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Submissive Slut Tries to Please Every Man

submissive slutWhen you are a submissive slut, it is hard to say no, even to men on the phone. I have a Master. I am owned, but he knows I supplement my salary with phone sex. He agreed that I could keep on doing this since I am on a submissive site. I have this one caller who is very different from most of my callers. He wants me to cum many times a day. No Master ever cares about my orgasms. Most forbid me to even touch myself. Yet, here is this caller encouraging me to do things I am forbidden to do from my owner. My caller wants me to walk around naked in front of my son and daughter, even masturbate in front of them. My Master would kill me if he ever found out I did anything with my son and daughter. He doesn’t have to worry, however, because my son and daughter hate me. My son hates me because he blames me for everything that has gone wrong in his life. My daughter hates me because she thinks women should run the world and never be submissive to men. I have been trying to do what my caller wants, but I am being constantly laughed at and shamed by my offspring who think I am a stupid whore. My phone caller is far nicer than my Master or my own offspring. I will keep trying to do what he wants because I love touching my pussy and I am a good submissive whore, but I don’t think my son or daughter are ever going to appreciate that they have a slut living with them. I like being an exhibitionist. I love being submissive. I love pleasing, but I have discovered I can’t please everyone all the time.

Submissive sex

Submissive sex“I promise this won’t hurt at all.” He sounded like he was lying through his teeth, and I laughed nervously saying “of course not.” He continued, “This is how I want it to go, you’re a stupid slut walking alone at night, clueless to the fact that you’re being followed. You’re dressed like a fucking whore and I come up behind you so quickly, dragging you into the dark.” His breath was getting quicker as he went on with his deepest and darkest desires. “I just need a dumb whore like you for some Submissive sex.” He slammed my face into the concrete, kicking me over and over. He drags me over to the toilet and shoved my head under, making me drown before pulling me up at the last minute. I am crying as he shoves his cock into my ass, then he pushes my head back under the water. I pass out this time and when I wake up he’s got me in the bedroom a gag in my mouth, and my hands bound. He’s got himself mounted on me, fucking me hard as he can. He’s degrading me, as he pulls out a short rope and wrapped it around my neck. I start to choke, I am screaming through my gag and he’s telling me that it’s time to die, bitch, telling me to shut the fuck up. That’s the last thing I remember.

This submissive whore was used by a ghost

submissive whoreThis submissive whore was used by a ghost last night! Hear me out, I know this sounds crazy but I have no other explanation. I was with my Master at a party when I started to feel really dizzy and much drunker than I should have felt after only one drink. I figured someone has spiked my drink so I went to look for my Master. I never found him instead I passed out and woke up in a creepy dungeon all tied up.I couldn’t see anyone but I could feel myself being penetrated over and over again by some unseen force. I was beaten over and over again with paddles I couldn’t see, choked by hands that were invisible and my body was bent and twisted and tied up in so many different ways all by some figure that I couldn’t see! What else could it be but a ghost? If it were a man I would be able to see him! All around me I could hear screaming and moaning and all sorts of ghostly whispers by all these unseen people, I wasn’t blindfolded I could see the room around me so why couldn’t I see the other victims screaming and begging for mercy? A deep inhuman voice spoke to me then, he sad that he could hear my heart beating fast and he knew that I was terrified but not to worry because it would all be over soon. He said soon you’ll be dead and you’ll leave your body behind to become a spirit, trapped here forever with the rest of my pets. That’s when I started to hysterically scream like a little bitch, I was so scared that I literally peed myself! The room went dark, I must have passed out because I woke up in my bed covered in bruises and sore as hell. I don’t know what really happened last night but I am thankful I survived it!

Tortured Slut

torture phone sex

Every time I hear your voice on the phone my pussy tingles with both fear and arousal. ‘How will my Master abuse me, today?’ I ask myself.

Will you whip me in the face with that big fat cock of yours? Will you tie me up tightly and make me beg for forgiveness? I’ll tell you how worthless and pathetic I am for being an inferior slut, as you verbally put me in my place .

I love how you manhandle and keep me restrained. I’m a worthless whore and having you as my Master keeps me in check.

Often you enjoy shackling me to the bed and leave me lying there for hours, wondering when and even if you’ll ever return to release me. It’s rather frightening to be honest, but I’m addicted to your conditional affection. It keeps me waiting with bated breath, wondering what lies in store ahead.

