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Pathetic whimpers

slave training

Well, there I was once again ready to show my boss my devotion. I have accepted that this is what I will be from now on. I will be hit slave pet who will endure so much slave training. My boss invested in a unique torture toy for his private torture chamber. I have a feeling I’m not his only slave pet. I know not ask questions or pry. Its an honor to devote to my master and to make him feel like he is the king of the world. Whatever my master says goes. If I need to wear something correctly to get him hard, I will. If I have to spread my legs so he could torture my pussy, I’m down for it. So, when he showed me his secret toy, I was shocked at how intimidating it looked. I shouldn’t have I should have expected no less than perfection from his demented mind. His evil mind will stir the craziest things you can ever even imagine. I got pressed up on to it, and I was an instant pleasure and pain. I loved feeling the enormous dildo gag me hard and my nipple gets twisted by the machine. I couldn’t see anything because I was immediately blindfolded. I knew he was enjoying my pathetic whimpers.

Good Girls Obey

Submissive slutI’m extremely submissive. I live to please you and make you happy. I’m pudding in your hands, mold me into the perfect slave. I will bow at your feet and worship your cock. Put it down my throat and make me gag. I love sucking cock and I always swallow. I think semen is a reward for giving a great blowjob. So fill my mouth with that sticky white stuff. Let me suck you dry. Pass me to your friends and I’ll suck their dicks, too. I’ll be a good girl, I swear. But if I’m bad bend me over and put it in my ass. Fuck me hard, make me bleed. Sometimes pain equals pleasure. I want you to have complete control over me. I need a strong dominant man who isn’t afraid to rule with a firm hand. I’ll keep your balls empty and your house clean. I was put on this Earth to please you.

Slave training

slave training

I am a naughty little slut. I need daddy to take care of my little holes and treat me like the little cum whore that I am. He bend me over the couch and starts spanking my dumb ass. I feel his hands striking across each ass cheek, making them hot red. He finally takes his cock out and beats it across my face.

My cheeks get hot and flushed. I stuck my tongue out and he slapped his dick on my wet tongue. He pushed his cock all the way down my throat until I choked. He took his cock out of my mouth and stuffed it into my cunt from behind. He grabbed my hair and forced himself deep and hard inside of me. I love feeling his swollen meat stick get pleasure off of treating me like a dirty skank.

Trying to Be a Submissive Whore in a Modern Word

submissive whore

I love being a submissive whore. I am good at it too. I was raised a submissive, but when I was a little girl my father was my master and he was violent with me.; so, were his friends.  My current master and boss is not violent. He doesn’t beat me up. He would never leave more than a pink hand print on my ass or maybe some rope marks on my wrists. Master likes to humiliate me and play old school BDSM games. Callers expect me to have experiences being beat up daily and pimped out on a regular basis, but that was my youth. My adulthood is much tamer. I guess I have been spoiled as a submissive slut. That is all about to change. My master told me that he will likely release me next year when he retires. I don’t have to find a new master, but I don’t know any other life. My master has taken very good care of me physically and financially. My side gig as a phone submissive has opened my eyes to what a modern day master servant lifestyle is like. Honestly, it scares me. I want to say no to some of my callers, but I can’t. It is the same when I explore the local underground BDSM clubs. I try to say no to a man who seems too sadistic, but no is not in my vocabulary. Having been in a real master servant lifestyle for decades, being a phone whore won’t be enough for me. So, keep being as humiliating and mean as you can to me on the phone. I need all the slave training I can get. I know my callers can give me a good dose of reality of what it is like for a submissive nowadays.

Master Sadistic Side

Cum slut phone sex Master dragged me out of the cage today with his hand on my throat. He asked me if I was going to be a good whore for him today. I squealed out yes Master. He had his other hand on my tits, Pinching and pulling at my nipples. I whined a bit moving my tits quickly out of his way, and this pissed him off. “Oh you want to whine bitch, I will give you something to whine about.” He pushed me back on the cold cement floor. I saw him grabbing his louie. Which is his nickname for his bat. He yelled at me to spread my legs wide. I thought he was going to hit my cunt with the bat but instead he swung it on my inner thighs. My whole body squirmed as I let out a scream that echoed in the room. I could hear him laughing. That sadistic laugh he has that I hear right before I get fucked so hard and brutally. Master knows thats how I really like it, The more pain the more I squirt.

Slave training slut

slave trainingSlave training slut is what I became this weekend. I was at a coffee shop ordering some tea; I saw this guy who was engaged in some small talk with me. We exchanged number. I instantly got a message from his when I left the shop. We ended up texting a storm. His name was Ron, and he was a businessman who was always busy. Ron was pushing for a date; I thought he was moving too quickly but since he was an active guy I wasn’t going to let my anticipation get in the way. Ron invited me out we went for dinner, and I invited him back to my place. During the time was in my house he got a bit touchy, and I was tensing up. Ron got up and began to grab something, He had found some rope around the house, and he started to tie me up. He told me I was going to be his submissive bitch because I got him riled up and wasn’t willing to do a thing about it, even though I invited him in. Ron was absolutely right, why would I lead him on to let him down. “This is what women do” You women just play games.’ Tonight you are playing my game. He found a gag ball I had from my boss and shoved in my mouth after he gagged me with his cock first. I was also getting my tits bruised by his beating, and he was clamping my tits. I was his pathetic slut. I was getting so turned on by him taking charge of me. Finally, he ended up leaving, but he told me he would be back for a lot more.

