Finger Blasting

Cum slut phone sex Master caught me finger blasting myself again without permission. I know I should not do it when I do not have Master’s permission but I just couldn’t help myself. I was thinking of Master’s thick cock and my cunt was just dripping with my thick creamy juices. I was imagining his cock sliding so smoothy in and out of my cunt. Slamming right into my G-spot and making me howl like the submissive bitch whore I am for Master. I was imagining him spanking my ass and fucking my asshole into it was completely raw and bleeding. I was imagining it so well I could almost feel him doing these kinky things to my nasty body. I never heard Master coming through the door and when he was standing over me watching me and I looked up. I knew I was in trouble.


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  1. Koby

    you deserved to be spanked you dirty little whore

  2. Frank

    What A hot submissive who gets in trouble often, I love our calls.

  3. Luke

    I would punish you, make you choke on my fat cock

  4. tom

    i love that cunt

  5. Jackson

    Your cunt will be raw when Im done with it

  6. Scott

    Such a disobedient slave makes it so fun to punish you!

  7. Zack

    Nasty little slave.

  8. Nicko

    Id gape that ass hole and fuck you so perfect baby,

  9. BK

    You filthy whore!

  10. Dorth

    I’ve got to punish your pretty pink pussy babe

  11. Grant

    I will finger blast you whore

  12. bj

    need a sadistic slut i will train you…

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