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Pretty pink holes

submissive slut

I am the submissive slut you have been dreaming about, I take orders and make sure to keep your cock pleased. I like doing whatever you want me to do. I make my cunt your spit bowl. You spit and fuck me til my pretty pink holes are bleeding. I like feeling the rope burns against my body. I think every bit of pain you inflict to me. I cry my eyes out, and it makes you fill up with rage. My asshole and cunt deserve nothing more than to be branded. I’m your fuck toy, and I know how to make my king feel like he’s on top of the world. Swat me a couple more times to hear me cry even louder. I guess you enjoy the red marks all over my body. Bruised and black and blue is how I will be for you.

Torture Fuck Me

Torture phone sex

Painful, torture sex is the only thing that gets my cunt to orgasm over and over again! I only get wet when I’m being verbally or physically abused. I love being called a stupid fucking whore while getting slapped, smacked and whipped. Being a pain whore and torture fuck slut is the most exciting. I love having my holes savagely fucked while Master’s foot is pinning my pathetic face down. Getting pummeled and treated like a dirty fuck slave is my only purpose. I love getting my ass fuck while Master beats me black and blue. My submissive whore cunt just drips wet whenever he strikes his fists against my face and head. Whenever Master ties me up and whips my entire naked body over and over again until my skin welts and splits, my pussy just gushes all over the dungeon floor! I especially love when Master brings in strange men to force fuck me and have fun violent anal rape fantasies with!

Turned Into A Gangbang Fuckwhore

Submissive phone sex

My Sir turned me into a Gangbang submissive fuck whore. He told me when he saw another side of me, he knew then he was going to need a backup for my punishment. I tried telling my Sir that I only acted that way because of the situation. I was a dumb submissive slut for talking out of turn. Sir backhanded me like I was his prostitute who did not have his money. He told me to shut my dumb slut ass the fuck up. For the first time, I saw my sir get angry. I have seen my Sir be stern and dominant but I have never seen him upset. I sat there quiet, waiting for him to give me my orders. Then, all I see is Sir fist coming straight at my face and that was the last thing I remember happening. When I woke from being knocked the hell out, I could feel my eye and head pounding from Sir’s blow to the face. I looked around as much as I could but quickly realized I was tied up with duck tape over my mouth. I was hanging a couple of feet off the ground with straps holding my body up. I had a leash around my neck and it felt like someone had the leash in there hands behind me lightly tugging on it. Then I see sir kneel down in front of my face. I could hear men in the background laughing as if there was a party going on. Everyone sounded like they were drunk and drugged out. Sir was kneeling down looking into my eyes mocking me. He gave me a sad puppy dog look as if he felt sorry for what was about to happen to me. His face quickly turned serious and his voice lowered into a demonic whisper. Sir told me since I want to act out like a wild fucking whore, he is going to show me what happens to wild, stupid, fucking whores. He also said since I do not want to submit to him maybe I will submit to five men doing whatever they please to me. I could not speak and there was no point in making sounds with a thick strap of tape around my lips. I was restricted to move from the straps and a leash around my neck. All I could do was take the pain of these five men using me as a sex slave, a stupid fuck whore slave as sir was calling me when the men were fucking me with there giant sized cocks, making a game to see who could stretch my holes our the furthest. I was a cum filled mess in and out of my body when these men were done with me. I passed out when I felt three cocks digging deep into my asshole. When I woke, I was laying on the floor next to my restraints in a pile of cum and blood. It has been two days and my Sir is nowhere to be found.

Whore Has Learned Her Lesson

Submissive WhoreI was being such a little brat for Master. I was testing my limits left and right with him. Master was punishing me but I was just in one of those bratty submissive moods. Well after three days Master had reached his limits of my brattiness. Spankings weren’t working on me so Master found something that did. He bound me up and put me on my knees. As I kneel there on my knees I see Master going to what I call his closet of tortures props. He was rummaging around when he pulled out the cattle prod and the bullwhip with the metal spikes on it. I was shitting my pants when I saw what he was holding. I must of really pissed Master off! I knew I was pissing him off I just did not know I was pissing him off this much. Master tortured me for hours. Striking my flesh and splitting it open. Zapping me in between strikes from the bullwhip. He was laughing and taunting me telling me what a stupid whore I am. Just a dump piece of fuck meat he kept yelling. I was hurting bad my tears and snot were mixed together with my blood. It felt like every inch of my flesh was ripped open and on fire. I tried to scream out I have learned my lesson but Master just ignored me and kept on punishing me.

Slave training with Master

Slave trainingAnother long stressful day for Master means a long night of slave training and being his dirty little submissive skank. On my hands and knees down at his feet is exactly where I belong. Master is dominant over me and puts me in my place. He never fails to remind me what my one true purpose is in this life and that is to be a complete and utter slave for anyone and everyone. Even if he decides to sell me one day to another Master, I will still be a worthless piece of shit. I love being able to help Master decompress and get him out of his hot sweaty clothing. I spread his ass cheeks and can see that he still has some gunk plastered up in there from when he last took a shit so of course I assumed my position and used my tongue as his toiler paper. He even has a bumpy rash that he’s starting to breakout with but my wet mouth is the perfect lotion to soothe and lubricate it so that Master feels better. His asshole is his sweet spot. It might smell bad but that’s not a problem at all, the more smelly that Master is for me, the more happy I am! Plus, that just means I have to do more work for him! Kissing and cleaning Master’s ass, that’s what I am going to be doing all night long per usual!

