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Submissive Slut Druggy

submissive slut

All I want is to be a submissive slut. The thing about being a submissive slut is you have to be born into that life! My parents made me submit to them, so now that is all I know. When guys actually are nice to me and treat me right I am confused. This is not how it is supposed to be! I am a stupid fucking whore. I don’t deserve to be treated like a human even.  I mean that’s how everyone has always made me feel so at this point I’ve gotten used to it. Accustomed to it, to say the least. It helps though, if I stay fucked up. I must admit I do have a little bit of an addiction. I greatly enjoy any drug I can get my hands on – it helps me get myself ‘loosened up’ so I don’t fight those cocks. Coke and weed together are perfect for me because I can get a perfect buzz when I do them together…and then I am helplessly theirs.

Naughty Wet Dream

rape phone sex fantasies

I’ve had a naughty dream! I woke up soaking wet, my clit was THROBBING! I so desperately craved it would be real. In my dream I was in a cage. I had my arms tied wide to the bars at the wrists so I could still use my hands to stroke and jerk those cocks. I had a bag over my head at first and could see nothing but could only hear and feel the cocks coming for me. They attached nipple clamps to my nipples and forced me tits out of the bars and made me choke on their dick while the tugged and pulled my raw nipples. I was trying to take them all when they took me out of cage – tied my tits, neck, legs and wrists up till I was tied up so tight I was purple. That’s when they really fucked me. My ass, my pussy and my mouth. Over and over again they fucked me and shot their load wherever they pleased. I was their cum dumpster and that’s all I could ever be. Mmm! That was the short version of my dream and now I am WET and want it to be real!

Teen Gangbang BBQ

teen phone sex

I’ve been thinking about those days when I was in school and I would have a summer. During those weeks and months I would have long days to do what I want, but my parents always made sure I was around for some family activities. There is one family event I remember in particular…a BBQ my parents told me we were having with a few of their friends. I didn’t think anything of it, I wore a shore dress and no panties…even then I was a whore. But this BBQ was WAY more than I bargained for…the only women were me and my Mommy which I thought was strange!  And then I noticed the only person worried about eating… was me. I started to put 2 and 2 together and that’s about the time this forced gangbang started. My parents had plenty of things to tie me up to where I was helpless and exposed to be fucked…in all my holes. Every hole was used and fucked raw and gaping. I remember crying and struggling so much then…I was SO young. I had no idea that I was about to get used this brutally…and now that’s all I crave.

Submissive Slut Hitchhikes

submissive slut (10)As my face was shoved into the bed and I felt my hands bound I knew I was a whore, why would I walk on the side of the road trying to get a ride – I knew then I was a slut. Just like my Mommy and Daddy told me when I was young. I loved getting used. I loved getting fucked hard like the slut I am…the stupid submissive slut. I love being tied up because it makes me feel even more helpless! I can’t do anything but take that cock. You can put it in all my holes and I’ll have no choice but to take it, to choke and gag on it. To feel you stretching my holes just like when I was a little girl makes me feel even more slutty! That’s what turns me on…gets me all worked up. And now I am helplessly at the this strangers hands, getting fucked and used all up just like when I was very young…

Foot Fetish

submissive sex (6)

I have a vast array of fetishes…as any good whore. Not as if I am allowed to pick what happens to me, as you can see. My master shares what gets me wet though, as his submissive whore, my slave training requires my entire body to submit – feet in particular this time. I was first forced to jerk his cock with my feet, then he put his dick in my mouth to lube it all up. He went back to the feet, occasionally using a cane to make me submit even more to his will. I love being used like this, and I love the pain he forces me to have. I wouldn’t have it any other way….not as if I have a choice. I am to be used as he wishes, whenever he wishes. Nothing beats my master treating me like a whore, and jerking his cock with my feet. He even has me wear whore shoes and stockings so everyone can know what a skank I am. Exactly as it should be…

