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This Submissive Whore Needs to Make Money

submissive whore

I started out as daddy’s submissive whore. Honestly, I thought I had escaped his clutches, but I don’t think that is ever possible. He made me stop being a phone whore for the past year because he didn’t want to share me with you. He found out what I was doing and was not happy at all. He said he owned my pussy and ass. No one could make money off me but him. But guess what? Daddy got arrested. He is in jail now, so I am back to work! I hope you missed me. I have a master who I am working for, but he is way nicer than daddy. Not nearly as smart either. I must give him a percentage of my phone earnings, but he just puts it up his nose. Essentially, I support his drug addiction. Last night, I didn’t bring him enough money, so he traded my fuck holes for coke with this dealer he knows. I thought I was in the good with this guy, but he traded me like a bad stock the moment he needed coke. The guy he rented me out to was a big mean black guy with a monster cock. He sodomized my tiny pink asshole for hours. My butthole was sore and prolapsed when he finally couldn’t cum anymore. He took a Viagra even though he was a young guy. There was no reason he needed a blue pill; he just wanted to last hours for my fuck holes. He told my master that he might as well get his money’s worth. He sure as fuck did. I am sitting on an ice pack today. I sure do hope you guys missed me because I need to make a lot of money to keep my coke addict master happy.

Gangbang Phone Sex

Gangbang phone sex

Master invited some of his friends over the other night. He brought a very sexy maid outfit and had me wear it while I served dinner and drinks. After dinner they were all gathered in the living room and Master put on music and instructed me to do a sexy strip tease for them. I danced on laps and slowly removed my maid outfit piece by piece until I was naked and surrounded by men stroking their hard cocks. Master said that I was to be the entertainment and the dessert! With that, they stood up and surrounded me. I had a dick in the back of my throat, a cock deep in my pussy and a few more being stroked towards me. They took turns fucking all my holes and filling me up like a nasty little cum dumpster and I loved every minute of it!

Sensory Deprivation for Gretchen

Erotic bondage stories

Master had some special plans for me the other night! We went to a nice dinner and then went to a hotel afterwards. It was so nice! He pulled out his bag of goodies and began by binding my forearms together in front of me which is a favorite of mine. Bound enough to make movement (and escape) difficult but in such a way that any position is still possible. Then he put a large ball gag in my mouth, covered my eyes with a blindfold and put earplugs in my ears. Complete and utter sensory deprivation. Unable to see, hear, speak or move. Exactly what Master intended! I could feel his warm hands caressing my body as I began to melt into the feeling. But then I felt more hands! I couldn’t keep track as what felt like 3 or 4 other people were in the room. I couldn’t ask, I couldn’t hear them talking, I couldn’t see to make sure. I began panicking as complete strangers for all I knew were about to use me. I was picked up and placed on top, straddling someone as was forced to slide down onto their hard cock. They held my hips and guided me up and down. Then my head was pushed down exposing my tight little asshole. I felt someone rub lube across it and then I felt the cock easing its way in. My cries were muffled as I moaned out to the feeling on being double teamed by two dicks. They fucked me hard and rough and filled me up with hot cum. I felt more cum on my face and tits too as the other men used my body. They took turns fucking my pussy and ass and eventually they all left. Master only let me see and hear again after it was just him in the room. I guess I’ll never know who fucked me that night!

Submissive Phone Chat: I Will Humiliate Myself for You

submissive phone chatI enjoy submissive phone chat calls. I like being told what to do, even if it pushes my boundaries and crosses my comfort zone. I was talking to a new phone master this weekend. When it comes to phone masters, I have a lot. I never say no. Well, I don’t say no to most things. Some guys want me to do things too painful or awkward for me to do to myself. I am submissive, but I can never spank myself as hard or as well as you could. This phone master didn’t ask me to do anything I couldn’t do. He was into humiliating me. I get off on being treated like a worthless whore. He had me sit on my desk in front of a window and masturbate so people outside could see me. I didn’t want to get arrested, but I also didn’t want to anger my phone master. Some people saw me. Some acted like they didn’t see me, but I knew they did. And some were so buried in their cell phones they missed my submissive whore act. Lucky for them, that was just Act 1. After I diddled my kitty for passersby, I had to put my suction cup dildo against the window. My mistake for giving him an honest inventory of my sex toys. I had to back my naked ass against the window and fuck my dildo while cars and people went by my house. I heard several honks, so I knew some one was enjoying the show. I must live in this neighborhood. I am sure many people who know me saw me. That is very humiliating to me. I shamed myself for a phone master I have never met. It is ingrained in me to do as I am told. I am the perfect submissive slut even when it costs me my dignity.

Bare Bottom Spanking Slut

Bare bottom spankings


I know you spank me when I’ve been naughty as a way of punishing me but I can’t help but love it when you do Master. When your hand hits my bare ass and leaves a stinging red mark it makes my pussy so wet. The way you spank me when I’ve been bad by having me lay naked across your lap feels like such a schoolgirl fantasy, I just need a cute little uniform to complete the look. You can spank me until my ass and thighs are covered with red, blue and purple marks. Make it so that every time I sit for the next week the bruises make me think of you Master and the lesson you taught me with your bare bottom spankings.

