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Bondage submissionWhen my Master come home from work, he expects me to be on my knees waiting for him. He walks around his home making sure that my chores are done to his satisfaction. As I sit there waiting my pussy is getting wetter and wetter. I know I’ve done my chores correctly but he’ll still find something wrong.
“There is a smudge on the bathroom mirror”, he said.
“I’m sorry Master, I’ll clean it”
I walked towards the bathroom but he grabbed me by the arm and forced me back onto my knees. I knew what he wanted and I undid his pants and pulled his cock out. I gave him a sloppy wet blowjob. I gagged on his huge cock because I knew how much he loves the sound. I know that this blowjob is a punishment for the dirty mirror, but it feels like a reward. I love having Master’s cock in my throat.

Two whores, one cock

2 girl phone sexI didn’t realize that our 2 girl phone sex was going to turn into such an abusive and forceful situation, but I guess I should have known better. Monetta and I got barged in on by my blackmailer unexpectedly. She had no fucking clue what was going on or why this bastard was holding my livelihood against me in such an evil manner, so I had to let her know what I did. Because he caught me stealing money from work, he thinks he can hold this over my head and use it as leverage to get any sort of pleasure out of me that he so eagerly craves. He shows up to my house unannounced whenever he wants and implements rules that I must follow and obey, or else. I am forced to strip down naked and perform any sexual favors that he desires, no questions asked. Poor Monetta, now she is apart of his wrath as well since she’s guilty by association. I tried to ask him to leave and come back later for his sadistic activities but when he saw that I had my sexy girlfriend over, he only became more excited and controlling. Monetta was so fucking confused and didn’t understand why this stranger was forcing me to strip down and suck his cock right there in my living room. She tried to get him to stop but he only became more aggressive and ordered her to take her clothes off too. I told her to just do it and it will make things a whole lot easier for the both of us. I don’t think she expected to be skull-fucked like a slut when she decided to come over to my house today, but it is what it is. I fucked up and now we both have to suffer the consequences. After he busted his nut all over our faces, he bent us over and gave us both bare bottom spankings to really add insult to injury. I can’t believe we are such dick worshiping submissive skanks!Bare bottom spankings

Hot Sex Slave

Submissive whoreMaster expects me to make his friends happy. If one of his friends come over, it’s job to pull their cocks out and start sucking. I’m my Master’s property, he loans me out like a library loans out books. I don’t mind being a sex slave because men pound my pussy until its red and swollen. I love it when Master is there watching me get fucked because I want him to see me behave like a porn star. I want him to see the imprint of a hard cock in my throat. If you can’t deep-throat a dick, you shouldn’t suck cock. There’s nothing better than being on my knees with a huge cock in my mouth. And it really turns me on when I look up and see you watching me suck your dick. I’m very submissive and you have to take control. Give me sexual commands I want you to squirt a massive load across the room.

Slaves wanna have fun too

submissive whore Sometimes a girl has to break out of her submissive side. I just wanted to go out and fuck all night. I still let the men I encounter use me like a piece of sex meat. Allowing them to fill any hole they wanted with their huge black cocks. Once I start being a whore I just can’t stop. It’s like I am addicted to their cum. I’m not satisfied until I have it oozing out of every hole in my body. Each time I have a craving like this I try to outdo myself. I always want to fuck more guys then I did the last time. There is never a number where I think hmm that could be too many. I am the best at everything I do so a little competition with myself never hurt me.

Submissive Sex Encounter

submissive sex

Submissive sex is what I need. That is what my ad said on FetLife. It is an online community for various fetishes. It is sort of like FaceBook, but for adults with kinky desires and needs. I have been chatting with a few men in my area for the past couple weeks. I finally got up the courage to meet an online master. He lives in San Bernardino, so we met some where neutral in between. He arranged a hotel for us. I was nervous. I don’t usually meet total strangers. Other than he is a dominant man, I knew nothing about him. I just knew about his past relationships with submissive women like me. Well, I knew what he wanted me to know. He could have been Ted Bundy reincarnated for all I knew. It was a risk. But, I like talking risks. It is part of being a submissive whore. I like being vulnerable. I like not knowing what may happen. On the drive to a neutral no tell motel, my cunt was dripping down my leg in anticipation. He was younger than I expected. Younger than me, which scared me a little. Young men these days are more misogynistic than sadistic. Not this young man, however. He had intense fantasies about abusing his mother. I reminded him of mommy dearest. Our submissive mommy session began with some skull fucking. He even pissed down my throat, which I was not expecting. I had to swallow his piss because if I didn’t, he made it clear I would be swallowing his shit and I wanted no part of that. I became an obedient piss guzzler and anal slut to him to avoid being a shit eater. He tied me up in an uncomfortable position to sodomize me for hours. It was a humiliating, debasing sexy time. I got fucked hard, but I he didn’t kill me. Only my ass got slaughtered.

