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Shitty Family Meal

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Mom and dad have been feeding me nothing but human waste for weeks now. I don’t even remember what
real food tastes like but it’s so important to me that their submissive whore training program
goes off without a snag that I can only comply. They are just making sure I can be the best
human toilet bitch. Also I have to consider how much money mommy and daddy make off me.
They have started inviting tons of new guys over to help keep me fed. Even designed this crazy
chair with a hole in the middle, right where your ass goes. They tie me up under it and order
that I keep my mouth wide open while you and other men drop ooey gooey shit right into my
mouth like a baby bird. How am I going to wash it down? You had the best idea- buckets of piss
and only cum for dessert. I hope mom and dad never change their minds about this program.
I love being a tool for desire. What do you think mommy and daddy should try next?

A little Tied Up At The Moment

bondage and submission


I am worthless piece of shit submissive whore who only lives to be treated like a object. I love being kept busy- all tied up that is! The way those ropes feel against my skin, completely triggering all those memories of growing up as a target of objectification. I don’t know any other way to be than submissive. Laying back and taking it, even though my eyes are begging you to stop, is just the way my life was meant to be. Punch me in my pussy- tenderize that cunt. Bend me over and force fuck my asshole till it bleeds. Spank and slap the bottoms of my feet until they are purple. I am your human punching bag sex doll who cannot stop you even if she wanted to. Make me wish I had never been born. I am your toy now.

Hogtied and Abducted

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I woke up hogtied with a ball gag in my mouth. No amount of struggling seemed to loosen the ropes. I looked around at my surroundings, but I didn’t recognize anything. I had no clue where I was or who had taken me. I didn’t even know if anyone knew I had been taken! The bedroom door opened and the man who had abducted me walked in. He stared at me with hungry eyes and a crazy smile. Holding a video camera and tripod, he set it up in the corner of the room. My shirt was then pulled up so he could squeeze my perky tit. He started out massaging it, but his grip gradually became firmer until he was squeezing it so hard, I thought my boob would pop! Twisting my nipple, he smiled at my pain. I groaned in agony as he twisted harder and harder. He spanked me repeatedly until my ass felt like it was on fire. After what seemed like an eternity of torture, he said if I didn’t scream or run, and that I agreed to love him, he would untie me so I could be his good whore. I shook my head, unable to say anything with the gag still in my mouth. As promised, my restraints and ball gag were removed. Now, he said, as long as I behave and love him, I could stay loose. I let him use my body for his pleasure. I was his perfect little whore, bending into any position he desired. He fucked me until I was too sore to sit up straight and I was oozing cum from every hole. He was my owner now.

My Son’s Bondage Whore

bondage whoreBeing a bondage whore is hard work. I have been working with my son on his rope skills. He was a scout, so he does have some knowledge about knots. I guess I got a little bossy with him over the weekend. He didn’t like me complaining about his loose knots. “If they so loose you stupid whore, see if you can get out of them yourself,” he snapped before spitting in my face and leaving the house. I was on the cold floor. The heat was not on because we just came off a warm spell. The temperatures were rapidly declining. I had no idea how long he would be gone. He was pissed. One time he left me tied up for several days because I folded his laundry wrong. He gets his temper from his father. I need a new master, but I am not accustomed to being left tied up indefinitely. What seemed like forever, was about 8 hours. He came back home drunk. I had pissed on the floor. That made him angry too. He expected me to hold it in like a dog. He untied me, then shoved my face into my piss like a bad puppy. He was getting aroused treating me like a worthless submissive whore. He undid his belt; fastened it around my neck like he was about to strangle me while he pulled out his cock. He ass fucked me hard while I licked up my own piss. He was pulling on the belt so hard, I almost puked. I came close to passing out too. He came up my ass thankfully, because that was when the belt slipped off from around my neck. I grabbed my throat as to massage the pain away and attempt to take in some air. “Complain or sass me again whore, and I might not let go next time,” he seethed as he walked away.