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Prince Charming

Submissive whoreI’m sexually submissive. I like fucking dominate men and women. I need someone that knows how to take control and demean me. I’ll do anything you tell me to do. I’ll never tell you “no”. I don’t know why I’m the way that I am. Maybe, it’s because of growing up with parents that didn’t care about what I did. I guess I’ve always craved discipline. My boyfriend makes me call him Master. I’m not allowed to speak or act without permission. He doesn’t like for me to wear clothing only heels and sometimes a leash and collar. After a hard day of work, he likes to recline in his favorite chair with me on my knees between his thighs sucking his cock for long periods of time. Sometimes his buddies come over and I have to suck their cocks, too. I love my life and I wouldn’t change a thing. I’ve found my Prince Charming, the only difference is I call my prince, Master.

Submissive Sex Slave

Submissive slutMaster controls everything I say and do. I’m his submissive slut, his play toy, and his sex slave. I’m not allowed to wearing clothing the only thing that I wear is the leash and collar around my neck. He takes a shit and it’s my job to wipe his ass with my tongue. I’m not allowed to ask questions or talk back. When he has guests over he passes me around like a party favor. I have scars on my knees because I’m on my knees sucking cock for hours at a time. My purpose in life is to be used and abused. Master loves to cause me pain and make me cry because he loves the taste of my tears. I’m only allowed to speak when spoken to, and if I break his rules that’s an automatic reason for punishment. He’ll hang me against the wall with my hands above my head and my legs spread and whip me with a leather belt. I love and respect Master and I’ll always be his submissive slut.

His Sex Slave

Submissive slutMy life is completely controlled by my Master. He tells me what to wear, when to eat, when to talk and shut up, etc. From sun up to sun down, nothing happens without his say so. I can’t look him in the eye because it’s a sign of disrespect. But the sick thing about it is that I love being controlled. I love being his submissive slut. I suck his hard cock on command and I don’t stop until I taste his warm cum. Sometimes he shares me with his friends, he likes to watch me be double penetrated and have a mouth full of cock. If I ever dare to say no to his demands he makes me bend over his lap and spanks my bare bottom. Our relationship dynamic is easy to understand, I’m the slave and he’s my master.  He owns me like person owns a piece of furniture.

The Perfect Whore

Submissive WhoreMy master quit his job. He says he’ll make more money selling my pussy. He has complete control of me. I’ve never told him no. I obey his every command. If he says get on my knees and bark like a dog, I do it. He says he has a bunch of guys ready to fuck my tight pussy. I’ll do all of the work while he collects the cash. I know it’s not a fair partnership, but I want to keep him happy. All of my holes belong to my master, and if he wants them filled by strangers I won’t protest. I like being in a room full of men on my hands and knees completely naked except for a leash around my neck. I like to take on three men at the same time. It feels so good to have hard cocks in my mouth, ass, and pussy while my master sits in a corner and counts the cash.

Pain = Pleasure

Spanking phone sexSometimes I need to be spanked. Show me that you wear the pants. I want you to bend me over your lap, pull my skirt up and pull my panties down. Lift your hand high and come down hard on my bare ass. If you don’t leave a red hand print then you’re not hitting me hard enough. I’m a good submissive, I obey all of your commands. But when I crave corporal punishment I’ll talk back and show you disrespect. I want to make you angry. I know spanking me turns you on because I can feel your hard cock beneath my body. Punish me with your heavy hand then bend me over and punish me with hard cock. You’ll love how wet my pussy gets during a good spanking. Don’t worry about hurting me, pain equals pleasure in my head. A good submissive likes to be used and abused.

Game Day

Submissive slutMy master invited his friends over to watch the game on tv. I was ordered to have snacks and drinks ready before they arrived. He put me away in our bedroom to wait for the next command. I could here his guest’s laughter and conversations, everyone was having a good time. Finally, my master came into the bedroom and put my leash around my neck. He walked me out of the room on my hands and knees. All of his friends’ jaws dropped when I crawled into the room.
“Pull your cocks out, gentlemen, here’s the party favor”, he told them.
All of a sudden the room was filled with hard cocks, ready to fill all of my holes. I had a dick in my mouth, ass, and pussy simultaneously. The only sounds in the room were the game on the television and moans and grunts. I got sucked and fucked until both pairs of my lips were swollen. At the end of the night, my body was drenched in jizz.

Pain and Pleasure

Bondage whoreMy master tied my hands and feet to the bedposts of our bed. My legs were spread open, my pussy was on full display. He teased and tortured me all day. First, he pulled out a small whip and gave me lashes on my bare pussy. The pain was unbearable, but he took pleasure in my cries of pain. When my flesh was swollen and red, he put his face in my pussy and gave me lashes with his tongue. I wanted to free my hands and hold his head tightly against my wet flesh but he wouldn’t release me. I pushed myself up against his face over and over again, trying to get his tongue deeper inside. And I felt my orgasm building, I was about to go over the edge. I started humping faster and faster chasing ecstasy. That’s when he stopped…and tears started rolling down my face when I saw him reaching for the whip again. He played with me all night, teasing me with pleasure and pain. My master loves torture and I’m the victim.

My Master’s Boss

Submissive slutMy master bragged to his boss at work about his complete control over me. I guess his boss didn’t believe him, because he called and told me we would be having a guest over and to be wearing my leash when he got home. When they walked through the door, I knew exactly what my Master wanted. I handed the control of my leash to his shocked boss.
“Suck his cock,” my master demanded.
I undid his pants and pulled his boss’s huge, veiny cock out of his pants. I sucked his cock so good, rolling my tongue around the mushroom tip and using lots of saliva. Poor man didn’t last long before he squirted warm cum in my mouth. My master called me over to him and patted my head for doing a good job. I’m a complete submissive, and I felt satisfied that I’d made my Master proud.

Fuck Me Like You Hate Me

Submissive slutI need you to control me. I need to be used and abused. Pleasure without pain is so boring. Keep me on my knees with a mouth full of cock. Grab the back of my head a brutally fuck my face. Ignore my gagging and choking noises, don’t stop until you’re in my throat. I’m your sex slave, my body belongs to you. If I misbehave or don’t follow your instructions correctly you should punish me. Make me lay across your lap, pull my panties down and spank my ass red. Don’t be gentle, be ruthless. Hit me hard, I deserve it. I’m a submissive slut, I need you to be my master. Treat me like a pet, put a leash and collar around my neck. Walk me around your home like I’m a dog. And when you’re ready, Master, make me put my face on the floor and my ass in the air and fuck me doggy style in my ass. Pound my asshole and ignore my cries. Fuck me like you hate me, and I’ll love you forever.

Be My Master

Submissive sex VanessaI need you to take control. Be the boss and give me commands. I’ll always obey, because I’m the slave and you’re my master. You say jump and I say how high. I belong to you, like a piece of property. Tell me to drop to my knees and suck your cock, I’ll do it anytime and anywhere. Show off in front of your friends, let them see how much control of me you have. I’ll suck their cocks, just give me permission. I want to make you make happy. All I want is to be fucked hard and brutally. Fuck me like you hate me. Put your cock in throat and fuck my face. Use and abuse me. I love pain with my pleasure. I’m wired wrong, it’s not good if pain isn’t involved. Put me over your lap, spank my bare bottom red and watch me cum so hard that I squirt everywhere. Be my master.

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