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Thank You For Your Cock, Master WorshipingI love your cock, Master. I would do anything that you asked me to do just so that you would allow me to suck on that huge beautiful dick of yours. You’re the only Master that I want and the only cock that I need. I’ve never had anyone make me feel like you do and no one has ever made me cum the way you have. I spend hours and days touching myself, fingering my pussy, using my vibrator and my clit massager just trying to make my cunt feel as good as you can make it feel, Master. Your cock is the best I’ve ever had and there is not another that can compare to it. I’ve looked and tried others on for size, so to speak, but your gorgeous dick, Master, is the only one that gets my wet pussy off. You could fuck my tight little cunt one million times and it would never be enough. It’s not that you don’t satisfy me, quite the contrary. You fuck me so good that I literally cannot get enough and I never want to feel like I’ve had enough. I love the feelings of want and need and desire that wash over me all the time when were not together. I want you to be my one and only Master forever, and I will always do what you want. I promise that I will please you and make your cock feel amazing as often as you will allow me to. Any other whore would be lucky to have you, Master. If I ever don’t satisfy you, I would expect that you’d teach me how, or bring in another, even more experienced whore to teach me how to do it the right way. I live to serve you, Master and I only want you to feel as good as you make me feel. Please let me please you all the time. I will be anything you tell me to, as long as it makes you happy and makes your amazing cock feel fantastic. Master, use me to serve your cock. I live for you. I worship your cock.

Give Me Bare Bottom Spankings For Fun

Bare Bottom SpankingsAfter much deliberation, I’ve opted for random Bare Bottom Spankings. It was either that or a nightly crack on the cunt with the leather strap. I’ve learned to obey and agree with Master on all things. Even if he asks my opinion, I know better than to answer Master until he says I may speak. But when it came to spankings, Master let me pick because I’ve been such a good little obedient slut for him. No matter what Master asks of me, I immediately jump to tend to the task. Whether it’s licking the bottom of Master’s boots, or getting the pleasure of sucking on his cock for hours, I gladly do it and take punishment for a task done wrong. However, now if I do a good job for my Master, I am rewarded with an astonishingly painful bare bottom spanking. Sometimes, I secretly do mess up just so that he’ll give my cunt the strap. It feels delightfully tantalizing, but I don’t want Master to know I like it because he will stop doing it to me. I also have to pretend that I hate it when he rapes me. Especially my ass. Truth be told, those are my favorite days. I long for Master to force his fingers into my pussy and ass at the same time. Then jam his huge hard cock into my asshole. I yearn for the days when I used to bleed for hours after he took me as many times as he could, in as many ways he could imagine. When Master catches me daydreaming about the past, he drags me by my hair to our special spanking table and bends me over it. He binds my hands to the opposite side and spreads my legs with the bar. Then, depending on Master’s mood, I can get anywhere from ten to fifty spankings. If Master is very upset about something, he will grab his bull whip and light me up a few times with that. Oh no…. not pain…. Sometimes, it’s hard for me not to moan in pure pain driven delight. Maybe I’ll purposely fuck up really bad so I get a cunt strapping tonight. I guess the bare bottom spankings are just purely fun for me.

Torture Phone Sex Will Fuck You Up

Torture phone sex

As I lay on the metal table, strapped down spread eagle with leather straps, I can hear him in the next room. This time he’s rattling something metal around. It sounds like medical instruments. I’ve been here so long that the duct tape holding the lasts girls’ panties in my mouth is starting to tear my skin. The leather straps are digging in too, and I can feel the infection starting to spread throughout my body, everywhere he has hurt me. My head aches. My cunt is almost numb. My body is weak and failing me. He enters the room wearing thick black gloves and carrying a tool box. He sets it down and takes out a Lead Sprinkler. He’s filled it with Sulfuric Acid and starts shaking it over my body. I try to scream out, but am gagged. While my flesh is burning, he takes a small vice and twists it on to my clit. The pain is nearly intolerable. My screams have become silent now and I have no more tears.  He takes out his razor knife and methodically cuts my nipples off. As he finishes his cigarette, he pulls on the clit vice and grounds the hot butt into my clithood. I try to cry out, but my voice has long since left my body. He rips the vice from me, taking half of my clit with it and climbs on top of me. The blood that’s pouring from my wound is acting as a perfect lubricant. He rapes me again, fucking me hard and fast and deep. As he gets ready to blow his load into my tortured pussy, he bites my breast and takes a big chunk out. When he explodes, he punches me so hard in the face, I feel my teeth loosen. I can feel myself falling back into unconsciousness. I don’t know if he’ll let me wake up next time.

I’m Not Worth It

submissive slut

Hey there all you Daddies, Sirs, Masters and Dom’s…. I’m Tracy and there are so many things that I’d like to do for you. I want to be your go to nasty slut when you need to take your pent up sexual aggressions out on someone. I want to be anything you want and everything you need. That Primal Beast that hides inside of you, waiting to get out, wanting to take control of every dumb cunt that needs a good fucking to teach her why men are the dominant species needs to show someone who’s boss. Since you can’t (or won’t) follow that gut instinct, I am here for you to use any way you see fit. If you want to fuck me until I bleed, I’ll open up my pussy for you. If you want to see how many dildos you can fit in my holes and then fuck my mouth, I’ll lay down for you. If you want to tie me up with rope, electrical cords or nylons as tight as you can so I can’t move, please make me your whore. Stuff my mouth with panties and put duct tape over it so I can’t cry out in pain when you bring home random strangers home and let them hurt me while you watch, jerk off, and spray your load all over me. Call me names and tell me I’m worthless and useless. Say that I’m not good for anything but fucking, and I’m not even great at that. Make me beg you to let me cum. Anytime you want my submissive pussy, it’s yours. I belong to you and only you. I want you to cause me pain simply for you pleasure. Use me up until I can’t walk. I know you want to, but I’m probably not worth it.
For all things BDSM,
Tracy  xoxoxoxo

