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Submissive Whore Will Do Anything For You

submissive whore

My Son loves his submissive whore mommy. Tying me up and hearing the sound of my gags makes his cock rock hard and ready to use his Mother’s tight fuck holes. He loves watching his piss and cum spray out of his dick and all over his dirty slutty mom. I’m so submissive that there is no pleasure I could ever deny my little boy. He has complete control over his naughty Mother’s body. He tells me when I can and can not cum and he tells me how it’s going to be done. Sometimes he fucks me and doesn’t let me cum at all. He wants to show me that my pleasure and my orgasm don’t matter, my job as his submissive cunt and his Mother are to please him. So he will tie me up and have his way with me, forcing his cock into my ass or my gagging me with it by shoving it down my throat, and then he will dump his load of warm creamy cum wherever he pleases and leave me there filled up like the cum slut I am.

Submissive Slut Takes Her Son’s Load

Submissive Whore

I love being my son’s submissive slut that he can use as his little fuck toy. He has been all about my big juicy tits lately. He normally loves to tie me up and pound my asshole until I’m bleeding and dripping with his cum. But the last few days he has been abusing my tits and sliding his cock between them. He ties my hands behind my back the other day and ordered me to get on my knees. Then he tied a rope around my boobs that he could pull tighter and tighter. My tits started getting red almost immediately from him squeezing them. He fucked my face as he kept pulling on my tits. His massive cock choked me, and my eyes started to water. My son loves to see my mascara running down my face as I cry while he rams his cock down my throat. Once he had his fill of fucking my mouth, he takes the rope off and titty fucks me until he shoots his load right into my face. When he’s done with me I’m lying on the floor covered in his cum.

Teen phone sex

 teen phone sex

I knew when I first became submissive. It made me ache in my pussy and down to my bones hearing my daddy tell me to be a stupid little bitch for him. I craved to please him and make him happy. I would get on my hands and knees and force his dick down my throat. I would not come up for air if my daddy did not allow it. He would grab me by my hair and force me up and down his shaft rough and hard.

It became a need to want to do whatever he said and put up with any abuse my stupid worthless self needed. I loved being forced to get on all forces for him and then penetrated deeply by his big fat man cock. I am forever a slave and cum rag for my daddy. I know my worth and what I am good for. I am just a walking fuckhole cum rag.

Submissive phone sex

submissive phone sex

 My daddy tied me up like the little stuck hog that I am. I am such a worthless sex doll, only intended for pleasure for his cock. He has his hands wrapped around my neck as he beats his dick into my pussy. I can barely breath as he makes my face turn purple from the lack of oxygen. His cock is going balls deep inside my sloppy wet submissive pussy.

My holes are all his to abuse however he pleases. He puts his fingers in my mouth to make me gag and suck on them and to talk dirty back to him. I try and tell him how worthless I am without his cock inside of me as his fingers are pushed all the way down my throat and as he beats his dick inside of me.

My daddy’s cum gives me a purpose. That is all I am good for, is being a stupid hole for him to stick his cock in.

Gangbang phone sex

gangbang phone sex

 My master brought over some of his friends. There may have been like ten of them total. They made me lay naked on the living room floor and whipped out all off their cocks. They started to whip their cocks across my face, trying to give me a super red face. They spread me wide open and stuffed their cocks into me. They tried to see how many cocks they could get into me at the same time.

They put two cocks in my pussy, two cocks in my ass, and two cocks in my mouth. The other four cocks just jerked off and showered me in their cum until they were ready for another round for me to make their cocks bust again. I love being such a gangbang cum whore.

Submissive sex chat

 submissive sex chat

My master brought a really important friend of his over. She was super hot and he wanted to degrade me in front of her. I jumped to my whore knees and looked up at him, awaiting his demands. He spit right into my face and started calling me names. I know I am a worthless sack of shit. He told me to get to sucking his dick.

