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P-mommy SubSlut Deserves Bare bottom Spankings

bare bottom spankings

He brought me home from a date and it quickly turned into me getting the bare bottom spankings I deserve. It was unexpected. He must have seen the submissive in me. I invited him up with hopes of me getting a good fucking. Must to my surprise my daughter was still awake running around in her little cotton panties. He pulled me down by my hair and forced me to suck his cock right there in front of her. Then he told her to watch as he took his belt off and wrapped it around my throat and shoved my panties in my throat. The belt was released, and he told me to go get my daughter. I was made to strip her down and he began lashing us with his belt as he ushered us into the room.  Tied up and both of us being whipped on our bare asses you had me beg you to force fuck my little girl that would be the only way you stopped our torture. I was left with my vibe stuck out of my ass and you took pictures and told me you would be back to force fuck us soon and continue exploring your rape phone sex fantasies with this p-mommy subslut…

Bare Bottom Spankings Whore Celeste

Bare bottom spankings

  Are you a real man than can handle a hot piece of ass submissive like me? I need a good strong Master to punish and give me bare bottom spankings with a nice firm hand. You need to understand that I am a switch that gets excited playing the sub slut roles and getting all sorts of fucking punishments, and I can only pretend to resist when in reality my place is at the hand of my Master. I need to be gagged with Masters big cock and if he so desires, I am his property to use and share. If I were to get gangbanged by whoever my Master brings around then I know it’s my place to service all of his friends and will always do the best I can to please my Master and earn the reward of Masters cock in my sopping wet pussy.


Submissive Sex Whore Celeste

Submissive sex

   I’m sitting here waiting for my new Master to show up and make me his submissive sex whore. I live to serve a big strong master than can keep me happy and in my place, and I am only happy when I am in servitude to a strong Master. Being bound and gagged makes my cunt wet and taking Masters big hard cock in my tight ass after he gives me my well deserved spankings is my ultimate reward. I am rewarded when Master is happy with me, and am only happy when I know I have been a good slave for my big strong masculine master. Please let me use my whore mouth to drain your balls, even if I gag on that big cock I will keep sucking until Master wants me to stop.

I Love Spanking Phone Sex

spanking phone sex

I love spanking phone sex. It is hard to spank myself, at least as hard as you would spank my bare ass. I try though because many men love to hear me yelp. I have a big round ass perfect for spanking. My master loves spanking me so much, he ordered a special bench and a spanking machine. This way if he is tied up on a client call or in a meeting, I can still get spanked at work. I was not prepared to try out the machine today but master was pissed about some small infraction. I had no clue what it was but I acted like I did to appease him. I bent over my desk and the machine paddled my bare ass fast and hard for 45 minutes. That was the length of master’s call. When the machine stopped, my ass was bleeding. I was extremely raw and could barely walk. I couldn’t imagine sitting. Whatever I did, I know I didn’t deserve the bare bottom spankings I received from a machine. My ass is blistered, raw and swollen. I am sure it will remain this way for weeks.

College girl fun

2 girl phone sex

2 girl phone sex brings out the nastiest things out in me. I cannot stop being the perfect accomplice for my master. I know he likes them slutty and naughty and he needs them to be stupid young dumb and of course full of cum. Picking them out and making our pageant is quite wicked but very exquisite. I have an insatiable appetite for the little whore who act like dumb sluts and doesn’t want anything but cock and lots of mollies. I will never stop learning and growing. I will always take in as much as I can so I can be the best slave pet ever. I have the best master and won’t stop being a vicious sidekick. I have done the unthinkable, and I am damn proud.

Slave Milf Whore

milf phone sex

Mommy has an ass that is so fucking gap-able. My Husband is my master and he has taught my teen son to abuse my ass! I am a milf phone sex slave to my men. I am supposed to submit to any and all men who want me!

Today it started with 3 golf balls shoved in my ass, so I could go grocery shopping. I opened my purse and there was a note from my husband and five more golf balls to be shoved up my ass randomly as I shopped. I did as I was told and every few minutes I reached under my skirt and shoved another up my ass. It was very uncomfortable but I thought that would be the end of it.

