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Prostate milking

prostate milking

My brother and daddy want to have a good time with me. They are wanting me to be the most perfect cum eating whore ever to live. They are letting me milk their prostates tonight. Their cocks are pointed right into my face while I take turns shoving my finger in their asses and licking their balls. I get to stroke them as their cocks leak and drool gallons of cum out of them.

I keep beating those cocks until my cheeks are full of their hot cum. I can not even imagine how much cum I get to milk out of them once they bust for me. I am going to get a big nut. I am already drowning in cum, drinking every sloppy bit of it down into my tummy. It is so sticky and wet, I jerk those cocks and beg for that cum.

I open my mouth and put a glass bowl underneath of my chin. I am going to get every drop of that sperm!

Prostate milking

Prostate milkingYou tie me up every night after you use me to finger fuck your asshole making me milk your prostate, then making me swallow each and every drop of cum you spit out! I love milking that cock its so perfect so clean and pretty that big fat mushroom head makes my pussy dripping wet! You tie me up after you get what you want from me! Today you came home bringing with you a big fat strap on that I thought you were going to use on my tight puckered asshole. Man I thought wrong! You untied me and made put that big fat long pink strap on and told me to first tongue fuck your asshole sticking my tongue in deep! Then to loosen you up with my middle finger! Then to penetrate your tight manly asshole with the big fat long pink juicy dildo deep into your asshole!

Cock Worshiping Work Whore

cock worshipingCock worshiping is what I do daily for my Master. A good submissive takes care of cock. She is a cock pleaser not a cock teaser. When I arrived at work yesterday, Master had something waiting for me. Actually, someones waiting for me. Master informed me that we had out of town guests and I needed to show them some old fashioned hospitality. I am a submissive. I knew what he expected. I didn’t want to suck all those other lawyers’ cocks, but if I disobeyed an order either implicit or explicit, I would be whipped like an Old South slave. I got on my knees for a blow bang. Master feels that when lawyers have their balls drained, they focus better and they are sharper. Ball draining makes for legal eagles is his motto. It is not my place to question my master. I am only to suck dick, swallow cum and get fucked. I’m nothing more than a secretary slave. I was a gang bang secretary yesterday morning. I swallowed a lot of cum. Good thing I had not eaten breakfast or I may have exploded like a stuffed goldfish. Can’t remember the last time I swallowed that much cum. I was wearing it too. It didn’t stop with morning head. I had a nooner gang bang and an after work hardcore ass fucking. A Milf whore’s work is never done.

milf phone sex

Thank You For Your Cock, Master WorshipingI love your cock, Master. I would do anything that you asked me to do just so that you would allow me to suck on that huge beautiful dick of yours. You’re the only Master that I want and the only cock that I need. I’ve never had anyone make me feel like you do and no one has ever made me cum the way you have. I spend hours and days touching myself, fingering my pussy, using my vibrator and my clit massager just trying to make my cunt feel as good as you can make it feel, Master. Your cock is the best I’ve ever had and there is not another that can compare to it. I’ve looked and tried others on for size, so to speak, but your gorgeous dick, Master, is the only one that gets my wet pussy off. You could fuck my tight little cunt one million times and it would never be enough. It’s not that you don’t satisfy me, quite the contrary. You fuck me so good that I literally cannot get enough and I never want to feel like I’ve had enough. I love the feelings of want and need and desire that wash over me all the time when were not together. I want you to be my one and only Master forever, and I will always do what you want. I promise that I will please you and make your cock feel amazing as often as you will allow me to. Any other whore would be lucky to have you, Master. If I ever don’t satisfy you, I would expect that you’d teach me how, or bring in another, even more experienced whore to teach me how to do it the right way. I live to serve you, Master and I only want you to feel as good as you make me feel. Please let me please you all the time. I will be anything you tell me to, as long as it makes you happy and makes your amazing cock feel fantastic. Master, use me to serve your cock. I live for you. I worship your cock.

Nothing but a fuckhole


Prostate phone sex

I tongue fucked Masters asshole hard before inserting my finger. Prostate phone sex was one of his favorite games to keep me in line. I had been trained by my husband before he sold me into slavery but Master’s game was quite different.

Master preferred to go to the gym first for a long workout. He reeked of smelly sweat right down to his nut sac. Then he’d also forget to wipe his ass very well. I’d be forced to suck his nasty balls and tongue out the bits of shit and toilet tissue. If I retched, I’d be beaten, so I tongue fucked him deep and hard, lapping every bit of foul matter until he was clean.

Next, I’d suck his cock, easing a finger into his bowels. I’d fuck him slow until I found this special knob deep inside. I could always tell when I hit it, because he’d fuck my mouth furiously. Crouching low over my face, he face fucked me hard, barely letting me come up for air. I’d finger fuck his ass until he was ready to come. He’d pull out with a roar and shoot his load all over my face and hair, calling me a a worthless cunt.


Prostate milking

prostate milking

My daddy needs to be taken care of my dumb stupid ass. It is the only thing I know how to do right. I am in his room and promising him that I am going to milk his cock. I get on my hands and knees and start licking his ass hole. I lap it up like a am a thirsty little whore for his ass juice.

