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Spanking Phone Sex

spanking phone sexI love all forms of spanking phone sex. That is why I got into this line of work. It was for spanking and bondage fun. Being an old school submissive, I love bare ass spankings. I went to a spanking club a couple days ago. It was at a  high-end club. I wasn’t sure I would get in. I saw all these super hot women in line. Tall, pretty and young. I am older, chunky and short. One guy ushered me to the top of the line. I was surprised. I was in the club in no time much to the chagrin of the young subs. I found out why quickly. I caught the eye of one of the male VIP patrons. He said I looked sturdy and like a true submissive slut. He was older, like my last master. As I stripped naked and bent over his lap, he told me a true submissive is hard to come by these days. He said all those young girls watch 50 Shades of Gray and want to be a sub for a night. He whacked my ass hard as he carried on a conversation about the problem with young submissives. I didn’t argue or even talk much. I was trying not to cry. I was also enjoying the pain. A good sub takes her spankings with a thank you sir. I am a true sub. I didn’t just watch a movie and think I would pretend to snag a handsome rich master.

Craving Master’s Cum

Submissive Whore I am laying on my bed wearing a corset and Master is due home any moment. I have been craving Master’s cock all day since he left this morning and didn’t bother to give me his big cock in my mouth so I could taste his cum. I am just thinking of all the ways I am going to make him cum when he gets home. But first Master will want to smack me around for a bit because that is what turns him on. My pain always gets him rock hard. Then I hope Master will shove his cock right down my throat because I am so badly craving the taste of his cum. But maybe he will still deny me his cock in my mouth and go right for my pussy or ass. And if he does this I will beg, scheme and wine to get his cock in my mouth if that is what it takes.

Delightful Drunk Slut

Submissive slut Master brought home a delightful little slut for me to fuck tonight. She was young, drunk, and stupid. Master said she was wobbling all over the place and stumbling out of the bar. He said she was easy pickings for snatching up. He brought her home and threw her on the floor. She was barely coherent and not a fucking clue what was about to happen to her. Master gave me a knife for me to cut off her clothes. I cut into her flesh on purpose a few times just to hear the bitch scream. She came at me with a drunken fist and I popped her head right back down on the cement floor. She tried to fight but she was too drunk. I was brutal on her body taking no fucking mercy. I used her whole body to make me cum. Just like Master does to my body.

Happy fourth

bondage chat

Master had gotten into his bondage chat schpeel. I knew he was going to have an epic party and I, of course, would have to serve all his buddies. Fourth of July is his favorite holiday. I am the one that has to be in red and blue after all. Like every significant function or festive event, I am in the center of it all. My holes are free for everyone to use. The party favor is me, and I am not allowed to say no. My master is pretty popular so you can bet all his friends gather around and watch the slave pet. My favorite thing in this world is to make him proud, so if I give him the best party by being the best slave pet, I sure will do that.

Bare Bottom Spanking Slut

Bare bottom spankings


I know you spank me when I’ve been naughty as a way of punishing me but I can’t help but love it when you do Master. When your hand hits my bare ass and leaves a stinging red mark it makes my pussy so wet. The way you spank me when I’ve been bad by having me lay naked across your lap feels like such a schoolgirl fantasy, I just need a cute little uniform to complete the look. You can spank me until my ass and thighs are covered with red, blue and purple marks. Make it so that every time I sit for the next week the bruises make me think of you Master and the lesson you taught me with your bare bottom spankings.

Slave training

Slave training


I love being Master’s slave. Nothing but a piece of furniture that is there to do anything you say. A maid that doesn’t get a paycheck, just cum in all her holes. I love when you come home from work and bend me over your lap and spank me to get out your frustration for the day. I love when you pull my hair and slap me around because you’ve had a bad day. I don’t deserve to be treated kindly, I am just a worthless cunt for you to use. Bend me over and fuck my wet and ready pussy, let it milk away your stress. Pump your cum into me and give me a reason to be here. Let me have that sticky hot cum, filling me to the brim and leave me wanting more.

Twisted sluts

hardcore bondageOnce we get a taste of hardcore bondage, we can’t get enough. We begin to crave it and need it every single day. It is apart of who we are as slave pets. My master is so proud when I take the initiative and make sluts pay. What does it exactly mean to pay? Well, master believes that we are brought to this earth as females and females deserve to pay to for the right to exist. How do they pay?

In pain, they pay of course. All for the amusement of men. Men watching pathetic whores be fucked and tortured. I enjoy beating a whore up til she is bloody and bruised; that is what the master enjoys, so that is what I will do. After I am done with the slut, it is my turn to take the pain.

Spanking Chat with an Office Whore

spanking chatSpanking chat? I have an ass ready to be spanked. Sometimes, I just want to be spanked for hours. Sometimes, I am begging for mercy because my ass can’t handle anymore. My ass was screaming for mercy the other day. I am a legal secretary. My boss is my master. My first master passed me on to my current master and the two are night and day. My first master was never violent. We had a BDSM relationship, but I could use safe words when things got too rough. With my current master, he is only violent. I can say safe words, but it would never matter. He will never stop because I beg him to stop. In fact, the more I beg or ask for mercy, the rougher the punishment gets. I get punished for nothing. Two days ago, I had a paper clip affixed on the wrong side of the paper and he ordered me naked. I had to bend over his desk with my bare bottom exposed. It started off as bare bottom spankings, but he didn’t think I was truly sorry, so he took off his belt. He whipped me so hard, my ass bled and bruised quickly. Besides whipping me, he force fucked my ass. Once he came in my ass, he shoved a butt plug in my ass. I had to work the rest of the day with a butt plug up my sore ass. I am still sitting on a frozen bag of peas because I hurt still. And all this ass torture was over a fucking paper clip.

Locked in a cage

Submissive slutI’ve been a very bad submissive slut and Master has had me locked in a steel cage in order to teach me a lesson. I guess this is exactly what I deserve even though I feel that Master is totally taking it way too far with me. There’s punishment and then there’s the way that Master punishes and trust me it isn’t pretty! No food, no water, no use of a toilet. I am forced to bask in my own piss and feces as i’m humiliated for all to see. And Master sure does make positive that I am on full display and completely exposed for all to see. He places my cage in the middle of the living room of the house so that when he has guests over they all get the perfect view of my pathetic slave body as i’m locked away in a tiny cell. I am his prisoner and have to take any sort of abuse that he inflicts upon me. The more I whine and oblige, the worse it gets for me! I have learned my lesson but can’t help myself sometimes, the embarrassment and pain is sometimes just too much to handle! To add insult to injury, Master and his friends enjoy using me as their human urinal as i’m locked in my slave cage. They piss on me and force me to open my mouth wide so that I can swallow down their disgusting urine. It’s so fucking gross but this is what I deserve because I am such a stupid fuckin submisisve cunt!

Tie me up and spank me

BDSM phone sex

Master gagged me and tied my hands behind my back and told me I needed a spanking. It had been a while since I was spanked and the thought of him paddling my ass had my pussy getting wet already. He bent me over a rack and got his studded wooden paddle and started giving me a few licks. He would whack me on the ass nice and hard and then rub the area to soothe the burning skin. He started slow at first and then started to spank me until I was feeling raw and red and biting on my ball-gag in pain. My cunt was so wet my thighs were getting soaked. He saw how turned on I was and that please him. My reward for taking my spanking like a good Bondage whore was getting my pussy rubbed and fingered until I was squirting all over myself!

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