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Bondage Whore on Tinder

bondage whoreBondage whore Bernice is my latest Tinder handle. I was looking for someone who enjoys bondage like me. I thought it might help me stand out among all the generic subby whores who want a 50 Shades of Gray experience. That is too tame for me. I am an old-school BDSM whore. I like a man who will tie me up and either leave me or abuse me. I want to be tied up like a side of beef. I like being vulnerable. It is the not knowing what you will do to me that makes my cunt wet. Ollie tied me up and left me. He said he was going to his car to get some condoms. He said he wasn’t fucking a dirty old whore like me without protection. I thought he would come back, but he never did. I was left alone on my floor tied so securely that I have rope burns today. I would still be tied up if my daughter had not come home early this morning from a sleepover. She took some pictures and uploaded them to her Snap Chat before untying me. She laughed about her submissive whore mom. She even joked that she was too good to be a subby bitch like me. I need a man or ten to show that little cunt she is not too good to be used like a whore either.

Subby Cum SLut P-mommy

cum slut phone sex

My Brats know that I am a cum slut. My daughters sit on those hands and watch mommy becoming a cum slut.  Mommy is the piss and cum slut that they will soon be! My Husband and teen son control all of my sexual experiences! Tonight I have been dressed up as a sexy maid and tied so tight my wrist is going to bleed. Twenty men are invited in and my daughters are in panties and made to watch as mommy is BDSM Bukkake slut she is! I am sucking cock and being impaled. I am ravaged and become a spit roast sub twirling on cock for the pleasure of my Husband who is my ultimate master!  Cum and make the nasty p-mommy slut I am supposed to be.


Golden Showers Phone Sex

Golden showers phone sex

Thank you so much for training me to be the perfect little fuck toy for you Master. I am so eager to please you that I’ll do anything you say. I love your big, thick cock and I’ll do whatever you want to feel it deep inside my little pussy. The other day you had me get on my knees and absolutely worship it. I had in deep in my throat and then jerked you of while sucking on your balls. You must’ve liked it because you had me get on all fours while you fucked my cunt from behind, pulling out and cumming all over my ass. But you weren’t done with me then, no. You had me stay on my knees and look up at you with my mouth open while you showered me with your hot piss. I’d never experienced a golden shower before but if you want to piss all over me I’ll be a good girl and let you with a smile on my face.

Delightful Drunk Slut

Submissive slut Master brought home a delightful little slut for me to fuck tonight. She was young, drunk, and stupid. Master said she was wobbling all over the place and stumbling out of the bar. He said she was easy pickings for snatching up. He brought her home and threw her on the floor. She was barely coherent and not a fucking clue what was about to happen to her. Master gave me a knife for me to cut off her clothes. I cut into her flesh on purpose a few times just to hear the bitch scream. She came at me with a drunken fist and I popped her head right back down on the cement floor. She tried to fight but she was too drunk. I was brutal on her body taking no fucking mercy. I used her whole body to make me cum. Just like Master does to my body.

Anal slave training

Bondage whore

My Master has started a new phase of my slave training. He has me wearing a buttplug 24/7 now. I’m only allowed to take it out when using the bathroom or when he’s fucking my ass. He’s also gradually moving the size of the buttplug up week by week. He wants me to be able to take any sized cock or fist in my ass whenever he wants. I take his cock easily now, but it still needs to be lubed up and slowly entered. He wants to be able to just shove his hard cock into me whenever he wants to without any prep work involved. He has me wearing a huge 4″ diameter plug daily now and it hurts and feels so good at the same time! When I walk while wearing the huge ass stretcher, it makes my pussy start to get wet. I can barely sit down with this plug in my ass, so I end up standing almost constantly. Master loves knowing I’m struggling to walk without pain and arousal all from the huge toy hidden inside of my stretched back hole. When he takes it out to fuck me, it feels so good feeling the smooth toy plop out and leave my ass gaping wide. I’m not left open for long though before he jams his huge hard cock into stretched asshole and fucks me hard and fills me with cum. He doesn’t even have to use lube to get the big plug back up inside my hole, all the slickness from his cum makes it slide right back in. He plans to insert an even bigger plug into me soon and I’m turned on but afraid at the same time. I can barely take the one I have inside of me now, I don’t know if I could bear anything bigger than that!

