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Soft bondage & Hard spankings for Mommy.

soft bondage

I was reading some naughty literature and fell asleep thinking about soft bondage and ropes. I was so exhausted from running errands and taking care of my brats I didn’t hear the window smash or the footsteps up the stairs. I woke to being tied and men in black mask whispering to wake up you filthy whore! My mouth was gagged with a pair of my dirty panties from the hamper and the ropes were tight. I struggled and moans as my nightgown was pulled up and a butt plug was inserted dry into my ass. I couldn’t move I was tied to the headboard and the robbers were emptying my jewelry box and laughing at me. I was so angry and trying to kick as the belt on the biggest man came off and he started lashing my thighs and ass cheeks. This was bad as I started to moan from pleasure. His laughter as he let loose his long dick that was hard as a steel pole made me start crying. Behind my gag, I was begging him not to force fuck me. That didn’t stop him from spreading my pussy lips and taking my wet pussy, followed by his accomplices. The third man was coming inside of me as My panties were removed and I was forced to clean my pussy of another cock. I heard my oldest brat calling out for mommy and I knew this was going to get much, much worse.

spanking phone sex

They made me their submissive whore

submissive whoreI woke up in a dark place, I had no idea where I was but I could feel the ropes digging into my skin and I couldn’t move at all. I was scared but kind of excited too, is that wrong? Suddenly the lights came on and I could see that I was surrounded by a room full of men, they all had their cocks in their hands and they were looking at me like they were starving and I was a juicy steak. They all took turns beating me and fucking me, I felt like a pinata and some birthday party I was getting banged around so much. My whole body was throbbing and I was hurting so bad but part of me liked being used and abused like that. My pussy was dripping wet and I could only beg for them to fuck me harder deeper faster! By the time they were thru with me I was black and blue all over but I had cum more times than I could count.

Bare Bottom Spankings Turning My Ass Red

I was raised getting bare bottom spankings from my father and later my three brothers were also administering them to me. I grew up with two older brothers and a younger brother. All three of my brothers were brought in when my father was disciplining me for bad grades, mouthing off to my mother, or breaking curfew. He used me to make an example of, and taught them how to treat the females in their lives. They took aggressions and rejections out on me just the way my father taught them to. One thing was always made clear to my three brothers though, that they were to never bruise me nor leave markings other than redness that would fade away. That was very important, and I was taught that no Mistress nor Master shall ever leave marks on his little princess or they would hear from my three brothers. I am a very lucky submissive and in turn for such protection from my kin I am to be their sweet little submissive sex slave whenever they need.

Bare Bottom Spankings

Bondage Phone Sex Fantasy With Celeste

The other day I had an encounter with a Black domme female and she decided I should try playing the villainess and have the tables turned. Starting out as a racist cunt with a group of black slave girls that plan a revolt on me is the gist of it. I will ultimately be turned into the little white girl submissive slave I am and become humiliated by the these black girl slaves. I would be overpowered and put into a bondage phone sex kind of scene where I get tied up and my ass spanked by all these black girls while getting called all sorts of things by these former slaves that are now controlling me. “I’m the worthless little white cunt that loves black pussy” I am forced to say as the head black bitch sits her black cunt on my face and forces me to pleasure her. I make that beautiful ebony cunt cum in my dirty little subby mouth. All the other former slaves that revolted against me as their Master, stuck their black asses in my blonde white bitch face and farted as Goddess Divina shoved my face in each one forcing me to rim all of them.

Bondage phone sex

Submissive slut

This submissive whore was used by a ghost

submissive whoreThis submissive whore was used by a ghost last night! Hear me out, I know this sounds crazy but I have no other explanation. I was with my Master at a party when I started to feel really dizzy and much drunker than I should have felt after only one drink. I figured someone has spiked my drink so I went to look for my Master. I never found him instead I passed out and woke up in a creepy dungeon all tied up.I couldn’t see anyone but I could feel myself being penetrated over and over again by some unseen force. I was beaten over and over again with paddles I couldn’t see, choked by hands that were invisible and my body was bent and twisted and tied up in so many different ways all by some figure that I couldn’t see! What else could it be but a ghost? If it were a man I would be able to see him! All around me I could hear screaming and moaning and all sorts of ghostly whispers by all these unseen people, I wasn’t blindfolded I could see the room around me so why couldn’t I see the other victims screaming and begging for mercy? A deep inhuman voice spoke to me then, he sad that he could hear my heart beating fast and he knew that I was terrified but not to worry because it would all be over soon. He said soon you’ll be dead and you’ll leave your body behind to become a spirit, trapped here forever with the rest of my pets. That’s when I started to hysterically scream like a little bitch, I was so scared that I literally peed myself! The room went dark, I must have passed out because I woke up in my bed covered in bruises and sore as hell. I don’t know what really happened last night but I am thankful I survived it!