I know you love it when I’m breathless, too. *Smirks playfully*


I am a submissive whore

submissive whoreI am a submissive whore. I try not to be, but it never works out for me. I tried online dating. I thought I could meet a man who didn’t know a thing about my submissive ways or maybe his kinky dominant fun just involved restraints and spankings. I put up a picture of me looking sweet and innocent. I got a lot of hits; many were just from perverts and liars.  Men who just wanted to show me their dicks or said they were single when you could see the tan ring line on their finger. I found one guy who seemed normal. He said he was a college professor. Handsome and smart. I was excited about my prospects. I agreed to a first date. I was catfished. When I arrived at his place, he was not the man in the picture. He was his grandson. A grandson just out of prison for a 2-year sex offense. He was using his grandfather’s online dating app to find women to fuck. He pulled me into the house, beat me up and fucked me. I was whimpering and bleeding. He just kept fucking me. He fucked my ass for an eternity it seemed. He came hard while choking me. I passed out and woke up in an alley naked. So much for thinking I could escape being a submissive slut.

Bare Bottom Spankings Whore Celeste

Bare bottom spankings

  Are you a real man than can handle a hot piece of ass submissive like me? I need a good strong Master to punish and give me bare bottom spankings with a nice firm hand. You need to understand that I am a switch that gets excited playing the sub slut roles and getting all sorts of fucking punishments, and I can only pretend to resist when in reality my place is at the hand of my Master. I need to be gagged with Masters big cock and if he so desires, I am his property to use and share. If I were to get gangbanged by whoever my Master brings around then I know it’s my place to service all of his friends and will always do the best I can to please my Master and earn the reward of Masters cock in my sopping wet pussy.


Submissive Whore Bernice

submissive whoreI am such a submissive whore I even do what my callers tell me to do. I was out of town recently for my other job as a paralegal. My boss is my Master, but we had separate hotel rooms because he is married. I decided to take some calls while I was in my room alone. One of my callers had called me once before. He wanted me to masturbate and expose my body. Most men in my life and on the phone don’t want me to cum because my pleasure doesn’t matter. I was excited to be able to cum and think about being a dirty whore. My caller was raised by a kinky mommy.  He grew up in a loving incest family. It sounded lovely. My father hated me. Force fucked me daily and kept me a prisoner. My mother abandoned me and my son and daughter hate me. I walked around my hotel room, exposing my naked voluptuous body out the window while playing with my cunt and hearing about his dirty family.  He is the kind of master I would love to have. One that lets me cum. One who enjoys non-violent submissive sex. I made a promise to travel home on the plane braless and walk around naked playing with my pussy in front of my son and daughter.  I think my offspring are going to want to abuse me more, but I will do as I am told.

He made me his submissive whore

submissive whoreA stranger came in and made me his submissive whore. I woke up to his strong hands yanking me out of the bed by my hair this morning, he threw me on the floor and kicked me hard in the stomach just to show me who was boss. Then he tied me up and left me there helpless while he searched my house for valuables. When he came back he was unhappy, he told me that I had nothing he wanted so he was going to use me instead. I was naked and bound, there was nothing I could do to resist as he fucked all my holes so brutally hard. I tried not to cry like a bitch but it hurt so bad that I couldn’t help it and that just made him madder. He screamed at me to stop my sobbing but I couldn’t so he wrapped his hands around my neck and squeezed until I passed out. I woke up bloody and sore but alive. I found a note saying he would be back tho so I don’t know what to do now.

I was his submissive whore

submissive whoreI was his submissive whore for the night, I had to do whatever he told me to do no matter how humiliating or painful it was. He took me to some club and dressed me in latex with sky high heels I was scared to walk in and put me on display to everyone. Anyone could touch me however they wanted to, they could use me strip me or even fuck me right there in front of everyone and there was nothing I could do about it. I had to just obey my Master and do as he commanded. Everyone took advantage of me, I was fucked all night long by so many men. Every fuck hole filled with cum and cock after cock and thru it all I had to thank them and beg for more. Then he made me walk home like that with cum in my hair and all over my face and dripping down my thighs. I felt like such a whore but it was so exhilarating!

Submissive Sex Whore Celeste

Submissive sex

   I’m sitting here waiting for my new Master to show up and make me his submissive sex whore. I live to serve a big strong master than can keep me happy and in my place, and I am only happy when I am in servitude to a strong Master. Being bound and gagged makes my cunt wet and taking Masters big hard cock in my tight ass after he gives me my well deserved spankings is my ultimate reward. I am rewarded when Master is happy with me, and am only happy when I know I have been a good slave for my big strong masculine master. Please let me use my whore mouth to drain your balls, even if I gag on that big cock I will keep sucking until Master wants me to stop.

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