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Shit Eater

scat phone sex

Make me eat your shit sandwich. Release your bowels into your pants and make me lick them clean. Don’t
forget to force my face in between your ass cheeks and clean your asshole like a good little submissive
whore. I’ll need something to drink, so turn around and piss into my mouth until my belly is full of your
urine and scatty goodness. Now make me force my own fingers down my throat and vomit it all up into a dog bowl.
Force me to puke until my eyes are blood shot from all the heaves. Once that bowl is completely filled, put it into
the cage you keep me in when you aren’t using me for pleasure. That’s my breakfast, lunch and dinner- right?
I better lick that god damn bowl clean before you come to check on me too. I know my place here. I know I am your
little subby bimbo slut who doesn’t have a single say in what you do to me. You bought me pretrained and now you only
have to make sure I don’t even consider challenging your directive. I’ve been a good girl but not good enough for your
preferences. What should happen to a bad little whore like me?

Bare Bottom Spanking From My Kinky Son

bare bottom spankings

My son loves to give me bare bottom spankings. Getting them makes me feel like such a good mommy whore. With every new welt that spreads across my ass, I get even wetter. When he came home the other day I could tell I was in for a real hardcore spanking session. He was angry about something and that usually means he’s going to take it out on his submissive mommy slut. Abusing his Mother’s ass and cunt always give him the stress relief he needs and I am more than happy to please him. So, when I saw that was angry, my pussy immediately got wet just knowing he was going to punish me for his bad day. He took me into his room and told me to strip. My cunt was already gushing when I saw him grabbing his cane. Then he took my naked ass and bent me over his bed. He began whacking my ass so fucking hard I was screaming out with each hit of the cane. He showed no mercy. My ass was welted, red, and bleeding by the time he was done with his spankings. Then he took his cock and rammed it into my asshole. After dumping his load inside me he let me get up and leave his room. I know he felt much better after abusing his whore Mother and making me into his submissive fuck toy.

Your Perfect Submissive Slut GFE

You seeking a naughty submissive slut to control and fuck? I’m a subservient little whore that gets off on being punished and teased. Control me and punish me for being the horny sub slut I am. I promise to make you a happy Master and can endure all the torturous ways you wish to punish me. I’m a Milf that serves Master’s all over and really enjoy being owned.

Let your friends pass me around at a party where I am dressed as a slutty Maid… Milk Maid that is, you know… milking those cocks with my mouth, tits, cunt and ass… I know the wheels are turning in your head in how you really want to use me, and please… don’t hold back!

I was once used at a party where all I was allowed to wear was a pink satin collar with cleat crystals adorning it spelling out Whore, a pair of pink fuzzy ears, and a cotton tail butt plug. I ended up being the centerpiece of a Bukkake party. That was so fucking hot as there were somewhere around 100 men that unloaded on me and some did so multiple times. By the end my Master was pleased and I got fucked real good!

Submissive Slut


Bare Bottom Spankings at Work

bare bottom spankingsBare bottom spankings make my pussy wet. I am not permitted to wear underwear at the office. I must wear garters that frame y bare ass and skirts. Anytime my Master wants to spank or caress my ass, he has easy access.  Yesterday, he gave my ass to a colleague. I have no say in who abuses me. I am property and property can be lent or given freely in this country. Even sold. Master is a lawyer, he knows these things. This colleague of his has a spanking fetish. He loves women’s asses, so for his lunch break, my ass belonged to him. I was over his knee for a good solid hour while he put his bare hand firmly on my round ass. If I yelped or made a sound, I got the cattle prod to my clit. When a 6’5 man spanks your bare ass, it is extremely difficult not to yelp. I received more than a few shocks to my clit. I even pissed myself a few times. Technically, I pissed the man’s leg, which he was not happy about. He fucked my ass, then rammed the cattle prod up my ass making me shit myself too. He grabbed me by my hair, pushed my face in my shit and made me clean up my own mess. I ate my own shit for lunch. Such is the life of a submissive whore.

Submissive Whore Gets Spanked By Her Son

Submissive Whore

Being my son’s submissive whore gives me all the happiness I need. I live to serve him and please him in every way I can. He loves seeing his mommy tied up, gagged, and spanked. I can see his eyes light up with a smack on my juicy ass as he watches it jiggle and ripple from his whacking. Sometimes he will leave me spanked and tied up in his room for days just to make me suffer and show that he really can do anything he wants. I gave him complete control over me a long time ago. Throughout the day he will come in and piss on me or fuck my face and cover me in his cum. By the time he lets me free I’m soaked from head to toe in piss and semen. He loves seeing his whore of a Mother look so filthy. Before I leave his room to clean up and shower, he grabs my face and tells me to thank him for letting me be his dirty cunt mommy.

