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Pretty bitches only daddy

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Daddy wants me to find the best sluts for him. The best place to find sluts are raves of course. Drunk and high whores ready to give their worthless wet holes to anyone. Daddy likes that I am willing to bring him pretty bitches only. I need to be a good judge for daddy and supply him with his wants. My job is to make daddy happy and let him relax. I pick out a couple of whores, and I think solely about daddy. What does daddy like and what will get daddy off? Its simple hot cunts who I can manipulate and gather for him. I like ranking these whores. Sometimes it comes down to two and if its a tie both bitches die. I lure them in with some pretty pills and have them all fucked up. My favorite thing to do is to get them hyped and tweaked out. I have great skill in doing so, and once I got them where I want them, I will give daddy a show and fuck them myself. He loves when I inflict hardcore bondage on them. Daddy will piss down their mouths and right in their eyes. Torturing sluts with daddy is my fave.


hardcore bondage

Whore’s commandments

submissive slutCock worshiping

Daddy loves to train Naomi and I. We both know exactly what daddy loves and we are always ready to be his obedient sluts. Daddy has simple rules, and they are as follows. First always know your place. That is real simple our place is on our knees like two servant sluts ready to make all of the daddies dying wishes come true. Second rule and probably just as important as number one. Always address daddy, as daddy. Always start with daddy end with daddy. Third always be ready to be at daddies beck and call. Whatever we are doing we must stop and attend to our master daddy. Fourth if daddy wants us to keep it cute and look our best naked if that means having to starve and clock in endless hours at the gym to avoid being a lard ass than so be it. Daddy likes pretty bitches only, and that’s what Naomi and I are. Fifth daddy wants access to all our social media and all our nudes he can ruin our lives in a matter of seconds by posting all our naughty escapades for the world to see. Sixth be willing to take all the pain humanly possible and not complain or make a peep. Seventh assure daddy you are his submissive slut. Eighth always remember piss belongs in your mouth. Ninthbow down for daddy. The tenth rule remember daddy likes you to bring bimbo friends once in a while.

Learning for daddy

Submissive slut

I met a guy who is now known as daddy. I absloutley adore daddy so much! He knows how to put me in my place. Most importantly daddy likes to teach me how to be a good submissive slut. Daddy is all about sitting back and watching his prodigy make his cock drain. I want nothing more than to satisfy daddy and be the perfect whore. I knew I had the perfect slave for daddy. My friend Naomi is one nasty fuck. Naomi and I both share the same views on male supremacy. We both know men are far more superior than women and that a women’s sole purpose is to please a man in every way. We will do whatever daddy wants. We both want daddy to drain his balls for us. We have a mutual agreement that daddies piss belongs in our mouths. Two slave pets for our master. Sit back and relax daddy we are about to make your satisfaction complete.

Xo Daddies little whores 💋

Cock worship



Server slut

hardcore bondage

My master wasn’t playing when he told me he was going to make me the laughing stock of the bar. I was going to walk around naked and completely exposed, and I was going to show off my body and be a good hardcore bondage slut. I was going to let the guys all have fun making my ass gape and prolapsing me. I was in for a rude awakening. I thought it was going to be something mild. My master has never once shared me with anyone. I was surprised to see him willing to let all his buddies use me. I was going to get whipped and strangled just like I should be. I’m a slave pet and need to know that there is no special treatment. Master thought my head got too big when I outshined in the slave pet academy. I know I’m nothing special. I was born a woman, and I need to realize that I will forever be beneath men.

Disciplined dolls

submissive sex

There we were strangled and tied up and gasping for our last breath. We had disobeyed our master, and we didn’t check in. It started out pretty much with us having a free weekend, I guess the both of us didn’t feel the need to let our Master know precisely where we were at all times. Although our Master never specified that we were supposed to give updates we were just supposed to kind of know what to do as submissive as pets. Our master was ready to make us pay for neglecting his wishes we are supposed just to know what to do even if it’s not said verbally. I could feel anger rise when he met up with us. He began to tie us up and started to fuck us Raw. Master didn’t stop fucking both of us until our asses were bleeding and our faces were red. We were subjected to submissive sex like stupid sluts that we are. We now know not to disobey and always to think what would our Master want us to do.

