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I Don’t Always Like Being a Submissive Slut

submissive slutI would love to tell you I love being a submissive slut, but I think you might call bullshit. No one loves being pissed on, degraded, force fucked and extremely humiliated. I do it because I was born to serve. It is a calling. Some submissive moments I enjoy more than others. Yesterday, was one I didn’t enjoy. My boss got pissed at me because I was late and he wanted me to suck his dick before he started an important conference call. Normally, I am early. There was a car accident that delayed me. He didn’t want to hear my excuses. He came in a coffee container and saved it for me. There was more in that container than cum. He had pissed in it too. He made me drink it down, chug it actually. I was not permitted to drink water or coffee all day, just his piss cum connection. It was nasty and humiliating. I was being punished for something beyond my control. I didn’t like swallowing his cum piss, but as a submissive whore, I have to do things I don’t like. Life is not about me. It is about the men in my life. Like my boss, like my daddy, I will serve you too.

Torture Fuck

Submissive Whore

I love being used and abused by master. I crave it. I want it with every fiber of my being. My only purpose is to be Master’s play thing. When he is in a bad mood, I happily offer up my body for him to exert all his anger and frustration on. Today, Master was particularly upset. I waited for him by the front door as usual- completely naked with only and collar and mouth open ready to receive his rock-hard cock. But instead of tender pets and a warm hard cock, I was greeted with continuous blows to my head. Master then pulled me by my hair to the dungeon. He suspended me in the air with tight rough rope and secured a big anal hook in my tight ass positioning me in front of the most powerful fuck machine. Master loves seeing me squirm around. He pushed the dildo inside of my filthy cunt and powered it on. I was fucked so brutally and fast while master whipped my ass repeatedly every time I whimpered.

Soft bondage with my slave slut

Soft bondageMy sweet little slave slut is so obsessed with being dominated and worked over by me. The more soft bondage and naughty antics that I inflict upon him, the harder his submissive little pee pee becomes. He’s al tied up in a pair of vibrating panties and a cock cage. I am squatting right over his slave cock & slave balls and urinating all up and down his pathetic slave body. He looks so much better when he is smothered in my delicious piss. Sweet little slave slut enjoys basking in my warm pee after I excrete it out of my slutty mistress cunt. He opens his mouth as wide as he possibly can and tastes it while it drains down his throat. I love making him drink down every fuckin drop of my bodily fluids, hehe.

German Furry Dick

Cum slut phone sexMaster surprised me yesterday by bringing home a German furry friend to fuck me. He is so sweet like that! Master stripped me down naked and put me on all fours. He commanded me to crawl over to my furry friend and get his dick in my mouth. Which I did I have been craving the furry dick so I was quick to crawl over and get it in my mouth. Yum! It tasted so good I could have sucked on my furry friend for hours. But Master grabbed me by the hair and jerked off of Rex. Master slammed my face into the ground. Rex got behind me and jumped on my back digging his nails hard on my back. His dick took a few strokes to find a hole but he made his way into my cunt hole. My head still pressed against the floor I moaned out loudly as Rex began to fuck me real fast. Master kept his boot on my head and I could feel Rex starting to knot me. I started to pant like a dog and squirted all over that German furry dick.

My Pussy Owner


Bondage phone sex

He came over to my house Thomas, again tonight being a fucking maniac. I did not know what to do when he walked up to me and grabbed the back of my hair and told me that he misses me and then he planted his huge cock inside of my mouth. I cried a little inside because I am weak for Thomas, I can’t help myself he’s the Lunatic that I love. He bent me over the kitchen table, he ripped my panties right off of me and shoved his already thick solid cock inside of my asshole. Thomas did not even put lubrication on his cock first, he just drove it inside of my asshole which made me fucking dripping wet in my pussy. I rubbed my dripping squirting red pussy juices in my ass so that it could wet me up. Thomas kept telling me how he was the most important man in my life and saying how I could not fuck another man or he will go crazy. I love Thomas, I try not to I tried to be strong and kick him out of my house but at the end of the day, I am lost without him. I love the way he slaps my face and makes me his little torture slut. Last night Thomas fucked me hard in my bloody red pussy and he also fuck me in my asshole he didn’t stop as I screamed with Passion. I am his love slave I am the one that will do whatever he asked me to he is one of those guys with super machismo. I am mad for Thomas I can’t help the way he makes me feel it takes total control over me and then moves me it moves my soul.

