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Slave training with Master

Slave trainingAnother long stressful day for Master means a long night of slave training and being his dirty little submissive skank. On my hands and knees down at his feet is exactly where I belong. Master is dominant over me and puts me in my place. He never fails to remind me what my one true purpose is in this life and that is to be a complete and utter slave for anyone and everyone. Even if he decides to sell me one day to another Master, I will still be a worthless piece of shit. I love being able to help Master decompress and get him out of his hot sweaty clothing. I spread his ass cheeks and can see that he still has some gunk plastered up in there from when he last took a shit so of course I assumed my position and used my tongue as his toiler paper. He even has a bumpy rash that he’s starting to breakout with but my wet mouth is the perfect lotion to soothe and lubricate it so that Master feels better. His asshole is his sweet spot. It might smell bad but that’s not a problem at all, the more smelly that Master is for me, the more happy I am! Plus, that just means I have to do more work for him! Kissing and cleaning Master’s ass, that’s what I am going to be doing all night long per usual!

Bengay Smothered Mistress

Bare bottom spankingsThe feeling of Bengay oozing out of my tight asshole is such an erotic sensation especially when it’s mixed in with all that cum that I have blasted deep up in there as well. Bend me over and give me those erotic bare bottom spankings that I deserve, I have been such a naughty girl! Slide me down to the end of the bed so that I can see myself perfectly in the mirror while i’m getting used like the filthy whore that I am. You take my hands behind my back and have me start to finger fuck my slutty cunt full of jizz and Bengay. I love being your naughty mistress that does anything you want & desire. Your cock is so eager and horny for me all the fucking time. It feels good to know that you’re recording everything on your phone and that you plan on blackmailing me with the footage later on. The whole world is about to see what a skanky submissive bitch I really am! My body tingles and goes numb as I take my fingers and cock deep up into my depraved cunt.

My holes are bruised

Submissive sex chatEvery hole on my slutty submissive body is bruised, swollen and sore from having some wet & wild submissive sex chat all day long! As Gabe knows, my one and only purpose is to please him and be his whore on demand which I am well aware is something that he is allowed to demand at any given time without any forewarning. His cock deserves to be worshipped around the clock and he makes sure that that always happens! It didn’t matter that I was at a nice restaurant with some friends celebrating life, he crashed our good time & essentially held me hostage in the bathroom to get what the fuck he wanted from me. I was shocked but not surprised to see him. He always seems to show up out of nowhere at the most perfect worst timing! Gabe bent me over and force fucked my pussy and my asshole, per usual! He didn’t give a single fuck that I was begging him to go easy on me since I was already super tender from a wild night of intense butt-fucking. My anal cavity was so abused, it made it hard to even sit down on my booty. It only made him wanna inflict even more pain on me. I was getting my ass spanked and my hair yanked, it was pretty fucking humiliating but what’s new! Gabe had his way with me then went on his merry way as though he didn’t just put me through the most embarrassing situation!

Newly purchased slaves

Slave trainingSince slavery is now legal, Master has enlisted me as the head slave training whore to teach all of the newly purchased slaves how to handle Master properly. He bought a whole bunch of them, almost too many to count and they all need intense brain rewiring so that they can learn exactly how to use their slave tongues and worthless slave bodies in order to please and pleasure Master. I am the perfect slave role model and I feel so lucky to be able to do all of Master’s dirty work for him. Now, it’s my job to make sure these stupid new slaves can follow suit and do the same! They don’t deserve to do the dirty work quite yet, they need to earn their place and know their purpose. They need to prove that they are capable of taking my position as a human toilet and foot worshiper for Master. We really are not even considered human, we are merely pieces of trash with a pulse. Master takes care of the population by collecting all of these slaves that are pathetic excuses of human life and keeping them forever under his wing which is exactly where they belong. They are totally replaceable and can easily be thrown out in the garbage and they know it. Either they sink or swim, Master will be the judge of that!

