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I was working at a bar part-time, and the bar owner grew a sick obsession with me. My boss wanted me to herself and when I resisted and told her I had a boyfriend she didn’t take it lightly. I needed the job, and she knew I would do anything to keep it. My boss felt humiliated that I turned her advances down. My boss decided I needed to learn a lesson. I was going to be her submissive whore If I wanted to keep my position. I ended up in her office after a heated debate she told me it was time to for me to spread my ass she was going to fist me hard and rough. I had no choice I listened, and I was her amusement for the night. I was going to be taught a lesson, and I was going to be her slut like it or not. I had never been so dominated by a female ever in my life. I was such a strong gal I never would of pictured this. 

Cocksucking in public

Submissive slutI have really taken the time lately to reflect on what a submissive slut I truly am. As a form of punishment from my Master, I agreed to sucking my date’s cock while we are out in public together. I have never been on a date before where just minutes prior I wast fucking a throbbing cock deep inside of my asshole. Master slapped a micro-chipped bracelet on my wrist so that he could make sure I followed his orders and completed my duties. Whenever I looked down at my bracelet, I was vividly reminded that he is in fact the one who is in control. He always have been and he always will be. The truth of the matter is, he can show up whenever the hell he wants while I am out on my date. Whatever he want to do is what is going to happen and I have come to terms with that. To have my ass fucked all over again while I am on my date is not only pathetic and embarrassing but it also proves what a filthy and extremely submissive cunt I continue to be. I held up my end of the agreement, I promise. I got underneath the table and gagged on his pulsating cock right there as we ate our dinner. I knew in that moment that this was my purpose, to be a real-life cocksucking skank and to give all control over to Master like how he deserves. Thankfully there was a tablecloth to conceal my body as I slipped down his torso and gagged on his boner. He was huge too, he had to of been at least nine or ten inches and had the girth of a soda can. It must have been quite a sight for him to look down and see me deepthroating his horny python. I tenderly used my lips and tongue on the head of his cock as well, he loved that shit and was moaning loud as he took big grips of my hair with his hands & pulled hard. Seeing as how well our date went las night, I would love to see him again and so would he. I am looking forward to it and I know that he definitely expects me to suck his cock yet again while we are in public together. I really hope that Master will continue to make me wear my bracelet on my next date with him. Maybe we can even install a body camera on my outfit so that he can watch me deepthroat him while we are in public. I know what I need to do to keep Master happy and I think that this would be a good addition to our submissive fun.

Submissive slut strips naked

Submissive slutRule #1 is that no matter where I am, no matter what I am doing, no matter who I am with… I have to strip down butt ass naked and not put up a fight about it. No questions asked and no excuses. This has been set in stone and established firmly. If I do not obey this very important rule then I will have to suffer the consequences that follow for not being the submissive cunt whore that I am expected to be. I have to bend over and spread open my ass cheeks so that I can properly show off my tight pink bootyhole. I look so delicious and tasty, it’s no wonder all these men are obsessed with turning me into their naughty little subby skank. If I’m not a good listener then I will have a big cock shoved up my ass while getting spanked hard as fuck. I have no choice but to endure the rightfully given pain that hurts sooo good.

Daddies obedient sluts

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Well, daddy knew I was living a wild party life in college, and I knew plenty of loose whores. He wanted someone hot and sexy but someone who had a shy streak too. It was a weird combo, but that’s what he wanted. I had the perfect whore in mind to train. Macey was a cute blonde bimbo, and she was up for just about anything and everything. Macey was the ideal whore for our adventure. Daddy wanted bondage chat only. He wanted to know how was I going to fulfill his fantasies and make his daddy dick rock hard. I think my sole purpose in life is to make Daddy and his meat stick happy and hard beyond measure. It’s so easy to lure whores in nowadays.

I sent Macey a DM, and she was on her way over to my student apartment. I assured her we were going to party and have some fun. Well, what she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her too much. Daddy wanted me to teach her our ways. Daddy made the slut pull out a pen and paper if she didn’t want to be butchered. The fear in her eyes hypnotized her to do whatever Daddy and I ordered. Macey soon knew she was going to be Daddies personal urinal and cum eyed whore. Just like his number one slut Shiloh 😉








hardcore bondage



Facetime punishment

Submissive WhoreMy blackmailer really pulled some bullshit with me this time, he forced me to be his anal sex submissive whore and show him my tits over FaceTime while I was at work in my office. He knows damn well that the bosses of the company walk by and see everything when they peer inside but he doesn’t give a fuck about that. I was so hesitant to do what he asked of me and expose myself but I knew that if I didn’t then there would be severe punishments to follow. I hastily unbuttoned my blouse and showed him my big bulging tits through my shirt while I still had my bra on but he told me that that was not enough and didn’t make him happy. Although he liked the view it still wasn’t up to his standards and he was pissed off that I was holding back since the head honchos kept walking past my door. He summoned me to his own office and made me strip down naked, no questions asked. Those are his rules and I have to follow them, even if I don’t want to! When he bent me over his desk, I grabbed on to my ass cheeks and spread my asshole wide so that he could shove his throbbing cock into my gaping rectum. He told me that this was what I deserve for being a dumb slut that doesn’t do what he asks over Facetime. He stretched out my prostate so fucking much, i’m hardly able to sit down right now. I’ve never received so many bare bottom spankings and ass play in one sitting before, i’m in pain!