The hot girl he brought wrapped my hair around her knuckles and shoved me down on his cock, choking me out. I could not breath. He told me to taste and inhale his cock that has been buried in that girls ass hole and cunt. I had to clean him up. I am a dirty little cock sucking slave. I had to obey his girl and do whatever she told me to.

She dragged me by my hair to the back of my masters ass hole and made my wipe my face from chin to forehead in between his ass. I will do whatever the fuck they tell me to. I am a dumb cunt master.

Submissive Whore

Submissive WhoreTie this sexy little slut up. Tie my nipples up so they could turn purple. Bend me over like the good little bitch I am. I’ll spread this sexy legs wide open for you so you could spank my pussy. Fuck yeah grab that shit and start spanking my pussy making it turn fucking red. Can you see all the pussy juice dripping out running down my legs? Fuck yeah spank me harder! Just how you tied my nipples up do the same shit to my fucking clit. Let that clit turn purple as you spank it really fucking hard. Making my pussy lips get all swollen! Then you come and get next to my face and ram that big fat dick in my mouth going all the way deep down my throat tonsil fucking me. You shove that dick in deep and let me suffocate on it for a long time till you make me pass out on that dick.

Submissive Sex with My Son

submissive sexSubmissive sex is the only sex I have as a whore. I am the bottom, always. My son was in a foul mood this weekend. He shows signs of his daddy more and more everyday. But this weekend, the mean son of a bitch came out. I found out he has been selling weed for money. I confronted him. My Master and my boss, the reason we have a roof over our heads, is a lawyer. If my son got busted, I would lose my job. Master would cut ties with me, cut me off financially. I laid into him about what he was jeopardizing.  He smacked me. Made it clear he didn’t give a rat’s ass about me. He is 18. He doesn’t need me or our house. I tried to reason with him some more and he punched me in the face so hard, I passed out. I woke up naked, chained to the bed with my son force fucking my ass. He had his hands around my throat choking me too. I was clearly his bitch. My son let me know he didn’t care what I did at work, but when I was home, under his roof, I would answer to him only. He sounded just like his father 20 years ago. My son doesn’t really know his dad, but with every hard thrust in my ass, he made it clear that he was his father’s son. He fucked me for a few hours. I’d pass out from his hands choking me, then wake back up being fucked like a rag doll. He came finally, but left me there chained to the bed, bloody, bruised and battered. Covered in cum too. I guess I have two masters now. Maybe I need a third master. Think you are up for the job?

Submissive Whore Masturbates

Submissive WhoreMaster’s due back from another trip out of town this week, but this sexy slave has been horny as fuck. No parties, no visitors, no playing at all were his rules for while he was gone this time, and I was about to go batshit. Well, a hot sex scene came on in a movie, and I realized I had the house to myself and access to free porn. I set myself up on the bed, and ran my hands over my body as the movie I picked started. Before long, I was engrossed, my hand playing over my tits, my stomach, down over my cunt, and back again. As the movie got more and more heated, my pussy got wetter and wetter. When I finally slid fingers into myself, I felt my juices running down my hand. I knew I was going to cum hard, so I started working myself over. I massaged my clit while my fingers rammed and played as deep inside me as I could force them. Every stroke drove me closer and closer, until I was cumming hard enough to leave a puddle in the bed beneath me. Damn me, I needed that!

Bondage whore

Bondage whoreTie me up make me your little stupid fucking bitch. That’s what I was placed on this earth for. To please my master and to serve him and his sexual needs. I deserve for you to humiliate me for being a stupid dumb bitch. Tie me up, make me swallow all your piss. Pee in my mouth master please. Thank you for being so good to me. Tie me up and spank me so fucking hard you make my fat ass bleed. Leaving me with those love marks. Tie my tits up, let them get all purple. I love how that feels. Pull on my nipple rings with your teeth. Stick all your fist in my pussy without putting lube on it. Fist me till you get tired and you see all my pussy juice all over your hand and arm. I’m here for you. You own me! I’m your bitch!

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