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Shitty Family Meal

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Mom and dad have been feeding me nothing but human waste for weeks now. I don’t even remember what
real food tastes like but it’s so important to me that their submissive whore training program
goes off without a snag that I can only comply. They are just making sure I can be the best
human toilet bitch. Also I have to consider how much money mommy and daddy make off me.
They have started inviting tons of new guys over to help keep me fed. Even designed this crazy
chair with a hole in the middle, right where your ass goes. They tie me up under it and order
that I keep my mouth wide open while you and other men drop ooey gooey shit right into my
mouth like a baby bird. How am I going to wash it down? You had the best idea- buckets of piss
and only cum for dessert. I hope mom and dad never change their minds about this program.
I love being a tool for desire. What do you think mommy and daddy should try next?

A little Tied Up At The Moment

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I am worthless piece of shit submissive whore who only lives to be treated like a object. I love being kept busy- all tied up that is! The way those ropes feel against my skin, completely triggering all those memories of growing up as a target of objectification. I don’t know any other way to be than submissive. Laying back and taking it, even though my eyes are begging you to stop, is just the way my life was meant to be. Punch me in my pussy- tenderize that cunt. Bend me over and force fuck my asshole till it bleeds. Spank and slap the bottoms of my feet until they are purple. I am your human punching bag sex doll who cannot stop you even if she wanted to. Make me wish I had never been born. I am your toy now.

Hogtied and Abducted

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I woke up hogtied with a ball gag in my mouth. No amount of struggling seemed to loosen the ropes. I looked around at my surroundings, but I didn’t recognize anything. I had no clue where I was or who had taken me. I didn’t even know if anyone knew I had been taken! The bedroom door opened and the man who had abducted me walked in. He stared at me with hungry eyes and a crazy smile. Holding a video camera and tripod, he set it up in the corner of the room. My shirt was then pulled up so he could squeeze my perky tit. He started out massaging it, but his grip gradually became firmer until he was squeezing it so hard, I thought my boob would pop! Twisting my nipple, he smiled at my pain. I groaned in agony as he twisted harder and harder. He spanked me repeatedly until my ass felt like it was on fire. After what seemed like an eternity of torture, he said if I didn’t scream or run, and that I agreed to love him, he would untie me so I could be his good whore. I shook my head, unable to say anything with the gag still in my mouth. As promised, my restraints and ball gag were removed. Now, he said, as long as I behave and love him, I could stay loose. I let him use my body for his pleasure. I was his perfect little whore, bending into any position he desired. He fucked me until I was too sore to sit up straight and I was oozing cum from every hole. He was my owner now.

Slave Training for the Workplace

Slave trainingThey walked into the office, and I knew I was in trouble. They were 2 of Master’s friends, and I knew well enough that when they came around, Master wasn’t going to be far behind. I thought about trying to get up and run, but I knew that would only make matters worse. I wasn’t sure what I’d done to deserve punishment, but for Master to send them by my job, even so close to the end of the day, meant it was bad. They bound me to the chair I was seated in, and then proceeded to slowly cut my clothes off, shirt, then bra, then skirt. They left my panties whole, and I wondered if that was at Master’s bidding. When Master walked in, the scowl on his face told me I’d done fucked up. His crop was in his right hand, and I even noticed that it wasn’t his favorite crop – it was the well-worn, well-used crop that he liked to punish his slaves with. He didn’t just walk over to me, either. He walked to my boss’s office, and knocked on the door. After a few minutes of them talking behind that door, they both walked out. The humiliation of my boss seeing me all but naked compounded the situation. Master explained that my boss had called the house and left a voicemail with a complaint about my forgetting something when I had left the day before. It was important, and I’d apologized to my boss when he’d approached me about it this morning. I sat there and looked directly at Master’s feet, knowing anything else was unacceptable. He took that crop and swung it, hitting me across the shoulders. He smacked each breast, the inside and outside of each thigh, and right across my tummy. I was welted everywhere. I knew I’d never do that again…

