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Submissive Slut Training

submissive slutI love being a submissive slut. I have this one man in my life that has taken on my daughter too. No one could break her until I met him. He didn’t mind that she was still in high school. In fact, he loved how young she was because she was at the perfect age to train to be a cock pleaser. My daughter thought she was a cock teaser before she met our Master. She fought my lifestyle for so long, now she is owned and pregnant by our shared master. If she has a boy, he will be raised to dominate both of us. It turns me on incredibly to think of my grandson taking charge of me and his teen momma. Now, of course if she has a daughter, she will be raised a submissive too. She will enter slave training the moment she is born by watching her mother and grandmother get fucked. She will see us naked 24/7 when we are in the house. She will be fed cum daily.  She will get some spankings when she is a bad girl. When she is old enough, she will start fucking men Master wants, even gang bangs. Eventually, she will be bred. Good submissive sluts breed more submissive sluts. I can’t decide if I want a grandson or a granddaughter. We have a few months before we find out if their will be a new dominant or a new submissive in the house. I guess if it is a girl, then you can help break her into the lifestyle too.

My Master Owns Me

Spanking chat

Master Charles takes me in the basement when he’s ready for me yeah, he tells me that I’m number one in being his slave. He likes to do the nastiest things to my body he takes complete control. Ice cream out and passion and pleasure when he ties me up he makes me feel like his treasure. I need my master now I need him to take over and do whatever he wants he is my satisfaction. I know that he loves what he does to me his cock is always so bone hard he’s extremely great in bed. I love him I need him to do what he does, he’s in love with making me suck his Rock his big ass cock. Master Charles tied me up last night he shoved his cock inside my mouth he shoved it all the way to the balls he slapped my cheeks too that’s what he did to me. That is the reason why I love my master so much. My master clamps my nipples with clothespins and tells me to beg for his cock. My master tells me when I’m good he’s going to treat me but when I’m bad he’s going to whip me really good, so I have to be the best I can unless I want my bare ass spanked real hard. Oh, my master does it for me he really does it good he owns his little sex slave and does everything he should. Oh, my master is the best he makes me want to cry when he is stuffing his dick inside of me over and over again giving me that hard pumping cock. I need a master who is in control completely who can open me up and fuck me good and punish me and pleasure me that’s exactly what I need.


Captive whore

hardcore bondageI was not out of the hook just yet that date night from hell turns into a weekend of hell. The guy that I met on the dating site was a wicked and cruel and had only one purpose, and that was to make me his pet. He was into all sorts of hardcore bondage. Ron had tons of gadgets he was using on me. He tied me up and raised me high, he took pictures and force-fed me different cocks. Ron invited a lot of his poker buddies to show me I was just a cum slut that was meant to be used. I liked having all the cocks in my mouth. They were all different kinds. I was the actual whore of the night with all the big black cocks and all the short and long ones. I had to serve each one. I was whipped and fucked till I couldn’t take anymore. I liked how far they were pushing me. I loved being violated and used as a slave. I never say no I’m always a yes girl.

Bad Girl, Bad Girl, Bad Girl

Bare bottom spankings When Master came home and did his daily inspection of my house cleaning he wasn’t happy. There was a thumbprint on the bathroom mirror and he was pissed. I stood there with my face facing the floor as he yelled at my stupidity.
“You stupid, stupid girl, you can’t do anything right except sucking my cock”, he screamed.
I accidentally looked him in the eye and that was my second mistake. He gripped my arm and forced me over his lap. He pulled my panties down and my skirt to waist baring my creamy white ass. I could see in the mirror his hand raising high into the air and braced myself for impact. He made contact and the stinging pain brought tears to my eyes. Over and over again he slammed his hand against my ass.
“Bad girl, bad girl, bad girl”, he said with each spank.
But the thing is… I knew what I was doing when I left that thumbprint on the mirror. Nothing gets my pussy wetter than a spanking from my Master. Pain equals pleasure sometimes.

Humiliation Submissive Whore

submissive whore

Do you want to know what kind of submissive whore I am? My master ordered me to humiliate myself last night. He texts me commands. He knows I will do it because I must take pictures as proof I followed through. Master is married. His wife thinks I am his paralegal, which I am; but I am so much more too. It is below zero where I live. Fucking freezing. Yet, I went out in slut clothes to expose myself to strangers. I had to ask them to spank my fat ass and tell these random men that I was a submissive slut in need of punishment. The first place I visited I got no takers. But, the second place was a hopping nightclub. I pulled up to the valet area, bent over and showed my ass. I heard the valet guys talking smack, but when I begged to be spanked, one guy took off his belt. He gave me a few hard whacks.  Harder than master has ever whacked me with his leather belt. They were taking pictures of me and posting it on Instagram. I must admit, it turned me on to be publicly humiliated again. Master loved hearing all about it. Perhaps, you could give me humiliating tasks to do too?

