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I have no Master right now

Bondage submissionSubmission to me is about losing control and letting a guy use me for his pleasure. Usually, that pleasure involves doing something to me that not only turns him on but turns me into a hot wet mess. While I’m being bound my pussy will always … always start throbbing and getting wet. I have no Master right now so I am subject to my own bondage experiments. I have been on a webcam a few times being seen playing with my tits, binding them and playing to make myself cum. I guess I’m an exhibitionist. I’m looking for a Master that will use me and use me hard. Are you the guy? I hope so, it’s exhausting looking for real BDSM playmates. So few will talk about the fun things they are into, maybe it’s taboo I’m not sure but I know I won’t ever want to stop. How can I   serve you?

What is your favorite BDSM session activity?

Bondage chat

I guess there are certain activities that a Dominant might prefer for his sub. I am a firm believer in a happy Dom is a giving, sensual Dom. So when I am owned I make sure that I follow His rules of conduct and giving him enough blow jobs each day to keep him smiling and happy.
One of my favorite activities is breast play. I love having my tits tied and used. Titty fucking, nipple clamps, nipple suction. You name it when it comes to breast play and I probably like it.
Do you have any particular things you like to do? I have been in the lifestyle for a great number of years now, but you really never know everything. So I would love to hear your fetishes or techniques and definitely play them out together.

Bondage submission seems to be my calling in life

Bondage submission

I open the door and walk into the house, I look down and there is a rope lying on the floor. I look around to see what is going on or if you are around and I see the rope trailing up the stairs. I see a sign taped on the wall that says “Follow it.” As I make my way along the rope trail there is a pair of nipple clamps with a note “Put them on.” I do as told and keep following the rope. I am half way up the stairs and there’s a butt plug and a note that says “Bring this with you.” I’m getting quite turned on because I know we are about to have a fantastic session, they always are.
What would you do to me at this point? I would love to hear your ideas and how you would use me, use me up, use me for your every desire.

Crazy Hot Summer

Cum slut phone sex

Florida, a crazy hot summer night, I had just pulled my BMW into the parking garage, highest level furthest from everyone. I jump out of my car, set the alarm and made my way to the stairs to head over to the casino. I’m making my way down the stairs; I get to the 3rd floor and a woman is standing in the corner, a bit in the shadows. I nod at her and she flies toward me pins me to the wall suddenly my pants are being unzipped. She stands up, looks me in the eyes “You don’t need to pay me, you fine ass is worth that cock in my mouth and that same cock slamming into my pussy.” I hesitated for about a half second and blurted out “fuck yes.” Her lips get on my cock and I haven’t had a bj in so long that as soon as she sank her throat down over my whole shaft I started to lose it.

I was thinking how pathetic it was that I was cumming so quickly but then realized that she asked me if I wanted to fuck. So I slammed that ho’s pussy doggy style until we had cum enough times that our cock and pussy are slapping like an old waterbed. I shagged that ho and got her close to cumming all over my shit, this is a story almost meant for Penthouse. Even though I came quickly; because the pussy was so hot, I had to keep slamming my cock deep inside her. On my third nut, I am ramming my cock as deep as I can go in that pussy, pull out and shoot my load all over her ass.

As soon as I busted a nut I zipped up and walked away.

Approaching pimp: “here you go, Sir.” “That’s right bitch, you proved yourself now you a ho in my stable. Now go suck more cock you cum slut.

Slave training my asshole

Slave training

Master feels I am not being the submissive I have been trained to be and wants to refresh my submissive memory. The area I am lacking most is my submission with him fucking my ass. I have safe worded a few times during, I’m just not a fan. So today I start ass training.
Master lays me on the bed, ties each leg up and open exposing my ass pussy and dignity. I’m worried my ass will hurt so much from this I am tense. Then he starts to slowly and gently lick my pussy, fingering my twat with one finger then two. I can feel my pussy getting hot and wet. Then I feel a finger probing my asshole. He keeps chanting to me, relax and enjoy this. My pussy is on fire, aching to cum, but he teases even more. He brings me close to cumming over and over. I am soaking wet and can feel my sweet pussy juices running over my asshole. He takes advantage and starts to push a butt plug in my ass. Oh he is so right, it feels amazing. The butt plug finally slides all the way in and he is back playing and teasing my pussy. I need to cum so bad and I start to beg, he smiles and tells me that is where he wants me. He starts fucking my ass with the butt plug, fast then slow all the while playing with my clit. I’m grinding begging him not to stop. And then I feel it, I am starting to cum. As I tip over that edge he stops playing with my clit and is just fucking my ass with the plug and I don’t stop cumming. He moves and it is suddenly his cock fucking my tight asshole. He said he can feel my ass contracting from cumming and it just doesn’t stop. I’m taking his fat cock in my ass and I am loving it! What a great training session. What would you have done?

The monster dildo ass fucking

BDSM chat

You come in; I’m sitting on my knees in front of the bed, hands on thighs, head down. You approach me with your hands behind your back, walking around me, inspecting your property. Your hand comes down; slaps both of my tits, on the nipple and you scold me that they are not hard for you. You add that to my list of rules for inspection and presentation. Hands still behind your back, you announce today is ass training day and I will be on display for your web-camera cohorts.
You hand me a really large dildo. You show me where to sit and how and you set up the camera so everyone has a good view of me penetrating my ass and pussy with this huge elephant cock of a dildo. I start slowly stretching my asshole for your audience to watch and savor. My pussy is visibly getting wetter and your watchers are commenting on how much the huge dildo is turning me on. So you tell me to start fucking it, hands-free and play with my clit so everyone can see my pussy juices flowing down my asshole and down the dildo. I only get about 3 inches in, to your disappointment, but I did cum when you allowed me to and not before. Maybe, you’ll give me a reward for the hard work?

