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Hardcore Tit Torture

Hardcore Bondage

My master has many dominatrix accomplices that he loves to watch torture me and punish me whenever I step out of line as his slave whore. If I do not scrub master’s toilet to his liking, he makes his domme accomplice punish my tits. First she chained me up with my arms and legs spread out and took out master’s leather whip and made me count the number of hard whips she cracks against my puffy pink nipples. If I dared miscount or flinched, she would start all over again. She whipped me until my tits were swollen and red and then brought out Master’s hard wooden cane to abuse my tits until they were almost purple then she took out her clothespins to pin my tender swollen tits. My pinned tits ached as she whipped and caned my wet bald cunt fifty times- I counted. I was only rewarded with pleasure if I did not flinch or miscount, then she rubbed my swollen clit until I squirted on master’s dungeon floor.

Total Submission

Submissive Whore

My dedication to being the perfect Submissive Whore for my Dom has taken over my life. He has cameras all over the house and watches my every move. I know have to ask his permission before I am allowed to do anything or make any decisions. I called to ask to go potty and he wouldn’t answer. I had to sit their and cross my knees and wait. I couldn’t help myself though and made a mess of my panties and pissed all over myself. He was so mad at the mess I had made that he forced me to sleep in this pet crate while he stayed in the bed and brought home another girl with him. I had to watch him fuck her from the inside of my cage. He did let me out, but only to suck his cock clean and make me taste her pussy juices on him. Then I had to lick the cum from her cunt and get it nice and clean before he fucked her again, then I was back in my cage where I spent the rest of the night.


Bondage phone sex

Before leaving for work, Daddy cuffed my hands behind my back and made me kneel on the floor. He told me this was a test to see how well I obey his orders. He commanded me to stay kneeling on the floor for him all day while he was gone, with my asshole and pussy on display for him to use when he got back. He left a painful flogger next to me and a cane in front of me to show me what I would get if I didn’t obey him. My knees and back were killing me after the first couple of hours, but that pain was nothing compared to what Daddy would give me if I moved. I was a good subby daughter and didn’t move an inch. He rewarded me when I got him by fingering my clit and fucking my tight ass until he filled my asshole with a thick creampie that dripped down my legs onto the floor. He made me lick up the cum I dripped out and then finally uncuffed my hands and let me stand.

Bad whores sleep on the floor

Bondage phone sexMy master is very picky about how I behave. The smallest mistake and I get severely punished. When I’ve been a naughty girl he makes me sleep on the floor in a pet cage on an old blanket. It’s to remind me that he is my master and that I am nothing more than a pet or a play thing. If I was a good whore for him, I would have the privilege of getting to sleep in a human bed, but I was bad and came too soon when he was fucking me. Now I have to sleep in this cage like a mutt, and eat my food out of a bowl on the floor. I’m only allowed on the bed to suck his cock, but then I have to go right back into my cage. I don’t even get to have him fuck my pussy or ass when he’s angry at me because fucking his beautiful cock is a privilege, not a right. I’m on my best behavior now, hoping he will see what a good sub I can be and let me out of my cage and finally fuck my pussy and ass again.

Slave Breeding

Bondage whore

My master has decided he’s going to start breeding my young pussy. He wants a totally submissive bitch who will birth babies for him one after the other. All of our daughters will be submissives too and they will submit to their daddy and their brothers like good little whores should. He’s already started cumming in me every day and tracking my periods so he can breed me on the days when I’m most fertile. He wants a whole family of submissive slut daughters and dominant sons. He’ll train our daughters to be cock sucking whores just like their mother once they’re of age, and he’ll teach our sons how to be good masters and let them practice tying up and fucking their sisters and their mom. I know my master well enough to know he has huge plans for me and our future family of dominant sons and subby slut daughters.

