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Newly purchased slaves

Slave trainingSince slavery is now legal, Master has enlisted me as the head slave training whore to teach all of the newly purchased slaves how to handle Master properly. He bought a whole bunch of them, almost too many to count and they all need intense brain rewiring so that they can learn exactly how to use their slave tongues and worthless slave bodies in order to please and pleasure Master. I am the perfect slave role model and I feel so lucky to be able to do all of Master’s dirty work for him. Now, it’s my job to make sure these stupid new slaves can follow suit and do the same! They don’t deserve to do the dirty work quite yet, they need to earn their place and know their purpose. They need to prove that they are capable of taking my position as a human toilet and foot worshiper for Master. We really are not even considered human, we are merely pieces of trash with a pulse. Master takes care of the population by collecting all of these slaves that are pathetic excuses of human life and keeping them forever under his wing which is exactly where they belong. They are totally replaceable and can easily be thrown out in the garbage and they know it. Either they sink or swim, Master will be the judge of that!

Spanking Chat Robyn Loves Pain

spanking Chat

I am more than a nasty P-mommy sex slave to my husband and son. I am their pain slut especially when my ex-husband David is caught leaving our home. I become a bitch in heat ready to be spanked. Only now my ass is going to opened painfully as I am tied over the chair.  forceps open my ass and my anal hook is tied to my waist. When I am spanked for taking Davids cock I won’t be able to move or I will tear my asshole apart all on my own. I wiggle and cry out. Please, I am sorry for being a whore but My men whip me and whip my sass. My spanking is unbearable. A wand is placed on my pussy and I am cumming hard for the pain. I am also Informed that I will be the neighborhood whore to any Mistress or Master who wishes to use me. My daughters will be reserved for My husband Master and his play. I will be the whore and My Husband and son will inflict my pain and use my girls as they wish. My ass is so red and painful but I am left here for hours so Thay may whip me as they choose.

Punish My Pussy

Submissive Whore

I love receiving Master’s painful harsh punishment. Getting my wrists handcuffed tightly and bending over offering up my tight submissive holes for him to abuse. My pussy craves the sharp sting of the crack of Master’s whip on my wet throbbing clit. It makes my pussy flutter with the harder and harsher flick of that leather whip! The harder he whipped my swollen bright pink cunt, the more it oozes out warm pussy juice. When Master shoves his thumb in my tight rosebud asshole it drives my subby cunt insane. Plugging away at my holes with his whip and fingers is torture. A desperate little whore like me just moans and begs for Master’s thick cock but he’s withholding it from me. He loves to watch me writhe like a pathetic worm and squirm under his whip. Master ignores my begs and pleas and continued to tease and flick my clit with his whip until I squirt all down my thigh.

Whipped and Flogged


I defied my Master’s orders and masturbated last night, even though I know I am not allowed to cum without his permission. I don’t know how he knew, but somehow he did, and he was very angry with me. He handcuffed my wrists and ankles, then had me bend over where he attached my ankle chains to the floor. I wasn’t sure what he had planned to punish me with until I felt the leather flogger hit me hard across the ass. He made me tell me what I am while he hit me. “I am your whore, your slut, and your cum dumpster.” He made me repeat it over and over after each hit with the flogger. I was shouting it through tears by the time he was done with me. I was shaking and quivering in pain once he was done.

Spanking Chat for Valentine’s Day

spanking chatSpanking chat is not what I wanted for Valentine’s Day. But I don’t get romance. I am a submissive bitch, not a girlfriend. Men tell me that all the time. I am used to hearing it, but it doesn’t change the fact that once in awhile I would like a box of chocolates or flowers, instead of spankings. My boss made me wear a school girl outfit to work today. I look ridiculous in a plaid skirt and high heels. I am in my 40s, not my teens. My boss likes the visual, however. When he arrived at work, he ordered me across his lap. I pretended each whack on my ass was an “I love you.” I got 500 I love yous. My ass was red like a bouquet of roses. I could barely sit the rest of the work day. That was okay, he had me on my knees for some cock worshiping for the rest of the day anyway. He told me the only candy a whore like me gets is the liquid kind. I drained his balls for hours. It felt like I drained a gallon of his jizz. He must have been holding it in for a few days. It was not a romantic Valentine’s Day, but then I am not girlfriend material. I am just a whore.

