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Slut Training

Sir had an alarm set to wake me up early. We have begun, as he likes to call it, Slut training. My sir told me I am a very good submissive slut but he can see where I have not been trained the correct way. He told me the men are not patient enough to train a submissive slut the way they should be trained. My sir told me to get in a real kinky outfit, he told me if I was going to be a submissive slut, I need to look like one.

Submissive phone sex

Once I got dressed he had me stand in front of the mirror and he told me he was going to teach me different poses. Poses that would make me look like the submissive slut I was going to be. He told me I knew how to get on my knees and suck his cock like a submissive slut, now all I need to learn is how to look the part. After we were done with the different poses, Sir told me I am going to be stretching out my cunt and asshole in different ways. I am supposed to remember everything he teaches me. If I do not remember, Sir will punish me until my submissive brain makes sure to remember. He will show me how he likes to train every submissive slut that comes into his home. Sir is a very calm and patient man but there is something about him that terrifies me. The energy he gives off is one where I know without him saying anything I better not fuck around with him. Sir is a very smart man, I am grateful Sir kidnapped me. He is going to make me the best Submissive Slut I can be.

Kidnapped Again By His Own Friend

I have been kidnapped again. First from my daddy and now from my Master. It was of all people his best friend. I guess I sucked his cock so good he wanted my mouth and everything else I have to offer all to himself. A couple of nights ago my master and his best friend were downstairs playing cards. It sounded like they were drunk of their asses. I fell asleep from the sound of their laughs and insults to each other. The next thing I know I am waking up in the back of a truck. I look up in the front seat and see my masters best friend.

Submissive Whore

He told me I was his property now and there is nothing I can do about it. It did turn me on how aggressive he was. I need a man to order me around, never taking no for an answer. When we got to his house I noticed this man was richer than I could have ever expected. He told me he had a sex floor. Not a sex room but the whole third floor to his mansion was simply for sex. He also said this is where I will be staying. He walked me up to the third floor and it was nothing like I had ever seen. It made any man I have ever been with look like a rooky. He told me I am going to learn more from him and experience things I have never experienced before. I hope this is where I stay forever. He told me to call him Sir. I can’t wait for my new Sir to expose his inner sex demon. It is time I take my Submissiveness to a new level.

My holes are bruised

Submissive sex chatEvery hole on my slutty submissive body is bruised, swollen and sore from having some wet & wild submissive sex chat all day long! As Gabe knows, my one and only purpose is to please him and be his whore on demand which I am well aware is something that he is allowed to demand at any given time without any forewarning. His cock deserves to be worshipped around the clock and he makes sure that that always happens! It didn’t matter that I was at a nice restaurant with some friends celebrating life, he crashed our good time & essentially held me hostage in the bathroom to get what the fuck he wanted from me. I was shocked but not surprised to see him. He always seems to show up out of nowhere at the most perfect worst timing! Gabe bent me over and force fucked my pussy and my asshole, per usual! He didn’t give a single fuck that I was begging him to go easy on me since I was already super tender from a wild night of intense butt-fucking. My anal cavity was so abused, it made it hard to even sit down on my booty. It only made him wanna inflict even more pain on me. I was getting my ass spanked and my hair yanked, it was pretty fucking humiliating but what’s new! Gabe had his way with me then went on his merry way as though he didn’t just put me through the most embarrassing situation!

I Live For This Submissive Life

I would be lying if I said I didn’t love being a submissive little fucking whore to my master. I love being a submissive bitch period. I have been doing it for so long it is now all I know. The way I get told what to do by my master, hearing his stern raised voice ordering me around sends my pussy into overdrive. There is nothing sexier than a strong man telling me exactly what he wants and how he wants it.

Submissive phone sex

To be fucked hard in my already throbbing, aching pussy and ass is everything to me. Just thinking about how much pain I am already in and I cannot say no. Hell, it wouldn’t matter if I said no, my master is going to do what he damn well pleases to do with me. Shoving his cock inside my mouth not giving a damn if I am in the mood or not. If I am not in the mood for it,  I better act like I am. If I don’t there will be a punishment in store for me. Being punished by my master makes me a better submissive slut to him or anyone else I may be involved with in the future. When he is fucking me real nice and hard, pulling my hair all the way back, making my face turn to the ceiling, he will make me call him daddy and scream out how I love his DADDY DICK. Being a submissive whore to a master that doesn’t let me get away with any bullshit and punishes me the way I am supposed to be punished is something I will never give up. I am meant to be a submissive little bitch always and forever.

