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Office Submissive Whore

Submissive Whore

My job as your personal assistant has turned out to be extremely kinky. My Mama always told me knowing how to give a good blow job is a valuable job skill and that seems to be true with this job. I arrive promptly at 7:45 in the morning. You like me to be there before the rest of the staff starts showing up. After starting the coffee maker, I go into your office.

You are sitting in your office chair without any pants on and I ask you how you are doing. You tell me that you cock is cold and I tell you that I would love to warm it up with my warm wet mouth. I walk over to you and get down on my knees. I start licking up and down the sides of your cock watching as it gets bigger with every long lick of my tongue. I take my lip gloss covered lips and slide them down the shaft of your cock.

I deepthroat every inch of your hard throbbing cock into my warm wet mouth while I use my hand to play with your balls. You explode in my mouth covering it in your warm creamy cum. I swallow it all down and readjust my dress. Then I go and get your coffee just as the rest of the office is starting to arrive. And they are non wiser to our dirty little secret of me being your office submissive whore.

Leah Being Bratty

 Bare bottom spankingsMy master has been very busy with work. So busy in fact that I am feeling neglected which always brings out the bratty side of me. So when you called and told me that it was extremely important that I pick up your dry cleaning today, this wicked little thought popped into my head. What if I just didn’t bother to do it. I knew that you would be upset and that you would punish me. But I have been craving the feel of your hand spanking my bare bottom. You arrived home that night. You told me that after dinner you would need to pack for your business trip. That was when I bit my bottom lip. You looked at me and said you did pick up my dry cleaning didn’t you. I told you that I had forgotten. You grabbed my arm and flipped me over your lap. You pulled up my skirt and yanked down my panties. You started spanking my ass. You told me that you did not understand how I had forgotten. You said that you thought I was being bratty and just did not do it. You rubbed your hand on my pussy and said that my hot wet pussy confirms the answer for you. You continued to alternate between spanking my ass and rubbing my pussy. My ass was on fire but my pussy was even hotter. I begged you for permission to cum. You said this once you would take mercy on me and allow it but for now on I better behave.

Bare Bottom Spankings For Leah

Bare bottom spankings

I’m not suppose to touch my pussy without your permission. It is so hard because my pussy is always wet and tingly. I knew you wouldn’t be home for a few more hours and I just couldn’t help myself. I started rubbing on my hot wet pussy paying special attention to my clit. I had even retrieved the pink dildo from your desk drawer and was using it to fuck myself. I was enjoying pleasuring myself so much that I didn’t even notice the sound of the garage door opening.

The next thing I knew you were standing over me clearing your throat. You ask me what I thought I was doing even though you clearly knew. I told you that I was masturbating in a very timid voice. You ask me what happens to young ladies that can’t control their naughty urges as you where taking off your belt. They get bare bottom spankings was my response. You made me bend over the end of the sofa. Your leather belt bit into my soft skin leaving angry red welts all over my ass and legs. I was begging you for mercy. You spanked my ass until I was a sobbing mess.

You then made me lay on the floor with my legs spread. You used that same wicked belt to spank my full pussy lips. It stung even worse on my pussy than it did on my ass. You ask me if I had learned my lesson and I assured you that I had. You unzipped your pants and pulled out your big thick cock. You told me to prove it to you. I crawled over on my hands and knees. I reached up and started stroking your hard throbbing cock while my mouth was sucking on just the head of your cock. My soft wet lips slid all the way down the shaft of your cock deepthroating every last inch of it into my mouth. Just before you came you pulled out of my mouth. You told me that I was not deserving of your warm creamy cum as you blew it all over the room.

Cock Worshiping Is My Favorite Thing

Cock worshiping

Cock worshiping is my favorite thing to do for my master. When you come home from a long day at the office. I greet you at the door totally naked and with a cocktail for you in hand. You sit down on the sofa and I ask your permission to unzip your pants. You grant me permission. I take out your big thick cock. I kiss up and down the sides of your huge thick cock telling you thank you for this privilege after each and every kiss.

My cunt gets slippery wet watching as your cock grows harder with every kiss. I beg you to let me suck on just the head of your cock like it is a lollipop. You know how much I love the taste of your creamy salty cum. You tell me okay but just the head. The more I suck on your fat mushroom head, the more I want to deepthroat every inch of your hard cock into my mouth. I beg you to allow me to glide my soft lips all the way down the shaft of your hard throbbing cock. I want to feel every inch of your throbbing scrumptious cock inside my warm wet mouth.

