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submissive sex

Ever since I have been my masters personal slut and assistant and have been having submissive sex nonstop, I have grown to hate vanilla sex. I like it rough and can’t stand my boyfriend anymore. I think I will leave him high and dry. It is about time I do something that benefits me. I think being a slave 24/7 is my next move. I am ready to leave my old life behind and completely submit. It is what I was meant to do with my life. I believe men are far superior than women and we were made to be fuck toys. Let me give you what you desire and let me be your personal punching bag. I will wear do and say anything you want me to, I was born to be a slave pet.

Sidekicks submissive slut for the day

submissive slut

I went out to my friends bachelorette party in Vegas without giving you a notice. I keep making the same mistake and every time I get a more tortures punishment. This time you weren’t going to be the one inflicting pain on me and my body. You had your accomplice ready for me at the airport. I knew I was fucked the moment I saw her. I was going to be used and fucked up so badly. We got back to the dungeon and thats when she went crazy on me. She had me strip down and put a few devices on me that would remind me not to lie or cheat my master ever again. My master was brutal but his unhinged sidekick was the worst. She had resentment and hated all of his slave pets. She hated me the most because he would let me slide and let me be a lousy submissive slut at times. You can say master has a weak spot for me. Lana however doesn’t she whipped me and strangled me. My body was shaking and she fucked me till my asshole bled. It was all for my benefit. Next time I will remember who is in charge of my body. I was hers for the day and she sure took advantage of me. She pissed all over my mouth and made me lick her twat she had me do everything in between.

Sticky fingers

bondage whore

I have always been destined to be a subby whore. I remember as far back as when I got my first job in a coffee shop I was going to be a slave pet. I was closing the store out and I knew the owner trusted me and would believe me even If my fingers were a little sticky. I was coming up short and needed some extra cash. I knew the old man was never going to suspect me as a little thief. I knew I could get away grabbing some cash. I had needed some more money because it was around the time I was car shopping. I got away with it for a while till one night I was caught red handed. I couldn’t deny it and I knew my boss was furious. He had bee trying to catch me for a while and even fired another employee thinking it was him. I felt bad but knew I needed to do something. I offered up my cock sucking skills but thats not what he wanted. He wanted me to be his bondage whore and wanted to fist my ass till it bled. I couldn’t believe this old man was making me do this. I was his slave for a full year till I paid off with interest every penny I stole.

Don’t be Tardy for the Party

Submissive Whore

Opps I did it again and once again I got shown who is boss. My master found out instantly that I was entertaining this guy and he wasn’t pleased. I am not allowed to fuck anyone with out the consent of my master. I am a slave pet and I have been making my master upset more than usual lately. I have broken the rules one too many times. My tardiness was the straw that broke the camals back. Now I have to be a good cum slut and enjoy a field trip to the glory hole. When I get back I will have to get tied up and get used up and rammed in my tight twat and ass. The more bloody it is the more satisfaction all the men get.

Mutt Nut

light bondage

I didn’t check in again and this time it wasn’t going to be some light bondage on me. It was going to be a rough night. My master came in grabbed me and pulled me by my hair. I got gagged and tied up. He brought over his four legged friends and they all rammed me. I was drenched in peanut butter and by the end of the night I was going to be filled with mutt nut. My master loved watching those mutts fuck me. He was jerking his cock while the pack of mutts licked off the peanut butter from my ass and cunt. It was amusing to him seeing me get pounded by mutts. It was making his dick cum watching the disgust I was feeling. I surely learned not to leave my master in the dark.

Curfew curse

submissive slut

I swear I have a curse on me. I always get caught by my master when I am late. It was a night out with my friends. I never cared to text my boss that  I was going to go out for a girls night out and I much less didn’t tell him it was going to be all night long. My master installed a tracking device and was furious with me. The next day he came over with one of his pets and decided Shiloh needed a to be a better submissive slut. He had this slave get me on all fours and started to fist me hard with no mercy. I had tears running down my face pleading and begging. He had no compassion and wanted me to know who was in charge. If I ever disrespect him that way again I will have get the glass dildo with the knife on the edge. I won’t ever disobey my master again. The pain was so unbearable. I learned my lesson for sure!!!

