Bondage Phone Sex is What I Love, But I Never Get What I Love

bondage phone sexBondage phone sex is what I love most, but rarely get. I think when guys view you as a whore and a lowly bitch, they don’t want to reward you with what you like. They want to punish you with what you don’t enjoy. What don’t I enjoy? Too many things, but especially bathroom play. I find it gross, but guess what? I don’t have a say in the matter. Master was particularly mean to me yesterday at work. He had a long weekend that didn’t go as planned, so I was how he worked out his anger and disappointment. He has been my master half of my life; he knows me better than anyone.  He knows how to really humiliate me. He walked into the office hissing at me to get on my knees. His exact words were, “On your knees worthless whore.” I unzipped his pants, prepared for some rough morning head and a cum shot to my face. Instead, he pissed down my throat and pinched my nose so I was forced to swallow it too. He turned around after I swallowed his piss and farted in my face. “Lick my asshole, submissive whore,” he barked. I tried to think of champagne and caviar, but all I was tasting was piss and shit. The entire day, master used me as his toilet slave. At one point, he made me eat his shit, then mocked me the rest of the day for having foul breath. He is normally not so extremely humiliating to me, but he had a bad weekend and a major client backed out of a contract. Who better to humiliate and use than your submissive office whore. That is why every powerful man needs a submissive slut secretary. We are here to help men have better days.

Submissive sex chat

 submissive sex chat

My master brought a really important friend of his over. She was super hot and he wanted to degrade me in front of her. I jumped to my whore knees and looked up at him, awaiting his demands. He spit right into my face and started calling me names. I know I am a worthless sack of shit. He told me to get to sucking his dick.

The hot girl he brought wrapped my hair around her knuckles and shoved me down on his cock, choking me out. I could not breath. He told me to taste and inhale his cock that has been buried in that girls ass hole and cunt. I had to clean him up. I am a dirty little cock sucking slave. I had to obey his girl and do whatever she told me to.

She dragged me by my hair to the back of my masters ass hole and made my wipe my face from chin to forehead in between his ass. I will do whatever the fuck they tell me to. I am a dumb cunt master.

Shit Eater

scat phone sex

Make me eat your shit sandwich. Release your bowels into your pants and make me lick them clean. Don’t
forget to force my face in between your ass cheeks and clean your asshole like a good little submissive
whore. I’ll need something to drink, so turn around and piss into my mouth until my belly is full of your
urine and scatty goodness. Now make me force my own fingers down my throat and vomit it all up into a dog bowl.
Force me to puke until my eyes are blood shot from all the heaves. Once that bowl is completely filled, put it into
the cage you keep me in when you aren’t using me for pleasure. That’s my breakfast, lunch and dinner- right?
I better lick that god damn bowl clean before you come to check on me too. I know my place here. I know I am your
little subby bimbo slut who doesn’t have a single say in what you do to me. You bought me pretrained and now you only
have to make sure I don’t even consider challenging your directive. I’ve been a good girl but not good enough for your
preferences. What should happen to a bad little whore like me?

Slave Training and Punishment

Slave trainingMaster showed me the video of me rubbing and fingering myself to orgasm while he was away. He was very displeased that I’d been such a disobedient little shit, and he hung me from the ceiling again. Fully clothed, I was left there for a while, until he came back with the flog and little claw clamp. He lifted my skirt just enough to clamp that little tool to my clit, drawing a scream from me as I tried not to writhe fro the pain. Then, he walked behind me and started flogging me. He ran the flog over my ass over and over, leaving welts that I knew would be bruises the next day. I knew I would not be able to sit down for a few days. Then, he stuck fingers into me from behind, filling both my holes with his fingers. He started to fuck me, and eventually, it got good enough to overcome the pain the clamp was causing on my clit, and I started to really get into it. Just before I would have cum, he pulled out and walked away. He left me to dangle there the rest of the day, only letting me down that night. He had to carry me up to bed, my muscles were so weak.

Born To Be A Slave

Bondage submissionI was born to be a slave. More importantly I was born to be Master’s slave property. I crave his wonderful cock. Thrive on any attention he sees fit to give me. I long to be his furniture or his toilet. His tearing of my flesh with his whippings. My staying in position and taking these whippings are one of many signs of my love for him. I open my eyes every morning with his pleasure in mind. When he is angry I wish for him to take such out on me. When his whippings are for his pleasure. I beg and plead for him to tear my flesh wide open. I love Master no one is more important than him. No one is my life but him. I will obey him to the end for he owns me.

