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The Family Slave

Submissive slut

I’m a submissive slave for all of my brothers and my father. They’re all Doms and I am their slave. I’m the youngest and the only sister, so I was trained to be their submissive my whole life. I am expected to submit to them at all times. A good slave slut is seen and not heard.  I cater to their every desire and satisfy their every sexual need. Sometimes I forget myself and try to fight back, but it’s met with brutal punishment from each of them. A good slave does not defy her Masters. I crawl to their rooms in the morning and  offer my holes to them to satisfy their morning wood. They always wake up horny with big hard cocks and want me to suck them off, but oftentimes I end up getting fucked by each of them first thing in the morning before I cook their breakfast and start my daily chores. When I am done, I tiptoe around the house quietly to not anger them, only speaking when spoken to. I am their toy and my only purpose or use in life is being their whore and pleasuring them. 

Submissive Sex Slave

submissive sexSubmissive sex is my forte. I have tried to be equal with some men. I have even tried to be dominant a few times. It only works for me when I am submissive. It is what I am best at doing. I have not been to the office since the holidays. Yesterday was my first official day back. My boss is a dominant man who hired me more for my submissive ways than my typing skills. I am his stress release. He bent me over my office desk after I made him coffee. I thought I was going to be spanked for using real sugar instead of Stevia. He is on that Keto diet. I guess he never realized my mistake. I didn’t dare tell him because he was sodomizing my ass for the tone of voice I used when I served him his coffee. He may have broken my arm if he knew he was consuming real sugar. He never uses lube. He dry fucks my ass so hard, it bleeds. He was pulling my hair extremely hard at the same time. Fuck, I wanted to scream, but that would piss him off further because there are other offices in the building. Once he nutted in me, he slapped my ass a few times and told me to get back to work. It hurt to sit down, so I could type, but I am a good submissive whore. I took an ass fucking then typed up his legal briefs nervous for what would happen if I didn’t type them perfectly.

Pussy Torture

Submissive Whore

My Master can be so cruel in his punishments sometimes. I feel like I’m walking a tightrope, and if I fall and displease him, he’ll hurt me. My only desire in this world is to please him though. I made him so mad because I didn’t do a good enough job in my chores and then he tried to punish me with a spanking, but he could tell I was enjoying the spanking too much. My pussy was all wet and positively dripping with each smack on the bottom that he gave me. So he came up with a really devious way to punish me, one he knew I wouldn’t enjoy. He made me spread my legs and expose my bare pussy to him while he slowly added painful clothes pins to the lips of my poor pussy. One after the other he clamped them onto my pussy lips while I wiggled and squirmed in pain. He had my legs and hands bound with rope so I couldn’t fight back. He put the last clip right onto my sensitive little clit. I was in agony. Then he bent me over and pelted my bare bottom with a belt. Normally a spanking is something I would enjoy, but the cruel and painful clips attached my pussy had me in agony. After 20 licks he was satisfied and allowed me out of my ropes and removed the clips. My poor pussy is still so sore though and my bottom is covered in whip marks.

Piss in My Mouth

Submissive phone sex

Master uses my holes however he pleases. Whether he wants me to be his helpless fuck toy or his pitiful filthy toilet, I do whatever he says or else I’ll be punished! But I love doing everything Master says, I aim to please him and do as he says. Tonight, Master felt like using me as both his fuck slut and his toilet whore. After tying my arms behind my back, Master sat down and whipped out his large throbbing cock for me.

He ordered me to deepthroat and gag on his cock and I happily obliged. My cunt drips so wet when Master force fucks my throat. Then Master held my head down and shoved his cock deep down into the back of my throat. He told me that he was going to cum and then piss down my throat and like the good whore that I am, I swallowed and gagged on Master’s warm cum and piss. He filled my throat up so much it began dripping out the sides of my mouth.

Putting On A Show

Submissive WhoreMaster has me putting on a show for his business. There is a big deal on the table and Master is sure I will persuade them to go with my Master’s business. Master had them over the house for dinner, drinks, and a show. My submissive whore show was an interactive one, I danced around them putting my boobs in their faces. Bending over with my legs spread my cunt lips open for all the men to see. I strip down to nothing and get on my knees. I crawl around the room like a wild bitch dog in heat. The men take out their cock and can see them whacking themselves and the make a circle around me. I can’t see Master but I can hear him say “She has no limits men take her and use her for your pleasure.”


Slave training


My Master loves to see me used and fucked by other people, but only when he says so. When he’s away, I’m not allowed to fuck anyone or even play with my pussy. He pierced my pussy with a special piercing that keeps my pussy lips closed shut and my clit completely covered so that I can’t have sex or masturbate. Being a devious man like my Master though, he also takes and loops a strand of pearls through my pussy lips before securing the piercing. As I walk or move, the pearls slide around inside my labia and rub on my clit and sends me into ecstasy. Even just walking around the house doing my chores has my pussy dripping wet from the pearls. I know this is his way of torturing me and also testing me to see if I am a loyal pet to him. As soon as he’s back home I practically beg him to take off my chastity device and fuck me!

