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The mentality of a submissive whore

Submissive Whore



Taking the good with the bad is all part of life right? *When I’m Not Allowed* Well a submissive whore doesn’t have much of a choice in mind. Subservience is not for the weak of mind. It takes a lot of inner strength to understand your place in life. My Master makes me feel content thru his use of me. He disciplines me when I need it and comforts me when I’m down. Most of all, he makes me feel sexy and used, just how I am supposed to be. Position one, kneeling, and tits out, hands-on thighs Sir. I love my collar, it will compliment my tits while you bind them, clamp them or just use them. My pussy is yours as you desire. Shaved and always ready for your use Sir. I am your slave.

Yes, Sir, I am Your slave…

BDSM Not just for Men

BDSM phone sexDomme called me up the other day and told me she wants to use me for a session. I was all for it and even my clit and nipples agreed, let the throbbing begin. Unfortunately, it was going to be a few hours and I had asked permission from her to masturbate to cum before she was coming over. I got a “No” of course so I suffered from a wet throbbing pussy for a while. When she arrived she got right down to it. She threw off her long coat and showed her strapon, her cane and the gag for me. She immediately put me into the “expose” position, gagged me. She wasted no time in snapping that cane across my tits and hitting a nipple, sending shivers down to my clit. She pushed my face to the floor, mounted me from behind and fucked my pussy with her strap-on until she started to cum. She sat me back up, removed the gag, put her coat on and left. I sat there for a moment and thought that had never happened before. It got me wondering, is my Domme a dude? Now what, I’m sitting here horny and not sure what to do. I need a Master’s guidance. BDSM just for men? Well, maybe it shouldn’t be with this horseshit happening. Why couldn’t I cum? Going to bed mad and horny.

Crime and Punishment

Bondage whore

Sometimes I can be an insolent bondage whore. Then again I don’t know anyone who doesn’t get a crabby bug up their ass once in a while. I know some of the most submissive women and men you could ever meet, and every so often I hear stories of the punishment that came with a crabby attitude. Last week, I got myself a little taste.
*Masturbation* isn’t all that big of a deal for most, but for a submissive with rules that you are not allowed to without permission, makes it a big deal. My Master knows that most types of punishment actually turn me on, but he does know what I don’t like. As simplistic as it is, I do not like being cold. I grew up in a very cold part of the country, and I live in continuously warm weather for that reason.
Master had been gone for a few weeks and I was lonely and horny, so I invited my bestie over for dinner and watch a flick. We ended up having a few too many glasses of wine and we ended up licking each other’s pussy until we both had a few orgasms. It was a night that I really needed with a companion and cumming. Master came home about 12 days later and when I picked him up at the airport he didn’t say much on the way back. I parked the car and all he said was for me to go to the basement and wait.
I made a straight line to the basement and he followed shortly after. He cuffed my wrists behind my back, left my t-shirt on and cut my panties off. I watched him walk to the washing machine, take the cold water hose off of it and turn the water on. I know from washing clothes that the water gets incredibly cold. He puts a nozzle on the end of it and starts to spray me down from head to toe. I am screaming from the cold, cold water while he tells me to tell him what I have been doing lately. I had totally forgotten by this time, the encounter I had with my bestie. “Have you cum while I was gone without permission whore?” he said. My mouth dropped open suddenly remembering the night and shit… the webcams. He continued spraying the freezing water all over me, but he abruptly put the hose down and picked up a flogger and began lashing my tits. I tried to make “pain” noises but it was hard to hide that I was enjoying his attention. After a while, he put his hands on his sides and told me I was a useless pain whore. Well, yeah… I usually enjoy it. I didn’t say that but I am sure he could tell what I was thinking. He frowned and took the cuffs off and told me to prepare his dinner. “Yes Sir,” I said with a bit of a grin. Maybe I got away with this one?

Cock Worshiping Takes Style, Skill, and Training


Cock worshipingI personally believe that cock worshiping takes style, skill, and training. Blowjobs are a pretty standard event in this type of situation but there are a lot more details someone might miss if not properly trained. There is one little secret I have when it comes to blowjobs. As a Master maybe you don’t see that me worshiping your cock is my way of being in control to a certain extent. I can set the pace; I can get you close and stop or change positions. I can get your cock aching so badly you can see the veins pulsing and your balls tight to your body needing to cum. The ultimate in cock worship and I love to do it. Lying next to you, playing with you stroking you is all fun too, but nothing beats the taste of your precum in my mouth and your groans and heavy breathing in my ear. That’s what I call the perfect dinner with music.

In the Stockade and We Played

I’m not just a submissive whore; I’m a submissive whore who loves hardcore bondage, device bondage, you name a type of bondage and I’m sure I’ll love it.
Hardcore bondage

Waiting for that collar …

A new Master has been paying some attention to me. He gives me rules; He gives me balance and most of all He gives me confidence.

