Bondage Whore and Torture Pig

bondage whore

I am such a bondage whore. I hooked up with a guy on Tinder. I knew my Master would consider it cheating. If he finds out about my encounter, he will punish me severely. He is old and no longer plays bondage games with me like he did 20 years ago. I like sensual bondage. I crave being tied up and feeling vulnerable. I thought this guy was into the same things I was into. At least that is what he told me. Everything was going according to plan initially. He had rope and silk scarves to tie me up with; he even had a few leather ties too. Once I was hogtied, however, he changed. He had me vulnerable and restrained. That is when his sadistic side came out. I guess this was karma for cheating on my Master. He had a cattle prod he used on my tits. Electric shocks pulsated through my body. No safe word was working. He wasn’t into bondage, but torture. He hated women. He kept hurling insults as he shocked my body, laughed and pissed on me. I could smell the body hair burnt from the prod. I begged to be released. He just laughed some more and said, “I’m not done with you yet whore.”  Suddenly, there was a room filled with other men. They started spitting on me, kicking me and pissing on me too. The more I cried, the harder they laughed. I have no idea how long my humiliation lasted, but I smelled like an outhouse by the time they were done. I love bondage and submission games, but this was neither bondage or a game. It was torture and humiliation. When him and his friends were done with me, he let me go. All he said was, “A stupid whore should never hook up with a random stranger unless she has a death wish.” He told me I got off lucky. Perhaps I did.


Submissive sex chat Ever hear of the term “Subspace?” It means you are completely in the mindset of wanting to please your Master and loving every moment of it. Even the stuff you hate doing, when you are in “subspace” you want to do it. You crave to do it. You think of nothing but Master from the moment you open your eyes to the moment you close them. And your dreams are nothing but of Masters fuck stick and his happiness. That is how I feel with my Master. When he touches my body I almost go numb. And my flesh reacts immediately to his touch. My cunt moistens and all my holes open for him. My pain from Masters whippings makes him hard as a rock and me a wet sloppy mess.


Bondage submissionWhen my Master come home from work, he expects me to be on my knees waiting for him. He walks around his home making sure that my chores are done to his satisfaction. As I sit there waiting my pussy is getting wetter and wetter. I know I’ve done my chores correctly but he’ll still find something wrong.
“There is a smudge on the bathroom mirror”, he said.
“I’m sorry Master, I’ll clean it”
I walked towards the bathroom but he grabbed me by the arm and forced me back onto my knees. I knew what he wanted and I undid his pants and pulled his cock out. I gave him a sloppy wet blowjob. I gagged on his huge cock because I knew how much he loves the sound. I know that this blowjob is a punishment for the dirty mirror, but it feels like a reward. I love having Master’s cock in my throat.

Two whores, one cock

2 girl phone sexI didn’t realize that our 2 girl phone sex was going to turn into such an abusive and forceful situation, but I guess I should have known better. Monetta and I got barged in on by my blackmailer unexpectedly. She had no fucking clue what was going on or why this bastard was holding my livelihood against me in such an evil manner, so I had to let her know what I did. Because he caught me stealing money from work, he thinks he can hold this over my head and use it as leverage to get any sort of pleasure out of me that he so eagerly craves. He shows up to my house unannounced whenever he wants and implements rules that I must follow and obey, or else. I am forced to strip down naked and perform any sexual favors that he desires, no questions asked. Poor Monetta, now she is apart of his wrath as well since she’s guilty by association. I tried to ask him to leave and come back later for his sadistic activities but when he saw that I had my sexy girlfriend over, he only became more excited and controlling. Monetta was so fucking confused and didn’t understand why this stranger was forcing me to strip down and suck his cock right there in my living room. She tried to get him to stop but he only became more aggressive and ordered her to take her clothes off too. I told her to just do it and it will make things a whole lot easier for the both of us. I don’t think she expected to be skull-fucked like a slut when she decided to come over to my house today, but it is what it is. I fucked up and now we both have to suffer the consequences. After he busted his nut all over our faces, he bent us over and gave us both bare bottom spankings to really add insult to injury. I can’t believe we are such dick worshiping submissive skanks!Bare bottom spankings

He is Mad Again 

S&M video

Last week he was so angry at me because I didn’t cook the right meal for him infact lately I haven’t been able to do anything good enough for him. He has been working so hard at the club throwing guys out after they get too wild with the girls. He has been complaining about this one asshole guy who can’t stop coming to the club throwing money getting super drunk and then cussing out all the girls and the bouncers. My guy said the guy drops at least $5,000 whenever he comes so my guy can’t beat the shit out of him and kick him out. I hate the way my guy is going through hell at work and I have got an idea to stop it and get my man back. Okay so I called a few of the girls and got together with them. I let them know how they could stop this fucker from losing his mind and get more cash at the same time. Well I must say the first time I saw the girls do it I was amazed and it worked like a charm. Do you want to know the plan?