Spanking Phone Sex: My Son Enjoys Beating My Ass

spanking phone sex

I love spanking phone sex. I don’t get a lot of spanking calls, however. It is too bad too because I have a cabinet full of different things to whack my ass with on a call. I have paddles of varying sizes. I have cat of 9 tails. I have riding crops. I have a few fly swatters that really leave a mark. I have belts. I have wooden spoons and spatulas.  Of course, I have my bare hands too. I love to give my big round ass a hard swat for you. My son recently discovered my special cabinet. I guess he just discovered the key. He has always been curious about what I keep inside there. I didn’t realize he had been snooping for the key until I came home the other night and found him waiting for me with the cabinet open and an ominous looking belt in his hand. It was not a belt of mine. This was a 70s looking belt with a buckle so big it could have doubled as a serving tray. “Like bare bottom spankings, mom,” he asked with an evil grin. Although I do, that belt looked like it would hurt far beyond what I can tolerate. I think that was the point. “Bend over bitch,” he seethed. It is instinct for me to listen to a man. In this case, it was instinct to listen to a boy. I heard him crack the belt like it was a whip being used to intimidate a slave. I was a slave, I guess. The first whack is the hardest. I fought back the tears as that big ass belt buckle hit me with such force, it drew blood. I yelped from the pain. He beat my ass raw for a good 20 minutes. Why? Because, in his words, a mother shouldn’t have secrets from her own flesh and blood. I have so many more I can’t wait for him to discover. I’m such a pain slut.

My Son’s Bondage Whore

bondage whoreBeing a bondage whore is hard work. I have been working with my son on his rope skills. He was a scout, so he does have some knowledge about knots. I guess I got a little bossy with him over the weekend. He didn’t like me complaining about his loose knots. “If they so loose you stupid whore, see if you can get out of them yourself,” he snapped before spitting in my face and leaving the house. I was on the cold floor. The heat was not on because we just came off a warm spell. The temperatures were rapidly declining. I had no idea how long he would be gone. He was pissed. One time he left me tied up for several days because I folded his laundry wrong. He gets his temper from his father. I need a new master, but I am not accustomed to being left tied up indefinitely. What seemed like forever, was about 8 hours. He came back home drunk. I had pissed on the floor. That made him angry too. He expected me to hold it in like a dog. He untied me, then shoved my face into my piss like a bad puppy. He was getting aroused treating me like a worthless submissive whore. He undid his belt; fastened it around my neck like he was about to strangle me while he pulled out his cock. He ass fucked me hard while I licked up my own piss. He was pulling on the belt so hard, I almost puked. I came close to passing out too. He came up my ass thankfully, because that was when the belt slipped off from around my neck. I grabbed my throat as to massage the pain away and attempt to take in some air. “Complain or sass me again whore, and I might not let go next time,” he seethed as he walked away.

Bondage Phone Sex Whore for Anal Extreme Bondage Fun

bondage phone sex berniceI like bondage phone sex games. When I first got into bondage it was pretty vanilla. I’d be bound and gagged, sometimes blindfolded for what I considered to be more psychological games. Think 9 1/2 Weeks. Maybe there would be some spanking or breast play. So when an old friend I met at a bondage club in the late 80s found me on Facebook and wanted to hook up, I assumed we would have some old fashioned bondage fun. I guess I am a dumb whore for assuming his kinks haven’t intensified over the years.

I let him restrain me. I was there on my living room floor, helpless like I was 2 decades ago. When he dragged me by my bound feet and started kicking me in the pussy, I knew he had evolved into a hardcore extreme bondage kind of guy. I just prayed snuff was not his thing. He ripped my panties off, forced me on all fours and inserted an anal hook in my ass. If he had just placed the hook in my ass, I would have been okay. I like ass play. I have always been an anal whore. What he did was torture. He dragged me around my house by the anal hook. It was in me so deep, I thought my ass would prolapse. He had me oink like a pig as he pissed all over the floor dragging me around like a red headed mop.

extreme bondageHe even lifted me up in the air by the hook to force me to suck his cock. As I trembled and grimaced in pain, he pissed down my throat. His strength scared me, yet turned me on too. He was a different man now. Meaner, more dominate. By the time he was done using me as his anal rag doll, my ass was gaping open and pretty battered. I’m sitting on an ice pack as I tell my tale hoping someone will give my ass a bit of the hair of the dog that bit it. I am a glutton for punishment.

