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Submissive Slut Tries to Please Every Man

submissive slutWhen you are a submissive slut, it is hard to say no, even to men on the phone. I have a Master. I am owned, but he knows I supplement my salary with phone sex. He agreed that I could keep on doing this since I am on a submissive site. I have this one caller who is very different from most of my callers. He wants me to cum many times a day. No Master ever cares about my orgasms. Most forbid me to even touch myself. Yet, here is this caller encouraging me to do things I am forbidden to do from my owner. My caller wants me to walk around naked in front of my son and daughter, even masturbate in front of them. My Master would kill me if he ever found out I did anything with my son and daughter. He doesn’t have to worry, however, because my son and daughter hate me. My son hates me because he blames me for everything that has gone wrong in his life. My daughter hates me because she thinks women should run the world and never be submissive to men. I have been trying to do what my caller wants, but I am being constantly laughed at and shamed by my offspring who think I am a stupid whore. My phone caller is far nicer than my Master or my own offspring. I will keep trying to do what he wants because I love touching my pussy and I am a good submissive whore, but I don’t think my son or daughter are ever going to appreciate that they have a slut living with them. I like being an exhibitionist. I love being submissive. I love pleasing, but I have discovered I can’t please everyone all the time.

BDSM phone sex

BDSM phone sex “Say it louder bitch” I gagged some more on his cock as I said it again “I’m nothing but a BDSM phone sex whore.” I whimpered some more as he went in hard, grabbing my face and fucking my mouth and throat as I dry heave on his huge cock. “That’s right you fucking whore” he spits on me and slaps me across my face, making my eyes water more and more. “You’re only here on this earth to be used, you’re only here to master discipline, submit to dominance with nothing but unquestioned submission. Like it or not you fucking stupid damn whore. You must submit to all sadomasochism, forced to submit to psychological tendency based on purely sadism and masochism.” He was really going into to making sure I understood my purpose in life perfectly well, and it was crystal clear to me as he bent me over, shoving his cock into my ass raw, and his hand in my mouth to gag me at the same time. “Scream bitch, I wanna fucking hear you scream” And as usual, I did as I was told.

Hot Day at the Beach

submissive slut bo

The day I met Jack, I was sunning myself at an isolated beach.  I was completely naked, as I had never seen anyone else venture to visit my lovely secret location.  I was on my back and suddenly, a shadow was cooling my skin.  Opening my eyes to see if it had become cloudy, I saw him.

I could not see his face.  But, I could see that he was also naked.  He said, “Hey.  What are you doing on my beach?”  I said, “Hey.  I think it’s my beach.”

He stood above me, moving his legs to either side of me.  He went down on his knees, and I felt his clearly hardening cock brush along my stomach.  His movements were so fluid, they seemed almost dreamy and, for some reason, I was not alarmed.

He told me not to move.  I obeyed.

He told me not to speak.  I obeyed.

He ran his fingers all around my breasts, and then pinched my tingling, rock hard nipples.  A moan escaped my mouth and he said, “Hush.”

He slid his body back, guiding his lovely cock into my already wet pussy.

He slammed it in deep and I had to bite my lip to keep from crying out in ecstasy.  It only took a few slams before I felt his hot come begin to flow.  He pulled his dick out and climbed up to my shoulders, saying, “Lick me clean.”  I obeyed.

Then he stood up and walked away without a word.

He wore a large tattoo on his shoulders that said,

“Captain Jack.”

I don’t know if that’s his name but that’s what I’m calling him.

I sure hope I see him again.

Gangbang Phone Sex

Gangbang phone sex

Master invited some of his friends over the other night. He brought a very sexy maid outfit and had me wear it while I served dinner and drinks. After dinner they were all gathered in the living room and Master put on music and instructed me to do a sexy strip tease for them. I danced on laps and slowly removed my maid outfit piece by piece until I was naked and surrounded by men stroking their hard cocks. Master said that I was to be the entertainment and the dessert! With that, they stood up and surrounded me. I had a dick in the back of my throat, a cock deep in my pussy and a few more being stroked towards me. They took turns fucking all my holes and filling me up like a nasty little cum dumpster and I loved every minute of it!