Anything You Say…..

submissive whore

My friend with benefits and I always like to take it to the extreme. Tied up, tied down, up against the wall, spankings, biting, slapping. Well, you get the idea. Last night when he came over, things took a very hard core turn. He showed up, unannounced, with three of his friends. They were all dressed in black vinyl, head to toe. Even their masks. I couldn’t tell them apart. One grabbed me by the arm and literally dragged me into the bedroom. I was put into leather restraints, with some sort of spreader attached and I looked like I was reverse hog tied. I literally couldn’t move, and was forced to let them use me in every way possible and do anything they said. The panties I was wearing got cut off with a razor knife, and then stuffed into my mouth along with a ball gag.

They had a big bag with them. My eyes grew wide with fear and excitement as they started to unpack it. A flogger with beads attached to the ends of the leather strips, a riding crop, a whip, double headed dildos and an anal hook, just to name a few things. I could feel my pussy start to twitch and ache with anticipation. I know they wanted me to be frightened, but my cunt was literally dripping and contracting with hard orgasms before they even started to use their ‘toys’ on me. After each of them had fucked me multiple times, multiple ways,  they raided my panty drawer and stuffed as many pairs inside of my used up snatch as they could get in there. They left me laying there, naked, with every one of my holes completely used up.

Believe it or not, I was actually begging for them to stay and keep abusing my mouth and my pussy and my asshole. They’re the ones that needed a break.  I think this psychotic little masochist may have worn those boys out. But no worries, I’d be glad to wait like this for days, and then do anything you say…

Come and make me play with you. I can beg if you want.

Your Demented Little Whore,

Please Hurt Me

submissive phone sex

My hands are tied roughly behind my back. The rope is scratching against my sweating skin. My legs tied up together attached to chain hanging down. I watch a part of me growing impatient as he plays with his instruments now paying me no mind. The bastard is humming, making me grow more annoyed…and anxious. Finally in what felt like forever he turns around coming closer with nothing but a rag in hand. He looms over me pulling my head up by my hair.

He whispers “Hush” and he stuffs the rag into my mouth. Goosebumps cover my body and I shake in anticipation. He knows I won’t go anywhere. He shoves my face back down
before walking away. I almost want to make a noise just to make him angry.

Can You Break Me?

BDSM phone sexI have a real attraction to strong men. Okay, it’s more like an addiction. It gets me so excited when a man knows exactly how to handle me. I can be a handful, so I need a man who will put me in my place. The rougher, the better! Tie me up if you want to work me over like the pain slut that I am. Once I’m hog-tied with my body exposed, start out with a lit cigarette. Something about the feeling of it burning my flesh makes me hot! I cough up the biggest wad of spit in my mouth and hurl it into your eye. Is the lit cigarette all you got?!! I want you to unload everything on me. Ahhhh…that’s right, you’ve got those nipple clamps with the teeth on them.

Surprising Night At Home

I had no idea my night would include bondage and submission! My boyfriend went away on a business trip for the weekend. I thought it would be the perfect time to take a relaxing bubble bath and do my nails. It felt so good to slip my robe off and sink down into the bubbles. I drifted off into such a relaxed state that I didn’t even hear the door open.  I felt a hands on my shoulders pushing me under water! I flailed my arms and kicked my feet, trying to get a breath. The stranger pulled me up by my hair. All I saw was his masked face. He screamed at me to get out of the tub. When I bent to pick up my robe, he slapped me. I stood up quickly, leaving the robe on the floor. He marched me into the bedroom where two other men were waiting with rope and a gag. I knew it was no use to scream. They tied me to the bed face up. They took out a baseball bat and electrodes,  hooked me to a battery and started unzipping their pants. That’s where my long night began.Bondage and submission

Your Submissive Toy

Submissive phone sex

I know exactly how you like women…completely helpless! The only thing that matters to you is filling my holes. I understand baby. I love to be your whore. Your pleasure and entertainment is what matters most. Do you wanna see me squirm? I know you like the way my tits jiggle when they’re bound. Put some nipple clamps on me, tie my wrists to my ankles and you can fuck both my holes all night long. When you slap my ass, it gets my pussy dripping wet. Anything you want to shove in there, I’ll take. Show me off to your friends,so they know what a submissive slut I am for you. Once they see me tied up and gagged, they will want to play too. I’m ready to be your subby toy!

To Catch a Thief

Cheap phone sex

A dark shadow slipped in through the door, closing it behind them with the barest whisper of sound.  You aren’t sure what woke you because the door didn’t make enough noise to wake even the little yappy dog in your wife’s room down the hall.  The light of the moon passing briefly out from under cloud cover throws the shape of the intruder against the wall in a stark silhouette.  You notice the distinctly female shape before the shadows return.  The faint snick of the jewelry box lid signals the loss of your favorite watch and wedding ring to the thief.  Suddenly you’re no longer surprised, you’re pissed.  You loved that watch.  Springing up abruptly from the bed, you tackle the black clad figure as she is rifling through your nightstand.  There is a muffled feminine shriek, quickly stifled and you find your hands full of frantically struggling woman.  You quickly overpower her and pin her to the floor.  You’re both breathing hard and somehow the combination of adrenaline and wriggling female trapped beneath your hips has given you a fiercely raging erection.  As you cover her mouth with your hand, you try to decide whether to call the cops or make her pay some other more satisfying way. Who knew this sexy little thing could take so much from you.