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submissive whore for life

submissive whore

A submissive whore like me has had quite the summer thus far. I have all the bruises and gashes to prove it to anyone. I was the best July 4th slave pent. I stroked and sucked off so many cocks. It was perfect. My cunt was gagged and asshole prolapsed. Master was pleased. I brought my little sister along, and I offered her holes up. I am sure moving along like the best subby slut on the roster. My main focus is his happiness only, and I will throw my mom in a firepit if it meant master would love me most. It’s a sick obsession I have in pleasing him. Men are far more superior, and cunts should know there place in the world is bowing down and being slaves.

Happy fourth

bondage chat

Master had gotten into his bondage chat schpeel. I knew he was going to have an epic party and I, of course, would have to serve all his buddies. Fourth of July is his favorite holiday. I am the one that has to be in red and blue after all. Like every significant function or festive event, I am in the center of it all. My holes are free for everyone to use. The party favor is me, and I am not allowed to say no. My master is pretty popular so you can bet all his friends gather around and watch the slave pet. My favorite thing in this world is to make him proud, so if I give him the best party by being the best slave pet, I sure will do that.

Submissive sex magnet

submissive sexI always attract dominant masters in my life. I had initially thought I was having a usual threesome. In actuality, it became a submissive sex fiasco with a domme and her husband. They wanted to tie me up and use me all weekend. Once I was in their space, I was weak, and I was going to be used like the whore I am. I knew they could tell I was naturally submissive and I wasn’t going to fight back. I was taking all their demands and commands as a slave pet should. My holes were their playground, and they weren’t going to let me go without using me to the brink of insanity. They wanted me to have full trauma once they were done with me. I was their whore til they said no more. All bloody and bruised up was how I ended up. I had never been so roughed up as I was with both of them. They were waiting for this for a long time.

Vacation from hell

bdsm shilohBdsm chat leads to my master’s main whore to fuck me up in the woods. I sometimes am not in my best behavior. I end up wandering off and not asking for permission. I wanted to take a mini vacation to the Bahamas. I did so not thinking the master would notice. Well, I should have thought that thru. Master is well aware of everything I do. Master has bugged all my devices. This is how I found out. When I boarded, I got a text that read ” have fun in the sun those buns are toast when you get back” I couldn’t even enjoy myself, when I made it to the airport on my way back home where they were ready for me. They threw me in the car, and we drove for hours. I was going on a second vacation they assured me. This one was going to be in the woods. The mistress started beating and torturing me and using my holes. I was being fucked hard and pissed on and degraded. I deserved it all.

Say my name

submissive slut

When I met my master, I was having a hard time being his devoted submissive slut. I needed structure and practice. I knew he wasn’t patient and I was going to get a lesson in how to be a good slut even if it meant me being used up and fucked hard. I felt my holes bleed the first time I called him by the wrong name. I can’t call him by his first name. I had to call him by the master. I had never had a master before so it was hard to adjust. My tight ass was ruined by the end of the week. I learned my lesson the hard way and now I know I belong to him only.

Twisted sluts

hardcore bondageOnce we get a taste of hardcore bondage, we can’t get enough. We begin to crave it and need it every single day. It is apart of who we are as slave pets. My master is so proud when I take the initiative and make sluts pay. What does it exactly mean to pay? Well, master believes that we are brought to this earth as females and females deserve to pay to for the right to exist. How do they pay?

In pain, they pay of course. All for the amusement of men. Men watching pathetic whores be fucked and tortured. I enjoy beating a whore up til she is bloody and bruised; that is what the master enjoys, so that is what I will do. After I am done with the slut, it is my turn to take the pain.

submissive whore party

submissive whoreMy birthday belongs to your master. It was the day I greeted this earth. My existence is merely to make you happy. I won’t stop til I am the perfect submissive whore. I like being on my knees, swallowing all your cum. I can’t stop taking load after load. My mouth and tits need to be covered. I like feeling the whip against my bare ass. Hear me scream in pain and there your cock grows. Fuck I love that big dick, and I need it more so than ever. My face gets beaten and abused. I love that so much. I am bloody whore willing to get fucked hard and be inflicted with so much fucking pain. I am a perfect little slave.

Pretty pink holes

submissive slut

I am the submissive slut you have been dreaming about, I take orders and make sure to keep your cock pleased. I like doing whatever you want me to do. I make my cunt your spit bowl. You spit and fuck me til my pretty pink holes are bleeding. I like feeling the rope burns against my body. I think every bit of pain you inflict to me. I cry my eyes out, and it makes you fill up with rage. My asshole and cunt deserve nothing more than to be branded. I’m your fuck toy, and I know how to make my king feel like he’s on top of the world. Swat me a couple more times to hear me cry even louder. I guess you enjoy the red marks all over my body. Bruised and black and blue is how I will be for you.

Train slave camp

bondage chatBondage chat and bondage ways are what we are taught. We must know every single thing our domme wants of us and much more. We have to be the beauty and the brains, and we have to be subjected to all his kinks and interest. The moment we set foot in the dome, we are his forever. We can never leave and if we do it is by choice of his reasonings. We must show we are worthy and we need to give him all our bodies and be his fuck sluts. We have to put away our pride and become the subby slaves he needs and desires. We are here to rock his world and do nothing more than that. Our life is his from now on and forever.

Torture dolls for him

extreme bondageMaster enjoys extreme bondage; he is such a sick fuck that he makes us all torture each other. We have to show him we are worthy of being his slave pets by being his torture dolls. Its a dog eat dog world in this cave, so I have to do whatever makes his cock twitch to make it out on top. I have no mercy for them and will do my best to get them to be fucked over before I am fucked over. I ruin their holes and fuck them hard. I wrestle them, and they dot the same to me. It gets bloody and hellish, but that’s part of the job. I have to get them weak and fucked up first. If I don’t, I will be the weakest link in his eyes.

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