Rag doll

light bondage

Well, you can say that my luck has been against me lately. I seem to run into guys who love to use and abuse Me. Maybe I’m more transparent than what I thought. I think the more power I gave to my master the more it shows that I’m a little submissive bitch. When I started to go on a popular app, I never imagined I would find my match to be super dominant and not into light bondage at all. It began like any other date it seemed very natural and very kosher. As soon as I invited him over after a lovely time he changed. It was day and night change his mannerisms and the way he acted everything was different. He became aggressive and wanted to show me that my place was to be on my knees worshipping him. I was just so turned on and didn’t realize and process what was going on. It’s like he made me do whatever he said. He mind-controlled me till the very end and used me and whipping me and tying me up and torturing me, He threw me away like a rag doll and never reached out again.

Masters little helper

Bare bottom spankings

It’s showtime time to show my master that I am a quick learner! It’s time to shove a big strap-on dildo into one of his pets I know if I don’t deliver then I will be the one who would have to get all the pain inflicted on. I didn’t want to be on the other side so soon. I enjoyed that I was being rewarded and being an accomplice this time. I wasn’t the sub slut for now. I know how to stay in my lane, but when you can experience the other side, it’s such a great feeling. I was excited to be a good helper. I loved assisting in shoving considerable dildos in these sluts mouths and whipping them till they bled. I was especially significant at bare bottom spankings. I have plenty of those to these sluts. I think I made my master very proud and I might be on the accomplice side a bit longer. 

Slave pet scavenger

slave training

Slave training began right after I got out of work. I was instructed to follow a scavenger hunt and had no say so. I didn’t think it was going to be something to wild and crazy but boy was I so wrong. The first few things weren’t too bad I had to bring over all the torture toys to a hotel a few cities over. When I checked in and got in the room there was a group of guys waiting for me. Master had everything planned out. I was going to get be fucked till I had barely a pulse. The whole thing was right in front of him. I was bawling my eyes out because I knew I was going to be used as a toy. I should have known that my tears and pleads would just have me fucked harder for many hours on end. Each guy in the orgy was one that I knew personally. Most worked at the old firm I worked at and other were guys that I would go on tinder dates with. My master knew I was being a slut and dating multiple guys. My master was getting payback for me being a loose whore.

Hostage slave

bare bottom spankings

I started a new job recently, and on my way to my car after a long day, I felt like someone was watching me. I tried my best to hurry up and get to my car and call it a night but the eerie feeling I was getting was making me frantic and anxious. I couldn’t help but try to grab my phone and dial someone. As soon as I did, I dropped everything. My nerves were on high alert. I did not like this one bit. My instincts were right on because within seconds 3 masked guys grabbed me and took me off I was blindfolded and constricted. I had no idea what was going to happen. I could feel them all over me. I knew something was up. I was gagged and propped up on a table in an empty warehouse. One of the masked men started out by giving me bare bottom spankings while the other started to take my gag off and replace it with his hard cock. I felt helpless, and they loved it. I had to give them their rape fantasy. I let them fuck me till my pussy was raw and I was filled with cum. I was beaten and cummed and spit on like a little slave slut.

Pet slave camp

2 girl phone sex shilohsubmissive slut

 submissive whoreBDSM phone sex



bukkake phone sexMaster has his agenda full he has selected the most subby whores he could find and recruited us all for some intense severe training. We need to compete with each other to see which of us has what it takes to be the ultimate slave slut. The brutal test and challenges we had to face arent for wimps. Its been a degrading event thus far. I think we all are beyond shocked at how much our bodies have taken. We have been beaten gagged and tortured. Love that our master has fulfilled his rape fantasies with us He has made us each kneel and worship him. We are just toys to him, and he gets to play with us when he wants. I have always been a submissive slut to him but Its so exciting to see Jessica and Naomi serve him. Maybe we are brainwashed useless whores but to give our master all the satisfaction he needs gives us a purpose. I like seeing him pin these sluts like me. We have plenty of needles on our nipples and gags in our mouths. Sometimes he releases the gags to hear our cries and screams. It brings him so much joy to see how pathetic and stupid we are for him.

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