The Pet

Submissive slutMy master isn’t happy with me. He gave an instruction and he says I hesitated following his exact order. But I did drop to my knees and sucked his co-worker’s cock just like he demanded. I guess I didn’t drop to my knees fast enough and now I’m on punishment. I have to wear my leash and collar for three days and remain on my hands and knees the whole time. I even had to eat from a dog bowl. Humiliation is my Master’s sexual trigger. He fucked me from behind like a dog in heat. His huge cock felt so good sliding in and out of my tight pussy. From time to time he would pull out and I would suck my delicious juices off his hard cock. If I stood up on my two feet he would make me lay across his lap and spank my bare ass red. I’m his submissive pet and I love it.

Submissive Whore

Submissive WhoreTie this sexy little slut up. Tie my nipples up so they could turn purple. Bend me over like the good little bitch I am. I’ll spread this sexy legs wide open for you so you could spank my pussy. Fuck yeah grab that shit and start spanking my pussy making it turn fucking red. Can you see all the pussy juice dripping out running down my legs? Fuck yeah spank me harder! Just how you tied my nipples up do the same shit to my fucking clit. Let that clit turn purple as you spank it really fucking hard. Making my pussy lips get all swollen! Then you come and get next to my face and ram that big fat dick in my mouth going all the way deep down my throat tonsil fucking me. You shove that dick in deep and let me suffocate on it for a long time till you make me pass out on that dick.

The mentality of a submissive whore

Submissive Whore



Taking the good with the bad is all part of life right? *When I’m Not Allowed* Well a submissive whore doesn’t have much of a choice in mind. Subservience is not for the weak of mind. It takes a lot of inner strength to understand your place in life. My Master makes me feel content thru his use of me. He disciplines me when I need it and comforts me when I’m down. Most of all, he makes me feel sexy and used, just how I am supposed to be. Position one, kneeling, and tits out, hands-on thighs Sir. I love my collar, it will compliment my tits while you bind them, clamp them or just use them. My pussy is yours as you desire. Shaved and always ready for your use Sir. I am your slave.

Yes, Sir, I am Your slave…

Bare Bottom Spanking From My Kinky Son

bare bottom spankings

My son loves to give me bare bottom spankings. Getting them makes me feel like such a good mommy whore. With every new welt that spreads across my ass, I get even wetter. When he came home the other day I could tell I was in for a real hardcore spanking session. He was angry about something and that usually means he’s going to take it out on his submissive mommy slut. Abusing his Mother’s ass and cunt always give him the stress relief he needs and I am more than happy to please him. So, when I saw that was angry, my pussy immediately got wet just knowing he was going to punish me for his bad day. He took me into his room and told me to strip. My cunt was already gushing when I saw him grabbing his cane. Then he took my naked ass and bent me over his bed. He began whacking my ass so fucking hard I was screaming out with each hit of the cane. He showed no mercy. My ass was welted, red, and bleeding by the time he was done with his spankings. Then he took his cock and rammed it into my asshole. After dumping his load inside me he let me get up and leave his room. I know he felt much better after abusing his whore Mother and making me into his submissive fuck toy.

Submissive Whore Bo Get’s Blackmailed

I was working at a Bank for some time and in charge of a couple of big corporate accounts. One of my co-workers decided it was time to show me who was in charge and he blackmailed my submissive whore self real good. The only way out of the mess he caused me was to do everything he wished of me. You see he is a real womanizing son of a bitch and has tried getting me to get drinks with him, but I always turned him down.

It was his turn to take what he wanted and take it with a complete fucking vengeance. I begged and pleaded with him to just fess up and move those funds back to the correct accounts. I told him I wouldn’t say anything, and he just laughed at me and slapped me in the face. He pulled my hair and yanked me down to my knees. Taking some rope out he bound my wrists behind my back, and cut my blouse and skirt off of me. We were in the back room inside one of the large safes and he had cut electricity to the cameras.

Shoving a ball gag in my mouth he then proceeded to cut my panties off of me. Calling me a useless cunt he slapped me again. He went on about how I just needed to get drinks with him when he asked me, then he wouldn’t have had to get at me the way he is. He went on about how much of a fucking tease I was looking all hot every day for work and pressing my breasts against hi, what did I expect. He continued on as he was stroking his cock good and ready and shoved me face down to the ground as he raised my ass. He fucking thrust that cock barebacked and dry right into my tight asshole causing me the most excruciating pain as he thrust til he finished in me. He looked down and laughed at me as he left the vault and left me there like fucking waste.

Submissive Whore

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