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Slave training with Daddy

Slave trainingSubmissive WhoreDaddy has really been slave training me and Shiloh hard. We always obey his commandments and do whatever he tells us to do. Willing or not, we have no choice or say. What Daddy says, goes. We always know our place and if we ever step out of line then Daddy whips us right back to where we belong with no mercy whatsoever. Our reason for existence is to please Daddy and make all of his wishes and fantasies come true. The two of us are such bimbo fuckin sluts, we must always be ready for Daddy any time, any place… no matter what! It doesn’t matter what we may be in the middle of attending to, Daddy cums first, no questions asked. Daddy only wants the hottest little hoes by his side, that’s why he makes sure we are in constant tip-top shape and esthetically pleasing. He only wants to be seen with the sexiest eye candy, nothing less! Daddy has hold of all of our naked photos and videos, he could easily leak them if he wanted to and fuck us over real bad. Daddy’s constant blackmail against our will keeps us wrapped around his finger soooo tightly. We never complain when Daddy has his way with us and if we do then he only inflicts more harm upon us both. Shiloh is a submissive whore and so am I but there is always lots of room for improvement and even more training, Daddy! Hott bimbo skanks like us deserve to be punished by our Daddy.

Jerk it for us Daddy

2 girl phone sexSubmissive sexShiloh and I like totally want to have submissive 2 girl phone sex with you Daddy, we are for sure crazily fiending for your perfect dick to take control of our slutty pussies! Of course we want you to jerk your throbbing rock hard cock for us, Daddy! We’re just a couple of dumb cum whores who are good for nothing besides having our fuck holes abused and used by you, aren’t we Daddy?!? Are you jerking that pulsating dick for me and Shiloh, Daddy? You better fucking focus Daddy and stroke it as hard as you possibly can! Let us drain your balls Daddy, we’re totally craving that delicious creamy cum oozing down our skanky throats. You taste so damn good Daddy, for sure the best tasting cock juice that we have ever guzzled down. We are totally the most nasty and naughtiest little sluts that you have ever fucked with Daddy. I’m a bimbo and Shiloh is a major bimbo for you Daddy. We talk super fast & we’re gonna show you what the fuck you like Daddy. Give me and Shiloh the rough throatfucking that we deserve, Daddy. We’re for sure going to punish you Daddy, and you’re going to totally love it! Shiloh and I definitely want to learn everything Daddy and we want you to teach us. We love porn so fucking much Daddy, just wait until you see all of the hott photos that we are going to send to you for your pure pleasure. You’re for sure going to be the horniest that you have ever been in your whole entire life Daddy! We’re the two dumbest whores alive and we’re the only ones who know which perfect pics to give to you Daddy, hehe. I’m a very hard worker Daddy and so is Shiloh, we take a lot of orders and we don’t have any limits. We totally know how nasty and twisted you are Daddy but you don’t scare us at all, if anything you only make us want to be more obedient and learn even more! The two of us totally want to hurt another bitch for you Daddy, you’d for sure love that… wouldn’t you!! Shiloh loves how super strict, degrading and demanding you are Daddy and so do I! I can’t believe how wet our dumb cunts are for you Daddy, for sure the wettest that they have ever been! We can totally handle anything Daddy so please don’t hold back with us, okay?! I can’t believe we are totally the most speedy little fuck toys ever Daddy, will you piss in our mouths please??? We want you to smother us in your fresh urine Daddy, so yummy! You’re different from the rest Daddy, that’s why we totally love you soooo much! Shiloh and I get so fucking horny when we’re having submissive sex, Daddy. Throw the two of us together and we are totally the perfect package dream team, hehe.

Craving abuse by Master

Cock worshipingMaster was in the mood for some filthy cock worshiping and he didn’t give a fuck that it was in the middle of the night when his insatiable craving kicked in. He yanked me out of my bed by my hair while I was sleeping, threw me on to the ground and starting kicking and punching me aggressively to wake me up. I was frightened and crying but Master didn’t give a fuck, he never does! He wanted his sexual pleasure and gratification and he wanted it now!! There’s never any mercy or empathy with how he treats me, he’s a selfish bastard and I am nothing but his little cum slut sex toy to use and abuse. I can’t believe what a submissive fuckin whore I am, always willing and wanting to do anything that Master chooses for me to do. As he shoved his cock deep down my throat, I was begging him for more. Rougher. Deeper. Harder. I wanna be skull-fucked until my tonsils break off. Master always gives me exactly what the fuck I deserve, a true beating.

Two whores, one cock

2 girl phone sexI didn’t realize that our 2 girl phone sex was going to turn into such an abusive and forceful situation, but I guess I should have known better. Monetta and I got barged in on by my blackmailer unexpectedly. She had no fucking clue what was going on or why this bastard was holding my livelihood against me in such an evil manner, so I had to let her know what I did. Because he caught me stealing money from work, he thinks he can hold this over my head and use it as leverage to get any sort of pleasure out of me that he so eagerly craves. He shows up to my house unannounced whenever he wants and implements rules that I must follow and obey, or else. I am forced to strip down naked and perform any sexual favors that he desires, no questions asked. Poor Monetta, now she is apart of his wrath as well since she’s guilty by association. I tried to ask him to leave and come back later for his sadistic activities but when he saw that I had my sexy girlfriend over, he only became more excited and controlling. Monetta was so fucking confused and didn’t understand why this stranger was forcing me to strip down and suck his cock right there in my living room. She tried to get him to stop but he only became more aggressive and ordered her to take her clothes off too. I told her to just do it and it will make things a whole lot easier for the both of us. I don’t think she expected to be skull-fucked like a slut when she decided to come over to my house today, but it is what it is. I fucked up and now we both have to suffer the consequences. After he busted his nut all over our faces, he bent us over and gave us both bare bottom spankings to really add insult to injury. I can’t believe we are such dick worshiping submissive skanks!Bare bottom spankings

