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Submissive Slut Gets to GO!

Submissive slutMaster was letting me go to the beach party all by myself! I headed straight for my walk-in closet, and I started undressing to put my swimsuit on. Just about the time I found the bikini I wanted, Master walked into the closet behind me, and he started rubbing my bared ass cheeks. He pulled his cock out and started stroking it up and down my crack and gash, asking me how I was going to behave myself today. I told him I’d be his perfect little slave slut, and I’d fuck and suck every person he gave me permission to. And, when they asked who had trained me so well, I’d be sure to let them know who my Master was. Master slid his cock into me then, grabbed my hair, and started plowing my pussy, reminding me that it is HIS pussy, and that no matter who else ever plays with it, fucks it, sucks it, and treats it like a little fucking toy, it belongs to him and ONLY him. He reminded me over and over again with deep, hard, slow strokes that made me cum so hard. Even then, he kept plowing into me like nothing had happened, forcing my orgasm to get even stronger, until I was screaming with it. Finally, he spanked my ass a few times, telling me what a good little fucking cum slut I was, and to enjoy my day at the beach. I love Master so much!

Submissive Whore at Work

submissive whore

Submissive whore at work would be the name of my porn movie. Master was in a foul mood today. He lost a big case that cost him a pretty penny. He said part of my duties was being a stress reliever. He tied me to my office chair. He unzipped his pants. I was shocked. His cock was hard. Usually it takes a pretty blue pill and some hard core tit torture or a good ass whooping to get his shriveled old dick hard. Seeing me in my office attire, bound to a chair did it for him today. His cock was as hard as it has been in decades.  He grabbed the side of my head and forced me down on his dick. He doesn’t have a long cock, but that son of a bitch is thick. I was gagging. He shoved his dick and his balls into my mouth. He reached down, ripped my blouse off and pinched my nipples so hard they bled a bit. Causing me pain made him shoot his wad down my throat. His spunk tasted foul. Wasn’t sure if he ate something purposefully to taint his cum or if this was just old man spunk taste. When I grimaced about swallowing his cum, he slapped my face, untied me and tossed me over his knee for some hardcore bare bottom spankings. I came home with a raw ass. I got the rough treatment at work today, but it is all part of the job of a submissive woman. We are here for your needs only.

Submissive Sex at the Bridal Shower

Submissive sexI got to attend a bachelorette party, and thought I’d be seeing a stripper. Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting to be the highlight of the show. Not only was I made to strip, dancing and making it as sexy as possible for the bride-to-be and her party, but I was made to get down and dirty for them. Once I was naked for them, they pulled out the 2 dildos the bride had been given, and then had me start fucking her with them. One was in her cunt and the other in her ass. I worked them both in and out of her holes, making sure they bottomed out every time, and getting her all hot and bothered. Instead of cumming, though, the bride had me pull them out, and then I was forced to lick and suck them clean while the bride’s maid of honor licked her cunt and ass. I watched as the bride was driven to orgasm, and wasn’t even allowed to help.

Slave Training – Master Returns

Slave trainingWhen Master finally came back home, I was in a bad way. My pussy had my panties wet enough to seep through my pants, and I had to change several times. My nipples were sensitive as fuck, and I couldn’t get them to stop rubbing against anything I wore. So, I wound up topless wandering around the house, finishing up my housework. He walked in the door to find me like this, and I immediately dropped my panties and pants, rushing naked to the door to assume the proper position. I felt my pussy leaking down the insides of my thighs, and master sniffed the air, as though he could smell the heat I was in. He lifted me and carried me to the bed, spreading my legs and licking all of my juices, avoiding my clit. I was getting frantic, and he could feel it in how my body was trembling. He reached up and gently caressed my tits, using such light touches on every part of my body. I kept grinding my hips up, and I was begging him for release by the time he finally slid up my body. His hand trailed lightly down my belly and hovered just over my aching pussy. He barely touched my clit, and I was rocketing into orbit. That was when he slid smoothly into me and started thrusting, driving me ever higher, never letting me come down. Fuck, Master loves me so well!!

Master and My Little Sister

Cum Eating Phone Sex

Master demanded that I bring him my little sister. He wanted some young, tight pussy to force himself into. We waited until we were home alone and she was playing in her bedroom. I walked in first and told her she needed to take her clothes off. She did as I told her to and I got naked as well. That’s when Master walked in holding his throbbing cock in his hand. I told her not to worry about my friend as I sat her on the bed.

Master commanded me to lick her little cunny until she was nice and wet for him. He watched as I made her squirm and moan, showing her all these new sensations her body was capable of. Then, Master told me straddle her face backwards and hold her legs wide open; it was time. I pushed my cunt onto her little face and told her to lick it the way I did for her. Her little tongue felt so amazing on my clit.

Master rubbed the tip of his dick against her clitty, getting the head nice and wet, before squeezing his thick rod into her tiny hole. She screamed as she was ripped open. Pumping harder and harder into her little fuckhole, he was not concerned that she was in immense pain. While I felt bad for my young sister, I knew better than to question Master.

I forced her to keep her legs open so he could watch as his raw cock slid in and out of her, getting covered in her juices mixed with a little blood. He dumped a fat, creamy nut inside her bald slit before he pushed my face down into the creampie he left behind to eat it all up. I cleaned her snatch like a good whore while Master watched.