I want to feel your big thick cock hitting against my tonsils. You finally allow me to deepthroat your hard throbbing cock and give me the reward that I have been waiting for. You cover my throat with your salty creamy cum and I happily devour every last drop of your creamy goodness. Yes, I am one lucky submissive whore to have such a compassionate master who allows me to worship his big thick cock. You reward me not just with your creamy cum but also by fingering my hot wet pussy until I scream out in orgasmic ecstasy.

Submissive Whore

Hardcore Bondage for Leah

Hardcore bondage

My pussy is always hot and wet. I can’t help but to constantly be touching my hot wet cunt. My master does not approve of masturbation. He gets extremely upset if he catches me rubbing on my juicy cunt. He tells me that I need to learn self control. So when he catches me fingerfucking myself in the shower. He is not very happy. I tried to lie and tell him I was only washing my dirty cunt. He knew better. He picked up my hair brush and turned me over his knee. He paddled my ass a deep angry shade of red. I didn’t think I would be able to sit when he finished. I was still sobbing and didn’t think this day could get any worse. Until he told me I was going to spend the day in hardcore bondage. He shoved a butt plug up my ass before rubbing menthol all over it. He then hog tied me and rubbed menthol on my clit. He left me tied up with my ass and cunt burning and then he left for work. I know it was suppose to be punishment but as the menthol started wearing off it went from a burning sensation to a tingling one. I couldn’t help but to squirm around on the floor until I climaxed. My master would be so mad if he knew that his punishment ultimately gave me pleasure.

Bondage Submission Due to Bad Decisions

Bondage submission

I haven’t been making the best decisions lately and my master thinks that some bondage submission might help. My master no longer trusts that I will behave if left home alone. So you made me come to the office with you today. I felt so embarrassed when you told one of your employees that I was too naughty to be left home alone. Little did I know how much worse things were going to get for me. You took me into the office that connects to yours but is used for storage. You made me sit in an office chair and then you tied me up.

You told me that you would not gag me as long as I remained quiet. You told me to use this time to reflect back on the past few days and my bad choices. Then you just walked out and shut the door. I could hear you next door talking to clients and employees. After a few hours I was tired of sitting in this same position. I was also starting to get hungry and needed to go to the potty. I couldn’t help but to try and wiggle myself free. As I started moving the chair was rocking on the floor. I didn’t think you would hear me. I thought he had already left for lunch. I swear it felt like had had been tied up for most of the day, but I was wrong.

Just as I had managed to untie my hands, you walked in and ask me what I thought I was doing. You told me that it had been less than two hours since you had left me alone. Yet, I had managed to get myself into trouble again. You walked over and finished untying me. I started trying to apologize but you told me to save it. I started crying as soon as you started unbuckling your belt. Not only did I not want to be spanked with your belt but I did not want to be punished at your office.

The thought of someone hearing me getting spanked was so embarrassing. You told me I should of thought about that before I decided to try and wiggle lose. You made me pull up my skirt and bend over your desk. You told me to pull down my panties. The leather bit into my skin causing me to scream out in pain. You continued to strap my ass with your leather belt until I was sobbing. My ass was left in angry red welts. You then made me stand in the corner in front of you with my spanked ass on display. I stood there crying and praying that no one walked in and saw me like this.

Not Being A Very Good Submissive Whore

Submissive Whore

Normally I am a very good submissive whore, but my master had a business trip. He told me that it had been delayed and he would be staying overnight. I told him that I would be a good girl and he didn’t need to worry about me. But the truth was that one of my girlfriends had just called. She told me about a hot new night club that had just opened. I really had wanted to join her for a night of drinking and dancing but I knew you would never go for it.

So with you being out of town this was the perfect opportunity for a crazy wild girls night. I put on a red lace corset with stockings, heels, and a short black skirt. My girlfriend came by and picked me up. We started slamming tequila shots as soon as we hit the club. We were on the dance floor, dancing the night away when I felt someone slap my ass. I turned around and there you stood. I was so shocked I didn’t even know what to say. You threw me over your shoulder and carried me out of the club. You shoved me into your limo.

