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Good Girls Obey

Submissive slutI’m extremely submissive. I live to please you and make you happy. I’m pudding in your hands, mold me into the perfect slave. I will bow at your feet and worship your cock. Put it down my throat and make me gag. I love sucking cock and I always swallow. I think semen is a reward for giving a great blowjob. So fill my mouth with that sticky white stuff. Let me suck you dry. Pass me to your friends and I’ll suck their dicks, too. I’ll be a good girl, I swear. But if I’m bad bend me over and put it in my ass. Fuck me hard, make me bleed. Sometimes pain equals pleasure. I want you to have complete control over me. I need a strong dominant man who isn’t afraid to rule with a firm hand. I’ll keep your balls empty and your house clean. I was put on this Earth to please you.

March Musty Madness 


Bukkake phone sex

Do you want to suck my musty titties do you want to see me be your trash well I can I truly can do what you need. I have wanted to fuck you Peter for such a long time, but I know you like the Trashy whores they turn you on. At first, I thought I was too innocent to satisfy your needs but then I knew that I wanted you so I desire you so. And if I was going to get what I’m lusting after I’m going to have to open up and get a little nasty. So, Peter I’ve been watching porn I also did something insane I went out and slept with 3 Guys I was a fucking whore. Do you know what Peter I loved it, it was so good I was a fucking trashy whore trashy as I could be. I did it all for you, so you can get your scuzz bucket slut you’re cum guzzling fucking cunt you’re what I want. so, while I was fucking those three guys I was thinking about you drilling me all I wanted was your cock and my hands and my mouth and my cunt and my ass in and out. I am your fucking whore I did it all for you I’ll be here fucking trash even I will prostitute I will I did see I brought you this money too. Peter all I want to know is are you proud of me now do you trust that I’m a whore and I’ll do anything you want me to you can own me you can roll me you can sell me I’m so happy with what you’re going to do. And guess what we are just in time for March m March Musty Madness you can sell me to the biker guys a fuck them all in front of your eyes. Peter there’s nothing I won’t do for you I’ll let them do what they want to as long as you are happy and proud of me. I’ll do anything for you I’m your slave and I mean it I like being subservient to you. I like you taking me over being in complete control I deserve it.

Slave training

slave training

I am a naughty little slut. I need daddy to take care of my little holes and treat me like the little cum whore that I am. He bend me over the couch and starts spanking my dumb ass. I feel his hands striking across each ass cheek, making them hot red. He finally takes his cock out and beats it across my face.

My cheeks get hot and flushed. I stuck my tongue out and he slapped his dick on my wet tongue. He pushed his cock all the way down my throat until I choked. He took his cock out of my mouth and stuffed it into my cunt from behind. He grabbed my hair and forced himself deep and hard inside of me. I love feeling his swollen meat stick get pleasure off of treating me like a dirty skank.

Treat me like the dumb slut I am

Cheap phone sexMy ex boyfriend used to treat me like the retarded bitch I am. He knew when he first started dating me that all I am is a cum dumpster and he sure enough treated me that way. He would invite over as many friends as he could and I would be there waiting on my knees with bright red lipstick on and slutty clothes with stripper heals. So when I suck there cocks I get whore red lipstick on there big thick cocks and I would let them grab my head and push my head down as deep as it can go down my throat. I love how him and his friends treat me like a nasty fucking whore and fill all my holes with cum like a filthy little cum dumpster whore.

My bloody valentines

submissive sexSubmissive sex is what my boss wanted for v day. I was called up to the office once he saw me he slipped me a keycard for the hotel up the street, and he wrote down what time I was expected to be there. I ended up going a bit early walked in and saw a box. My boss isn’t into any sweet things, so I knew I wasn’t expecting roses and chocolates for valentines. The directions on top of the box had explicit orders. I had to strip my clothes off and wear a red latex outfit. I had to sit and wait. I waited for 2 hrs, and another one of the girls that work with me came in. It seems like Mr boss man likes more than a submissive pet. I grew a little jealous, but I knew that what he wanted was what was most important. We ordered not to speak to each other. It was so hot to see how this man had so much power over us. We waited for hours on end. It seems like our master was enjoying a valentines day celebration with his wife. We had no authority to pout or complain. About 10 p.m we received a text message from him. He was going to use the excuse that he left the office open and had only an hour with us. He didn’t want his wife to grow suspicious. He came in and started to unzip our latex bottoms. They were custom made so our bare bottoms would be in full view. After a couple of ass pounding and ass whips, he had us both tied up and started to whip us till we bleed a bit. He wanted a bloody valentine at our expense. As soon as master came, he was out. It was hot to know we were both his sub slaves. We were ordered to stay tied up all night with his dripping wet cum on us. In the morning we had a repeat.