Submissive Slut for Torture Phone Sex

submissive slut extreme tortureA submissive slut needs to be prepared for anything. I am a slave to the men in my life. I have masters of all sorts. Some like bondage, others are more hardcore S and M guys, and still some are extreme torture sex masters. I have one Master, my boss, who is all three in one. He was never into such extreme games that my life could be at risk until he was surfing the internet for BDSM equipment one day and happened upon an extreme BDSM and torture art site. The images he saw of graphic acts of violence against slaves got him really hard. It also got him really thinking about how much fun it would be to take our play to a darker level. I did not want that, but what choice does a submissive whore have really?

Our BDSM and bondage games had always occurred at the office, so when two men jumped me in my bedroom, I thought it was one of my other masters wanting some rape fantasy play. These goons bound and gagged me, then took me into my living room and tied me to a chair. Not any chair. A clearly medieval looking torture chair. I almost pissed my pretty pink panties. Master came out of the kitchen with some scary looking devices that clearly would leave a mark, maybe even permanent ones. It was right out of the BDSM comics he looked at online.

torture phone sex bdsmHe had an old fashioned breast ripper and some various vice grips. I was crying I was in so much fear. The one thing looked like it could pull one of my big boobs right off. He started to pinch my nipples with it, drawing blood immediately. I let out a yelp. I knew better than to show any sign of pain. Next thing I knew he grabbed my clit with it and pulled so hard he tore the skin around it. One of his sidekicks started snapping my finger nails off. I’m not sure what hurt more. The nipple and clit torture or losing my finger nails. The nerve endings were exposed and it was unbearable. I couldn’t help but cry. Master smacked me so hard my mouth bled.

He worked my nipples and clit up like never before. I had to seek medical attention. I had to make up some story about a home invasion because I would have been committed had the doctors thought I allowed this to happen to my body. I don’t know what came over Master that day. He has never been that violent towards me again, but I know it lurks within him. I know that at any point in time he could torture me dead. So don’t think that just because I am a bondage gal I can’t deliver a torture phone sex call. Sadly, I have experience in real life torture. Not going to say I like it because it doesn’t matter what I like. It is all about you Sir.



Bondage S & M Isn’t for Beginners

bondage s & mBondage S & M is not for novices. I am a seasoned BDSM girl, but my daughter is not. She saw “Fifty Shades of Gray,” and thought the lifestyle looked hot. The next thing I knew, she was texting my boss, offering herself up to be used by him. I tried to explain that he doesn’t simply use girls, but tortures them. He is a hardcore master and makes Christian Gray look like Snow White. She thought I was just being jealous.

When I arrived to work, Master immediately bound and gagged me in my office chair. “I have a special treat for us today, slut,” he said. He opened the dungeon door and there was my sweet baby girl strapped to his St. John’s Cross with a ball gag in her mouth. He had an array of torture devices he uses for slave training. She looked scared. I tried to warn her, my level of BDSM is not for novices. First he tortured her teen pussy with an industrial massager. This thing goes so fast on a chick’s clit it leaves skid marks. She was convulsing. I thought she would pass out, then she did. Next was the cattle prod to revive her.

slave trainingI have to admit, I was watching in delight. Little bitch thought she could run with the big dogs. She needed a good dose of reality. Master devised a special torture device just for her-he called it the clothes pin snake. He affixed it all over her tits and tummy then yanked it off. He kept doing this to her until she was crying and begging to be released. Amateur. I sometimes spend my entire day at work with spiked heated nipple and clit clamps, that Master pulls on whenever he needs something, which is like every 5 minutes, and she is whining about clothes pins.

He let her go. She reeked of urine; had bruises all over her tiny body and had tear stains on her face. She looked at me with disgust for not helping her. “Extreme bondage and BDSM is not for curiosity seekers baby girl. Stay on the porch with your Fifty Shades of Gray drivel and let mommy take the heat. I can handle it. It is my life,” I told her. I have been playing S and M games longer than she has been alive. I don’t think she will ever be ready for my lifestyle, but if a teen subby slut piques your interest, maybe we could break the bitch together.torture phone sex