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Tie me up and spank me

BDSM phone sex

Master gagged me and tied my hands behind my back and told me I needed a spanking. It had been a while since I was spanked and the thought of him paddling my ass had my pussy getting wet already. He bent me over a rack and got his studded wooden paddle and started giving me a few licks. He would whack me on the ass nice and hard and then rub the area to soothe the burning skin. He started slow at first and then started to spank me until I was feeling raw and red and biting on my ball-gag in pain. My cunt was so wet my thighs were getting soaked. He saw how turned on I was and that please him. My reward for taking my spanking like a good Bondage whore was getting my pussy rubbed and fingered until I was squirting all over myself!

He Made a Scat S&M Video

s&M video

Master made a very nasty scat S&M video of me. First, I was put in my fishnet body suit and gagged and bound with blue rope. My face was slapped and my ass whipped with a bamboo cane until I couldn’t cry anymore.  I was thrown in the shower and Master Pissed on me. Then each of my girls and my teen son came and pissed on this filthy P-mommy submissive. I had no clue what I had done, my mind replaying the things I could have been caught doing. The phones came out and my son and husband each took turns shitting on me. My ball gag was loosened so I could taste that ass hole covered with creamy shit. I have to say it was hot being a toilet slave.

I still do not know what I was punished with shit for, But I will submit any day of the week to make my men happy.scat phone sex

Train slave camp

bondage chatBondage chat and bondage ways are what we are taught. We must know every single thing our domme wants of us and much more. We have to be the beauty and the brains, and we have to be subjected to all his kinks and interest. The moment we set foot in the dome, we are his forever. We can never leave and if we do it is by choice of his reasonings. We must show we are worthy and we need to give him all our bodies and be his fuck sluts. We have to put away our pride and become the subby slaves he needs and desires. We are here to rock his world and do nothing more than that. Our life is his from now on and forever.

P-Mommy Puppy Pet

spanking chat

Its Time we had a spanking chat with your P-mommy Puppy pet. After all who is going to train your mother better than you can my perfect son! Tie mommy up and spank her ass as you play with her vibe you caught her playing with in the closet with her little girls. Your firm hand makes perfect marks on mommies ass! Now grab your little sisters and put those asses in the air and hogties those cute baby girls. Now spank those asses raw! The box of sex toys are open and you find ben wa balls to stick inside your sisters as you tan those hides! They are crying and whimpering and you grab me by the hair and piss in a doggy bowl. “Drink up mommy whore,” you demand! I am lapping I own sons piss out of a doggy dish. Your sisters start to squeal and I look up and you are removing those ben wa toys and shoving your fingers deep in them. You look at me and say that they are ready for big brother cock and its all this mommies fault for being a dirty P-slut! Now you are really going to be a dom son master and teach us all a lesson…

Spanking Chat and Punishment

spanking chatI love spanking chat. I have an ass made for spanking. I was at a spanking party last night. Do you know what that is? The host invites dominant men to spank his slave and maybe a few other slaves. I was the only spanking star last night. Master had some men who wanted to get out some aggression. He knew just how to make that happen for them. He was multi-tasking last night. He got to help some colleagues and punish me at the same time. He was not happy that I messed up a call for him at work earlier in the day. To me, it was a minor screw up. I accidentally patched his ex-wife into him instead of telling her he was in a meeting. He hates speaking to her. He acted like it was okay, but I knew that wasn’t the case. He was planning something and last night, I got my comeuppance. I knew he was seething from my mistake. He summoned me to his home. I was instructed to wear a garter belt and stockings that would frame my ass. I knew what that meant. Punishment by bare bottom spankings was in store for me. I got it in spades too. He went first, primed my ass. That was followed by his colleagues taking a turn on me. Hands, belts, whips and paddles were used to punish my ass. I was the only sore loser of the party. Very sore. My ass is red and blistered today. I have splinters in my ass too from the paddles. My ass hurts so bad, I can’t even sit on the toilet to pee. I had to set on a bag of frozen veggies at work. It was a hard lesson to learn but doubt I will make the same mistake twice.

Your fuck toy

hardcore bondageHardcore bondage with your little fuck toy is all you will ever want with me. I bring out the most insidious part of you. I talk back & get snippy, and you want to ruin me. I begin to show you I have a mouth on me and you want nothing more than to show me who is boss. You take control and shut me up. I feel you mean business right from the start. My tits and bits are feeling the wrath of you. The way you bend me over and fuck me is the best. My sweet ass is getting tortured and ruined. I like being helpless after all being your slut was what I wanted. Now I am your slave slut all tired and all tied up. You have no mercy for a slut like me. You put me in your place and that’s where I ought to be.

