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New Freezer

I went to go buy a new freezer today and I was greeted by a creepy salesman. I informed him that I needed to get a new freezer because my current one was not functioning properly. He told me that he had some that were on sale in the back and said he would show them to me if I followed him. As we approached the back I could hear him mumbling to himself. I asked him “what was that?” he turned around and said oh nothing with this very odd grin. As we rounded the corner I noticed we were heading down a dingy hallway that smelled damp and a little moldy.

Submissive whore

We stopped in front of this door with a padlock on it and I thought how odd that was but as he opened the big metal door, it creaked open and he ushered me in. It was dark and clammy. I heard the door slam shut and I knew I was in trouble. I felt a hand push me down and I hit something kind of soft but firm like an old mattress laying on the floor. As he pushed me down I could hear him breathing heavy and he whispered harshly if I wanted a discount on the freezer, I would have to earn it. You know what happened next…



Submissive Whore Bo Loves Torturous Fun

Master loves to edge and tease his submissive whore and knows how much it drives me mad to not be allowed to cum. I am so turned on by being a pain slut and the mere notion of not being allowed to cum has me so fucking worked up. I get forcibly face fucked by Master with his big fuck rod and it is so good to gag and choke down that I am dripping thinking about how good Master’s cock in my throbbing wet cunt.

Master pinches my clit and rubs at it while he attaches nipple clamps to my big ole breasts and erect sensitive nipples and all of this drives me so fucking insane to the brink of squirting but Master doesn’t allow me to cum until he says so. Sometimes that is like never! He torments me so much and I just want to worship Masters beautiful cock.

Submissive Whore

Bondage and Submission Sex

Bondage and submissionHe had tied me up and left me for his friend to play with. His friend came in dragging something with him. When I finally got to see what it was, my breath hitched. He was pulling a fuck machine with him. He situated it at the edge of the table I was tied up on, right where it would be able to drive up into me, gave me a wicked grin, and then grabbed something off of the table the machine was on. He pushed the head of the big dildo into my pussy, then turned the machine on. I felt it starting to slowly fill me up as he walked around to the head of the table. He climbed up on the table, undoing his pants and sliding his cock between my lips. He started fucking my mouth as his hand started playing with my clit. I heard and felt the machine slowly picking up speed, and I knew it wouldn’t be long before it was drilling me hard and fast with that big rubber cock. What I didn’t know was that he had brought a large vibrating pussy massager. He immediately held that to my clit, and had me trying my best to dive off that table. He held that to my clit the entire time the machine picked up speed. My orgasm just kept growing and growing, untiil I shot fucking cum out of my cunt. He’d actually made me squirt! My pussy was spasming, my body was shuddering, I was so lost…

Prince Charming

Submissive whoreI’m sexually submissive. I like fucking dominate men and women. I need someone that knows how to take control and demean me. I’ll do anything you tell me to do. I’ll never tell you “no”. I don’t know why I’m the way that I am. Maybe, it’s because of growing up with parents that didn’t care about what I did. I guess I’ve always craved discipline. My boyfriend makes me call him Master. I’m not allowed to speak or act without permission. He doesn’t like for me to wear clothing only heels and sometimes a leash and collar. After a hard day of work, he likes to recline in his favorite chair with me on my knees between his thighs sucking his cock for long periods of time. Sometimes his buddies come over and I have to suck their cocks, too. I love my life and I wouldn’t change a thing. I’ve found my Prince Charming, the only difference is I call my prince, Master.

Bondage submission seems to be my calling in life

Bondage submission

I open the door and walk into the house, I look down and there is a rope lying on the floor. I look around to see what is going on or if you are around and I see the rope trailing up the stairs. I see a sign taped on the wall that says “Follow it.” As I make my way along the rope trail there is a pair of nipple clamps with a note “Put them on.” I do as told and keep following the rope. I am half way up the stairs and there’s a butt plug and a note that says “Bring this with you.” I’m getting quite turned on because I know we are about to have a fantastic session, they always are.
What would you do to me at this point? I would love to hear your ideas and how you would use me, use me up, use me for your every desire.

