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Your submissive whore for the night

Submissive WhoreIf you want, you can purchase me for the evening and I will be your filthy submissive whore all night long, Master. I promise to do anything and everything that you want to do. I have been trained very well and I know exactly how to please you and give you all of the sexual pleasure that you deserve to experience. However, there is always room for more training and I am always open to receiving any sort of punishments and advice that you think that I need. Steer me in any direction that you want to steer me in. Bend me over and spread my legs open wide to see if i’m stashing any drugs inside of my slutty pussy. More than likely you’re gonna find something special up in there, hehe. I can share, don’t worry! Let’s get filthy and fucked up, baby! This pussy deserves a beating.


Spanking phone sex


Master tied me up and blind folded me in my panties and nothing else. I didn’t know if I was being punished or rewarded, but my pussy was wet and tingling in anticipation. He slid down my panties and exposed my bare bottom. I felt the soft leather of his gloved hand caressing my ass and I began to tense up in anticipation of a smack. He shushed me and whispered into my ear that it was okay. I relaxed and that’s when he smacked my bare ass HARD. I tried to cry out in pain, but he had gagged me. All I could do was whimper. One by one he gave my ass several hard firm smacks until it was red and covered in his handprints. My pussy was so wet it was leaking down my leg. He hoisted me up put my legs around his waist while my arms were still suspended from the ceiling. He stuck his cock in my dripping pussy and fucked me hard while I dangled in the air. He filled me with his cum and then left me to dangle for a while longer.

Spanking punishment

Bare bottom spankings

My father and brothers don’t like it when I let other men use me without permission. They can be very jealous, so when I let a boy from school fuck my tight pussy, they were enraged. They noticed my creampie when I got home from school and decided I needed to be properly punished. They gagged and hogtied me and bent me over a wooden rack and began to give me a hard bare bottom spanking. They used a hard wooden paddle to spank my tender bottom until it was covered in angry red marks and bruises. Despite the pain I was in, I couldn’t help but get wet and turned on. I secretly love to be spanked and punished. It makes me so wet and drives my pussy wild. Once they were satisfied I had been properly punished they each took a turn fucking my abused ass and cumming inside of me. They lined up and fucked me one after the other. The hard spanking combined with the rough anal fucking made my poor bottom so sensitive and sore that I couldn’t sit down for the next three days.

Cock Worshiping Office Whore

Cock worshiping

Cock worshiping is the first thing that popped into your mind from the moment you saw me. You knew my true nature was submissive. You could tell that I was young and naïve, but that is exactly what makes your cock hard. You crave turning young submissive girls into your office whores.

You can’t wait to make me worship your big thick cock. You call me into your office to tell me what a good job I am doing, but then you ask me if I am interested in a promotion. I look at you all excited and tell you of course I am. You ask me if I am sure and that it would entail a lot more responsibilities. You tell me that I could be your new office assistant.

But I would have to be willing to do everything that you ask with out any hesitation or questions. Without even thinking I exclaim that I want the position. You immediately tell me to get down on my knees. I start to open my mouth and you press your finger against my lips. I drop to my knees and then you pull out your hard throbbing cock. My eyes grow wide as you tell me to open my mouth.

You tell me to prove how much I want the new position by worshipping your cock. I start sucking on the head of your cock while my hand strokes the shaft. I glide my baby soft lips down the shaft of your cock deepthroating every inch of it into my mouth.

I do things with your cock that I had only seen in porn movies. As I feel your hard throbbing cock thrusting against my tonsils you blow your load of warm salty cum down my throat. And just like the good little office submissive whore that I am….I swallow every last drop of your creamy goodness down.

Milf Subslut Humiliation

milf phone sex

This MilF Subslut got her ass spanked and humiliated last night. All I wanted was to go out with the girls. But Master and My son decided to catch me at the door and pull me back into the house. My face was slapped and my favorite paddle was used to spank me over and over. My son spat in my face as they took pictures of me to send to the PTA moms. I was going nowhere and I would forever know that My bare pussy and tits were all over the town. Of course, they made it look like I was sending a dirty sext to my boyfriend. This cum loving whore has been subjected to cum all day because of my naughty ways. I am now controlled by my naughty perverted demons and two Masters. My Pussy Is dripping in anticipation of what a Master like you can do to my sex slave subby slut self. 

