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Until my cunt has tons of cum dripping from it I am not satisfied. My new master loves to watch me fucked like a sex doll by all of his buddies. They strap me to the big fluffy bed. That is when they all walk in. So many cocks standing in a row. All of the so massive and smooth. It isn’t long before I feel the first one enter my cunt.  Then a few are smacking off of my face all of them trying to fit in my mouth at once. I can feel many different mouths and tongues all over my body as well as so many cocks entering my holes. I cum dripping from my face and tits by the time we are through, But the feeling that is best is as it slides from my juicy cunt.

You found one

submissive whore

I couldn’t help but overhear you and your friends talking about not being able to find a submissive whore to use for a plaything. I giggled and that’s when you saw me, I look sexy in a black mini skirt. So once I convinced you to come back to my place everything was left up to you. You push against the wall holding me by my throat and kiss me hard. My cunt gets instantly wet and my knees almost buckle its so intense. You strip me of my clothes while holding me in this embrace. Your fingers quickly find my clit and make circles on it as you throw me onto the bed. My pussy is so wet your massive thick cock slides right inside. I jump on top to ride you reverse cowgirl and you start lifting me by my legs and pound my cunt until you cum all over me.


It got in my eye


I might be the aggressive one and bring you home but once we are naked I become a submissive slut. When you take control of the situation it’ssubmissive slut all about your pleasure. The feeling of your balls bouncing off my chin while your fucking my face makes my pussy so hot and wet. You bend me like a pretzel and pound my cunt until my cum is spraying all over you. Using some of that cum you rub it all over my asshole then push your huge python slow and deep inside of me again. My tits are swinging like huge pendulums and I am rubbing my clit with one hand. You pull out of my ass and spray your hot cum all over my face and tits.



slave training

During slave training, my pussy gets an insatiable appetite for cum. The pain from the ropes as they burn into my flesh with each move I make just adds to the moisture growing between my thighs. Good thing I’m not a live-in slave because on my own time I am a cock monster. I will go wherever the smell of cum leads me. I got fucked by these guys last night they were brothers. Have to love the competition of fucking siblings. Watching their black snakes ramming into my hot pink snatch as they made me cum more time than I can count. Hours passed and their phones were ringing non-stop. Finally, like their cocks were connected to the same brain their dicks erupted with that beautiful creamy shit I want.

Welcome to the dark side

submissive phone sex You were so shocked to find out I do submissive phone sex. When you find the straps under my bed you realize it isn’t just an act I like this shit. While you were licking and sucking my cunt you slid the straps onto my ankles and pulled them tight against the bed. Notice how much wetter my pussy just got. You lick your way up my tummy sucking on each nipple as you pass them by, up to my neck nibbling on my collarbone. You slide my ties onto my wrist and stretch my arms out wide. My nipples are so hard and your dick is too. You shove your huge penis inside it slide right in I’m so slippery wrapping your hand around my throat as I climax makes you cum right along with me. Welcome to the dark side love.

Dont break the paddle

spanking phone sex

My ass was made to be spanked. When I am tightly bound to your post feeling the burn of the ropes against my soft flesh. Completely naked you leave me here as you leave the room. I am shivering it’s so cold down here in your dungeon. My nipples are so hard and my body is filled with goosebumps. I hear your footsteps coming and my cunt just gets so fucking wet with anticipation. You grasp my nipples pulling them up and put as you wrap a rope around each of my tits. Squeezing them until they start to turn blue. I love all of this pain you inflict upon me master. You slide your hand up my left thigh, using one finger to check and see if I am wet the way you want me to be. The slight grin on your face lets me know that you are pleased with my moisture. You move behind me and start spanking my ass with your paddle. Last time you broke it before I ever cried out once. I guess that’s what makes spanking phone sex with me so much fun. I can take anything you have to dish out.

Bdsm phone sex fun

BDSM phone sex

I love doing BDSM phone sex. Knowing my place has always been something I am well trained in. I love to make my master happy and I go to extreme lengths to ensure this. I do not cry out when bound and whipped unless previously given permission. I love the alligator clips that you snap onto my hard nipples. Linking them together with a chain so you can tug them both at the same time. You spank my ass with your paddle as well as the inside if my thighs. You know my pussy is soaked by now. You bend me at waist and clasp my ankles and wrists together. Then you fuck me fast and hard until you cant take it anymore and cum all over my beautiful tits.

Our erotic bondage stories

erotic bondage stories

I love it when you call me and tell me about your erotic bondage stories. We share lots of the juicy details from both of our lives. You found a new cord that doesn’t give me the burn like the others do when I am writhing underneath them. This new tickling torture is almost as bad as the whips and floggers. Maybe even more so because I get pissed the fuck off when you won’t stop. I am still breathless when you grab the vibrating wand and hold it against my clit. You bring me right to the edge of cumming then move it. I think this is complete torture but as long as you, my master are happy then so am I.


Spank me harder

spanking phone sex I know most girls don’t but I love spanking phone sex. I don’t have buns of steel. My ass is nice and loves to be smacked. It’s so funny how many free drinks this fact gets me at the club. So many guys really think that they are going to hurt this sexy ass before their poor little hands. My first master used to break his paddles over me waiting for me to cry out. I never have. From the initial stinging impact my cunt is totally wet, my nipples hard and erect. The pain makes my flesh fill with goosebumps. This lets you know I am ready for your cock, and any others you wish that I may serve. Pleasing you is my primary goal and I love to make you happy.

Down to the last drop

submissive whore  Being a submissive whore doesn’t mean that I am constantly tied up and disciplined. I allow my master to use e and my body in any way that he sees fit. I have naturally pale skin so he loves bringing 3 or 4 black guys over regularly to fuck me. He says that he loves the way there huge cocks look slamming in and out of all my holes. I don’t mind they blow such huge loads and I get to swallow each one. Only once my holes have been stretched and fucked by them all does master reward me with the taste of his own cum. I’m still not allowed to touch master.I have not earned it yet. But he jacks off into my mouth and watches to make sure I swallow every last drop.

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