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Master’s Prostate Pleasure

Prostate phone sex


Master wanted to try something and have me pleasure him in a brand new way! He told me that I was going to give him the most intense orgasm I could by doing everything he told me to do. He had me start my tonguing around his ass and tongue fucking his asshole, I guess I wasn’t being as good as he wanted because he pushed me down sat on my face. Master really ground his ass into my face and forced my tongue into his asshole. Then he grabbed a vibrator and told me to use it on him. I lubed up Master’s asshole and slipped the toy in. Master had me thrust in and out and stimulate his prostate. He grabbed my hair and had me go down on him. While I choked and gagged on his cock and pumped the toy in and out of his cock Master held my head down and forced his cock deep into my throat. He groaned out as he shot load after load into the back of my throat. I gave him that prostate orgasm he wanted and I got a reward of hot cum!



Submissive sex magnet

submissive sexI always attract dominant masters in my life. I had initially thought I was having a usual threesome. In actuality, it became a submissive sex fiasco with a domme and her husband. They wanted to tie me up and use me all weekend. Once I was in their space, I was weak, and I was going to be used like the whore I am. I knew they could tell I was naturally submissive and I wasn’t going to fight back. I was taking all their demands and commands as a slave pet should. My holes were their playground, and they weren’t going to let me go without using me to the brink of insanity. They wanted me to have full trauma once they were done with me. I was their whore til they said no more. All bloody and bruised up was how I ended up. I had never been so roughed up as I was with both of them. They were waiting for this for a long time.

Prostate Milking Momma

prostate milking

I am a prostate milking momma. I tend to be the submissive who always has her tongue in my husband and sons asshole trying to eat those asses so well that I milk every drop of cum from those big cocks. It is a hard task to teach my daughters, they dislike the taste of shit, but to be a good sub slut they must do exactly as I do. 

I have been known to be called Masters Mommy pet, whose only pleasure will be eating his ass until he milks his prostate all over our daughters’ faces. Then I am locked in my cage and only let out to fetch his slippers and bring him his reading material in the bathroom. Then this cheap phone sex Subslut I must wait to clean his ass after a nice shit. And be his piss whore. I love being his slave and cum slut, but recently master has been looking for a Mistress to run me and my offspring while he is away at work, or out of town. See he also wants our teen son to learn discipline, as it has been said that Mistresses make the best slave trainers and the harshest dominate men to their knees. I know That on sissy slut hut he will find me a Mistress that will train me and our son the right way!  After all, we all love being a submissive whore once in a right? 

cheap phone sex

Bukkake slut

bukkake phone sexBukkake phone sex is what my master needs. I end up being his punching bag with all his friends as well. They all take control of me and put me in my place. I end up being choked and fucked till I am a bloody pulp on the ground. I get pissed on and cummed on like the worthless whore I am.

Master ended up doing something he has never done before to me. I was stripped naked, and he immediately began grabbing his blade. My nipples were going to be tortured he said. I was in fear. I hate blood and pain. I know however that I have no say so and will have to be subjected to what he deems necessary.

My tits were hurting me. The nerves were shot and me screaming just made him yank them out hard. After it was all done, I was drenched in blood. Cum was splattered all over me like the bukkake slave I am.

Spank me daddy

light bondage

My stepdaddy introduced me to light bondage and ever since I have wanted it even rougher and more difficult. Daddy knows just what his baby girl needs. I wish it rough and hard. When you come on over with your hard wooden paddle, I know my holes are in for a sweet treat. My Daddy loves when I am crying like a little whore.

I have bright red marks all over me make me so wet. My cunt starts to drip so much that my thighs are slippery with all my juices. Daddy cums all over my marks it the perfect targe.


