Writhing delightful

My wrists and ankles are so soar from being tied up last night, they are still raw and the rope even cut threw a little bit. My pussy is still convulsing from how many times I came last night as well, my knees wont stop shaking and all I can do is think about how good its gonna feel to do it all over again tonight. I want my legs to be hogtied behind me while my hands and writs are behind my back.


I want to feel the rope dig into my skin as I wiggle and try to get away from the delightful pain that my master applies in whatever manner he sees fit to my body. I want to feel like the dirty little slut I know I am. I need to be punished for being this horny. and I want my body to feel every ounce of the pounding and pain that I knoBDSM phone sexw I am gonna get.


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  1. Eric

    Be my subby slut, bitch!!!

  2. Mark

    I’ll make you my whore too!

  3. Jamie

    Let me tie you up you dirty cunt!

  4. Gregg

    I will fuck all of your holes.

  5. Ron

    Let me torture that perfect little body

  6. Frank D

    I love a submissive slut all tied up

  7. Paul

    You are so fucking beautiful!

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