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Submissive sex chat

submissive sex chat

My master is headed home early today from work. I get on my hands and knees and great him like the stupid slut that I am. As soon as he walks in, his hand meets my right cheek. He slams his hand against my face again. He picks me up and pulls me by my hair.

He throws me to the ground and starts whipping my naked body. His belt moved its way down to my clit, he starts spanking it harder and harder. I beg him to please let me cum but he hold out a little longer. He reminds me that I do not cum unless he says it is okay for me to cum.

My skin breaks out in good bumps and my nipples get rock hard. My twat is to wet now for the belt to even leave much of a sting. He gives me the go ahead to cum. It feels so good. I know he is not done having his way with me yet. I am his little sex doll.

I will do anything to please him.

Submissive Slut Gets to GO!

Submissive slutMaster was letting me go to the beach party all by myself! I headed straight for my walk-in closet, and I started undressing to put my swimsuit on. Just about the time I found the bikini I wanted, Master walked into the closet behind me, and he started rubbing my bared ass cheeks. He pulled his cock out and started stroking it up and down my crack and gash, asking me how I was going to behave myself today. I told him I’d be his perfect little slave slut, and I’d fuck and suck every person he gave me permission to. And, when they asked who had trained me so well, I’d be sure to let them know who my Master was. Master slid his cock into me then, grabbed my hair, and started plowing my pussy, reminding me that it is HIS pussy, and that no matter who else ever plays with it, fucks it, sucks it, and treats it like a little fucking toy, it belongs to him and ONLY him. He reminded me over and over again with deep, hard, slow strokes that made me cum so hard. Even then, he kept plowing into me like nothing had happened, forcing my orgasm to get even stronger, until I was screaming with it. Finally, he spanked my ass a few times, telling me what a good little fucking cum slut I was, and to enjoy my day at the beach. I love Master so much!

I Need to Be Punished

submissive phone sex

I met a sexy bad boy last night! He took me out to a fancy restaurant and was so sweet even though I’m an undeserving whore. We were enjoying a glass of red wine and we both felt a bit tipsy when suddenly he started calling me names in front of everyone. He asked me if I wanted him to show everyone “who’s boss,” and I begged him to punish me in front of everyone. I’m so wet now even thinking about it! I had a box of leftovers, which he opened and dumped all over my body. He called me his stupid bitch and a dirty whore and commanded me to get on my knees. I did as he told me! One of the managers came out to see all the fuss and attempted to kick Dimitri out, but I told the manager that I was only there to serve him. Dimitri pulled a collar out of his pocket and fastened it tight around my neck. It was so tight I could barely breathe! My pussy was pulsating as I saw his angry grimace. “Punish me Master,” I cried out. “I don’t deserve to be wined and dined, “I’m just here for your pleasure!” He commanded that I crawled on my knees, and so I did. He led me out to his car, where he then placed a leash on me. He made me take off my skirt and panties and at this point everyone could see us. People were taking photos of my gushing wet pussy and recording too. Then my master made me crawl behind the dumpsters because he had to relieve himself. As everyone gathered around, Dimitri peed all over my face and in my mouth. It was the most amazing shower I’ve ever had. Then he shoved his gorgeous throbbing cock deep into the back of my throat. As I choked and gagged I could feel myself creaming in front of everyone! Who wants to punish my slutty body next?

Slave Training – Master Returns

Slave trainingWhen Master finally came back home, I was in a bad way. My pussy had my panties wet enough to seep through my pants, and I had to change several times. My nipples were sensitive as fuck, and I couldn’t get them to stop rubbing against anything I wore. So, I wound up topless wandering around the house, finishing up my housework. He walked in the door to find me like this, and I immediately dropped my panties and pants, rushing naked to the door to assume the proper position. I felt my pussy leaking down the insides of my thighs, and master sniffed the air, as though he could smell the heat I was in. He lifted me and carried me to the bed, spreading my legs and licking all of my juices, avoiding my clit. I was getting frantic, and he could feel it in how my body was trembling. He reached up and gently caressed my tits, using such light touches on every part of my body. I kept grinding my hips up, and I was begging him for release by the time he finally slid up my body. His hand trailed lightly down my belly and hovered just over my aching pussy. He barely touched my clit, and I was rocketing into orbit. That was when he slid smoothly into me and started thrusting, driving me ever higher, never letting me come down. Fuck, Master loves me so well!!

