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Your submissive whore for the night

Submissive WhoreIf you want, you can purchase me for the evening and I will be your filthy submissive whore all night long, Master. I promise to do anything and everything that you want to do. I have been trained very well and I know exactly how to please you and give you all of the sexual pleasure that you deserve to experience. However, there is always room for more training and I am always open to receiving any sort of punishments and advice that you think that I need. Steer me in any direction that you want to steer me in. Bend me over and spread my legs open wide to see if i’m stashing any drugs inside of my slutty pussy. More than likely you’re gonna find something special up in there, hehe. I can share, don’t worry! Let’s get filthy and fucked up, baby! This pussy deserves a beating.

Bondage Whore at Work

bondage whore

I am a bondage whore. No matter who I am with, he always wants to tie me up. That doesn’t matter so much at home, but at the office it makes it difficult to do my job. My boss was in a foul mood Friday. I still don’t know what he was pissed about, but I felt his wrath. Before I could tackle my work, he came into my office and slapped me. He was pissed his coffee was lukewarm. It would have been the right temperature if he had been on time, but I knew better than to tell him that. He is such a prick. For the minor mishap of lukewarm coffee, he ripped my blouse off and bound my chest. Not only did he tie up my tits, but he also tied me to the chair. My arms were bound to the arms of the chair. It was difficult to move, let alone type, but he gave me a pile of work and a deadline. If I thought this was bad, it would be nothing compared to what would have happened if I missed the deadline. Sometimes, I think he sets me up to fail just so he can justify being rougher on me. I failed to get the work done by 3 pm. I had to type with a pen in my mouth. When I can’t use my hands, it makes it hard to type 60 words per minute. When I failed to get the work done on time, he shoved his cock down my throat. I am good at cock worshiping but this was skull fucking. Intense, rough oral that left me struggling to breathe. That was followed by fisting my ass without any lubrication. By the time he was done, my jaw was sore, my ass was bleeding and my tits had rope burns. Just another day at the office.

Yearning For Cock


Submissive slut

I’m a sexy fucking bitch who constantly dreams of getting fucked by a big dick real hard. If you know how to shove your big dick inside my mouth I’ll suck it like a fucking porn star I’m hot I’m heavy I’m always ready to get into the bed with a stranger. I am the one that your wife needs to worry about and that’s true if you want to be the one from me don’t try it because I don’t want a boyfriend. All I really want is someone to abuse my heated fat cunt if I had the world my way I would fuck about three or four guys a day at the same time we would orgy because I’m greedy I love to be that way too. If you’re looking for a love look somewhere else because I don’t need your loving I need your cum to be inside my pussy and make me scream while I am creaming. I am a nasty cum dumpster whore, everything is good to go with me it doesn’t really matter if you’re nice or mean because I can take it. I always loved to be hot every since I was a little girl and now I am no longer barely legal I’m ready everything is a go just try me. You can stuff your big fat cock in my ass hole and make me feel every bit of your yearning.

Cock Worshiping Office Whore

Cock worshiping

Cock worshiping is the first thing that popped into your mind from the moment you saw me. You knew my true nature was submissive. You could tell that I was young and naïve, but that is exactly what makes your cock hard. You crave turning young submissive girls into your office whores.

You can’t wait to make me worship your big thick cock. You call me into your office to tell me what a good job I am doing, but then you ask me if I am interested in a promotion. I look at you all excited and tell you of course I am. You ask me if I am sure and that it would entail a lot more responsibilities. You tell me that I could be your new office assistant.

But I would have to be willing to do everything that you ask with out any hesitation or questions. Without even thinking I exclaim that I want the position. You immediately tell me to get down on my knees. I start to open my mouth and you press your finger against my lips. I drop to my knees and then you pull out your hard throbbing cock. My eyes grow wide as you tell me to open my mouth.

You tell me to prove how much I want the new position by worshipping your cock. I start sucking on the head of your cock while my hand strokes the shaft. I glide my baby soft lips down the shaft of your cock deepthroating every inch of it into my mouth.

I do things with your cock that I had only seen in porn movies. As I feel your hard throbbing cock thrusting against my tonsils you blow your load of warm salty cum down my throat. And just like the good little office submissive whore that I am….I swallow every last drop of your creamy goodness down.

Chains And Whips

Submissive Whore My cunt gets so wet when Master brings out the chains and whips. I know Master has something wicked on his mind. He chained me up and put the ball gag in my mouth. Master led me around like a dog making me bark and howl. My cunt drenching my thighs feeling it dripping down. I get so fucking horny when he degrades me like an animal. He led me into my cage and locked me in. He opened the side door and ordered my ass up to the opening. He dug his nails into my fleshy ass spreading my cheeks open. My plump ass hole open and staring at him. He pushed just his cock head into my hole just teasing me a bit. I started to whimper and beg for his whole cock in my ass. Master gave me what I wanted slamming my ass so hard he made me bleed.

