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Best Day Ever


Submissive phone sex

You need a Spicy fucking whore in the morning time. I need a hot pulsating cock inside of me when the day starts. I just woke up hungry for dick but that’s no big secret, I’m a nymphomaniac. Bitches like me need dick 24/7 it’s good that I do sell my ass for cash. I would do it all for free but I’m so good I’m worth the money. Let me suck your cock this morning I want to take care of that morning wood that you have. I will suck your dick so good that you will be creaming my face. Don’t you want to spray some of your cock cream on a pretty little face today? It’s a great way to start out a productive day, I wonder do you agree? I need to lick your ass correctly like a good lot lizard tramp should. Please let me satisfy you this morning I can give you everything you’ve been yearning for I’ll make that cock of yours go off the rails don’t forget I need for you to bang my cont hard and fast just like Rover does with his rocket. You don’t know how nasty I can get, but you better believe that your cock will thank you every time we exchange. I’m the truck stop streetwalker that can give you everything you want you haven’t met at just junkie like me until you’ve met me. I should teach classes on how to give a guy the greatest of all time load busting experience. I know you want to drain your cock inside of a sweet hot wet pussy and I know that my pussy is more than amazing. You really should give yourself a chance to get off good. Tell me your fantasy close your eyes grab your dick and let me make you seal like you’ve never felt before. Good morning sweetheart I want you to have a great day, no I want you to have your best day ever.

Not Being A Very Good Submissive Whore

Submissive Whore

Normally I am a very good submissive whore, but my master had a business trip. He told me that it had been delayed and he would be staying overnight. I told him that I would be a good girl and he didn’t need to worry about me. But the truth was that one of my girlfriends had just called. She told me about a hot new night club that had just opened. I really had wanted to join her for a night of drinking and dancing but I knew you would never go for it.

So with you being out of town this was the perfect opportunity for a crazy wild girls night. I put on a red lace corset with stockings, heels, and a short black skirt. My girlfriend came by and picked me up. We started slamming tequila shots as soon as we hit the club. We were on the dance floor, dancing the night away when I felt someone slap my ass. I turned around and there you stood. I was so shocked I didn’t even know what to say. You threw me over your shoulder and carried me out of the club. You shoved me into your limo.

I started stuttering about how you were suppose to be out of town and how did you find me. You pulled me over your knee. You pulled my skirt up and my panties down. You started spanking my bare ass not even caring that the privacy glass was down and the limo driver could see. In between spanks you explained that tonight had been a test which I totally failed. Along with the fact that you were able to track my whereabouts through my cell phone. You spanked my bare ass the whole long drive home even though I was crying and begging you to stop.

Submissive sex

You made me exit the car just the way I was. I had to do the walk of shame with my tear stained face and my panties hobbling around my ankles. Once inside you ran your finger against the slit of my pussy. You told me that it was awfully wet for such a naughty girl. You told me that part of my punishment would be that we would only be having submissive sex for the next week. I would be used as a fuck toy for your pleasure, but I would not be getting any of my own. You made me get down on my hands and knees. You roughly face fucked me until you blew your load. Afterwards you made me go stand in the corner to reflect on my behavior for the rest of the night.

Bare Bottom Spankings at Work Please

bare bottom spankingsSometimes a woman just craves some bare bottom spankings. Since my long term master retired and released me, I have been looking for another job. I am 40, so I still have many more years I can work. I don’t need to work because my master set me up with a nice 401K plan. I want to work. I want a new master. I may have found one today. I had a secretary interview. It was not a typical interview. I met this guy at a fetish club. He was looking for a playmate at work and I was looking for a master. I know he loves to spank women, so when he mentioned the job opportunity, I jumped at the chance for an interview. Turns out he doesn’t need a secretary at all. He just wants an office slave. He bent me over his desk and fucked my ass for hours. He made me show him my cock worshiping skills too. He fucked my ass and my mouth before he brought out the BDSM equipment. He wanted to know I could handle the basics first. He has a BDSM closet. I had never seen anything like it before and it made my pussy super wet. He told me he could smell my excitement. Yes, I was that wet. I crave a strong man who can abuse me daily. He hung me from the beam in his pleasure closet and whipped me with various objects. He flogged my ass and put nipple clamps on me too. He said I had the perfect whore body to abuse. He liked that I had some meat on my bones. He had a few more interviews for the position left, but I am hopeful I will get the job. I know I am not as young or as pretty as some girls, but no man will find a better trained submissive whore than me.

