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Punished by my co-worker

Cock worshipingI’ve been a very bad girl, my co-worker caught me stealing money from the company and threatened to tell our boss and take legal action against me as well. This mother fucking bastard knows very well that I cannot risk anything bad happening to me and my livelihood so he decided to blackmail me into being his submissive cock worshiping whore. He brought me into his office and made me undress until I was fully nude, the more I resisted the more awful shit he told me that he was going to do to me if I didn’t obey every single thing that he forced me to do. As he bent me over his desk, he spread my ass cheeks wide and shoved an anal plug deep up inside of my tight little asshole. He made me promise not to take it out of my fuck hole until he let me know that it was okay to. It was hurting me so much, stretching me out and making me feel so tender and sore, I couldn’t help but pull it out of me that evening when I got home from work. The following day when he brought me back into his office to check if I still had it in and saw that it wasn’t he was so fucking pissed and slapped the shit out of me several times. He told me that since I decided to take out my anal plug, he would shove his big dick inside of me instead. I begged him not to because he was going to start to make me bleed while he busted me open but he didn’t give a fuck. He spanked me as hard as he could and shoved my panties into my mouth as a gag. As he fucked me rough he told me to ‘take it all bitch!’. Knowing that he holds the reigns to my freedom makes his cock throb. He can do whatever the fuck he wants to my sexy body, no matter how painful and severe. I’m such a submissive slut!

Pissing phone sex slave

Pissing phone sexWhen having pissing phone sex, Master forces me to be the ultimate golden shower slave. It’s okay though because I really do enjoy it. The more piss that I get smothered in, the hornier I become. Drinking a tall glass of Master’s fresh urine is the tastiest way to start my day and his cock gets so fucking hard as he watches me guzzle down his fluids. His fetish turns me on so much, I feel honored to be a submissive skank that has the pleasure of being able to enjoy some liquid gold from such a nasty pervert. Master has made my watersports fantasy come to life, over and over again he makes me be his piss slut, and I love it! When he throws me into the bathtub he enjoys standing over me and forcing my jaw open wide so that he can aim his pee stream straight into my slutty mouth. If I gag or try to spit it out, he slaps my face and tells me to ‘take it all bitch!’. It’s a wet and wild mess when we have our naughty golden showers together. Master loves licking my sweet, wet cunt after he’s doused me in his warm juices because that’s when I taste the best!

Tickle my feet while i’m restrained

Submissive sex chatMy feet are my sweet spot and I love having them tickled and played with, it’s even better of an experience when i’m lightly restrained down and unable to pull or move away from the extreme sensation that I feel. Not a lot of girls have sexy feet like mine, a delicious size 7, soft and small, they’re narrow and always pedicured perfectly. I love when a man finds them hard to resist! Whether they’re being gently grazed which sends chills down my spine and goosebumps all over my body, or tickled hard and a little rough which gives me deep belly laughs, I love it all and can never seem to get enough! When i’m not restrained, obviously i’m able to move around, my legs and feet can flow freely and I can slip away from the tickle monster, but when I am under his control, i’m not able to beat the rush that I feel while i’m being tickled in a tremendous way! My toes curl very tight and get stiff as I laugh loud, I just cannot help myself! They flop around like slippery, wet noodles and he loves seeing me squirm! My feet arch and sometimes even get cramped up because the intensity of being tickled is almost too much to handle. Either way, I am in pure and utter pleasure and I know that he is too while he indulges in tickling me like crazy! Submissive sex chat really makes me feel so sexy, I love it.

Master shares me with BBC

Cock worshipingBeing such an abused little cock worshiping submissive cum slut has it’s perks, I get to try out all sorts of dicks and endure the wild and crazy shit that they want to do with me. Getting bound and fucked hard is already a lot for my body to take, let alone when it’s done by a huge, big black cock! Master decided that he wanted to whore me out to one of his tall, dark and handsome black friends, and best believe he has a monster BBC! I’m such a stupid ass cum swallowing whore and Master’s friend is full of lots of fresh jizz, eager to fill me the fuck up like I deserve to be filled. Throating that BBC balls deep was such a sensation, my oxygen supply was cut off and I was gagging and gasping for air as he skull-fucked me hard and deep. He bent me over like a filthy animal and pounded my tight asshole from behind, slapping his balls against my cheeks and making my booty clap while he thrusted as fast as he could. I’ve never been more destroyed and ripped the fuck open, my ass juices and blood were smeared all over me. That’s what happens when a black cock slut worships a pulsating BBC!

Villaniess submits to bondage and submission

Bondage and submissionBondage and submission as the ultimate villainess really turns me the fuck on. Obviously I am used to being a dirty submissive skank but I definitely do not suspect to be knocked off of my evil throne by the black heroine whore. However, little do I know about her backstabbing and evil plot that she has for taking over my almighty role as being the head supreme bitch! Who would ever suspect that a negro heroine would have the strength to overpower me and rip off all of my clothes so that she could tie me up tightly and shove a ball gag down my throat. Not only was I in pain from this disgusting black bitch, but I was humiliated and degraded. I’ve never been put in such a compromising position as how this dirty black bitch is causing me to be. She opens up the fridge and douses me in rotten milk, she knows I hate the smell of old and rotting milk, it makes me gag and want to vomit! But does she give a fuck? Absolutely not. She smothered me in that disgusting shit as all of my men turned on me and laughed along with her, eager to see what shit she was going to pull next on me. This was probably the highlight of her pathetic life to be able to overpower and dominate such a hott and submissive whore like me. To really add insult to injury, she wheelbarrowed me out to the pig farm and dumped me in all the filthy animal slop. My men all come over and added even more indignity to the situation that I have been put in. They spit on me, pissed on me and degraded me with insulting names and racial slurs for being such a cocky white cunt slut!