A Drunk Fuck Toy

Slave training I just dig it when Master brings home a drunk high slut for me to play with. I love being a submissive whore to my master but I absolutely adore dominating a dumb cunt bitch. I get such a high off of fucking her making her cry and beg for mercy as I rip the shit out of her body. Master watches me as I play taking video and pictures. It makes him rock hard watching my sadistic dominating side come out of me. My favorite part is when master joins in with us and helps me torture the fresh meat laid out in front of us. I get into a trance watching master’s dick disappear in her fuck holes. My cunt muffling her screams. Master and I used her all night long turning her into our fuck toy.

Public Fucking

Hardcore bondage


One of the reasons Father is so strict with me and my training is that he expects me to submit to him whenever and wherever he wants. Whether it’s at home or out in public, when he tells me it’s time to fuck, I do it. At first I was really shy and didn’t like exhibitionism and fucking in public, but now I will do whatever Father desires.

We were on a walk in the park yesterday. I was wearing a long jacket with no clothes underneath it and had a plug in my ass. I was really nervous because I knew he had something planned for me. He pulled me off the trail in the park into a little wooded area and commanded me to take off the jacket and suck his cock. I did as told and sucked his cock and got him nice and hard. Then I laid on my back in the dirt as he fucked me and pounded in and out of me. A few people walked by and gasped in shock and hurried away, but some lingered around and watched as he fucked me and called me his little whore. One man took his cock out and began to stroke himself as he watched us. When Father was done with me, he told me to suck the man off. I did as I was told and sucked the strange man’s cock for him. He held me by the back of my head and fucked my face before shooting a wad of cum into my mouth. I swallowed all the cum down and licked the tip of his dick clean. Father told me to thank him for his cum, so I thanked him for cumming into my slutty whore mouth and letting me swallow it all down.

I Don’t want to get Deported

Gangbang phone sex


My horny disrespectful boss wants me to think I’m a stupid motherfucker he’s always trying to break me down. It’s working I’m broken, and I don’t know what to do at this point but be his submissive slave whore. My boss Elliot tells me to show up at work late tonight he has been telling me that he wants my ungrateful ass to do extra work. My boss Elliott says I have to make up for all of the fucking ridiculous things that I’ve done at work or else I’m going to lose my job and I need my job, so I have no choice but to go into work. Elliott told me that I was in so much trouble if I didn’t do what he demanded of me I was told that I would get deported and that I would be subject to the gangs in Mexico. I’ll be getting my cunt fucked every single day at least 30 times. I won’t be getting paid by the fuckers that take my body unused me instead I’ll just be getting tossed around. I don’t want to deal with this fucker like this, so I guess I am going to have to follow what I am told to do. Nasty fucking bitches like me we get what we deserve that is what the gang leaders in Mexico say to me before I ran away. Now imma just a fucking cum-filled cunt Tramp. My boss is a scary motherfucker, but he’s not as frightening as the gangs in Mexico, so I’m ready to be his fucking slut I’m prepared to be his slave. I will suck his cock all the way to the boss and slobber over it any day before I get deported. I will even lick my balls asshole so that I won’t be in trouble are in Jeopardy of being sent back to Mexico which is my worst fear.

I got the Job

Spanking chat

I was in this freaky weird house last night with all these mirrors and leather walls and the pimp name Snowy. Snowy had like 30 bitches surrounding him they were all very scantily clad wearing negligees all different colors. These hot spicy whores all had double D tits and nice round bubble asses that look absolutely delicious. I was there to try and get a job, but I had to do more than a regular interview I had to audition as there were many girls there for the same reason. All the girls were gorgeous and exotic, to say the least, there were Brazilian girls, African girls Russian girls all sorts of beautiful girls from everywhere in the globe. Some of the girls have really fat booties nice round bubble asses some of the girls had sweet, cute little bubble asses but all of those asses were ripe and fucking hot. Snowy pointed at the girls that were his favorites, and I happened to be one of them lucky me I was so happy to go to the next step. The next step was going into a room and giving head 2 all these guys the girls that were able 2 suck cocks masterfully then moved on to the next step. Believe me, there were tricks that you had to do sucking balls going under the balls with your tongue stroking the cock shafts just so much. What determined if a girl went to the next step where two things one if you could make that cock cum a huge load and what kind of tricks that you did. Snowy didn’t say that you had to swallow the cum from the cock that you were sucking, but if you did, I found out that was going to get you to the next step. The next phase of the audition consisted of how well you fucked, took cock and rode dick. I was nervous because I had a massive 10 and 1/2 inch cock that I had to satisfy and I was afraid that the force and thickness of it would take control of me. I had to keep control of that big fat dick, so I rode it like a cowgirl I spun around and rode it reverse cowgirl style. I also put that big fat cock into my mouth and suck it and slobbered on it I made sure he was weak when I got done with him. My cum guzzling pussy was a star attraction I fucked like the sluttiest whore you could ever find and got points for it. Needless to say, I got the job, and now I am one of Snowy’s girls

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