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Pissing phone sex with Naomi

Pissing phone sex

Master says I am a shit eating whore. I’m dumber than shit and worthless than shit. I am a nasty fucking toilet whore! I need to be used and he put me for rent on craigslist. Moblie Portopotty – Can handle lots of piss and shitty loads. $80 for the day. A construction company rented me and when I showed up they were shocked! My master made me strip down and beg them to shit and piss on me! He made me wear a sign saying “I am a nasty whore and I need to be used as a toilet! Fill up all my holes with your piss and shit! Fuck this dirty whore and pay her with shit!” It didn’t take long for all of those nasty construction workers to start brutally fucking me. Making me drink their piss and eat their shit. They covered me in piss and shit like that dirty toilet whore that I am! 

Pussy Spanking phone sex with Naomi

Master caught me playing with my pussy. He caught me with 2 fingers deep inside of my pussy. I was trying to make myself squirt. I wanted to cum! Master has not let me cum in over a month. He said I needed to learn to cum from pain. He tied me up and spread my legs wide open. He said nothing to me and that scared me. I knew he was about to punish me for touching myself without his permission. This pussy is his. This ass is his. I am not to touch either of my holes without my masters permission and I did. Put a ball gag in my mouth and then started to tease my pussy. His fingers were working wonders. He felt a gush of my pussy juices flow over his fingers. He pulled them out and rubbed my pussy juices over my face. Then he started whipping my pussy.

Spanking phone sex

Smacking my enlarged clit, beating my bald pussy lips. It hurt so fucking bad but he was enjoying himself. I could see his drooling cock getting harder and harder as he whipped me. I wanted his cock so fucking bad that the whipping started to feel so good. The pain sent shivers down my spine to my toes! I tried to beg him to let me cum, but I couldn’t get a word out with this gag in my mouth.

Scat phone sex with Naomi

Master asked me if I had been doing my anal training like I was told too. I lied and said told him yes. He could read right through my lie. He told me to pulled my panties down and spread my self open for him. I didn’t want to do it, but I had to. Master was already mad, I didn’t want to make him madder! I pulled my panties down and spread my ass cheeks open, just as I was told to do so. Master took his cock and slapped it against my puckered asshole! He asked me again “Have you been fucking your asshole like I want you too?” I started to cry “No master, I am so sorry master! I have been so constipated, it just hurts so much master!” He slammed his cock in my backed up and tight asshole! He started fucking me so hard and then I smelled it! I smelled the shit that he was fucking out of me! He was punishing my dirty asshole like the worthless stupid fucking whore that I was. I didn’t do as my master told me and now he is brutally fucking the shit out of my asshole! 

Scat phone sex

Bondage and submission stories with Naomi

Bondage and submission
Master got me a new toy and it is absolutely diabolical. It is a dildo with an inflatable tip. Well, Master attached it to a chain, shoved it inside of my pussy, and inflated to tip to the point where I couldn’t get it back out! I’ve never been chained up to anything by my pussy. He left me chained to a pole like a dog on the street and then left me there for hours. Of-course, I was a good girl, and I tried my best not to whimper. After a couple of hours it started to get really uncomfortable, all I wanted was for Master to come set me free. Please Master, I will do anything. You can come fuck my ass, pussy, or throat, please just take this thing out. When Master finally came back I was so relieved. When he took the toy out I instantly came. There was such a release of pressure I couldn’t stand it. I wonder what sort of toy Master will get for me next time.

Anal Slave training with Naomi

Slave training

I absolutely love anal sex. Anything to do with it. I love the feeling of my tight little asshole being stretched out as Master’s cock slides in and out of it. When I first got in to the S&M scene, Master told me that a good sub needs to love anal sex. I liked it, sure, but I didn’t love it. For 6 months Master would not allow me to cum unless there was something in my ass. I was not allowed to touch myself unless Master was inside me. After my training, I absolutely love it. I cum so hard every time Master fucks my tight little hole. I love it when he just has his way with me and my body. Please fuck my ass, Master!

Naomi is a Pissing phone sex whore

My master caught me using the toilet.

I am under very strict rules.

I am to use the toilet in a bowl.

I have to save my piss and shit all day long.

I am not allowed to wipe my dirty pussy or dirty asshole

Master wants me to be a nasty toilet whore!

He was so angry when he saw me using the toilet.

He grabbed me by my hair and smashed my face in the toilet.

He told me how long he had been holding his piss and shit.

Pissing phone sex

He was waiting for me all day long.