I made sure to suck on his taint and his balls. I suck on that cock making it sticky, wet, and stringy with my spit. I can not help myself. I want to drink the cum out of his cock hole. I put my finger in his ass and push up to get his sweet spot.

His cock instantly starts dripping. It is almost like he is peeing in my mouth when I put my mouth up against his cock head.  I jerk that cock hard and faster, sucking on it. I can not believe how much cum he has draining out of those big nuts.

Taken and Pissed On

Pissing Phone Sex

I was taken from an alley while walking home from work. A very strong man threw me into a van and tied up my hands and feet. He even gagged me to make sure I wouldn’t try to scream. A bag was placed over my head as I was taken somewhere I’d never been. He dragged me inside somewhere, pulling me down the stairs with him. When the bag came off, all I could tell was that I was in a basement somewhere. He tore off my clothes and left me naked on the cold floor. When he came back, he was holding a leather whip, which he lashed me with repeatedly. He kicked me before grabbing my face and snarling, saying I was going to do anything and everything he told me to do. If I didn’t, he would kill me.

Scared, I nodded yes. He whipped me a few more times for good measure before unzipping his pants. Warm liquid trickled down my body as he pissed on me, telling me I’m a worthless whore. His cock now hard, he freed just my hands and jammed his cock down my throat. Gagging on his huge boner, I gasped for air in between thrusts. Pressing a knife to my neck, he told me to milk his prostate while I sucked him. I slid my fingers inside him and massaged his prostate until he was shooting his load in my mouth. He kept me locked in the basement, forcing me to suck him every night for a week before leaving me to find my way home from the woods.

Prostate Milking: Sexual New’s Years Resolution to Peg My Master More

prostate milkingProstate milking isn’t something you would assume a submissive woman would know much about, but you would be wrong. This submissive MILF knows all about draining prostates. In fact, it is part of my Master’s New Year’s resolution to have his prostate milked more which means I will be milking more in 2017. My Master loves it when I drain his balls. I have been doing it for decades. Now that he is older, and his dick doesn’t work like it once did, I find myself doing it more frequently. He spent New Year’s Eve at my place. I knew what he wanted. He made it perfectly clear that my primary responsibility for the evening was to drain his nut sack completely. As a submissive, I do as I am told. I read up on some different techniques. I discovered that pegging is the best way to empty a man’s balls; so I bought a strap on.  A big one too. I measured it at 9 inches. I was nervous about how my geriatric Master would take me fucking his ass with a strap-on, but he loved the idea. I was rewarded for my creativity. Still, I was nervous.

submissive whore Pegging my boss, my Master, was not something a submissive whore instinctively does, but I did it. He bent over my chair in my living room. I lubed up his ass and went balls deep to find his prostate. He  moaned and groaned in delight. Wriggled his old ass around helping me find the right spot. I knew when I found it too based on the noises he made. He ordered me to stroke him a certain way and I did. I have a confession. I enjoyed fucking his ass. For once I felt like I was in control. I felt dominant. He was so pleased that I drained his limp dick of what appeared to be a mountain of cum. He made a mess. Of course I had to eat all his cum. His spunk is nasty too. He has old man spunk. And, I had to suck the dildo that had been up his ass for an hour clean too. Okay, so perhaps I don’t like pegging my old Master so much after all.

prostate phone sex


Submissive Slut Training

submissive slut

All of my daughters have the same reputation as me – submissive slut. I raised them all right, they know when to fight it, and they know when to be still like a good girl and just take it. I tell them all the time that the biggest part of being a submissive slut is pleasing the man that is using you. They all understand that, minus my youngest she just cries all the time when she is getting fucked. Nothing is wrong with that, I actually get turned on when she cries and my tits start to leak breast milk everywhere. I am one dripping mess hearing the wails of my babies. I love to smack them around, and make them be even bigger whores. I love to teach them new things that they would never learn at school, this is submissive slut training. My daughters all are going to ace these lessons, like it or not! That’s what it is all about – the submissive whores getting what they deserve and learning from it…

Prostate milking my master

prostate milking

My brother has been extremely kinky. He loves when I am nostril deep in his ass hole cleaning him up and out. I love being really nasty with him. I put my tongue deep into him and lick and lap at every slit in his ass. I always am his toilet. As of lately though he has been needing to go get his prostate checked.

I told him that he does not need another whore, like a doctor that thinks she knows everything up in him. I tell him, that  I am his submissive little skank- let me cater to him. He finally agreed and I get on my hands and knees, dick in my face I reach behind him. I start pushing my finger right into the area, his cock grows.

He tells me he needs to piss, I tell him that’s normal and open my mouth wide, he lets out his hot piss as I keep fucking his prostate with my finger. I am going to milk every substance out of your cock, big bother.  I want all of your cum and all of your piss!

After he finishes pissing in my mouth and I swallow it. I take his cock in my mouth and start to tug the milky cum out of his big fat dick. I fuck his prostate with my finger and soon enough, he lets me drink his sweet nectar right out of his cock hole.

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