Submissive Secretary Slave

submissive phone sex

My work as a secretary for a high-power employer isn’t always the greatest part of my day. We just got a new dashing CEO and he called me into his office on his first day. He wanted to outline my new contract and job duties. The first of which was to get down on my knees and have my new CEO/Master tie me up to be his subservient subby cunt. My new contract states that I now belong completely to him and the company and my body is to be used whenever he pleases. He slapped me around in his office and forced his cock down my throat. I always complained that my previous position lacked fun, but be careful what you wish for. The boss then bent me over his desk and wacked my ass with his bare hands until I was bright red and aching. Perhaps being the company subby cunt is just the excitement I needed at work.

Bare Bottom Spankings and More for This Whore

bare bottom spankingsBare bottom spankings turn me on. I love the feel of a strong, firm hand across my naked ass. I am a pain slut. Nothing turns me on more than having my ass spanked with a hand or a belt. I prefer the hand, but I am rarely so lucky. I think I like ass spankings so much because my daddy slapped my ass 100s of times growing up. I would feel his hard cock pressed under my belly as he would say something like this hurts me more than you. Bull shit daddy. He was getting turned on seeing my round, bare ass. Just like any man today who punishes my ass. I would like to say I hate it, but I am a punishment and a submissive whore. I just love all things associated with my ass. Spankings, canings, floggings and hardcore ass fuckings. My ass is up for grabs, men. Bring you’re a game because I am a seasoned whore. I am not one of these young girls who thinks Fifty Shades of Gray is real BDSM life. I am an old whore. The harder you spank me, the wetter I get.

It Was A Trick

I am starting to realize my master likes to teach me his ways in an indirect manner. My master likes to fuck with my head, he is not going to tell me up front what he wants and doesn’t want likes and dislikes. No, not my master, my master is going to play games with me to make sure I never forget his wants and needs. When he gave me that phone it was to teach me just one of his lessons. I will say, he is making me a very smart submissive slut. As the days go by I think more before I do or say anything. Other days I feel like a worthless piece of shit who can’t be the submissive cunt I want to be for him. Just yesterday he played another learning game and I am sure to never forget this one. Master came to me and said he would like me to meet one of his friends. He told me he had to go out of town for business overnight. His friend would stay at the house to watch over me and make sure I continue to be a good submissive slut. I am not allowed to ask master any questions. I am supposed to read between the lines and figure out exactly what he is telling me. He told me to treat his friend good and make sure I make him feel welcomed and wanted and not to be rude to him. I thought that would be easy enough, well my submissive slut mind thought wrong. As soon as master left the house his friend started. He yelled over to me saying, Hey you submissive bitch! Come here, Daddy has a nice big cock for you to suck on. It is so much better than your Masters. I did not know what to do, my master told me to be nice to him but I did not know if he meant Sucking his cock nice. I thought to myself if I say no to masters friend, I would be rude. So I walked over to the friend, got on my knees and said Yes sir I will suck your cock. He told me to call him Daddy. I said yes Daddy I am ready to suck your cock. He pulled down his pants exposing his enormously thick cock. He told me to give him kisses on his head to make him hard. I did exactly what he asked. In minutes his cock was exploding in my mouth shooting his creme right down the back of my throat. He told me I was a good girl and clean all the mess he made up. After I was done cleaning up I got a call from my master. He had a stern voice and told me I was a fucking whore who was going to be taught a lesson when he got back. This submissive cunt fucked up one of daddies lessons again and the way he sounded, this was going to be the worst punishment I have ever gotten from him.

Submissive Sex Mommy

submissive sexI was born for submissive sex. That is what every man tells me, even my teen son. He is so bi-polar. On his good days, he doesn’t think twice about abusing his mommy, but the moment something doesn’t go his way, he is looking for me to abuse. Last night, he lost money on some basketball bracket because University of Kentucky lost. It fucked up his points. I don’t follow sports, so I didn’t understand how it works. Every attempt to console him, made it worse. He started smacking me. When that happens, I know forced sex soon follows. After smacking me around a bit yesterday, he tied me up. I was bound with a collar around my neck he likes to put on me for humiliating me. The collar says, “Fat cunt.” When he loves me, he loves me. But when he hates me, he hates me more than anything in the world. He took out his frustration and aggression on my ass. Rough anal sex first, followed by some intense bare bottom spankings, then back to rough anal sex. He pissed on me too. Even pissed into my prolapsed asshole, until he grew bored of me. He woke up today, over it all. I guess it is good that I could help my son work off his anger and frustration with the world.

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