Whatever Master Says, I’ll Do…

submissive whore

Master had a new playtime activity he wanted to try and as usual, I am always up for pleasing him. Per his instruction, I handcuffed myself to a table and awaited his arrival. When he came in, I knew he was pleased as he smiled and said, “Good Whore.”  He informed me that we would be trying something new that night and had me spread my legs wide. With only my thigh highs on and high heels, I left my legs as far apart as I could stand. He began to tease my pussy with his tongue, getting me very wet. A finger fucking followed, and finally, he looked up and told me that he was going to force his fist inside of my pussy. I was intimidated. That sounded painful and uncomfortable. But, once he was in and his fist was fucking me, I got so into it and felt overwhelmed with pleasure as my pussy had never felt so tight and so full. I was gushing in no time and made my Master so happy.


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  1. David

    I want to make you my little whore!

  2. Jones

    Good whore!

  3. Joe

    I’ll be your master, little pretty one!

  4. paul

    You better be a good whore bitch

  5. James

    Yes you’re a great little whore

  6. Brutus

    I have a fist for you whore.

  7. Chaz

    Great chat, baby!

  8. Chuck

    I can be your master!

  9. Davis

    Let me dominate you!

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