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Submissive sex

Submissive sex“I promise this won’t hurt at all.” He sounded like he was lying through his teeth, and I laughed nervously saying “of course not.” He continued, “This is how I want it to go, you’re a stupid slut walking alone at night, clueless to the fact that you’re being followed. You’re dressed like a fucking whore and I come up behind you so quickly, dragging you into the dark.” His breath was getting quicker as he went on with his deepest and darkest desires. “I just need a dumb whore like you for some Submissive sex.” He slammed my face into the concrete, kicking me over and over. He drags me over to the toilet and shoved my head under, making me drown before pulling me up at the last minute. I am crying as he shoves his cock into my ass, then he pushes my head back under the water. I pass out this time and when I wake up he’s got me in the bedroom a gag in my mouth, and my hands bound. He’s got himself mounted on me, fucking me hard as he can. He’s degrading me, as he pulls out a short rope and wrapped it around my neck. I start to choke, I am screaming through my gag and he’s telling me that it’s time to die, bitch, telling me to shut the fuck up. That’s the last thing I remember.

BDSM phone sex

BDSM phone sex “Say it louder bitch” I gagged some more on his cock as I said it again “I’m nothing but a BDSM phone sex whore.” I whimpered some more as he went in hard, grabbing my face and fucking my mouth and throat as I dry heave on his huge cock. “That’s right you fucking whore” he spits on me and slaps me across my face, making my eyes water more and more. “You’re only here on this earth to be used, you’re only here to master discipline, submit to dominance with nothing but unquestioned submission. Like it or not you fucking stupid damn whore. You must submit to all sadomasochism, forced to submit to psychological tendency based on purely sadism and masochism.” He was really going into to making sure I understood my purpose in life perfectly well, and it was crystal clear to me as he bent me over, shoving his cock into my ass raw, and his hand in my mouth to gag me at the same time. “Scream bitch, I wanna fucking hear you scream” And as usual, I did as I was told.

Tied Up and Used

submissive slut

He told me to meet him in room 409 at the Marriott while I was there in Vegas a few weeks back. He’s somebody I’d seen on a number of occasions before and we had established a pretty trusting S&M sexual relationship.

When I walked into the room, there he stood with two fellow colleagues of his. Lying there on the bed was quite a bit of rope and he’d said, ‘This is all you’ll be wearing for me, tonight.’  

I eagerly undressed because as you very well know by now, I am the ultimate rope bunny.

He began to tie me up as he said ‘Tonight we’ll be feeding you loads of cum because you’ve been such a good slut and you’ve finally earned this reward.

He also said that he had another surprise for me, which he later revealed after I was completely bound and tied as I laid there at his mercy.

He said that his two colleagues weren’t the only ones who would be using me up that night, but that he was expecting 15 more men to show up.


In Need of a Master

bondage and submission

Before I even knew I wanted to try being a submissive, I had a sister who would share some of her experiences with me. A few times, she would let me watch. She had a main beau who would visit overnight once a week. Our parents were not aware of these visits, but they were clueless about many things.
Sissy had found a way for me to watch in secret. She set up a little place in her closet, with a little window in it. And I took photos.
I could see her entire bed. She had silk scarves draped on the wrought iron frame, looking like décor. But, since I had watched these be put to use, I knew they were there for restraint. Under her mattress, she had whips and paddles. The challenge was always giving someone full control over her body, while remaining quiet.
The day I saw those bright red welts on her firm and beautiful ass, I knew.
ShackleThat’s exactly what I wanted.
And when I saw her wrists and ankles tightly bound by those beautiful scarves, I knew.
I would need to find someone to do this to me.
Thankfully, this was not hard to do.
Masters abound.

Hot Day at the Beach

submissive slut bo

The day I met Jack, I was sunning myself at an isolated beach.  I was completely naked, as I had never seen anyone else venture to visit my lovely secret location.  I was on my back and suddenly, a shadow was cooling my skin.  Opening my eyes to see if it had become cloudy, I saw him.

I could not see his face.  But, I could see that he was also naked.  He said, “Hey.  What are you doing on my beach?”  I said, “Hey.  I think it’s my beach.”

He stood above me, moving his legs to either side of me.  He went down on his knees, and I felt his clearly hardening cock brush along my stomach.  His movements were so fluid, they seemed almost dreamy and, for some reason, I was not alarmed.

He told me not to move.  I obeyed.

He told me not to speak.  I obeyed.

He ran his fingers all around my breasts, and then pinched my tingling, rock hard nipples.  A moan escaped my mouth and he said, “Hush.”

He slid his body back, guiding his lovely cock into my already wet pussy.

He slammed it in deep and I had to bite my lip to keep from crying out in ecstasy.  It only took a few slams before I felt his hot come begin to flow.  He pulled his dick out and climbed up to my shoulders, saying, “Lick me clean.”  I obeyed.

Then he stood up and walked away without a word.

He wore a large tattoo on his shoulders that said,

“Captain Jack.”

I don’t know if that’s his name but that’s what I’m calling him.

I sure hope I see him again.

