I Need To Be Owned

Submissive WhoreI need a real man to step up to the plate. My cheeks haven’t been made red in weeks, all my bruises are healed. No aches or pains but yet I feel so numb. I don’t want a sweet gentle touch, I need a firm and cruel hand. I’m breakable and want to be broken. I promise I’m a delight to play with and control. I follow all my orders and never complain. I know my place as a submissive whore and it’s one of absolute surrender to your every command. I’m ready for your twisted abuse and torturous games, I crave your dark desires. So here I am served up to you on a silver platter. What are you going to do? Can you take total control? I’m ready to submit.

Welcome to the dark side

submissive phone sex You were so shocked to find out I do submissive phone sex. When you find the straps under my bed you realize it isn’t just an act I like this shit. While you were licking and sucking my cunt you slid the straps onto my ankles and pulled them tight against the bed. Notice how much wetter my pussy just got. You lick your way up my tummy sucking on each nipple as you pass them by, up to my neck nibbling on my collarbone. You slide my ties onto my wrist and stretch my arms out wide. My nipples are so hard and your dick is too. You shove your huge penis inside it slide right in I’m so slippery wrapping your hand around my throat as I climax makes you cum right along with me. Welcome to the dark side love.

Brought him a slut

bondage whore

I have become quite the good little helper. I got a new job at a talent scout agency and I have already started representing some young talent. My sick master put a task in my hand that I couldn’t turn down. I had to bring him a slut so he could have his way with her. I knew if I didn’t come through with his order I would suffer greatly. I set the thing up quickly. I brought over one of my clients. Tiffany was a cute spunky blonde down for anything to get roles. I told her she was going to be put through the ultimate test. Young dumb and naive. The idiot fell for it. My master got a bondage whore for the night and Tiffany spread her legs for opportunity. It wasn’t too hard of a task but it surely wasn’t my proudest moment either.

Submissive Scat princess

Scat phone sexI’ve been a very bad girl and because of that I need to be punished like the submissive cunt that I am while we have scat phone sex.

I got caught rummaging through his wallet and stealing money. Being caught in the act was bad enough but I had no idea the disgusting punishment that awaited me would be so foul. He strapped me down to the metal table and made sure I was restrained nice and good. As he stripped down butt ass naked in front of me he told me that I was in for a real treat, what ever could it be?! He climbed on top of my body and yanked his cock over my face and pissed all over it. I was sticking out my tongue and trying to suck down as much as I can while he peed all up in my eye sockets. After all, that’s where urine belongs. Just when I thought it was bad, he turned around and used his hands to spread open his ass cheeks so that I can see that shit hole of his gaping open and pushing out a fat log of poo on my chest. It was so fuckin disgusting smelling that I started gagging and vomiting as I was laying there. I began to choke on my own puke as he shoved his shit deeper and deeper down my throat and smothered it all over my face. As bad as it was, I deserved every moment of being his scat princess.

Erotic Submission Stories

erotic submissive storiesErotic submissive stories are something I have to share. I have hardcore stories too. My master is an old school master, like 50 Shades of Gray kind of S & M. We have kinky fun. Occasionally it gets hardcore, but mostly we have erotic experiences of bondage and naughty fun. I love being his submissive. I have been his slave for decades. But a few years ago, our fun and games became less frequent because of his age. I understand that because we are 20 years apart. He gave me permission to have a phone job if I was only having submissive phone sex. He also told me I could go out to fetish clubs, so my needs were met too. Now that is where things get interesting. Today’s dominant man is different breed. He wants nothing to do with erotic submission. He is brutal and degrading. I am caught between two worlds of submission. I love bondage and spankings with a side of light BDSM play. It is what I have had all my life. Now, I am seeing new masters I meet at clubs. Nothing permanent, but not sure I could handle a long-term relationship with some of these men. Last night, Corey took me back to his place. It was not at all what I thought it would be. He forced my face into his toilet which was filled with piss and shit like he was expecting me, or at least some submissive woman. It was hours of humiliation and scat and piss play which I am not accustomed to with my current master. He was not the first guy I met at a fetish club to go that direction with me. I have showered over and over, and I still smell like an outhouse. Clearly, I need some slave training to be able to handle the new submissive world.

