw me in your trunk, then take me somewhere quiet and secluded so there’s no where to run and no one to hear. Tie me up, and gag me, beat me Master! I love when I’m bounded and you beat the shit out of me, my pussy is pulsating at the same time, the harder you spank me, the wetter I get! I’ve been a bad girl, I need to get what you think I deserve. If we get to the point of no return at least I’m happy, If you are! Forever your sex slave!!

A Gum Job For Master

Bondage whore

I try not to use my teeth when I’m giving my Master a blowjob, but accidents happen and I end up getting socked in the mouth. Master always says he’s gonna knock my teeth out one of these days. It hurts that I’m not a good slave, that I’m constantly fucking up. Master has to constantly slap me and put me in my place. I’m such a stupid bitch. But Master found something on the internet that can help me give his cock the treatment it deserves. It’s something called a gum job kit. Foam covers for my teeth that I slip on and fit snugly. Once I have them in place I go to work on my Master’s cock. I lower my mouth down, rubbing the foam all over his cock, gently pressing down with my teeth and wiggling my jaws. I roll my teeth and wiggle my tongue all over his cock, sucking hard on the head. Master grabs my hair in his hands and thrusts hard into my mouth. He fucks my mouth, telling me what a good little whore I am and how warm and wet my mouth is. I’m so happy as his cock hits the back of my throat and he jizzes deep inside my mouth, feeding me his yummy cum.

Anal Cavity Stretching Done Right

Bondage Whore

My Master decided that my poor little asshole would make a delicious glove, but how to wear me best? He had been training my tight swirl with any number of large toys going from twelve inch cock to a butt plug the size of his hand. The time had come to see his hours of investment at work. He started out by taking out my last plug, so much bigger than the others. He uncorked my pooper and played with my stretched out hole, spreading open my hole with his thumbs and gazing at my insides. Master dips his hand into a bucket of lube, getting nice and greased up. Suddenly I felt his fingers pressing into my hole, drilling forward and filling my cavity. I’m feeling so full as he presses forward and makes me take it all the way. There is some resistance at the base of his hand but he doesn’t let my discomfort stop him from his task and he manages to slip his hand into my hole. I’m not given any time to rest as he makes a fist and shoves it inside of me, punching my asshole all the way up his forearm. I’m screaming in pain and pleasure as he rides my ass with his hand, my naked body open and vulnerable as I orgasm long and hard.

Like A Good Slave Should

Bondage whore

My master is throwing a party tonight and I’m expected to be there. It’s a business party for all of his friends and clients so I have to be sure and act extra good. I’m on my hands and knees in a cute little dog collar and leash when the guests start to arrive and I notice a startling trend among the women, they all have very short skirts and dresses on. The reason becomes very apparent when my master leads me up to one of them and asks her to try me out. The woman hikes up her skirt and drops her panties. Master then tells me to lick her clean. I get behind her and push her legs apart as I nose her cheeks apart and tongue fuck her tight little hole until it’s spotless. My tongue works its magic and she begins to moan and shake with her impending orgasm. I grab her cheeks and burrow in further, using my teeth to tease her swirl. I reach around and tweak her clit as I eat her ass. She comes on my mouth, bowels releasing and giving me a taste of her hersheys squirts.  I slurp her clean and move my face back as she readjusts herself. The others are getting ready for their turn, I’m gonna be one busy slave tonight!

Robot Maid

Bondage whore

I am bought and sold. I exist for only one purpose: Your pleasure. My services come highly recommended. I am highly skilled in many areas, my cleaning and cooking skills are beyond match. However, that’s not what most employers seek me out for. I am exceptional in the area of coitus and its related acts. My mouth is hot and ready, perfect for cock-sucking. My asshole is tight and my pussy eager and wet. I come programmable with five different sex settings ranging from soft bed play to wild cat. I am compatible with any type of kink imaginable. My titties are full and luscious, my skin supple, my lips pouty, and my pussy shaved and ready for your superior cock. I am ready to service your Master cock. To climb on top of your cock and ride is a joy. I am perfect for rough bedroom play because I am programmed to express pain to a severe level, I am made to suffer. Grab me and throw me to the ground, rip off my sexy maid uniform. Get me underneath you and shove your cock into my waiting holes, plow into me and fuck me like you’re mad at me. Beat me, punch me in my pretty face, I can take it. It’s what I’m programmed for, after all.

Tank Torture

torture phone sex

To celebrate World Water Day, my Master decided to hold a weekend party with a water theme. I was the main attraction, well… Me and a huge glass water tank. Master called all of his friends and told them to bring three gallons of water from their toilets to put in the tank. I was already tied up, legs spread and hands behind my back, pussy on display, as gallon after gallon filled the tank. One wrong move from me and I would drown as the water level rose higher and higher. All of Master’s friends were tickling my feet and legs, trying to get me to crack and put my Master in a bad mood but I stayed strong and didn’t move as the tank water finally reached my mouth. Now comes the main event. My Master took a remote out of his pocket and turned the dial, starting up the waterproof vibrator buried deep inside my pussy. I moaned, but managed to remain still. Little by little, he slowly turned the dial, increasing the pleasurable sensations in my still body. His friends all call out, faster, FASTER!!! My Master suddenly cranked the dial up to the max and I’m screaming and thrashing as the pleasure becomes too intense for me to deal with. I’m practically seizing in the tank when he finally lets up. Now that’s one hell of a party!

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