Cock Worshiping Work Whore

cock worshipingCock worshiping is what I do daily for my Master. A good submissive takes care of cock. She is a cock pleaser not a cock teaser. When I arrived at work yesterday, Master had something waiting for me. Actually, someones waiting for me. Master informed me that we had out of town guests and I needed to show them some old fashioned hospitality. I am a submissive. I knew what he expected. I didn’t want to suck all those other lawyers’ cocks, but if I disobeyed an order either implicit or explicit, I would be whipped like an Old South slave. I got on my knees for a blow bang. Master feels that when lawyers have their balls drained, they focus better and they are sharper. Ball draining makes for legal eagles is his motto. It is not my place to question my master. I am only to suck dick, swallow cum and get fucked. I’m nothing more than a secretary slave. I was a gang bang secretary yesterday morning. I swallowed a lot of cum. Good thing I had not eaten breakfast or I may have exploded like a stuffed goldfish. Can’t remember the last time I swallowed that much cum. I was wearing it too. It didn’t stop with morning head. I had a nooner gang bang and an after work hardcore ass fucking. A Milf whore’s work is never done.

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I have no Master right now

Bondage submissionSubmission to me is about losing control and letting a guy use me for his pleasure. Usually, that pleasure involves doing something to me that not only turns him on but turns me into a hot wet mess. While I’m being bound my pussy will always … always start throbbing and getting wet. I have no Master right now so I am subject to my own bondage experiments. I have been on a webcam a few times being seen playing with my tits, binding them and playing to make myself cum. I guess I’m an exhibitionist. I’m looking for a Master that will use me and use me hard. Are you the guy? I hope so, it’s exhausting looking for real BDSM playmates. So few will talk about the fun things they are into, maybe it’s taboo I’m not sure but I know I won’t ever want to stop. How can I   serve you?

New Freezer

I went to go buy a new freezer today and I was greeted by a creepy salesman. I informed him that I needed to get a new freezer because my current one was not functioning properly. He told me that he had some that were on sale in the back and said he would show them to me if I followed him. As we approached the back I could hear him mumbling to himself. I asked him “what was that?” he turned around and said oh nothing with this very odd grin. As we rounded the corner I noticed we were heading down a dingy hallway that smelled damp and a little moldy.

Submissive whore

We stopped in front of this door with a padlock on it and I thought how odd that was but as he opened the big metal door, it creaked open and he ushered me in. It was dark and clammy. I heard the door slam shut and I knew I was in trouble. I felt a hand push me down and I hit something kind of soft but firm like an old mattress laying on the floor. As he pushed me down I could hear him breathing heavy and he whispered harshly if I wanted a discount on the freezer, I would have to earn it. You know what happened next…



My Son Makes Me His Bondage Whore Again

Bondage Whore

Being a sexy MILF bondage whore is just a way of life for me. I first let my son tie me up and have his way with me when he was just a teen. Now I let men make me their bondage whore on a regular occasion. I just love being tied up and fucked roughly, it makes me feel like such a good submissive slut. The last time I saw my son he put the restraints on and started fucking my face with his cock. He was so forceful and rough with me, I was choking on him. I almost threw up from him slamming his dick down my throat, while I sat there helpless and tied up. My son didn’t care about my comfort. He also didn’t care that I couldn’t breathe while I gagged on his cock. He just kept forcing his entire cock into my throat, tears rolling down my cheeks, and my tits covered in drool. When he came, he shoved his cock as far down my throat as he could. My lips touched him while his cock throbbed on my tongue and his cum filled my mouth and throat. When he finished shooting his creamy load into me, he stood back and start stroking his still hard cock. He told me he was going to make me his filthy MILF bondage whore and gave me a warm golden shower. His piss sprayed all over my face and body and I was helpless to move. My son left me there covered in his piss and the taste of his cum on my tongue. 

Teen phone sex

teen phone sex

 I just got home from a friends house and I rushed to my room to strip out of my clothes and dirty panties. I had a wild day with some of the guys at my friends house. I got my pussy stuff, pounded, and filled. I hope if I change my panties my daddy wont find out how much of a whore I was being!

My daddy comes right into my room as I was changing and immediately saw my soaking wet cum filled panties on the ground. He gave me the third degree and then demanded that I lay across my bed. He exposed my bare ass and started spanking my ass super hard. He filled me around and made me put my mouth around his cock so that I could suck him as far back as I could go.

I was sobbing on his cock and drooling all over it as he let me know how much of a filthy dumb bitch that I am. I was gagging all over his cock as he penetrated my throat. I just want to get daddy’s cum, I am sorry I am such a nasty slut.

