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MILF Phone Sex Sub

milf phone sex

I am submissive, but I am a milf phone sex slut too. Almost all my callers want me to be their subby slaves, but I have one caller who wants me to cum. Who wants me to masturbate and show off my body. I have been walking around the house naked, but my son and daughter just roll their eyes and give me those exasperated sighs. They are just biding their time until they can get out of my house. Zero respect for their mother. That is for another time, however. I have been going shopping braless and walking around naked in front of my windows for my caller. I like being naked. I enjoy the looks I get. Last night, I was home alone. My son and daughter were out doing haunted houses with friends. It was chilly, but I turned on the heat and walked around all the windows naked. One of my neighbors was watching me and stroking his cock. I don’t even know his name, but I invited him over. He knew far more about me than I did about him. He was a dominant man, but like my special caller, not a mean man. He just wanted to take control not abuse or humiliate me. He told me to play with my pussy for him. He edged me. I would get right to the brink of cumming and I would get a red light. Eventually, he let me cum. It was a hard much needed cum too because I had been edged for hours. My neighbor is married, so he didn’t fuck me. He had no problem watching me play with my pussy and ass though. I was a good submissive whore for my neighbor and my caller. I exposed myself like my caller wanted and I played with my pussy like they both wanted.

Used and Abused

submissive slut

I truly love being a submissive slut. I don’t know why, but it turns me on when a man bends me over and tells me that he’s going to fuck me like a little whore. And when they tell me that it’s all I’m good for, that’s just about the hottest thing in the world. It makes my pussy throb and sometimes it even makes me cum on that big fat cock immediately. I just can’t help it. Being a whore is just something that I feel I was born for.

In true whore fashion, I love fucking more than one guy at once. I like to have a bunch of guys on my roster so that if one guy isn’t around, then someone else will be. And I don’t like to just fuck men, either. I love it when I find a couple who wants to fuck a dirty little whore like me. They can both use me for their carnal pleasure. Eating pussy while getting my wet cunt gets fucked from behind is one of the hottest things in the world. I know they are both just using me for their pleasure and don’t care about mine. But you know what? That’s the best thing about it.

Maybe some people might think I’m crazy because I like to be used. I know that sometimes people don’t get how hot it is to be a submissive phone sex whore like me, but that’s okay. That just means there is more fun for me to be had and they will be missing out on it. If you’re ready to have a girl like me all to yourself, then just give me a call. And remember, there is absolutely nothing that I won’t do to make sure you’re satisfied.


They made me their submissive whore

submissive whoreI woke up in a dark place, I had no idea where I was but I could feel the ropes digging into my skin and I couldn’t move at all. I was scared but kind of excited too, is that wrong? Suddenly the lights came on and I could see that I was surrounded by a room full of men, they all had their cocks in their hands and they were looking at me like they were starving and I was a juicy steak. They all took turns beating me and fucking me, I felt like a pinata and some birthday party I was getting banged around so much. My whole body was throbbing and I was hurting so bad but part of me liked being used and abused like that. My pussy was dripping wet and I could only beg for them to fuck me harder deeper faster! By the time they were thru with me I was black and blue all over but I had cum more times than I could count.

Bare Bottom Spankings Turning My Ass Red

I was raised getting bare bottom spankings from my father and later my three brothers were also administering them to me. I grew up with two older brothers and a younger brother. All three of my brothers were brought in when my father was disciplining me for bad grades, mouthing off to my mother, or breaking curfew. He used me to make an example of, and taught them how to treat the females in their lives. They took aggressions and rejections out on me just the way my father taught them to. One thing was always made clear to my three brothers though, that they were to never bruise me nor leave markings other than redness that would fade away. That was very important, and I was taught that no Mistress nor Master shall ever leave marks on his little princess or they would hear from my three brothers. I am a very lucky submissive and in turn for such protection from my kin I am to be their sweet little submissive sex slave whenever they need.

Bare Bottom Spankings

Submissive Slut Tries to Please Every Man

submissive slutWhen you are a submissive slut, it is hard to say no, even to men on the phone. I have a Master. I am owned, but he knows I supplement my salary with phone sex. He agreed that I could keep on doing this since I am on a submissive site. I have this one caller who is very different from most of my callers. He wants me to cum many times a day. No Master ever cares about my orgasms. Most forbid me to even touch myself. Yet, here is this caller encouraging me to do things I am forbidden to do from my owner. My caller wants me to walk around naked in front of my son and daughter, even masturbate in front of them. My Master would kill me if he ever found out I did anything with my son and daughter. He doesn’t have to worry, however, because my son and daughter hate me. My son hates me because he blames me for everything that has gone wrong in his life. My daughter hates me because she thinks women should run the world and never be submissive to men. I have been trying to do what my caller wants, but I am being constantly laughed at and shamed by my offspring who think I am a stupid whore. My phone caller is far nicer than my Master or my own offspring. I will keep trying to do what he wants because I love touching my pussy and I am a good submissive whore, but I don’t think my son or daughter are ever going to appreciate that they have a slut living with them. I like being an exhibitionist. I love being submissive. I love pleasing, but I have discovered I can’t please everyone all the time.