Evil Little Cunts

Submissive phone sex


Here’s a story of a lovely slutty who was bringing out three nasty fucking whores. They were dirty and very yucky, and they all like to do nasty shit with their nasty twats and nasty cunts you should see those ugly whores work. Look at the vulgar whores all the shit they want to do is trifling. They want to be cunt bunnies when they grow up, and the cunt bunnies are going to feed the horny little toady pies everywhere around the world. Those nasty tiny demon seeds are unbelievable and love to act like nasty twat bunnies. I can’t control them they get so wild and impulsive, but that’s how it is for the blue-eyed blonde hair little demons that they are. The trailer trash little twats, their growing up like demon seeds everybody knows them in the neighborhood. They’re nasty girls. These little nasty horny petrifying disturbing shit-wads always do the most grossed acts. I want to tell you all about it I know that it turns you on it makes you hot. You can’t help yourself you’re a demon seed too you can’t help yourself, can’t you. I know I can see in your blue eyes that you’re the disgusting fucking bastard. You like to get wild you’re a fucking maniac. Nasty porky Pine man prick me with your pickle dick spray your cum load on my face you know that’s what I like.

A Dangerous Game With 3 Snakes

Submissive WhoreMaster let me out of my cage early today and told me to get my cleaning tongue ready it was game night and he had a couple of friends coming over. I cleaned the house from top to bottom, Master said I reeked so he washed me in a shower to make myself presentable. When his friends arrived it was two more gentleman who stared at my naked body with excitement. I served drinks and then Master told me the rules of the game. Each man was given a whip and I was given a blindfold. I could hear their steps circling around me I was to suck their cocks and guess who was who. Whenever I guessed wrong I would be whipped the only way to win or end the game was to guess correctly. I had sucked Masters cock a lot but I was nervous he would certainly be upset if I got his wrong. I sucked all three for at least 2 minutes each and I hesitated I was sure the one to the left of me was Masters. But I didn’t have a way to tell from the other two, I of course got it wrong. I was not told which was right or if I got all wrong they just started whipping me until I lay crying at their feet. This went on for two hours before they finally let up and all finished all over my body. The cum that hit my whip marks stung and made me cry out which made them laugh. Master sent me away to take care of myself and I did when I started to washed up I couldn’t help but play with myself. I’m so pathetic I just hope Master doesn’t find out I did this without his permission.

Submissive Whore Leah

Submissive Whore

I am a submissive whore and always have been. Nothing makes my pussy wetter than my man being in charge of me. My master is not cruel but he does demand total submission from me. My master expects me to take care of the house and have dinner ready for him when he gets home from work. I put a pot roast in the oven earlier this morning but then I went into my art studio to paint. I became so involved in my art work that I totally lost track of time until I heard the smoke detector going off. I ran into the kitchen and pulled out the pot roast. I was trying to decide what to do with the black charred piece of meat when you arrived home.

You were not happy to be standing in a smoke filled room and even less happy with the fact that your dinner was burnt. You crossed your arms and raised an eyebrow. You told me to explain how this happened. I knew you could tell by looking at me with paint splatters on my body exactly how it had happened. I also knew from your body language that I would be being punished. You have a selection of butt plugs for me and you chose the size according to the punishment. When you told me to bring you the biggest one, I knew I was in major trouble. You made me bend over and grab my ankles. You shoved that huge butt plug up my ass without any lubricant causing me to let out a scream.

