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Gangbang Phone Sex Birthday Party!

Gangbang phone sexMaster set up a party recently for my birthday. (Nope, I’ll never tell!) He invited a few of his clients over, people I have never met, and their offspring. He sent the clients downstairs with me, and let them prep me. They didn’t do much, just blindfolded me and left me lying on the floor. The good bits started when a wet, delicious cunt sat down on my face. Then cocks started to fill my pussy, my hands. I could smell precum, along with the juices from the fantastic cunt that was riding my face. They ran circles around me, going from one dick to the next, making sure every hole was filled with dick and cum. I even scissored with pussy a few times, though I had no idea it was only the one girl the whole time. Every inch of me, from my mouth to my tits to my ass and puss, were covered and filled with cum, til I could feel it dripping out and down onto the floor. I had a major cleanup job ahead of me, and I was very eager to start. So, the moment they let me up, I was on it. Licking what I could reach, scooping what I couldn’t directly lick. I cleaned up my body, their cocks and cunt, and then the floor, finally. There wasn’t a drop of cum left that I didn’t vacuum up with my mouth. It was the best birthday bash I’ve had yet!

Slave Training with Casey

Slave Training

I don’t know how rough you like it, but I love to be slapped and punched if it pleases my Master.  It gets me hot and so wet.  I can be the perfect accomplice for you.  We can lure a poor unsuspecting working girl off the street with a promise of some blow and have her go to your place.  You could tie us both up and use our bodies for hours.  I could do wicked things to her and train her how to be the perfect slave for you.  I would teach her how to obey and follow direction no matter how uncomfortable or painful.  I live to serve you in any way you wish.  If you want to see me gang banged, I relish the idea.  If you want me to be a human toilet for you, I will.  If you want me to fuck a furry friend, I will do that too.  It should be all about pleasing you Master.

Black And Blue

Sexy phone sex

Today I got to watch Master black and blue another slave today. I am not sure if she did something wrong or if it was for pure pleasure of Master. But either way she got it and she got it good. She was screaming and her body was jerking all around. Master would stop from whipping her long enough to take the other end of the whip and shove it up her ass. Then into her mouth so she could taste her own ass. Then back to whipping her. He did not stop until her body was black and blue, She could hardly move when he kicked her and told her to crawl back to her cage. I got to kneel in the corner and watch all this. While playing with my vibrating dildo.

Submissive Sex is all I Get

submissive sex

Submissive sex is all I get. It doesn’t surprise me. I don’t deserve sweet lovemaking. I don’t think I would know how to act if a man wanted to make love. My boss, who is also my master, owed this colleague a favor for a referral that paid off well. I guess he told him, whatever he wanted, he could have, and he wanted a night with me. At first, I was excited. He is a handsome man and always so nice to me. He didn’t strike me as the BDSM type. I was wrong. He had a dungeon for his S&M porn games. Apparently, I remind him of his mother when she was younger, and she cock teased him. That left him with some anger issues for mommy dearest. Lucky me. I got to be the recipient of his unresolved mommy anger. He strapped me to his bench designed for anal sex and sodomized me for hours while calling me his mommy whore He pulled my hair, slapped my ass and even spanked me. He told me I was going to wish I was never born by the time he was done. Honestly, I thought he was kidding me, but he tortured me for hours. My master wouldn’t want his slave bloodied and scarred, but he didn’t seem to care. He said he knew how to inflict severe pain without leaving a mark. He put oranges in a pillow case and beat me until I was crying. It was awful pain but didn’t leave a mark. The entire night was about anal torture and causing me pain. He clearly didn’t like his mother. When I got home, I had to soak in the tub for hours and call into work sick, which I never do. Did your mother cock tease you? I may have an idea to help you release some of the anger and frustration you have for your mother.

Submissive Slut Casey

Submissive Slut

My master loves that I am a Submissive Slut and he tries to test my devotion.  Tonight, we are going to a club, he told me to wear a sheer red blouse and black mini skirt with nothing on underneath.  He told me to wear my 5-inch stilettos. (Those are hard to walk in, but I obey.)  We hopped in his Jaguar and began our trip.  He told me to open the glove box, that there was a surprise in there.  In the glove box was the biggest dildo I’ve ever seen.  It had to be 12 inches and as big around as 3 dicks.  He told me to insert it into my cunt right now as we traveled.  I obeyed.  I took the dildo from the glove compartment and put my seat back.  I tried to insert the dildo.  It was too big to go in.  This was going to take some work.  I spit in my hand, slathering the saliva on the hand-held cock and started working it into my wet cunt.  Little by little it was going in when my master slammed on his breaks and it went in hard, FUCK!! That hurt.  He smiled at me.  “When I told you to put it in, I meant now!” Now that it was in, I started moving it in and out in my stretched-out cunt.  It hurt but felt good too.  My Master was right, this was best for me.  He had me use my left hand to jack his cock while I moved the dildo in and out of my wet pussy. My master was pleased.