I am a submissive whore

submissive whoreI am a submissive whore. I try not to be, but it never works out for me. I tried online dating. I thought I could meet a man who didn’t know a thing about my submissive ways or maybe his kinky dominant fun just involved restraints and spankings. I put up a picture of me looking sweet and innocent. I got a lot of hits; many were just from perverts and liars.  Men who just wanted to show me their dicks or said they were single when you could see the tan ring line on their finger. I found one guy who seemed normal. He said he was a college professor. Handsome and smart. I was excited about my prospects. I agreed to a first date. I was catfished. When I arrived at his place, he was not the man in the picture. He was his grandson. A grandson just out of prison for a 2-year sex offense. He was using his grandfather’s online dating app to find women to fuck. He pulled me into the house, beat me up and fucked me. I was whimpering and bleeding. He just kept fucking me. He fucked my ass for an eternity it seemed. He came hard while choking me. I passed out and woke up in an alley naked. So much for thinking I could escape being a submissive slut.

Submissive Whore Jessica

submissive whore

I’m the epitome of a submissive whore. The very thing that comes out of my mouth when a man tells me something is Yes, Sir. I cannot manage to exist if I had to be in charge, that is too complicated a thing for a submissive slave whore like me to do. I need a man, need to be put in my place and I need to be punished when I screw up or act out of accord. I need you, Master to control and own me. I want to service men with my whore mouth as sucking dick or licking ass are what my whore mouth is for. I should not speak as I am to lowly to have a voice. I am your cum receptacle and your ball drainer. I am the whore that my daddy raised me to be. Daddy took the switch to me whenever I acted up. When he found out I was a little slut at school daddy put me in my place and had all his poker buddies forcefully fuck my whore cunt, ass and mouth. I promise to be a good little sub slut for my Master, after all I live to serve men.


P-mommy SubSlut Deserves Bare bottom Spankings

bare bottom spankings

He brought me home from a date and it quickly turned into me getting the bare bottom spankings I deserve. It was unexpected. He must have seen the submissive in me. I invited him up with hopes of me getting a good fucking. Must to my surprise my daughter was still awake running around in her little cotton panties. He pulled me down by my hair and forced me to suck his cock right there in front of her. Then he told her to watch as he took his belt off and wrapped it around my throat and shoved my panties in my throat. The belt was released, and he told me to go get my daughter. I was made to strip her down and he began lashing us with his belt as he ushered us into the room.  Tied up and both of us being whipped on our bare asses you had me beg you to force fuck my little girl that would be the only way you stopped our torture. I was left with my vibe stuck out of my ass and you took pictures and told me you would be back to force fuck us soon and continue exploring your rape phone sex fantasies with this p-mommy subslut…

Bare Bottom Spankings Whore Celeste

Bare bottom spankings

  Are you a real man than can handle a hot piece of ass submissive like me? I need a good strong Master to punish and give me bare bottom spankings with a nice firm hand. You need to understand that I am a switch that gets excited playing the sub slut roles and getting all sorts of fucking punishments, and I can only pretend to resist when in reality my place is at the hand of my Master. I need to be gagged with Masters big cock and if he so desires, I am his property to use and share. If I were to get gangbanged by whoever my Master brings around then I know it’s my place to service all of his friends and will always do the best I can to please my Master and earn the reward of Masters cock in my sopping wet pussy.


He made me his submissive whore

submissive whoreA stranger came in and made me his submissive whore. I woke up to his strong hands yanking me out of the bed by my hair this morning, he threw me on the floor and kicked me hard in the stomach just to show me who was boss. Then he tied me up and left me there helpless while he searched my house for valuables. When he came back he was unhappy, he told me that I had nothing he wanted so he was going to use me instead. I was naked and bound, there was nothing I could do to resist as he fucked all my holes so brutally hard. I tried not to cry like a bitch but it hurt so bad that I couldn’t help it and that just made him madder. He screamed at me to stop my sobbing but I couldn’t so he wrapped his hands around my neck and squeezed until I passed out. I woke up bloody and sore but alive. I found a note saying he would be back tho so I don’t know what to do now.

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