Submissive slut outdoor fun

submissive slutField trip time it was. I am a submissive slut so what my master says goes. I went ahead and took his commands met him out by the river. I was going to be in for a treat he told me. I couldn’t guess what was about to happen. I did protocol which involves stripping down and keep my hair up. I know when protocol is in full effect Its about to be a messy time. I wasn’t wrong. I was not only in about to be strapped I was going to be bathed in piss. Luckily I had the crystal pristine river washing away some of the piss I was being subjected too, but that wasn’t going to stop the harsh whips that were striking me. I had to take it all and I had to shut the fuck up like a submissive piglet.

On Display

Bondage phone sexYou told me You wanted to do something a little different.  You wanted to put me on display for T/those in Your group.  You had told me about the group before.  Around fifty of same minded BDSM lovers.  You met once a month and during that time You would set up play dates, other meetings, and the annual fetish ball that is held each May.  It was Your turn to host the monthly meeting and You wanted to show me off.

I was not to speak at all, no matter what happened I was to keep my eyes lowered, and stay as still as possible.  As the Members would arrive You would show them around Your house, then bring them to look at me.  Many were impressed by the way You had me bound. They walked around me, commenting on fading bruises on my ass.  They also told You that I had a beautiful body.  All of You were speaking of me as if I weren’t even there.

I started to get a cramp in my thigh, but I managed to stay still.  It seemed like hours had passed, but in reality it had only been about twenty or so minutes.  I heard You excuse Yourself from the meeting, and You came to check on me.  You asked me if I was numb anywhere, or if I was cramping anywhere.  You gave permission for me to look up and speak.  I told You that I had a severe cramp in my thigh.  You got down the floor and released the binds that were keeping my thighs together, then You helped me stand up.  W/we walked around a little while until the cramp was gone.  You then placed me on a seat, then once again bound my thighs but in a different manner.  You instructed me that if I were to go numb, or cramp again, I was to call out Your name.

I sat there not moving, my neck was sore from keeping my head down.  My body started to shake and to be honest my ass was very sore.  You walked Your guests by me toward the door.  When They had all left, You took all my binds off.  You told me how proud You were of me.  How well I did, and how much Other’s were impressed by me.  I felt so proud, and for a treat, You allowed me to go home without having any tasks to be done until the next time W/we meet.  I am learning, and loving being Your submissive.

Stupid submissive whore

Submissive WhoreAll stupid bitches deserve to have their cunts beaten wide the fuck open but a submissive whore like me deserves so much more than that! I’ve been a very bad girl and got gang-fucked by five niggers with massive cocks. They used me up and abused my holes like the filthy rag doll that I am. Once they were finished with me, they dumped me into a ditch on the side of the road while I was still naked and bound together. When Master found me, he was so fucking pissed! I was all bruised and battered and oozing out with black cock cum. Even though I was unrecognizable, it still wasn’t good enough for him! He savagely brought me down into our torture chamber and beat me with a crowbar until I was even more mutilated. The lashings didn’t stop until he was fully satisfied and I was near death. Master loves spitting on my face and telling me how much better I look when my nose is broken and mutilated!


Submissive slut

I want to be your good girl, Daddy. Once you got my tits, arms, legs, ankles, and pantyhose covered pussy all tied up you had me wait hours for you. Part of my submission is being available whenever it is you decide to use me, Master. The anticipation certainly makes my pussy wet but I just crave your cock so much. To be a good little submissive whore I must wait here patiently, as you instructed. I wouldn’t dare risk the punishment if I moved. Your punishments range from spankings, whippings, rough sex, and my biggest fear – you not fucking or touching me at all! That’s the punishment I’m most effected by. I need your touch and approval and I need to hear I’m your good fucking whore. Mostly, I need to hear that I’m your good girl.


Submissive Sex Slave

submissive sexSubmissive sex is my forte. I have tried to be equal with some men. I have even tried to be dominant a few times. It only works for me when I am submissive. It is what I am best at doing. I have not been to the office since the holidays. Yesterday was my first official day back. My boss is a dominant man who hired me more for my submissive ways than my typing skills. I am his stress release. He bent me over my office desk after I made him coffee. I thought I was going to be spanked for using real sugar instead of Stevia. He is on that Keto diet. I guess he never realized my mistake. I didn’t dare tell him because he was sodomizing my ass for the tone of voice I used when I served him his coffee. He may have broken my arm if he knew he was consuming real sugar. He never uses lube. He dry fucks my ass so hard, it bleeds. He was pulling my hair extremely hard at the same time. Fuck, I wanted to scream, but that would piss him off further because there are other offices in the building. Once he nutted in me, he slapped my ass a few times and told me to get back to work. It hurt to sit down, so I could type, but I am a good submissive whore. I took an ass fucking then typed up his legal briefs nervous for what would happen if I didn’t type them perfectly.

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