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Fresh Little One Ready For Fucking

submissive sex

I just got out of the hospital recently from the birth of my newest little slut. Every time I have another one I know two things need to happen, as soon as possible. The first thing, my cunt needs to be filled with cum… I don’t care who’s as long as they knock my cunt up so in 9 months I have another fresh pussy to pimp out. That leads me to my next point, this precious angel is as fresh and innocent as they come! I think it’s clear and I think everyone knows what that means…her holes are open for business! Every man loves a sweet unknowing little one bouncing on his dick, the tears never phase a real man that takes what he wants! I get slippery and wet when I see a throbbing cock get even harder when they see my little one. We both know those tight virgin holes will be no more, we both know that she is going to learn her place in life now. Sooner rather than later! That is the best way…and how I was raised too. Mmm, here I go just writing about these things, breastfeeding my darling knowing soon she’ll be latched to a cock and not my tit.

Revenge & Punishment

slave training

I have NOT been getting any sleep. You see, my FRESH babygirl just HAS to wake up and eat every 2 hours! It is very frustrating to not get a second to myself or relax so I am taking this chance to get some revenge on her tiny body. She deserves this type of punishment just like her older sisters. I work to instill respect in them from the day they enter this world. They need to learn their place just like I did as my army of submissive whores. They will learn from punishment and my own personal sweet revenge! That’s why I invited my neighbor over, he’s been dying to see my new precious angel. Too bad she’s so bad that she has to be treated like the deserving little whore she is! I couldn’t wait to see the blood flowing in between those chunky, tiny smooth legs.  Soon that’s exactly what she got…the pain and punishment of her first training session as a submissive whore.

No Taboos With Mommy

Milf Phone Sex

I know you’ve missed me…but I’ve been in the hospital. I was pregnant and I popped out a nice fresh little one! She is sooo tiny! She is a crier too, so she makes it all the easier to demolish her holes. She is one of many that I will let others use until she is no longer able to be used anymore. Her holes ruined her body worthless. She was perfect for that cock while she lasted! My motto is I can always have more; I am constantly being bred and used as a pregnant submissive whore. It’s my lifestyle – the only thing I  know how to do. I don’t mind them hurting – I love it. I am the same kind of woman as you are a man; I get off on her crying and tight holes. I get off knowing she is nothing but a rag doll for your pleasure. I will give her to you and your friends to use time and time again. I’ve already got 3 I am keeping around; this one can go once you’re done.

hardcore bondage

HIS Submissive Whore

milf phone sex (11)

My title might be a submissive whore but I am his submissive whore. His submissive slut that takes care of him, and he takes care of me. We take care of each other’s desires. I do everything he tells me to do. I will never disappoint him! I would not like to be punished. I would not be able to imagine what he would do, but I won’t have to worry about that. I have been keeping up with myself. Bathing every day and soaking my body with Epsom salts after I work out. I’ve been making smoothies in the mornings to stay healthy and to keep my body ready for breeding. I just got my toes done and my nails so when we go out this weekend I look like a good submissive slut. I am HIS submissive slut and that’s all I want. I enjoy him telling me what to do but still encouraging me as a women…he’s the best master I could ever have.

Submissive Whore

Bondage Whore Fetish Mommy

Bondage whore

You already know I am the type of Mommy that is obsessed with being a bondage whore. With getting tied up, and being completely helpless. But you know what makes being a bondage fetish Mommy even hotter? Being completely tied up watching as my little girls, my little tiny little ones are being fucked. Not just fucked but rammed like they might not make it from being fucked so hard and for being that itty bitty and little. And me? I am screaming thru the ball gag in my mouth – I feel my wrists burn from the ropes tied tightly and rubbing against me as I struggle. I’m getting fucked too of course…right along with my completely helpless daughters. Their bald pussies are bloody and raw from being fucked wide open, they’re making me taste their cunts on their cocks and there is nothing I can do…but yet… I am so wet. Bad bad Mommy I am…deserted my little ones to get used just like me.