Spanking Phone Sex Whore

spanking phone sex

I have an ass made for spanking phone sex. I am getting better at spanking my own ass for my callers. I am a spanking whore. It goes back to when I was a little girl and daddy would spank my bare ass. Daddy got off smacking my ass hard. He liked to make his baby girl cry. He was a great ass punisher. My master used to give me quite the ass whooping, but he lacks the strength he used too. I never get scared about being spanked by him. Back in the day, if I did something wrong, he could leave my ass sore and raw for days. Yesterday, I forgot to send a fax. Ten years ago, that would have left me in fear because I knew what he could do to my ass. Yesterday, I made no apologies for my error. I thought the worst that would happen would be some babe bottom spankings. I was wrong as usual. Master knew I was getting cocky. He purchased a spanking machine under my nose. It is like a fucking machine. It can spank my ass a mile a minute. What is spanking my ass can be changed too. Master had it ready with a wooden paddle. Those things hurt my bottom, sometimes they leave splinters. He put a bit grip in my mouth, so I wouldn’t bite my tongue, which meant I was in for one hell of an ass whopping. I got paddled hard. So hard, it left blisters and splinters. My ass has not been torn apart like that in a decade. Master made it clear that he knew he was slacking on my punishments lately, but he was not going to tolerate me taking him for granted anymore. No way would I be doing that again anytime soon. Not with how sore my ass still is today.

Cum slut phone sex

cum slut phone sex

I love getting my daddy’s monstrous cock and milking every drop of juicy cum out of him. He took out his cock while I was watching tv and started standing in front of my face, smacking me against my cheeks. He wanted me to pay attention to his cock and like a good little stupid submissive bitch, I should always be doing that anyways. His cock head was leaving imprint on my face. I open my mouth and eagerly pushed him inside my cheeks.

I started sucking his cock all the way down my throat. I even pushed his mushroom head all around the inside of my cheeks. It was feeling so good sucking his fat cock. I could feel the cum in his cock about to squirt out. My only goal is to make that master daddy cock happy and hard, and well of course- empty. He started gushing all that cum all over my face, plastering me with hot juicy white cum. I love sucking all those ropes into my mouth.

My Master Makes Me Do Filthy Things

submissive whore

My Master gave me a golden shower and covered me with his piss and shit. He took me into his room where he had me strip down for him. Once I was naked he tied me up and gagged me. Once he stuffed a dildo and a butt plug into both my tight fuck holes he pulled his cock out. I thought he would remove my gag and fuck my throat like I know he loves to do. But instead Master started to piss all over me. He called me his submissive whore and his dumb cunt. When he ran out of piss he emptied himself in another way onto my chest. He rolled me onto my back and squatted over my tits. Then I saw his shit come out of his asshole and dump right onto my tits. Master just rolled me back over onto my stomach to lay on his shit. I felt so used and filthy. After he removed my gag and fucked my mouth he let me go clean myself up. When I came out he took out my plug and let me rub my pussy until I came.

Submissive Phone Sex with Leah

submissive phone sex

My name is Leah and I’m a Submissive whore, anything your sweet little fantasies will take us is where I want to go! Kidnap me , throw me in your trunk, take me somewhere quiet and secluded so there’s no where to run and no one to hear. Tie me up, gag me, and beat me Master! I love when I’m bounded and you beat the shit out of me, my pussy is pulsating at the same time. The harder you spank me, the wetter I get! I’ve been a bad girl, I need to get what you think I deserve. If we get to the point of no return at least I’m happy, as long as you are! xoxoxo, your sex slave.

Torture phone sex

torture phone sex

 My master abuses my stupid whore ass all the time. He loves to tie me up and use me like the little ragged fuck doll that I am. He took me just now and bounded me up. He made sure my arms were behind my band and my legs where tied up under me. He spread my legs open and took out a paddle and started smacking my cunt lips. I was gushing my pussy juice all over the paddle. I could feel myself almost cumming each time. He turned me over on my back and grabbed my nipples and started pinching them and twisting them making them purple and swollen.

He was absolutely torturing me. I was aching to have his cock inside of me. For hours he kept pushing the limits with me and making me ache more and more. He took his dick out and waved it in front of my face. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue, begging for him to slide his shaft down my throat. He waved his cock all around my face and dangled it in between my eyes. I begged him so much, asking for him to please let me have his cock and to fill me up and let me take all of his hot sperm inside of me.

He finally gave in and gave me every bit of that big fat cock. He stuffed his cock inside of my pussy and rammed himself hard in me as he smacked my ass. I love having his cock inside of me. I worship that big fat master cock.


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