Spanked by a police officer

Bare bottom spankingsI was driving home and got pulled over by the highway patrol for speeding, little did I know that the sexy police officer was going to take complete advantage of the situation and turn me into his naughty submissive cum whore while giving me bare bottom spankings! He had me step out of the car and put hand cuffs tightly around my wrists and ankles, making me spread my legs as far apart as I could. His hands were feeling me up all over my body, hiking up my tiny skirt and gripping on to my juicy booty cheeks. I was moaning in pleasure and yelped loud when he had me bend over on to my hands and knees in my car and started to spank my ass as hard as he could. He had no mercy on me and made me beg for him to stop as he had his naughty way with me. Next thing I knew, he had his baton sliding up and down my legs between my thighs and slid it between my wet pussy lips, spreading my cunt juice all around and getting his baton nice and lubricated from my fluids. He shoved that hard, wet baton deep inside of my asshole and continued to whip my ass with no shame and no end in sight. His cock couldn’t stand being teased anymore so he unzipped his pants and shoved his rock hard boner inside of my fuck hole, thrusting deep until he creampied a huge load of jizz into me. I must have been a very bad girl to deserve such a brutal traffic stop!

Submissive dildo whore

Cum eating phone sexA very Happy New Year indeed, I have been getting nasty as fuck and having some very wet and wild fun with my sexy girlfriend all night and day long. We’ve been getting fucked up and playing with one another, making each other squirt cum back to back to back, it’s so fucking sexy to splash around in our puddles of cunt juice. Cum eating phone sex is so much fun, especially when my naughty slutty bitch spreads open my cunt and shoves my monster cock dildo deep inside of me, penetrating my insides and beating me up real good. I squirt all over her face and she licks it all up. We switch positions and I make her shoot her load into my mouth so that I can eat it all up and swallow it down, we both taste so damn delicious. Yeah a real-life dick is nice to play with but being beaten up by a throbbing black dildo makes my eyes roll to the back of my head! 2 submissive sluts digging into each other’s guts, what the fuck could be better?! We both cum cheap, hehe. Your extreme fetish turns us on so fucking much, don’t hold back when you take advantage of our weakness!

Let’s play while your wife is away

Submissive WhoreYour naughty little slave wants to have some dirty phone play with her Master while your wife is out and about doing some after Christmas shopping. She is going to be gone and busy all day long spending your heard-earned money so what would be better than to play with your filthy, submissive whore while she is running around and having her own fun! After all, the holidays are such a stressful time, it’s only right that you get a chance to decompress and relax after all the hustle and bustle of family time and eating lots of food! You deserve to release your stress and I want to help you with that! I know you don’t want your wife to find out about spending a lot of money on your cum slut while we have nasty phone sex together but do not worry, this will be our kinky little secret! Your extreme fetishes are begging to come out to play and I am here at your service to get filthy! I offer lots of phonesex specials, so you don’t have to break the bank if you really are not able to. Master wants me to be used and abused as much as possible for some post-Christmas fun! I need some really slutty slave training and I need it now!

Pissing phone sex with Naomi

Pissing phone sex

Master says I am a shit eating whore. I’m dumber than shit and worthless than shit. I am a nasty fucking toilet whore! I need to be used and he put me for rent on craigslist. Moblie Portopotty – Can handle lots of piss and shitty loads. $80 for the day. A construction company rented me and when I showed up they were shocked! My master made me strip down and beg them to shit and piss on me! He made me wear a sign saying “I am a nasty whore and I need to be used as a toilet! Fill up all my holes with your piss and shit! Fuck this dirty whore and pay her with shit!” It didn’t take long for all of those nasty construction workers to start brutally fucking me. Making me drink their piss and eat their shit. They covered me in piss and shit like that dirty toilet whore that I am! 

Pussy Spanking phone sex with Naomi

Master caught me playing with my pussy. He caught me with 2 fingers deep inside of my pussy. I was trying to make myself squirt. I wanted to cum! Master has not let me cum in over a month. He said I needed to learn to cum from pain. He tied me up and spread my legs wide open. He said nothing to me and that scared me. I knew he was about to punish me for touching myself without his permission. This pussy is his. This ass is his. I am not to touch either of my holes without my masters permission and I did. Put a ball gag in my mouth and then started to tease my pussy. His fingers were working wonders. He felt a gush of my pussy juices flow over his fingers. He pulled them out and rubbed my pussy juices over my face. Then he started whipping my pussy.

Spanking phone sex

Smacking my enlarged clit, beating my bald pussy lips. It hurt so fucking bad but he was enjoying himself. I could see his drooling cock getting harder and harder as he whipped me. I wanted his cock so fucking bad that the whipping started to feel so good. The pain sent shivers down my spine to my toes! I tried to beg him to let me cum, but I couldn’t get a word out with this gag in my mouth.

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