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Fist me mommy

submissive slutI am such a submissive slut that I call my master’s wife mommy. I let her fist me and fuck me up till I am crying and shaking. My cunt and ass have taken the biggest beating ever. My pretty pink holes aren’t mine anymore, and I have to understand that. My master’s needs come before mines and will always be that way. I like being a stupid, worthless slut. I am the biggest know it all at work, but behind closed doors, I am one submissive bitch with no says so. I like a man and his wife to ruin me together. I am put in my place till I am whimpering like a dumb, stupid slut. My face and body are not mines anymore. It is your playground mommy and daddy. You both are my owners.

Bondage whore for everyone

bondage whoreBondage whore for you and your friends. I come out and serve you all. I have dressed up like a little slut. My nipples are throbbing with pain, and my asshole is raw from all the cocks shoved up deep inside. The pain makes me want more. I know its a sick, demented cycle, but I don’t want out at all. My holes love to be stretched and fucked hard. When you pound me with all your friends and begin to choke me till I gasp for air, you go harder. You piss in my mouth and my ass.

It feels like I am right where I need to be in life. When I am on display and the showcase for all your buddies I know I am right where I need to be.

Wicked little thing

bondage whoreYou wanted a bondage whore like me, and you got your wish. You thought I was going to be scared and not bring you, my cute sisters. Don’t you know you rule me and can do anything to me by now? You are my king, and I will do as you please. My stepsister Sabrina was cute and perky and had the body of a barely legal cum slut. You wanted me to torture her and use her. I will do whatever comes thru that wicked brain of yours. I branded the slut and made sure she would always have your initials permanently. It took a nice iron steel plate to her butt cheek. I loved hearing her scream. I tired her up and spread her so wide. I wasn’t going to let her off the hook. You were going to pound her nonstop. Your wishes will always be fulfilled with me.

The other side


My master taught me there is a thin line between being a sub and a domme. I have made him very proud by gathering everything I have learned from him. I have shown my boss I can make sluts cry and beg. I can be the ultimate ruthless domme. I give out bare bottom spankings like no one’s business. I make sluts cry so much. I like slapping a slut and choking her till she can no longer take any more pain. The way her face is instantly black and blue makes me feel like I have done something right. I glance right over and see my boss rub his cock as I spit and slaughter this slut. I have no mercy, and I begin to fuck her till her asshole prolapses and shes on the ground barely moving. 

Bare bottom spankings


bondage and submissionBondage and submission was something entirely new for me. I know I was naturally submissive behind closed doors. I never imagined being such a sick fuck as I honestly am now. I like being a slutty whore and being your prey; You use me till you get your rocks off and throw me away when you’re done. I am all black and blue by the time we are done having fun. I have to address you as sir, and you have to use me and each of my holes till I am in so much pain that I pass out. You have marked me as your property, and you can use me whenever you want. I have nos ay so at all.


bondage chatBondage chat is a way to get my limits on the table. My master likes to pretend he will spare me and give me mercy. I have to write down all my phobias, and he will promise not to endure any of them on me. I was beyond wrong to believe anything that came out of his mouth. I was surely going to get used and abused as I always do. Right on the top of my list are drowning and asphyxiation. The thought of being choked and gasping for air is my biggest fear. Thinking about being black and blue in the face without oxygen leaves me feeling physically sick. I ended up being choked for hours and was commanded to beg for it like a helpless dumb slut. I was to given instructions and had to abide by all of them even if it meant me being petrified.

Hit me with your best shot

slave training

Slave training is what I am accustomed to by now. I know your likes and kinks and try to be the best slave slut you will ever have. Lately, you have become increasingly particular about using some unique toys on your sub. Well, of course, I won’t say no to what you ask of me. I am one naughty sub slut that is willing to fuck and suck till she’s blue in the face. When you strapped me up and beat the shit out me my cunt gets wet. You make me feel every vibration and pulse, and you can’t help but put shockers all over my body. My cunt is in so much pain, and my body is swelling up and bruising. My nipple clamps are razor sharp. You laugh and jerk looking at how helpless I am. I am where I need to be.

front and center

Submissive WhoreA submissive whore like me deserves to be put front and center and in front of all your friends ruin me and degrade me like the worthless whore I am. I love to be a nasty slut. I want to make you proud and show you I am forever grateful that you piss all over me and run my holes till they are all bloody and used up. I should always thank you. You are my master, and I am your slave. I wear makeup best when its smeared with your golden piss and your creamy cum. My mascara runs down my face, and my lipstick is smudged all over. I look like a cheap trashy hooker when you and your friends use me. I know I will forever be the piss slut and pain whore you train me to be.

No such luck

submissive slut

hardcore bondageThis submissive slut cant seems to catch a break. My master has always been a lover of huge evens and festivities. Every holiday that comes he has a massive party, and I am still left to tend to the guest and make sure they are happy. I have to make confident that my master is satisfied. I also have to make sure the rest are as well. I have no issue taking orders and pray I can get thru any event intact. I know my place is to be on my knees blowing cum bubbles and getting jizz all over me.


St. Patricks is a favorite because of the parties and gets sloshed and even lets loose. I was hoping I would catch a break and wouldn’t be subjected to extreme torture. In a perfect world, I would have a tear or two here and there. Well, this isn’t an ideal world. I have surely accepted my fate, and I don’t fight it or get comfortable any longer. I know the minute I begin to do something like that I will be screwed over in every way. At his party, I served drinks and tried to stay in the background. I could see he was dozing off and ready to knock out. I was wrong. Master was furious and told me I was going to get hardcore bondage in front of all the guest. I was going to be fucked and used until my ass prolapse. It wasn’t my lucky day at all.

Submissive slut in the dessert

submissive slutThis submissive slut can’t seem to catch a break. I was in hot water for once again going out without permission. My master was sick of me breaking the rules. It was time I learned a valuable lesson in obedience. Without a doubt, I knew I was going to be punished. I could tell by the look in his eyes and his firm and stern voice he wasn’t going to let me off the hook. I was going to be his slave slut, and I was going to learn my lesson sooner or later. The more he had to show me how to be a good slut the worse it would be for me. In his mind, he thinks slaves should automatically follow set rules and learn to obey. I will say I have learned not to cross master. I was taken to the dessert where it was cold. As we are ending winter and entering spring, it still gets cold at night and scorching hot in the daytime. During the night we made it, and I watched the sun come up. Every hour that passed by it got hotter. I was to be beaten and baked in the sun. I was left with golden piss all over for a sun-kissed tan. I  left red as a lobster and realizing I am a submissive whore after all. Why fight the inevitable.

submissive whore

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