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Slave trainingSubmissive slutSubmissive whore

So my slave training hasn’t been going as well as I had hoped for. No matter how hard I try the positions the master is teaching me just aren’t sticking. I can see that he’s getting more and more frustrated with me. I hate making him disappointed with me. It makes me feel so worthless. So after our last wasted session he asked me how we could fix this issue. I told him that even though he is very detailed in his instructions that I am more of a visual learner. That if he could show me how he wanted me to position myself I would learn easier. Of course he laughed at me. How could I ever think he would lower himself to my level. But he said he has more than just me for a pet. So at our next meeting I was introduced to Shiloh and Naomi. I have seen them somewhere before. Not what I would call your typical submissive slut. But they were both so fucking sexy. My pussy got instantly wet when i saw them automatically assume position #1 for inspection. On their knees that are shoulder width apart, back arched slightly and pinching their nipples pulling their tits up and out. That’s what he has wanted. I quickly kneel and position myself just as they are. Master almost grinned when he saw me in position with them. Yes, this is what I wanted. As he walks behind each of use flicking us lightly with the tip of his whip. Position #2 ladies master whispered. I always fuck this up too shit. Naomi and Shiloh are the best at this submissive whore routine. I follow their lead and stretch myself out face flat against the ground ass in the air. The next thing I know two more gentlemen walk in and they have their huge cocks in hand. Not until master pulled me from the floor by my hair was I aware of what was happening. I was tied up and forced to watch as Naomi and Shiloh sucked these other men. Master  flicking my clit as he walked past. I had to watch the other girls pussies getting pounded. Master knows this makes me so horny to watch. Then I feel the wand touch my clit. He’s going to let me cum. I know I have been a good slave now. Thanks for the help Naomi and Shiloh for sharing master and showing me how to make him happy.

I love it but I hate it

submissive phone sex  Submissive phone sex doesn’t always have to be about violence. Did you know that tickling does the same thing? It gives my body the same rush that I get from the lash of the flogger. Makes my heart race and my nipples hard. But I hate to be tickled so that is why I must be tied up for this. I am squirmy little thing. With my heart pumping hard you begin to tease my clit with a vibrator. Holding it there longer and longer. Right to the edge of allowing me to cum. Then stop and tickle me again. After leaving me breathless from a few rounds of this I’m begging you to give me the release I am out of my mind for. Once you finally let me cum the stain I leave behind is soaked.


Bondage phone sex Our bondage phone sex calls are the absolute best! I have finally mastered the inspection positions. When you bring out that hemp rope my pussy gets wet and my clit starts to tingle. Feeling the ropes tighten against my soft skin has my nipples hard as fuck. I love how vulnerable I am to you once you have me secured to this bench. You brought a new whip to spank me. It leaves vicious little welts. But fuck they feel so good. They are also great tools for when I play with myself later. I can look at the red marks they left on my pale skin and remember that feeling of the flesh-ripping open just enough to cause my pussy to squirt when I cum.

No limits

submissive phone sex We have a lot of fun on our submissive phone sex calls. From the very first time, we talked you have told me exactly how to make you cum. And I fucking love that about you. Our time is spent so much better when we can just get down to dirty shit. I love the multiple positions you come up with so that you get the best view in the house while getting maximum satisfaction from me. There are no limits to our play sessions either. There is only one safe word but I have never so much as uttered it from my lips. Your techniques for discipline are mixed with ways to make sure my pussy is juicy. No wonder you always leave me desperate for more.

Hurts so good

spanking phone sex Does spanking phone sex make your dick hard? Because it makes my pussy extremely wet. I have always loved to be spanked. Even growing up I would pride myself on guys who smacked my ass and ended up hurting their poor little hands. So hit me hard and please don’t hold back. I can always tell when you’re holding back on me. I’m just saying that if you’re using your hand then your handprint should be red and visible on my white flesh. If you’re using anything else please leave welts. I’m trying to tell you pain is what turns me on baby. The more you inflict on me the more that I become yours. And I am very loyal to my master.

Submissive fun

submissive slut  I was raised to be a submissive slut. My father taught me that from a very young age my whole reason for existence is to make a man happy. If we are laying on the couch and you want a blow job. It’ is yours baby. Any request you make I will serve you and you alone. Other than when we make another girl our slave for the night. I always enjoy that. I still prefer being the one taking orders instead of giving them though. When I am a good girl I get a reward. And my master is always very generous with the things that he gives me. I give my total loyalty and eternal trust in return.

I love this life

submissive whore   Being a submissive whore has opened so many doors for me. My master is very generous to me. I never have to worry about my bills being paid or having shopping money now. It makes the pain that he gives me with the flogger much more enjoyable. When he shows up to the dungeon with 5 guys and their huge throbbing black cocks I just start planning a shopping spree. When every need and want I could possibly have is met why would I ever be so stupid as to disobey master now. He is my whole world now. Nobody has ever made me cum the way that he does with his surplus of toys. Now that I tasted this life I just want more.

I always aim to please

slave training There isn’t anything I won’t do for master during my slave training. When he instructed me to sleep with his friends I didn’t even think twice about it. I mean they had such beautiful massive cocks anyway. Master sat back in his chair and orchestrated the entire thing. He made them fill every hole in my body over and over again. I had to act as if I wasn’t enjoying the entire event. But the master was very pleased as it all played out in front of him. That is my sole purpose to make sure that my masters every wish and desire is fulfilled. When I have been especially good I am always rewarded with many forced orgasms for him.

Its a way of life

submissive whore  Being a submissive whore isn’t all about ropes and pain. Even though it is fun, it is more of a way of life. At least to me, it is. I was brought up that a woman should satisfy her mans every need. So if that means he only wants blowjobs for a week straight. Well, I guess I need to go get batteries for my toys. I live and breathe to serve him. If he decides that he wants 5 of his friends to come over and pull a train on me I am more than happy to spread my legs wide for them all. Don’t think that I do all of this for nothing. I am masters pet. I have never wanted to be anything more than that.

What a girl wants

submissive phone sexI’m not a beast of burden. I was put on this earth to be a man pleaser. There isn’t anything I won’t do or allow you to do to me if it brings you pleasure. If you want me to fuck 10 different guys in front of you then so be it. If you just want me to be a submissive whore that gives into your every desire, that’s all good too. When you come to me knowing exactly how you want me to pleasure you it’s so much easier for me to give in to those desires. Your every wish is my command. There is no dick too large or no flogger strike to painful to endure as long as I know that I am pleasing you.

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