Submissive Sex: What I Crave From Master

Submissive Sex

I’m always a good horny submissive sex loving whore for dominant men and women. My latest Master loved how fucking wet I got the more he punished me. He would take my hairbrush and spank my ass with it while taking a vibrating wand to my clit making me squirm so fucking bad. I can never hold back with this Master he knows just how to get my cunt squirting and it angers him when I cum without his permission.

We both know I love it though his anger thrills the fuck out of me making him rougher in turn me wetter and so fucking horny. He will tease the fuck out of me and one time tied me up and left me squirming and horny as fuck for a good hour before returning and shoving his throbbing huge cock in my hungry cunt.

Use my bare little tight cunt

Cheap phone sexI know you want to dominate a little bare pink cunt all night long. I have a nice tight little body and perky little titties for you to abusive. You can tie me up and use me like a little fucking whore, I just want to be dominated in any way you can. I love being called nasty names, the nastier the better in my opinion. I am a submissive slut and that will never change. I like to feel the handcuffs metal digging into my wrists till they bleed. I don’t mind shedding blood or whatever my master wants. I want to lick your asshole and make sure your all clean and I will be a good girl. I promise If you call me you won’t be disappointed.

Crazy Hot Summer

Cum slut phone sex

Florida, a crazy hot summer night, I had just pulled my BMW into the parking garage, highest level furthest from everyone. I jump out of my car, set the alarm and made my way to the stairs to head over to the casino. I’m making my way down the stairs; I get to the 3rd floor and a woman is standing in the corner, a bit in the shadows. I nod at her and she flies toward me pins me to the wall suddenly my pants are being unzipped. She stands up, looks me in the eyes “You don’t need to pay me, you fine ass is worth that cock in my mouth and that same cock slamming into my pussy.” I hesitated for about a half second and blurted out “fuck yes.” Her lips get on my cock and I haven’t had a bj in so long that as soon as she sank her throat down over my whole shaft I started to lose it.

I was thinking how pathetic it was that I was cumming so quickly but then realized that she asked me if I wanted to fuck. So I slammed that ho’s pussy doggy style until we had cum enough times that our cock and pussy are slapping like an old waterbed. I shagged that ho and got her close to cumming all over my shit, this is a story almost meant for Penthouse. Even though I came quickly; because the pussy was so hot, I had to keep slamming my cock deep inside her. On my third nut, I am ramming my cock as deep as I can go in that pussy, pull out and shoot my load all over her ass.

As soon as I busted a nut I zipped up and walked away.

Approaching pimp: “here you go, Sir.” “That’s right bitch, you proved yourself now you a ho in my stable. Now go suck more cock you cum slut.

Submissive Sex Slave

Submissive slutMaster controls everything I say and do. I’m his submissive slut, his play toy, and his sex slave. I’m not allowed to wearing clothing the only thing that I wear is the leash and collar around my neck. He takes a shit and it’s my job to wipe his ass with my tongue. I’m not allowed to ask questions or talk back. When he has guests over he passes me around like a party favor. I have scars on my knees because I’m on my knees sucking cock for hours at a time. My purpose in life is to be used and abused. Master loves to cause me pain and make me cry because he loves the taste of my tears. I’m only allowed to speak when spoken to, and if I break his rules that’s an automatic reason for punishment. He’ll hang me against the wall with my hands above my head and my legs spread and whip me with a leather belt. I love and respect Master and I’ll always be his submissive slut.

Submissive Sex at the Bridal Shower

Submissive sexI got to attend a bachelorette party, and thought I’d be seeing a stripper. Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting to be the highlight of the show. Not only was I made to strip, dancing and making it as sexy as possible for the bride-to-be and her party, but I was made to get down and dirty for them. Once I was naked for them, they pulled out the 2 dildos the bride had been given, and then had me start fucking her with them. One was in her cunt and the other in her ass. I worked them both in and out of her holes, making sure they bottomed out every time, and getting her all hot and bothered. Instead of cumming, though, the bride had me pull them out, and then I was forced to lick and suck them clean while the bride’s maid of honor licked her cunt and ass. I watched as the bride was driven to orgasm, and wasn’t even allowed to help.

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