BDSM phone sex

Every single morning I get up and go for a walk. I love how men stare at me in my tight shorts and my work out bra. I just watch and run by as they look at my long legs and my triple D titties bounce in the air. But no one ever had the balls to do anything to me, not until that day. Don’t get me wrong I secretly wanted someone to just pound my pussy .i wanted to scream and beg for there cum. I wanted dick so bad .which is why I wear the sluttiest work out clothes I can. I was running as I normally do around the park when a man standing by a tree just couldn’t keep his eyes off of me. I thought he was harmless because he looked a little older than people my age but when I jogged by he snatched me up and put a rag up to my nose. And just like that everything went dark. When I woke up my body was weak and his dick was in my face. We were in the middle of the woods.He told me to suck it like a good little slut and for some reason, I didn’t even hesitate .i put his dick right in between my boobs and rubbed it really nice for him. He loved it but then I sucked on the very tip and got really fast and he cumed all over my chest.


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  1. kevin

    id like to cum all over those triple ds

  2. kyle

    hott blog babe

  3. Darryl

    You are going to be my hostage next

  4. Jamie

    Mmm I bet you would be tasty

  5. Randy

    I’m going to make you my submissive whore

  6. Sam

    what a cute little bitch

  7. Felix

    You can’t run from me, I’m cumming for you tonight.

  8. Tim

    I’d keep you hostage slut

  9. Frank

    nasty slut sexy fucking voice

  10. Greg

    I could do some really nasty things to you whore

  11. Wesley

    Be my wife!!

  12. Marshal

    I need to bound you and fuck that dirty mouth!

  13. Eric

    I had such a great time with you tonight you made me cum over and over.

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