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slave training

During slave training, my pussy gets an insatiable appetite for cum. The pain from the ropes as they burn into my flesh with each move I make just adds to the moisture growing between my thighs. Good thing I’m not a live-in slave because on my own time I am a cock monster. I will go wherever the smell of cum leads me. I got fucked by these guys last night they were brothers. Have to love the competition of fucking siblings. Watching their black snakes ramming into my hot pink snatch as they made me cum more time than I can count. Hours passed and their phones were ringing non-stop. Finally, like their cocks were connected to the same brain their dicks erupted with that beautiful creamy shit I want.

Welcome to the dark side

submissive phone sex You were so shocked to find out I do submissive phone sex. When you find the straps under my bed you realize it isn’t just an act I like this shit. While you were licking and sucking my cunt you slid the straps onto my ankles and pulled them tight against the bed. Notice how much wetter my pussy just got. You lick your way up my tummy sucking on each nipple as you pass them by, up to my neck nibbling on my collarbone. You slide my ties onto my wrist and stretch my arms out wide. My nipples are so hard and your dick is too. You shove your huge penis inside it slide right in I’m so slippery wrapping your hand around my throat as I climax makes you cum right along with me. Welcome to the dark side love.

MILF Phone Sex Rape Fantasies

milf phone sexMilf phone sex with me is not the typical milf experience. I am a submissive milf. Your mommy rape fantasies are what you can explore with me.  I was raised submissive. I have tried to raise my son to be the man of the house, which in my world means he owns me and my daughter. He has never wanted to be a master. The older he gets, however, the meaner he has become. He is a sadist. Not the kind of man who would understand or follow the principles of a master and servant relationship. My son hates me and idolizes his sister. He thinks I am the reason he is not successful. He is ungrateful for the nice house we have and his college education fund which he refuses to use. Earlier in the week, he spent the night in jail for driving on a suspended license. I bailed him out, but not until the next morning. I was tied up, literally tied up being a bondage whore for a man I met at a club. My cell phone was turned off. When I got the message, I bailed him out. He bitched and yelled at me on the car ride home for living him in jail overnight. He knows he is to use Uber when he wants to go somewhere. When we got home, he beat the shit out of me. This was as angry as he has ever been at me. I think something happened to him in jail that he wouldn’t admit to me. He ripped all my clothes off, tied me up and sodomized me like he was living out some revenge prison rape fantasy. My ass was bloody and prolapsed by the time he was done. I lied there motionless on the kitchen floor as he pissed on my body as a final insult. You get the submissive whore mommy experience with me.

Rented Out

Cum slut phone sexMaster rented me out to a couple last night. They were new clients I have never served them before. As soon as I walked into there house They ripped off my clothes and tied a rope around my tits, ankles, and hips. There was a big hook attached to the ceiling and I was raised up in the air. I was suspended as if I was laying on my stomach. They shoved a dry rag deep in my mouth and blindfolded me. I could hear them walking around me and snickering. As I was wondering what they were going to do to me I felt a blunt object hit me in my ribs. I screamed loudly but it was muffled by the rag. And then again I felt the blunt object hit me in my ribs on the other side. Again I screamed and this time tears came out of my eyes. They beat me for what seemed for hours. By the time they dropped me from the ceiling my body was like jello.

Facetime punishment

Submissive WhoreMy blackmailer really pulled some bullshit with me this time, he forced me to be his anal sex submissive whore and show him my tits over FaceTime while I was at work in my office. He knows damn well that the bosses of the company walk by and see everything when they peer inside but he doesn’t give a fuck about that. I was so hesitant to do what he asked of me and expose myself but I knew that if I didn’t then there would be severe punishments to follow. I hastily unbuttoned my blouse and showed him my big bulging tits through my shirt while I still had my bra on but he told me that that was not enough and didn’t make him happy. Although he liked the view it still wasn’t up to his standards and he was pissed off that I was holding back since the head honchos kept walking past my door. He summoned me to his own office and made me strip down naked, no questions asked. Those are his rules and I have to follow them, even if I don’t want to! When he bent me over his desk, I grabbed on to my ass cheeks and spread my asshole wide so that he could shove his throbbing cock into my gaping rectum. He told me that this was what I deserve for being a dumb slut that doesn’t do what he asks over Facetime. He stretched out my prostate so fucking much, i’m hardly able to sit down right now. I’ve never received so many bare bottom spankings and ass play in one sitting before, i’m in pain!

