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Newly purchased slaves

Slave trainingSince slavery is now legal, Master has enlisted me as the head slave training whore to teach all of the newly purchased slaves how to handle Master properly. He bought a whole bunch of them, almost too many to count and they all need intense brain rewiring so that they can learn exactly how to use their slave tongues and worthless slave bodies in order to please and pleasure Master. I am the perfect slave role model and I feel so lucky to be able to do all of Master’s dirty work for him. Now, it’s my job to make sure these stupid new slaves can follow suit and do the same! They don’t deserve to do the dirty work quite yet, they need to earn their place and know their purpose. They need to prove that they are capable of taking my position as a human toilet and foot worshiper for Master. We really are not even considered human, we are merely pieces of trash with a pulse. Master takes care of the population by collecting all of these slaves that are pathetic excuses of human life and keeping them forever under his wing which is exactly where they belong. They are totally replaceable and can easily be thrown out in the garbage and they know it. Either they sink or swim, Master will be the judge of that!

Slave fuck

Submissive Whore

Master had a dinner party last night and invited a bunch of his closest friends over. There was lots of alcohol and food, but I was the main course. He presented me to the crowded room full of horny drunken men and told them they could take turns doing anything they wanted with me. While they ate and drank, I crawled on my knees under the table and sucked each of their cocks. I didn’t get them all off though, I just wanted to get them nice and hard and whet their appetite for some hardcore fucking. After I had given them a little sample, I took my place at the end of the room totally nude and waited for them to approach me. Throughout the night they each had a turn with me doing whatever they wanted. They spent the night drinking and fucking all of my holes, sometimes all at once until they were too drunk to fuck anymore.

Submissive Sex Office Whore

submissive sexSubmissive sex is what I am good for, nothing else. That is what he kept telling me. There was no way I would have disagreed. He had me tied up and he was whipping me, with special attention paid to my tits and pussy. He was in a mood. Not sure what happened, but I didn’t want to make it worse. He was whipping the flesh off my tits; at least that is what it felt like. At one point, he thought I was enjoying it. I am a pain slut, but not that huge of one. He started whipping me harder. I cried. That was his goal. He wanted to feel my pain. He wanted to break me. He wanted to leave a mark. He did all that and more. I had to work the rest of the day naked. My tits were swollen, pink and raw. Blood was running down my entire body. I tried to sit at my desk like a good slave answering the phone and typing up briefs, but I was in pain and bleeding. I am a good submissive whore. I sucked it up and made sure I didn’t get blood on anything he had me type.

Submissive slut in the dessert

submissive slutThis submissive slut can’t seem to catch a break. I was in hot water for once again going out without permission. My master was sick of me breaking the rules. It was time I learned a valuable lesson in obedience. Without a doubt, I knew I was going to be punished. I could tell by the look in his eyes and his firm and stern voice he wasn’t going to let me off the hook. I was going to be his slave slut, and I was going to learn my lesson sooner or later. The more he had to show me how to be a good slut the worse it would be for me. In his mind, he thinks slaves should automatically follow set rules and learn to obey. I will say I have learned not to cross master. I was taken to the dessert where it was cold. As we are ending winter and entering spring, it still gets cold at night and scorching hot in the daytime. During the night we made it, and I watched the sun come up. Every hour that passed by it got hotter. I was to be beaten and baked in the sun. I was left with golden piss all over for a sun-kissed tan. I  left red as a lobster and realizing I am a submissive whore after all. Why fight the inevitable.

