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Prostate milking

Prostate milkingYou tie me up every night after you use me to finger fuck your asshole making me milk your prostate, then making me swallow each and every drop of cum you spit out! I love milking that cock its so perfect so clean and pretty that big fat mushroom head makes my pussy dripping wet! You tie me up after you get what you want from me! Today you came home bringing with you a big fat strap on that I thought you were going to use on my tight puckered asshole. Man I thought wrong! You untied me and made put that big fat long pink strap on and told me to first tongue fuck your asshole sticking my tongue in deep! Then to loosen you up with my middle finger! Then to penetrate your tight manly asshole with the big fat long pink juicy dildo deep into your asshole!

Cum slut phone sex

cum slut phone sex

 I was on my hands and knees begging my master for his cock and cum. He had ten of his friends over. They were all jerking off right in front of my stupid little face. I was looking up at my master and his friends eagerly for their cum loads. My master gave me a couple of smacks across my face. My cheeks were so red and on fire.

I was aloud to take each cock in my mouth and help suck them off until they wanted to blow. I was jerking them hard and deep. I finally got my face painted in their glaze. I stuck my tongue out and let their sticky cum run down my face. After they blew their loads on my face I sat their like a little wet doll coated in sticky jizz.

Cheap Phone Sex Slave Slut

I love party nights!! Master was out of town, and he knew I was going to the party, so I was free to do as I pleased. I had a few drinks, took a few pills, smoked a J with a friend. I was feeling good by the time he got to me. I’d seen him watching me, had even hoped he would come over. So, when he did, I was excited straight through my buzz. My friend had spread blankets all over the furniture so that anyone could do anything, and he chose to make use of the couch. Cheap phone sexHe had me bent over it before I could even register that he wanted me. His dick was inside me, thrusting, and suddenly, I was full and horny and my pussy was hungry. I held on to that couch for dear life as I begged him to fuck the shit out of me. He grabbed my hips, then, and started driving into me as if his life depended on it. My orgasm was fast and hard enough to knock me off my feet. I hadn’t realized I wasn’t breathing til he patted my face and told me to breathe. I felt completely euphoric, and I cannot WAIT to do that again!

The Party Favor

Submissive whoreMaster says some of his co-workers are coming over and I’m the party favor. I know what that means…I have to be naked except for my red high heels and anything goes. Whatever they want I have to do, that means hours on my knees sucking cock and being fucked in every position possible. Master likes to show me off like I’m a show pony. If I refuse anyone’s demands that’s automatic punishment. He loves publicly humiliating by spanking my bare ass in front of guests. You might think that I hate my life but you’d be so wrong. I love being controlled because I’m a complete submissive. I like giving pleasure and following orders. I’m my Master’s sex slave and his submissive whore. If he wants me to entertain his co-workers with my body then let the show begin. I love making Master beam with pride, tonight I’m going to be a super slut.

Sexy phone sex

sexy phone sex

My master has tied me up and flipped me on my back. My arms are wrapped behind my back and he instructs me to open my stupid dumb whore mouth and fuck his cock down my throat. I gag on his cock throat fucking his dick till my make up drips down my face. I can not breath while his cock fucks my wind pipes.

He decides while his cock is all the way down my throat that he is going to piss and let it run down my tonsils. I inhale his piss chocking  on it and drowning. My make up is running down my face and he takes no time to push me all the way down and fuck himself into my cunt.

Submissive slut

submissive slutMy brother through a bad ass party tonight where I was a good little shots girl! I was different from the shot girls that you see at the club. Instead of giving shots, I got them. I was instructed to make a dude blast his hot load of cum out of his cock hole. I had to keep busy taking every shot of cum I could get.

I was a dirty little cum slut that needs to milk bunches of loads of cum. I will take shots of cum buried in my face, in my mouth, all over my body, and in my holes. My brother gave me a quota of two hundred loads of jizz that I have to get. I crave to be a nasty little slut for him!

Rape phone sex fantasies: Without a trace

Have you ever felt like someone is watching you and they are just waiting til the right moment to grab you? Well, this afternoon while shopping and running errands I came out of the store and walked to my car. I think I was being a little paranoid because I had this intense feeling that I was being watched. I kept imagining that I was going to be grabbed from behind by a man in a black ski mask. I pictured him grabbing me and my groceries falling allover as I disappeared without  trace and the only thing left was my car, with the door left open, my oranges laying on the ground rolling by the door and broken eggs and spilled milk. I imagined of being thrown into the back of an old van where an accomplice waited to duct tape my hands behind my back and hog tie me as they cut off my clothes and fantasy raped all of my holes, while slapping me around leaving me bruised and bloody until I was unconscious.


Rape phone sex fantasies

My Son Sells His Submissive Whore Mommy


submissive whore

My son loves abusing his submissive whore mommy. I still remember the time he came home from school and he had brought all his friends home to play with me. He had called and gave me instructions to be completely naked except for a pair of heels and a blindfold. I was to be on my knees, wet, and waiting for his arrival. When I heard the door open I heard three different voices. The conversation I overheard let me know that my son had promised to sell my fuck hole to his friends. He told them that for a price they could do anything to his submissive whore of a mother. There was nothing that was off limits. They paid up and I heard my son leave the room. The boys took their turns forcefully fucking my mouth and making me gag on them. They each gave me a golden shower and said I was their fuck toy pig slut. When they picked me up and threw me over the bed I felt hands spreading my ass apart. Then two of the boys took their cocks and shoved them into my ass at the same time, ripping me wide open. When they had finished and dispensed their cum into my now gaping asshole, the last boy push me to my knees and gave me a cum shower. I could feel the blood and cum dripping from ass. When all the boys left, my son walked back in the room. He stood over me and pissed on me and told me at least his submissive whore mommy was good for making him some money.

Teen phone sex

teen phone sex

I am a slave for my master. I was late coming home after hanging out with friends and my master was not too happy about that. As soon as I got home I got a ball gag in my mouth that tied around my face. He knocked the back of my knees out so that my body would collapse to the ground. He undressed me by cutting my clothes right off my body.

He shoved his cock right into my twat hole from behind. He kept thrusting deep and hard yanking my head back by the face mask. I bounced up and down jerking his dick inside my holes. I am a stupid little cunt that will know better next time. He takes his cock that is soaked inside my pussy juice and smacks it across my face.


Cock Worshiping Work Whore

cock worshipingCock worshiping is what I do daily for my Master. A good submissive takes care of cock. She is a cock pleaser not a cock teaser. When I arrived at work yesterday, Master had something waiting for me. Actually, someones waiting for me. Master informed me that we had out of town guests and I needed to show them some old fashioned hospitality. I am a submissive. I knew what he expected. I didn’t want to suck all those other lawyers’ cocks, but if I disobeyed an order either implicit or explicit, I would be whipped like an Old South slave. I got on my knees for a blow bang. Master feels that when lawyers have their balls drained, they focus better and they are sharper. Ball draining makes for legal eagles is his motto. It is not my place to question my master. I am only to suck dick, swallow cum and get fucked. I’m nothing more than a secretary slave. I was a gang bang secretary yesterday morning. I swallowed a lot of cum. Good thing I had not eaten breakfast or I may have exploded like a stuffed goldfish. Can’t remember the last time I swallowed that much cum. I was wearing it too. It didn’t stop with morning head. I had a nooner gang bang and an after work hardcore ass fucking. A Milf whore’s work is never done.

milf phone sex

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