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Master’s Cruel Moods!

Hardcore Bondage

A Submissive slut like me knows exactly what to expect when I’m all tied up and spread out! Master is a merciless torturer who really enjoys seeing fear in my eyes, when he sees me look like a sheep to slaughter his cock pulses with excitement. I learned a hard lesson about masters cruel appetite for my fear this week when I came over to help him around the house. Master told me I had to keep all the towels separated and I completely forgot like the dumb slut that I am. When he saw what I had done he spanked me good right over his lap with a belt like when I was a little girl. My pussy got wet while he lashed me, he was aware that I was enjoying it so he slapped me hard across the face and dragged me by the hair to the kitchen. I looked up at him with a wild fear in my eyes when I saw that he turned on the stove burner. He took my hand and held it to the flames making me scream at the top of my lungs. Master saw my fear and he rammed his cock in my mouth as he pushed me onto the floor. My hand throbbing and my mouth full of his big hard cock.

Submissive Whore Baseball Bat Abortions

Submissive WhoreMaster’s baseball bat crashed into my swollen belly again. He was on an abortion warpath because his condom had broken while he was fucking me and my period was late. Master didn’t want any buns in my oven, he said I wasn’t any good that way. He was going to beat me to a bloody pulp, or at least until the swell in my belly vanished and blood seeped out from between my thighs. Master was enjoying beating me, I could see how hard his cock was through his pants, and I knew he would want to fuck me like a monster later when I could barely breathe.

It was tragic, I knew I had to have submissive phone sex later but my jaw would probably be too fractured to speak. Master would force me to mutter through muted lips, endure the pain. Nothing made Master happier than seeing his worthless little fuck slut torture dolly in worlds of pain. Anything to make me scream, it was like the snuff call that would never end. I knew it would never end, he would never grant me the sweet release of death. My life was meant to be my living hell. I didn’t have time to think about it as he swung up again with the bat.

Submissive Phone Sex

Blindfolded Sumbissive Cumdump!

Bukkake Phone Sex

All the best things happen to me while I am tied up and spread out with my cunt exposed! Sir likes to toy with me the same way a lion stalks his prey before going in for the kill. He is an expert at tying all kinds of knots that leave me struggling to get free. I’m his, completely helpless to whatever torture makes his cock hard at the moment. This morning he left me tied up, blind folded and unattended for hours before I finally heard the sound of lots of footsteps, it sounded like at least 10 people were in the room. With the ball gag in my mouth I could say nothing as I heard them coming closer, it got quiet for a while but then I felt some hot liquid shooting all over my face, then another, then another and finally by the way it oozed down my cheeks, I figured out Sir must have invited some group of men over to cum on my face! It was so thrilling never knowing if they were going to use my holes or if they would just leave me there covered in cum!

Lacey Loves To Lick

2 Girl Phone Sex

Lacey loves to lick and I love to suck! She licks my pretty clit while I suck on her titties. We’ve been sexy girlfriends for a while now! She loves how submissive I can be and I love that little mean streak, especially the wet one between her thighs! When Lacey came over last night to play, she brought a friend for the first time! He was a heavy handed Dom with a sadistic streak and a rock hard cock, and Lacey seemed to love to suck him off. He didn’t let me suck his cock, he face fucked me against the wall.

From the time he first slid his throbbing dick down my throat until he was done using me, I was just a fuck puppet. Lacey was having a fucking blast, getting her pussy eaten while I was getting mine spanked with a hard leather strap. Every time I screamed out, Lacey would take a photo of me. While my thighs were getting beaten she laid her pretty tits over my face, and took a video.


“You’re a worthless piece of fucking meat, Tracy!” She sang out into the camera while he was carving his name into my thigh. “You’re worthless, and nothing you do will ever be enough. All you are is a dirty fuck hole to be used, and I’m going to make sure all you do is get filled up like a nasty cum dumpster. I’m going to keep men cumming in and out of here so you can have cum shooting in and leaking out of you. Don’t you get it? We were never girlfriends. I was using you to get dudes! And now I have as many as I’ll ever need!” Lacey laughed in my face as a big black cock slid into her pussy and made her moan. She was so horny, her drippy cunt had been running down her legs. I stared, wide eyed as my ass got a ten inch cock rammed balls deep into it, dry! I was a worthless whore, and nothing more.