Submissive Whore Bo Loves Torturous Fun

Master loves to edge and tease his submissive whore and knows how much it drives me mad to not be allowed to cum. I am so turned on by being a pain slut and the mere notion of not being allowed to cum has me so fucking worked up. I get forcibly face fucked by Master with his big fuck rod and it is so good to gag and choke down that I am dripping thinking about how good Master’s cock in my throbbing wet cunt.

Master pinches my clit and rubs at it while he attaches nipple clamps to my big ole breasts and erect sensitive nipples and all of this drives me so fucking insane to the brink of squirting but Master doesn’t allow me to cum until he says so. Sometimes that is like never! He torments me so much and I just want to worship Masters beautiful cock.

Submissive Whore

Shove things in my ass

I love having my ass stuffed with things. I love cock in my ass, toys in my ass, fingers in my ass, and anything else that will fit in there. I love being told what a good little bitch I am as I am pounded with a big fat throbbing cock and balls slapping against my clit and cunt. I really love it when I am bound and spread wide open to be vulnerable and ready to take whatever you got for me. I have had a baseball bat in my anus. I have had dildos, cock s and toys in my asshole. I have been slapped, bound gagged and ass raped fantasy style in my pretty taught asshole. My puckered asshole is like a mouth that is always hungry and craving things to be fed, shoved and pushed into it.  I even love sucking a big fat cock and having another cock in my cunt and my asshole all at the same time.


Submissive whore



Im your naughty slut whore

I am such a good whore. When my master says jump I enjoy doing whatever he tells me to do. I will suck his cock for hours as he whips my ass until it is red and welted. I enjoy it when my master takes his big head and rams it into my ass hole because I was misbehaving and did not follow his instructions exactly. I feel like he shows me exactly how a woman should be treated and he fucks me silly when I do not do what I am told. I am great at taking a beating and being a good little submissive whore. I want to be fucked, hit, slapped, punched, kicked and any other abuse you want to dish out to me I will take like a good little whore. I am here to serve and please.  Fuck me hard or soft, whatever you want I am here to please your cock. Let me be your your good naughty little whore.


Bare bottom spankings

Submissive Whore and Daughter

submissive whoreI’m a submissive whore. My daughter was not a natural born submissive like me. She is receiving some submissive training from one of my masters. He has taken her from cock teaser to cock pleaser in mere months. Guess what? She is knocked up now too. She has been told that if she has a boy, he will be raised to dominate her and me. However, if she has a daughter, she will be a cock pleasing slut like us. She will be raised to be submissive like her mommy and granny. I like the ideas of having a cock pleasing submissive slut from the beginning. I know I screwed up with my daughter. I am the reason she was a cock teasing slut. I never raised her submissive like I was raised. I raised her on my own, which is challenging when a submissive mommy. My regular master never wanted anything to do with jail bait pussy. Luckily my other master has no problem training a teen girl to take cock and love it. It was rough on my daughter initially. She was not used to being a slut. She was accustomed to being a little spoiled bitch. Now that she is pregnant, she must abide by a whole new set of rules. She must work to save money for the baby. She is working in a strip club where anything goes. Men can grab her milk filled tits, fuck her in the VIP room, do what ever they want as long as they don’t physically harm her or the baby. I just know its going to be a good little slut. She will watch her mommy and granny get treated like cock sucking sluts and fuck toys. She will learn to keep the house clean and cook like women should. She will learn that clothes are never worn in the house as females and a slew of other slave training necessities. My daughter will be a better mother than I was for raising a submissive girl.

Thank You For Your Cock, Master WorshipingI love your cock, Master. I would do anything that you asked me to do just so that you would allow me to suck on that huge beautiful dick of yours. You’re the only Master that I want and the only cock that I need. I’ve never had anyone make me feel like you do and no one has ever made me cum the way you have. I spend hours and days touching myself, fingering my pussy, using my vibrator and my clit massager just trying to make my cunt feel as good as you can make it feel, Master. Your cock is the best I’ve ever had and there is not another that can compare to it. I’ve looked and tried others on for size, so to speak, but your gorgeous dick, Master, is the only one that gets my wet pussy off. You could fuck my tight little cunt one million times and it would never be enough. It’s not that you don’t satisfy me, quite the contrary. You fuck me so good that I literally cannot get enough and I never want to feel like I’ve had enough. I love the feelings of want and need and desire that wash over me all the time when were not together. I want you to be my one and only Master forever, and I will always do what you want. I promise that I will please you and make your cock feel amazing as often as you will allow me to. Any other whore would be lucky to have you, Master. If I ever don’t satisfy you, I would expect that you’d teach me how, or bring in another, even more experienced whore to teach me how to do it the right way. I live to serve you, Master and I only want you to feel as good as you make me feel. Please let me please you all the time. I will be anything you tell me to, as long as it makes you happy and makes your amazing cock feel fantastic. Master, use me to serve your cock. I live for you. I worship your cock.

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