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Strapped To The Wall

bondage and submission



You’ve developed a new way to make me submit to your every need. You attached leather straps to the wall of the basement you keep me in and order me to get into position with my ass out. That’s when you start to lube up every object you can think of to use on me. Everything from a baseball bat to loaded gun straight into my anus. You force fuck me with your fun new toys until you see blood and scat leak out of my hole. I can’t beg you to stop, I know that will result in just more force fucking. I have to just submit to your sadistic commands as my master. My body aches and I am exhausted with tears coming out of my eyes. You make me count each time you thrust a new phallic object inside my holes and order for me to guess what it could be this time. I eventually black out from all of the pain and that just pisses you off even more. You slap me to wake me up and ask me to tell you in detail why this is happening to me. It’s because I am a worthless slut and I know it. I am only yours because you’re the only one who would have me. I pray every night that you haven’t found more inspiration for pain but secretly I also love being your voodoo doll. I wonder what’s next for tonight…

Fucking Another Slave whore

Slave trainingI love when I get to domme over another whore. I love making them scream from my pleasure and pain I allow them to have. Hearing them scream in the pain but delight as they cum all over my hand. I get wet just thinking of these times.. Feeling the gushiness just drench my hand. Then I love to take my mouth and lick up all that pussy cum juices. After a slave as squirted she has never tasted better. Trust me! I love to try to see if I can make them squirt again just with my tongue and fingers. And sometimes a fist. The more I can get a slave to squirt the better she tastes. I love being slave to man and domme to woman.

Rape Phone Sex Fantasies

Rape Phone Sex Fantasies

I often go to BDSM chat rooms looking for a little fun.  The last time I was in the BDSM chat room, I spoke to a guy that wanted to live out a rape fantasy and I have had a rape fantasy for years and was thrilled to meet someone like-minded.  I emailed him and got the details and told him I was up for anything.  He told me that it would happen in the next week but not when or where.  That was part of the excitement, not knowing when it was coming.  He could do anything to me, tie me up, beat me, minor cuts, just nothing life threatening.  It had to be as real as possible.  I was excited!  Three days later as I walked home from dinner near my home at dusk, I was attacked from behind and dragged into the bushes.  My assailant tied me up and punched me in the face a few times until I lost consciousness.  When I awoke, I was in a seedy motel room tied to the bed posts.  I got so excited, to finally have my rape fantasy.  He stripped me down to my black pantyhose and bra.  He took some scissors and cut a hole in the crotch of my pantyhose.  I was not getting away anytime soon.  I told him I was so happy to finally meet him after all the preparation we had put in.  He looked at me and nodded his head.  I figured he was staying in character.  He came over to me and said shut up bitch and slapped me hard across the face.  My lip was bleeding.  He pressed his finger firmly against my pussy and seemed surprised at my wetness.  He cock was so hard, it was straining against the pants he wore.  I told him to let me suck his cock and he took it out and put it in my bleeding mouth.  I sucked his long, hard cock, sliding in and out of my mouth, making his cock get even harder.  He took me by the neck and pulled me off his cock and said, “no, I wanna fuck you,”.  He clumsily climbed on top of me, guiding his cock through the pantyhose and into my waiting wet cunt.  He was so excited, he came in minutes.  He told me not to tell anyone how quick he came.  He cut me lose, said thanks and left the room.

What a Shock

submissive phone sex

I dont know what’s gotten into me but as of late i just cannot seem to stop playing with myself wether i have master’s permission or not. I just have this intense craving and master has caught me a few times touching myself without his consent and he’s punished me but nothing seems to work so he decided to try something new. He installed one of those special mirrors where it looks like an ordinary mirror but if you’re on the other side of it you can see through it like a window . He put in my bedroom and hooked up some sort of shock kit, and at the time i didnt know what it was but he told me everytime i was naughty he would know. Well i went to touch myself tonight and all of the sudden i felt a quick intense jolt, it threw me off for a moment but than i kept going. Again i felt a quick more intense jolt. It happened quite a few times but instead of turning me off it actually turned me on, as the night went on the jolts got more intense and painful, but the more intense and painful they were the more it made me wet. When i finally orgasmed master said he has another plan to try and stop my naughty behavior and he sounded very confident. I’m a little scared but also very excited to see what it is!

