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Bare bottom spankings

Bare bottom spankingsBare bottom spankings is what daddy gives me and my little girl. Daddy loves it when we moan for him really fucking loud! He keeps spanking our little asses harder and harder till his dick is hard as a fucking rock. I love that huge throbbing cock. He slaps me right across the face with it and ties me all up like a good little daddy’s bitch I am! Then in front of me he gets my little girl by the back of her head and starts to face fuck her really fucking hard making me watch each and every inch go in and out her throat! I could just see my little one gagging and slobbering all over daddy’s big huge cock! I love it when me and my little girl get Bukkake by daddy! He makes us walk around in public wearing his cum all over us. He loves for us to show it off! Don’t you want to force fuck my little one and fill her all up in her tight little fuck holes, and all over her little body!

Slave Training with Casey

Slave Training

I don’t know how rough you like it, but I love to be slapped and punched if it pleases my Master.  It gets me hot and so wet.  I can be the perfect accomplice for you.  We can lure a poor unsuspecting working girl off the street with a promise of some blow and have her go to your place.  You could tie us both up and use our bodies for hours.  I could do wicked things to her and train her how to be the perfect slave for you.  I would teach her how to obey and follow direction no matter how uncomfortable or painful.  I live to serve you in any way you wish.  If you want to see me gang banged, I relish the idea.  If you want me to be a human toilet for you, I will.  If you want me to fuck a furry friend, I will do that too.  It should be all about pleasing you Master.

I’ve Been Bad

bare bottom spankings



You caught me pleasuring myself and you’re absolutely furious. My sexuality is absolutely not for my own pleasure but instead for yours and yours only. The fact that I would even dream of giving myself an orgasm makes you want to tare me from limb to limb but since it is my first offense, you’re going to result to a more traditional punishment: bare bottom spankings. You order me to pull my panties down and take off my tiny little skirt- you don’t want anything getting in the way of your smacks against my soft flesh. I do as you say but whimper and give you my saddest puppy dog eyes, begging silently for just a little bit of mercy this time. You will not have any of it though and quickly slam my tight body down over your knees with my ass up in the air. You spank as hard as you can, ordering me to count each hit and apologize for masturbating before accepting my neck smack. This goes on all the way to 100. After you make me spread open my bruised cheeks to expose my asshole, slamming your rock hard cock directly into my hole and making me take your gigantic load of cum deep into my rectum. After you release, you have me crotch over a bedpan and push your sperm out- having me then lap it up like the pet I really am. I’ve been bad again and you’ve caught me, if bare bottom spankings didn’t work last time- what do you think will put me in my place, Master?


Bad Girls Get Spanked

Spanking phone sexMaster spanked me today. The house has to be extremely clean, I mean pristine. Everything has to be placed in its space perfectly. His toothbrush was facing the wrong way in the toothbrush cup and he was mad. He sat in a chair and I assumed the position, laying on his lap with my panties down. He lifted his hand high into the high and brought it down against my bare ass with brutal force. He hit me over and over again turning my ass bright red. The harder he hit me the wetter my pussy became. I knew what I was doing when I faced his toothbrush the wrong way. I knew he would spank me and I needed it. He pushed me off his lap and fucked me doggy style. My ass stung every time he slammed into me, but it felt so damn good.

Submissive Slut Training

submisssive slutThis submissive slut wants nothing more for Christmas than a naughty Santa who can break her teen daughter. My little slut thinks she decides who fucks her. She thinks she is in control over men. She also thinks she is in control of me. She will not listen to me. I punished her over the weekend because she got in trouble for skipping school. In our state, they will arrest the legal guardian or parent of a truant student. I can’t get arrested because of her. She was jeopardizing my livelihood with my Master, a lawyer. He has expressed no desire in jailbait pussy because of his job; however, when my little bitch refused to be on lockdown for the weekend and mocked me by saying she hopes I lose my master and my job, I had to call him for help. He hired a man for slave training so that if she went to the cops or ran her mouth at school, he was untouchable. She won’t be talking. She got the shit scared out of her. It was like she went to one of those scared straight drug interventions. Brian showed up with a bag of training devices. He locked himself in her room with my daughter for two days. She never came out. She had to piss and shit in a bucket. She was allowed only bottled water to drink and PB sandwiches, which she hates. I was on the outside desperately wanting to watch, but I could hear her screams and the harsh sounds of things from hands to whips cracking down on her bare ass. The thought of a random stranger breaking my brat aroused me. I didn’t see her for two days. I just heard her being punished and broken. When she emerged, she was a different girl. I’m not sure it will stick without constant training. I will need your help.

