Tie me up and spank me

BDSM phone sex

Master gagged me and tied my hands behind my back and told me I needed a spanking. It had been a while since I was spanked and the thought of him paddling my ass had my pussy getting wet already. He bent me over a rack and got his studded wooden paddle and started giving me a few licks. He would whack me on the ass nice and hard and then rub the area to soothe the burning skin. He started slow at first and then started to spank me until I was feeling raw and red and biting on my ball-gag in pain. My cunt was so wet my thighs were getting soaked. He saw how turned on I was and that please him. My reward for taking my spanking like a good Bondage whore was getting my pussy rubbed and fingered until I was squirting all over myself!


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  1. Master

    That’s right cream those panties for master

  2. Master

    you deserve to be mistreated whore

  3. troy

    You deserve nothing but beatings bitch

  4. Ron

    Suxk my cock you little subslut!

  5. Peter

    Are you ready for the cock king whore?

  6. Henry

    You were the best subby whore

  7. tim

    gag on that ball you bitch

  8. Nick

    I bet you are fun to own.

  9. Peter

    Tie you up and spank you raw.

  10. Paul

    You needed some discipline.

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