Bondage Phone Sex Fantasy With Celeste

The other day I had an encounter with a Black domme female and she decided I should try playing the villainess and have the tables turned. Starting out as a racist cunt with a group of black slave girls that plan a revolt on me is the gist of it. I will ultimately be turned into the little white girl submissive slave I am and become humiliated by the these black girl slaves. I would be overpowered and put into a bondage phone sex kind of scene where I get tied up and my ass spanked by all these black girls while getting called all sorts of things by these former slaves that are now controlling me. “I’m the worthless little white cunt that loves black pussy” I am forced to say as the head black bitch sits her black cunt on my face and forces me to pleasure her. I make that beautiful ebony cunt cum in my dirty little subby mouth. All the other former slaves that revolted against me as their Master, stuck their black asses in my blonde white bitch face and farted as Goddess Divina shoved my face in each one forcing me to rim all of them.

Bondage phone sex

Submissive slut

Hog Tied

submissive phone sex

I know that I am nothing but a fuck slut to you, Sir. The only thing I’m good for is fucking and I know that you will use any of my holes anytime you like. I will gladly get down on my knees and open my mouth so you can fuck my throat, Sir. I know how much you love to gag me and make my eyes water. It pleases me to do that for you. I’m useless in every other way, so the least I can do for you is be your fuck doll. I will do anything you want me to do, no matter how much it hurts or how much it humiliates me. That’s what I deserve since I’m a whore.

I especially love it when you tie me spread eagle on your bed and let all of your friends come in and use me. You always tell them that they can do anything they want to me with no consequences. Sometimes they choke me until I can barely breathe, sometimes they turn me over and spank me until my ass is raw, and sometimes they just double and triple team me. I’m so small that I can barely fit those two cocks when they double penetrate me, but I just tell them how much I love pleasing them since that’s the only thing I am good for.

What do you think you’ll do to your submissive phone sex slut today, Sir? Just let me know how I may please you. You know that I am the kind of girl who will do anything you want and will never let you down. I thank you for the opportunity to make you happy. I know that I will be sore and used up when you’re done, but it’s worth it Sir.


Submissive sex

Submissive sex“I promise this won’t hurt at all.” He sounded like he was lying through his teeth, and I laughed nervously saying “of course not.” He continued, “This is how I want it to go, you’re a stupid slut walking alone at night, clueless to the fact that you’re being followed. You’re dressed like a fucking whore and I come up behind you so quickly, dragging you into the dark.” His breath was getting quicker as he went on with his deepest and darkest desires. “I just need a dumb whore like you for some Submissive sex.” He slammed my face into the concrete, kicking me over and over. He drags me over to the toilet and shoved my head under, making me drown before pulling me up at the last minute. I am crying as he shoves his cock into my ass, then he pushes my head back under the water. I pass out this time and when I wake up he’s got me in the bedroom a gag in my mouth, and my hands bound. He’s got himself mounted on me, fucking me hard as he can. He’s degrading me, as he pulls out a short rope and wrapped it around my neck. I start to choke, I am screaming through my gag and he’s telling me that it’s time to die, bitch, telling me to shut the fuck up. That’s the last thing I remember.

This submissive whore was used by a ghost

submissive whoreThis submissive whore was used by a ghost last night! Hear me out, I know this sounds crazy but I have no other explanation. I was with my Master at a party when I started to feel really dizzy and much drunker than I should have felt after only one drink. I figured someone has spiked my drink so I went to look for my Master. I never found him instead I passed out and woke up in a creepy dungeon all tied up.I couldn’t see anyone but I could feel myself being penetrated over and over again by some unseen force. I was beaten over and over again with paddles I couldn’t see, choked by hands that were invisible and my body was bent and twisted and tied up in so many different ways all by some figure that I couldn’t see! What else could it be but a ghost? If it were a man I would be able to see him! All around me I could hear screaming and moaning and all sorts of ghostly whispers by all these unseen people, I wasn’t blindfolded I could see the room around me so why couldn’t I see the other victims screaming and begging for mercy? A deep inhuman voice spoke to me then, he sad that he could hear my heart beating fast and he knew that I was terrified but not to worry because it would all be over soon. He said soon you’ll be dead and you’ll leave your body behind to become a spirit, trapped here forever with the rest of my pets. That’s when I started to hysterically scream like a little bitch, I was so scared that I literally peed myself! The room went dark, I must have passed out because I woke up in my bed covered in bruises and sore as hell. I don’t know what really happened last night but I am thankful I survived it!

Teen Son Cock Worshiping

cock worshiping

I am a milf teen cock worshiping subslut that always serves my son. He brought his friends over tonight to play video games and I am expected to serve them. I brought soda and sandwiches as they were deep in the war game. I walked right in front causing something bad to happen in the game. My son got up and slapped me in the face and pushed me down. He said “well mom my game is fucked so why don’t we all fuck you like the whore you are?” I didn’t mean to ruin my son’s night with his friends. But as they each turn turns fucking my pussy and then directed to fuck my ass and make me clean my shit off these teen cocks, I knew this sub mommy had made it up the only way she knows how. By being a cream-filled submissive mommy! I even drank each of their piss in order to show how sorry I was and now I have five teen boys cum to eat instead of one. I love pleasing my boys!

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