My first Master

Female Bondage

I have a good friend who first got me into BDSM.  He is my boss at work.  He had a bet with me that if I did not close a deal I would be his sex slave for the weekend.  He was married and so was I and I really did not care.  The deal did not close.  We stayed in a hotel room for the entire weekend.  I became his sex slave.  He was my first master.  I have always enjoyed the feeling of domination.  It lets all the stresses of my busy demanding life melt away.  He did things to me that weekend I had never done in my hum drum marriage.  He anal fucked me for the first time in my life while I was tied to the bed post.  He fucked my ass over and over.  He fucked my pussy and then my mouth coming in both.  He whipped me and spanked me as he fucked me and it was sweet heaven.  I would love for you to dominate me too.

Bare Bottom Spankings For a Bad Subby

I love to act out and this makes me such a great subslut to my Masters that love to give bare bottom spankings. I will do little things to act out and know it means a good spanking will come from my Master and that makes my cunt juices soak my little silky panties. Master makes me wear silky little panties that crawl up my ass and cunt lips as it turns him on to use his mouth and remove them, with my pussy juices soaking them real good.

I’m going to really be bad this weekend with Master away, and hope he shows up early and catches me being a real submissive fuck doll for a group of men. He secretly loves catching me fucking other men, I love the punishment he delivers and that fat cock.

Bare Bottom Spankings

Rape Phone Sex Fantasies

Rape Phone Sex Fantasies

I often go to BDSM chat rooms looking for a little fun.  The last time I was in the BDSM chat room, I spoke to a guy that wanted to live out a rape fantasy and I have had a rape fantasy for years and was thrilled to meet someone like-minded.  I emailed him and got the details and told him I was up for anything.  He told me that it would happen in the next week but not when or where.  That was part of the excitement, not knowing when it was coming.  He could do anything to me, tie me up, beat me, minor cuts, just nothing life threatening.  It had to be as real as possible.  I was excited!  Three days later as I walked home from dinner near my home at dusk, I was attacked from behind and dragged into the bushes.  My assailant tied me up and punched me in the face a few times until I lost consciousness.  When I awoke, I was in a seedy motel room tied to the bed posts.  I got so excited, to finally have my rape fantasy.  He stripped me down to my black pantyhose and bra.  He took some scissors and cut a hole in the crotch of my pantyhose.  I was not getting away anytime soon.  I told him I was so happy to finally meet him after all the preparation we had put in.  He looked at me and nodded his head.  I figured he was staying in character.  He came over to me and said shut up bitch and slapped me hard across the face.  My lip was bleeding.  He pressed his finger firmly against my pussy and seemed surprised at my wetness.  He cock was so hard, it was straining against the pants he wore.  I told him to let me suck his cock and he took it out and put it in my bleeding mouth.  I sucked his long, hard cock, sliding in and out of my mouth, making his cock get even harder.  He took me by the neck and pulled me off his cock and said, “no, I wanna fuck you,”.  He clumsily climbed on top of me, guiding his cock through the pantyhose and into my waiting wet cunt.  He was so excited, he came in minutes.  He told me not to tell anyone how quick he came.  He cut me lose, said thanks and left the room.

Bondage Whore Casey

Bondage Whore

I love bondage.  The reason it excites me and makes my pussy wet is the feeling of losing control.  You’re not in control anymore when you are tied up.  You are at another’s will.  He or she can do to you whatever they want to you.  It is paramount to have trust in that situation.  My favorite experience was when my master chained me to manacles in the ceiling above my head, stripped me and then flogged me for an hour.  My pussy was so wet by the time he was ready to enter me.  An hour of slapping my breasts, my cunt, my ass, my stomach.  It hurts but there is also a lot of pleasure.  My master was very well pleased with himself and my reaction to his spankings.  His cock was very hard and erect by the time he was finished with my punishment.  Then came the pleasure.  An hour of unbridled fucking.  He fucks me according to his will, whether it be my mouth, my cunt or my ass.  I must obey.

Submissive whore anal hole meltdown

I really love playing with candle wax. I find the sensation of the wax as it hits my body and stings a little, burns a little, and feels gooey like a hot glue gun when your get a little bit on your finger. The candle wax has always been a fetish of mine. I also enjoy being fucked in my asshole rough and hard. I enjoy being tied up, spanked and have a rock hard cock rammed into my ass.  Now if I can put two and two together, it would be even better, here’s what I had in mind:

Submissive whore

I would enjoy bending over as my legs are wide open and exposing my big brown eye, then having my lover drip candle wax all over my asshole, getting it nice and warm for the cock that is about to be put in there. I want that cock pushed into my ass and as my lover is thrusting in and out of me, I want that candle wax dripped all over my ass cheeks, leaving red little streaks of wax and burns.

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