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Daddies want my snatch

Cheap phone sex

This time of year is perfect for going on on the corners and making lots of money using my hot cunt. I always see all the dads driving with a car full of brats and I know all he wants is to pick me up and let me show him a good time for cheap. Lots of the times they come back through after they dropped them off and don’t have there wives they come back to fuck my tight little snatch. I just hop in the car and right onto there cock making them shoot there load instantly because I am a hot little piece of ass. I love when I get calls and you perverts are sneaking into another room jerking off while your family is right outside. That is so fucking hot and makes me wanna squirt all over.

Pleasing my new Master

Light bondage

My new Master Jonathan had a very special treat in store for me.  On our second appointment, He brought several of his friends to play with me.  They bound me with rope around my calves and my hands were tied behind my back.  I love light bondage and fucking strangers, especially when it pleases my new master.  The four of them picked me up and carried me to the bed, cut my clothing off and began to fuck me.  I took them in my cunt, my asshole and my mouth as Jonathan directed them.  The three of them fucked me hard, spanking me on my pussy and my tits as they fucked me.  They all came inside and over my body, spilling their juice on my tits, inside my cunt and in my mouth.  When they finished with me and I was all used up, Jonathan had them sit down while he fucked all my holes that were full of the other’s cum.  Jonathan called me a dirty cum slut while he used me.  I love pleasing my new master.

BDSM Gang Rape Fantasy

I am such a naughty little slut. I invited a few guys to come over to my home last night for a few drinks. When they showed up they had a couple of friends with them, so it was five of them and just one of me. I cannot say that I did not like the attention. However when things turned a little more sexual I was interested in one of the guys. I ended up being fucked by all five though. They bound me with stuff in my own home, took me to my bedroom and then took turns fantasy raping all of my holes.

Submissive whore

At one point I even had one of those cocks in my mouth, one in my asshole under me and one fucking my cunt thrusting while standing between my legs.  The two extra men stood by and video taped it while telling me what a whore I was and how I liked it. They used me and tore all of my holes open wile switching positions wit h each other from time to time. I cannot lie, it was exhausting but I came hard, so fucking hard… multiple times.

My first Master

Female Bondage

I have a good friend who first got me into BDSM.  He is my boss at work.  He had a bet with me that if I did not close a deal I would be his sex slave for the weekend.  He was married and so was I and I really did not care.  The deal did not close.  We stayed in a hotel room for the entire weekend.  I became his sex slave.  He was my first master.  I have always enjoyed the feeling of domination.  It lets all the stresses of my busy demanding life melt away.  He did things to me that weekend I had never done in my hum drum marriage.  He anal fucked me for the first time in my life while I was tied to the bed post.  He fucked my ass over and over.  He fucked my pussy and then my mouth coming in both.  He whipped me and spanked me as he fucked me and it was sweet heaven.  I would love for you to dominate me too.

BDSM chat share with Robyn

I had the craziest sensation that I was being watched in the shower this morning.  started letting my imagination run wild to see where it would go.  The only thing I could think about was how I was going to open the shower curtain and a guy would be there dressed all in black with a ski mask on and a hard cock waiting for me as he gazed over my naked and wet dripping body.


BDSM chat

I would be forced to suck his cock, open my legs wide as he fucked not only my ass but also my mouth and my pussy hole as well. I would be subjected to the cruelest torture. I would be tied and bound while he had his way with me over an over gain. And after he was finished, I would be forced to get back into the shower to clean off and make all of the evidence disappear, just as my attacker would while I showered.

Bondage Whore Takes Her Punishment

Bondage whoreMaster was very unhappy with the number of times I’ve been a bad little slave slut lately. So, he tied my hands behind my back and propped my hips up so that my legs would stay open. Master started to rub and finger-fuck me until I came hard. But, he didn’t stop! He kept going, finger-fucking me, rubbing me, driving me crazy. After a little while like that, I was begging for mercy, the orgasms were actually hurting!! He STILL kept going, making me beg for him to stop over and over again! I was in tears, it was so painful to keep cumming like that. When he finally did stop, he only did so to put clamps on my nipples to the point they felt like they were ripping off, and to whip my ass and thighs until it was unbearable. When I finally begged him not to do that anymore, he asked which I preferred, the abuse or the orgasms. I had to choose the orgasms. Master worked me over until I couldn’t think or see straight, and then left me there to think about what I’ve done!

