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Spanking Phone Sex: Be Careful What You Ask For

spanking phone sexSpanking phone sex is something I truly enjoy. I have a wide array of spanking instruments to use on myself for calls. Paddles, belts, switches, cat of nine tails, fly swatter, cane, and of course my bare hand. I was spanked as a little girl by both parents. Not that I was the spanking whore I am today then, but I grew to enjoy spankings from both my father and my mother. Daddy was always more brutal on my ass. When he spanked me, I felt it for days. Often I was left with scars from my punishment. When mommy spanked me, it was more sensual. I always got the feeling that she was getting sexual pleasure from slapping my bare bottom and hearing me yelp.

bare bottom spankingsBack then, I didn’t have to do much to get spanked. Both my parents had a fetish for bare bottom spankings. Nowadays, I look for ways to displease Master so he will throw me over his knees and paddle my behind until it is red like my hair. This morning , he asked me to send a fax. I just accidentally on purpose forgot to hit send. He called me into his office which made my pussy drip in anticipation of his hand slamming down hard on my bare butt. I was instructed to pull my panties down and assume the position. Of course, I did as I was instructed because I am a good submissive whore.

submissive whoreI got caned instead. My bottom was beaten so badly I had large gaping wounds. I knew I needed medical help, but if I sought it, I would be hurt worse. As I put my panties on my bloodied ass, Master said to me, “I know what you tried do you worthless whore. Next time you will think twice before fucking up my fax just so you can get your ass whooped.” Master knows me so well.