Anal Slave Training

Slave training

Master personally has to train all of my holes to take great big cocks and toys. He takes greatly pleasure in poking and prodding me until I am properly stretched. The best part of my training is Master taking pleasure in pushing me to my limits and humiliating me as best as he can. He decided that the best way to both humiliate me and anal train me was at my family’s early Mother’s Day dinner today. He made me lay out on the dinner table and strip off my clothes in front of everyone. Then he had me rub my cunt and finger my dirty asshole until it was gaping a bit, ready to be trained in front of the whole family. They watch and sneered while Master pushed a thick anal plug deep inside my ass. He made me suck on my Daddy’s cock until it was wet enough to shove his thick cock deep inside my ass. Master asked if I was disgusted by becoming Daddy’s incest anal whore as he filled me up with cum.

Bad whores sleep on the floor

Bondage phone sexMy master is very picky about how I behave. The smallest mistake and I get severely punished. When I’ve been a naughty girl he makes me sleep on the floor in a pet cage on an old blanket. It’s to remind me that he is my master and that I am nothing more than a pet or a play thing. If I was a good whore for him, I would have the privilege of getting to sleep in a human bed, but I was bad and came too soon when he was fucking me. Now I have to sleep in this cage like a mutt, and eat my food out of a bowl on the floor. I’m only allowed on the bed to suck his cock, but then I have to go right back into my cage. I don’t even get to have him fuck my pussy or ass when he’s angry at me because fucking his beautiful cock is a privilege, not a right. I’m on my best behavior now, hoping he will see what a good sub I can be and let me out of my cage and finally fuck my pussy and ass again.

Slave Breeding

Bondage whore

My master has decided he’s going to start breeding my young pussy. He wants a totally submissive bitch who will birth babies for him one after the other. All of our daughters will be submissives too and they will submit to their daddy and their brothers like good little whores should. He’s already started cumming in me every day and tracking my periods so he can breed me on the days when I’m most fertile. He wants a whole family of submissive slut daughters and dominant sons. He’ll train our daughters to be cock sucking whores just like their mother once they’re of age, and he’ll teach our sons how to be good masters and let them practice tying up and fucking their sisters and their mom. I know my master well enough to know he has huge plans for me and our future family of dominant sons and subby slut daughters.

Submissive Slut On Show At A Slave Party

submissive slut

I was won in a poker game from my family. This submissive slut is in a super stretchy pink skirt, 5-inch heels and a  Sweet “wicked weasel” bikini, pool party to show off slave, thin leather straps to show off my tits, a nice collar for me that is hot pink with the words slut on it!  My new master has tied a belt around my waist to grip and slap pinch and use my body. Anybody now has permission to fondle and slap me, before the party starts a very thin cane to leave a couple of very nice whelps on my ass and above and below my tits, Thighs and front and back of thighs as well, Three strips across my pussy! Fresh marks enhance my body parts. On top of that a full hand print on my cheek. The Party has started a lot of friends and acquaintances grabbing my pussy and using my holes. My family can not touch me, I must show them how well of a slave I am. My husband and son are all watching including my daughter sluts. As they stare this new master decides my nipples aren’t as tall as they should be. He orders two bowls very cold Ice water  I am made to put my arms behind my subby back and stand spread apart. He then submerges my beautiful tits in Ice water. Oomph, 3 nice slaps to my ass. My skirt riding high up exposing my marks on my ass. Stripped of my skirt and asked, “Do you like exposing yourself, nipples hard”? My nipple ring hoops he has attached weights on my nipple to stretch my nipples some. Hard slaps and trained to cum on command, hard pinch on my clit and cum and cum again. Well drenched panties and very see through. Rod with a vibrator on it spread my legs up inside my cunt. Metal vibrator goes as far as it can go. Demanded and a must that I stand on my toes or the tip will be vibe will be very painful. Wires from the vibrator from the sound system on the music. I am dancing on a stick in my cunt. Master has cut bottoms and top off and continues to flog my tits with a leather flogger. I am his submissive whore on show!

Erotic BDSM Stories From Your Subby Mommy

erotic bdsm stories

Ropes and chains excite me. I always needed a dedicated master to bring our my sub slut ways. When I married him I knew he was strong and we would play with wax and ropes long before I went down the Isle. After Marriage the ropes got tighter and he wanted to plant his seed deep within me. While I was pregnant the spankings got more powerful and the ropes stronger. I had to prove that even as his pregnant slut I would still do for him. I would be fucked by his friends and on my hands and knees belly hanging low. Hubby Master would keep me knocked up for a few years and enjoyed every waking moment of punishment, from milking my swollen breast roughly to fucking me on the beach under a blanket my belly in a scooped out hole face down. Now my body is curvy and motherly and I must instill the same sub slut skills in my daughters and Make my son a strong master in his own right. I do this by giving him his mother and training his sisters to please him. I only want to be giving the men in my life pleasure and If I fuck up then I will need to be punished. I do love punishment but I try to tame my own desires as I know being submissive is about making them the king of my life and giving my mouth, pussy, and ass to be the cum receiver I am meant to be.

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