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No Training Required: Just A Sub Cum Whore

Cum Slut Phone SexI do work and have to be in control but, I still have that need to be dominated. I require no training at all. I think I have to find a new master, I haven’t heard from mine in a long time in fact too long. It’s a lifestyle where there is suppose to mutual respect. I get home from a long day and I call this local phone line where it supports like minded individuals. I hear this one guy he has a deep, so deep voice he can’t even whisper. My cunt starts to twitch, I think he might be my new or at least just fun for tonight. I connect with him and he tells me he is amazing with rope work and that he would put wooden clothespins on my nipples and then rip them off. I had to start rubbing my lips and open them up to expose myself under the water. He was making me so wet. He was also telling me how he would bend me over with my arms tied behind my back and make me countdown each whipping on my bare ass making each one harder and I couldn’t wince or make any noise or he would spread them apart and whip my butthole. I couldn’t take it any longer I came so hard without his permission


Submissive slut I have been a little brat with Master lately. I am just testing my limits with him. I need a good ass whipping and he has been relaxing on my discipline. So as his kitten when I need a good beat down I have to be a little bratty bitch. He has been texting me and I have not been answering right away. And when he has been calling I let it go to voicemail. Then when I do pick up, or respond to a text I am a little bitch. And it worked I got my way. Master came over and whipped my back, ass, tits, and thighs with the strap. I have 8 welts, and a dozen or so red marks all over my body. Now I am feeling good. Thank you Master.

Waiting For My Master

Submissive Slut

My Master left me tied up with a plug in my ass all day while he was at work. I woke up and he came inside my tight cunt. Then he inserted a plug up my asshole. It stretched me out as he put on my knees and tied my hand behind my back. I was blindfolded and left there like a submissive slut all day. Time can be a restraint all its own. Waiting for my Master to come home makes my mind start thinking of all the possibilities. My pussy starts dripping at the thought of him giving me a nice spanking and fucking my tight pussy until I squirt all over his cock. When he came home my cunt started to tingle. He gave me a good face fucking and the spankings I was hoping for. After my ass was sore and red he bent me over his bed and fucked me until I came so hard for him.

Submissive cum slut

Submissive phone sexBeing a submissive slut is not something that you can pretend, it is something that you are deep down in your core. When we have nasty sex chat you will be able to experience the difference with my skanky ass. Put a collar around my neck and pull on it tightly while you call me degrading names, I love that shit and get so fucking turned on. Which each disgusting word you call me you will see me slip deeper and deeper into the mindless fuck slut that I was destined to be. What normal people may consider to be super forbidden taboo fantasies often tend to be my reality lol. Major pain, bondage, spanking… I need it all to keep my naughty cunt in line. Pass me along to your friends so that they can get a whack at me too, I know how badly they all wanna fuck my tight holes. I truly love being a filthy slut, the touch of your strong hands against my submissive body drives me wild. I don’t even attempt to resist anymore, I know better now what the rough punishments will be if I do!

Bare bottom spankings

bare bottom spankings

My master knows well how to treat my dumb little cum eager whore self. Today he bent my naked body over his lap. His hard cock was pressed against my tummy and he started smacking my ass with his hand. Each time his hand met my ass I could feel his finger prints starts to imprint on my butt cheeks. When his hand would leave my ass it would get super warm and send tingles down to my bones. Well, even really down to my pussy. I would squirt a little bit each time down my thighs. After making my ass red, his cock was about to dig itself into my tummy.

He pushed me onto the floor, off of his lap and told me to put my legs above my head. My ass hole was exposed and calling out to his cock. With one huge thrust my master pushed every inch of his fat cock inside of my ass hole. I felt his cock head pop right into me and my ass hole stretch wider the more he forced his full length inside of me. Those balls were tightening up and filling with cum. He hovered over me, still spanking me with his balls and his hands. He was going balls deep inside of my ass.

He told me how much of a pathetic fucking whore I was over and over again. I flexed my ass hole around his cock and begged him to let me get his cum like a good stupid submissive whore. His cock was twitching inside of me and I felt him start to shoot every drop of that warm cum right inside of me. I  get a cream filled ass hole! I am going to let it dry, that way it stays on me.

