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Submissive Locker Room Whore

Submissive Phone Sex

I’m at Master’s beck and call no matter what. Today he called me from the gym and ordered me to rush there immediately. Like the subservient slut I am, I showed up in record time and immediately got on my knees in the men’s locker room to serve Master’s needs. He was feeling particularly horny and abusive and needed my submissive whore mouth for relief.

After binding my arms tightly like a good bondage slave whore, Master gripped my hair tightly and forced his thick cock down my throat. He fucked my mouth so deeply and roughly while I gagged. He thrusted so hard down my throat, I vomited on his cock! My knees scraped on the filthy locker room floor while he violently abused my throat. Master thrusted my head to the floor and made me lick up the floor. I begged for him to fucked and destroy my throat once more like the cock slave I am! He fucked my throat raw and fed me a full shot of his warm thick cum.


Bad Little Whores Like Me Please You

Cock worshiping


I’m a selfish little bitch, and I want to fuck you now. Tell me that you want to fuck me in front of everyone, tell me that you want to see all your friends smug faces as they watch us sexually devour each other. I’m here, I’m ready to be your out of control sex play toy. I love to do the most outlandish sex acts that your girlfriend turns her pretentious nose up to that causes you to miss out. My lover I’m begging you to, kiss me in my ear, stick your tongue deep inside please, I want to feel the warmth and wetness of you in all of my slut holes. I’m in absolute lust with your motherfucking pussy sucking lips, in fact, I love when you poke my cunt with your cock sucking coked up nose I want you all the time. When I share you with guys, it makes my pussy drip with joy. I fuck you whenever you want me and you already know that all you need to do is give me a few slut bucks, I know you’re good for it. Nasty little stinky fucking whores like me can’t get enough of vile, disturbing behavior. I know plenty of girls like me, and we all like to get wild. Any guy can find us fucking all night long outside even on the front lawn of your wife’s house if that’s what turns you on. Does that disgust you, do you think that will make your boring bitch of a wife angry? My dad told me that he could see early, I was going to grow to be so unruly? The truth is I don’t care how unruly I am. I don’t care how angry your wife gets, I want her to be mad. I want you to be crazy mad too, mad enough to not allow the bullshit you take from her anymore. I want you to be foaming at the mouth, ready to tear me apart with your huge hard thick cock. I’m a hot little whore with a real nasty mind; I’m sure you can get nasty with me. You should take me into your bedroom, lay my in your king size marital bed and suck my pussy, make me tremble from the sucking that you’re going to do down there. I’ve heard about your type, and I know you like to get really wild. Tonight is the night I want you to make me an even nastier cunt slut. My pussy is so hot and wet it’s just stirring to get to you. So what’s up you want Mr. Unhapply man, do you crave this pretty lot lizard pussy or what.

Submissive Whore Office Party

submissive whoreMy boss held a submissive whore holiday office party this week for his high-end clients. I had to wear a Santa’s helper outfit, a sexy one. My boobs were exposed, and the skirt was so short that with no panties, you could see everything. I served the drinks and I served as the entertainment. Master was sharing his bitch with his most exclusive clients. They could do whatever they wanted to me. I was their gift. Men were grabbing my ass, slapping my tits and pulling my hair as foreplay. One client slapped my ass so hard, I spilled my tray of drinks. That didn’t go over well with Master. I was ordered on my knees to lick up all that I spilled. It was a form of forced intoxication punishment. I was super drunk once I cleaned up all the spilled booze. I was teetering around in my high heals trying not to spill again when one guy knocked me over on purpose. Down on my knees again licking up spilt booze, my ass was exposed for the taking. Master’s clients lined up to gang bang my fuck holes. Cock after cock fucked me doggy style. I was so drunk, I feared I may puke. Once they were done gangbanging me, they made me suck their cocks clean. I was drunk and full of cum. Not to mention sore and tired. Master said next week is another party for another set of clients. I need to learn how to get better at not spilling the drinks.