Submissive Slut Milf

submissive slut

Cum, and cum with this submissive slut. My ropes are ready and my tongue is all yours. I will lick that ass hole and make that prostate empty all over my face! See I know that my hubby and offspring love my tongue. Everybody takes turns on my face. I don’t have to be tied up but I love to be bound. Flip me over and bust my ass. Red handprints are my legacy for being a dutiful servant of sexual gratification. My precious angels love when mommy gets spanked, they know when mommy is tied up and no place to go they get to hop on my face and ride my tongue.  My youngest even loves to pinch my nipples and ask when hers will grow this big. I tell her when she learns to deepthroat then her tits will come in. Don’t I sound like the best mommy ever? I know you have what it takes to control this submissive.

Strip club

Submissive Whore

Master took me on a little outing to the strip club last weekend. It was a fetish strip club where most of the dancers were wearing collars and leather and some were being whipped by Domme strippers while the men watched. He put me in a micro mini skirt, a choker,  and a mesh crop top with black X shaped pasties over my nipples. On my back he had written, “Touch Me” and “Grab me” in black marker. I was barely dressed any differently than the strippers. Men tried shoving dollar bills into my skirt or waving cash at me and begging for a special “dance” in the champagne room. They grabbed my tits and smacked and fondled my ass. Master beckoned over a stripper and paid her to give him a lap dance. I watched at first and then he told me to join her. We danced for him and got his cock nice and hard. He passed her a leather flogger and instructed her to spank my ass with it. She gave me five hard smacks across my ass, leaving big red imprints. He gave her a wad of cash and she led us both into a private room. He took off his pants and she and I got on our knees and began to suck his cock. While I sucked him off she spanked my ass harder and harder. I moaned around his cock with every blow she delivered. Right as I was reaching my pain limit, he blew his load into my mouth.

Exposed For His Pleasure

Bare bottom spankingsAbsolutely nothing makes a submissive or slave feel more vulnerable then to be placed in a position which exposes their pussies and assholes. I am pretty sure it is due to our conditioning.  We are taught from a young age that we are to keep those areas of ourselves covered.  When you are put into a tied position where you have no control over what happens to them it is a bit exciting and frightening. 

The first time I was ever in a position like that I was spanked. Hard!  Not just on my ass, but my pussy lips, asshole and clit.  Various implements were used as well as a bare hand.  At first I was thinking that it wasn’t so bad because I really enjoyed being spanked. A spanking that starts out slow to only become more and more harsh is my favorite.  However, when I then saw Him grab a crop I tensed up. I knew right away that He was going to punish my pussy with it.

He didn’t go straight to my pussy though.  He struck me once across my asshole.  I howled. I wasn’t expecting it, it hurt so much I almost lost my breath. It was akin to jumping into freezing cold water.  I saw stars.  He waited a little bit, then struck again, not as hard as the first time, but it still hurt.  From there He moved to my pussy lips.  That didn’t hurt nearly as bad as the swats I received intermittently against my tender asshole.  I could see how hard He was becoming.

I am not sure how long this went on.  It seemed like hours, but in actuality, it was more like a few minutes. He turned me on my side on the bench I was on so that He could remove my gag and shove His cock into my mouth.  When I could taste His pre-cum He rolled me onto my back, stepped to the end of the bench and shoved His extremely hard cock into my ass.

I was whimpering, trying to hold back tears from the pain.  Then He placed His thumb onto my clit so that He could make me cum as He was unloading his jizz into my ass. 

Bare Bottom Spankings Make My Cunt Wet

bare bottom spankings

Bare bottom spankings feel wonderful on my ample ass. I love being spanked. I am a naughty girl and I love being punished. Friday, I knew my boss was in a mood. It doesn’t take long to prompt him to give me what I want. He gets pissed off easily. I made a typo in a legal brief, and the next thing I knew, I was over his lap with my panties off getting spanked.  My pussy was getting wet. He could feel me dripping on his leg. My pussy was so wet that I saturated his pants with my cunt juice. He knew I liked it too much. That pissed him off. He was on to me. He knew I tricked him, and he was not going to be happy. In fact, he was so pissed off he flogged my ass. He rammed the end of the flogger up my ass too. I was still wet. The angrier he got, the harder he punished me and the wetter I became. He should have known better. His office secretary is a pain and submissive whore.

Waiting For You

Submissive Whore Laying on my bed my cunt gushing waiting for you to walk in that door. I hear you pull up and walk into the house. My eyes widen in anticipation as you enter the bedroom. To my happy surprise, you have already stripped down and your cock is already hard for me. You waste no time grabbing me by the hair and pushing me to my knees. Your cock inches away from my mouth I open wide and you shove it deep in my mouth. You are fucking my mouth like my cunt gagging and chocking me. I drool all over your cock and down my titties. This excites you. You twist and pinch at my drool-covered nipples. My moans vibrating on your thick cock. My cunt gushes onto my thighs. I need you to cum all three of my nasty whore holes.

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