“I’ll be honest, I have no idea how I got into this sexy game, but since my boyfriend got me into But since my boyfriend got me into BDSM phone sex, his dick doesn’t do it for me any more. He’s a sweet guy, but I feel like I’m not the only one who gets excited when my sex-phone rings. Forget him though, if you’re looking at my pictures you probably don’t care that he’s jerking off onto my face and degrading me like the whore I’ve become. You want to find out how deep you can get your cock into my tiny ass before I scream. Well, I’m a needy little slut, so if you have to ask, you’re probably not going to thrust hard enough to find out. I’ll beg you deeper like the Bondage whore I am. I’ll buck myself back onto you, I’ll always tell you harder because begging is only the beginning of emptying your balls where your cum belongs. I love big dicks. I love feeling my throat get stretched out, I love getting bent over and assfucked until I can’t sit, and I fall in a whole new kind of love with every guy that pins me down and does his best to rape a baby into me. So come on, Big Boy, show me what you’ve got and show me now before my boyfriend gets impatient and starts to brutally ream me in your place. I’ll bet you didn’t call me to get cucked, so you better be prepared to show up, show off, and prove you’re the better, bigger, harder man. His dick’s so tiny, I need a real behemoth to hurt me! I’m not into vanilla I’m into Hardcore bondage, I want to be tied down, whipped, strapped to a battery and zapped over and over in between fuckfests on that cock of yours.

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