One Woman Dick Sucking Party

Submissive slutMy master had some of his friends and co-workers over to watch the World Series. When everyone arrived he had me walk into the room on my hands and knees with a leash around my neck. He made an announcement that I was the entertainment and my job was to give everyone a blowjob. He walked me over to his boss who was stumbling to pull his fat cock out of his pants. I wrapped my lips around his thick cock and sucked on it like a good girl. The fact that everyone was watching and waiting for their turn was turning me on. I bobbed my head back and forth really fast sucking his cock like a madwoman. I sucked and sucked until warm semen filled my mouth. I moved over to his right and wrapped my lips around the next hard cock. I had 13 more dick to suck…

Master’s Special Sauce

slave training

I did something very bad… I misheard an order master gave me and did it wrong.. The look on his face told me I was going to be punished severely I tried to convince him it was a simple misunderstanding.  But he would hear none of it. Master told me to get on the bed. He my arms to the bedpost and put a ball gag in my mouth. Then he got out a spray bottle that he called “hot sauce”.  He wouldn’t tell me what it was.  But he aimed at my pussy and said this was going to hurt very badly. The second it hit my pussy I bit down on the ball gag in excruciating pain!  It burned and stung so bad.But as bad as it hurt my pussy begin to drip. Master said “oh does my slut like that?” I nodded yes. BIG MISTAKE. Master than brought a cat of nine tails whip and began lashing my pussy and spraying more of the “hot sauce” into the tiny cuts the whip had left. I arched my back screaming in pain trying to beg him to stop. But he kept going.  By the end of the night, my pussy was throbbing, red, and sore. But it felt so good! Master doesn’t know it but I creamed while he was whipping me. I suppose I’ll keep it my little secret! 😉

Erotic Submissive Stories

erotic submissive storiesDo you like erotic submissive stories? I will be honest. Hearing your stories of dominating women makes me wet. I talked to a guy last night who has a submissive wife and daughter. The daughter was born specifically to help the mother in taking care of his sexual needs. I have a long-term master but he is old school and won’t do anything with my daughter or any young girl. He likes having a spanking slut for some office BDSM games. I am loyal to him. I am paid well to be his subby playmate. But, when I hear stories of submissive families, it really makes my cunt drip. My daughter doesn’t respect my life as a submissive slut. She thinks she is too good for this lifestyle. She wants to be the bitch in charge and have sugar daddies, not masters. My son dominates me sometimes, but only when I push his buttons. He needs to be high and pissed off to abuse his old whore mommy. This caller, however, has a well trained daughter and wife. Once at home, they are naked, collared and chained like household pets. They suck his cock, drink his pee, lick his ass and service him at the ringing of a bell. I want a family like that. What about you? Would you like to have mother and daughter slaves waiting for you when you return home from work? Tell me more.

Barn Suprise

submissive whoreOutside of the bar, you blindfolded me, tied my hands behind my back and put a belt around my ankles.  You lifted me and put me in the trunk of your car.  I rode in the truck for what seemed like an hour.  You took me out of the car and pushed me into a small barn.  You tied me up to the barn poles, arms outstretched.  You took my blindfold off.  Ten of your friends were waiting for us.  I was so excited when I realized this was the gang-bang I had asked for.  They each took a turn at me one after another, fucking me in every hole, sometimes three at a time.  Penetrating me in my pussy, another in my asshole and one in my mouth.  They couldn’t get enough of me.  A couple of them took more than one run at me.  It lasted for hours and I couldn’t get enough.  Thank you baby for my birthday surprise.

Slave Training and Punishment

Slave trainingMaster showed me the video of me rubbing and fingering myself to orgasm while he was away. He was very displeased that I’d been such a disobedient little shit, and he hung me from the ceiling again. Fully clothed, I was left there for a while, until he came back with the flog and little claw clamp. He lifted my skirt just enough to clamp that little tool to my clit, drawing a scream from me as I tried not to writhe fro the pain. Then, he walked behind me and started flogging me. He ran the flog over my ass over and over, leaving welts that I knew would be bruises the next day. I knew I would not be able to sit down for a few days. Then, he stuck fingers into me from behind, filling both my holes with his fingers. He started to fuck me, and eventually, it got good enough to overcome the pain the clamp was causing on my clit, and I started to really get into it. Just before I would have cum, he pulled out and walked away. He left me to dangle there the rest of the day, only letting me down that night. He had to carry me up to bed, my muscles were so weak.

Submissive Sex with My Son

submissive sexSubmissive sex is the only sex I have as a whore. I am the bottom, always. My son was in a foul mood this weekend. He shows signs of his daddy more and more everyday. But this weekend, the mean son of a bitch came out. I found out he has been selling weed for money. I confronted him. My Master and my boss, the reason we have a roof over our heads, is a lawyer. If my son got busted, I would lose my job. Master would cut ties with me, cut me off financially. I laid into him about what he was jeopardizing.  He smacked me. Made it clear he didn’t give a rat’s ass about me. He is 18. He doesn’t need me or our house. I tried to reason with him some more and he punched me in the face so hard, I passed out. I woke up naked, chained to the bed with my son force fucking my ass. He had his hands around my throat choking me too. I was clearly his bitch. My son let me know he didn’t care what I did at work, but when I was home, under his roof, I would answer to him only. He sounded just like his father 20 years ago. My son doesn’t really know his dad, but with every hard thrust in my ass, he made it clear that he was his father’s son. He fucked me for a few hours. I’d pass out from his hands choking me, then wake back up being fucked like a rag doll. He came finally, but left me there chained to the bed, bloody, bruised and battered. Covered in cum too. I guess I have two masters now. Maybe I need a third master. Think you are up for the job?

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