The Slave’s Punishment

Submissive slutMaster punished me today. I hung a shirt in the wrong section of his closet. He’s so anal about keeping his clean. His face turned red and evil for a brief second. Then he smiled because he knew the perfect way to punish me. He sat in his favorite chair and called me over motioning me to kneel between his thighs. I knew what he wanted and unfastened his pants. I pulled his huge cock from his boxers and licked it all over like I’ve been trained to do. I licked and slobbered all over its hardness making my cunt really wet. Sucking dick makes me so hot and horny. But remember I was being punished and only Master can turn a blowjob into a punishment. He’s a master at edging and forces me to suck, gag and stop over and over again. After hour three, tears are running down my eyes and my knees ache he finally fills my mouth with warm semen.

A Fantasy Nightmare

Rape phone sex fantasies


I had a wild and engaging dream last night. I was awakened in the middle of the night by a man telling me my house was on fire. The man picked me up and carry me to my window where he took me out. I was very groggy all I remembered was leaving away from my house my house getting farther and farther away and entering the woods. When we were far away from my house the man put me down on the ground and told me to take my shorts off ice cream no and the man stuff they leather glove into my mouth since I would not take my shorts off the man ripped them off of me. I was screaming and fighting but the man in my rape fantasy would not stop forcing his hard cum-filled cock into my wet steaming hot country. The man in my dreams ground his cock inside of me so goddamn deep that I came all over his bone-hard dick. This was the wettest dream that I had ever had the man in my dreams, I couldn’t see his face his face looked blurred but his cock his cock was massive. He banged in and out of me over and over again he was out of control. Right, when my cunt started to squirt cum all over the place is when I woke up what a nightmare dream that was. Now, I’m so horny and I need to drink some tasty jizz juice.

Opposites attract

hardcore bondageI have learned from the best master ever and now I have a mean streak. I crave that power and I know I can’t use it on him so I have been dating guys I normally don’t. I have been dating complete doormats willing to bend over backwards for me. I am a submissive little slut by nature but I have learned a thing or two. I have used my power on the guys I am dating and I put them in their place real quick. I like hardcore bondage. I make them get on their knees and I become their mistress. There is a thin line between dominance and submission. You can cross either line if you play either side. It doesn’t take much to be on the opposing side. My twat gets wet making a guy suck my strap and fucking him with it right afterwards.

Bondage Chat with a Whore

bondage chatIf you are looking to have bondage chat, I am your whore. I have been tied up all my life. When I was a teen girl, my daddy would tie me up. He did it to keep me at home. He was such a dominant daddy; I think he feared I would runaway if he didn’t tie me up when he left the house. Daddy whipped me, spanked me, and fucked me. He never let me date. And I had no friends. I hated my mean daddy when I was young, but I grew up to love men just like him. Maybe I have daddy issues or maybe I am just a bondage whore. I love being vulnerable. I often find myself begging folks to tie me up and leave me. I had a bondage date with this fuck buddy of mine the other night. He is a master knot maker. Seriously, this guy could tie me up better than a boy scout. I begged him to restrain me so there was no way I could escape. Most guys think they can secure me, but I have been untying myself for decades. He tied me up and left me on my bed. I tried for hours to get lose, but it was no good. He had me bound tight. He pissed on me, even jacked off on me several times before he left my house. I added to the smell my pissing on my bed a few times. I was at the mercy of my son or daughter to come home and untie me. I was praying it would be my daughter who came home first because she is not as mean as my son, but just my luck, my son came home first. He pissed on me too, even took pictures and put it on his Instagram. He bragged about the submissive whore he caught. I love being at the mercy of men.

Happy fourth whore

submissive whore

I was going to be the entertainment on July fourth. My master always has lavish parties because his wife is a huge premadonna who loves to show out and show off for the world. They have an agreement and she knows all about his slave pets like me. They throw a mini slave party where the slaves like me end up serving all the masters. Al his buddies have slave sluts and on their get together they bring all the pets over and the wives watch ass they give bare bottom spankings to us and treat us like total hookers. Its a huge turn on for these men. They have power and they have everything the desire. This july the fourth I had to attend and had to experience first hand episodes of fisting and gang bangs left and right. The fireworks weren’t the only thing getting off that’s for sure.

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