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I Love Being A Bad Mommy

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Fuck I love being a bad mommy. The worst kind of Mommy. Other Mother’s if they even had a clue what I do when their little ones are spending the night for a sleepover they would be sick. But not me… I stay wet. Thinking and imaging their precious little cries. Their whining and begging if they can even talk. I love to torture them, scare them, and make them scream. But the best part is, they know…know one can save them. They’re too little, too innocent. So naïve and easy to use. I love to violate their holes. I use my fingers and my toys…not to mention all my friends and their huge throbbing cocks. Blood, tears, sweat… all that cum that can’t stay in those holes cuz they’re just sooo tight… that’s the shit I like. Any no man can tell me that isn’t what he wants to do every time I have a sleepover with my daughters and their friends.

Torture to Death

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He was here to get me pregnant, but my holes could never compare to my daughters holes. He needed her to work the cum up for my cunt, that baby batter for my pussy would be drained out from my baby girl’s little tiny holes. We both get off on the same thing…pain, torture… fucking bloody snuff rape fantasies. He was there for two of my precious angels, both so young and bald and innocent. Sky was who I gave him first; she is so young tiny little body with big blue eyes and curly blonde hair. This is the one he wanted me to kill as he filled me with his babybatter but first we started with me fisting her ass and her little pussy. Her blonde hair was bloody and I made her taste her own blood off of my fingers. She cried and begged Mommy to stop hurting her! He loved watching, he knew his cock would soon go into an even younger hole. I left Sky covered in blood and ruined in the corner while I got her little sister Scarlett. That girl, one of the youngest…still in diapers and not talking. Puffy little bald cunt to cave in, well rather I planned to force her to make her ass and pussy one hole by using my friend’s cock to force all the way in. I bounced her body up and down while she cried and struggled and screamed. She was bloody and helpless. It wasn’t long before her tight cunt made his cock ready for my pussy; he pushed past my cervix while I laid lil Sky on his chest. Ready to snuff her out for him with my fist stuffed way past the elbow! He looked right in her eyes as she died, and I was given the warmest babybatter I needed to make another little one for him to destroy.

Burn Baby Burn

submissive whore

 My dark fantasies seem to get more brutal with each passing day of torment I take from my master. I woke up this morning from a really heated dream of blood and screams and a throbbing wet pussy that soaked my sheets through! I dreamed about my master tying down a little one and mutilating her little pussy with a pair of alligator clamps hooked up to an active shocking battery! He kept zapping her little pussy over and over again making her scream and cry! Her blood sizzled as it oozed from her flesh onto the sharp rusted electrical clamps. It was my job to hold her hands still above her head as master had his way with her! After he was done playing with her he said I could have her to myself for only 10 minutes, and that I couldn’t take her life. I resisted the pout that formed upon my lips and settled for taking those clamps and securely snapping them down through her puffy little nipples! I let master control the voltage but I loved hearing her screams as I got hornier and wetter in my panties! All of a sudden I woke up with a throbbing clit and I was forced to beg my master to fuck my dripping little cunt. Maybe I’ll tell him about my dark fantasies for our next play toy soon.

Bad Mommy

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I took my oldest daughter to a Halloween party this past weekend…she really wanted to go! She wanted to go because she knew it was an adult party, but I never mentioned that this party was all about hot sex toys that we would use on each other. I made her promise that if she went she would dress and act like a big girl even given her age. She agreed quickly but when we got there her tune started to change. She realized that there were way more guys than girls, they all had toys, ropes, and a hard cock. She started to act restless so I suggested she be the first one we all tried toys out on. She tried to protect but I promptly shoved a ball gag in her mouth and tied her up to shut her up. We started shocking her all over her body, using a vibrator on her cunt to get her moist. Soon she was soaking and a hand was stuffed inside her extremely hard pussy and she was screaming thru the gag in her mouth! Doesn’t she know that Halloween is all about the darkest desires? She sure did know soon enough!

