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Daddy Master Punishment

BDSM phone sex

Daddy Master and I love Daddy Dom/Little Girl BDSM subby play! He sure loves punishing his little ageplay subby whore. He knows I crave his cock every day but when I’m being a naughty little subby, he punishes me by leaving me tied up in bed and teases me with his cock and my fuck toys! I love being Daddy Masters wee subby whore, worshipping his cock is my favorite thing! Drinking Daddy Master’s cummies like a sex-kitten is my favorite! When he punishes me and withholds cummies and cunnie rubs I get so sad! But at least he tickles my flesh with his whip. I want to be Daddy Master’s good girl so that he can reward me with orgasms and lashings! I surely love when Daddy Master lashes my bum! My sweet bald ageplay cunnie gets so creamy and wet when he whips my back and bum! I love being his little and worshipping his body with my little pink tongue!

Newly purchased slaves

Slave trainingSince slavery is now legal, Master has enlisted me as the head slave training whore to teach all of the newly purchased slaves how to handle Master properly. He bought a whole bunch of them, almost too many to count and they all need intense brain rewiring so that they can learn exactly how to use their slave tongues and worthless slave bodies in order to please and pleasure Master. I am the perfect slave role model and I feel so lucky to be able to do all of Master’s dirty work for him. Now, it’s my job to make sure these stupid new slaves can follow suit and do the same! They don’t deserve to do the dirty work quite yet, they need to earn their place and know their purpose. They need to prove that they are capable of taking my position as a human toilet and foot worshiper for Master. We really are not even considered human, we are merely pieces of trash with a pulse. Master takes care of the population by collecting all of these slaves that are pathetic excuses of human life and keeping them forever under his wing which is exactly where they belong. They are totally replaceable and can easily be thrown out in the garbage and they know it. Either they sink or swim, Master will be the judge of that!

Worshiping your cock

Whip your thick throbbing cock out, feeling your heavy cock slap me all over my face is really turning you on. Stuffing your cock into my mouth, you feel the tightness of my throat as I am gagging. You take your cock out and I am begging you to shove it back in and choke me more. Your cock is so beautiful I am so lucky to be able to choke on it. You decide I am not allowed to use my hands, I am not worthy of touching your cock until I show you I have earned it. My hands are tied behind my back. You can see it in my eyes how much I want to taste you. I want your cum to fill my mouth up until it

Cock worshiping

is stuck in my throat making it hard for me to breathe. Then you turn to tell me to lay down on my back, you get over me and dip down, telling me to open my mouth wide while your balls enter into my mouth. I love how your balls are sitting in my mouth, I want them there as long as you allow them to be. Letting my mouth marinate your balls are turning me on so much. That’s when you really give it to me, you get into a push-up position with your cock right above my mouth. Each time you go down to do a push up your cock is riding deep and hard right into my mouth. I am so lucky that you blessed my mouth with your beautiful thick hard dick.

Helpless Whore

submissive phone sex

When you command me to fully submit to you, I will wholeheartedly allow you to deprive me of all my senses, master. You and only you now will fully own me and can make use of my body in whatever devious ways pleases you, master. Being a helpless, pathetic, useless fuck slut is my only purpose in life from now on. I wish to serve you in any way that I can. My pathetic holes are made for you to fuck roughly and pump full of cum. I want you to keep me tied up and feeble in your dungeon. Please deprive me of all senses! I wish to obey. My only senses left shall be in my cunt to feel your cock pounding balls deep into my gaping, oozing holes. The harsh flick of your whip against my raw, beaten skin is all I crave, my lord. I forever long to be your personal punching bag, your fuck toy, your slave and your property.

I am inferior to toilet paper

Submissive WhoreIt is such a pleasure to be a submissive whore for Master and lick all over his dirty asshole. Master knows that my slutty mouth and slave tongue are inferior to toilet paper, there’s no need for it when he has me around! I clean him right up and make sure that every speck of shit is licked up off of his perfectly delicious little shit hole. Master knows that my face is his kingdom and he can rub his ass cheeks and scat all over me, anywhere he wants! Using toilet paper would be a total waste, my place is right here down on my knees with my face between his butt cheeks. The dirtier he smells and tastes, the better. Master loves to make it super nasty for me. I grab on to his big sweaty balls and play with them while I use my thumb to finger his asshole. He gets nice and stretched out and his shit oozes out of his booty and splatters all over my wet tongue. He tastes sooo yummy, I can’t get enough! I am the ultimate human toilet which is exactly what I deserve to be!