I just want to be friends

Submissive slutI mustered up some courage to head over to my boss’s house today so that I could beg him to please stop using me as his submissive slut that he loves to blackmail. To be honest, I really did have high hopes that he would have mercy on me, I thought that after all of this time of him blackmailing me and degrading me in countless ways, his heart would have softened and he would go easy on me. Sadly, I was sorrily wrong. So wrong in fact that it’s quite sad. I am so embarrassed that I was so incredibly off with how I expected the outcome to be after paying him a visit to his home. All fantasies of him agreeing to just be my friend and call a truce was thrown out the door when he forced me to strip down naked as soon as I entered his house. I pleaded not to but I had no choice. He laughed in my face as he forced me down to my knees and had me beg even more. He knew that he wasn’t going to grant my wishes, he was just getting a kick out of making me squirm! He really is such a sick fuck! I sucked his cock and took it in my ass like it was nothing. This is what I have been trained to do because I have no other fucking option. My holes are toys for him to use for his sexual pleasure!

I am inferior to toilet paper

Submissive WhoreIt is such a pleasure to be a submissive whore for Master and lick all over his dirty asshole. Master knows that my slutty mouth and slave tongue are inferior to toilet paper, there’s no need for it when he has me around! I clean him right up and make sure that every speck of shit is licked up off of his perfectly delicious little shit hole. Master knows that my face is his kingdom and he can rub his ass cheeks and scat all over me, anywhere he wants! Using toilet paper would be a total waste, my place is right here down on my knees with my face between his butt cheeks. The dirtier he smells and tastes, the better. Master loves to make it super nasty for me. I grab on to his big sweaty balls and play with them while I use my thumb to finger his asshole. He gets nice and stretched out and his shit oozes out of his booty and splatters all over my wet tongue. He tastes sooo yummy, I can’t get enough! I am the ultimate human toilet which is exactly what I deserve to be!

Submissive whore on Valentine’s Day

Submissive WhoreI’m a filthy submissive whore every single day but there is always something extra special about being dirty on Valentine’s Day. My Master has me all tied up and unable to move any of my limbs aside from my mouth. That’s right, my slutty face is nothing besides a fuck hole all day long for whoever wants to insert their hard and horny cock deep inside of my skanky throat. This is all i’m good for and this is my reason for existence. I am merely nothing more than a pussy with a pulse to all of the horny bastards that Master has come over to fuck me and play with me all day long. I feel so special to be use used up by aggressive and dominant men that wanna bust their nut inside of me. I am not allowed to wear condoms either, according to Master. Bare-back fucking is my favorite though. I might even get pregnant but that’s okay. I will literally have no idea who the father of the youngster would be though, oh well! Let’s have some fun, i’m here to pleasure your throbbing shaft, baby.

Soft bondage with my slave slut

Soft bondageMy sweet little slave slut is so obsessed with being dominated and worked over by me. The more soft bondage and naughty antics that I inflict upon him, the harder his submissive little pee pee becomes. He’s al tied up in a pair of vibrating panties and a cock cage. I am squatting right over his slave cock & slave balls and urinating all up and down his pathetic slave body. He looks so much better when he is smothered in my delicious piss. Sweet little slave slut enjoys basking in my warm pee after I excrete it out of my slutty mistress cunt. He opens his mouth as wide as he possibly can and tastes it while it drains down his throat. I love making him drink down every fuckin drop of my bodily fluids, hehe.

Your submissive whore for the night

Submissive WhoreIf you want, you can purchase me for the evening and I will be your filthy submissive whore all night long, Master. I promise to do anything and everything that you want to do. I have been trained very well and I know exactly how to please you and give you all of the sexual pleasure that you deserve to experience. However, there is always room for more training and I am always open to receiving any sort of punishments and advice that you think that I need. Steer me in any direction that you want to steer me in. Bend me over and spread my legs open wide to see if i’m stashing any drugs inside of my slutty pussy. More than likely you’re gonna find something special up in there, hehe. I can share, don’t worry! Let’s get filthy and fucked up, baby! This pussy deserves a beating.

Stupid submissive whore

Submissive WhoreAll stupid bitches deserve to have their cunts beaten wide the fuck open but a submissive whore like me deserves so much more than that! I’ve been a very bad girl and got gang-fucked by five niggers with massive cocks. They used me up and abused my holes like the filthy rag doll that I am. Once they were finished with me, they dumped me into a ditch on the side of the road while I was still naked and bound together. When Master found me, he was so fucking pissed! I was all bruised and battered and oozing out with black cock cum. Even though I was unrecognizable, it still wasn’t good enough for him! He savagely brought me down into our torture chamber and beat me with a crowbar until I was even more mutilated. The lashings didn’t stop until he was fully satisfied and I was near death. Master loves spitting on my face and telling me how much better I look when my nose is broken and mutilated!

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