Women’s Equality Day with a submissive slut

submissive sex

My master grew so angry with me when he saw what I had in my purse. We have meet up sessions, and he like’s to review my belongings. My master goes thru my phone and my purse and everything I have on. It’s a way he get some power. He likes to feel like he can control me and has a toll on me. This past Monday he was livid that I had a Women’s Equality Day flyer and his face turned beet red. I didn’t know a flyer would end up pissing him off and make him so hostile. I was going to learn my lesson he said to himself.
He made a quick call, and within minutes someone showed up to our meeting. Mona was her name she was a blond in her late twenties. She had on a leather outfit and was an associate of my master.

It was time I learned that woman aren’t equal. I knew that was true. Master wanted me to be reassured. My master sat back and relaxed and watched as Mona took over. Mona was like a warden. Mona was tall, and she meant business. I was told to strip and spread. I was intimidated, so I didn’t put two and two together. I was in shock, and I kept asking for her to repeat her demands. Mona made sure I stay in line and didn’t make her job harder than what it needed to be, I was going to be a submissive slut to her whether I liked it our not. I stripped and spread my ass and twat. I got twenty strikes, and Mona fucked me till I was yelling bloody murder. I learned my lesson women will never be equal its mans world and women are to serve and be used.

submissive slut

Twisted neighbor

submissive whore

I moved in to a new apartment complex and instantly I realized my new neighbor was an oddball. The way he would stare at me gave me chills in the worst way. I also noticed he would happen to always be outside waiting for me. My neighbor knew my schedule like clock work. It was bizarre to me but became the norm to have him around trying to help out with my bags and try to invite himself into my apartment.

I had also seen my panties and nylons would go missing and he would be outside just staring at my place. I had a funny feeling I was dealing with a lunatic. I sent in an email to the landlord and was ready to move out by the end of the first month. All the things that were unfolding were happening rapidly. Had I known that the landlord had given my neighbor access to emails, keys of all the units I would of never been in this torture room.

The next day I was greeted by my twisted neighbor. He used chloroform on me and trapped me in his apartment. I was his submissive whore from now on. He was angered that I was trying to leave and wasn’t going to let me go. He erased the messages and decided to inflict so much fear in me that I wouldn’t leave. I was his fisting slut and I was only allowed to go out when he deemed it possible. I must of had a wicked attraction to being a slave because I followed all his commands. I made sure to pleasure him and take all the pain he was giving me.

Big Daddy Balls

cock worshiping

I had to earn daddies cum I couldn’t just say I was Daddies good little submissive pet. I got on my knees and had to kiss daddies feet. I looked so good to daddy. My big tits busting out and my cute crotchless panties were his favorite thing on me. I also had thigh highs and heels. I was dressed up like daddies personal sex slave.

When Daddy grabbed me up to his lap he had me cock worshiping. I had to show him how happy and thankful I was to have his cock in my presence. I got that cock deep in my mouth and began to deepthroat like the perfect slut. Daddy slapped my face with his dick and had me massage his big balls. When Daddy was finished with he left me tied up for hours and then did it all over again.

Human Vacuum

submissive whore

I never thought that I would be okay with a guy who wanted to use me and abuse me. I am addicted to his cock and his torture. I have become his personal submissive whore. I have no doubt that I was born to be on my knees and be behind my master. I know male supremacy is key and men are superior to us twats. I have no problem being pissed on and cummed on all over my eyes and my face . My best best accessory isn’t a piece of jewelry or the latest name brand glasses. My best accessory and is cum all over me. I have been named the cum slut vacuum. My master loves when I suck up all his glorious jizz. I never leave any behind.

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