Submissive sex chatMaster puts me into a subspace which is a very calm place peaceful state of mind to be in. I love the feel of Master’s hands on my body. In those moments it is clear he owns me and my body. I lay there as he ties me up tightly so I can not even move a little bit. I feel his fingers tracing my cunt lips before he shoves three of them in my cunt hole. I gasp as he shoves a fourth finger in then his thumb. I feel his hand making a fist inside my cunt. He leaves his fist idle for a moment and then pushes deep into cunt with it punching my uterus as he starts to pound hard and deep inside me.


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  1. Robert

    Such Hot WHore Calls!

  2. Forrest

    You seem like you would be fun to play with, I’ll call in a few minutes.

  3. Dean

    I would just your ass and your pussy.

  4. mastered

    I’d like to use u up whore

  5. Robert

    Thanks for the call…..Babe!

  6. tim

    your blogs are so sexy

  7. bastian

    i enjoyed our call, you were an excellent sub!

  8. Frank

    Call me master because I own you slave bitch.

  9. Kevin

    Get on your knees and beg for my big thick dick bitch.

  10. herald

    you make a good victim

  11. Ian

    I’ll pound you just as hard.

  12. Master Daddy

    You are my submissive whore

  13. Ian

    I’ll subspace you with my big cock down your throat

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