Pretzel me anytime Sir

Submissive slut

Internally I feel very submissive. Externally my personality rejects submission. I’m not sure why I have the conflict. I love being a submissive slut. Being used, tied up, clamps, toys, orgasm denial I love it all and then some.
I went to a local Munch and met a nice couple looking to expand their horizons. The wife had been the submissive for many years and they were looking to add another sub, or just have another sub used at the Hubby’s discretion. For the first meet, we decided it would be just me and the Master (the hubby) to play and get acquainted.
I stood naked in front of him, eyes down, hands clasped together, legs slightly apart. “This is for inspection sub.” He ran his hands over my body, I think he was trying to find the most sensitive spots or what areas made me tremble. He commented on my already wet pussy and told me he might just deny my pussy any attention at all. “Yes, Sir” was my response each time. All at once, he picked me up twisted me into a pretzel and propped me up on the side of the bed, spit on my asshole and started using me. It felt so fucking good I came and he was not happy. With every pull outwards he would slap my ass then slam his thick cock deep inside my ass. I could tell when he started to get close, he was fucking me harder and harder and wouldn’t you know it, he pulled out and let out a sexy grunt and came all over my asshole. Pretzel me anytime Sir.

Taught Some Manners

Rape Phone Sex Fantasies

I was out at a party with some friends. I don’t know why, but I was in a bad mood so I was being a real brat. This guy came up to hit on me, but I kept up with that same bratty attitude. All night I made him get me drinks and complained to him. I wasn’t sure why he was sticking around, but then I started feeling a little woozy after I sipped my drink. Realizing I probably had too many, I asked him to take me home.

When I woke up, it wasn’t my house I was in. The man from the party was watching me as he stood over the bed. Dizzier than I expected, I wobbled as I stood up to ask where we were. That’s when he slapped me across the face, making me fall back onto the bed. Still dazed, I complied when he barked at me to take off my clothes.

He got naked, also, then pounced on top of me angrily as he forced my legs open with his knees and choked me with his strong hands. Shoving his cock into my dry pussy, he smacked me across the face again. He told me I needed to learn some respect and manners.

I screamed as he tore into me without mercy. Brutally throwing me to the floor, he snatched me up by the hard and jammed his dick down my throat. He fucked my face until he blew a fat load down my throat. I sure learned my lesson about being a brat!

It’s Gangbang Saturday night.

Extreme fetish phone sexMy Master insists on Extreme fetish phone sex. Tonight it’s Gang bang night with at least 25 men coming over for one of his special parties. He says my slave pussy needs to be well used. He chains me over a bench with my legs spread. There’s a pile of whips and straps hanging next to me, as well as a basket of common utensils. Men are encouraged to fuck me with these items as well as beat me.

My name is NOTHING. My name is SLUT. My sole purpose in life is serving as I am ordered. Tell me to open my mouth. I know not what I will receive. Will you give me a filthy cock, a blast of piss, or will you turn around and make me your toilet. I know better than to complain. If Master knows that I’ve refused one of his guests, I will be beaten, starved, and locked in blackness.

Please use to me to take out your aggressions, make me  pay for another bitch pissing you off, and take out your sexual frustration on me. Your wish is my command. My body is not my own. How will you use it tonight?

Daddy’s Little Pissing Fuckdoll

Pissing phone sexSome of my first girlhood memories are those Pissing phone sex ones with Daddy. I guess Father’s Day is making me a bit nostalgic. I was lying back on my bed today, pounding my tight  slit with my dildo and reliving those moments with Daddy.

I was so young when Daddy walked in on me in the bathroom. I was sitting on the toilet and he had to piss. I yelled at him to get out but he had his cock out already. He was drunk. “Guess I’ll just piss on you.” he muttered. “Dad.” I screamed.  His hot urine blasted all over my face and onto my shirt, soaking it.  I spread my legs wide and pointed to the toilet. “In here, Dad.” He grinned as he squirted yellow urine all over my little bald pussy.  “Ooooh, my little girlie sure has a pretty pussy. You’re making Daddy’s cock real hard.”

Golden showers phone sex

He shoved his pissy cock right in my face, grabbing my hair.  I opened my mouth to yell and he shoved it down my throat. All I could do was suck it and try not to choke. He didn’t take long to blow a load all over his daughter’s face.

From my first taste of piss and cum that day, I was addicted.  Being Daddy’s pissing slut led to other things as he introduced me to the joys of butt fucking and being human toilet tissue. Come listen to my tales or re-enact the games that Dad and I loved to play.

 Bondage and submission.



My Master’s Boss

Submissive slutMy master bragged to his boss at work about his complete control over me. I guess his boss didn’t believe him, because he called and told me we would be having a guest over and to be wearing my leash when he got home. When they walked through the door, I knew exactly what my Master wanted. I handed the control of my leash to his shocked boss.
“Suck his cock,” my master demanded.
I undid his pants and pulled his boss’s huge, veiny cock out of his pants. I sucked his cock so good, rolling my tongue around the mushroom tip and using lots of saliva. Poor man didn’t last long before he squirted warm cum in my mouth. My master called me over to him and patted my head for doing a good job. I’m a complete submissive, and I felt satisfied that I’d made my Master proud.

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