Sadistic Side

Extreme fetish phone sexI love when Master gets sadistic on me. Whipping and torturing my body in various ways. It happens about 2 to 3 times a month. Something will get under his skin, which mixes with his pleasure of my tears and screams. And he just works on my body. If he is not causing me pain he is fucking me hard. I must admit it fucking hurts and I hate the fucking pain. But my body, my cunt loves the fucking pain and my squirts are fucking amazing when Master goes sadistic on me. Do you know how it is to feel the pain and want it to stop. But in the same breath feel your body tremble and your cunt soak the ground below you. It is amazing feeling. And that is why I am so grateful for Master’s evil side.

Submissive slut at your service

Cheap phone sex

I went to my first bondage club and I was amazed seeing people being tied up with there hands and legs tied behind there back. After they tied her up they fucked her in ever hole until she her cunt and asshole was swollen. That made my cunt start dripping with wetness because that is exactly what I want done to me. But I would want them to take it a step further and tie my hands and feet with cinder blocks attached to them so there is no way I can move.

Then I want one guy throat fucking me until I puke all over his cock and he makes me eat if off like a fucking worthless slut that I am. Then I want another guy to come to my pretty little asshole and not lube it up just spit on my ass and start ramming his cock in and out switching form my asshole to my wet pussy. Then after they shot muliple loads in my ass and cunt I want them to come around to my face and let me suck the scat and cum off there cocks.

Do you think  you could help me play this fantasy out?

Soft bondage

soft bondage

I love to be a good little sex toy for my master. Anything he wants I will gratefully cater to him. He likes to get some rope and tie it around my wrists and ankles. He connects them and makes sure they are super tight, to the point they cut into my skin leaving indents. He makes me get on my knees and look up to his cock that I worship.

He does not use a ball gag, instead he just gags me non stop with his cock until I can not breathe. My spit gushes down my mouth and my tits. My favorite part is when he takes that fat cock out and beats it across my face. I love when that heavy cock beats my cheeks red. I need a creamy clumpy cum facial master.


Gangbang Phone Sex Birthday Party!

Gangbang phone sexMaster set up a party recently for my birthday. (Nope, I’ll never tell!) He invited a few of his clients over, people I have never met, and their offspring. He sent the clients downstairs with me, and let them prep me. They didn’t do much, just blindfolded me and left me lying on the floor. The good bits started when a wet, delicious cunt sat down on my face. Then cocks started to fill my pussy, my hands. I could smell precum, along with the juices from the fantastic cunt that was riding my face. They ran circles around me, going from one dick to the next, making sure every hole was filled with dick and cum. I even scissored with pussy a few times, though I had no idea it was only the one girl the whole time. Every inch of me, from my mouth to my tits to my ass and puss, were covered and filled with cum, til I could feel it dripping out and down onto the floor. I had a major cleanup job ahead of me, and I was very eager to start. So, the moment they let me up, I was on it. Licking what I could reach, scooping what I couldn’t directly lick. I cleaned up my body, their cocks and cunt, and then the floor, finally. There wasn’t a drop of cum left that I didn’t vacuum up with my mouth. It was the best birthday bash I’ve had yet!

Bare bottom spankings

Bare bottom spankingsBare bottom spankings is what daddy gives me and my little girl. Daddy loves it when we moan for him really fucking loud! He keeps spanking our little asses harder and harder till his dick is hard as a fucking rock. I love that huge throbbing cock. He slaps me right across the face with it and ties me all up like a good little daddy’s bitch I am! Then in front of me he gets my little girl by the back of her head and starts to face fuck her really fucking hard making me watch each and every inch go in and out her throat! I could just see my little one gagging and slobbering all over daddy’s big huge cock! I love it when me and my little girl get Bukkake by daddy! He makes us walk around in public wearing his cum all over us. He loves for us to show it off! Don’t you want to force fuck my little one and fill her all up in her tight little fuck holes, and all over her little body!

Slave Training with Casey

Slave Training

I don’t know how rough you like it, but I love to be slapped and punched if it pleases my Master.  It gets me hot and so wet.  I can be the perfect accomplice for you.  We can lure a poor unsuspecting working girl off the street with a promise of some blow and have her go to your place.  You could tie us both up and use our bodies for hours.  I could do wicked things to her and train her how to be the perfect slave for you.  I would teach her how to obey and follow direction no matter how uncomfortable or painful.  I live to serve you in any way you wish.  If you want to see me gang banged, I relish the idea.  If you want me to be a human toilet for you, I will.  If you want me to fuck a furry friend, I will do that too.  It should be all about pleasing you Master.

