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Soft bondage

soft bondage

I love to be a good little sex toy for my master. Anything he wants I will gratefully cater to him. He likes to get some rope and tie it around my wrists and ankles. He connects them and makes sure they are super tight, to the point they cut into my skin leaving indents. He makes me get on my knees and look up to his cock that I worship.

He does not use a ball gag, instead he just gags me non stop with his cock until I can not breathe. My spit gushes down my mouth and my tits. My favorite part is when he takes that fat cock out and beats it across my face. I love when that heavy cock beats my cheeks red. I need a creamy clumpy cum facial master.


Submissive slut

submissive slut

Where ever and whenever my daddy master says that he wants my holes, I give it to him. If he has a throbbing hard cock for me to take care of, I happily bend over and let him take me. We were at one of my friends houses and he took me around the side of the house and told me to fuck his dick.

He told me he was going to fuck me in the ass and think about my hot best friend being on his dick. It makes me so jealous knowing that I can not make him happy by myself. He calls me names as his cock drills into my ass. My face was knocking up against the wall the deeper he went inside of me.

My ass stretched over his cock and I took every inch of him. When it was time for him to blow his load I hopped down and sucked that daddy gravy right out of his cock, tasting my ass juices.

Prostate milking

prostate milking

My brother and daddy want to have a good time with me. They are wanting me to be the most perfect cum eating whore ever to live. They are letting me milk their prostates tonight. Their cocks are pointed right into my face while I take turns shoving my finger in their asses and licking their balls. I get to stroke them as their cocks leak and drool gallons of cum out of them.

I keep beating those cocks until my cheeks are full of their hot cum. I can not even imagine how much cum I get to milk out of them once they bust for me. I am going to get a big nut. I am already drowning in cum, drinking every sloppy bit of it down into my tummy. It is so sticky and wet, I jerk those cocks and beg for that cum.

I open my mouth and put a glass bowl underneath of my chin. I am going to get every drop of that sperm!

Teen phone sex

 teen phone sex

I knew when I first became submissive. It made me ache in my pussy and down to my bones hearing my daddy tell me to be a stupid little bitch for him. I craved to please him and make him happy. I would get on my hands and knees and force his dick down my throat. I would not come up for air if my daddy did not allow it. He would grab me by my hair and force me up and down his shaft rough and hard.

It became a need to want to do whatever he said and put up with any abuse my stupid worthless self needed. I loved being forced to get on all forces for him and then penetrated deeply by his big fat man cock. I am forever a slave and cum rag for my daddy. I know my worth and what I am good for. I am just a walking fuckhole cum rag.

Gangbang phone sex

gangbang phone sex

 My master brought over some of his friends. There may have been like ten of them total. They made me lay naked on the living room floor and whipped out all off their cocks. They started to whip their cocks across my face, trying to give me a super red face. They spread me wide open and stuffed their cocks into me. They tried to see how many cocks they could get into me at the same time.

They put two cocks in my pussy, two cocks in my ass, and two cocks in my mouth. The other four cocks just jerked off and showered me in their cum until they were ready for another round for me to make their cocks bust again. I love being such a gangbang cum whore.

Bukkake phone sex

bukkake phone sex

I need to be like a wet rag and soaked head to toe in sticky warm sloppy cum. My master is putting my stupid cock sucking mouth to work tonight. I am to jerk off fifty guys off in the room at least two or three times. I take turns pumping those big fat cocks into my throats and milk as much cum I can get out of them. They coat me from the top of my head all the way down to my feet.

My jaw was getting sore, so of course to get the job done, I offered up my other fuck holes. I spread my cunt and ass wide and let the guys climb right in. I begged them to fuck my hole and play tug o war with my body. I was jerking back and forth on those cocks begging for them to rupture all over me. I need to be glazed in that hot cum.

Sexy phone sex

sexy phone sex

 My master daddy had his friends over to treat me like the dirty whore that I am. My master had them pay him for a fun night with my holes. I had to do whatever they said. They told me to get on my hands and knees and try to stuff both of their cocks down my little fuck hole of a throat. I tried as best as I could to fit both of those cocks into my mouth. They both tried to wedge their dicks down my throat to where I couldn’t breath and I was salivating all down my tits.

After making those cocks sloppy wet they decided to take turns stuffing their dicks inside my twat hole and ass hole. They pulled my legs up and rammed their dicks into me and started fucking me deep and hard until I was so sore I could not walk. I am a proud little fuck slut.

Cum slut phone sex

cum slut phone sex

 I will do anything for my master. Getting his cum to pour all over my face makes it very much worth it for me. I am a dirty little cum eating slut. I get on my hands and knees in front of him and have him smack his cock against my face. My lips and cheeks turn red as he slaps his fat hard cock across my face.

My only position is to please him. I suck his cock into my mouth and jerk him hard in deep into my throat. I love feeling his cock stretch open my tight mouth and throat as I feel every inch of his throbbing hard cock slide in between my lips. I can taste his pre cum as I suck him harder. I pump him faster in and out of my mouth begging for his cum to release out of his shaft.

I tug harder on his cock as my tongue traces every inch of him. His balls beat up against my chin. I feel his cum about to shower me. Thank you master for giving me your juice.

Submissive slut

submissive slutMy brother through a bad ass party tonight where I was a good little shots girl! I was different from the shot girls that you see at the club. Instead of giving shots, I got them. I was instructed to make a dude blast his hot load of cum out of his cock hole. I had to keep busy taking every shot of cum I could get.

I was a dirty little cum slut that needs to milk bunches of loads of cum. I will take shots of cum buried in my face, in my mouth, all over my body, and in my holes. My brother gave me a quota of two hundred loads of jizz that I have to get. I crave to be a nasty little slut for him!

Teen phone sex

teen phone sex

 I just got home from a friends house and I rushed to my room to strip out of my clothes and dirty panties. I had a wild day with some of the guys at my friends house. I got my pussy stuff, pounded, and filled. I hope if I change my panties my daddy wont find out how much of a whore I was being!

My daddy comes right into my room as I was changing and immediately saw my soaking wet cum filled panties on the ground. He gave me the third degree and then demanded that I lay across my bed. He exposed my bare ass and started spanking my ass super hard. He filled me around and made me put my mouth around his cock so that I could suck him as far back as I could go.

I was sobbing on his cock and drooling all over it as he let me know how much of a filthy dumb bitch that I am. I was gagging all over his cock as he penetrated my throat. I just want to get daddy’s cum, I am sorry I am such a nasty slut.

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