Anal slave training

Bondage whore

My Master has started a new phase of my slave training. He has me wearing a buttplug 24/7 now. I’m only allowed to take it out when using the bathroom or when he’s fucking my ass. He’s also gradually moving the size of the buttplug up week by week. He wants me to be able to take any sized cock or fist in my ass whenever he wants. I take his cock easily now, but it still needs to be lubed up and slowly entered. He wants to be able to just shove his hard cock into me whenever he wants to without any prep work involved. He has me wearing a huge 4″ diameter plug daily now and it hurts and feels so good at the same time! When I walk while wearing the huge ass stretcher, it makes my pussy start to get wet. I can barely sit down with this plug in my ass, so I end up standing almost constantly. Master loves knowing I’m struggling to walk without pain and arousal all from the huge toy hidden inside of my stretched back hole. When he takes it out to fuck me, it feels so good feeling the smooth toy plop out and leave my ass gaping wide. I’m not left open for long though before he jams his huge hard cock into stretched asshole and fucks me hard and fills me with cum. He doesn’t even have to use lube to get the big plug back up inside my hole, all the slickness from his cum makes it slide right back in. He plans to insert an even bigger plug into me soon and I’m turned on but afraid at the same time. I can barely take the one I have inside of me now, I don’t know if I could bear anything bigger than that!

Submissive Sex Whore: Can You Make My Daughter One Too?

submissive sex

Submissive sex whore is what I want for my daughter, but she thinks she is princess material. Many men have tried to break her, but she still thinks she is the one in charge. She looks down on my slave lifestyle. She thinks women have the power not men. She thinks women should be spoiled and pampered not used and abused. I keep telling her she has lofty ideals for being the daughter of a whore. We are middle-class at best too, yet she walks around her school halls like the queen bee of the Mean Girls. I had a lover over last night that took a shine to my bitchy teen daughter. I explained that she would not break for anyone, not even him. He thought otherwise, so he tried to instill some slave training in my teen girl. He couldn’t break her. He fucked her mouth. He sodomized her perfect pink butthole. He came all over her. She still refused to call him daddy or master. She said the most vile and angry things to him an me. She is a wild horse in need of breaking. I have had some great masters in my life, not one yet has broken my little slut. Do you want a crack at her?

Submissive Sex Only

submissive sexSubmissive sex is all I deserve. That is what every man tells me. I don’t think any man has ever made sweet love to me. If they even fuck me, it is always rough. You know, hardcore ass fucking, no lube, no orgasm for me. I get sex starved like any other woman, so sometimes I try Tinder. It is a little secret from my master. I only see him at work or when we travel together for work which gives me a lot of free time. Over the weekend, I had a Tinder date. I was catfished, however. The sexy stud I was exchanging flirty texts and pictures with was not whose house I arrived at. It was my Master’s house. He knew what I was up too, and he was not amused. Not one bit. I had never been to his place, but when he opened the door, I knew I had been set up. He yanked me by my hair into the house. I knew I was in trouble. He was waiting for me. He had a bench ready for me. He tied me to it and placed a ball gag in my mouth. He then sodomized me for hours. Rough anal sex with no lube. He spanked my ass. He pulled my hair. All  while telling me I am nothing but a submissive whore and I don’t deserve the romantic attention of a man. Apparently, he put some sort of spyware on my phone, so my every text, my every google search my every move is watched. What was I thinking? I don’t deserve to have an orgasm. I don’t deserve a romantic relationship. My purpose in life is to serve my masters, not to take pleasure for myself. It was a hard lesson to learn, but my ass will be reminding for a while how worthless I am.

Vacation from hell

bdsm shilohBdsm chat leads to my master’s main whore to fuck me up in the woods. I sometimes am not in my best behavior. I end up wandering off and not asking for permission. I wanted to take a mini vacation to the Bahamas. I did so not thinking the master would notice. Well, I should have thought that thru. Master is well aware of everything I do. Master has bugged all my devices. This is how I found out. When I boarded, I got a text that read ” have fun in the sun those buns are toast when you get back” I couldn’t even enjoy myself, when I made it to the airport on my way back home where they were ready for me. They threw me in the car, and we drove for hours. I was going on a second vacation they assured me. This one was going to be in the woods. The mistress started beating and torturing me and using my holes. I was being fucked hard and pissed on and degraded. I deserved it all.

BDSM Phone Sex: I am Not Your Only Slave!

bdsm phone sexI love bdsm phone sex calls. I am a subby whore. Tie me up, spank me, use me. My earliest memories are of being daddy’s submissive girl. I didn’t have a choice back then. He was my father. He would have killed me or put me out on the streets if I didn’t do as I was told. I always blamed my mother. She was not putting up with daddy’s mean behavior any longer, so she left. Either she didn’t think he would abuse me, or she didn’t give a fuck. Either way, I was still raised by a dominant man and my youth shaped who I am today. Today, I am a submissive whore who likes being used by men. From daddy to my husband to my master to all of you, I am just here for your pleasure. I didn’t like being daddy’s fuck slave when I was young, but now, I don’t know how to be anything else. I don’t want to be anything else but a submissive slave.

This may be the “Me Too” era, but I am not alone. There are lots of submissive sluts in the world. We have many working at our company! Besides my site, we have SnuffPhoneSex.Com. This is a site with girls with dark fantasies. Plenty of victims to choose from too. Some of those girls have death wishes!

submissive whorePerhaps, you like a young submissive slave. We have a site called YoungOnesPhoneSex.Com. You can find several barely legal fuck slaves on that site. Some men prefer a submissive old whore like me, but some prefer a submissive hot teen slut.

submissive sexMaybe you like a submissive big girl? I have some meat on my bones, but we have plenty of submissive sexy BBWs on our BBWPhoneSexFreaks.Com site. Spank some big fat asses and bound some big fat titties. More flesh to whip!

milf phone sexAnd, if you want a submissive mommy type, we have two sites where you can find more mature women like me who want nothing more than to please our sons. JackoffwithMommy.Com and FamilyDesiresPhoneSex.Com both have a selection of sexy mommies, many whom may be your perfect submissive sex slave.

submissive phone sexI am not trying to steer you away from me. I can handle whatever you can bring, but you do have lots of choices when it comes to submissive slaves.

submissive phone chat

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