Pretzel me anytime Sir

Submissive slut

Internally I feel very submissive. Externally my personality rejects submission. I’m not sure why I have the conflict. I love being a submissive slut. Being used, tied up, clamps, toys, orgasm denial I love it all and then some.
I went to a local Munch and met a nice couple looking to expand their horizons. The wife had been the submissive for many years and they were looking to add another sub, or just have another sub used at the Hubby’s discretion. For the first meet, we decided it would be just me and the Master (the hubby) to play and get acquainted.
I stood naked in front of him, eyes down, hands clasped together, legs slightly apart. “This is for inspection sub.” He ran his hands over my body, I think he was trying to find the most sensitive spots or what areas made me tremble. He commented on my already wet pussy and told me he might just deny my pussy any attention at all. “Yes, Sir” was my response each time. All at once, he picked me up twisted me into a pretzel and propped me up on the side of the bed, spit on my asshole and started using me. It felt so fucking good I came and he was not happy. With every pull outwards he would slap my ass then slam his thick cock deep inside my ass. I could tell when he started to get close, he was fucking me harder and harder and wouldn’t you know it, he pulled out and let out a sexy grunt and came all over my asshole. Pretzel me anytime Sir.

Skillful Master Wanted … needed

Erotic BDSM stories

I’ve had a few Masters in my life. Ones that I always cherish are the ones who use me to their fullest and walk away an extremely satisfied Man, and that is how it should be.
A previous Master was very strict about how I would present myself. Upon entering the dungeon there would be a word taped to the inside of the door. That is how He wanted the session to start. Whether it was kneeling or the enduring position I made sure I was ready and willing for service and use. I really love being a submissive whore; I get such intense orgasms and pleasure just from serving.
Anytime He would walk in, the room would fill with intense vibes and my pussy would start to ache. His presence was so intoxicating and sexual I was usually dripping by the time I was trussed up like He desired. The most memorable was on a Saint Andrews Cross. Legs and arms bound to each of the four posts, exposed and ready. He would start with impact play, He had great control even while fingering my pussy, but He would still be hard as a rock no matter how He was using me. Weighted nipples and orgasm denial were his favorites to have me gushing everywhere. Of course, I needed to clean my own squirting pussy juices off His immaculate floor. How many ways can I be of service to You?

Submissive sex cha

Assuming the position

Submissive Whore

I’m an avid lover of submission, bondage, orgasm denial and control and just plain being experimented on. There really isn’t a whole lot that I haven’t done. Things that don’t do much for me are… vanilla (bored), romantic (too mushy), snuggling I don’t think so. I am your sub, your slave, here for any whim that comes to mind. My tits are sensitive; my ass is ready for use, and my pussy, my wet pussy is here for your every need. Now, all I need is a full-time Master. He wants to control me, use me, quell that inner need to bind and Dominate. Each time as I blog, I’d like to share my adventures and see where that leads you, in your mind was I used enough, was I denied long enough? How would you like to use me, Sir?

Bondage whore

Halloween Is Approaching

Submissive slut

As I move around the basement, decorating and preparing for Halloween, my mind drifts back over the Halloween’s I have spent with may Master. Every year he does something different to improve the holiday celebration. I am wondering if there is any way he can improve upon last year. Last Halloween, my Master completely degraded me and used me fully in front of all of his friends and allowed them to use me as well. It was the things fantasies are made of.

I had decorated out basement for the annual Halloween Party. Just before our first guest arrived, he led me over to the guillotine and secured my wrists in place. He added weights to my ankles and secured those, spread widely apart., leaving my pussy open and my ass cheeks spread.. He placed a mask over my face, darkening my world. Lastly, he put clamps on my mouth, holding it open wide for anyone to use.

His guests began to arrive. I had no idea how many people were in the room when my Master announced I was the entertainment for the night and they would be allowed to use me in any way they saw fit. He would be the first as a Master should be. I could feel him as he approached though I could not see him. I cried out as mush as my mouth clamps would allow, when I felt the sharp sting on my buttocks from the flogger. He announced loudly how much his whore love lashes and offered me up for anyone who wanted to participate I felt multiple whips descending on my body, setting my skin on fire. I could feel the juices begin to flow. My Master saw them and once again talked loudly about me as he said “Look how much my slut craves cock. He juices are freely flowing from her cunt, ready for any cock object to fill her”.  I was mortified but strangely more aroused. After what seemed an eternity, a cock entered me. I was fucked roughly and thoroughly by the anonymous cock. Once it started, I seemed to have a never-ending supply of cocks to fuck all my holes, with most pulling out to cum on my face, tits, or ass, leaving their mark, and making me a huge cum covered mess. I loved every moment of it. How ever will he top that party? Whatever he chooses, I hope I am able to entertain so many cocks again this year. Maybe he will throw in a cunt or two for me to munch away on. He loves watching me eat another whore’s pussy, and I love how rigid he becomes watching.

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