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Sexy Bondage Breanne

Sexy Bondage

I was getting ready to go home for the night and I had gotten this strange email from an unknown. All it did was read a time and a street address oh and in it, it had also said to come wearing just a bra and a pair of panties with a trench coat on underneath. It is Christmas Eve so I tried to find the most festive bra and panties, I found my red lacy ones with some white trim on it. I was waiting with anticipation about what this could be. I was getting moist, I was hoping it was that kind of party where doms get a subby and they take them home.

When I got to the house there were guys outside waiting to greet the ladies, walking us in and when I walked in I was instructed to take off my trench coat. I did right away and I looked around I saw a bowl with crinkled papers and like 10 other women there. It was this type of party, I smiled so big I was so glad.

A handsome man drew my name and I was elated. He took me by my hand and into his car, we had gone to his place. He picked me up and walked me into the bedroom. He told me to strip down and and he turned me around and started spanking my tight ass. I love this, he then pinched my always hard nipples and I didn’t squirm or nothing. He bent me over and handcuffed my hands together and then starting fucking me. I was in pure heaven, I love being manhandled like this.

Bare Bottom Spankings Makes Master’s Cock Hard

bare bottom spankings

I love taking bare bottom spankings. Feeling my ass cheeks start to sting makes my pussy so fucking wet. Tie me up and slap my ass. Use your hand, a belt, a whip, any fucking thing you want. I’ve even been spanked with a wooden hairbrush before. I was brushing my hair and getting ready for the day when my Master walked by and saw me. I love to tease him and I know how much he loves seeing me play with my bald cunt. So, like a naughty little subby whore I pulled my panties to the side and let him watch me rub my clit and run my fingers down to my little pink fuck hole and slip my fingers inside. He walked over to me and grabbed me by my wrists, pulling me to my feet. Then he shoved me over so that my hands were on the edge of my vanity and snatched up my wooden paddle hair brush. He ripped my panties off and gave my ass a good hard smack and then another and another until my ass was red and welted from his spankings. Then he shoved his cock into my tight cunt and filled me up with his load. I finished getting ready while feeling his cum drip out of my freshly fucked hole. My ass was stinging the whole time while I was sitting there trying to finish putting on my makeup.

Bondage S&M with Casey

Bondage S&M

I called a phone number on a Craigslist ad for a Play party.  A vanilla friend, who is accepting of my lifestyle as a submissive, went with me to the party.  We were assured when we arrived that is was perfectly ok to just observe until you felt comfortable participating.  I was in submissive heaven.  There were scenes playing out everywhere.  Beautiful bondage going on, it was art.  I met some tops that wanted to play, it was a husband and wife team, both dominant looking for a submissive like me.  They tied me up and suspended me to a beam in the ceiling.  They began beating me with whips, ignoring my safe words.  They beat my tits and cunt.  The husband came over and pulled my panties down and started ass fucking me.  I asked him to stop, I didn’t usually fuck doms the first time I met them, but my pleas fell on deaf ears.  He kept penetrating my ass while his wife sucked my nipples and fingered my pussy.  Despite their assault, my body reacted, and I had an orgasm.  The strongest orgasm I’ve ever had, EVER.  Maybe there was something to this kind of domination.  We exchanged numbers.  They hog tied me and left me on a bed with a pair of scissors.  Once I get free,  I needed to look further into this type of play.

Bad Girls Get Spanked

Spanking phone sexMaster spanked me today. The house has to be extremely clean, I mean pristine. Everything has to be placed in its space perfectly. His toothbrush was facing the wrong way in the toothbrush cup and he was mad. He sat in a chair and I assumed the position, laying on his lap with my panties down. He lifted his hand high into the high and brought it down against my bare ass with brutal force. He hit me over and over again turning my ass bright red. The harder he hit me the wetter my pussy became. I knew what I was doing when I faced his toothbrush the wrong way. I knew he would spank me and I needed it. He pushed me off his lap and fucked me doggy style. My ass stung every time he slammed into me, but it felt so damn good.

Erotic Asphyxiation

extreme bondage


You had me try something new last night as your little pet. You bound me in leather, tied me
up in rope with all kinds of crazy knots and whispered that it was time I got a big orgasm from
you. I was excited but scared because being a subby girl who knows her master very well by this point,
I figured it was something very different from just a casual fun time. After you had me exactly
where you wanted me, you pulled out the big Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator and began opening
the lips of my labia to expose my clit, letting the huge toy do most of the work. As I was getting
closer and closer to climax, you watched my eyes- using edge play to your advantage. Once you knew I was
bound to explode at any minute, you put a clear trash bag over my head and kept the machine going on high.
My face was turning purple and I was losing air but I could tell this was something I had never felt before
as I finally came all over the sheet, you pulled the bag off of my head so I could finally get air again.
“That is called erotic asphyxiation, my slave”, you said with a grin- knowing you had given me a new addiction.
I gasped and caught my breath finally but then saw your huge pulsating cock through your jeans and knew it
was now time for me to return the favor.