Take control of our fuck holes

Cock worshipingWe are nothing but two submissive whores and we love cock worshiping our devious Master. You own us and we beg for you to please use and abuse us at your discretion and however you see fit. Tie us up and bend us over, our wet cunts and tight assholes are eager to be destroyed by Master’s throbbing cock. We love to explore those kinky dark realms inside of your imagination, they’re too sadistic to tell anyone else. Shiloh and I are the ultimate taboo temptresses and we constantly need to be spanked and whipped into our places by a real freaky domme. Getting wild always gets us into trouble! Master takes control and has no mercy whatsoever. We’re both screaming and moaning as he twists us up and gapes us open. He’s a demon in flesh and he loves how fucking filthy we are. We wanna get twacked out of our minds off of drugs and be beaten into oblivion. Submissive sex chat with me and Shiloh is the best, especially because we can’t physically walk once Master is through with us. We get treated like total shit while he destroys our fuck holes!Submissive sex chat

Submissive Slut Gets Spanked for Being a Cock Tease

submissive slutWhen you are a submissive slut, you find yourself struggling to say no to any man, not just your master. When I saw him, he had a look that told me he was in control. He controlled me with his eyes. We were at the grocery store. I felt his eyes burning a hole in my back. He followed me to my car. I was nervous. I knew he wanted more than to help me put my bags in my trunk. I am not allowed to cheat on my master without permission, however. I get weak for men in control and struggle to state that I belong to another man. He demanded my address, so I gave it too him. I rationalized in my head all the innocuous reasons he could have for wanting my address. I knew there was only one reason. He arrived shortly after I had finished putting my groceries away. He took his belt off his pants. I thought so I could give him head. What he wanted was my ass to spank. No bare bottom spankings for me. He whipped my ass with his leather belt. I am such a submissive bitch. I laid on my back, so I could put my ass in the air. He used all his strength to whip me for being a cock tease at the grocery store. He said I was shaking my ass as I walked down the aisles begging to be spanked. Perhaps it was true. I tried to say I did it unconsciously, but he whipped me harder. I wanted to be fucked, but he was punishing me for being a cock tease. Fucking me would be a reward. My ass is still sore and raw, and it has been over 24 hours since he left. If I was a strong woman, I would never have given him my address. But, where is the fun in being a strong woman?

Master Cruel When Drunk

BDSM chatMaster came home drunk as a skunk last night. I was excited Master is very cruel to me when he is fucked up. I went for the old annoying technique, knowing this would give me a few hard whacks with the belt. I whined and squirmed from the sting of the lashes. But my cunt was a slip and side. And I wanted more lashes. I quickly started crawling away from him knowing this would get me more of what I wanted. He got so pissed off at me because I should know better. Crawling away from Master is a big no-no when I am getting hit for his pleasure or his discipline. He whipped me so many times and so hard with the belt I had open welts on my back, thighs, tits, and stomach. Lol and a whole bunch of squirting orgasms to go with them

I Love Bare Bottom Spankings

bare bottom spankingsBare bottom spankings make my pussy wet. Ever since I was a young girl, I have loved the feel of a strong male hand on my naked ass. When my daddy would spank me, I acted like I hated it, but secretly I loved every firm smack. Daddy got hard spanking my ass. Most men do. I think that is why men love to spank bare behinds, especially the bare behinds of younger girls. I am not a school girl anymore, but my Master is twice my age. He enjoys me wearing a Catholic school girl skirt with high heels and no panties. He has an array of things he likes to use on my ass. When I do spanking phone sex calls, I have an array of spanking devices that can be used too. Sadly, I can never spank my ass as hard as you can. Last night, Master came over for a spanking session. He only does that when he is stressed or angry. He takes it out on my ass. Normally, I only see him at work because he is married and old. He doesn’t even drive at night anymore. I guess his wife was at a church and he needed my ass. He took an Uber to my place. I was nervous because when he comes to my place, it is rarely fun for me. I bent over the chair per his instructions and he used his hand first. That was followed by a paddle. Finally, he used his belt. He broke the skin which rarely happens. He is an old man. He lacks the strength and endurance for spanking that he once had. Last night, he was channeling a young man because my ass has never been so sore. I had to sit on a bag of frozen corn the rest of the night.  Confession. My pussy has not been this wet in ages.

Whipped her cunt real good

Extreme fetish phone sexMaster wanted to show me what happens when you act up and be a very bad girl so he had his young little niece come over to have some fun with us. As he handed me a leather whip, he told me to go all out on her and don’t hold back whatsoever. He instructed me to lash the life out of her bald little cunt until she was bleeding, screaming, skin welting and begging me to have mercy on her. I did exactly as I was told and used all my force to crack that thick leather whip against her baby soft skin. It was so fucking funny to watch how pathetic she looked while I knocked some sense into her. Master was jerking his cock as he witnessed the violent acts against his sweet little girl. He was very pleased with how I treated her and rewarded me with a big jizz load to guzzle down! I love being a filthy cum slut while having extreme fetish phone sex!

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