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Submissive Toy

Submissive phone sex

Nothing makes me wetter than when my Master dominates me. Something about being tied up and fuck or given bare bottom spankings from him just drives me wild. He has total control over me. I submit to his every whim. Last night he had a few of his friends over and they had been drinking. I was in the closet tied up and gagged waiting to be used when he stumbled in drunk and dragged me out. I had made him angry earlier and the closet was my punishment. He bent me over a table so that everyone could use me however they wanted. His friends took turns fucking my holes and spanking my ass. When they were done, they would cum in me and pull out and leave me laying there like a used toy. It was humiliating and degrading, but I secretly loved it. I love being their little fuck toy that they can do whatever they want to with!

xxx bondage in winter

xxx bondage

Holy shit! My master has taken xxx bondage torture to all new heights. I am surprised I didn’t get hypothermia from all the shit he has put me thru this week. Temperatures have dipped low, and it was a perfect time to have a good laugh. He wanted to see his slave pet on ice. Literally! One thing about my master is once he gets an evil thought in his head it won’t come out till he fulfills it fully. When he said he wanted to freeze my tits off, he meant it, I wasn’t ready for the pain he was going to subject me too, but that didn’t mean a thing. It was the middle of winter, but he wanted to have a full-on photo shoot. He wanted July in Christmas. First things first my ass was going to get a nice beating. He had me spread my ass cheeks, and inside he stuffed torture anal beads nice and spikey making my ass bleed. I knew it was going to be over for me as soon as the chlorine hit my asshole. Not only was the pool practically frozen but the pool had extra chlorine solution since it was supposed to be at a standstill till spring. I could feel the pain as soon as I went in and dipped inside. My ass was burning, but my body was numbing. I had to look pretty, but I was in so much pain I would of much instead he put me thru a nonstop gangbang and nipple clamp session. 

Submissive Whore for the Brothers

submissive whoreSubmissive whore, for your pleasure. I long ago gave up the notion of sexual pleasure for myself. I get my pleasure from a man’s pleasure. That often means my pain is their pleasure. My boss is a part-time master. He only owns me at work, so I am free to fuck who I want off the clock. Most nights, I spend recuperating from the rough treatment at work, but last night I was hungry for cock; hungry to be degraded. I wanted to be used like a dirty whore. I put on a slutty outfit, a dress two sizes too small for me. I walked into an ethnic club. That is just a polite way of saying an African American club. I wanted gang banged and black men love my big old booty. I wasn’t in the club long before a gang of brothers swarmed me. They didn’t ask my name or anything. They didn’t care about my name. They saw a thick white girl and they pulled out their cocks. They just wanted to fuck me. That’s all I wanted too.  They groped me and ripped my clothes off. Fingers went in my cunt, many at a time.  They started slamming dicks in my ass and pussy at the same time while slapping my ass and pulling my hair. They fucked me like savages Grunting, drooling, groping me, while calling me names. My cunt was so wet. I knew they would use me like a bitch in heat. They turned me into a cum dumpster.  Big black rods squirted their hot jizz all over my thick body. Their limp dicks looked huge still. They slapped me with their dicks. Many black dicks in my face for a few minutes and they were hard again. By the time they were done with me, I was covered in jizz and waking funny. Just what this submissive slut wanted.

Aching For You

Submissive phone sexEvery part of me aches with want of You.  I want to feel Your strong hands against my soft skin.  The sweet lash of Your single tail whip against my back, thighs, and ass.  I want to feel the bite of clamps against my tender nipples.  Your harsh demeaning words ringing in my ears.  To feel the rope press into my flesh as You tie Your toy tight.

I have never craved something so much in my life.  I know how that all feels, how You work your magic over Your whore.  The stress positions that You leave me in for a time until I beg for You to allow me to do your bidding.  This cunt is Yours, and Yours alone.  It belongs to no-one but You.  Every shallow breath, each soft moan, each gasp, and each orgasm is Yours.  Yours to allow or deny. 

I am here for You.  What type of slut do You wish for me to be for You today Sir? W/we have played so many times and each time I hear Your voice I melt.  I love the role-plays that You think up.  Your slut enjoys her time with You.  Thank You Sir, for blessing me with Your voice, and Your time.  I am forever grateful.

