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Submissive Whore Gets Her Spankings!

submissive whore

I’ve always been a submissive slut. Something that has always been my favorite part of being a good submissive whore is bare bottom spankings. My Master used them as a form of punishment. But I wanted to be spanked. Feeling my ass cheeks burn with each new slap. Hearing the clap of his hand or the whip on my bottom always get me wet and ready for Master’s cock.

I didn’t follow Master’s directions once because I was really craving a spanking. He did just what I thought he would, he bent me over the spanking chair and whacked my ass until I was welted and sore. With each new blow to my ass, I could feel my pussy tingling, aching to be filled by Master’s dick.

But instead of getting fucked like I wanted, Master put me on my knees and fucked my face. He had no mercy, letting my choke and gag. The tears were falling down my face trying to take his entire cock into my throat. Then he grabbed a cup and filled it with his cum. Handing it to me, he told me to eat his cum. I drank up as I was told. Filling my mouth with the hot creamy load.

Give Me Bare Bottom Spankings For Fun

Bare Bottom SpankingsAfter much deliberation, I’ve opted for random Bare Bottom Spankings. It was either that or a nightly crack on the cunt with the leather strap. I’ve learned to obey and agree with Master on all things. Even if he asks my opinion, I know better than to answer Master until he says I may speak. But when it came to spankings, Master let me pick because I’ve been such a good little obedient slut for him. No matter what Master asks of me, I immediately jump to tend to the task. Whether it’s licking the bottom of Master’s boots, or getting the pleasure of sucking on his cock for hours, I gladly do it and take punishment for a task done wrong. However, now if I do a good job for my Master, I am rewarded with an astonishingly painful bare bottom spanking. Sometimes, I secretly do mess up just so that he’ll give my cunt the strap. It feels delightfully tantalizing, but I don’t want Master to know I like it because he will stop doing it to me. I also have to pretend that I hate it when he rapes me. Especially my ass. Truth be told, those are my favorite days. I long for Master to force his fingers into my pussy and ass at the same time. Then jam his huge hard cock into my asshole. I yearn for the days when I used to bleed for hours after he took me as many times as he could, in as many ways he could imagine. When Master catches me daydreaming about the past, he drags me by my hair to our special spanking table and bends me over it. He binds my hands to the opposite side and spreads my legs with the bar. Then, depending on Master’s mood, I can get anywhere from ten to fifty spankings. If Master is very upset about something, he will grab his bull whip and light me up a few times with that. Oh no…. not pain…. Sometimes, it’s hard for me not to moan in pure pain driven delight. Maybe I’ll purposely fuck up really bad so I get a cunt strapping tonight. I guess the bare bottom spankings are just purely fun for me.

Spanking Phone Sex

spanking phone sex

Spanking phone sex calls turn me on; especially if I am spanking my unruly daughter for a man’s pleasure. Today, I was spanking my daughter for one of my phone masters. He has been helping me train my daughter to be a cock pleaser. She is only motivated by pain and fear. We may have spanked her bare bottom raw last time, so we used gentle gloves on her bare ass today. She was left in my care this morning, while master worked. Since she is not permitted to wear clothes when in the house, the Amazon delivery man got quite a show. I could see he was aroused. Since my phone master told me my daughter needs to take more cock, I invited the delivery guy to fuck her. He inquired about her age, but I assured him he had parental consent to fuck the shit out of my baby girl. She was hesitant at first to submit, but I held up the paddle I would use on her well beaten ass and she ran to him, unzipped his pants and sucked his cock like a good submissive slut. He enjoyed her jailbait mouth on his cock. I was surprised at his ample cock size. He wanted to fuck her tight teen pussy so I told her she better do it or she would be severely punished. She hopped on his cock like she was riding her bike to the store. Clearly, she was learning to be a good cock pleaser.  I was proud. I knew our master would be too. She still needs a lot of work, like all women, but she is no longer fighting or resisting cock in her fuck holes. It may be just fear of pain, but whatever it is, I am happy to see that slave training is working.

Think twice before opening my mouth to speak

I did not mean any of what I just said, I am so grateful to have you in my life. This is what I had to keep saying over and over after I had the audacity to accuse my boyfriend of cheating on me when he came home late. I should have known better to talk like that to him. He then reminded me that it did not matter if hew was out late or had cheated. He showed me that he comes home and always takes care of me.

Submissive whore

He reminded me that my hot tight ass, my cunt slit and pussy were all his and that he will always come home to this because nobody lets him do what I do to me. I am his sweet little fuck whore and my mouth should be full of his cock and balls, not harsh words. H e showed me exactly what I needed to be reminded of so I think twice before I let accusations leave my lips.

Pain = Pleasure

Spanking phone sexSometimes I need to be spanked. Show me that you wear the pants. I want you to bend me over your lap, pull my skirt up and pull my panties down. Lift your hand high and come down hard on my bare ass. If you don’t leave a red hand print then you’re not hitting me hard enough. I’m a good submissive, I obey all of your commands. But when I crave corporal punishment I’ll talk back and show you disrespect. I want to make you angry. I know spanking me turns you on because I can feel your hard cock beneath my body. Punish me with your heavy hand then bend me over and punish me with hard cock. You’ll love how wet my pussy gets during a good spanking. Don’t worry about hurting me, pain equals pleasure in my head. A good submissive likes to be used and abused.

