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Raises are earned

submissive slut

I thought it was time I got a raise. I sent an email to my boss and was hoping I would get word back on the matter. My boss scheduled a meeting with me. We have been fooling around a bit and have explored all my submissive kinks. He loved that on the exterior I was all business and book smarts. On the inside, I was a full on submissive slut. I can’t deny that as much as I try. I am a sub by nature, and I was learning all the things I needed. I was going to be a slave pet, and the first lesson was on my raise. I walked into the meeting, and my boss told me if I wanted an increase he was going to beat it out of me. I was going to be a tied up and tortured slut. When you want something, you must put in time and dedication. I was going to give sweat blood and tears, and I was going to be a urinal and cum basket as well.

Spanking punishment

Bare bottom spankings

My father and brothers don’t like it when I let other men use me without permission. They can be very jealous, so when I let a boy from school fuck my tight pussy, they were enraged. They noticed my creampie when I got home from school and decided I needed to be properly punished. They gagged and hogtied me and bent me over a wooden rack and began to give me a hard bare bottom spanking. They used a hard wooden paddle to spank my tender bottom until it was covered in angry red marks and bruises. Despite the pain I was in, I couldn’t help but get wet and turned on. I secretly love to be spanked and punished. It makes me so wet and drives my pussy wild. Once they were satisfied I had been properly punished they each took a turn fucking my abused ass and cumming inside of me. They lined up and fucked me one after the other. The hard spanking combined with the rough anal fucking made my poor bottom so sensitive and sore that I couldn’t sit down for the next three days.

Chains And Whips

Submissive Whore My cunt gets so wet when Master brings out the chains and whips. I know Master has something wicked on his mind. He chained me up and put the ball gag in my mouth. Master led me around like a dog making me bark and howl. My cunt drenching my thighs feeling it dripping down. I get so fucking horny when he degrades me like an animal. He led me into my cage and locked me in. He opened the side door and ordered my ass up to the opening. He dug his nails into my fleshy ass spreading my cheeks open. My plump ass hole open and staring at him. He pushed just his cock head into my hole just teasing me a bit. I started to whimper and beg for his whole cock in my ass. Master gave me what I wanted slamming my ass so hard he made me bleed.

Submissive slut outdoor fun

submissive slutField trip time it was. I am a submissive slut so what my master says goes. I went ahead and took his commands met him out by the river. I was going to be in for a treat he told me. I couldn’t guess what was about to happen. I did protocol which involves stripping down and keep my hair up. I know when protocol is in full effect Its about to be a messy time. I wasn’t wrong. I was not only in about to be strapped I was going to be bathed in piss. Luckily I had the crystal pristine river washing away some of the piss I was being subjected too, but that wasn’t going to stop the harsh whips that were striking me. I had to take it all and I had to shut the fuck up like a submissive piglet.


Spanking chatI am so very sorry.  I got caught up in the moment, and I forgot to serve You first.  I was talking to O/our mutual friends, I got up to get another drink not even looking at You as I did so.  I came back to see Your drink empty.  You turned the glass upside down and raised Your eyebrow at me.  I went right to You, took Your glass and refreshed Your drink.  When I handed it to You, You pulled me close so You could whisper in my ear that there would be a punishment to help remind me who comes first.

I sat down nervously by Your side, I no longer wanted my drink, I just wanted to be swallowed whole by the sofa W/we were sitting on.  The rest of the night I remembered that You come first.  I was hoping that by remembering and showing effort that the punishment would be forgotten.  W/we left the party and rode home. You were talkative the whole way to the house.  I was positive I had made up for my indiscretion that took place earlier in the evening.

I took Your jacket, and undressed You.  I started the shower for You then waited for You to finish.  You called me into the shower.  I stepped inside to see that you were sitting on the bench.  You motioned for me to come to You.  I stepped closer, You took me by the wrist and told me to lay over Your lap.  I did so.  You pulled my dress up to the small of my back, then spanked me first with Your hand, then the scrub brush.  The whole time You made me say that You come first after each swat.  I was in so much pain, You continued though for a little while longer. 

You had me stand up so that you could look at my face.  My make-up was smeared, my hair was soaked and clinging to my face.  You smiled at me and told me to go get changed, clean my face, dry my hair, then get into bed.  That night I pleased You with my mouth until You shot Your creamy gift down my throat.  I told you I would do better tomorrow.  You pulled me to You and told me that You knew I would.

Hypnotized Submissive Whore

Submissive phone sex

Master is a well-known hypnotist. He can get anyone to do anything he wishes! Little did I know, when I first met him as his secretary, he hypnotized me into becoming his submissive fuck slut. He put me into a deep sleep and had me repeat after him, “I will serve you completely and totally forever. I will belong to you and be your fuck slut whenever you wish. You own me. I am all yours.” In my deep slumber, Master brought me into his hidden dungeon in our office building.

He restrained my wrists, elbows and secured my ass with an anal hook so that I was unable to move. When master snapped his fingers, I woke up in a panic. I had no idea where I was but as soon as Master spoke, I felt like I was in a trance. I felt obedient beyond words. He tickled and whipped my body around and played with my wet cunt. I was to his and only his forever! His fuck toy! He shoved his cock in my mouth and made me gag and choke on it until he came deep inside my throat.

