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Daddies want my snatch

Cheap phone sex

This time of year is perfect for going on on the corners and making lots of money using my hot cunt. I always see all the dads driving with a car full of brats and I know all he wants is to pick me up and let me show him a good time for cheap. Lots of the times they come back through after they dropped them off and don’t have there wives they come back to fuck my tight little snatch. I just hop in the car and right onto there cock making them shoot there load instantly because I am a hot little piece of ass. I love when I get calls and you perverts are sneaking into another room jerking off while your family is right outside. That is so fucking hot and makes me wanna squirt all over.

Submissive Slut Eats Master’s Cum!

Submissive slutMaster finally forgave me last night. He dressed me up and got my hair done, then treated me out to a night on the town. By the time we got back to our place, I was in heaven. So, it absolutely delighted me when Master told me that he’d let me give him a blow job. I took my time taking his clothes off, kissing and licking every inch of him that I uncovered, letting him know how grateful I was for his gift. Once he was completely naked, I stripped my own clothes off, and dropped to my knees. I looked directly up into his eyes as I licked the head of his cock, then sucked him slowly into my mouth. The way his expression never changed as I sucked him made me even more determined to show him that I’m still a good little cock-sucking submissive slut. I sucked harder, longer; I massaged his balls more; I even fingered his little brown star, just the way he liked. But, his face never changed. It wasn’t until he put his hand on the back of my head and held my face pressed against him that I even knew he was about to cum. And that was the exact moment that he blew his load straight down my throat. I had to swallow fast to keep up with the amount of spunk he was putting out, because I wasn’t wasting a single drop! When he finally pulled his dick out of my mouth, I gasped out a heart-felt “Thank you for your cum, Master.” I hope I never get on his bad side again!

Fucking Another Slave whore

Slave trainingI love when I get to domme over another whore. I love making them scream from my pleasure and pain I allow them to have. Hearing them scream in the pain but delight as they cum all over my hand. I get wet just thinking of these times.. Feeling the gushiness just drench my hand. Then I love to take my mouth and lick up all that pussy cum juices. After a slave as squirted she has never tasted better. Trust me! I love to try to see if I can make them squirt again just with my tongue and fingers. And sometimes a fist. The more I can get a slave to squirt the better she tastes. I love being slave to man and domme to woman.

BDSM Gang Rape Fantasy

I am such a naughty little slut. I invited a few guys to come over to my home last night for a few drinks. When they showed up they had a couple of friends with them, so it was five of them and just one of me. I cannot say that I did not like the attention. However when things turned a little more sexual I was interested in one of the guys. I ended up being fucked by all five though. They bound me with stuff in my own home, took me to my bedroom and then took turns fantasy raping all of my holes.

Submissive whore

At one point I even had one of those cocks in my mouth, one in my asshole under me and one fucking my cunt thrusting while standing between my legs.  The two extra men stood by and video taped it while telling me what a whore I was and how I liked it. They used me and tore all of my holes open wile switching positions wit h each other from time to time. I cannot lie, it was exhausting but I came hard, so fucking hard… multiple times.

Submissive Whore Will Do Anything For You

submissive whore

My Son loves his submissive whore mommy. Tying me up and hearing the sound of my gags makes his cock rock hard and ready to use his Mother’s tight fuck holes. He loves watching his piss and cum spray out of his dick and all over his dirty slutty mom. I’m so submissive that there is no pleasure I could ever deny my little boy. He has complete control over his naughty Mother’s body. He tells me when I can and can not cum and he tells me how it’s going to be done. Sometimes he fucks me and doesn’t let me cum at all. He wants to show me that my pleasure and my orgasm don’t matter, my job as his submissive cunt and his Mother are to please him. So he will tie me up and have his way with me, forcing his cock into my ass or my gagging me with it by shoving it down my throat, and then he will dump his load of warm creamy cum wherever he pleases and leave me there filled up like the cum slut I am.

Prostate milking

prostate milking

My brother and daddy want to have a good time with me. They are wanting me to be the most perfect cum eating whore ever to live. They are letting me milk their prostates tonight. Their cocks are pointed right into my face while I take turns shoving my finger in their asses and licking their balls. I get to stroke them as their cocks leak and drool gallons of cum out of them.

I keep beating those cocks until my cheeks are full of their hot cum. I can not even imagine how much cum I get to milk out of them once they bust for me. I am going to get a big nut. I am already drowning in cum, drinking every sloppy bit of it down into my tummy. It is so sticky and wet, I jerk those cocks and beg for that cum.

I open my mouth and put a glass bowl underneath of my chin. I am going to get every drop of that sperm!

Cock worshiping

cock worshiping

 My master is strapping me in the most perfect position do that he has access to all of my fuck holes. I worship that big fat monster cock. Those big balls are so big and fat and full of hot sticky cum. I would get on my hands and knees and admire that cock if I was not tied up with a gag in my mouth.

I love that he will stick that cock into any of my holes. I will do anything for that cock and that amazing cum juice that gushes out of it. I want to have my insides soaked in that cum. I want it in my tummy and in all of my holes. I need to be like a sponge absorbing all of that hot sticky cum.

Submissive Whore Begs

submmissive whoreI’m such a submissive whore. I met this guy at a bondage club. He was way out of my league. Half my age with a body and face like a Greek God. He had a hot blonde subby pet with him. She was wearing a collar and on a leash crawling on the floor like a dog. I was there unaccompanied, but I wanted to be owned like that girl. I did something I never do. I approached him first. I tapped him on the shoulder and begged for him to use me. He looked me up and down, paused long enough to make me nervous, then he ordered me into a room. I told him I would do anything to just be in his presence for awhile. He ordered me to strip and get on the floor. He stood over me looking 10 feet tall. He pulled out his cock and pissed in my face. He laughed at me for thinking I could be anything more than his human toilet. What is wrong with me? I was happy to drink his piss. I begged for more. I would have eaten his shit if it was offered. He drained his tank all over my body then spit in my face. He had his pet girl piss on me too. She raised her leg like a dog and urinated on me. They both laughed, called me some names then left. I went home smelling like piss and masturbated for hours thinking of our brief encounter.

BDSM chat share with Robyn

I had the craziest sensation that I was being watched in the shower this morning.  started letting my imagination run wild to see where it would go.  The only thing I could think about was how I was going to open the shower curtain and a guy would be there dressed all in black with a ski mask on and a hard cock waiting for me as he gazed over my naked and wet dripping body.


BDSM chat

I would be forced to suck his cock, open my legs wide as he fucked not only my ass but also my mouth and my pussy hole as well. I would be subjected to the cruelest torture. I would be tied and bound while he had his way with me over an over gain. And after he was finished, I would be forced to get back into the shower to clean off and make all of the evidence disappear, just as my attacker would while I showered.

Bondage Whore Takes Her Punishment

Bondage whoreMaster was very unhappy with the number of times I’ve been a bad little slave slut lately. So, he tied my hands behind my back and propped my hips up so that my legs would stay open. Master started to rub and finger-fuck me until I came hard. But, he didn’t stop! He kept going, finger-fucking me, rubbing me, driving me crazy. After a little while like that, I was begging for mercy, the orgasms were actually hurting!! He STILL kept going, making me beg for him to stop over and over again! I was in tears, it was so painful to keep cumming like that. When he finally did stop, he only did so to put clamps on my nipples to the point they felt like they were ripping off, and to whip my ass and thighs until it was unbearable. When I finally begged him not to do that anymore, he asked which I preferred, the abuse or the orgasms. I had to choose the orgasms. Master worked me over until I couldn’t think or see straight, and then left me there to think about what I’ve done!

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