Extreme Bondage- I love Being Obedient

Extreme Bondage

I work this office job and I need that release of someone being in control of how I orgasm and if I do because of how dominant I have to be in every other aspect of my life. I have been looking online and I meet with this master tonight. I am so excited, it has been a while for me. I arrive at his house and this guy is classy and in an upper class neighborhood. I walked up and rang the doorbell and this handsome man comes to the door. He is 6’3’’, dark hair, nice smile and lean looking.

He took my hand and pulled me in and told me to strip right there. I did and he commanded me to answer with yes sir or no sir and not to be spoken to unless he said. He walked me upstairs, there was rope and of course a gag ball. He said for me to go to the bed and turn around, I could hear him coming up to me and he came up behind me and put his hand around my throat. It shocked me but I was going to do anything to please Master.

He kept choking me and then he put 2 fingers in my pussy. I moaned and was struggling to breath. I could feel myself passing, I woke up to him fucking me, and then he passed me out again. I woke up a couple more times. I loved what was happening. He told me because I was so obedient he would let me serve him again.

Black And Blue

Sexy phone sex

Today I got to watch Master black and blue another slave today. I am not sure if she did something wrong or if it was for pure pleasure of Master. But either way she got it and she got it good. She was screaming and her body was jerking all around. Master would stop from whipping her long enough to take the other end of the whip and shove it up her ass. Then into her mouth so she could taste her own ass. Then back to whipping her. He did not stop until her body was black and blue, She could hardly move when he kicked her and told her to crawl back to her cage. I got to kneel in the corner and watch all this. While playing with my vibrating dildo.

Submissive Sex is all I Get

submissive sex

Submissive sex is all I get. It doesn’t surprise me. I don’t deserve sweet lovemaking. I don’t think I would know how to act if a man wanted to make love. My boss, who is also my master, owed this colleague a favor for a referral that paid off well. I guess he told him, whatever he wanted, he could have, and he wanted a night with me. At first, I was excited. He is a handsome man and always so nice to me. He didn’t strike me as the BDSM type. I was wrong. He had a dungeon for his S&M porn games. Apparently, I remind him of his mother when she was younger, and she cock teased him. That left him with some anger issues for mommy dearest. Lucky me. I got to be the recipient of his unresolved mommy anger. He strapped me to his bench designed for anal sex and sodomized me for hours while calling me his mommy whore He pulled my hair, slapped my ass and even spanked me. He told me I was going to wish I was never born by the time he was done. Honestly, I thought he was kidding me, but he tortured me for hours. My master wouldn’t want his slave bloodied and scarred, but he didn’t seem to care. He said he knew how to inflict severe pain without leaving a mark. He put oranges in a pillow case and beat me until I was crying. It was awful pain but didn’t leave a mark. The entire night was about anal torture and causing me pain. He clearly didn’t like his mother. When I got home, I had to soak in the tub for hours and call into work sick, which I never do. Did your mother cock tease you? I may have an idea to help you release some of the anger and frustration you have for your mother.

I’ve Been Bad

bare bottom spankings



You caught me pleasuring myself and you’re absolutely furious. My sexuality is absolutely not for my own pleasure but instead for yours and yours only. The fact that I would even dream of giving myself an orgasm makes you want to tare me from limb to limb but since it is my first offense, you’re going to result to a more traditional punishment: bare bottom spankings. You order me to pull my panties down and take off my tiny little skirt- you don’t want anything getting in the way of your smacks against my soft flesh. I do as you say but whimper and give you my saddest puppy dog eyes, begging silently for just a little bit of mercy this time. You will not have any of it though and quickly slam my tight body down over your knees with my ass up in the air. You spank as hard as you can, ordering me to count each hit and apologize for masturbating before accepting my neck smack. This goes on all the way to 100. After you make me spread open my bruised cheeks to expose my asshole, slamming your rock hard cock directly into my hole and making me take your gigantic load of cum deep into my rectum. After you release, you have me crotch over a bedpan and push your sperm out- having me then lap it up like the pet I really am. I’ve been bad again and you’ve caught me, if bare bottom spankings didn’t work last time- what do you think will put me in my place, Master?


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