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s&m pornWith all the torture I endured I could be the poster slut for a s&m porn. I had to give my phone to my master. It was confiscated because it wouldn’t stop beeping. It was apparent someone else was trying to get my attention. As he opened my phone my heart sank. I was sure he was going to see a dozen messages from different me. I knew I was going to be examined and punished. I went and spread my legs for him. I even had a fresh batch of jizz inside from lunchtime. I was in serious shit. I was going to get my body tortured for being a complete slut. My holes were stretched since I liked being a fuck slut. I was going to get used and abused. I learned my lesson after that. I won’t entertain guys, and I won’t fuck anyone unless I am told I can by the master. I will never disobey him again.

Red hot valentines date

submissive slutMy master loves to give me surprised. I get a bunch of new things sprung on me, and I have to be okay with it no matter how much I cry or beg for them to stop I know its going to be a painful event. My ass got swaddled so much this valentines day it was one to remember. My master brought over a heart-shaped paddle, and it was perfect for my tight ass. I knew I was the best submissive slut because I was going to endure everything he had in store for me and my tiny holes. My ass gaped and, my asshole was beet red like always. One thing I didn’t expect was the number of ice cubes I would have to push thru my twat. Heart shaped Ice cubes for the occasion. Tied up and slapped around. 


bondage whoreI know my role as a bondage whore is to be the center of attention and endure all the pain that’s inflicted my way. I can’t wait to be your punching bag. I know you love to show off to the boys. I dress up and take center stage and let you piss all over me while all your buddies watch closely. It is so hot to see them laugh at me. I can’t help but feel fulfilled. I enjoy being your sloppy subby slut. I have a purpose when you beat me to a bloody pulp. The more I beg you to stop the harder you go. My face is sprayed with cum and piss like you love and enjoy it so much. It’s showtime, and I am the slut that’s going to get whipped and slashed.

Submissive whore for you

submissive whoreYou thought I would fight you on your desires but you were wrong I understand my role in life is to be a submissive whore merely. You need to have me tied up and isolated. Treat me like the fuck slut I am and make me degrade myself. I like it best when you piss all over my face and my body. The way your cock looks right on my face is the best. I know you love to give my pretty face dick slaps. I feel humiliated but I also feel like I am where I belong. My cunt is always filled with your cum. My asshole is bleeding and mixed with your jizz, and my nipples clamped while you bring out the paddle and whip. There is no denying my place is on my knees.

Make me a proud submissive slut

submissive slutI’m a submissive slut and even my therapist takes advantage of me. I have been going to a shrink to sort out some of my feelings and my therapist happens to be a domme and has a fetish of ruining whores. She knows all my deepest dark secrets and she takes advantage of me with her exercises. My tight ass has been her punching bag lately. I assume the position and in she goes. My holes are stretched and fucked. A nice big paddle comes along for the ride and she begins to whip my clit. It is all part of her plan. I am supposed to give up all my power to her so she can carefully treat me. I have to cope with my submissive ways and transition to accept it out in public. I have always been a closeted sub. I have to ring true to who I am and with her help, I will.

Gagged and gaped

light bondage

Light bondage isn’t where things started with my master and I. I was fully aware he wanted to use me and abuse me. I had no idea it was going to get so extreme, but it did. I would spend days being whipped and utilized. My tight ass was no longer so tight. I had a permanent whip marking slashed across, and my asshole was being gaped to no return. I had no idea I was going to be spit on and cummed on. I had my holes pissed on and used. I was the epitome of an abused cum slut, and he loved it so much. My pussy was raw and red, and he was stabbing it with a glass dildo. Gagged and gaped was how he loved me.

Daddy has a new doll

Bare bottom spankings

Daddy brought over a cute blonde today. Naomi is a hot piece of ass. I was able to get acquainted with her. Daddy told me I could treat her however I wanted. I knew he was testing me and seeing how far I would take things. I was going to show him that I have been a slave pet that has learned a thing or two from her great master. I wasted no time I got right to it and slapped Naomi so hard I’m sure the whole building heard her screeching screams. It was filled with pain and no pleasure. I proceeded and finished her off with a few more bare bottom spankings and moved on to her twat. I pounded it until she was in tears. I think the master is proud of the ruthless slut I have become. I may be shy and timid as his submissive princess but, I am a dominant mistress to all other slave sluts.

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s&m video slut

s&m videoIt was time for the world to see what a slave pet I was. I have been my old bosses slave slut for an over a year now, and I needed to prove to him that I was all in on this new lifestyle. My family noticed a massive change in me. They wondered why I was so reclusive and isolated. I was being trained and was being a good slut. I couldn’t explain that to them, so I tried my best to avoid them. Over time I could no longer hide the fact. I had to give my all to my owner and show him I am not ashamed to be his slave. I was going to be in a video. In that video, I had to admit openly and publicly that I am a worthless slut and I have foud my true calling. I know it would make no sense but knowing every single person I know would finally hear it from my mouth was making me excited. It is so sinister that me admitting that I am a subby slut would make me happy and horny. I like being owned, and I especially love being treated like a worthless piece of shit.


It was show time and I was ready to reveal. I was going to do it in a true sub fashion. I was going to be roped up and of course my master would have a huge hitachi on my clit. Not only was it tingling but he also had a sharp anal beads in my asshole ruining my bumhole. I could feel my ass get raw and start trickling blood. I was ready to recite my statement. I looked at the camera and told them I was never to be free because this is where I belong. I’m a slave slut that will never do a thing without my masters permission.

Just a pet

I was on display again, but this time it was in front of his wife. He had to prove to her that I was a toy and nothing more than a cock worshiping cunt. I had to be there and clean up his mess. I had to suck him off and make him happy while I had to make his wife happy too, Deep down inside I know he likes me the most but by his wife he will show me no mercy and mistreat me a hundred times more than usual. I have to lick and suck her pissy cunt. I have also to let her fuck me till my holes bleed. I have to indulge in all the piss they want to throw my way. I can’t deny what they wish, to do to me, and I have to be a good fuck slut and take orders. I am a sub whore forever and always. I will never get the lines blurred. My master has made it clear I am his slave and nothing more even if he does love fucking my holes the most.

cock worshiping

Raises are earned

submissive slut

I thought it was time I got a raise. I sent an email to my boss and was hoping I would get word back on the matter. My boss scheduled a meeting with me. We have been fooling around a bit and have explored all my submissive kinks. He loved that on the exterior I was all business and book smarts. On the inside, I was a full on submissive slut. I can’t deny that as much as I try. I am a sub by nature, and I was learning all the things I needed. I was going to be a slave pet, and the first lesson was on my raise. I walked into the meeting, and my boss told me if I wanted an increase he was going to beat it out of me. I was going to be a tied up and tortured slut. When you want something, you must put in time and dedication. I was going to give sweat blood and tears, and I was going to be a urinal and cum basket as well.

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