He ate a juicy and greasy burger.

He tied me up, put a ring in my mouth to force my mouth open.

He unzipped his pants and pulled his rock hard smelly cock and pushed it in my mouth.

I started choking on his forceful piss stream.

He farted as he pissed in my mouth and it smelled awful.

I could hear his stomach churning as he emptied his bladder down my throat.

I knew he was about to empty his rotten bowels all over my face.

Happy Birthday Master!

BDSM phone sex

It was one of my favorite days of the year, Masters’ Birthday. Every year I try my best to please him to the full extent of my ability. This year I had an idea! I told Master that I would need his help with my gift. I requested that Master put me in a bondage rack with my asshole sticking straight up in the air and then stick a birthday candle in and blow it out. Master sure had a lot of fun with his candle before blowing it out. Feeling the hot wax dripping on to the super sensitive skin of my asshole is exhilarating. To further my pleasure Master took a cane and whipped me. The combination of the sensation of heat with the sting of the cane was so close to sending me over the edge. I begged Master to let me cum. Please let me cum Master! He told me I had to wait just a little bit longer. I tried so hard to hold off. I didn’t want to disappoint Master on his birthday! As soon as I couldn’t take it anymore, Master plunged his fingers into my pussy and forced me to explode! My pussy juices squirted all over my face. Master smiled at me and blew his candle out. I’m so happy that he liked my gift to him!

Submissive Whore is forced to watch!

My master has been searching for the perfect submissive nigger slut.

One who will moan as he whips her.

He wants to make her say “Yes Massa, Thank you Massa.”

He wants his own black slave that he can torture whenever he wanted to.

I bore him now. That makes me sick.

Makes me churn thinking about him fucking this nigger whore instead of me.

I beg to be punished. I crave his anger, his humiliation and his torture.

Now this stupid fucking nigger whore has it all. She can’t fuck him like I can.

She can’t take his torture the way I can. At least I don’t think she can.

The way she screams, fuck it makes my pussy drip! I can hear my master slamming

his cock deep inside of her dirty nigger cunt. I wish he was brutally fucking my holes.

Submissive phone sex

Learning so much this time of year!

Bondage and submission

I got so excited when Master told me that he was going to teach me about a different cultures. He told me that he wanted to show me what the holidays were like in Japan, Germany and Thai land. He told me that we would be going on a trip, and that I needed to know that Li kyuuka wo , Frohe Weihnachten and Suk sarn warn Christmas meant happy holidays, and yoi o toshi o meant Happy New Year, as long as it was before New Year, or akemashite omedetou if it was after. After a long plain ride to Tokyo, Master took me to a traditional Japanese bath house. I couldn’t help but notice that I was the only female. The only phrases that I knew in Japanese were what Master told me. I greeted everyone with “Li kyuuka wo”. Most of them grinned and replied in kind.

Sexy bondage

Master then told me that I was going to learn about another Japanese tradition, bukkake. He told me to strip off all my clothes and to go to the center of the giant bath. Once I was there I was to please anyone to approach me in any way that I could. I was told to get as much semen on my face as I could, and to not let any be wasted in the bath water. I wanted to make Master proud of me, so I used hand signals to beckon over as many guys as I could. I used all of my holes and both of my hands to get off as many guys as I could. Knowing they were about to cum, I directed it towards my face. Every single one said “Li kyuuka wo” after he came on my face. I lost count of how many men I pleased. I didn’t let a single drop in to the bath. Master will be so proud of me. I can not wait till he teaches me about more !

Submissive slut

The off duty Police Officer

Cum eating phone sex

He put a mask over my head with the only opening for my mouth. He put a ring inside of my mouth to keep me from shutting it he told me to drool for him like a worthless dirty whore. I was tied up my pussy clamped and stretched open my ass plugged with a giant anal plug. I couldn’t hear I couldn’t see and I couldn’t smell all I could do was wait with anticipation. Was he going to touch me? Was he going to fuck? Was he going to tease me? Was he going to use me like a toilet? Then I felt a cold nose sniffing at my pussy.

Submissive Whore

He brought his drug-sniffing K9 in. “Even an off-duty police officer needs some love” he said. He brought that K9 over to my mouth and put his nasty knotted cock in my mouth and make me suck it. Once the off duty police officer came in my mouth, it was his turn to lick my pussy.  He was licking me with his wide rough tongue.  Hitting all the right spots. Just as I was about to cum my master shoved his cock down my throat.  I can’t cum till master does.

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