When I say being a super submissive servant slut is in my blood, I mean it. I come from a long line of hot whores who are famously eager to please and know that our place is wherever we are told. For as long as I can remember I have had a full and complete response to being given an order or a task in both my mind and my body. Being owned, controlled, and constrained is my ultimate desire. I’ve never felt as free and liberated as I do when I’m bound and gagged. Knowing that my master is proud of what an obedient little fucktoy he has created brings me absolute joy. Hopefully, he will want to display me and share me and, if I’m really lucky, violate me.
Does all this mean I am the perfect specimen of a sub slut? Well, I do have a bit of a bratty streak that belies my desire for a firm hand to keep my tight little ass in line. But rest assured, I know precisely what I am doing, even when I’m being a naughty little devil. I’m an artist, after all. I work hard to have my abused and inhibited skin turn deep shades of red and purple that can typically only be found in the likes of autumn sunsets over Italian grape orchards. Every blue-faced bound inversion, every red and black letter of whore writing, every single pair of pink panties torn off of me is meticulously planned on my part to elicit the most extreme and visceral sexual response out of spectators and participants alike.
I’m more than experienced and have been put in just about every situation your dirty mind can think of. I’ve never had a problem enduring what is thrown at me, literally and figuratively. My submissive stamina is yet to find its limits. Do you think you have both the imagination and the means to keep me in line and make me your obedient little rag doll?