BDSM Phone Sex

Submissive Whore I love phone sex masters. Mm have me dress up in your favorite little outfit with my choker and leash on. Great you at the door handing you the leash and kissing your feet. Lead me over to the chair where you take out your already nice hard cock for my wanting mouth. Placing my lips over the sweet head of yours and moaning softly. OY! Tasting your precum as I slide my mouth down your shaft. I can feel you yank on the choker a bit tightening my air way. Making my cunt ooze out a bit of my own cum. Your cock fitting so nicely in my warm mouth. I go into subspace, your cock inching its way down my throat. Making me gag and drool. “Oh Master thank you!” I mumble out on your cock. I can feel you push your cock further into my mouth. Pulling harder on the choker. Restricting my air way even more. Making my cunt gush onto my thighs. I hear you call me a good submissive whore. Pulling your cock out of my mouth and pulling me up by the leash over your knee. Pulling down my panties, rubbing your hand on my bare ass. I gasp softly knowing what is coming next. I can feel your hand raise above me. Ahh feeling the sting as you bring your hand down. Spanking my ass 10 times. I thrash a bit feeling the burn and the heat rise off my ass. Ohh I moan louder as you shove 3 fingers in my cunt. My muscles clench around your fingers. The choker getting tighter as my cunt squirts all over your fingers. Will you do all this to me? Will you allow me to serve you, to please you? Will you give me the pleasure of draining your amazing cock?

Spanking Phone Sex: I Like My Ass Raw

spanking phone sex

Spanking phone sex calls are one of my favorite types of submissive calls. Look at my ass. It is perfect for spanking. The only pitfall of spanking calls is that I can never spank my own ass as hard as you can. I do have a variety of spanking tools to use on my ass, but my favorite will always be my hand. Well, your hand. My Master loves spanking me. He does it daily several times through out the work day. Under my clothes, I must have on a garter belt and no panties, so the moment we are alone in the office he can give me some bare bottom spankings. Sometimes, I am bent over a desk; other times I am over his lap. He is getting old, but he can still wallop my ass until it turns cherry red, and I need to sit on an ice pack. That is the kind of spanking that makes me wet. I’m such a punishment whore.  A pain slut too.  I know I deserve a thousand whacks on my old ass.  Last night, however, I got more than I bargained for when Master showed up with a spanking machine. He ordered me in the position.  I knelt on a pillow, so my knees would not get wobbly. When he started the machine up, I swear it felt like a million men were spanking my bare ass. I had to suck his cock as that machine worked my ass over. He said as soon as I made him cum, he would stop the machine. That was my incentive to suck like a pro. His cock is old and flaccid most of the time, but I sucked it like my life depended on it. My ass did. I got him off in about 20 minutes, but in that time my ass was beat raw by that machine.

Spanked by a police officer

Bare bottom spankingsI was driving home and got pulled over by the highway patrol for speeding, little did I know that the sexy police officer was going to take complete advantage of the situation and turn me into his naughty submissive cum whore while giving me bare bottom spankings! He had me step out of the car and put hand cuffs tightly around my wrists and ankles, making me spread my legs as far apart as I could. His hands were feeling me up all over my body, hiking up my tiny skirt and gripping on to my juicy booty cheeks. I was moaning in pleasure and yelped loud when he had me bend over on to my hands and knees in my car and started to spank my ass as hard as he could. He had no mercy on me and made me beg for him to stop as he had his naughty way with me. Next thing I knew, he had his baton sliding up and down my legs between my thighs and slid it between my wet pussy lips, spreading my cunt juice all around and getting his baton nice and lubricated from my fluids. He shoved that hard, wet baton deep inside of my asshole and continued to whip my ass with no shame and no end in sight. His cock couldn’t stand being teased anymore so he unzipped his pants and shoved his rock hard boner inside of my fuck hole, thrusting deep until he creampied a huge load of jizz into me. I must have been a very bad girl to deserve such a brutal traffic stop!

The Cum Guzzler

cum eating phone sex


You led me downstairs to our dungeon with the thick black leather dog collar you designed specifically for me tightly wrapped around my neck, leash attached of course. You ordered me to get down on my knees and open my mouth. That was when 10 of your trucker friends walked out of the shadows with their cocks out. They all took turns slapping me in the face with their dicks while you tied my wrists to my ankles. The uncomfortable position made it impossible for me to fight back. You then brought out the strangest accessory- a funnel with a long tube attached. It read on the side, “The Cum Guzzler” in big thick black letters. The guys excitedly jacked off their penises, chuckling and knowing what was about to happen next. You lubed up the tube and demanded that I opened wide- Shoving “The Cum Guzzler” straight down my throat without any real warning. Then grabbing a paddle with your other hand, you began to spank me as hard as you could while urging your disgusting and fat men to jerk the cocks harder, reminding them that they are going to feed me their cum via my new toy. As they start to blow their loads one by one, you order me to drink up. I begin to choke almost on all the sperm but your spanking and flogging doesn’t let up for even a second. Finally as the last few cum, you hang your dick into the funnel and piss- telling me that I probably needed something to wash that all down with. The men leave and you order me up on to my feet- handing me a mop and telling me to clean while you watch.

Let It Roll

S&M VideoMy new Master wants to do a S&M video with me. Of course I will be game for that but that makes me a little nervous. I have to make sure my pussy is nice and bald, and that I pick out just the perfect outfit. So he comes and picks me up for the big day and tells me to just act like myself and be the good obedient little bitch that I am. I honestly don’t know any other way to be, when we arrived at is his house we went in and there were lights and cameras everywhere. I was kind of freaking out a little bit, but I sat down and waited until mister told me what to do like a good sub does. I got up and he tied my hands behind my back and bent me over the couch and spanked me. He was making a video on bondage for beginners.

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