I started stuttering about how you were suppose to be out of town and how did you find me. You pulled me over your knee. You pulled my skirt up and my panties down. You started spanking my bare ass not even caring that the privacy glass was down and the limo driver could see. In between spanks you explained that tonight had been a test which I totally failed. Along with the fact that you were able to track my whereabouts through my cell phone. You spanked my bare ass the whole long drive home even though I was crying and begging you to stop.

Submissive sex

You made me exit the car just the way I was. I had to do the walk of shame with my tear stained face and my panties hobbling around my ankles. Once inside you ran your finger against the slit of my pussy. You told me that it was awfully wet for such a naughty girl. You told me that part of my punishment would be that we would only be having submissive sex for the next week. I would be used as a fuck toy for your pleasure, but I would not be getting any of my own. You made me get down on my hands and knees. You roughly face fucked me until you blew your load. Afterwards you made me go stand in the corner to reflect on my behavior for the rest of the night.

Submissive Whore Leah

Submissive Whore

I am a submissive whore and always have been. Nothing makes my pussy wetter than my man being in charge of me. My master is not cruel but he does demand total submission from me. My master expects me to take care of the house and have dinner ready for him when he gets home from work. I put a pot roast in the oven earlier this morning but then I went into my art studio to paint. I became so involved in my art work that I totally lost track of time until I heard the smoke detector going off. I ran into the kitchen and pulled out the pot roast. I was trying to decide what to do with the black charred piece of meat when you arrived home.

You were not happy to be standing in a smoke filled room and even less happy with the fact that your dinner was burnt. You crossed your arms and raised an eyebrow. You told me to explain how this happened. I knew you could tell by looking at me with paint splatters on my body exactly how it had happened. I also knew from your body language that I would be being punished. You have a selection of butt plugs for me and you chose the size according to the punishment. When you told me to bring you the biggest one, I knew I was in major trouble. You made me bend over and grab my ankles. You shoved that huge butt plug up my ass without any lubricant causing me to let out a scream.

Bare bottom spankings

You told me that you were to blame for some of my behavior lately because you had not been giving me enough bare bottom spankings. You said that you would be rectifying that for the rest of this month I would be getting a spanking everyday. How hard the spanking would be would depend on how good I had been for the day. You then pulled me over your knee and spanked my ass until it was dark angry shade of red. You then told me I had 15 minutes to get cleaned up and we would be going out for dinner. I had to sit on my well spanked ass with the large butt plug still in it.

You told me that when we got to the restaurant I was not to be squirming around in my chair. I was to sit still and behave like a lady. Dinner was so miserable that I hardly ate. My ass was throbbing from both the butt plug and the spanking. When we returned home you bend me over the sofa and yanked out the butt plug. You shoved your big hard cock into my tight ass and roughly fucked my ass raw. It stung so bad when you shot your hot salty cum into my raw bleeding ass that I started crying. Not just because of the pain but because I had disappointed you.

Bondage whore


Fuck Me Good, Master

bondage whore

My latest fantasy…. I come into your Dungeon like atmosphere. I’m wearing a skimpy little skirt, and a silk top that you’ll easily slip off. As soon as I walk up you slap me in the face, push me to my knee’s and slide your thick, hard, huge pre-cum cock deep in my throat. Fuck me in my mouth, and slap your dick across my face and slide it against my soft, luscious lips baby until your squirting me all in the face, mouth, tit’s. Now you pull me up, place a chain around my little waist, connecting to my wrist, and down to my ankles. Whip the shit out of me, leaving red whelps. Make me beg you to stop until you bend me over and push your fuck rod  deep into my asshole. Grab my sweet ass and squeeze it while you pull me up and down, penetrating my ass. Tight little rosebud asshole. Fuck me hard and good Master!

Submissive Phone Sex with Leah

submissive phone sex

My name is Leah and I’m a Submissive whore, anything your sweet little fantasies will take us is where I want to go! Kidnap me , throw me in your trunk, take me somewhere quiet and secluded so there’s no where to run and no one to hear. Tie me up, gag me, and beat me Master! I love when I’m bounded and you beat the shit out of me, my pussy is pulsating at the same time. The harder you spank me, the wetter I get! I’ve been a bad girl, I need to get what you think I deserve. If we get to the point of no return at least I’m happy, as long as you are! xoxoxo, your sex slave.

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