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cock worshiping

I had to earn daddies cum I couldn’t just say I was Daddies good little submissive pet. I got on my knees and had to kiss daddies feet. I looked so good to daddy. My big tits busting out and my cute crotchless panties were his favorite thing on me. I also had thigh highs and heels. I was dressed up like daddies personal sex slave.

When Daddy grabbed me up to his lap he had me cock worshiping. I had to show him how happy and thankful I was to have his cock in my presence. I got that cock deep in my mouth and began to deepthroat like the perfect slut. Daddy slapped my face with his dick and had me massage his big balls. When Daddy was finished with he left me tied up for hours and then did it all over again.

Human Vacuum

submissive whore

I never thought that I would be okay with a guy who wanted to use me and abuse me. I am addicted to his cock and his torture. I have become his personal submissive whore. I have no doubt that I was born to be on my knees and be behind my master. I know male supremacy is key and men are superior to us twats. I have no problem being pissed on and cummed on all over my eyes and my face . My best best accessory isn’t a piece of jewelry or the latest name brand glasses. My best accessory and is cum all over me. I have been named the cum slut vacuum. My master loves when I suck up all his glorious jizz. I never leave any behind.

Funnel fun

My master has a new game. It involves me being his nasty dumpster. After a session of bare bottom spankings my master gets me all set up for some rough torture.

I have to endure some rather harsh pain. The more I complain the harder my punishment. I feel the steel blade against my back. If I don’t want it to pierce me I have to

stay quiet and obedient. I know that I am here for pure pleasure not for me but my master. I am his entertainment and he will do with me as he wishes always.

I have no say so, When he brings out a camera and starts taking pictures I know he has something either sinister or painful or embarrassing or all the above. I must

take all the pain and humiliation. He gets out his funnel and begins to pop it in my asshole he invites his buddies and they all smack me around and dispense their

loads on me. I feel like trash and I know how excited and fulfilled my master is with the look on my face. It brings him so much joy and power to use and abuse me.



bare bottom spankings

Don’t speak

I have always been strong willed and have always spoken my mind. I have had issues with learning how to stay quiet. My master gets furious whenever I tend to over express myself. One day he got so angry that I had to go to a place where I would learn the value of shutting the fuck up and staying in my place. I learned that I was going to get fucked by strangers if that is my masters will. I was a slave training slut and I was going to be used by guys who would pay a pretty penny to my master. I would have to be exposed to all sorts of mistreatment. One of those things who be getting fucked by mutts and getting painful toys used on my holes. My twat was going to be public just so I can learn to shut up.



slave training


submissive whore at the office

submissive whore

I had to learn a lesson. My boss decided to share me with the office this time. I had to wear a butt plug around and a gag ball. My nipples were in so much pain I had tears rolling down my cheeks. Everyone was allowed to have their way with me and I couldn’t make a peep. This was just the ways it was I had to embrace it. I was not prepared to be fucked and used so much but that was the way things were going. My tight holes were stretched to the max. My bare ass got beat with a paddle. They were enjoying my screams and they were loving that it was an all male audience. I was the only girl there and I was the only one who was going to be the cum dump. In other instances I have been lucky enough to have been with other slaves. This was the most I have ever felt like a slave.

Brought him a slut

bondage whore

I have become quite the good little helper. I got a new job at a talent scout agency and I have already started representing some young talent. My sick master put a task in my hand that I couldn’t turn down. I had to bring him a slut so he could have his way with her. I knew if I didn’t come through with his order I would suffer greatly. I set the thing up quickly. I brought over one of my clients. Tiffany was a cute spunky blonde down for anything to get roles. I told her she was going to be put through the ultimate test. Young dumb and naive. The idiot fell for it. My master got a bondage whore for the night and Tiffany spread her legs for opportunity. It wasn’t too hard of a task but it surely wasn’t my proudest moment either.

Opposites attract

hardcore bondageI have learned from the best master ever and now I have a mean streak. I crave that power and I know I can’t use it on him so I have been dating guys I normally don’t. I have been dating complete doormats willing to bend over backwards for me. I am a submissive little slut by nature but I have learned a thing or two. I have used my power on the guys I am dating and I put them in their place real quick. I like hardcore bondage. I make them get on their knees and I become their mistress. There is a thin line between dominance and submission. You can cross either line if you play either side. It doesn’t take much to be on the opposing side. My twat gets wet making a guy suck my strap and fucking him with it right afterwards.

Happy fourth whore

submissive whore

I was going to be the entertainment on July fourth. My master always has lavish parties because his wife is a huge premadonna who loves to show out and show off for the world. They have an agreement and she knows all about his slave pets like me. They throw a mini slave party where the slaves like me end up serving all the masters. Al his buddies have slave sluts and on their get together they bring all the pets over and the wives watch ass they give bare bottom spankings to us and treat us like total hookers. Its a huge turn on for these men. They have power and they have everything the desire. This july the fourth I had to attend and had to experience first hand episodes of fisting and gang bangs left and right. The fireworks weren’t the only thing getting off that’s for sure.

fatal attraction

submissive slut

I was working at a bar part-time, and the bar owner grew a sick obsession with me. My boss wanted me to herself and when I resisted and told her I had a boyfriend she didn’t take it lightly. I needed the job, and she knew I would do anything to keep it. My boss felt humiliated that I turned her advances down. My boss decided I needed to learn a lesson. I was going to be her submissive whore If I wanted to keep my position. I ended up in her office after a heated debate she told me it was time to for me to spread my ass she was going to fist me hard and rough. I had no choice I listened, and I was her amusement for the night. I was going to be taught a lesson, and I was going to be her slut like it or not. I had never been so dominated by a female ever in my life. I was such a strong gal I never would of pictured this. 

Daddies home-welcoming

Bare bottom spankings


submissive slut

Daddy had a long work trip and I wanted to thank him for being the best master ever. I wanted to surprise him with a friend. Macey  was the perfect submissive slut to snuff out.

I knew Daddy was going to love his special home welcoming gift. A little slut like Macey deserves to be put in her place. I had rehearsed and practiced on the bitch while I was

awaiting Daddies return home. Macey got plenty of bare bottom spankings from me. I know Daddy loves to see his favorite slut Shiloh dominate a whore like Macey.

Daddy loves knowing that he will end the night with cum and piss ready to shoot in our eyes. The meaner I get the harder Daddies dick grows. We both know our place is to keep

Daddy satisfied and happy at all times. Macey has had a few hiccups but that is  why Daddy trained me so well. I am able to put her in her place. I love making Daddy happy.


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