submissive whore

Submissive Sex Toy

Submissive sex

I am locked away in an oversized closet. I only come out when Sir instructs me to. When I come out, I am out to please Sir. I was given to Sir a few years back from my master. Master told me I wasn’t good for him anymore, master wanted something new. I guess he was tired of using his old, used up toy. Master told me he will find someone young for me. Someone who would appreciate a skilled Submissive sex toy like me. A few days later, I met Sir. I thought since Sir was young, things would be a lot easier. I was wrong, I am not allowed to do anything unless Sir tells me to. I am in a dark closet with nothing to do. I only come out when Sir is ready to use me. I am Sir’s personal sexbot. I am not a human in the eyes of Sir. When Sir takes me out of the closet he commands me to wake up. I open my eyes without saying anything. Sir tells me I am a good girl and tells me to take his thick meat out of his pants and choke on it. No matter what, I have to do what sir commands. If I do not listen, Sir will give me away to someone that will hurt me every day until I eventually die. Things wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have to stay in that dark closet all the time. Sir is a handsome man, I do like pleasing him. I love the way he moans when my ass hole starts to tear or the way his thick cock swells up when he knows I am choking from it with tears running down my face. I also Love the nights he wants to rape me, I have to remember Sir does not want me to do like it. I think I hide it pretty well. The only thing that would give it away is how my cunt flows like a faucet when I tell him no. He slaps me hard across my face telling me to take his cock like the good cum slut bitch I am. When Sir is done with me, he walks out of the room. I already know what I am commanded to do without Sir saying a thing. I clean everything up quietly, then I go back into the closet. I am allowed to take a shower when Sir leaves for work. I will be the best Submissive Sex toy I can be to my Sir, I don’t want to get sent off somewhere else.

Helpless Whore

submissive phone sex

When you command me to fully submit to you, I will wholeheartedly allow you to deprive me of all my senses, master. You and only you now will fully own me and can make use of my body in whatever devious ways pleases you, master. Being a helpless, pathetic, useless fuck slut is my only purpose in life from now on. I wish to serve you in any way that I can. My pathetic holes are made for you to fuck roughly and pump full of cum. I want you to keep me tied up and feeble in your dungeon. Please deprive me of all senses! I wish to obey. My only senses left shall be in my cunt to feel your cock pounding balls deep into my gaping, oozing holes. The harsh flick of your whip against my raw, beaten skin is all I crave, my lord. I forever long to be your personal punching bag, your fuck toy, your slave and your property.

Drill This Submissive Sex Slave Deep

submissive sex

I messed up the grocery list again. Sometimes I am such a dumb submissive sex whore. I had my mind on the new store manager. He was barking orders and he was a very big black man. The kind of man who would make a great dom daddy. When I got home I had milk no cereal and Peanut butter no bread. My Master Was very angry and it was my daughter who tattled on me. She said Mommy really likes the new Manager at the Stop and Shop Daddy, We should punish her! I had always coddled My girl. It is my son who I take orders from as well as my Master I am bound too by marriage. My Clothes were peeled off layer by layer. My tits spanked By my Masters’ big hands, as well as every exposed piece of skin. The paddle was handed to my daughter and she gave me the worst of bare bottom spankings! Hot oil was poured down my bald slit and my ass crack. I was going to pay for having a wondering whore eye. I know I am a whore but when my family suffers I must be punished. Nice and lubed my sweet angel watched as I was pummeled over and over by Masters Thick goodness deep in my ass. The peanut butter was smeared on the family fur Friends Red rocket and I was made to lick it off as I was being gapped! Oh, How my ass was opened. I was forced to do these slave training elements because of my whore pussy wanting to be Fucke day a Big Black master cock! I wish I didn’t have to go through so much nasty and dirty punishment for being the slave whore I am. It is what I deserve right? Do You think I deserve some of that BBC for being a punished so? 