Cum Slut Mommy Subby

cum slut phone sex

“I am your fucking cum slut.” I try to breathe deep and hard before my son gags me with his dick again. I am throwing up after each thrust to the back of my throat. I am released as he slaps me hard across the face and pushes me down. “Worthless, whore you know that mommy?” he spits in my face as he ties me up. He wants me to be a toilet slave before I get his teenage cum. My daughters are held above me and those sweet cunnys are pissing on mommy. I drink it like its warm lemonade. I can’t move now as he starts pounding my ass harder and harder. From my mommy pussy and back into my ass hole.  When he lets loose his spunk I feel it dripping out of me.  Two sweet young faces are forced to lap mommy ass. It feels so good to feel warm tongues soothing mommy ass. My son is my master but I submit to all cock. Cum dominate this P-mommy slut. Let me worship your cock Sir.

Submissive Whore Jessica

submissive whore

I pissed off master. He was not happy with me. When I came home, he made me strip for him. He put my collar on my neck that says “Slut.” He made me go in the dog cage. That was just the beginning. He left me in the cage while he gathered a small posse of men to sodomize me. He knows I hate rough anal. I try not to fuck up because if I do, I get a hardcore ass fucking, usually by multiple cocks. I was nervous. I had no idea what was in store for me until it happened. Twenty two men showed up to fuck the bad pet. They gang banged my ass.  Multiple cocks in my asshole at once stretched it and gaped it wide open. They didn’t just use their cocks either. I got fists in my ass as well as beer bottles and other objects not made for the asshole. Master was super mad at me. This was the worse he had ever had me fucked. Once I thought it was done, they pissed on me. Master had this sick giggle as they all drenched me in piss. I was sore and I smelled like a toilet. I am still unsure what I did, but I know I didn’t deserve such hardcore treatment. Don’t let Master know I said that. I am sore enough already.

My Sugar Daddy

Submissive Whore

I’m with my sugar daddy now, and he is so fucking great. My man knows what to do to get me hot. All I’ve been thinking about is sucking his big luscious cock his balls are always full of cum, and it’s incredible. My body needs this man more than anything because he knows just how to do me right. I am a fucking cunt slut, and I love being nasty for my man. My sugar daddy keeps me wet he makes my pussy not ever forget that he is majoring in my life; he means more than everything to me. Would you like to have a good time I’ve got some girlfriends, and we can get really hot, but you’ve got to watch me fuck my sugar daddy first. Big Daddy doesn’t mind when I fuck someone but he has got to put his prints all over me first, and that is fine because he’s earned it. Imma wed slut I can fuck all night long Alpha 2 and three guys at the same time. Would you like to try me out if you’re the kind of guy that gets off on cuckolding then you’re sure to have the really fucking great time with me? My body’s calling a fat cock to raid my asshole and fuck it so good until its gaping wide open. I don’t hold back that’s not what I’m known for my girls could tell you I’m really a bad whore I am the fucking worst. Come into my love land and get you a hot piece of ass I’m not the only one who will fuck you my friends will too. You can play with my pretty pussy and have a really fucking great time I’m not joking there are no games here I’m for real. Are you horny enough to do the most I’m telling you-you can have a good time?

Master’s Submissive Whore Lessons

I could hear my master coming home from his work trip. He was loud when entering the home, slamming the door right behind him. His friend was still in the house sitting in the living area. I knew I was in so much trouble. I always fuck up, I should have known better than to put my fucking whore lips on another man’s cock. I have never seen my master’s violent side. Not until today, I could hear him and his friend chatting but I am not sure what it was about. Then I hear both men walking up the stairway. They bust in my room, and my master looks at me so deep it looks like he is looking right into my pathetic submissive slut soul. He said to me “You want to be a fucking Cum eating Cum slut whore, don’t you? I just sat there like the stupid dumb bitch I was, I looked like I went brain dead I was so scared. My master yelled at me to answer him. I lightly shook my head, trying so hard to please him and show him he is the only cock and the only one I want to submit to. He took me by my hair and threw me down on the wooden floor. He ripped the little dress I was wearing with his pocket knife right off my body. My master and his friend then hog tied me like I was a fucking pig ready to get roasted for a family meal.