Slave Training Young Girls for Master

slave trainingSlave training little girls is what I am doing for Master. He has a special client who is hosting a party for only the wealthiest lawyers in the state. These are men who can afford to pay for anything, even tender age pussy. Master got a sweet deal on a few sex trafficked girls. The only problem was that they were hooked on smack and not looking as pretty as they once did. I told him I could clean them up for him. He told me if I didn’t want to be sold into slavery where old whores like me won’t last long, I better make them look good and train them in cock worshiping and other things dirty old men like. These girls knew the basics. They have been whores for a while. I only had a week to transform them into good sex slaves for Master and his friends. I got them off smack first. A couple days of playing nurse maid to those little whores made me sorry I took on the job. I trained them in cock sucking with cucumbers before I graduated to my big strap-on. I showed them how to take large objects up their assholes too. I know what master’s friends like. They are a kinky bunch.  I assured these girls they would be treated better than they had been in the past. At least I had hoped so because I didn’t want to deliver them to their death. Such cute little girls. Master would be pissed if he knew I had bonded with the sluts, but they were submissive whores just like me. I cleaned them up well, even trained them to Master’s likings and fetishes. I think Mater will be very pleased with me when this weekend party happens. If not, I will go on the slave auction block myself.

Being Your Sexual Pet

Cum eating phone sex

There is not much this dirty sex addicted cum whore won’t do. So when you told me you wanted to turn me into your sexual pet, I was more than willing. As soon as I arrived at your hotel room, you made me strip totally naked. You put a collar around my neck and told me to get down on my hands and knees. You reached down in between my legs and rubbed on my clit. The harder you rubbed the more I purred and arched my back just like a bitch in heat. I was just on the verge of orgasm and you stopped. You told me that I had not earned that reward yet. I crawled between your legs and rubbed my head on your hard throbbing cock. I started licking up and down the sides of your big thick cock. I even licked and sucked on your balls. You told me what a good pet I was as you patted the top of my head. I slide my lips down the shaft of your hard throbbing cock. I licked and sucked on your big thick fuck rod until you rewarded me with your warm creamy cum. I lapped up every last drop of your hot jizz just like the good little sexual pet that I am.

Prostate Milking Sub

prostate milking Prostate milking is part of my job duties. My master loves a good ball draining and according to him, sucking cock and fucking will never drain them completely. He trained me how to milk is prostate just like you might teach a woman to milk a cow. I remember the first time I milked him, I was so nervous. He was bent over my desk. I put my finger in some KY jelly and eased it in his ass. As soon as I found his prostate gland, I massaged it in a circle while stroking his cock. It was a rhythm and coordination that I have mastered over the years. That first time I drained him, I failed because I didn’t measure what I pulled from his cock. Now I know, I always have a measuring cup, so I know how much cum I pull from his prostate. Of course, I drink his cum. I am a cum guzzling whore. Now, when I milk his prostate, I have some tools I can use too. I have a prostate wand that makes my boss quiver. Have you ever had your prostate milked? I have become very skilled at it. So skilled in fact, that I list it as one of my talents on my submissive profiles. I hooked up with a guy last night who wanted a submissive slave just to milk his anal gland. I wasn’t sure what to expect since he was a stranger. He had a nice cock and huge balls. They were the biggest testicles I had ever seen. He had a certain way he wanted me to do the deed. I was on my knees in front of him. My hand was between his legs. I had never milked a prostate that way before. I soon found out why. He wanted to jizz all over my face. It was chunky, smelly jizz too. It was like his balls had not been drained in forever. I acted like it was the best thing I ever tasted because that is what a good ball drainer like me does.If you want prostate phone sex, I am your cum slave.

Rape Phone Sex Fantasies

rape phone sex fantasies

Do you have rape phone sex fantasies? Most men do. Some men like to force a woman and eventually have her admit how much she likes it. Not my boss. He likes to force fuck women and make them cry. He never wants them to succumb to pleasure. I found this out the hard way. I thought I had a home intruder with rape fantasies. What I had was an angry boss who wanted to scare the shit out of me. He wanted me to fear him more than I already did. I was dead asleep in my bed when a loud noise woke me up. It sounded like broken glass. It had to be because that would be the only way to get into my house. Before I could call the cops and grab the gun from the night stand, a man in black was on me with a knife to my throat. I know I am a submissive whore, but not to an intruder. I was not going to roll over and play dead for a masked man. I fought back, but he strangled my throat. As I was fighting him off me, I ripped his mask. I gasped as I saw my boss behind the mask. Now I didn’t know if I should fight or roll over and take it like a bitch. Would he kill me? I took a chance that he just wanted to show he owned me even when I was not at work. He had such anger in his eyes. Pure hatred. Not at all like my old master.  My boss isn’t a master like my old boss was to me. The man assaulting me in my bed wanted more than submissive sex games. He wanted to hurt me. He wanted to scare me. After he was done with me, he left me tied up on the floor. I only got loose when my daughter came home the next day. My new boss owns me where ever I may go.

Purple Tits

Submissive whore

I loved our hot bondage phone sex call. Just like you instructed, I got my tits tied up real tight for you, master. Just like you like it. As much as it hurts, I’m pulling on my nipples as far as I can. I scream in pain but I know that just gets your cock harder. You love hearing me torture myself for your pleasure. I know the punishment will be fierce if I don’t do exactly as you say, so I make sure to obey at all times, no matter the pain. And the pain is so great. I feel the nerves burning. It hurts so fucking bad.  I just hope you’ll have mercy! My tits are turning purple and I don’t know how much more of this I can take! 

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