Stupid submissive whore

Submissive WhoreAll stupid bitches deserve to have their cunts beaten wide the fuck open but a submissive whore like me deserves so much more than that! I’ve been a very bad girl and got gang-fucked by five niggers with massive cocks. They used me up and abused my holes like the filthy rag doll that I am. Once they were finished with me, they dumped me into a ditch on the side of the road while I was still naked and bound together. When Master found me, he was so fucking pissed! I was all bruised and battered and oozing out with black cock cum. Even though I was unrecognizable, it still wasn’t good enough for him! He savagely brought me down into our torture chamber and beat me with a crowbar until I was even more mutilated. The lashings didn’t stop until he was fully satisfied and I was near death. Master loves spitting on my face and telling me how much better I look when my nose is broken and mutilated!


Submissive slut

I want to be your good girl, Daddy. Once you got my tits, arms, legs, ankles, and pantyhose covered pussy all tied up you had me wait hours for you. Part of my submission is being available whenever it is you decide to use me, Master. The anticipation certainly makes my pussy wet but I just crave your cock so much. To be a good little submissive whore I must wait here patiently, as you instructed. I wouldn’t dare risk the punishment if I moved. Your punishments range from spankings, whippings, rough sex, and my biggest fear – you not fucking or touching me at all! That’s the punishment I’m most effected by. I need your touch and approval and I need to hear I’m your good fucking whore. Mostly, I need to hear that I’m your good girl.



Spanking chatI am so very sorry.  I got caught up in the moment, and I forgot to serve You first.  I was talking to O/our mutual friends, I got up to get another drink not even looking at You as I did so.  I came back to see Your drink empty.  You turned the glass upside down and raised Your eyebrow at me.  I went right to You, took Your glass and refreshed Your drink.  When I handed it to You, You pulled me close so You could whisper in my ear that there would be a punishment to help remind me who comes first.

I sat down nervously by Your side, I no longer wanted my drink, I just wanted to be swallowed whole by the sofa W/we were sitting on.  The rest of the night I remembered that You come first.  I was hoping that by remembering and showing effort that the punishment would be forgotten.  W/we left the party and rode home. You were talkative the whole way to the house.  I was positive I had made up for my indiscretion that took place earlier in the evening.

I took Your jacket, and undressed You.  I started the shower for You then waited for You to finish.  You called me into the shower.  I stepped inside to see that you were sitting on the bench.  You motioned for me to come to You.  I stepped closer, You took me by the wrist and told me to lay over Your lap.  I did so.  You pulled my dress up to the small of my back, then spanked me first with Your hand, then the scrub brush.  The whole time You made me say that You come first after each swat.  I was in so much pain, You continued though for a little while longer. 

You had me stand up so that you could look at my face.  My make-up was smeared, my hair was soaked and clinging to my face.  You smiled at me and told me to go get changed, clean my face, dry my hair, then get into bed.  That night I pleased You with my mouth until You shot Your creamy gift down my throat.  I told you I would do better tomorrow.  You pulled me to You and told me that You knew I would.

Pussy Torture

Submissive Whore

My Master can be so cruel in his punishments sometimes. I feel like I’m walking a tightrope, and if I fall and displease him, he’ll hurt me. My only desire in this world is to please him though. I made him so mad because I didn’t do a good enough job in my chores and then he tried to punish me with a spanking, but he could tell I was enjoying the spanking too much. My pussy was all wet and positively dripping with each smack on the bottom that he gave me. So he came up with a really devious way to punish me, one he knew I wouldn’t enjoy. He made me spread my legs and expose my bare pussy to him while he slowly added painful clothes pins to the lips of my poor pussy. One after the other he clamped them onto my pussy lips while I wiggled and squirmed in pain. He had my legs and hands bound with rope so I couldn’t fight back. He put the last clip right onto my sensitive little clit. I was in agony. Then he bent me over and pelted my bare bottom with a belt. Normally a spanking is something I would enjoy, but the cruel and painful clips attached my pussy had me in agony. After 20 licks he was satisfied and allowed me out of my ropes and removed the clips. My poor pussy is still so sore though and my bottom is covered in whip marks.


Submissive whore

Your hand around my throat was terrifying. You strung me up in orange ropes, put a ball gag on me, and hung me from the ceiling. Nipple clamps tore at my sensitive nipples as you tugged on them. You aggressively shoved your fat fingers in my cunt and rammed them in and out violently. You slapped my face, spit on me, pulled my hair. You shoved toys in my asshole, without any lubricant, and slapped my already burning tits. It was obvious you were having fun. You got your cock out and with the juices from my cunt on your fingers, started jerking off. One hand on your cock and the other around my throat. The grip getting tighter and tighter the closer you came to an orgasm. Fuck. I’m going to pass out.

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