Bondage Whore Has a Cunt Daughter

bondage whoreAs a bondage whore, I was tied up all weekend. Not by my boss nor by a dominant lover either. My cunt daughter tied me up. Well, it was her friends who tied me up. My daughter just turned 18 and she thinks her shit don’t stink. She has never respected what I do as a submissive. She thinks men should worship her, not the other way around. She was mad with me Friday that I would not give her my credit card to go shopping. She wanted to waste money on expensive clothes, shoes and purses. She has a closet full of nice clothes, just not fancy designer clothes like she wants. She had some of her minion boys come over. They tackled me, tied me up and took my wallet. I thought they had rape fantasies, but they were just doing my bitch daughter’s bidding. Once she had my wallet, she told the boys to do what they wanted to do to me. Once she left to go shopping, her male slaves had their fun. The way they saw it, I was free pussy and ass. They fucked all my holes many times, leaving me tied up smelling like a brothel. I was coated in cum when my daughter came home. She needs slave training, maybe you can help me. She maxed out my credit cards and left me tied up on the floor all weekend lying in my own urine and covered in cum. How did a submissive mommy raise such a little disobedient bitch?

Submissive Training Tool

submissive whore

Last night my master used me as a training tool. I am locked away during the day with a 9-inch dildo stuck in my pussy hole. Master doesn’t want any of my juices going to waste. He told me that morning I was a nasty whore barley good enough to be used for his new class he was starting. Teaching men how to punish women. I remember a while back master talking about how tired he was, seeing men bowing down to worthless pieces of shit slut whores. He posted an add online telling these pitiful men he can help change their lives. As night fell master cut the rope from my wrists and ankles. He told me to get up off the bed, turn around and put my hands behind my back. I could see from the corner of my eye big black handcuffs. I knew I was in for some real punishment, master only uses these handcuffs when he is really trying to prove a point. Master took me by my arm, we headed down to the basement. Once we got there, master pointed to the 6-foot cage in the corner. Master told me to get in, once I was in the cage, he covered the cage up with a black blanket twice the size of the cage. It wasn’t long until I heard other men coming to the basement. Once the men were seated master started his class. The men did not know I was in the cage, I heard the men talk about how tired they were of slut bitches thinking they run this world. The men were angry and wanted to show these nasty slut whores who really runs shit. Then, Master ripped the blanket off the cage. I saw ten men staring at me, their eyes wide with excitement. These men were ready to learn from my master. Behind the men I saw a wooden table. I knew then what I was in for. Master ripped me out of the cage showing me no mercy. He threw me on the ground in front of the men. He took my ankles, bent them back over my head. He then took out a thick wired rope. Master tied me up like a raw turkey. My tight ass hole and plump pussy was all the men could see. My master then picked me up and dropped me down on the table. The handcuffs were still around my wrists, master took the handcuffs off. I was shocked he did not put them back on right away. Master knew what he was doing though. My master knows I am obedient to him and only him, that is how he trained me. Master told the ten men to do what they want with me, master had one rule, NO PLEASURE. The ten men huddled around me hesitant at first, then one man rammed his thick cock right up my tight ass. I am not used to having my hands free, out of reaction I quickly reached up and punched the man on the side of his chin. All ten men turned to my master. My master walked over to me with the black handcuffs in his hand. He lifted my hands up over my head, put the handcuffs around my wrists. He took the wired rope, looped the rope through the handcuffs and pulled my wrists over my head. He tied the rope to the leg of the wooden table. My master then walked up the basement stairs. He shouted to the men. Punish the slut whore like a real man is supposed to. For the next 3 hours all ten men took their anger out on every part of my body. Every hole is still oozing with blood. Master told me I better heal myself quick for the next class he has coming up.

On My Knees

Submissive Whore I have been waiting patiently for my Master to get home. I know he wants his daily after work blow job from his kitten. He loves demanding it as soon as he opens the door. I am always waiting on my knees at the same time everyday craving to drain Master of his tension from the long hard day at work. I suck on his anaconda like a sweet tasting vanilla lollipop. If Master feels I didn’t do a proper job he bends me over his knee and spanks my ass. He won’t stop into his hand hurts bad enough. Master uses my mouth as a cum disposable bucket. He pulled out and wiped his cock in my hair and I jumped up to put dinner on the table for Master.

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