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Sidekicks submissive slut for the day

submissive slut

I went out to my friends bachelorette party in Vegas without giving you a notice. I keep making the same mistake and every time I get a more tortures punishment. This time you weren’t going to be the one inflicting pain on me and my body. You had your accomplice ready for me at the airport. I knew I was fucked the moment I saw her. I was going to be used and fucked up so badly. We got back to the dungeon and thats when she went crazy on me. She had me strip down and put a few devices on me that would remind me not to lie or cheat my master ever again. My master was brutal but his unhinged sidekick was the worst. She had resentment and hated all of his slave pets. She hated me the most because he would let me slide and let me be a lousy submissive slut at times. You can say master has a weak spot for me. Lana however doesn’t she whipped me and strangled me. My body was shaking and she fucked me till my asshole bled. It was all for my benefit. Next time I will remember who is in charge of my body. I was hers for the day and she sure took advantage of me. She pissed all over my mouth and made me lick her twat she had me do everything in between.

Don’t be Tardy for the Party

Submissive Whore

Opps I did it again and once again I got shown who is boss. My master found out instantly that I was entertaining this guy and he wasn’t pleased. I am not allowed to fuck anyone with out the consent of my master. I am a slave pet and I have been making my master upset more than usual lately. I have broken the rules one too many times. My tardiness was the straw that broke the camals back. Now I have to be a good cum slut and enjoy a field trip to the glory hole. When I get back I will have to get tied up and get used up and rammed in my tight twat and ass. The more bloody it is the more satisfaction all the men get.

Fun Calls With A Client


I get these calls from an eccentric client to say the least lol. He is very interesting to me because he loves me to picture myself in a role that I am not by nature. I am naturally a very submissive individual. When he calls me he loves to go over these scenarios where I am a villain, a very dominant type person. I love these calls and he asks me to do dialogue and asks how I would feel about certain things like I play a racist nazi and I am a slave driver that puts these people through misery. He has it where one of the slave girls gets me and humiliates  me by choking me with dirty, crusty panties and sits on my face while I am trying to yell at her. She has me hogtied and then has these raw eggs and they are slimy so through the dirty panties of hers I am trying to plead with her not to break those on me and she even makes me cry.

Submissive Whore Masturbates

Submissive WhoreMaster’s due back from another trip out of town this week, but this sexy slave has been horny as fuck. No parties, no visitors, no playing at all were his rules for while he was gone this time, and I was about to go batshit. Well, a hot sex scene came on in a movie, and I realized I had the house to myself and access to free porn. I set myself up on the bed, and ran my hands over my body as the movie I picked started. Before long, I was engrossed, my hand playing over my tits, my stomach, down over my cunt, and back again. As the movie got more and more heated, my pussy got wetter and wetter. When I finally slid fingers into myself, I felt my juices running down my hand. I knew I was going to cum hard, so I started working myself over. I massaged my clit while my fingers rammed and played as deep inside me as I could force them. Every stroke drove me closer and closer, until I was cumming hard enough to leave a puddle in the bed beneath me. Damn me, I needed that!

Submissive Sex with a Stranger

Submissive sexAs I was on the way home from picking up groceries, I felt I was being followed. I can’t describe it too well, just that eerie prickling sensation you get. Well, I was right, because no sooner had I gotten to my stoop and turned about to have a look than this hottie walked up the stairs to stand next to me. He asked if he could help me in, said he’d seen me struggling the last block or so, but didn’t want to seem like he was harassing me by trying to yell out or catch up to me.

He pushed past me the instant my door was open, and he grabbed my groceries. The moment my door was closed and I turned around, he was on me. He pinned my arms to the door above my head and pressed his legs around my own. His mouth lowered to mine, and he took control and possession of me. It was scary, but thrilling and such a turn on that I couldn’t have resisted if I had the presence of mind to. I melted into his control.

Submissive Whore Punishment Party

submissive whore robynUsually when I am not the good submissive whore that I am supposed to be Master dishes out corporate punishment, flogging, gang bangs , bare bottom spankings, things of that nature. If the offense is more severe it will be addressed by withholding food and drink or locking me in my cage for long periods of time, not even letting me out to use the bathroom. But never has Master done what he did to me last night and I am furious. Of curse how mad I am is of not relevance to anything and this is the only place I dare vent. I don’t know what would happen if Master ever saw this, But right now I am willing to take a chance. Last night he threw a huge holiday bash. Usually I would be serving his guests; every whim. I love these parties and how he lets me serve then all. But not this time. This time he locked me in my cage in the middle of the room with a sign that said “Do Not Feed The Subby” Everyone walked around the room and ignored me. It was like I didn’t exist. i couldn’t say or do anything. I could hear Master laughing and joking about me while he flirted with other women. I have never been so mad! I need to be out serving Master and his friends, even if they degrade and use me. At least it is some type of acknowledgment that I exist. I am still in this cage and Master has not so much as breathed in my direction.

Erotic Submissive

submissive whore robyn1

When he said he wanted to role play and was looking through my closet for outfits and ideas he came across an old Halloween costume of mine. It is a very seductive leopard print cat out fit, complete with an impressive butt plug that doubles as a fluffy black tail.

“Now this is interesting” he said “But what can we do with this?”

I know better then to answer, it is not my place to give input as a submissive. I waited as my heart was pounding with anticipation. He always had the most innovative ideas when it came to our time together and I knew this time would be no different.

Circling me he fingered the butt plug and I could see the wheels turning in his head. Finally he put the costume on the chair in my room and said “Sleep well my pet, tomorrow is going to be a long day for you.” With that he flicked off the light and left the room and I was effectively dismissed for the evening.

It was a long night of tossing and turning wondering what he would do to me in the morning.

Finally the light of day was here and he was at the foot of my bed holding the costume. “Put this on and get on all fours. Today you are my pet and you are not to stand on two feet at all.”

He stood and watched as I got ready without looking at him. Everything was on except the tail and as I got on all fours he took it and placed it nicely in my ass. “This will not come off all day, unless it is removed by me.”

Completely in my role I meowed and rubbed against his leg. I followed him on all fours out of the room and into the living room where he had a blanket on the floor for me and a bowl of food and water waiting. He even had a litter box set up just for me. My pussy was getting wet knowing that today I was his kitty cat.

I went straight to the food and water and ate my breakfast and then felt the urge to pee. He was watching and I knew what I had to do. Going to the big box I spread my legs and squatted as low as I could before urinating in the litter and then kicking litter over my piss.  His eyes never left me and it was very erotic.

I laid on my blanket while he ate. When he was done he clipped a leash on me and said we were going out. He took me to the park and walked me for all to see. The more attention we got the more aroused he became and in turn so did I.

I was his to show off all day. At the end of the day he told me what a good kitty I had been and patted the bed next to him for me to hop up. I curled up next to him and he pulled the butt plug out before replacing it with his hard dick fucking the kitty out of me all night long.