Submissive Whore Mommy For My Kinky Son

Submissive Whore

Being my Son’s submissive whore gives me a sense of purpose. I live to serve him and please him. When he came home for a week it was the happiest I have been in so long. The second he walked through the door he wrapped a collar around my neck to let me know I was still his pet. I spent the week crawling on all fours and taking spankings whenever he saw fit. He treated me like his toy. I would make him breakfast and serve it to him, then get on my hands and knees and wait for him to finish. When he was done he would shove his hard cock into my mouth and cum down my throat. Then I would clean up after him and crawl my way into his room. Throughout the day, whenever he would get the urge to use and abuse me, he would shove his cock into whatever hold e was craving, load me with his cum and go back about his business. He loves treating me like filthy fuck toy pet.

A little Tied Up At The Moment

bondage and submission


I am worthless piece of shit submissive whore who only lives to be treated like a object. I love being kept busy- all tied up that is! The way those ropes feel against my skin, completely triggering all those memories of growing up as a target of objectification. I don’t know any other way to be than submissive. Laying back and taking it, even though my eyes are begging you to stop, is just the way my life was meant to be. Punch me in my pussy- tenderize that cunt. Bend me over and force fuck my asshole till it bleeds. Spank and slap the bottoms of my feet until they are purple. I am your human punching bag sex doll who cannot stop you even if she wanted to. Make me wish I had never been born. I am your toy now.

The Party Favor

Submissive whoreMaster says some of his co-workers are coming over and I’m the party favor. I know what that means…I have to be naked except for my red high heels and anything goes. Whatever they want I have to do, that means hours on my knees sucking cock and being fucked in every position possible. Master likes to show me off like I’m a show pony. If I refuse anyone’s demands that’s automatic punishment. He loves publicly humiliating by spanking my bare ass in front of guests. You might think that I hate my life but you’d be so wrong. I love being controlled because I’m a complete submissive. I like giving pleasure and following orders. I’m my Master’s sex slave and his submissive whore. If he wants me to entertain his co-workers with my body then let the show begin. I love making Master beam with pride, tonight I’m going to be a super slut.

Submissive whore loves anal

I have an extreme love of being fucked up the ass. I love it when I am bent over a couch or a bed, a guy takes his foot and spreads my legs apart. He then pushes my ass cheeks apart, spits a big old hawking spit wad on my ass hole and pushes into me real slow but hard at first. As I arch my back in pleasure and he grabs my hair while he is thrusting into me,  when he grabs my hair and pulls back enough to expose all the tender curves of my neck.

Submissive whore

While he gets to pushing harder and faster because my ass hole is so tight and he hears me moaning because I love the way it feels. I love to feel his cock penetrate over and over and the warm shot of come that releases inside me is a fucking awesome feeling. I then explode myself and come all over as he pulls my hair harder and flips me around to suck the come off of his cock.

Bondage Whore Bo

“Bondage whore Bo” he says to me with a chuckle when I first met this new Master (to me) from an online community for BDSM. He grabbed my wrists and held them behind my back as he whispered in my ear “let’s see how worthy you are of this title, Slut”. He then grabbed some rope and started some intricately done Shibari techniques with the soft but sturdy rope. Removing my panties to complete the bondage art and securely doing the knots up and finished with a ball gag strapped around my chin and head.

He took a wand vibrator and on full power started rubbing my clit with it before penetrating this wet cunt. Watching me trying to not writhe, with a bit of a chuckle he slapped my face. pulling out his cock he pulled my gag from my mouth and started to slide his cock in telling me to suck.

Forcibly face fucking me he continued to hold the high powered wand to my clit and it was so hard to not squirm and trying to not let him know how badly I wanted to cum. Throat fucking me really good he started to cum in my mouth. He released his spunk in me and slapped his cock across my face a few times telling me I was a good little cock sucker. Telling me I couldn’t cum yet he thrust his cock in my sopping wet cunt and pounded me hard and deep as he spanked my ass. Thrusting that load in me he pinched my nipples hard and demanded that I cum.

Bondage Whore

My pussy gushed so much as I convulsed into orgasm. “Yes, you are a good little whore Bo”.

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