Slave training

Once I was all tied up, my master whispered in my ear. Well since your whore ass wants to be so fucking submissive, you are going to submit to this shit and love every second of it you little bitch! He picked me up around my waist, god I had no idea how strong my master really was. I was tied with my legs and arms behind my back. My master started fucking me in my slut cunt as hard as he could. There was nothing I could do but scream and take it. Then he yelled. Open wide for your Daddy you fucking whore! His best friends fucking cock was so hard I could see the veins popping right out. He shoved his hard dick in my mouth letting it slide all the way to the back of my throat. Every time my master would thrust his hard dick into my slut cunt, his best friends cock went deeper down my throat. They fucked me like this for hours, switching who was in my mouth, ass, and throbbing cunt. Once they filled my holes up with there thick cock spit, they threw me on the ground, still tied up. All I can remember is my master squatting down next to me, whispering, maybe next time you will know you only submit to me, you fucking whore. My master’s lessons are really getting intense. My pussy, ass, and throat are still aching in pain.

Master’s Bitch

submissive phone sex

Master loves when I service him like a bitch in heat. My hunger for Master’s seed is purely carnal. Master has been training me brutally for the longest time. It was my destiny to eventually become his prized breeding bitch. Like the foul piggy whore that I am, I have craved Master’s semen in my trembling cunt for ages. Thankfully, my time has finally come to become the ultimate subby whore and breed my Master’s whore spawn. It is my turn to becoming a breeding bitch for master to whip into making the perfect cock sucking, slave army for him. I am tasked to breed the next generation of cock worshipping little sluts for daddy master, perfect little subservient fuck toys to worship his cock every day of their little pathetic lives. It is such an honor to be gagged and bound to master’s breeding bench with my raw cunt propped and prepared for master to pump full of his seed.

It Was A Trick

I am starting to realize my master likes to teach me his ways in an indirect manner. My master likes to fuck with my head, he is not going to tell me up front what he wants and doesn’t want likes and dislikes. No, not my master, my master is going to play games with me to make sure I never forget his wants and needs. When he gave me that phone it was to teach me just one of his lessons. I will say, he is making me a very smart submissive slut. As the days go by I think more before I do or say anything. Other days I feel like a worthless piece of shit who can’t be the submissive cunt I want to be for him. Just yesterday he played another learning game and I am sure to never forget this one. Master came to me and said he would like me to meet one of his friends. He told me he had to go out of town for business overnight. His friend would stay at the house to watch over me and make sure I continue to be a good submissive slut. I am not allowed to ask master any questions. I am supposed to read between the lines and figure out exactly what he is telling me. He told me to treat his friend good and make sure I make him feel welcomed and wanted and not to be rude to him. I thought that would be easy enough, well my submissive slut mind thought wrong. As soon as master left the house his friend started. He yelled over to me saying, Hey you submissive bitch! Come here, Daddy has a nice big cock for you to suck on. It is so much better than your Masters. I did not know what to do, my master told me to be nice to him but I did not know if he meant Sucking his cock nice. I thought to myself if I say no to masters friend, I would be rude. So I walked over to the friend, got on my knees and said Yes sir I will suck your cock. He told me to call him Daddy. I said yes Daddy I am ready to suck your cock. He pulled down his pants exposing his enormously thick cock. He told me to give him kisses on his head to make him hard. I did exactly what he asked. In minutes his cock was exploding in my mouth shooting his creme right down the back of my throat. He told me I was a good girl and clean all the mess he made up. After I was done cleaning up I got a call from my master. He had a stern voice and told me I was a fucking whore who was going to be taught a lesson when he got back. This submissive cunt fucked up one of daddies lessons again and the way he sounded, this was going to be the worst punishment I have ever gotten from him.

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