I was Santa’s favorite hoe

Sexy phone chatSanta sure did have his way with my stupid submissive cunt while we had sexy phone chat together this holiday season. I was stripped down naked and forced on to the bed face down so that my pretty face was stuffed into a pillow as it smothered me. I was gasping for air but Santa would just put his hands on the back of my head and shove me deeper into the pillow so that you could hardly even hear me squirming around. Santa spread my legs open wide and shoved his rock hard horny cock into my slutty hole. It hurt so bad but it felt so good at the same time. I was nice and stretched out, so much so that there was even a little bit of blood gushing out of me. Santa spanked my juicy booty until my cheeks were bright red color, that’s exactly what I deserved! You can always find me on the naughty list!

Ruin me


2 girl phone sex is fun when you have it with to submissive whores. I like to compete and don’t mind having a competition with another slave pet. I will always prefer to be on top. I will claw my way there if I have to quite honestly. I have dreams of being my masters accomplice. I would love to ruin sluts for him and make him ridiculously happy. My holes were made to be used by him. I know what get him off and what will make him pop. I’m on my knees begging for his cock to fuck my mouth till it starts to bruise. I like whips across my clit and back. Make me cry and beg for you to stop. Tears running down my face. I will do it all and do it with grace. I will ruin a slave pets holes right in front of you for your entertainment. My asshole if your playground. You own my body and can do what you please.2 girl phone sex

I got the Job

Spanking chat

I was in this freaky weird house last night with all these mirrors and leather walls and the pimp name Snowy. Snowy had like 30 bitches surrounding him they were all very scantily clad wearing negligees all different colors. These hot spicy whores all had double D tits and nice round bubble asses that look absolutely delicious. I was there to try and get a job, but I had to do more than a regular interview I had to audition as there were many girls there for the same reason. All the girls were gorgeous and exotic, to say the least, there were Brazilian girls, African girls Russian girls all sorts of beautiful girls from everywhere in the globe. Some of the girls have really fat booties nice round bubble asses some of the girls had sweet, cute little bubble asses but all of those asses were ripe and fucking hot. Snowy pointed at the girls that were his favorites, and I happened to be one of them lucky me I was so happy to go to the next step. The next step was going into a room and giving head 2 all these guys the girls that were able 2 suck cocks masterfully then moved on to the next step. Believe me, there were tricks that you had to do sucking balls going under the balls with your tongue stroking the cock shafts just so much. What determined if a girl went to the next step where two things one if you could make that cock cum a huge load and what kind of tricks that you did. Snowy didn’t say that you had to swallow the cum from the cock that you were sucking, but if you did, I found out that was going to get you to the next step. The next phase of the audition consisted of how well you fucked, took cock and rode dick. I was nervous because I had a massive 10 and 1/2 inch cock that I had to satisfy and I was afraid that the force and thickness of it would take control of me. I had to keep control of that big fat dick, so I rode it like a cowgirl I spun around and rode it reverse cowgirl style. I also put that big fat cock into my mouth and suck it and slobbered on it I made sure he was weak when I got done with him. My cum guzzling pussy was a star attraction I fucked like the sluttiest whore you could ever find and got points for it. Needless to say, I got the job, and now I am one of Snowy’s girls

His New Fuck Doll

BDSM phone sex

From the moment W/we stepped into His house He took control.  I met Him at a gathering for the Charity that I do work for.  He was very handsome, you could tell from just the way He carried Himself that He possessed power.  He caught me looking at Him a few times, I was mesmerized by Him. He pulled me to the side to simply say, “You want to fuck Me. Don’t you?”  I was taken aback by His forwardness.  I managed a meager nod of my head.  He smiled and told me I would have to earn that then He walked away.  I wasn’t sure what He had meant by that, however, I was soon to find out.

After the gathering I was heading to my car when I heard His voice call me over to Him.  He took my phone to put His address in my GPS then told me to be there no later than 11:00 p.m.  He left.  I wasn’t sure if I would actually go, but He did.  I only had forty-five minutes to get there.  I got into my car and drove.  I kept having doubts about just going to a stranger’s house like this.

The door was open, I cautiously walked in to find Him sitting in a chair drinking a night cap.  He just looked at me, I felt rather awkward just standing there.  I felt somehow exposed.  His silence was unsettling.  He told me to put my clutch down and strip.  I am not sure why but I did just that.  He instructed me in detail how to take each item off, I had to listen very carefully.  Once I was down to my lingerie He had me stop.

He got up to walk around me.  His hand was on my ass, He slapped it hard, so hard in fact that I almost lost my footing.  I had to hold onto the chaise that was there to remain standing.  He placed His hand between my shoulder blades, pushing softly to indicate that He wanted me to bend over.  I did so.  He leaned over me, His hand went to my throat.  He applied pressure, squeezing slightly.  He kicked my feet apart, His other hand went up between my legs.  He then asked me if I wanted this.  I softly said, “Yes.”  He said, “Yes what?” I said, “yes please!”  He brought His hand down hard on my left ass cheek.  He said, “Yes. What.”  I said, “Yes please … Sir.”  He told me I was going to be a good fuck doll.

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