I kiss Daddies dick till he cums, and right then and there I open my eyeballs because cum belongs right there. I am a sub slut, and I love it when my dad takes advantage of me.

promiscuous girl

s&m pornWith all the torture I endured I could be the poster slut for a s&m porn. I had to give my phone to my master. It was confiscated because it wouldn’t stop beeping. It was apparent someone else was trying to get my attention. As he opened my phone my heart sank. I was sure he was going to see a dozen messages from different me. I knew I was going to be examined and punished. I went and spread my legs for him. I even had a fresh batch of jizz inside from lunchtime. I was in serious shit. I was going to get my body tortured for being a complete slut. My holes were stretched since I liked being a fuck slut. I was going to get used and abused. I learned my lesson after that. I won’t entertain guys, and I won’t fuck anyone unless I am told I can by the master. I will never disobey him again.

Red hot valentines date

submissive slutMy master loves to give me surprised. I get a bunch of new things sprung on me, and I have to be okay with it no matter how much I cry or beg for them to stop I know its going to be a painful event. My ass got swaddled so much this valentines day it was one to remember. My master brought over a heart-shaped paddle, and it was perfect for my tight ass. I knew I was the best submissive slut because I was going to endure everything he had in store for me and my tiny holes. My ass gaped and, my asshole was beet red like always. One thing I didn’t expect was the number of ice cubes I would have to push thru my twat. Heart shaped Ice cubes for the occasion. Tied up and slapped around. 

Prostate Milking Sub

prostate milking Prostate milking is part of my job duties. My master loves a good ball draining and according to him, sucking cock and fucking will never drain them completely. He trained me how to milk is prostate just like you might teach a woman to milk a cow. I remember the first time I milked him, I was so nervous. He was bent over my desk. I put my finger in some KY jelly and eased it in his ass. As soon as I found his prostate gland, I massaged it in a circle while stroking his cock. It was a rhythm and coordination that I have mastered over the years. That first time I drained him, I failed because I didn’t measure what I pulled from his cock. Now I know, I always have a measuring cup, so I know how much cum I pull from his prostate. Of course, I drink his cum. I am a cum guzzling whore. Now, when I milk his prostate, I have some tools I can use too. I have a prostate wand that makes my boss quiver. Have you ever had your prostate milked? I have become very skilled at it. So skilled in fact, that I list it as one of my talents on my submissive profiles. I hooked up with a guy last night who wanted a submissive slave just to milk his anal gland. I wasn’t sure what to expect since he was a stranger. He had a nice cock and huge balls. They were the biggest testicles I had ever seen. He had a certain way he wanted me to do the deed. I was on my knees in front of him. My hand was between his legs. I had never milked a prostate that way before. I soon found out why. He wanted to jizz all over my face. It was chunky, smelly jizz too. It was like his balls had not been drained in forever. I acted like it was the best thing I ever tasted because that is what a good ball drainer like me does.If you want prostate phone sex, I am your cum slave.

Submissive sex chat with a slave pet

Submissive sex chat

My master over heard me having some submissive sex chat with the other slave pets. I kept bragging about how so much better I was and how pain isn’t a problem for me. I have to say I have built up quite the tolerance. I didn’t expect him to get so angry with me. I assumed it wasn’t a big deal. I was wrong he felt belittled and was going to teach me a lesson. I will never be above him or his rules or the pain he inflicts on me. I am a slave pet and I have to be challenged with endless torture. I will never take for granted the amount of time my master spends on me and my body. I will learn to obey and never break the rules.

Since I was a chatty Cathy in front of everyone, I was going to get reprimanded like the slut I am. It was going to be a viewing party. The pain I felt from his whips and fist was enough to keep me from ever thinking I am strong. I was black and blue the next day and felt the pain radiate thru my body. My asshole was prolapsed and in pain for weeks.

Ruin me


2 girl phone sex is fun when you have it with to submissive whores. I like to compete and don’t mind having a competition with another slave pet. I will always prefer to be on top. I will claw my way there if I have to quite honestly. I have dreams of being my masters accomplice. I would love to ruin sluts for him and make him ridiculously happy. My holes were made to be used by him. I know what get him off and what will make him pop. I’m on my knees begging for his cock to fuck my mouth till it starts to bruise. I like whips across my clit and back. Make me cry and beg for you to stop. Tears running down my face. I will do it all and do it with grace. I will ruin a slave pets holes right in front of you for your entertainment. My asshole if your playground. You own my body and can do what you please.2 girl phone sex

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