I Love Being A Bad Mommy

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Fuck I love being a bad mommy. The worst kind of Mommy. Other Mother’s if they even had a clue what I do when their little ones are spending the night for a sleepover they would be sick. But not me… I stay wet. Thinking and imaging their precious little cries. Their whining and begging if they can even talk. I love to torture them, scare them, and make them scream. But the best part is, they know…know one can save them. They’re too little, too innocent. So naïve and easy to use. I love to violate their holes. I use my fingers and my toys…not to mention all my friends and their huge throbbing cocks. Blood, tears, sweat… all that cum that can’t stay in those holes cuz they’re just sooo tight… that’s the shit I like. Any no man can tell me that isn’t what he wants to do every time I have a sleepover with my daughters and their friends.

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  1. Jack

    I want the little one u know the one when I put my cock against her bald slit it is wider than her pussy. There is no way I should put it in her but together we will force it in forever ruining her. When I finish with her your job will be to finish her while I watch.

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