Spanking Chat and Punishment

spanking chatI love spanking chat. I have an ass made for spanking. I was at a spanking party last night. Do you know what that is? The host invites dominant men to spank his slave and maybe a few other slaves. I was the only spanking star last night. Master had some men who wanted to get out some aggression. He knew just how to make that happen for them. He was multi-tasking last night. He got to help some colleagues and punish me at the same time. He was not happy that I messed up a call for him at work earlier in the day. To me, it was a minor screw up. I accidentally patched his ex-wife into him instead of telling her he was in a meeting. He hates speaking to her. He acted like it was okay, but I knew that wasn’t the case. He was planning something and last night, I got my comeuppance. I knew he was seething from my mistake. He summoned me to his home. I was instructed to wear a garter belt and stockings that would frame my ass. I knew what that meant. Punishment by bare bottom spankings was in store for me. I got it in spades too. He went first, primed my ass. That was followed by his colleagues taking a turn on me. Hands, belts, whips and paddles were used to punish my ass. I was the only sore loser of the party. Very sore. My ass is red and blistered today. I have splinters in my ass too from the paddles. My ass hurts so bad, I can’t even sit on the toilet to pee. I had to set on a bag of frozen veggies at work. It was a hard lesson to learn but doubt I will make the same mistake twice.

Erotic Submissive Stories

erotic submissive stories

Erotic submissive stories, I have many to share. I am a lifetime submissive. I was daddy’s slave in the 80s. My husband’s bitch in the 90s. And now, I have a master who shares me with many men. I am allowed to go to bondage and BDSM clubs too. Yesterday, my Master had a party. I was not a guest, but the main attraction. Think of the movie The Purge without the killing. Once a year, Master invites colleagues, friends and clients to his house to explore their wicked fantasies with his favorite slave. These are dominant men without a slave to explore their bondage and BDSM needs with. I am a submissive whore, so whatever these men throw at me, I take. I know if I fight, things get far worse. These men were in hog heaven and they brought their A game. I was whipped, tied up like a side of beef, force fucked, gang banged, sodomized and spanked. Any position imaginable, I was in. I felt like the bitch I am. And if the torture and abuse was not enough, many men used me as a toilet. They pissed in my holes and made me drink it up. For one night, these men got to use me and humiliate me like I was their own personal slave. Would you like a day with me too? The Purge has not yet ended.

Playdate with Mommy

I love when my son comes to visit and brings his friends. I’m the best Mommy and love to do whatever they say even if it is degrading. They made me put on only an apron and make them cookies. While I was stirring the dough, his friend came up behind me and pushed my face right in the bowl and started fucking me from behind. My boy grabbed my face and smacked the cookie dough right off, while telling me what a worthless fucking slut I am. He forced his cock into my mouth and face fucked me until tears streamed down my face. My baby boy and his friend spit roasted me right in the kitchen, taking turns smacking my face and ass. My son ripped off my apron and hogtied me with it. I was laying on the cold tile with my ass in the air. The boys fucked both my soaking holes until they filled me up with their cum. They ordered me to stay there all night and if I move I’ll be punished. I waited all night on the cold floor covered in their cum until they came back the next morning to fuck me again. Even though it hurt, it felt so good to please my baby boy!milf sub

Submissive Whore

submissive whoreA submissive whore does as she is told. When my Master wanted me to play with my ass for him, I did my best to give him the show he wanted. I was toying with my ass with a big dildo. He seemed to like it, but he wanted more. He told me to impress him. It was an order. If I had disobeyed, I would be in trouble, maybe not even dead. I had to think of something quick. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I fisted my own ass. I had no lube and I was in an awkward position, but I made it happen. I stuck my fingers in first, then worked my hand in and eventually I was up to my elbow in my ass while master masturbated. He made me call myself a stupid whore. He loved making me shame myself while I fisted myself. When he grew bored with that, I put a baseball bat up my ass. I worked hard to impress him because he is one mean son of a bitch I never want to disappointed. Just like I never want to disappoint you either.

Pain Is My Kink

BDSM phone sex

I’m such a whore for BDSM play. Pain gets me off. I am always asked about what kind of BDSM kinks that I am into and here I am to clear it up for you all. Believe me when I say that I have been there and done it all! From kinky rope bondage play to bloody knife play, I love it all. The perfect Master knows just how to get me off with all the most painful plays to get me off! A proper Master knows how much his subby whore likes to be tied up in skin digging knots and toyed around with sharp impact play- I love getting beaten with blunt objects, it makes my cunt drip with excitement! Erotic asphyxiation is another favorite. I love when Master chokes me to the point of passing out either with his cock, rope or even just his strong grip. I’m up for it all, the more painful the better in my book! I live to serve.

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