No limits

submissive phone sex We have a lot of fun on our submissive phone sex calls. From the very first time, we talked you have told me exactly how to make you cum. And I fucking love that about you. Our time is spent so much better when we can just get down to dirty shit. I love the multiple positions you come up with so that you get the best view in the house while getting maximum satisfaction from me. There are no limits to our play sessions either. There is only one safe word but I have never so much as uttered it from my lips. Your techniques for discipline are mixed with ways to make sure my pussy is juicy. No wonder you always leave me desperate for more.

I Worship His Cock

Cock worshipingI know what pleases my master, he’s trained me to pleasure him. I don’t speak without his permission. One of his rules is I have to be naked and ready to fuck at any moment. If during the winter months, no clothes allowed. He loves for me to be cold. He says being chilly makes my nipples hard and ready to be sucked. He is my king, my world, and I worship his cock. I get down on my knees and please him with my mouth. I love having his dick in my mouth, looking up and seeing his eyes rolling back. Sucking on my Master makes my cunt super wet. I want him inside me so bad, but I can’t ask for his dick. He decides when it’s time to fuck. He need my pussy to be sloppy wet. He rewards me with head, I love the way he sucks on my pussy lips. His tongue fights with my clit and it drives me wild. He sucks and licks on my fat pussy until my cum is sliding down my ass cheeks. He takes his big cock and shoves it in pussy. It’s hard to put in words how amazing his cock sends a euphoric current through my body. I adore him. I worship him. He’s my Master, and I’m his slave.

Submissive Slut Rape Fantasies

submissive slut

I love being a submissive slut. Sometimes I am a subby little bitch to young boys. My daughter is in high school. She is not submissive like me; at least not yet. I have tried, but she is a stuck up bitch who thinks her shit don’t stink because she is a hot teen slut. She had a school friend over this weekend. Not a boyfriend. She thinks she is too good for high school boys. They were working on a school project. She had to run to Office Depot for some supplies they needed. He had offered to go, but she wanted a latte from Starbucks. I was alone with a teen boy. I tried to seduce him. He laughed at me and called me an old bitch. I was shocked and aroused at the same time. I mean, he was more than half my age and he put me in my place; shut me down quickly. As I went into the kitchen, he grabbed my arm and pulled me back into the living room. He smacked my face, ripped my clothes off and force fucked me. A high school boy was exploring his rape phone sex fantasies, but this was not phone sex and no fantasy. As he rammed his young cock inside me, he kept complaining about my worn out cunt. He flipped me ove, so he could fuck my ass. No lube, no warning. Dry fucking my ass hurt. I was in pain, but my pussy was wet. I was aroused that he was doing what I wish my son would do to me daily. He came quickly because my daughter was on her way back home. He nutted his teen cream in my ass minutes before she pulled back up into the driveway. She was clueless of what happened. She never would have believed it anyway.

Craving abuse by Master

Cock worshipingMaster was in the mood for some filthy cock worshiping and he didn’t give a fuck that it was in the middle of the night when his insatiable craving kicked in. He yanked me out of my bed by my hair while I was sleeping, threw me on to the ground and starting kicking and punching me aggressively to wake me up. I was frightened and crying but Master didn’t give a fuck, he never does! He wanted his sexual pleasure and gratification and he wanted it now!! There’s never any mercy or empathy with how he treats me, he’s a selfish bastard and I am nothing but his little cum slut sex toy to use and abuse. I can’t believe what a submissive fuckin whore I am, always willing and wanting to do anything that Master chooses for me to do. As he shoved his cock deep down my throat, I was begging him for more. Rougher. Deeper. Harder. I wanna be skull-fucked until my tonsils break off. Master always gives me exactly what the fuck I deserve, a true beating.


Bondage submissionWhen my Master come home from work, he expects me to be on my knees waiting for him. He walks around his home making sure that my chores are done to his satisfaction. As I sit there waiting my pussy is getting wetter and wetter. I know I’ve done my chores correctly but he’ll still find something wrong.
“There is a smudge on the bathroom mirror”, he said.
“I’m sorry Master, I’ll clean it”
I walked towards the bathroom but he grabbed me by the arm and forced me back onto my knees. I knew what he wanted and I undid his pants and pulled his cock out. I gave him a sloppy wet blowjob. I gagged on his huge cock because I knew how much he loves the sound. I know that this blowjob is a punishment for the dirty mirror, but it feels like a reward. I love having Master’s cock in my throat.

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