Submissive Whore Gets Humiliated

submissive whore

I’ve been a naughty submissive whore. I was supposed to work this weekend for my boss. My old boss and master never made me work weekends. I had plans with my family, so I didn’t show up. I figured he would be mad, but maybe I would get a spanking and docked pay. That didn’t go well. While my entire family was at my house, he stormed in and grabbed me by the hair and started to drag me out. My family was in shock. There were little ones around too. He started smacking my face and kicked me in the stomach repeatedly. He made me tell everyone what a stupid cunt I am and how I belong to him. I was so humiliated. He didn’t care. He had zero respect for me or my family. In fact, he wanted to degrade me in front of them. He told the little girls to watch how a submissive slut is treated because no doubt they would follow in my whore footsteps. Master even encouraged the men to join in on my abuse. My son had no problem fucking me in front of everyone. He hates me anyway, but when my young grandson joined in, that was the most humiliated I have ever felt. My grandson humped my ass and called me names at the encouragement of Master and my son. The girls in the family were afraid to do anything for fear they too would get abused, so the just sat there watching, feeling ashamed for not helping me while Master and the men in the family gangbanged my holes. Today, I showed up to work like ordered. Still sore, I sat on a bag of frozen peas. But I know without a doubt now that I can never disobey him again.


Submissive sex chatMaster puts me into a subspace which is a very calm place peaceful state of mind to be in. I love the feel of Master’s hands on my body. In those moments it is clear he owns me and my body. I lay there as he ties me up tightly so I can not even move a little bit. I feel his fingers tracing my cunt lips before he shoves three of them in my cunt hole. I gasp as he shoves a fourth finger in then his thumb. I feel his hand making a fist inside my cunt. He leaves his fist idle for a moment and then pushes deep into cunt with it punching my uterus as he starts to pound hard and deep inside me.

I wanna humiliate you

Submissive sexYou deserve to be humiliated and degrade. I’ve been such a good submissive sex slave slut that Master is now going to allow me the opportunity to turn the tables and have my fun with a pathetic loser that needs to be gawked at. I have you down on your knees rigjt where you belong and that’s where I am gonna keep you! Open your mouth wide and say ahh! I see your cock twitching and begging to me played with! Now spread open those ass cheeks and show me how much you’ve been getting fucked all day long. You’re so sore and tender and full of sloppy seconds cum. You’re oozing out with baby batter sperm and we’re all laughing at you!

Ultimate Submissive Slut

Submissive slut

My master likes to let his friends use my holes for their pleasure too. He enjoys watching them all use me and pass me around like a sex toy. He tells me my only use in life is being a whore for men and a receptacle for their cum. Recently, he had a little party for his friends and I was the center of the entertainment. While the men were inside of the house eating, drinking, and having a good time, I was left tied up in the backyard like a dog. They could come and go as they pleased. One by one they took turns visiting me in the yard to fuck me. The first one stumbled out of the house a bit drunk and horny and removed the rope from my mouth just so he could stick his cock into it and fuck my face. He pumped in and out of my mouth before depositing his cum in my throat and tying me back up and joining the others in the house. I was left outside the whole night while they enjoyed themselves in the nice warm house. Master didn’t even let me in once they had gone, I had been a bad slave and being forced to spend the night in the yard in the cold covered in their cum was my punishment. I was so cold and tired by the end of the night, but I am dedicated to pleasing him like a good little submissive whore. I stayed out there the whole time and when he finally decided to let me come back in, I thanked him for his punishment and begged him to please keep training me even more so I could hopefully someday be the ultimate submissive slut for him and his friends.

Submissive sex slave slut

Submissive sexI know that i’m supposed to be an obedient submissive sex whore but sometimes I just really don’t want to listen to the rules. Look at me, i’m all marked up as a punishment for not doing exactly as Master has told me to do. I have a smart mouth on me and I can be a total brat, that doesn’t always go over well when i’m being slave trained. Is it bad that I get a sick joy out of disobeying and then being forced to suffer the consequences of my actions?! I really am a twisted and fucked up little whore. The more pain and humiliation that’s inflicted upon me the better! I get off on being exposed as the true subby slut that I am. Even when you impose rules upon me, I will still try to resist. I know that I can be a handful but that’s what you have two hands for! Spank me and slap me around & please give me the treatment that I have so properly earned and deserve!

I try so hard

submissive slut

My master loves to watch my cunt being abused by huge cock. He always has three or four ready to punish my pussy for his pleasure. I try to pretend that I don’t like it when they have all of my holes stuffed with their throbbing dicks. But master knows when I am coming he always spanks me extra hard when he can see a stream of my cum as it drips down one of his friend’s dicks. He tells me to only cum upon his approval, and I try to hold back I really do. But these men all have dicks larger than nine inches. That means they hit my spot over and over again. I think that sometimes when I am holding it back I cum even harder.


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