Slave Training Gang Bang

slave trainingMaster said I needed slave training. I questioned one thing in a sea of things and he snapped. He smacked my face and tied me to my office chair. I was scared. When he gets in these moods, I never know what could happened to me. A blow bang for starters. While I was tied to my chair, he invited like 50 friends to the office to skull fuck me. Those men showed me no mercy or compassion. Old dicks, young dicks, crooked dicks, dirty dicks, black dicks and small dicks all nutted in my mouth. I could taste so much variety in the cum. I mean my mouth was a crime scene with all that DNA I had to swallow. I was struggling hard not to puke. If I puke up cum I am always punished. I couldn’t help it. Some one had some nasty tasting spunk. I started gagging and when that happened, I knew I would puke. I tried to swallow anything coming up but I failed miserably. I puked up a huge load of cum. Before Master even pushed my head in it, I apologized and started licking up the puke cum chunks. It was nasty as fuck, but I am a submissive whore. I try to do my best even when I fail miserably. 

Slave training

Another day of Slave training and I must admit the man my Master left me with truly hates women. I don’t know if he has Mommy issues, or maybe an ex-wife but he wants me to know I am nothing. I am here for a man’s pleasure, ISlave training am not here to talk, think or do anything but give up my holes. I am never to tell a man no or refuse him. I am to be daily degraded to make sure I forever remember my place in life is to worship the ground men walk on. I am not allowed to wear clothes, have a phone or anything of that sort. I must keep a collar on at all times, and whatever else he may want me to wear that day. He spends an hour a day beating my ass punching me and kicking me, slapping me, and pulling my hair. He usually makes me choke on his cock while he does this while calling me a stupid cunt and whore. I have been training for 3 days now and I already wish I was dead but my master says I have to be the perfect slave so here I am!

Slave Milf Whore

milf phone sex

Mommy has an ass that is so fucking gap-able. My Husband is my master and he has taught my teen son to abuse my ass! I am a milf phone sex slave to my men. I am supposed to submit to any and all men who want me!

Today it started with 3 golf balls shoved in my ass, so I could go grocery shopping. I opened my purse and there was a note from my husband and five more golf balls to be shoved up my ass randomly as I shopped. I did as I was told and every few minutes I reached under my skirt and shoved another up my ass. It was very uncomfortable but I thought that would be the end of it.

I got home and was putting the groceries away when my little girl took my phone and said daddy wants me to film you pushing out golf balls so you can send it to him at work! The note on the refrigerator said to put my fishnets and red lipstick as I did it. So I dressed and had my little fuckdoll film me as I pushed 8 golf balls out into her little hand. I sent the video just as my son came home and saw my ass exposed. He picked up his sister and made her fist my ass with her arm before he shoved his cock in my mouth and used a flyswatter to beat my ass cheeks. Just a day in the life of a mommy submissive slut!


submissive slut

Bondage and Submission No Matter What

bondage and submissionBondage and submission are what I am good at doing. Tie me up and make me obey you. I admit that I can be unruly at times. I was not feeling well this weekend. I caught a bug or something, and master wanted to play. I told him I was sick; and I politely said I was sorry then goodbye. I crawled back into bed I should have known that it wouldn’t be that simple. Nothing ever is for a slave. I was fast asleep in some sort of sickness coma when I was yanked from my bed. Master was in my house and he was not happy. He tossed me on the floor and kicked me a few times before he pissed on my face to wake me up. I was alert then. He pulled me up by my hair and shoved me down on his cock. He said his needs come before anything else. Period. No excuses ever. He said he didn’t care if I had Ebola, if he wanted his cock sucked, I was sucking his cock. I ended up puking on his dick. I tried to tell him that I warned him I was sick, but he wanted no excuses, just results. He just wanted his cock sucked. And now, he wanted the mess cleaned up too. As if I was not sick enough already. I licked the puke up and struggled not to vomit again. I sucked his cock with a high temperature feeling like death warmed over. But according to my master, that is what a submissive whore does.

This Submissive Whore Needs to Make Money

submissive whore

I started out as daddy’s submissive whore. Honestly, I thought I had escaped his clutches, but I don’t think that is ever possible. He made me stop being a phone whore for the past year because he didn’t want to share me with you. He found out what I was doing and was not happy at all. He said he owned my pussy and ass. No one could make money off me but him. But guess what? Daddy got arrested. He is in jail now, so I am back to work! I hope you missed me. I have a master who I am working for, but he is way nicer than daddy. Not nearly as smart either. I must give him a percentage of my phone earnings, but he just puts it up his nose. Essentially, I support his drug addiction. Last night, I didn’t bring him enough money, so he traded my fuck holes for coke with this dealer he knows. I thought I was in the good with this guy, but he traded me like a bad stock the moment he needed coke. The guy he rented me out to was a big mean black guy with a monster cock. He sodomized my tiny pink asshole for hours. My butthole was sore and prolapsed when he finally couldn’t cum anymore. He took a Viagra even though he was a young guy. There was no reason he needed a blue pill; he just wanted to last hours for my fuck holes. He told my master that he might as well get his money’s worth. He sure as fuck did. I am sitting on an ice pack today. I sure do hope you guys missed me because I need to make a lot of money to keep my coke addict master happy.

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