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Milf phone sex

Milf phone sexI gave birth to your little shit. Now you don’t use me. You tell me I’m used and abused that you need new tight and young pussy. Well here you go my daughter is ready with a clean little tight pink pussy ready for daddy’s big cock! I want to watch and help you make her our good little blow- up doll. Your little cum dumpster! Lets lay her on bed I’ll spread those cute little fat butt cheeks wide open and spit on her a little bit. Then I will grab that big fat dick of your give it a couple of french kisses. Man I love the taste of your pre-
cum all over that big mushroom head. Then I lick her little pussy making sure it gets nice and wet for daddy. I grab that dick and start sliding it from her clit to her ass till you decide to ram that dick in their really hard.

Submissive Whore

Submissive WhoreTie this sexy little slut up. Tie my nipples up so they could turn purple. Bend me over like the good little bitch I am. I’ll spread this sexy legs wide open for you so you could spank my pussy. Fuck yeah grab that shit and start spanking my pussy making it turn fucking red. Can you see all the pussy juice dripping out running down my legs? Fuck yeah spank me harder! Just how you tied my nipples up do the same shit to my fucking clit. Let that clit turn purple as you spank it really fucking hard. Making my pussy lips get all swollen! Then you come and get next to my face and ram that big fat dick in my mouth going all the way deep down my throat tonsil fucking me. You shove that dick in deep and let me suffocate on it for a long time till you make me pass out on that dick.

Bondage whore

Bondage whoreTie me up make me your little stupid fucking bitch. That’s what I was placed on this earth for. To please my master and to serve him and his sexual needs. I deserve for you to humiliate me for being a stupid dumb bitch. Tie me up, make me swallow all your piss. Pee in my mouth master please. Thank you for being so good to me. Tie me up and spank me so fucking hard you make my fat ass bleed. Leaving me with those love marks. Tie my tits up, let them get all purple. I love how that feels. Pull on my nipple rings with your teeth. Stick all your fist in my pussy without putting lube on it. Fist me till you get tired and you see all my pussy juice all over your hand and arm. I’m here for you. You own me! I’m your bitch!

Bondage phone sex

Bondage phone sexMaster can you please tie my pussy up till it turns purple! Master please tie my pussy up and spank it till it starts bleeding! Spank it till you see my clit get fucking swollen and bright purple. Thank you Master! My pussy is so fucking swollen right now Master thank you so much, I fucking love it! That’s when I see you take your 12 inch cock out with a huge mushroom head measuring about 5 inches around! You tie me up bending over, grab that dick at the base of that fat shaft and ram into my swollen purple fucking pussy fuck hole! It hurt like a bitch Master! That’s not all? You slide that huge cock and shove right up my ass with no fucking lube! I just felt my asshole tearing apart as that big fat mushroom head penetrated that asshole while you spanked me till you would make me bleed!

Prostate milking

Prostate milkingYou tie me up every night after you use me to finger fuck your asshole making me milk your prostate, then making me swallow each and every drop of cum you spit out! I love milking that cock its so perfect so clean and pretty that big fat mushroom head makes my pussy dripping wet! You tie me up after you get what you want from me! Today you came home bringing with you a big fat strap on that I thought you were going to use on my tight puckered asshole. Man I thought wrong! You untied me and made put that big fat long pink strap on and told me to first tongue fuck your asshole sticking my tongue in deep! Then to loosen you up with my middle finger! Then to penetrate your tight manly asshole with the big fat long pink juicy dildo deep into your asshole!

Spanking phone sex

Spanking phone sexLook at my wet red body! This is an everyday thing master does to me! He makes me get in the shower everyday at 4 in the morning! When we are done having sex. You tell me I’m a filthy little slut, and that I’m so fucking dirty you tie me the fuck up on the shower head and scrub all my body, including my mouth with disinfection Clorox! Telling me I need to be ready for all the fuckers you pimp me out to. Then when I come back from hoeing around, same process all over again. This time you fucking get me in the shower tie me up take your belt off and start beating me spanking me for being a fucking dirty fucking whore! Then you use me again for your own personal use! While you fuck me really hard you choke me and beat me and tell me I’m a fucking whore!

Bukkake phone sex

Bukkake phone sexI’m your fucking dirty fucking cum slut Master. Your wishes are my demands. I love how you tie my tits with the rope and let them get all purple and then you slap my tits super hard with your cock and then you get the broom stick and ass fuck me! My favorite though is when you pull on my nipple rings with your teeth as your are fucking my cunt with your huge 15 inch cock, telling me I’m your dirty little cum slut and I deserve to be torture! Yes I do Master, I’m your cum slut little cunt and I deserve to get forced fucked by you and all your friends. I’m a whore and I deserve all this pain! I fucking love it. I’m your slut and I want you to fuck me brutally hard and rough every single time you fuck me! You own me!

Submissive phone sex

Submissive phone sex Master I’m your little cum dumpster slut. I’ll do what ever you want me to Master! I love it when you and all your nigger big dick friends use me and abuse me! The best part is when all you guys feel my asshole with cum, then I squat down on your face and make a cream pie into your fucking mouth! While two of your friends face fuck me double penetrating my pretty little cum slut mouth. Making me gag on those huge 12 inch cocks. While the others take turns fucking my asshole again and again loading me up with fucking cum. Oh yes Master I’ll get fucked by who ever you want, so I could get my asshole full of cum, then you have me squat on your face so I could squirt all this man hot juice all over your face and mouth. Fuck my brains out master!

I Love Being A Bad Mommy

milf phone sex

Fuck I love being a bad mommy. The worst kind of Mommy. Other Mother’s if they even had a clue what I do when their little ones are spending the night for a sleepover they would be sick. But not me… I stay wet. Thinking and imaging their precious little cries. Their whining and begging if they can even talk. I love to torture them, scare them, and make them scream. But the best part is, they know…know one can save them. They’re too little, too innocent. So naïve and easy to use. I love to violate their holes. I use my fingers and my toys…not to mention all my friends and their huge throbbing cocks. Blood, tears, sweat… all that cum that can’t stay in those holes cuz they’re just sooo tight… that’s the shit I like. Any no man can tell me that isn’t what he wants to do every time I have a sleepover with my daughters and their friends.

Torture to Death

torture phone sex

He was here to get me pregnant, but my holes could never compare to my daughters holes. He needed her to work the cum up for my cunt, that baby batter for my pussy would be drained out from my baby girl’s little tiny holes. We both get off on the same thing…pain, torture… fucking bloody snuff rape fantasies. He was there for two of my precious angels, both so young and bald and innocent. Sky was who I gave him first; she is so young tiny little body with big blue eyes and curly blonde hair. This is the one he wanted me to kill as he filled me with his babybatter but first we started with me fisting her ass and her little pussy. Her blonde hair was bloody and I made her taste her own blood off of my fingers. She cried and begged Mommy to stop hurting her! He loved watching, he knew his cock would soon go into an even younger hole. I left Sky covered in blood and ruined in the corner while I got her little sister Scarlett. That girl, one of the youngest…still in diapers and not talking. Puffy little bald cunt to cave in, well rather I planned to force her to make her ass and pussy one hole by using my friend’s cock to force all the way in. I bounced her body up and down while she cried and struggled and screamed. She was bloody and helpless. It wasn’t long before her tight cunt made his cock ready for my pussy; he pushed past my cervix while I laid lil Sky on his chest. Ready to snuff her out for him with my fist stuffed way past the elbow! He looked right in her eyes as she died, and I was given the warmest babybatter I needed to make another little one for him to destroy.

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