Spanking Phone Sex

spanking phone sexI love all forms of spanking phone sex. That is why I got into this line of work. It was for spanking and bondage fun. Being an old school submissive, I love bare ass spankings. I went to a spanking club a couple days ago. It was at a  high-end club. I wasn’t sure I would get in. I saw all these super hot women in line. Tall, pretty and young. I am older, chunky and short. One guy ushered me to the top of the line. I was surprised. I was in the club in no time much to the chagrin of the young subs. I found out why quickly. I caught the eye of one of the male VIP patrons. He said I looked sturdy and like a true submissive slut. He was older, like my last master. As I stripped naked and bent over his lap, he told me a true submissive is hard to come by these days. He said all those young girls watch 50 Shades of Gray and want to be a sub for a night. He whacked my ass hard as he carried on a conversation about the problem with young submissives. I didn’t argue or even talk much. I was trying not to cry. I was also enjoying the pain. A good sub takes her spankings with a thank you sir. I am a true sub. I didn’t just watch a movie and think I would pretend to snag a handsome rich master.

Bukkake Phone Sex

Bukkake Phone Sex

I had a great time partying with three well-hung guys that Master brought home to play! The five of us were drinking and doing line after line until we were all fucked up. Before I knew it we were dancing and they were grinding up against me with their hard ons while Master watched from his chair. I couldn’t control myself and was down on my knees sucking and jerking them off. We threw some blankets on the ground and they took turns fucking my face, pussy and ass. God, I felt so good with those cocks pumping in and out of me! My coked up body felt amazing and I came over and over again while they double teamed me and filled all my holes. They eventually pulled out and had me lay on my back while they jerked off  towards my body, shooting load after load of hot cum all across my face and tits! I thanked my generous Master for the day of fun!


Submissive Whore“Now Dorthy, why don’t you click those heels together, see if they take you home?” He grins at me, an evil grin that I know too well. I can’t speak, he’s got a ball gag in my mouth. He takes the cane and slaps it against my skin. ”I said click your fucking feet together bitch.” I do as I am told, he wants to hurt me, humiliate me, I am just a submissive slut. My hands are tied above my head, and my feet are only able to touch the ground because of the only thing I am wearing, which is my heels. I struggle to click them together but this isn’t good enough for him. He slaps me in my face, grabbing my chin and asking me if I want to make it home or not. I nod, of course, I do, but he sees this as a challenge from me. I shouldn’t be able to say yes, I should be too weak to even reply. He takes my heels off of me, and begins digging them into my skin. Beating me with my shoes. Fucking my ass with the heel and torturing me in every way he can. He won’t let up and I am begging for mercy, but he has been looking for a submissive piece of shit like me.

Cum Slut Gloryhole

Cum slut phone sex

Master knows what a cum slut I am. He’s such a good and thoughtful Master too. He took me to a sleazy bar downtown known for having a glory hole and had me go into the bathroom stall. He told me to suck off any dick that comes through that hole and guzzle down any cum that I managed to get. I used my mouth and tongue and slobbered all over and jerked off what felt like over a dozen cocks. Big cocks, small cocks, white ones, black ones, brown ones, some cut and others uncut. So many cocks in my mouth in such a short amount of time that I started to lose track but I sure made each one cum and swallowed down every single drop. Master must’ve gotten word around that someone was in the bathroom because there was no downtime until closing. I left exhausted with a belly full of anonymous cum.

Master Puts Me In A Trance

Submissive slutMaster puts me in a trance every time he is near me. I go into subspace with him and he becomes my whole world. I look up at him and I am in amazement of how much I adore and love him. Ever since he took me under his guidance and training I have had such a crush on him. The way he molds me and teaches me how to please him in every way. Every day even after all these years he is still teaching me new things. He still invests his time in worthless old me. I love everything about him. And he has taught me very well on pleasing his most important muscle. His beautiful dick is my only reason to get up every day.

Slave training with Master

Slave trainingAnother long stressful day for Master means a long night of slave training and being his dirty little submissive skank. On my hands and knees down at his feet is exactly where I belong. Master is dominant over me and puts me in my place. He never fails to remind me what my one true purpose is in this life and that is to be a complete and utter slave for anyone and everyone. Even if he decides to sell me one day to another Master, I will still be a worthless piece of shit. I love being able to help Master decompress and get him out of his hot sweaty clothing. I spread his ass cheeks and can see that he still has some gunk plastered up in there from when he last took a shit so of course I assumed my position and used my tongue as his toiler paper. He even has a bumpy rash that he’s starting to breakout with but my wet mouth is the perfect lotion to soothe and lubricate it so that Master feels better. His asshole is his sweet spot. It might smell bad but that’s not a problem at all, the more smelly that Master is for me, the more happy I am! Plus, that just means I have to do more work for him! Kissing and cleaning Master’s ass, that’s what I am going to be doing all night long per usual!

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