Caveman Cock


Erotic BDSM stories


Henry, I don’t know why you behave like you do he pulls my hair he’s so damn rough when he’s fucking me. Why do you do these things you like to tie me down you like to fuck me like your fucking someone that you found on the streets, you like to fuck me like an alley cat bitch. You don’t care how hard you fuck me you dip, and you drive your cock inside of me and laugh while your caveman pounding my cunt. Henry, you and your huge cock are amazing. I used to get so scared when you fucked me but now you have trained me now I can take all your cock and I love it so much. I love to be caveman fucked blasted in my cunt and fucked like a dirty slut I love the cum in my mouth in my ass too I love it. I love how you fuck me so abusively so passionately oh my goodness I want more all the time. Yes Henry, you’ve made me into a fucking horny cum guzzling slut bitch. I just want to say thank you for setting me free from boring nothing sex and giving me, wild crazy caveman fucking I’m so grateful.

Trying to Be a Submissive Whore in a Modern Word

submissive whore

I love being a submissive whore. I am good at it too. I was raised a submissive, but when I was a little girl my father was my master and he was violent with me.; so, were his friends.  My current master and boss is not violent. He doesn’t beat me up. He would never leave more than a pink hand print on my ass or maybe some rope marks on my wrists. Master likes to humiliate me and play old school BDSM games. Callers expect me to have experiences being beat up daily and pimped out on a regular basis, but that was my youth. My adulthood is much tamer. I guess I have been spoiled as a submissive slut. That is all about to change. My master told me that he will likely release me next year when he retires. I don’t have to find a new master, but I don’t know any other life. My master has taken very good care of me physically and financially. My side gig as a phone submissive has opened my eyes to what a modern day master servant lifestyle is like. Honestly, it scares me. I want to say no to some of my callers, but I can’t. It is the same when I explore the local underground BDSM clubs. I try to say no to a man who seems too sadistic, but no is not in my vocabulary. Having been in a real master servant lifestyle for decades, being a phone whore won’t be enough for me. So, keep being as humiliating and mean as you can to me on the phone. I need all the slave training I can get. I know my callers can give me a good dose of reality of what it is like for a submissive nowadays.

Pissing phone sex slave

Pissing phone sexWhen having pissing phone sex, Master forces me to be the ultimate golden shower slave. It’s okay though because I really do enjoy it. The more piss that I get smothered in, the hornier I become. Drinking a tall glass of Master’s fresh urine is the tastiest way to start my day and his cock gets so fucking hard as he watches me guzzle down his fluids. His fetish turns me on so much, I feel honored to be a submissive skank that has the pleasure of being able to enjoy some liquid gold from such a nasty pervert. Master has made my watersports fantasy come to life, over and over again he makes me be his piss slut, and I love it! When he throws me into the bathtub he enjoys standing over me and forcing my jaw open wide so that he can aim his pee stream straight into my slutty mouth. If I gag or try to spit it out, he slaps my face and tells me to ‘take it all bitch!’. It’s a wet and wild mess when we have our naughty golden showers together. Master loves licking my sweet, wet cunt after he’s doused me in his warm juices because that’s when I taste the best!

I’ll Do Anything For You, Sir.

submissive whore

I want to be your obedient submissive whore. You can do anything you want to this filthy mommy slut. Use me as your own personal cum dumpster and fill me with your load. All of my tight fuck holes are yours to abuse. I’ll fucking beg you for it. Come choke me while you shove your cock down my throat. Make you gag, choke, and throw up all over your cock then clean up the mean. Tell me what a disgusting fucking pig slut I am. I’m yours to abuse and humiliate in any way you wish. Want to use me as your toilet? I’ll lay down and take your piass and shit happily. Anything at all to please you, Sir. Literally, I’ll do aynthing to make you fucking explode for me. If you need a nasty submissive fuck toy then I’m right here to fucking pound and stretch open woith your massive cock!

gagged doll

submissive whoreMy boss wasn’t letting me out of his sight anytime soon. I was his little bitch to the max. I would have never imagined I’d be his sex slut and submissive whore. I was enjoying to be quite honest. I loved being able to serve him and make him feel like the king he is. My boss called me over he had a special present for me. I was wondering what outfit he would have me wear.

I was awaiting something slutty, but instead, I got a box and inside of it was another big box wrapped. I opened it and saw a gag ball and the sharpest nipple clamp I’d ever seen. I was ready to be his gag doll that’s what he said. Indeed I was. He put the nipple clamps on my nipples as soon as I felt them pin I screamed out loud. I was in excruciating pain. My boss slapped me in the face and whipped me in the ass. It was lunch hour and the employees could of hear. I then got gagged.

I was his gag doll with nipple clamps. My nipples were red, and I could feel the black and blue building up. I then felt my skirt unzip and panties drop to my ankles. My boss was fucking my ass and making me feel his cock penetrate me hard. The pain and pleasure was heaven and hell. I knew at that moment I would always be his slut.

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