Bare bottom spankings

You told me that you were to blame for some of my behavior lately because you had not been giving me enough bare bottom spankings. You said that you would be rectifying that for the rest of this month I would be getting a spanking everyday. How hard the spanking would be would depend on how good I had been for the day. You then pulled me over your knee and spanked my ass until it was dark angry shade of red. You then told me I had 15 minutes to get cleaned up and we would be going out for dinner. I had to sit on my well spanked ass with the large butt plug still in it.

You told me that when we got to the restaurant I was not to be squirming around in my chair. I was to sit still and behave like a lady. Dinner was so miserable that I hardly ate. My ass was throbbing from both the butt plug and the spanking. When we returned home you bend me over the sofa and yanked out the butt plug. You shoved your big hard cock into my tight ass and roughly fucked my ass raw. It stung so bad when you shot your hot salty cum into my raw bleeding ass that I started crying. Not just because of the pain but because I had disappointed you.

Bondage whore


Ella Master and I

BDSM phone sex today I figured that I would surprise my master by having my sister come over for him to abuse her too. Master likes my sister a lot and loves having her over. She is a whore too but a whore without a master. Master knew that when he got home today Ella and I would be waiting anxiously for him. Ella and I polished all chains up and made sure all his toys were ready for his use. Master pulls in the garage and Ella and I scramble to the door on our knees and get into first position. Which is on our knees, back arched, hands behind our backs. Master walks in and sees us in perfect position and he was pleased. He gave each of our nipples and nice little twist and pinch. He told us to strip off his clothes and we did rather quickly. His cock already throbbing hard springing out of his boxers as we pulled them down. Ella and I both were being greedy whores and we both attacked his cock with our mouth. The rest of the night was a nothing but tortured pleasure and squirting cunts. Let’s chat to finish the story.

Anal rape phone sex fantasies

Rape phone sex fantasiesAnal rape phone sex fantasies are what dreams are made of. I can’t stop thinking about how badly I want to be bent over and manhandled while my asshole gets completely wrecked by a thick dick. My juices are gonna be splashing all over, I love making a super wet mess. Force me to that hard ass cock deep inside of me. Pull my hair and spit on my face while you tell me what a slutty submissive cunt I am. Take your dick out of my booty hole and push me down to my knees, it’s time for me to get skull-fucked like a good little slut. Make me taste all of those bodily fluids off your shaft, im gagging and moaning while I suck it all up. It feels good to be taken advantage of and used as a sexual object. I am just a pussy with a pulse and have no use besides giving pleasure.

Curfew curse

submissive slut

I swear I have a curse on me. I always get caught by my master when I am late. It was a night out with my friends. I never cared to text my boss that  I was going to go out for a girls night out and I much less didn’t tell him it was going to be all night long. My master installed a tracking device and was furious with me. The next day he came over with one of his pets and decided Shiloh needed a to be a better submissive slut. He had this slave get me on all fours and started to fist me hard with no mercy. I had tears running down my face pleading and begging. He had no compassion and wanted me to know who was in charge. If I ever disrespect him that way again I will have get the glass dildo with the knife on the edge. I won’t ever disobey my master again. The pain was so unbearable. I learned my lesson for sure!!!

Submissive whore sex slave

Submissive WhoreSlap me around and force me to do anything that you want me to do, I am your submissive whore sex slave. I know that as soon as we start to play, I have to strip down butt ass naked. No questions asked. If I disobey then I will be punished even harder. Force me to be your sex slave fuck slut. You do whatever you want with me, these submissive fuck holes are yours to own. I am your property and you are my Master always and forever. I can’t believe I have amounted to this in my life. I’m a filthy cunt whore and I deserve to be fucked up. My anal cavity is so sore and tender, I can only take so much of a beating yet you continue to fuck me up. Those anal beads and ass plugs have my name written all over them. It’s so hard to listen and to obey Master sometimes but the consequences are far worse and makes me not even want to think about not being a good girl. His favorite thing to do is to spank and whip my ass cheeks with his leather crop, it hurts so bad yet feels so good at the same time!

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