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Erotic Submissive P-Mommy

erotic submissive stories

Yes, I am an erotic submissive P-mommy. My husband and son subject me to bondage so I can watch my darling suck daddy and brother cock. My son is a bit older and enjoys stretching out her little mouth as I watch helplessly from the bathroom floor. He taunts me with how much of his growing cock he can get in her mouth. Ripped from getting out of the tub and gagged and bound I watch my P-men enjoy her body. I can’t blame them when they are gone I give her special mommy love. Licking her pussy and sucking her tongue as if to make up for the rough Spankings and bondage that we both endure. She holds my face and tells me what a good mommy whore I am for daddy and Bubba. I think she will make a good BDSM whore for a man, don’t you? I think a nice dom like you can train us both to please your cock just how you like it. 

On Display

BDSM phone sex

Master is such an artistic soul. He owns a studio in the downtown arts district and regularly puts up performance artists, groundbreaking pieces and exclusive events! Master has always said I’m his muse and when he told me I was going to be his latest performance masterpiece, I got so excited! But then when I got to the studio, master stripped me down, tied me up with a large anal hood and placed me front in center! I couldn’t move at all! Then I realized- the performance was on me. My cunt was on display and Master’s patrons were performing on me! One by one, patrons came up to my display and fucked my cunt raw. The studio was open to the public and I, the whore on display, was the showcase piece of art. I was pumped and fucked over and over again! The grand finale of the performance was a collection cup full of all the cum oozing out of my cunt that I was forced to drink. The “fruits of my labor” master said. Critics hailed Master’s show.


Sexy bondageMy Master came up with a new way to humiliate his slave whore today. He put a butt plug in my ass with a fluffy tail on the end of it, and a dog collar and leash around my neck. I wore a short black dress with no panties and the tail of the butt plug hung down from under my dress where it was visible for everyone to see. He took me for a walk in the park and held the leash while I walked in front of him. I was so humiliated being walked like a dog in public and dressed like a whore in the tight black dress. Passerby’s could see my tail hanging between my legs and my face burned with shame and humiliation, but my pussy was wet. After he had walked me for a bit, he pulled me off the path of the park and hiked up my dress and bent me over. He saw how wet my pussy was and he was please. He stuck his cock inside of me and quickly fucked my pussy. I was so hot I came and squirted on myself. He dumped a load of cum into me and I had to walk back through the park on my leash while my legs dripped with his cum and my pussy juice.

Cock Worship

Cock worshiping

I mouthed off to my brother, and as punishment I was chained to the stair railing and had a ball gag put in my mouth. He left me there for hours, he told me if I couldn’t speak to him with respect then I couldn’t speak at all. After a few hours, he came and asked me if I was ready to be ungagged and beg for his forgiveness. I nodded yes and he untied me and made me crawl over to him. He took his hard cock out and told me to worship it like a good little slave. I stroked his cock and balls and asked for his permission to suck his perfect cock. I took the tip in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it before deep throating him and taking him balls deep into my mouth. When I finally got him going, I begged for him to cum in my mouth. I wanted his cum so bad and he knew it. I held my mouth open while he stroked himself and milked a load of cum from his balls into my mouth and on my face. I was instructed not to wipe the cum off until he told me to. I walked around for the rest of the day with his dried cum on my face like a good little Submissive slut.

Slave Training Young Girls for Master

slave trainingSlave training little girls is what I am doing for Master. He has a special client who is hosting a party for only the wealthiest lawyers in the state. These are men who can afford to pay for anything, even tender age pussy. Master got a sweet deal on a few sex trafficked girls. The only problem was that they were hooked on smack and not looking as pretty as they once did. I told him I could clean them up for him. He told me if I didn’t want to be sold into slavery where old whores like me won’t last long, I better make them look good and train them in cock worshiping and other things dirty old men like. These girls knew the basics. They have been whores for a while. I only had a week to transform them into good sex slaves for Master and his friends. I got them off smack first. A couple days of playing nurse maid to those little whores made me sorry I took on the job. I trained them in cock sucking with cucumbers before I graduated to my big strap-on. I showed them how to take large objects up their assholes too. I know what master’s friends like. They are a kinky bunch.  I assured these girls they would be treated better than they had been in the past. At least I had hoped so because I didn’t want to deliver them to their death. Such cute little girls. Master would be pissed if he knew I had bonded with the sluts, but they were submissive whores just like me. I cleaned them up well, even trained them to Master’s likings and fetishes. I think Mater will be very pleased with me when this weekend party happens. If not, I will go on the slave auction block myself.