I Need Milf Phone Sex

milf phone sex

My ovaries are hurting. I need a little itty bitty one in my belly so I can have milf phone sex! I know I’ve already got a good handful of little brats running around, but it doesn’t mean I don’t crave to be that submissive breeding whore you’ve been looking for. You can get me pregnant over and over and I’d be over the moon. I’d be at your mercy, you would own us all. I can’t think of anything I would rather do than have my little ones molested. There is nothing I want more is to make even more little ones to get fucked and violated and used in all the same ways Mommy gets rammed. Fill my holes with cum, impregnate me then move along to my oldest. She’s ready too…then the little ones are last. Those tiny tight holes are for dessert tonight. We’re just a whole submissive family around here, and the only thing that makes us feel whole is that cock…

Helplessly Submissive P-Mommy

milf phone sex (14)

Mommy’s all tied up! She can’t even attempt to come help her little baby! I know I am the one who brought these men here, I know this was all kinda planned but this bad Mommy can’t help it. I know I wanted this as much as these men…maybe they’ll untie me to help. Seeing you all struggle and cry and see those smooth small legs being spread wide so those incredibly small holes can be accessed. I hope you’re ready to stretch those holes out, make them bleeding and raw even. I know you want to make them hurt, and I want to see it. I can feel these ropes so tight against my skin…knowing I literally have no choice in it gets me wet as fuck down there. I am a naughty P-Mommy!

My Job As A Milf Phone Sex Whore

milf phone sex (11)

I was talking to a man earlier; he called and took a few guesses about my little ones. I told him the real numbers and he was pleased with the outcome. He wanted me to describe myself, and I was happy to tell him about my big pierced tits, and my hair for pulling too. He was pleased with that as well…and he was happy to know I was home alone. My little ones had already been dropped off at their desired location for the day so their Mommy can start being a whore. He wanted to hire me but needed to know all about the work I’d done previously. I told him that as a whore I had previously worked under a desk, sucking my bosses cock during the day then putting in overtime hours afterward. Overtime you might ask? Well that includes teaching my oldest daughter how to take cock, just like her Mommy. And then the youngest, well they mostly cry and the one who can talk begs for mercy but she won’t get any!

Can You Guess How Old My Little Ones Are?

rape phone sex fantasies (23)

Everyone wants to know the truth…how old are your little ones? Well I can’t tell you exact ages here, but I can give you hints that will drive you wild. My oldest is old enough to get pregnant. She JUST started her period. She dresses like a whore, wears whore makeup and begs to be just like her Mommy. My middle baby is almost that double digit number, but not quite! She’s a curious little one, but quite whiny! She definitely needs to be all used up…and my youngest is…so young. Diapers included. You can’t even expect this one to sit up by herself…but why does she need to stand up if she’s getting fucked? She’s getting treated like a slut like her whole family. They all have bald cunts. Puffy, pink and shiny. I love to kiss those pussies knowing they are all mine to use anyway I want. I can’t wait to use bondage on them, so they can learn to get turned on by being a submissive whore just like their P Mommy.

Family Gangbang

rape phone sex fantasies (21)

 I came back from the pool with my little ones and they rushed us, making us all get on the ground. Before I knew it we were all tied up, they shoved me in a corner – I was screaming and begging so they smacked me around a few time and shoved a ball gag in my mouth. I was watching  my daughters getting fucked and there was nothing I could do about it. They were crying and screaming “Mom, and Mommy” but I could literally do nothing. I was helplessly watching them getting fucked and used up. And then my line of vision was blocked and a cock was in my face. He was pissing on me but pushing his dick down my throat as he did it, making me take it all and choke and slobber all over it like a pathetic slut. This is what a real bad Mommy needs, isn’t it? Flaunting my little ones around and putting myself on display. What did I expect? Now my whores feel like the stupid cunts they are, and we’re all used up and covered in cum.

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