Your Filthy Toilet Whore Mommy

submissive whore

My son gagged me and let all his friends come over and see what a submissive whore his mommy is. It was the weekend and he had a group of his friends come over from school. They couldn’t believe it when they saw me. They walked in to see me sitting on my knees, tied up, and with a gag in my mouth. My son told me that I was to do as they commanded and that I was a fuck toy for all of them this weekend. After the first time they saw my son piss on his slutty mommy they all got the idea to use me a toilet whore for the weekend. None of them used the bathroom, instead, they gave me all their piss, shit, and cum. It was so fucking filled with it. I stayed on my knees tied up like a good whore for the entire weekend. I only got my gag taken out to get my mouth fucked by a nice hard cock. My son untied me after his friends left and let me play with my pussy and cum too for being such a good submissive mommy. He didn’t let me shower though, he said I needed to feel like the filthy fucking cunt that I am.

I love this life

submissive whore   Being a submissive whore has opened so many doors for me. My master is very generous to me. I never have to worry about my bills being paid or having shopping money now. It makes the pain that he gives me with the flogger much more enjoyable. When he shows up to the dungeon with 5 guys and their huge throbbing black cocks I just start planning a shopping spree. When every need and want I could possibly have is met why would I ever be so stupid as to disobey master now. He is my whole world now. Nobody has ever made me cum the way that he does with his surplus of toys. Now that I tasted this life I just want more.

Disciplined dolls

submissive sex

There we were strangled and tied up and gasping for our last breath. We had disobeyed our master, and we didn’t check in. It started out pretty much with us having a free weekend, I guess the both of us didn’t feel the need to let our Master know precisely where we were at all times. Although our Master never specified that we were supposed to give updates we were just supposed to kind of know what to do as submissive as pets. Our master was ready to make us pay for neglecting his wishes we are supposed just to know what to do even if it’s not said verbally. I could feel anger rise when he met up with us. He began to tie us up and started to fuck us Raw. Master didn’t stop fucking both of us until our asses were bleeding and our faces were red. We were subjected to submissive sex like stupid sluts that we are. We now know not to disobey and always to think what would our Master want us to do.

Submissive Whore and Mother

submissive whoreA submissive whore struggles to say no to anyone, even her son. My master has never been into incest. He would be very disappointed to learn what my son does to me when I am at home. When my boy was younger, he was so sweet and loving towards me. Then he turned 18 and became Damien, the son of Satan. He blames me for everything that is wrong in his life. He has little to complain about. Thanks to my submissive relationship with my boss, he has a college education fund, a nice house to live in and health insurance. Many boys his age have none of those things. He blames me for not having a father and he hates me for being a whore. When he gets into these piss poor moods, I fear him. He was in one Friday night. I was making dinner for his younger sister and me when he came home yelling. He slapped me when I asked how his day went. In front of his sister, he pulled me into my bedroom by my hair. He tossed me on the bed and used my pantyhose to tie me up. I am a bondage whore, but a sensual one. There is nothing sensual about my son. He is rough. I honestly think he hates me. My daughter is not my biggest fan either. She thinks women should be in control because we have the power of the pussy. She looks down on me, but even she tried to reason with her brother. He locked her out of the room. She banged on the door trying to save me from his wrath like this was some sort of domestic violence incident. My son sodomized my ass and force fucked my pussy. When he came inside of me, he told me he hoped he knocked me up, so he can raise a little whore right. He left me tied up all weekend and used me as his cum dumpster. My master can never know. Please don’t tell him.

I always aim to please

slave training There isn’t anything I won’t do for master during my slave training. When he instructed me to sleep with his friends I didn’t even think twice about it. I mean they had such beautiful massive cocks anyway. Master sat back in his chair and orchestrated the entire thing. He made them fill every hole in my body over and over again. I had to act as if I wasn’t enjoying the entire event. But the master was very pleased as it all played out in front of him. That is my sole purpose to make sure that my masters every wish and desire is fulfilled. When I have been especially good I am always rewarded with many forced orgasms for him.

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