Nipple torture

Submissive Whore

I was a bad little whore and Daddy decided I needed to be punished. He tied me up in ropes so that I was bent forward and couldn’t sit up straight. Then he took two small thin ropes and wrapped them tightly around my little puffy pink nipples. He tightened them until my poor nipples were numb and blue and attached weights to the end so that they pulled on my tits. Then he went behind me and began to fuck my tight little pussy. With every stroke of his big cock in and out of my tight cunnie, the weighted rope on my nipples swung and sent waves of pain and pleasure through my tits. He pounded me with his hard cock until I was cumming and screaming at the same time. Only when he had made me squirt and was begging him to release me, did he fill my pussy up with a hot load of cum. Each of my brothers had a turn fucking my slave cunt and making my nipple weight jostle and swing when he was done using me. Once they all had a turn fucking me and filling me with a load of cum, he finally untied me and released my nipples from their torture. They were sore and tender and bruised for the next week. I promised them I would be a good little Submissive slut for them. I swore I would do anything they wanted, they could fuck any of my holes, but please don’t put the weights back on my tinder little nipples and perky tits. Now every time I think of disobeying my Daddy or my brothers, I think about how painful my nipples were and how they’ll do it again. They told me my next punishment for being a bad slave will be even worse if I step out of line.


Fuck machine

Submissive slut

Master got a new toy this week and he couldn’t wait to try it out on me. He bought a fuck-saw with a big dildo attached to the end. The size of the thick rubber cock made my pussy wet but also made me a little scared. He could pleasure me with it, but he could also torture me with it by fucking my pussy, mouth, and ass with the intimidating toy for hours. He had me lay stomach down on the rack in his dungeon and he handcuffed my ankles and my wrists so I couldn’t move or escape. Then he used the fuck-saw to fuck my tight little pussy nice and hard. The big cock on the end plunged in and out of my pussy so fast I could barely handle it. In no time, I was squirting all over myself. When he had finished fucking my pussy with it, he lubed up my asshole and gave me a hard backdoor pounding with it. By the end of the night I had came so many times that I lost count of all my orgasms.

Waiting For You

Submissive Whore Laying on my bed my cunt gushing waiting for you to walk in that door. I hear you pull up and walk into the house. My eyes widen in anticipation as you enter the bedroom. To my happy surprise, you have already stripped down and your cock is already hard for me. You waste no time grabbing me by the hair and pushing me to my knees. Your cock inches away from my mouth I open wide and you shove it deep in my mouth. You are fucking my mouth like my cunt gagging and chocking me. I drool all over your cock and down my titties. This excites you. You twist and pinch at my drool-covered nipples. My moans vibrating on your thick cock. My cunt gushes onto my thighs. I need you to cum all three of my nasty whore holes.

Slave Punishment

Submissive Whore


My Master punished me last night for cumming without his permission. He tied me up and put clamps on my pussy and nipples and pulled my breasts taught with the clamps. He took two candle and placed them on my stretched tits and lit them and allowed the hot wax to drip on my sensitive stretched tits. To further humiliate me he brought in another submissive and fucked her in front of me while I was forced to watch. He took a vibrator and put it on high and placed it on my clit so that I would have no choice but to cum while watching him fuck another woman. I watched as she got down on her knees and sucked his cock and got him nice and hard. I wanted to be the one sucking his cock, not her. I was humiliated and jealous, but my pussy was wet and dripping from the vibrator. He bent her over and slipped his cock into her pussy and fucked her right in front of me, no more than a foot away. Had my hands not been tied, I would have been able to reach out and touch them. Shamefully, I started to cum. No matter how much I tried to resist it, the pulsing from the vibrator made me cum over and over as I watched him fuck her pussy and smack her thighs and ass. I watched him make her squirt and then fill her pussy with his cum. The vibrator was still buzzing and bringing me to another orgasm when she spread her pussy lips and showed me her cunt dripping with his seed. She stuck a finger into her pussy and got it nice and coated with his cum and her juices and then took it and stuck it in my mouth. I came again as I tasted their cum on her finger.

Rape Phone Sex Fantasies

rape phone sex fantasies

Do you have rape phone sex fantasies? Most men do. Some men like to force a woman and eventually have her admit how much she likes it. Not my boss. He likes to force fuck women and make them cry. He never wants them to succumb to pleasure. I found this out the hard way. I thought I had a home intruder with rape fantasies. What I had was an angry boss who wanted to scare the shit out of me. He wanted me to fear him more than I already did. I was dead asleep in my bed when a loud noise woke me up. It sounded like broken glass. It had to be because that would be the only way to get into my house. Before I could call the cops and grab the gun from the night stand, a man in black was on me with a knife to my throat. I know I am a submissive whore, but not to an intruder. I was not going to roll over and play dead for a masked man. I fought back, but he strangled my throat. As I was fighting him off me, I ripped his mask. I gasped as I saw my boss behind the mask. Now I didn’t know if I should fight or roll over and take it like a bitch. Would he kill me? I took a chance that he just wanted to show he owned me even when I was not at work. He had such anger in his eyes. Pure hatred. Not at all like my old master.  My boss isn’t a master like my old boss was to me. The man assaulting me in my bed wanted more than submissive sex games. He wanted to hurt me. He wanted to scare me. After he was done with me, he left me tied up on the floor. I only got loose when my daughter came home the next day. My new boss owns me where ever I may go.

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