Bare Bottom Spankings For a Bad Subby

I love to act out and this makes me such a great subslut to my Masters that love to give bare bottom spankings. I will do little things to act out and know it means a good spanking will come from my Master and that makes my cunt juices soak my little silky panties. Master makes me wear silky little panties that crawl up my ass and cunt lips as it turns him on to use his mouth and remove them, with my pussy juices soaking them real good.

I’m going to really be bad this weekend with Master away, and hope he shows up early and catches me being a real submissive fuck doll for a group of men. He secretly loves catching me fucking other men, I love the punishment he delivers and that fat cock.

Bare Bottom Spankings

Rape Phone Sex Fantasies

Rape Phone Sex Fantasies

I often go to BDSM chat rooms looking for a little fun.  The last time I was in the BDSM chat room, I spoke to a guy that wanted to live out a rape fantasy and I have had a rape fantasy for years and was thrilled to meet someone like-minded.  I emailed him and got the details and told him I was up for anything.  He told me that it would happen in the next week but not when or where.  That was part of the excitement, not knowing when it was coming.  He could do anything to me, tie me up, beat me, minor cuts, just nothing life threatening.  It had to be as real as possible.  I was excited!  Three days later as I walked home from dinner near my home at dusk, I was attacked from behind and dragged into the bushes.  My assailant tied me up and punched me in the face a few times until I lost consciousness.  When I awoke, I was in a seedy motel room tied to the bed posts.  I got so excited, to finally have my rape fantasy.  He stripped me down to my black pantyhose and bra.  He took some scissors and cut a hole in the crotch of my pantyhose.  I was not getting away anytime soon.  I told him I was so happy to finally meet him after all the preparation we had put in.  He looked at me and nodded his head.  I figured he was staying in character.  He came over to me and said shut up bitch and slapped me hard across the face.  My lip was bleeding.  He pressed his finger firmly against my pussy and seemed surprised at my wetness.  He cock was so hard, it was straining against the pants he wore.  I told him to let me suck his cock and he took it out and put it in my bleeding mouth.  I sucked his long, hard cock, sliding in and out of my mouth, making his cock get even harder.  He took me by the neck and pulled me off his cock and said, “no, I wanna fuck you,”.  He clumsily climbed on top of me, guiding his cock through the pantyhose and into my waiting wet cunt.  He was so excited, he came in minutes.  He told me not to tell anyone how quick he came.  He cut me lose, said thanks and left the room.

Submissive Whore: Daddy Issues

I am so tired of people asking questions about my child hood. Yes, my daddy fucked me when I was a girl. Yes my daddy passed me around like a fucking whore. So fucking what. There is this prissy bitch who has the perfect life and she is always trying to make my life hell. You know the type PTA,blah blah…. I  may not have the perfect life or background. But… I guarantee that I can fuck better, I suck a mean cock compared to little miss prissy ass.

Submissive whore

I guarantee I am twice as freaky as she is and I will always get more cock. I know this because of all of the freaky and incest sex sessions I had with daddy. I will not be a wrinkly prude shrew, I let my freakishness out and I do what I want. I fuck who I want. I fuck how I want, and I am enjoy my sex life. I do not think miss goody two shoes will be able to say the same.

Slut Cunt On Phone

BDSM phone sexI love when men call me and just dominate the shit out of me. Calling me names and humiliating me like the skanky whore stupid female bitch I am. Make me cry and feel like shit. That only makes my cunt that much more sloppier. I love when a man tells me how much better he is than me. Just because he has a cock. Telling how much smarter, stronger, and greater than I could ever be. Because I was born female. Cum turn me into your bitch. Make me plead and beg for your beatings and cock. So come on Sir if you got the knack for putting me a filthy whore in my place. And keeping me on the floor where I belong. I am sloppy wet waiting for you.

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