His New Fuck Doll

BDSM phone sex

From the moment W/we stepped into His house He took control.  I met Him at a gathering for the Charity that I do work for.  He was very handsome, you could tell from just the way He carried Himself that He possessed power.  He caught me looking at Him a few times, I was mesmerized by Him. He pulled me to the side to simply say, “You want to fuck Me. Don’t you?”  I was taken aback by His forwardness.  I managed a meager nod of my head.  He smiled and told me I would have to earn that then He walked away.  I wasn’t sure what He had meant by that, however, I was soon to find out.

After the gathering I was heading to my car when I heard His voice call me over to Him.  He took my phone to put His address in my GPS then told me to be there no later than 11:00 p.m.  He left.  I wasn’t sure if I would actually go, but He did.  I only had forty-five minutes to get there.  I got into my car and drove.  I kept having doubts about just going to a stranger’s house like this.

The door was open, I cautiously walked in to find Him sitting in a chair drinking a night cap.  He just looked at me, I felt rather awkward just standing there.  I felt somehow exposed.  His silence was unsettling.  He told me to put my clutch down and strip.  I am not sure why but I did just that.  He instructed me in detail how to take each item off, I had to listen very carefully.  Once I was down to my lingerie He had me stop.

He got up to walk around me.  His hand was on my ass, He slapped it hard, so hard in fact that I almost lost my footing.  I had to hold onto the chaise that was there to remain standing.  He placed His hand between my shoulder blades, pushing softly to indicate that He wanted me to bend over.  I did so.  He leaned over me, His hand went to my throat.  He applied pressure, squeezing slightly.  He kicked my feet apart, His other hand went up between my legs.  He then asked me if I wanted this.  I softly said, “Yes.”  He said, “Yes what?” I said, “yes please!”  He brought His hand down hard on my left ass cheek.  He said, “Yes. What.”  I said, “Yes please … Sir.”  He told me I was going to be a good fuck doll.

Bare Bottom Spankings for Thanksgiving

bare bottom spankingsBare bottom spankings make my cunt wet. I love an old-fashioned spanking. I know I am past the school girl age, but I have a few dominant men in my life who enjoy me in a school girl skirt with no panties. I have a nice ass for my age. Distinct hot booty cheeks that I can shake and twerk. Harold is an occasional Master. I met him last year in a fetish club. He likes to spank hot women’s asses and I love to have my ass smacked, so we were a perfect pairing. He was going out of town for the holidays and needed a spanking fit. He came over last night. I wore the outfit he likes. He arrived with a bag of paddles and switches. After hello, I bent over to show him my bare bum. He licked his lips because I could hear him. I heard his fly unzip too. He spanked my ass with his firm hands first. That was followed by a few thuds of his hard cock. I made my booty cheeks dance for him. That made him harder. Before I got the hardcore spanking I wanted, I got a hardcore ass fucking I wasn’t expecting. He has never fucked me before. We have a spanking relationship. He told me since I was a submissive whore, I should take his cock up my ass too. He was right. I grabbed my ankles and let him fuck my booty prison style. He didn’t last long in my ass. With his cum still oozing out of my swollen asshole, he gave me the spanking I was craving. He has big, strong hands. I got 100 whacks on each cheek until he switched to this wooden paddle that didn’t feel nearly as good. If his intent was to hurt my ass, mission accomplished. I’m sitting on an ice pack today.

Fun with you

erotic submissive stories

We had fun today with that exciting roleplay you had for us. Taking your huge cock in my face like I was nothing more than a sex doll to you. You reached your hand between my legs and pushed your fingers deep inside of pink snatch. Gagging on your dick while cumming all over your finger made my nipples so fucking hard. You pinched them so hard it made me cum again. With knowing that I am slippery wet you mount me doggy style and ram that big staff deep inside of me. Slapping my ass with every thrust has my cheeks so red but I love it and you know that so you continue to pound me. I reach back between your legs and gently grab your balls, this makes you cum so hard your left breathless.