A Good Submissive Whore Never Says No


submissive whoreI’ve always been a submissive whore. It’s just in my nature. I love to please and serve cock. I started out being a naughty little teen whore and then grew into a submissive nympho. My pussy is always wet and thinking about getting dominated by a huge cock. I’ve always loved getting stretched out, but it wasn’t until I got a little bit older when I realized how much I love being used and abused like a fuck toy. I met this guy once a long time ago and he changed my whole world. He took me home with him to fuck and I got a kinky surprise. He made me call him Master and tied me up. My ankles and wrists were bound as he teased and tortured every inch of my body. It was that night that I learned how much my cunt gushed and being so submissive to someone. Ever since I have given my subby fuck hole to many Masters and I never say no. I’ve done so many humiliating and degrading things to make my Master cum. There is no limit to how far I’ll go to please a cock. After all, it’s my job as your submissive little toy.

Submissive slut

submissive slut

Where ever and whenever my daddy master says that he wants my holes, I give it to him. If he has a throbbing hard cock for me to take care of, I happily bend over and let him take me. We were at one of my friends houses and he took me around the side of the house and told me to fuck his dick.

He told me he was going to fuck me in the ass and think about my hot best friend being on his dick. It makes me so jealous knowing that I can not make him happy by myself. He calls me names as his cock drills into my ass. My face was knocking up against the wall the deeper he went inside of me.

My ass stretched over his cock and I took every inch of him. When it was time for him to blow his load I hopped down and sucked that daddy gravy right out of his cock, tasting my ass juices.

Submissive Whore Bo Bound and Gagged

Submissive Whore

I’m a submissive whore that craves a strong Master that knows how to take control of his submissive. I’m a naughty subslut often and sometimes my son plays the role to own me and make me his little bitch. My son caught me masturbating and knew I was not supposed to without your permission. So he face fucked me and slapped my face and titties around.

He loves to take the electrodes to my nipples as he pounds my cunt forcing me to keep eye contact as he scolds me for being a depraved slut. He always threatens to bring his friends over and humiliate me in front of all of these teen guys. I am such a bad Mommy and need the discipline of a good Master.


Gangbang phone sex with Casey

Gangbang Phone Sex

My new master was very upset with me for not dressing as he had asked me to.  His request was simple, he asked me to dress like a prostitute.  I had shown up in a sexy black silk dress with 3-inch heels, hair in a nice up do and makeup done tastefully.  He told me if he had wanted a high-class call girl he would have asked for that.  He wanted me dressed as a common street whore.  He sent me home to change.

I travelled the 45 minutes each way to transform myself into a street whore.  I put on a black body stocking with a hole where the crotch is, a red corset, a tight, very short, black leather mini skirt and my 5-inch fuck me heels.  I also put a lot of makeup on and over sprayed my hair to look like those whores I see patrolling the streets downtown.

I returned to Master’s house.  He greeted me at the door, telling me to remove my coat and said that now I looked like a proper hooker and tonight I was going to be treated like one.  I am always happy to please my master, whatever he wants, I will do.  He brought me into a room with 5 men, sitting around having a smoke and a drink.  He told them the entertainment had arrived and that we were going to have fun.  He told me to do a hot dance and I did, provocatively dancing across the room, everyone’s eyes on me.  As soon as I finished, two of the men strapped me down to a massage table and put a gag in my mouth.  Each man took a turn at me.  They fucked me in my mouth, my cunt, and my asshole.  I was pleased that my master had chosen to share me.  Some of them double teamed me.  I loved being used this way.  When they were all done using me up, my Master came to me and had be suck his cock until he exploded in my mouth.  He rubbed my cheek when he was done with me and told me what a good sex slave I was.  I returned his smile.

Submissive Whore Gets Sold By Her Son

submissive whore

My son sold his submissive whore mother to the highest bidder. After face fucking me and showering me in his piss one night, he told me that was going to sell me for a night. He had me dress up like a proper slut. I had on thigh-high fishnets, a corset, high heels, and red lipstick. He told me that I was to spend the evening standing in the middle of the room for all his friends to look over. When they arrived, they all spent the night looking me up and down and circling me, inspecting every inch as if I was a piece of cattle for sale. But today I was a piece of meat for sale. I was a fuck toy that they could buy. My son set it up just like an auction. Everyone took their seats when it was time and he rattled off numbers until the highest bidder was found. Then my son handed me off to him and told him to have fun with his new fuck toy.

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