Slave Punishment

submissive slut (9)

You know what’s hot? Hot and steamy and sexy kinda hot? When you get all worked up from being pounded all hard, you’re tied up and helplessly taking a long throbbing shaft and you feel the release from your nipples clamps – only to be followed by a sharp cool pain. That pain is ice, running over my nipples. And then suddenly his cock is outta my cunt and is being replaced with ice. Perhaps this is punishment for having too much fun being submissive slut. A stupid little skank enjoying being treated like a whore. This surprise of ice was followed by a hard pressure in my ass, it was also a sharp pain, but more painful than the ice – some toy that was torturing my asshole from the inside. I was squirming and moaning and begging for mercy, but he only pushed me further. Making me be his slave that deserves every second of punishment and torture.  And you know what? I still love it, even as I beg.

Submissive Whore 4 Daddy

submissive whore (11)

I am and always have been a submissive whore. I remember even at a very young age I was submissive. I enjoyed having my ass spanked, I even knew then I’d be a submissive whore. I would put on close pins to my hard nipples, my chest still flat. I’d be so turned on that my nipples would get so hard. It didn’t take long before my cunt would be dripping wet and I’d feel like a true submissive whore. The one day my Daddy walked in on me being the submissive slut I am. When he saw me with my nipples turning purple and my pussy spread wide he took advantage of the situation. Before I could even more he was on top of me, forcing my mouth open and shoving his cock all the down my throat. I could not breathe at all! I was struggling but he was holding my head there and making me take it, and I knew what he was going to make me take next and my pussy got all wet. So soaking wet! I knew I wanted it.  And so did my Daddy…

You Dominate, I Submit.

bondage and submission (2)

I submit, and you dominate. That’s how it’s supposed to be, and that’s how it always will be. I want to be your bondage whore too, tie me up in chains. A collar around my neck. Your stupid little bitch! Beat my face into the ground as you beat this pussy up. You are inferior to me, and I am nothing but a sex slave little slut for you to use all up over and over again. I want to be your subby slut. I want to be your submissive whore. I promise I will do whatever it takes to please your cock. I have no choice and that’s the way I like it. I wanna be your rape fantasy victim. I want to be all used up and left for hours locked and tied up and filled with cum. I want you to come back and take care of my ass and my pussy like I deserve all over again. Just what I want and just what I need!

Submissive Slut Needs Master

submissive slut (6)

Never give up, as a submissive slut. They say the right master will come along one day and dominate me…but I am starting to lose hope. It’s been almost a year since I’ve had a consistent master. One that will truly use and abuse me every single day…just like I really want. You see, I imagine myself locked in a cage or a basement all day long. My movement limited by chains…and covered in cum. Not to mentioned filled slap full with it too. Maybe he will make me call him master; maybe he will make me call him Daddy…maybe he won’t allow me to talk at all. Either way I promise to be a good submissive whore. I promise to do whatever is asked of me, I mean ordered of me to do. May it be clean the ground with my tongue, or be your toilet slave. I’ll do any slutty and nasty thing my owner tells me to. I promise, if only you’ll be the one to own me.

Subby (& stupid) Party Slut

submissive slut (5)

In order to be a stupid submissive slut you’ve gotta stay fucked up. I mean, half my rape fantasies come from going to a party and getting to high or drunk…or both. That’s just asking to get taken advantage of…but that’s exactly what I want. I want to be so fucked up, coke left over on my nose, booze on my breath, barely able to function, all when I get what I want. What I want, what is that? I want to get fucked. I want to be all bound up and helpless like I belong. I want to be all fucking bound up and used. I want your friends to get their drugs of choice then use me all night and all day. I want the days and nights to blur together, my holes not once getting a break. I want to be sticky with cum and never able to beg for mercy because I always have a cock stuffed down my throat. I wanna be that stupid submissive party girl for you to do whatever in the world you want to…I probably won’t remember this anyway.

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