Master Daddy

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My master loves when I submit to him most by giving him all my little ones. He ties me up and gags me and I am helpless to watch his brutal torture as he makes them his too. Truth be told I am dripping and all slippery watching his ruthless thrusts. I love watching him pound their little faces AND their little bodies. Squirming and their wailing makes me crazy cuz I love everything he is doing to them. I love giving him every part of me, he owns me. I struggle and he knows it’s time to let me help him, sitting on her face so she can taste what her cries do for Mommy. Cry all you want because Mommy and her Master love it. Master Daddy, Master Cock, Master Master Master. He owns us, our bodies and our minds just submit and stop fighting…or fight and turn us on more. That’s the life I live with my Master, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Submissive Slut Training

submissive slut

All of my daughters have the same reputation as me – submissive slut. I raised them all right, they know when to fight it, and they know when to be still like a good girl and just take it. I tell them all the time that the biggest part of being a submissive slut is pleasing the man that is using you. They all understand that, minus my youngest she just cries all the time when she is getting fucked. Nothing is wrong with that, I actually get turned on when she cries and my tits start to leak breast milk everywhere. I am one dripping mess hearing the wails of my babies. I love to smack them around, and make them be even bigger whores. I love to teach them new things that they would never learn at school, this is submissive slut training. My daughters all are going to ace these lessons, like it or not! That’s what it is all about – the submissive whores getting what they deserve and learning from it…

Fresh Little One Ready For Fucking

submissive sex

I just got out of the hospital recently from the birth of my newest little slut. Every time I have another one I know two things need to happen, as soon as possible. The first thing, my cunt needs to be filled with cum… I don’t care who’s as long as they knock my cunt up so in 9 months I have another fresh pussy to pimp out. That leads me to my next point, this precious angel is as fresh and innocent as they come! I think it’s clear and I think everyone knows what that means…her holes are open for business! Every man loves a sweet unknowing little one bouncing on his dick, the tears never phase a real man that takes what he wants! I get slippery and wet when I see a throbbing cock get even harder when they see my little one. We both know those tight virgin holes will be no more, we both know that she is going to learn her place in life now. Sooner rather than later! That is the best way…and how I was raised too. Mmm, here I go just writing about these things, breastfeeding my darling knowing soon she’ll be latched to a cock and not my tit.

Revenge & Punishment

slave training

I have NOT been getting any sleep. You see, my FRESH babygirl just HAS to wake up and eat every 2 hours! It is very frustrating to not get a second to myself or relax so I am taking this chance to get some revenge on her tiny body. She deserves this type of punishment just like her older sisters. I work to instill respect in them from the day they enter this world. They need to learn their place just like I did as my army of submissive whores. They will learn from punishment and my own personal sweet revenge! That’s why I invited my neighbor over, he’s been dying to see my new precious angel. Too bad she’s so bad that she has to be treated like the deserving little whore she is! I couldn’t wait to see the blood flowing in between those chunky, tiny smooth legs.  Soon that’s exactly what she got…the pain and punishment of her first training session as a submissive whore.

No Taboos With Mommy

Milf Phone Sex

I know you’ve missed me…but I’ve been in the hospital. I was pregnant and I popped out a nice fresh little one! She is sooo tiny! She is a crier too, so she makes it all the easier to demolish her holes. She is one of many that I will let others use until she is no longer able to be used anymore. Her holes ruined her body worthless. She was perfect for that cock while she lasted! My motto is I can always have more; I am constantly being bred and used as a pregnant submissive whore. It’s my lifestyle – the only thing I  know how to do. I don’t mind them hurting – I love it. I am the same kind of woman as you are a man; I get off on her crying and tight holes. I get off knowing she is nothing but a rag doll for your pleasure. I will give her to you and your friends to use time and time again. I’ve already got 3 I am keeping around; this one can go once you’re done.

hardcore bondage

HIS Submissive Whore

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My title might be a submissive whore but I am his submissive whore. His submissive slut that takes care of him, and he takes care of me. We take care of each other’s desires. I do everything he tells me to do. I will never disappoint him! I would not like to be punished. I would not be able to imagine what he would do, but I won’t have to worry about that. I have been keeping up with myself. Bathing every day and soaking my body with Epsom salts after I work out. I’ve been making smoothies in the mornings to stay healthy and to keep my body ready for breeding. I just got my toes done and my nails so when we go out this weekend I look like a good submissive slut. I am HIS submissive slut and that’s all I want. I enjoy him telling me what to do but still encouraging me as a women…he’s the best master I could ever have.

Submissive Whore

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