Red hot valentines date

submissive slutMy master loves to give me surprised. I get a bunch of new things sprung on me, and I have to be okay with it no matter how much I cry or beg for them to stop I know its going to be a painful event. My ass got swaddled so much this valentines day it was one to remember. My master brought over a heart-shaped paddle, and it was perfect for my tight ass. I knew I was the best submissive slut because I was going to endure everything he had in store for me and my tiny holes. My ass gaped and, my asshole was beet red like always. One thing I didn’t expect was the number of ice cubes I would have to push thru my twat. Heart shaped Ice cubes for the occasion. Tied up and slapped around. 

Spanking Chat for Valentine’s Day

spanking chatSpanking chat is not what I wanted for Valentine’s Day. But I don’t get romance. I am a submissive bitch, not a girlfriend. Men tell me that all the time. I am used to hearing it, but it doesn’t change the fact that once in awhile I would like a box of chocolates or flowers, instead of spankings. My boss made me wear a school girl outfit to work today. I look ridiculous in a plaid skirt and high heels. I am in my 40s, not my teens. My boss likes the visual, however. When he arrived at work, he ordered me across his lap. I pretended each whack on my ass was an “I love you.” I got 500 I love yous. My ass was red like a bouquet of roses. I could barely sit the rest of the work day. That was okay, he had me on my knees for some cock worshiping for the rest of the day anyway. He told me the only candy a whore like me gets is the liquid kind. I drained his balls for hours. It felt like I drained a gallon of his jizz. He must have been holding it in for a few days. It was not a romantic Valentine’s Day, but then I am not girlfriend material. I am just a whore.

Dirty Milf Phone Sex

milf phone sexI think when you are a milf phone sex submissive, you develop some kinky fetishes; fetishes that you didn’t know even existed when you were younger. My master has a thing for high heels. He makes me wear ridiculously high heels at works because he believes sluts belong in heels. Yesterday at work, he made me take the shoes off and fuck myself with them. These were 6-inch stiletto heels. Stripper shoes are what I wear to work. I had no desire to fuck my cunt with a stripper shoe, but if I didn’t do it, I would be beaten or worse. Did I mention he made me walk outside in them getting everything from dirt to dog shit on the shoes? He made me begin by sucking the dirty heel clean first. I could taste dog shit, it was so humiliating. My boss had his cock out and was jacking off watching me suck the gross shit off my shoes. I was about to start fucking myself with the shoe like he enjoys, but he made me go back outside and walk around to dirty them up again before I fucked my cunt with them. Some days, I hate being a submissive whore. I came back inside, took the dirty heels and put one in my ass and one in my cunt. I was double penetrating my own fuck holes with dirty heels and my boss was loving it. He told me he hoped I got nasty infections in my whore holes. He was in some sort of bad mood and taking it out on me. I have always enjoyed sexy shoes, but I think yesterday, my boss ruined me for high heels. I went home and took a bath, trying to clean my dirty, shitty holes. Today, the day after, I am sore as fuck and dreading work on Monday.

Strip club

Submissive Whore

Master took me on a little outing to the strip club last weekend. It was a fetish strip club where most of the dancers were wearing collars and leather and some were being whipped by Domme strippers while the men watched. He put me in a micro mini skirt, a choker,  and a mesh crop top with black X shaped pasties over my nipples. On my back he had written, “Touch Me” and “Grab me” in black marker. I was barely dressed any differently than the strippers. Men tried shoving dollar bills into my skirt or waving cash at me and begging for a special “dance” in the champagne room. They grabbed my tits and smacked and fondled my ass. Master beckoned over a stripper and paid her to give him a lap dance. I watched at first and then he told me to join her. We danced for him and got his cock nice and hard. He passed her a leather flogger and instructed her to spank my ass with it. She gave me five hard smacks across my ass, leaving big red imprints. He gave her a wad of cash and she led us both into a private room. He took off his pants and she and I got on our knees and began to suck his cock. While I sucked him off she spanked my ass harder and harder. I moaned around his cock with every blow she delivered. Right as I was reaching my pain limit, he blew his load into my mouth.

Soft bondage with my slave slut

Soft bondageMy sweet little slave slut is so obsessed with being dominated and worked over by me. The more soft bondage and naughty antics that I inflict upon him, the harder his submissive little pee pee becomes. He’s al tied up in a pair of vibrating panties and a cock cage. I am squatting right over his slave cock & slave balls and urinating all up and down his pathetic slave body. He looks so much better when he is smothered in my delicious piss. Sweet little slave slut enjoys basking in my warm pee after I excrete it out of my slutty mistress cunt. He opens his mouth as wide as he possibly can and tastes it while it drains down his throat. I love making him drink down every fuckin drop of my bodily fluids, hehe.

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