My dream come true

Submissive whore  I used to have wet dreams of being a submissive whore when I grew up. Look at me now. I have a few different masters in which I serve frequently now. I have even made a few new submissive friends. I take yoga classes now to make sure that I can stretch in any position that master pleases. I have always been a nasty freak in bed. So, any hole that gets a huge cock rammed inside of it brings me nothing but sheer pleasure. Thinking of master filling my holes over and over again with his cum makes my pussy juicy as fuck. I cant control myself I have to get my toys out and get this orgasm building within me out.

I Wanted Bare Bottom Spankings, but I Got a Gang Bang Instead

bare bottom spankingsI crave bare bottom spankings.  I am such a spanking slut. When I was a little girl, I got in to trouble on purpose, so I could feel daddy’s bare hand spank my naked bottom. I loved the feel of my ass stinging. I was drunk last night and that always gets me in trouble. I stumbled out of the club into my valet parked car. I pulled up my skirt and begged strangers to spank my ass. They didn’t want to spank my bare ass. They were more interested in fucking me. Beggars can’t be choosers, so I took what I could get. I had a gang bang in my car. The line was so long to fuck the ginger whore other people thought it was the VIP line to get into the club. There were a few disappointed women who when they got close to the end of the line found out this wasn’t entrance into the club. It was only entrance into my submissive whore ass.  There were plenty of surprised men who didn’t mind finding out they were in the wrong line. They pumped their seed in my ass, then made me clean up their dicks, so they could go into the club not smelling like an old whore. I didn’t get spanked like I wanted, however, but I did get treated like a dirty gangbang whore. The night wasn’t a waste after all.

A Submissive’s Dream

Submissive whoreI need to be controlled. Any order you give I’ll obey because I’m a submissive. Be my master and I’ll worship your cock. I’ll drop to my knees and worship your cock with my mouth. I promise that I’m a good girl and your every wish is my command. My world revolves around you and making you happy. Nothing is too degrading or demeaning, and I’ll do anything you ask with a big smile on my face. Pass around to your friends and I’ll make you proud because no one sucks dick better than me. My last master didn’t allow me to wear clothes and giving him hour long blowjobs was a regular occurrence. He controlled me with an iron fist and I loved every second of his rule. He liked to bend over and make me clean his asshole with my tongue and I did it without a complaint. I liked the moans he made when I tongue-fucked his anus. Some girls are afraid of going too far but I have no boundaries, no limits.

New friends

Slave trainingSubmissive slutSubmissive whore

So my slave training hasn’t been going as well as I had hoped for. No matter how hard I try the positions the master is teaching me just aren’t sticking. I can see that he’s getting more and more frustrated with me. I hate making him disappointed with me. It makes me feel so worthless. So after our last wasted session he asked me how we could fix this issue. I told him that even though he is very detailed in his instructions that I am more of a visual learner. That if he could show me how he wanted me to position myself I would learn easier. Of course he laughed at me. How could I ever think he would lower himself to my level. But he said he has more than just me for a pet. So at our next meeting I was introduced to Shiloh and Naomi. I have seen them somewhere before. Not what I would call your typical submissive slut. But they were both so fucking sexy. My pussy got instantly wet when i saw them automatically assume position #1 for inspection. On their knees that are shoulder width apart, back arched slightly and pinching their nipples pulling their tits up and out. That’s what he has wanted. I quickly kneel and position myself just as they are. Master almost grinned when he saw me in position with them. Yes, this is what I wanted. As he walks behind each of use flicking us lightly with the tip of his whip. Position #2 ladies master whispered. I always fuck this up too shit. Naomi and Shiloh are the best at this submissive whore routine. I follow their lead and stretch myself out face flat against the ground ass in the air. The next thing I know two more gentlemen walk in and they have their huge cocks in hand. Not until master pulled me from the floor by my hair was I aware of what was happening. I was tied up and forced to watch as Naomi and Shiloh sucked these other men. Master  flicking my clit as he walked past. I had to watch the other girls pussies getting pounded. Master knows this makes me so horny to watch. Then I feel the wand touch my clit. He’s going to let me cum. I know I have been a good slave now. Thanks for the help Naomi and Shiloh for sharing master and showing me how to make him happy.

Pretty bitches only daddy

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Daddy wants me to find the best sluts for him. The best place to find sluts are raves of course. Drunk and high whores ready to give their worthless wet holes to anyone. Daddy likes that I am willing to bring him pretty bitches only. I need to be a good judge for daddy and supply him with his wants. My job is to make daddy happy and let him relax. I pick out a couple of whores, and I think solely about daddy. What does daddy like and what will get daddy off? Its simple hot cunts who I can manipulate and gather for him. I like ranking these whores. Sometimes it comes down to two and if its a tie both bitches die. I lure them in with some pretty pills and have them all fucked up. My favorite thing to do is to get them hyped and tweaked out. I have great skill in doing so, and once I got them where I want them, I will give daddy a show and fuck them myself. He loves when I inflict hardcore bondage on them. Daddy will piss down their mouths and right in their eyes. Torturing sluts with daddy is my fave.


hardcore bondage

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