As He enters the room I make sure I am ready for inspection. Naked, tits presented, in position one, kneeling, knees apart and hands on thighs. Master enters and whispers on all fours whore. I put my elbows on the floor ass in the air; this is what He means all fours. He spanks my ass a few times and I wince but love the hot sensation on my ass when He is done. I look in the corner and Master has a new toy. By toy, I mean a place to bind me and use me as He pleases. Face down, neck and wrists in a stockade, this is humiliating, but Master says I need training. I feel a vibration on my pussy and know that He has a vibe on my clit, but then He walks in front of me. The vibe is still on? He tied it to the islets in the ceiling! As He stands in front of me He holds out 2 clamps with a string hanging from them. First He puts one on, then the other. Face down, tits are hanging and clamped, but then He adds 3 weights to the clamp, attaching them to the string hanging down. He stands in front of me again, grabs my chin and tells me to enjoy cumming, it may be the last time for a while. He goes to sit in a dark corner and watch as the vibe continuously sits on my clit. The weights are Heavenly and I Hear from the corner, shake the clamps off when you are cumming. Shake them off when I am cumming? I can barely speak when I am cumming, but doesn’t mean I won’t try. As I feel the rippling sensation from my pussy and Heading outward s to my whole body, I am shaking my tits as hard as I can, hoping the clamps drop off quickly. That, of course, was not the case. The clamps hung on right to the end of my nipple and when it finally fell off, the sweet sensations of that thin line of pain and pleasure come together and make the perfect orgasm. Thank you, Master.

Still no Master to use me

Submissive phone sex

At home alone, no calls. My tits are aching so bad for a Master to use them, use me. Desperation probably isn’t all that attractive but ya know what, I don’t give a fuck. I want someone to worship, to give my whole body too. My pussy aches to be used for His pleasure. A Master who doles me out to His friends whenever he feels the desire to see me fucked, humiliated, and covered in cum. Today though, I couldn’t take the need to have my tits used. So I tied them up and went online to a chat and let men watch me play with my titties. I loved the compliments and attention it got me. They all wanted to make me so wet, putting clamps on me and pulling and even weighted clamps. Wow did those feel so good! They were making me swing them while I got fucked with a huge 9-inch dildo. It felt good to be used for their pleasure and I came, gushed and collapsed at the end. Fuck yes that was what I needed. However, that was yesterday. Today I have to start all over with I need a Master.

I have no Master right now

Bondage submissionSubmission to me is about losing control and letting a guy use me for his pleasure. Usually, that pleasure involves doing something to me that not only turns him on but turns me into a hot wet mess. While I’m being bound my pussy will always … always start throbbing and getting wet. I have no Master right now so I am subject to my own bondage experiments. I have been on a webcam a few times being seen playing with my tits, binding them and playing to make myself cum. I guess I’m an exhibitionist. I’m looking for a Master that will use me and use me hard. Are you the guy? I hope so, it’s exhausting looking for real BDSM playmates. So few will talk about the fun things they are into, maybe it’s taboo I’m not sure but I know I won’t ever want to stop. How can I   serve you?

What is your favorite BDSM session activity?

Bondage chat

I guess there are certain activities that a Dominant might prefer for his sub. I am a firm believer in a happy Dom is a giving, sensual Dom. So when I am owned I make sure that I follow His rules of conduct and giving him enough blow jobs each day to keep him smiling and happy.
One of my favorite activities is breast play. I love having my tits tied and used. Titty fucking, nipple clamps, nipple suction. You name it when it comes to breast play and I probably like it.
Do you have any particular things you like to do? I have been in the lifestyle for a great number of years now, but you really never know everything. So I would love to hear your fetishes or techniques and definitely play them out together.

Bondage submission seems to be my calling in life

Bondage submission

I open the door and walk into the house, I look down and there is a rope lying on the floor. I look around to see what is going on or if you are around and I see the rope trailing up the stairs. I see a sign taped on the wall that says “Follow it.” As I make my way along the rope trail there is a pair of nipple clamps with a note “Put them on.” I do as told and keep following the rope. I am half way up the stairs and there’s a butt plug and a note that says “Bring this with you.” I’m getting quite turned on because I know we are about to have a fantastic session, they always are.
What would you do to me at this point? I would love to hear your ideas and how you would use me, use me up, use me for your every desire.

Crazy Hot Summer

Cum slut phone sex

Florida, a crazy hot summer night, I had just pulled my BMW into the parking garage, highest level furthest from everyone. I jump out of my car, set the alarm and made my way to the stairs to head over to the casino. I’m making my way down the stairs; I get to the 3rd floor and a woman is standing in the corner, a bit in the shadows. I nod at her and she flies toward me pins me to the wall suddenly my pants are being unzipped. She stands up, looks me in the eyes “You don’t need to pay me, you fine ass is worth that cock in my mouth and that same cock slamming into my pussy.” I hesitated for about a half second and blurted out “fuck yes.” Her lips get on my cock and I haven’t had a bj in so long that as soon as she sank her throat down over my whole shaft I started to lose it.

I was thinking how pathetic it was that I was cumming so quickly but then realized that she asked me if I wanted to fuck. So I slammed that ho’s pussy doggy style until we had cum enough times that our cock and pussy are slapping like an old waterbed. I shagged that ho and got her close to cumming all over my shit, this is a story almost meant for Penthouse. Even though I came quickly; because the pussy was so hot, I had to keep slamming my cock deep inside her. On my third nut, I am ramming my cock as deep as I can go in that pussy, pull out and shoot my load all over her ass.

As soon as I busted a nut I zipped up and walked away.

Approaching pimp: “here you go, Sir.” “That’s right bitch, you proved yourself now you a ho in my stable. Now go suck more cock you cum slut.

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