Skillful Master Wanted … needed

Erotic BDSM stories

I’ve had a few Masters in my life. Ones that I always cherish are the ones who use me to their fullest and walk away an extremely satisfied Man, and that is how it should be.
A previous Master was very strict about how I would present myself. Upon entering the dungeon there would be a word taped to the inside of the door. That is how He wanted the session to start. Whether it was kneeling or the enduring position I made sure I was ready and willing for service and use. I really love being a submissive whore; I get such intense orgasms and pleasure just from serving.
Anytime He would walk in, the room would fill with intense vibes and my pussy would start to ache. His presence was so intoxicating and sexual I was usually dripping by the time I was trussed up like He desired. The most memorable was on a Saint Andrews Cross. Legs and arms bound to each of the four posts, exposed and ready. He would start with impact play, He had great control even while fingering my pussy, but He would still be hard as a rock no matter how He was using me. Weighted nipples and orgasm denial were his favorites to have me gushing everywhere. Of course, I needed to clean my own squirting pussy juices off His immaculate floor. How many ways can I be of service to You?

Submissive sex cha

Fuck Me Like You Hate Me

Submissive slutI need you to control me. I need to be used and abused. Pleasure without pain is so boring. Keep me on my knees with a mouth full of cock. Grab the back of my head a brutally fuck my face. Ignore my gagging and choking noises, don’t stop until you’re in my throat. I’m your sex slave, my body belongs to you. If I misbehave or don’t follow your instructions correctly you should punish me. Make me lay across your lap, pull my panties down and spank my ass red. Don’t be gentle, be ruthless. Hit me hard, I deserve it. I’m a submissive slut, I need you to be my master. Treat me like a pet, put a leash and collar around my neck. Walk me around your home like I’m a dog. And when you’re ready, Master, make me put my face on the floor and my ass in the air and fuck me doggy style in my ass. Pound my asshole and ignore my cries. Fuck me like you hate me, and I’ll love you forever.

Be My Master

Submissive sex VanessaI need you to take control. Be the boss and give me commands. I’ll always obey, because I’m the slave and you’re my master. You say jump and I say how high. I belong to you, like a piece of property. Tell me to drop to my knees and suck your cock, I’ll do it anytime and anywhere. Show off in front of your friends, let them see how much control of me you have. I’ll suck their cocks, just give me permission. I want to make you make happy. All I want is to be fucked hard and brutally. Fuck me like you hate me. Put your cock in throat and fuck my face. Use and abuse me. I love pain with my pleasure. I’m wired wrong, it’s not good if pain isn’t involved. Put me over your lap, spank my bare bottom red and watch me cum so hard that I squirt everywhere. Be my master.

Submissive sex chat

submissive sex chat

My Alpha Daddy is always demanding that I obey him even out in public. He says that I never should act like a dumb submissive skank only behind closed doors. So when we go out in public he makes sure to humiliate me and treat me like the dumb cunt that I am.

I cater to him getting him whatever he needs while he scolds me in front of strangers. I never look at anyone in the eyes and when his cock gets hard, I make myself somewhat useful and service him. We go into a secluded place where I unleash his beast.

I take him cock into my throat and I let him pound that fuck out of my tonsils. My spit drips down my cheeks and chin. I will do anything to make my master and his cock satisfied.

Slave training with my master

slave training

I need to be a good submissive for my master. It is so important that I do whatever I can to please him, that is how I get my worth. He had to taught me not to eagerly grab his cock and start sucking on it if he did not offer it up to me first. He would punish me if I did that.

Now I know my duties. I have a gag in my mouth, tied up hands and feet once I get done catering to him, and a collar around my neck. I will do anything to make him happy. I put my face to the floor and my holes up in the air exposed, waiting for him wanting to acknowledge my existence.

He loves spanking me telling me how much of a dumb slut I am. I am. My holes and life is all yours master, do with what you want with me and let me make you happy.

I need to be dominated

Submissive Sex ChatI’ve always had a fantasy about a guy coming into my house, and forcing himself on top of me. The thought of just being dominated, without even knowing who they are, or what to expect in there pants, just gets my pussy dripping wet. I’m very submissive sexually, so unless I’m at work, I want to be dominated. I want a man bigger than me, muscular, with a thick cock, to break into my house one night, and force himself on top of, and to dominate my juicy tight pussy. I want him to tie me up, gag me, and have his absolute way with my pussy. Make me suck his cock, and take him deep down my throat all for his own pleasure. What he doesn’t know though, is I’m loving every single minute of it. I can’t see his face because it’s dark, all I hear are his sexual grunts and moans as he thrusts his huge cock into my bare pussy. Have you ever had a fantasy similar to mine? I’ve love for you to call me and tell me about your fantasies. Nothing is too extreme for this submissive slut!

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