Rough sex with Master

Submissive WhoreMaster always treats me exactly how the fuck I deserve to be treated, I love being his filthy submissive whore. Biting on my neck and pulling on my hair to yank me even closer to him is what I love best. The rougher the better. I feel him deep inside of me and hear him moan. I spread my legs wide and let him right in. Master eats me out so fuckin good and I play with my pussy while he sucks on my clit. When he shoves his fingers down my throat, I lick on them and taste my cunt juice after he pulls them out of my tight dripping wet slit. Master cums so fuckin much for me, tasting and licking all over me when he does. I do whatever he asks me to, my fuck holes are all his. When he makes me take his dick, he forces me to take it deep. I can’t help but clinch my tight and submissive pussy on him, I never want him to pull out! I need Master’s cum soooo badly, I am craving it! I love turning him on and letting him tie me up while he makes me fuckin drip cum. He has me staying so wet and so horny always and ready to take his dick whenever and wherever! I wanna fuck hard and cum even harder, I need it!

Bukkake loving whore

Bukkake phone sexMaster has trained me to be the ultimate bukkake phone sex whore. No one loves cum more than me so I feel very honored to have my fuck holes used for as much pleasure as possible. I’m stripped naked and forced down on to my knees, makeup smeared all over my face and my pussy, tits and ass exposed for everyone to see. So as to encompass me, all of the perverts circle around and jerk their huge cocks that are loaded up with cum and eager as fuck to explode all over me. Although I am already a demoralized and emotionally damaged slut, the damage only continues to get worse as I’m abused with endless loads of cock cream. A lot of my friends ask me why the fuck I would want to partake in a nasty bukkake session but I don’t mind it one bit. It truly makes me feel like I have purpose to be a cum dumpster for dozens of insanely horny men all at the same time. The more nut I take, the happier Master is with me. He’s very picky and very hard to please but I always give him exactly what he wants. My cunt gets even wetter knowing how much baby batter is smothered all over my worthless body from head to toe.

Cum whore craves cock

Cum slut phone sexI love having cum slut phone sex, my mouth is fuckin watering, Daddy and i’m craving cum soooo badly! I want a nice and thick cock shoved down my throat so that i can suck and slobber all over it while that fresh jizz drains down my throat! Go ahead and please tie me up aggressively, I am begging you Daddy! I want you to use me as a fuck toy and shove your long dick inside of my slutty and submissive holes. I’ll do whatever you ask me to do without any hesitation, all I care about is giving you pleasure and making you happy. Bend me over and spank the hell out of my ass with your bare hands until my booty cheeks are bright red. It hurts sooo good! My pussy is dripping wet and I want you deep up inside of me right now…please! No one fucks me and handles me like you do, I am eager to be used like the subby whore that I am!

Slave training a slut

Slave trainingMaster feels the need to give me another round of very well-deserved slave training… I’ve been a nasty, naughty whore and desperately need to be spanked into shape and put into my place. I wanna be all the things that Master wants me to be and do all the things that he wants me to do. The craving of feeling his hot load of dick juice draining down my throat is exactly what I need right now. I’m a real submissive cunt and do whatever I am told. My pussy loves to be fucked hard, especially while we are talking dirty to one another. Master tells me to ‘bend over bitch, it’s time for some big cock!’…. I love when he forces me to withstand his throbbing monster dick. An obedient subby takes a pounding without resisting at all, no matter how fuckin rough it becomes. Looking over into the mirror as I take a ten inch cock up my ass is quite a sight to see. Only a piece of shit slut like me deserves such a beating.

Submissive cum slut

Submissive phone sexBeing a submissive slut is not something that you can pretend, it is something that you are deep down in your core. When we have nasty sex chat you will be able to experience the difference with my skanky ass. Put a collar around my neck and pull on it tightly while you call me degrading names, I love that shit and get so fucking turned on. Which each disgusting word you call me you will see me slip deeper and deeper into the mindless fuck slut that I was destined to be. What normal people may consider to be super forbidden taboo fantasies often tend to be my reality lol. Major pain, bondage, spanking… I need it all to keep my naughty cunt in line. Pass me along to your friends so that they can get a whack at me too, I know how badly they all wanna fuck my tight holes. I truly love being a filthy slut, the touch of your strong hands against my submissive body drives me wild. I don’t even attempt to resist anymore, I know better now what the rough punishments will be if I do!

Take control of our fuck holes

Cock worshipingWe are nothing but two submissive whores and we love cock worshiping our devious Master. You own us and we beg for you to please use and abuse us at your discretion and however you see fit. Tie us up and bend us over, our wet cunts and tight assholes are eager to be destroyed by Master’s throbbing cock. We love to explore those kinky dark realms inside of your imagination, they’re too sadistic to tell anyone else. Shiloh and I are the ultimate taboo temptresses and we constantly need to be spanked and whipped into our places by a real freaky domme. Getting wild always gets us into trouble! Master takes control and has no mercy whatsoever. We’re both screaming and moaning as he twists us up and gapes us open. He’s a demon in flesh and he loves how fucking filthy we are. We wanna get twacked out of our minds off of drugs and be beaten into oblivion. Submissive sex chat with me and Shiloh is the best, especially because we can’t physically walk once Master is through with us. We get treated like total shit while he destroys our fuck holes!Submissive sex chat

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