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xxx bondage in winter

xxx bondage

Holy shit! My master has taken xxx bondage torture to all new heights. I am surprised I didn’t get hypothermia from all the shit he has put me thru this week. Temperatures have dipped low, and it was a perfect time to have a good laugh. He wanted to see his slave pet on ice. Literally! One thing about my master is once he gets an evil thought in his head it won’t come out till he fulfills it fully. When he said he wanted to freeze my tits off, he meant it, I wasn’t ready for the pain he was going to subject me too, but that didn’t mean a thing. It was the middle of winter, but he wanted to have a full-on photo shoot. He wanted July in Christmas. First things first my ass was going to get a nice beating. He had me spread my ass cheeks, and inside he stuffed torture anal beads nice and spikey making my ass bleed. I knew it was going to be over for me as soon as the chlorine hit my asshole. Not only was the pool practically frozen but the pool had extra chlorine solution since it was supposed to be at a standstill till spring. I could feel the pain as soon as I went in and dipped inside. My ass was burning, but my body was numbing. I had to look pretty, but I was in so much pain I would of much instead he put me thru a nonstop gangbang and nipple clamp session. 

Call my bluff

bondage chat I made my master believe I was all about having another woman fuck and use me. During our bondage chat I sometimes get carried away. In reality I can’t stand another female over powering me. I was going ot get called on my bluff. My master brought over elvira a russian fuck slut he was fucking. I couldn’t stand her and was a bit jealous of her to be frank. I was going to get a run for my money. My master wanted to see me in pain and used like a slut, I am his slave pet after all. He couldn’t hold back and decided to keep some footage for memories. I was not too thrilled but seeing him please himself and enjoy my torture and pain made me happy as can be.

Yes Sir Hardcore bondage is my punishment

hardcore bondage

Hardcore bondage is my punishment! I need to learn that I must obey the rules. Always treat my master as he is superior. I am a slut and a slave pet. I must never try to challenge a man. Women are inferior and will always be compared to a powerful man. I deep down inside don’t even think its right for women to vote. Women are supposed to be objectified and used. When I forgot to say yes sir my master lost it on me. My ass was sore from the hardcore devices he was using on me. My face was filled with piss and I had to clean up every single mess he made. Cum, shit, or piss, Whatever it was I had to ingest it and make it disappear. Like my people he said, You are a beaner and a wet bag go ahead an clean up like the maid you are bound to be. Without hesitation I did as he asked. I will never forget my place and will always address master and be courteous and obey.

Cuffed and stuffed

submissive slut

Such a perfect submissive slut shiloh. The note reads My master leaves me a compliment after a night of torturous pain and pleasure. My heart skips a beat. My cunt is throbbing and nipples are aching. I ended up being the fuck slut for an army of men. I didn’t get no breaks. My ass was pumped by all his friends. My master doesn’t like sloppy seconds. He is always first and he started off by showing how submissive I am for him and his dick. My hands were tied behind my back with a thick rope that was burning me and making me scream. After he I begged for an alternative he gave me mercy. I ended up having his handcuffs restrict me. Each pound was harder than the next. I was cuffed and stuffed till he creamed all over me. Then he sat back and watch all his friends use me too, He was a happy camper last night.

Sister wives

submissive sex

There is something about a man that knows what he likes and what he needs. I have been a complete slave pet with my sister wives. We are exposed to nonstop sadistic submissive sex. We are trained to walk behind our master and spread our cunts whenever he needs a piece of us. My sister wives are hot sluts ready to jump at his demands. We are competitive deep down inside. We know there is only one special place and that is our masters accomplice slave pet. I have been his slave pet for a little bit now and don’t plant on being demoted. There is nothing I won’t do to make sure I stay the star of the pack.I keep my holes ready and I am always willing. I have become the perfect fisting slut. I don’t mind abusing my holes for him. I will hurt other sluts for his attention always. My sister wives are well trained. I help run the pack and make them realize they are lucky to serve.

Hogtied Hostage

light bondage

I was sleeping an awoke to a group of masked men hungry for my body. I could see them all ready to use all my holes. My master decided he was being to nice with me and I needed to get fucked and used like a dumb slut. They tied me up and they each were so turned on by hearing me cry and beg. The more I plead the more they loved it. They were sick as fuck and were ready to used me. They weren’t about light bondage. They wanted to fuck me and gag me till I bled. i was going to be filled with cum and I was going to like it fully. I had no choice. i was hogtied and tortured. My nipples were bleeding and my ass was red like beets. My pussy was fisted and fucked and my ass didn’t get any type of mercy. My mouth was hurting and bleeding from all the cocks pounding me. I was being recorded and degraded all for my masters entertainment.

Picture perfect

submissive slut

I have met all my expectations. My master is thrilled with the slave slut I am. He has made me realize my place and I will never second guess myself. I am where I need to be and thats a fact. I love being tied used and fucked like a dumb slut. My new life is all about being the perfect submissive slut. I love getting my faced painted with cum. I am the jizz and piss queen. Piss and cum belong all over me. My master is so happy with my acceptance of my new life he has some special art all over his office of me in bondage. I guess he gets a kick out of seeing me on display.

I like it rough

BDSM chat

I can’t help but smile when I think about bdsm. I love bdsm chat! Knowing you are going to put me in my place and do all the nasty things you want to my body turns me on. it really shouldn’t but it does. You wanted to make me a coke whore and that is exactly what happened. I ended up being a high whore in front of your friends. Letting them make me all their personal urinals. It was a high I can’t explain. I loved being on my knees getting streams of piss on my face and mouth. I would of never guessed I would be such a great toilet whore. I like how rough you guys are with me. Tie me up and grab me. I have painful rug burns all over my body. My poor asshole and twat may never go back to normal. I have been stretched out by dozens of horny men wanting a slave like me.

Personal slut

submissive sex

Ever since I have been my masters personal slut and assistant and have been having submissive sex nonstop, I have grown to hate vanilla sex. I like it rough and can’t stand my boyfriend anymore. I think I will leave him high and dry. It is about time I do something that benefits me. I think being a slave 24/7 is my next move. I am ready to leave my old life behind and completely submit. It is what I was meant to do with my life. I believe men are far superior than women and we were made to be fuck toys. Let me give you what you desire and let me be your personal punching bag. I will wear do and say anything you want me to, I was born to be a slave pet.

Sidekicks submissive slut for the day

submissive slut

I went out to my friends bachelorette party in Vegas without giving you a notice. I keep making the same mistake and every time I get a more tortures punishment. This time you weren’t going to be the one inflicting pain on me and my body. You had your accomplice ready for me at the airport. I knew I was fucked the moment I saw her. I was going to be used and fucked up so badly. We got back to the dungeon and thats when she went crazy on me. She had me strip down and put a few devices on me that would remind me not to lie or cheat my master ever again. My master was brutal but his unhinged sidekick was the worst. She had resentment and hated all of his slave pets. She hated me the most because he would let me slide and let me be a lousy submissive slut at times. You can say master has a weak spot for me. Lana however doesn’t she whipped me and strangled me. My body was shaking and she fucked me till my asshole bled. It was all for my benefit. Next time I will remember who is in charge of my body. I was hers for the day and she sure took advantage of me. She pissed all over my mouth and made me lick her twat she had me do everything in between.

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