He owns me

Slave training

Our first session was amazing because Mr. David did things to me that brought back old memories of when I was a wide eyed perky pussy lip daisy. Mr. David let me know right away that he owned me, and I must do everything he told me to without question. I let my new owner Mr. David know that he could be confident in me because I wanted nothing more than to please him because right away I loved Mr. David. As far as I’m concerned if Mr. David wants me to fuck 15 guys at once then that is what I will do and I will do it to the maximum like a really good slut should. I was so excited because my hard cock owner wanted me to fuck seven guys to start off with one guy would be pounding my asshole one guy fucking my pussy so hard while the third guy is making me swallow his hard-erupting dick two other guys with my hands full with their cocks on hard waiting to fuck me and two other guys slapping my cheeks waiting to double fuck me in my ass and my cunt. That is what my owner Mr. David wanted and that is what he got because I live to satisfy him.


Take Command of My Tongue

Submissive slutI need you to control me. I’m a slave and I need a master. Make me get on my knees and put your cock in my throat. I’m a very good cock sucker, I’ll make you proud. Bend over and I’ll put my tongue in your ass. I’ll do anything you want because I want to please you. Give me to your friends, I’ll fuck and suck anyone. It makes me happy when you pass me around like a gift. If I’m a good girl, can you reward me by putting your face between my legs? But if I misbehave bend me over your lap and spank my bare ass. As your slave, my only job is to make you happy. My tight cunt belongs to you. I drop my panties when you command. My tongue goes where you command it to go because I’m your slave and you’re my master.

Milf Phone Sex Submissive

milf phone sexMilf phone sex submissives are popular. I talk to men daily who want to own an older woman, especially mommy. My master loves hearing stories of younger guys abusing me. He gave me weekend instructions to fuck a much younger man. He even wrote my Tinder profile to lure a young stud to my pussy. We looked at all my responses and settled on Dave being my date for the weekend. Master selected him because he loved women in pantyhose. Master makes me wear pantyhose daily. He loves ripping them off my body when he fucks me. I greeted Dave when he arrived wearing only pantyhose and high heels. I explained to Dave that I was a bondage whore who enjoyed erotic asphyxiation with my silky nylons wrapped around my throat. He had a hard dick poking through his jeans picturing me with stockings around my neck. He ordered me on my knees. I crawled over to him like a good slave. As I sucked his cock, he pulled a pair of pantyhose out of his pocket and began to strangle me as I gave him head. He was strong; almost too strong. I passed out worshiping his cock. I woke up seconds later on the floor with him pissing in my face. “Wake up whore,” he screamed, “I am far from done with you yet.” He ripped the stockings I was wearing off my body. He wanted access to my whore holes. He fucked my pussy, then my ass, then back to my pussy. He was bored just fucking my slave holes. He took the nylons I was wearing and strangled me again. This time he strangled me so hard, I busted some capillaries in my face before I passed out. I woke up and he was gone. All I was left with was a huge purple ligature mark around my neck and a wet pussy. I couldn’t wait to tell Master what happened.

Never Talk To Strangers


Rape phone sex fantasies


I was out for a jog on a new trail and got lost like a total dumb-dumb. Thankfully you were out hunting and came across me. I was so happy to see a face because I had been lost for hours and nightfall was coming. You offered to give me a ride back into town and I gladly accepted because my feet had started to really hurt. Once we got into your van I noticed something was off. You had a bed set up in the back which wasn’t too strange but what really threw me for a loop was that the bed had ropes and chains attached. That’s when I noticed that the handles had been removed from the inside of the doors. You began to explain that you from time to time needed to pick up a new pet. I started crying and begging for you to please let me go but you showed no emotion. I was your whore now and you would do what ever you pleased with me. After a long ride we pulled up at your trailer. Before letting me out of the car you put a collar and leash on me, explaining that as your pet this was my new uniform. You led me inside your home and I saw the evidence of others who had been your tool of perversion before me. You ordered me to the ground and told me to clean your boots with my tongue. I began licking and cleaning as fast as I could but then you shocked me with a stun gun. “Slow down, bitch,” you ordered. I could taste animal scat from your adventures in the woods. Once you deemed your boots clean, you told me to stand up so you could get a good long look at me. You said I was a little too skinny and would need to start drinking bacon grease to fatten up for your ultimate plan for me but that also a good breeding might do the trick. You tied me down to a weird table and started pouring hot candle wax all over my body, getting pure enjoyment from seeing the pain on my face. You then stuffed every single one of my holes including my mouth with giant dildos and left me in the dark overnight to “get some rest” – knowing I’d be unable to sleep from the fear but sleep deprivation is all apart of your plan when it comes to breaking my spirit. Once I finally did fall asleep, you were standing in the room with a few friends explaining they could do whatever they wanted to me. After a beating and fucking, my memory is a little hazy. What other plans do you have for your pet whore now?

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