Submission and Bondage Punishment

bondage and submission

Bondage and submission. That is what I am good at, unless I am scared. He wanted to punish me. He found out I cheated on him with a guy I met at a fetish club. Master has eyes and ears everywhere. I should know that by now.  I couldn’t lie because he had photographic evidence. When I break the rules, the punishment is always severe. This time it was just downright cruel. Master knows all my secrets, all my fears. He uses them against me. I am terrified of snakes. I have awful panic attacks when I see even a harmless little one.  Master summoned me to his place. He put me in his dungeon. I was tied up, naked with a ball gag so I wouldn’t scream. I thought he was just leaving me alone in the dark because that is also a fear of mine. It was more than that. I heard the slither sounds. I knew I was within inches of a snake, but I couldn’t see it. I was trembling in fear. I pissed myself. I had no clue what kind of snakes were down there or how big or how many. One started crawling around on my feet and I thought I would die right there. It wasn’t just one. It felt like hundreds of snakes were crawling around on my body. I had my eyes closed and my body was stiff as a board. I thought my heart would beat right out of my chest. I was trembling in fear. I tried to escape in my mind, but nothing worked. Master has never punished me that severely before. When he turned the light on, I saw all the snakes recoil. There were not as many as I thought, but even one scares me shitless. He told me since I was a bad submissive whore, I could expect this sort of treatment if I violated the rules again. I will never be a bad slave again if that is my punishment. I would rather be tortured for hours than endure snakes.

Slave training

Slave training


I love being Master’s slave. Nothing but a piece of furniture that is there to do anything you say. A maid that doesn’t get a paycheck, just cum in all her holes. I love when you come home from work and bend me over your lap and spank me to get out your frustration for the day. I love when you pull my hair and slap me around because you’ve had a bad day. I don’t deserve to be treated kindly, I am just a worthless cunt for you to use. Bend me over and fuck my wet and ready pussy, let it milk away our stress. Pump your cum into me and give me a reason to be here. Let me have that sticky hot cum, filling me to the brim and leave me wanting more.

Submissive Sex Whore: Can You Make My Daughter One Too?

submissive sex

Submissive sex whore is what I want for my daughter, but she thinks she is princess material. Many men have tried to break her, but she still thinks she is the one in charge. She looks down on my slave lifestyle. She thinks women have the power not men. She thinks women should be spoiled and pampered not used and abused. I keep telling her she has lofty ideals for being the daughter of a whore. We are middle-class at best too, yet she walks around her school halls like the queen bee of the Mean Girls. I had a lover over last night that took a shine to my bitchy teen daughter. I explained that she would not break for anyone, not even him. He thought otherwise, so he tried to instill some slave training in my teen girl. He couldn’t break her. He fucked her mouth. He sodomized her perfect pink butthole. He came all over her. She still refused to call him daddy or master. She said the most vile and angry things to him an me. She is a wild horse in need of breaking. I have had some great masters in my life, not one yet has broken my little slut. Do you want a crack at her?

Disobeying Master

Submissive slutI was watching tv and a underwear add for men triggered the thought of Master’s cock. My cunt is getting all wet and I have hours before Master is home from work. I can’t wait that long to get Master’s cock but he has giving me instructions to not dare touch my pussy with anything at all. Not even my own fingers. Master will know if I played with my cunt by just the way it smells and looks. I was dripping down my thigh and all I could think of was having Master’s big fat cock. I was so horny I couldn’t help myself I was dragging my cunt along the hard floor. Master came home and caught me and he was pissed. I know I disobeyed him but I was too horny just thinking about his cock. Master did not care for any excuse I had. He whipped off his built quickly and started striking me right there on the floor. I was squirming and crying out sorry but that did not stop him.
He wanted to see my tears it was a turn on for him merely making him harder. He dropped his belt grabbing by my hips fiercely pulling my ass up. He did not fuck my cunt I did not deserve that instead I got a hard dry ass fucking.

Submissive Sex Only

submissive sexSubmissive sex is all I deserve. That is what every man tells me. I don’t think any man has ever made sweet love to me. If they even fuck me, it is always rough. You know, hardcore ass fucking, no lube, no orgasm for me. I get sex starved like any other woman, so sometimes I try Tinder. It is a little secret from my master. I only see him at work or when we travel together for work which gives me a lot of free time. Over the weekend, I had a Tinder date. I was catfished, however. The sexy stud I was exchanging flirty texts and pictures with was not whose house I arrived at. It was my Master’s house. He knew what I was up too, and he was not amused. Not one bit. I had never been to his place, but when he opened the door, I knew I had been set up. He yanked me by my hair into the house. I knew I was in trouble. He was waiting for me. He had a bench ready for me. He tied me to it and placed a ball gag in my mouth. He then sodomized me for hours. Rough anal sex with no lube. He spanked my ass. He pulled my hair. All  while telling me I am nothing but a submissive whore and I don’t deserve the romantic attention of a man. Apparently, he put some sort of spyware on my phone, so my every text, my every google search my every move is watched. What was I thinking? I don’t deserve to have an orgasm. I don’t deserve a romantic relationship. My purpose in life is to serve my masters, not to take pleasure for myself. It was a hard lesson to learn, but my ass will be reminding for a while how worthless I am.

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