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Submissive sex chat

 submissive sex chat

My master brought a really important friend of his over. She was super hot and he wanted to degrade me in front of her. I jumped to my whore knees and looked up at him, awaiting his demands. He spit right into my face and started calling me names. I know I am a worthless sack of shit. He told me to get to sucking his dick.

The hot girl he brought wrapped my hair around her knuckles and shoved me down on his cock, choking me out. I could not breath. He told me to taste and inhale his cock that has been buried in that girls ass hole and cunt. I had to clean him up. I am a dirty little cock sucking slave. I had to obey his girl and do whatever she told me to.

She dragged me by my hair to the back of my masters ass hole and made my wipe my face from chin to forehead in between his ass. I will do whatever the fuck they tell me to. I am a dumb cunt master.

The Pet

Submissive slutMy master isn’t happy with me. He gave an instruction and he says I hesitated following his exact order. But I did drop to my knees and sucked his co-worker’s cock just like he demanded. I guess I didn’t drop to my knees fast enough and now I’m on punishment. I have to wear my leash and collar for three days and remain on my hands and knees the whole time. I even had to eat from a dog bowl. Humiliation is my Master’s sexual trigger. He fucked me from behind like a dog in heat. His huge cock felt so good sliding in and out of my tight pussy. From time to time he would pull out and I would suck my delicious juices off his hard cock. If I stood up on my two feet he would make me lay across his lap and spank my bare ass red. I’m his submissive pet and I love it.

Submissive Whore Masturbates

Submissive WhoreMaster’s due back from another trip out of town this week, but this sexy slave has been horny as fuck. No parties, no visitors, no playing at all were his rules for while he was gone this time, and I was about to go batshit. Well, a hot sex scene came on in a movie, and I realized I had the house to myself and access to free porn. I set myself up on the bed, and ran my hands over my body as the movie I picked started. Before long, I was engrossed, my hand playing over my tits, my stomach, down over my cunt, and back again. As the movie got more and more heated, my pussy got wetter and wetter. When I finally slid fingers into myself, I felt my juices running down my hand. I knew I was going to cum hard, so I started working myself over. I massaged my clit while my fingers rammed and played as deep inside me as I could force them. Every stroke drove me closer and closer, until I was cumming hard enough to leave a puddle in the bed beneath me. Damn me, I needed that!

Cock Worshiping Is What My Son Loves

cock worshiping

Cock worshipping is what my son needed the last time he came home to visit me. He missed his submissive mommy and needed me on my knees loving every inch of his dick. I spent hours praising his amazing piece of man meat. My son is blessed with the most beautiful cock that can please any woman he chooses. But, my boy desires to use and abuse his submissive Mother. I love it. I can’t get enough of his wonderful cock sliding into my mouth. Even when he face fucks me so hard that I think I might throw up. I live to please my son and he knows how much I worship his cock. He can stuff it anywhere he pleases, he knows mommy will never say no. When he needs someone to show him how perfect his dick is and how easily it can make a girl cum, mommy is here to show him. I let him tie me up and use any fuck hole he wishes until he is fully satisfied.

Prostate milking

Prostate milkingYou tie me up every night after you use me to finger fuck your asshole making me milk your prostate, then making me swallow each and every drop of cum you spit out! I love milking that cock its so perfect so clean and pretty that big fat mushroom head makes my pussy dripping wet! You tie me up after you get what you want from me! Today you came home bringing with you a big fat strap on that I thought you were going to use on my tight puckered asshole. Man I thought wrong! You untied me and made put that big fat long pink strap on and told me to first tongue fuck your asshole sticking my tongue in deep! Then to loosen you up with my middle finger! Then to penetrate your tight manly asshole with the big fat long pink juicy dildo deep into your asshole!

Submissive Whore Mommy For My Kinky Son

Submissive Whore

Being my Son’s submissive whore gives me a sense of purpose. I live to serve him and please him. When he came home for a week it was the happiest I have been in so long. The second he walked through the door he wrapped a collar around my neck to let me know I was still his pet. I spent the week crawling on all fours and taking spankings whenever he saw fit. He treated me like his toy. I would make him breakfast and serve it to him, then get on my hands and knees and wait for him to finish. When he was done he would shove his hard cock into my mouth and cum down my throat. Then I would clean up after him and crawl my way into his room. Throughout the day, whenever he would get the urge to use and abuse me, he would shove his cock into whatever hold e was craving, load me with his cum and go back about his business. He loves treating me like filthy fuck toy pet.

Submissive whore loves anal

I have an extreme love of being fucked up the ass. I love it when I am bent over a couch or a bed, a guy takes his foot and spreads my legs apart. He then pushes my ass cheeks apart, spits a big old hawking spit wad on my ass hole and pushes into me real slow but hard at first. As I arch my back in pleasure and he grabs my hair while he is thrusting into me,  when he grabs my hair and pulls back enough to expose all the tender curves of my neck.

Submissive whore

While he gets to pushing harder and faster because my ass hole is so tight and he hears me moaning because I love the way it feels. I love to feel his cock penetrate over and over and the warm shot of come that releases inside me is a fucking awesome feeling. I then explode myself and come all over as he pulls my hair harder and flips me around to suck the come off of his cock.

Submissive Whore Jessica Gets Face Fucked

Submissive Whore

Being a submissive whore to my son has always brought us both so much pleasure. My baby boy craves that power over me. He loves to see mommy choking on his huge cock and the drool dripping down my body and tears running down my cheeks. I know my son likes it best when I get all dressed up and slutty for him. So, since I knew he was coming to visit, I got all ready for him. I put on a sexy corset with a black thong, thigh high fishnets and bright red high heels. My hair was curled perfectly, eyelashes black as can be, and my lips were a whore red just like my shoes. When my son walked in I was waiting on my knees and looked up at him. I could tell he was pleased to see me dressed like such a slut for him. To show me his appreciation, he pulled his cock out and told his mommy to choke on it. Forcing the entire thing down my throat, he fucked his mother’s face until my makeup ran black down my face and my red lipstick smeared all over my cheeks. He pulled out just before he came and shot his load all over my face, telling me what a beautiful cock sucking mommy whore I was.

Submissive slut

submissive slutMy brother through a bad ass party tonight where I was a good little shots girl! I was different from the shot girls that you see at the club. Instead of giving shots, I got them. I was instructed to make a dude blast his hot load of cum out of his cock hole. I had to keep busy taking every shot of cum I could get.

I was a dirty little cum slut that needs to milk bunches of loads of cum. I will take shots of cum buried in my face, in my mouth, all over my body, and in my holes. My brother gave me a quota of two hundred loads of jizz that I have to get. I crave to be a nasty little slut for him!

Submissive sex chat

submissive sex chat

My master is headed home early today from work. I get on my hands and knees and great him like the stupid slut that I am. As soon as he walks in, his hand meets my right cheek. He slams his hand against my face again. He picks me up and pulls me by my hair.

He throws me to the ground and starts whipping my naked body. His belt moved its way down to my clit, he starts spanking it harder and harder. I beg him to please let me cum but he hold out a little longer. He reminds me that I do not cum unless he says it is okay for me to cum.

My skin breaks out in good bumps and my nipples get rock hard. My twat is to wet now for the belt to even leave much of a sting. He gives me the go ahead to cum. It feels so good. I know he is not done having his way with me yet. I am his little sex doll.

I will do anything to please him.

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