Spanking Phone Sex

spanking phone sex

Do you like spanking phone sex? Every guy I meet, even ones who don’t consider themselves master types, want to spank my ass. I was at a new BDSM club over the weekend. I have a current Master; however, he is old and married. He has given me permission to explore the club scene. I am a pain whore. I love a strong hand or two on my bare ass. This club was swank. Much nicer than I am accustomed too or even deserve. The women were all tall like supermodels with great figures. Then there was me. I felt like I had walked on to the set of a Fifty Shades of Gray movie. The women looked as if they were playing a submissive for a night of fun; not living the life of a submissive. Most men there ignored me, but not all of them. Henry approached me first. “Anyone ever tell you that you have an ass meant for bare bottom spankings?” I was flattered. He got us a room. I bent over a table, lifted my skirt and begged to be spanked like a disobedient whore. He had a strong hand. He pulled out his cock, even though the club rules state no sexual encounters, consensual or otherwise, are permitted on the property. He stroked his cock with one hand and spanked my ass with the other. He gave me permission to rub my cunt, which is rare. Most men deny me sexual pleasure. I was so wet. I became wetter with every whack on my ass. I knew at the rate he was going, I would not be sitting for a while. Before I could pull up my panties, he rammed his cock bare back with no lube up my ass. His hands tightened around my throat as he ass fucked me. “I’m not done with you yet whore,” he whispered in my ear as he pumped my asshole full of cum. It is my new favorite club.

Slave Training and Punishment

Slave trainingMaster showed me the video of me rubbing and fingering myself to orgasm while he was away. He was very displeased that I’d been such a disobedient little shit, and he hung me from the ceiling again. Fully clothed, I was left there for a while, until he came back with the flog and little claw clamp. He lifted my skirt just enough to clamp that little tool to my clit, drawing a scream from me as I tried not to writhe fro the pain. Then, he walked behind me and started flogging me. He ran the flog over my ass over and over, leaving welts that I knew would be bruises the next day. I knew I would not be able to sit down for a few days. Then, he stuck fingers into me from behind, filling both my holes with his fingers. He started to fuck me, and eventually, it got good enough to overcome the pain the clamp was causing on my clit, and I started to really get into it. Just before I would have cum, he pulled out and walked away. He left me to dangle there the rest of the day, only letting me down that night. He had to carry me up to bed, my muscles were so weak.

Bare Bottom Spanking From My Kinky Son

bare bottom spankings

My son loves to give me bare bottom spankings. Getting them makes me feel like such a good mommy whore. With every new welt that spreads across my ass, I get even wetter. When he came home the other day I could tell I was in for a real hardcore spanking session. He was angry about something and that usually means he’s going to take it out on his submissive mommy slut. Abusing his Mother’s ass and cunt always give him the stress relief he needs and I am more than happy to please him. So, when I saw that was angry, my pussy immediately got wet just knowing he was going to punish me for his bad day. He took me into his room and told me to strip. My cunt was already gushing when I saw him grabbing his cane. Then he took my naked ass and bent me over his bed. He began whacking my ass so fucking hard I was screaming out with each hit of the cane. He showed no mercy. My ass was welted, red, and bleeding by the time he was done with his spankings. Then he took his cock and rammed it into my asshole. After dumping his load inside me he let me get up and leave his room. I know he felt much better after abusing his whore Mother and making me into his submissive fuck toy.

Sex Slave

Slave training I need to be controlled. I need a strong man to call Master. I’m a submissive. Being dominated makes my pussy wet. I need to be told what to wear, what to say, and how to act. Keep me on my knees and fill my throat with cock. I want to keep you happy. Let me pleasure you until warm semen fills my mouth. I want to suck your cock and all of your friends’ cocks. Your wish is my command. You say jump and I’ll say how high. If I dare say “no”, then bend me over your lap and spank my bare ass red. I must admit sometimes I misbehave on purpose just to feel the hard slap from your hand. I want you to spank me until your arm gets tired. Then fuck my tight wet cunt hard and fast like you hate me. Be my Master and let me be your slave.

Bare Bottom Spankings at Work

bare bottom spankingsBare bottom spankings make my pussy wet. I am not permitted to wear underwear at the office. I must wear garters that frame y bare ass and skirts. Anytime my Master wants to spank or caress my ass, he has easy access.  Yesterday, he gave my ass to a colleague. I have no say in who abuses me. I am property and property can be lent or given freely in this country. Even sold. Master is a lawyer, he knows these things. This colleague of his has a spanking fetish. He loves women’s asses, so for his lunch break, my ass belonged to him. I was over his knee for a good solid hour while he put his bare hand firmly on my round ass. If I yelped or made a sound, I got the cattle prod to my clit. When a 6’5 man spanks your bare ass, it is extremely difficult not to yelp. I received more than a few shocks to my clit. I even pissed myself a few times. Technically, I pissed the man’s leg, which he was not happy about. He fucked my ass, then rammed the cattle prod up my ass making me shit myself too. He grabbed me by my hair, pushed my face in my shit and made me clean up my own mess. I ate my own shit for lunch. Such is the life of a submissive whore.

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