Spanking Chat – Master’s Anger

Spanking chatMaster was angry. I had no idea who had pissed him off, or what had happened, but he was pissed. He stalked right past me, hardly acknowledging my presence, which he only does when his anger could potentially cause me harm. I knew to stay out of the way until he called for me, and just did the household things I knew he’d appreciate until then. When he finally did call for me, I could hear the iron-willed control that I loved so much threading his voice. When I found him, Master was in the dungeon, and he had his flog and riding crop out, along with the shackles. Master told me that he needed me to endure pain for him, and that he was sorry that he needed to because he loves me so dearly. I walked over to the table, bent myself over it, and held my hands in their proper place. He shackled them to their respective bindings, and ran a hand over my bare ass. He bent down and kissed each cheek, apologizing again, before I felt the first blow from the flog. He spanked me hard several times, then switched to the riding crop, landing blows all across my cheeks, and occasionally hitting my hips and thighs in the process. I was welting, and I would bear these marks for a few days, I already knew this. But, I knew that I was helping Master, and that made all the difference. By the time his fingers found their way to my cunt, I was sore and aching, and I needed what only he could give. When he finally rammed his dick all the way into me, I cried out with the pain and pleasure of it. Master took his anger out on my cunt and ass for over an hour before kissing every inch of the skin he’d bruised.

Punish Me

Spanking phone sexSometimes I misbehave and don’t listen on purpose. I want to be punished. I like when you put me over your lap, pull my panties down and spank my bare bottom. Hit me as hard as you can. I like that sting of your hand slamming down on my bare flesh. Hit me over and over again, turn my ass red. My pussy will get wetter and wetter with each hit. I’ll spread my thighs because I want you to spank my wet pussy. Let your finger slide inside my tight holes and make me moan. I’ve been a bad girl, when you’re done spanking me, I need you to fuck me. Bend me over and pound me with cock. My pussy will be so wet you’ll feel like your cock slipped into heaven. I want you to fuck me hard and fast. Punish me with your hard cock, I deserve it.

Spanking Phone Sex – Master’s Home

Spanking phone sexMaster had been away a few weeks for business and when he came back, he was ready to fuck. He took me to our torture room, tied me up, and got me in the position he wanted me. My ass was in the air, legs spread apart and my pussy right there for Master to use. He began spanking my ass so hard that it caused me to scream, he had definitely missed this. He continued spanking my ass until there were welts and his cock was adequately hard to stick inside my dripping wet pussy from all the spankings. Master guided his big thick cock into my cunt and I missed his dick so much! Feeling it inside my pussy again felt so fucking good. As he was thrusting his big cock into me, he began smacking my ass again. It was making me feel so good and I knew I was going to orgasm. I asked Master for permission and he said he wanted to feel how tight my cunt could clench around his big thick cock. So, as he began to thrust harder and harder my pussy couldn’t take it anymore. I got so fucking tight around his thick cock that he could barely pull it out. He untied me and forced me onto my knees to take his cock in my mouth, I could taste myself all over it and that made it even better. I started sucking on his big cock and deepthroating it, I started choking and just as I went down his big shaft master came all over my mouth and of course I swallowed his warm creamy load of cum!

Spanking Phone Sex: My Son Enjoys Beating My Ass

spanking phone sex

I love spanking phone sex. I don’t get a lot of spanking calls, however. It is too bad too because I have a cabinet full of different things to whack my ass with on a call. I have paddles of varying sizes. I have cat of 9 tails. I have riding crops. I have a few fly swatters that really leave a mark. I have belts. I have wooden spoons and spatulas.  Of course, I have my bare hands too. I love to give my big round ass a hard swat for you. My son recently discovered my special cabinet. I guess he just discovered the key. He has always been curious about what I keep inside there. I didn’t realize he had been snooping for the key until I came home the other night and found him waiting for me with the cabinet open and an ominous looking belt in his hand. It was not a belt of mine. This was a 70s looking belt with a buckle so big it could have doubled as a serving tray. “Like bare bottom spankings, mom,” he asked with an evil grin. Although I do, that belt looked like it would hurt far beyond what I can tolerate. I think that was the point. “Bend over bitch,” he seethed. It is instinct for me to listen to a man. In this case, it was instinct to listen to a boy. I heard him crack the belt like it was a whip being used to intimidate a slave. I was a slave, I guess. The first whack is the hardest. I fought back the tears as that big ass belt buckle hit me with such force, it drew blood. I yelped from the pain. He beat my ass raw for a good 20 minutes. Why? Because, in his words, a mother shouldn’t have secrets from her own flesh and blood. I have so many more I can’t wait for him to discover. I’m such a pain slut.

Ouch My Ass Hurts!

Spanking phone sexMy boyfriend runs our home like a drill sergeant. He even has a chore list for me to do everyday. If something is out of place or not done to his satisfaction I get punished. Yesterday I forgot to dust our coffee table and he lost it. He made me pull my panties down and lay over his lap. He raised his hand high and brought it down hard on my ass. He spanked my ass over and over again. He enjoys causing me pain, I felt his hard erection against my stomach. He kept slapping my ass and tears fell from my eyes.
“No, please stop!”, I pleaded
But he ignored my cries and kept hitting me. My ass felt so bad and tender. Next, he pushed me off of his lap and pulled his cock out. I knew what he wanted and I started sucking. He likes me to bob my head back and forth really fast. If I don’t do it fast enough he’ll grab the back of my head and brutally fuck my face. I sucked and licked his big cock like a porn star. I wanted his cum in my mouth, I didn’t want him to be mad at me anymore. He shot his warm load into my mouth and relief flooded my body. I have to keep my man happy. I can’t lose him.

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