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This submissive whore was used by a ghost

submissive whoreThis submissive whore was used by a ghost last night! Hear me out, I know this sounds crazy but I have no other explanation. I was with my Master at a party when I started to feel really dizzy and much drunker than I should have felt after only one drink. I figured someone has spiked my drink so I went to look for my Master. I never found him instead I passed out and woke up in a creepy dungeon all tied up.I couldn’t see anyone but I could feel myself being penetrated over and over again by some unseen force. I was beaten over and over again with paddles I couldn’t see, choked by hands that were invisible and my body was bent and twisted and tied up in so many different ways all by some figure that I couldn’t see! What else could it be but a ghost? If it were a man I would be able to see him! All around me I could hear screaming and moaning and all sorts of ghostly whispers by all these unseen people, I wasn’t blindfolded I could see the room around me so why couldn’t I see the other victims screaming and begging for mercy? A deep inhuman voice spoke to me then, he sad that he could hear my heart beating fast and he knew that I was terrified but not to worry because it would all be over soon. He said soon you’ll be dead and you’ll leave your body behind to become a spirit, trapped here forever with the rest of my pets. That’s when I started to hysterically scream like a little bitch, I was so scared that I literally peed myself! The room went dark, I must have passed out because I woke up in my bed covered in bruises and sore as hell. I don’t know what really happened last night but I am thankful I survived it!

He made me his submissive whore

submissive whoreA stranger came in and made me his submissive whore. I woke up to his strong hands yanking me out of the bed by my hair this morning, he threw me on the floor and kicked me hard in the stomach just to show me who was boss. Then he tied me up and left me there helpless while he searched my house for valuables. When he came back he was unhappy, he told me that I had nothing he wanted so he was going to use me instead. I was naked and bound, there was nothing I could do to resist as he fucked all my holes so brutally hard. I tried not to cry like a bitch but it hurt so bad that I couldn’t help it and that just made him madder. He screamed at me to stop my sobbing but I couldn’t so he wrapped his hands around my neck and squeezed until I passed out. I woke up bloody and sore but alive. I found a note saying he would be back tho so I don’t know what to do now.

I was his submissive whore

submissive whoreI was his submissive whore for the night, I had to do whatever he told me to do no matter how humiliating or painful it was. He took me to some club and dressed me in latex with sky high heels I was scared to walk in and put me on display to everyone. Anyone could touch me however they wanted to, they could use me strip me or even fuck me right there in front of everyone and there was nothing I could do about it. I had to just obey my Master and do as he commanded. Everyone took advantage of me, I was fucked all night long by so many men. Every fuck hole filled with cum and cock after cock and thru it all I had to thank them and beg for more. Then he made me walk home like that with cum in my hair and all over my face and dripping down my thighs. I felt like such a whore but it was so exhilarating!

I try so hard

submissive slut

My master loves to watch my cunt being abused by huge cock. He always has three or four ready to punish my pussy for his pleasure. I try to pretend that I don’t like it when they have all of my holes stuffed with their throbbing dicks. But master knows when I am coming he always spanks me extra hard when he can see a stream of my cum as it drips down one of his friend’s dicks. He tells me to only cum upon his approval, and I try to hold back I really do. But these men all have dicks larger than nine inches. That means they hit my spot over and over again. I think that sometimes when I am holding it back I cum even harder.


Masters treat

submissive whore

Riding a big black dick is just my life as a submissive whore. My master will deny me any sexual release for weeks then shows up with this guy. I have to climb on his dick using only my spit for lube. This massive dick is so thick and long I feel my pussy walls screaming to release the stretch. That is until I finally cum. That sweet juicy lube making his cock slide in easier and it looks great dripping down his chocolate balls. He flips me onto all fours and drives his dick even deeper than before. My cunt feels like it is ripping apart. With a hard smack to my ass he finally lets his cum flow all over my backside.


Whatever it takes

sexy bondage

I love sexy bondage with you. One of the things you demand is my total smoothness for my body. I go and get waxed just to meet your expectations as you rub your huge cock up and down my fat juicy cunt. You have me bend over and do further inspections with your face and tongue. But no matter what I am not allowed to cum. All of the fun stops abruptly if I even so much as utter a sound. Knowing that I never refuse you anything you start slapping my face with your dick before you shove it in my mouth. You love shoving that huge pecker past my tonsils. Apparently, I am one of the only whore you know that can actually do this for you. Well, master what shall we do next?


Fun with you

erotic submissive stories

We had fun today with that exciting roleplay you had for us. Taking your huge cock in my face like I was nothing more than a sex doll to you. You reached your hand between my legs and pushed your fingers deep inside of pink snatch. Gagging on your dick while cumming all over your finger made my nipples so fucking hard. You pinched them so hard it made me cum again. With knowing that I am slippery wet you mount me doggy style and ram that big staff deep inside of me. Slapping my ass with every thrust has my cheeks so red but I love it and you know that so you continue to pound me. I reach back between your legs and gently grab your balls, this makes you cum so hard your left breathless.


I like rough

When I am riding your dick reverse cowgirl and your wrap your arm around my neck choking me. Fuck that is what I am craving so badly right now. Your dick is so massive I can feel my cunt stretching as you slide in and out of it harder and faster with every thrust. I start circling my clit with two fingers. This makes me squirt my cum all over your dick and balls I start rubbing my cum into your balls giving them a gentle massage. You pull my hair tighter with your fist. Damn baby you know I like when you are rough with me. After a few more pumps I feel you start your cock start to pulse. I slam myself down harder and harder on you until every bit of that thick cum is released deep in my cunt.


My new trick

slave training

As part of my slave training master wanted me to squirt. I told him that I was a gusher I had never squirted before. This was like a challenge to him. He strapped me to his massage chair and brought out so many different vibrators I was shocked that he had such a spread. My clit was sore by the time he finally made me squirt. I really felt like i was pissing the stream was strong. This was my homework from him to learn how to control the stream. Many men have let me squirt all over their face in preparation for my date with master. When the day finally arrived and I could show him the stream went so far that I owe him a new pair of shoes now.

The perfect slave

submissive whore

Being a submissive whore doesn’t just mean that I like to be tied up and tortured. I enjoy living to please you, master. Standing in position one waiting for your inspection. I am so still and you move silently so that your touch makes my cunt gets soaked instantly.  I can almost hear you smile as you allow me to go to position two. Dropping to my knees you further inspect my pussy making sure that I have kept her nice and shaved. After you are pleased that I am the slave you want for the day you tie me to the post. With my arms wrapped and bound tightly your stick your finger in me right before you slam that big fucking dick in. Slamming against me I cum without a sound.

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