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Submissive To My Fetish

Submissive sex

This was the first time ever I had to submit to a man wanting me to do nothing but worship his ass. I must say, ass worship is something I didn’t think I was going to like. It doesn’t matter if I like it or not, being the submissive little whore I am, I will do whatever a man wants me to do. It just makes things so much better for me when I get to be a submissive cunt and do something that makes my slut cunt wet all at the same time. As soon as he dropped his pants I was on his ass. He was on all fours, his ass high up in the air. He wanted to order me around. Telling me to rub his ass, kiss his cheeks and finally lick that little asshole. Yes, sir is what I told him l with every order my filthy cunt was getting wetter and wetter. Then he told me to run my wet throbbing slut cunt right on his asshole until I orgasm. I came in less than five minutes leAving the crack of his asshole soaking. It made great lube since the last thing he wanted me to do was duck his tight asshole with a10 inch strap on while he jacked his thick cock. I can only hope to get another experience like this!

Daddy Master Punishment

BDSM phone sex

Daddy Master and I love Daddy Dom/Little Girl BDSM subby play! He sure loves punishing his little ageplay subby whore. He knows I crave his cock every day but when I’m being a naughty little subby, he punishes me by leaving me tied up in bed and teases me with his cock and my fuck toys! I love being Daddy Masters wee subby whore, worshipping his cock is my favorite thing! Drinking Daddy Master’s cummies like a sex-kitten is my favorite! When he punishes me and withholds cummies and cunnie rubs I get so sad! But at least he tickles my flesh with his whip. I want to be Daddy Master’s good girl so that he can reward me with orgasms and lashings! I surely love when Daddy Master lashes my bum! My sweet bald ageplay cunnie gets so creamy and wet when he whips my back and bum! I love being his little and worshipping his body with my little pink tongue!

Submissive Sex Toy

Submissive sex

I am locked away in an oversized closet. I only come out when Sir instructs me to. When I come out, I am out to please Sir. I was given to Sir a few years back from my master. Master told me I wasn’t good for him anymore, master wanted something new. I guess he was tired of using his old, used up toy. Master told me he will find someone young for me. Someone who would appreciate a skilled Submissive sex toy like me. A few days later, I met Sir. I thought since Sir was young, things would be a lot easier. I was wrong, I am not allowed to do anything unless Sir tells me to. I am in a dark closet with nothing to do. I only come out when Sir is ready to use me. I am Sir’s personal sexbot. I am not a human in the eyes of Sir. When Sir takes me out of the closet he commands me to wake up. I open my eyes without saying anything. Sir tells me I am a good girl and tells me to take his thick meat out of his pants and choke on it. No matter what, I have to do what sir commands. If I do not listen, Sir will give me away to someone that will hurt me every day until I eventually die. Things wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have to stay in that dark closet all the time. Sir is a handsome man, I do like pleasing him. I love the way he moans when my ass hole starts to tear or the way his thick cock swells up when he knows I am choking from it with tears running down my face. I also Love the nights he wants to rape me, I have to remember Sir does not want me to do like it. I think I hide it pretty well. The only thing that would give it away is how my cunt flows like a faucet when I tell him no. He slaps me hard across my face telling me to take his cock like the good cum slut bitch I am. When Sir is done with me, he walks out of the room. I already know what I am commanded to do without Sir saying a thing. I clean everything up quietly, then I go back into the closet. I am allowed to take a shower when Sir leaves for work. I will be the best Submissive Sex toy I can be to my Sir, I don’t want to get sent off somewhere else.

Submissive Foot Whore

Submissive Whore

Being a submissive little fuck slut can be hard work sometimes. I will do whatever I can to please my master and I am good at pleasing him. My master has trained me well. Recently my master has taken a lot of interest in feet. Earlier this week he called me into his office. I thought I was going to get punished for not being a good little whore. Instead he told me to sit down on the ground. I did as he told me and then I see him take his handcuffs out. He took my wrists and handcuffed them to my ankles, then pushed me right on my back. He put a ball gag right in my mouth and strapped it tight around my head. I saw his cock getting hard from doing this to me, master was getting very excited about what he was about to do next. My master slang his rock-hard cock out, took his hand and wrapped it around his cock. He got onto his knees placed his cock right by my feet and gave then a long golden shower. My cunt started getting very wet as I saw his yellow tea streaming down my feet. When master was done giving me my warm golden shower, he grabbed both of my feet put the backs of my feet together and started fucking them. For the next thirty minutes my master was sliding his hard cock in and out of my wet feet. I could tell he was about to cum by the look on his face. He told me to lift my body up and get my face close to my feet. Not even a minute went by and a hot steamy load shot all over my face. Master was aiming his hot juice right by my lips, he let the rest of his juice drop down onto my feet. He gave his cock a good rubbing, then he started giving my feet another warm golden shower. Once he was done, he got up, took the handcuffs off me and ordered me to clean up all the mess he made. Master wanted me to lick my feet clean. I hope master continues his interest in feet. Maybe soon we can play more games like this.