Erotic Submission Stories

erotic submissive storiesErotic submissive stories are something I have to share. I have hardcore stories too. My master is an old school master, like 50 Shades of Gray kind of S & M. We have kinky fun. Occasionally it gets hardcore, but mostly we have erotic experiences of bondage and naughty fun. I love being his submissive. I have been his slave for decades. But a few years ago, our fun and games became less frequent because of his age. I understand that because we are 20 years apart. He gave me permission to have a phone job if I was only having submissive phone sex. He also told me I could go out to fetish clubs, so my needs were met too. Now that is where things get interesting. Today’s dominant man is different breed. He wants nothing to do with erotic submission. He is brutal and degrading. I am caught between two worlds of submission. I love bondage and spankings with a side of light BDSM play. It is what I have had all my life. Now, I am seeing new masters I meet at clubs. Nothing permanent, but not sure I could handle a long-term relationship with some of these men. Last night, Corey took me back to his place. It was not at all what I thought it would be. He forced my face into his toilet which was filled with piss and shit like he was expecting me, or at least some submissive woman. It was hours of humiliation and scat and piss play which I am not accustomed to with my current master. He was not the first guy I met at a fetish club to go that direction with me. I have showered over and over, and I still smell like an outhouse. Clearly, I need some slave training to be able to handle the new submissive world.

The Slave’s Punishment

Submissive slutMaster punished me today. I hung a shirt in the wrong section of his closet. He’s so anal about keeping his clean. His face turned red and evil for a brief second. Then he smiled because he knew the perfect way to punish me. He sat in his favorite chair and called me over motioning me to kneel between his thighs. I knew what he wanted and unfastened his pants. I pulled his huge cock from his boxers and licked it all over like I’ve been trained to do. I licked and slobbered all over its hardness making my cunt really wet. Sucking dick makes me so hot and horny. But remember I was being punished and only Master can turn a blowjob into a punishment. He’s a master at edging and forces me to suck, gag and stop over and over again. After hour three, tears are running down my eyes and my knees ache he finally fills my mouth with warm semen.

Daddies home-welcoming

Bare bottom spankings


submissive slut

Daddy had a long work trip and I wanted to thank him for being the best master ever. I wanted to surprise him with a friend. Macey  was the perfect submissive slut to snuff out.

I knew Daddy was going to love his special home welcoming gift. A little slut like Macey deserves to be put in her place. I had rehearsed and practiced on the bitch while I was

awaiting Daddies return home. Macey got plenty of bare bottom spankings from me. I know Daddy loves to see his favorite slut Shiloh dominate a whore like Macey.

Daddy loves knowing that he will end the night with cum and piss ready to shoot in our eyes. The meaner I get the harder Daddies dick grows. We both know our place is to keep

Daddy satisfied and happy at all times. Macey has had a few hiccups but that is  why Daddy trained me so well. I am able to put her in her place. I love making Daddy happy.


Submissive Whore

Submissive whoreMaster says I need to start making money. He wants to find men to dominate me. He knows that I’m an ultimate submissive. He finally realized that men would pay big bucks to dominate me. I will do anything to keep my Master happy. If he needs me to make money he should change my name and call me “Piggy Bank”.
He found someone with deep pockets. His name was Dennis and he was my new Master. My original Master handed my leash to Dennis and left the house. I was alone with a strange man and my cunt pulsed with anticipation. He pulled my leash and walked me around his house on my hands and knees. He wanted to make sure I knew who was in charge. He walked me to his bedroom and removed my leash. He ordered me to undress and show him all of my holes. I spread my ass cheeks apart and revealed my puckered asshole. Then spread my legs, touched my toes, and exposed my bald wet pussy. He quickly undressed and rushed towards me. He entered me from behind and it felt heart-stopping. He slammed his pelvis against me, pushing his cock deeper and deeper. If someone walked in, they would see us on the floor fucking like animals. I came hard and squirted cum on the white carpet. He never saw a girl squirt and it pushed him over the edge. He shot his load deep inside of me. Making money for my original Master was so easy and seductive.

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