I got home and was putting the groceries away when my little girl took my phone and said daddy wants me to film you pushing out golf balls so you can send it to him at work! The note on the refrigerator said to put my fishnets and red lipstick as I did it. So I dressed and had my little fuckdoll film me as I pushed 8 golf balls out into her little hand. I sent the video just as my son came home and saw my ass exposed. He picked up his sister and made her fist my ass with her arm before he shoved his cock in my mouth and used a flyswatter to beat my ass cheeks. Just a day in the life of a mommy submissive slut!


submissive slut

Take Control Of Mommies Body!

milf phone sex robyn

Mommy Robyn is your personal milf whore. I am at your command. You love giving my ass nice paddles. It makes mommy so wet for you. You began by watching daddy force me into bondage and make me sell my pussy for extra money. It wasn’t long before you knew that that teen cock was just what mommy needed. I was being sent out to fuck some rich man for the escort service and you stopped me. You pulled me down to the floor by my hair and took my favorite paddle and began beating my ass. You called me a trashy hooker and that I should be staying here with you and your sisters like a good mom. I was crying and begging you to stop. But you got that look in your eyes and got on top of me and tore my shorts off. You were forcing yourself inside mommies pussy taking what you wanted. My cries woke the girls and they watched as you violently came inside me!  Your cock was down my throat next to get you hard and eat your cum! I belong to my son now and will do whatever nasty things he wants this P-mommy to do!


Spanking Phone Sex

spanking phone sexI love all forms of spanking phone sex. That is why I got into this line of work. It was for spanking and bondage fun. Being an old school submissive, I love bare ass spankings. I went to a spanking club a couple days ago. It was at a  high-end club. I wasn’t sure I would get in. I saw all these super hot women in line. Tall, pretty and young. I am older, chunky and short. One guy ushered me to the top of the line. I was surprised. I was in the club in no time much to the chagrin of the young subs. I found out why quickly. I caught the eye of one of the male VIP patrons. He said I looked sturdy and like a true submissive slut. He was older, like my last master. As I stripped naked and bent over his lap, he told me a true submissive is hard to come by these days. He said all those young girls watch 50 Shades of Gray and want to be a sub for a night. He whacked my ass hard as he carried on a conversation about the problem with young submissives. I didn’t argue or even talk much. I was trying not to cry. I was also enjoying the pain. A good sub takes her spankings with a thank you sir. I am a true sub. I didn’t just watch a movie and think I would pretend to snag a handsome rich master.

Bare Bottom Spanking Slut

Bare bottom spankings


I know you spank me when I’ve been naughty as a way of punishing me but I can’t help but love it when you do Master. When your hand hits my bare ass and leaves a stinging red mark it makes my pussy so wet. The way you spank me when I’ve been bad by having me lay naked across your lap feels like such a schoolgirl fantasy, I just need a cute little uniform to complete the look. You can spank me until my ass and thighs are covered with red, blue and purple marks. Make it so that every time I sit for the next week the bruises make me think of you Master and the lesson you taught me with your bare bottom spankings.

I Want Spankings

Bare bottom spankings

Daddy Master loves dirty BDSM ageplay! I love being his submissive little fuck whore with pigtails. Daddy Master loves dressing me up in little school girl uniforms with lace stockings and mary janes, he has me bend over and expose my tight little girl tushy for him to punish with his paddle. I love getting bare bottom spankings from Daddy Master’s special paddle. He knows when I have been naughty and playing with my toys without his permission. Naughty little whores like me deserve to get punished by both Daddy Master’s paddle and his thick cock. After he’s done spanking me until my ass cheeks turn pink, he shoves his rock-hard cock deep inside my sweet rosebud without any lube! It hurts my little rosebud to get stretched out by Daddy Master but it is what I deserve for not obeying! Daddy Master loves pumping my ass full of cum while I cry and apologize for being a naughty whore.

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