BDSM Anal Whore

BDSM Phone Sex

A dirty subby whore like me needs to keep my holes stretched for Master’s use. Keeping my ass and pussy stretched is an important part of being Master’s submissive whore. When I’m at the office, I make sure to keep my rosebud ass and pussy plugged up with the thickest plugs available. Master loves a sloppy wet gaping asshole to fuck. I love feeling the plug in my ass while I’m sitting in on business meetings. Master made sure to command me to wiggle around in my chair throughout these board meetings so that my plug gets me stretched extra wide. After work I always make sure to meet up with Master at his dungeon. After a quick change into my latex subby whore getup, Master makes me get on my hands and knees to inspect my holes. He wants them perfectly pulsing and gaping for him.

If he removes the plug and I am not to his liking, a more rigorous stretching comes in. Master positions me in front of his fuck machine with the most massive cock he could find on it. My asshole is not prepped nor lubed just like Master likes. The only thing he commands is for me to spit and lick the rubber black cock. Then it is time to back myself up until it’s pushing and stretching my raw starburst asshole around it. With his booming voice, Master commands me to rock back and forth, back and forth getting a nice rhythm. My asshole begins taking more and more girth and inches of that big black dildo in my subby ass. Once I’m far enough on the big black rubber cock, Master starts the fuck machine and I am pounded mercilessly until my asshole is gaped to his standards. Then the real fun begins…

Punish My Pussy

Submissive Whore

I love receiving Master’s painful harsh punishment. Getting my wrists handcuffed tightly and bending over offering up my tight submissive holes for him to abuse. My pussy craves the sharp sting of the crack of Master’s whip on my wet throbbing clit. It makes my pussy flutter with the harder and harsher flick of that leather whip! The harder he whipped my swollen bright pink cunt, the more it oozes out warm pussy juice. When Master shoves his thumb in my tight rosebud asshole it drives my subby cunt insane. Plugging away at my holes with his whip and fingers is torture. A desperate little whore like me just moans and begs for Master’s thick cock but he’s withholding it from me. He loves to watch me writhe like a pathetic worm and squirm under his whip. Master ignores my begs and pleas and continued to tease and flick my clit with his whip until I squirt all down my thigh.

Spanking Chat for Valentine’s Day

spanking chatSpanking chat is not what I wanted for Valentine’s Day. But I don’t get romance. I am a submissive bitch, not a girlfriend. Men tell me that all the time. I am used to hearing it, but it doesn’t change the fact that once in awhile I would like a box of chocolates or flowers, instead of spankings. My boss made me wear a school girl outfit to work today. I look ridiculous in a plaid skirt and high heels. I am in my 40s, not my teens. My boss likes the visual, however. When he arrived at work, he ordered me across his lap. I pretended each whack on my ass was an “I love you.” I got 500 I love yous. My ass was red like a bouquet of roses. I could barely sit the rest of the work day. That was okay, he had me on my knees for some cock worshiping for the rest of the day anyway. He told me the only candy a whore like me gets is the liquid kind. I drained his balls for hours. It felt like I drained a gallon of his jizz. He must have been holding it in for a few days. It was not a romantic Valentine’s Day, but then I am not girlfriend material. I am just a whore.

Used like a whore

Extreme bondage Cydney

Before going to work today, Master left me tied up in the living room with shackles around my ankles and my wrists attached to the shackles so that my back was bent with my ass in the air and my head down. That way my pussy and ass would be ready and waiting for him when he got home. While I was tied and waiting for him like a good slave. the landlord let himself in for a quick check up on the property. When he found my naked body exposed with my pussy just waiting there for anyone to take it, he helped himself to me. I didn’t fight back and let him use my pussy like a good whore. He slid right into me and fucked my pussy while fingering my ass. When Master got home later that day and saw my used pussy, he was not happy at all and I got a nice hard spanking for being such a little slut!

Erotic Submissive P-Mommy

erotic submissive stories

Yes, I am an erotic submissive P-mommy. My husband and son subject me to bondage so I can watch my darling suck daddy and brother cock. My son is a bit older and enjoys stretching out her little mouth as I watch helplessly from the bathroom floor. He taunts me with how much of his growing cock he can get in her mouth. Ripped from getting out of the tub and gagged and bound I watch my P-men enjoy her body. I can’t blame them when they are gone I give her special mommy love. Licking her pussy and sucking her tongue as if to make up for the rough Spankings and bondage that we both endure. She holds my face and tells me what a good mommy whore I am for daddy and Bubba. I think she will make a good BDSM whore for a man, don’t you? I think a nice dom like you can train us both to please your cock just how you like it. 


Sexy bondageMy Master came up with a new way to humiliate his slave whore today. He put a butt plug in my ass with a fluffy tail on the end of it, and a dog collar and leash around my neck. I wore a short black dress with no panties and the tail of the butt plug hung down from under my dress where it was visible for everyone to see. He took me for a walk in the park and held the leash while I walked in front of him. I was so humiliated being walked like a dog in public and dressed like a whore in the tight black dress. Passerby’s could see my tail hanging between my legs and my face burned with shame and humiliation, but my pussy was wet. After he had walked me for a bit, he pulled me off the path of the park and hiked up my dress and bent me over. He saw how wet my pussy was and he was please. He stuck his cock inside of me and quickly fucked my pussy. I was so hot I came and squirted on myself. He dumped a load of cum into me and I had to walk back through the park on my leash while my legs dripped with his cum and my pussy juice.

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