XXX Bondage

S&M Video Whore

S&M Video

I would make my daughter the biggest S&M Video slave to date! My offspring really doesn’t get the whole Submissive bitch life yet? You would think she knows better by now! My daughter thinks she can dress slutty around the men in my husband’s office and get away with it! Teasing and never really giving them the time of day! She is such a disappointment and I have to correct her or I will be punished severely right beside her! Therefore, without hesitation my Husband and Master Came to me with an Idea! He had ten of his Master friends Gather and we would put on the biggest show for him and the camera crew.

My daughters ass would be thoroughly cleaned out and Mommy and her would create the hottest Mommy and daughter slave S&M Porn around. She was spanked until she cried out for mercy, Bound up like a pig in a blanket and fucked so hard she squealed like a a piggy slut! Her lesson would be taught one cock after another to remind her to be nice to men and serve them with her body!

A lesson that nine months later she would have proof of her dirty deeds! Truth is every one of them wanted her bareback and she begged to be filled as Mommy Robyn filled her ass with every toy I could find! How can you refuse a slave that wants cum filled and her mommy helping her?S&M Porn

I “Escaped” A Traffick Jam

Slave Training
I had a young, tight pussy the first time I was sold to another man and fucked sensless. It was such an intense experience, I don’t know if any retelling will do it justice, but I’m going to try. Blindfolded, and tied down, I was sweating. The room was warm. I could see the glow of candles around the edges of my blinder. My naked body shivered every single time his breath caressed the inside of my thigh.

I was terrified, but I’d been told if I begged him not to hurt me, he’d hurt me real bad. My innocent pussy was pooling drool on the sheets below me. He laughed when he saw, letting the flogger kiss over my soft skin again. He beat me hard. I tried not to cry out; the ball gag in my mouth really helped with that. He mounted me then, without grace. I lost my virginity to a man who’s face I never even saw.

I’ll never forget the way his cock ripped into me, and the way I screamed against the red rubber ring in my mouth. He slapped me, hard. I wasn’t supposed to scream.

I couldn’t help myself. I was rescued from a trafficking ring, and I’ve tried living a “normal” life. All I’ve gotten is three rugrats, and three failed marriages to abusive fuck face men because all I can do is serve. The therapists I used to go see say I have Stockholm syndrome.

I just want to be owned.
S&M Porn

Torture Dolly Tracy

S&M Porn
I love a little fucked up fantasy roleplay. Sometimes, my grandson comes over with a hefty little bag of snow. His goal is to numb me beyond oblivion while physically pummeling me into a pulp. I’m his play thing to string up from the ceiling and play whack a mole with. He turns me black and fucking blue, breaks my bones, and prolapses my old, dirty asshole.

I’ll do anything for my grandson. He’s only showing is old coke whore grandma how much he loves her; by violently fist fucking her on a live stream across the dark web. It makes my cunt runny the way he fucking demolishes my frail, old body. My saggy old hooker tits take a huge beating from his balled up fists and baseball bats alike. getting bludgeoned to the sound of the tip chime makes me cum harder than any man ever could have. I’m pleased to get pummeled to a pulp, for my pussy to get pounded and my prolapse to experience intense physical abuse. He makes me choke on his delicious cock!

This hot hate fuck fantasy fuels me up so bad, I cum every single time he calls. This is the sort of fucked up shit I’m in to, so try to keep up with this slutty, submissive sex drive. I’ll be a slave for my grandson any day of the week.
Torture Phone Sex

Cock worshiping the king with Company

submissive whore

My king loves when I am Cock worshiping with the company. He has a rule I must bring over a new friend at least once a week. I’m surely going to do whatever he wants to keep him happy. I don’t like to question daddy, so if he wants something, he’s going to get it at whatever cost. I like to lure my classmates since I have run thru my closest friends. I will bring over co-workers and even randoms I meet. I know I have to get the task done. If not, it is going to be hell to pay.

I don’t question daddy or his wants. Whatever daddy wants, he will get. Actually, he will be so angry I didn’t address him as king on this post, so I might get my ass handed to me. King loves to spread my legs and whip my clit with the sharpest nipple clamps ever. My body quivers and shakes as the pain settles and becomes part of my everyday routine.

Luckily when I bring a friend over, there’s a little less beating and more fucking for me. King loves when I fuck a slut up for him.

S&M Video: Newton’s Sadistic Nipple Cradle

S&M Video

I pretend that I’m a strong woman, but I’m really just a piece of slutty, submissive meat for my Master to use however it pleases him. Once I found out that my cunt poured a fucking river of bitch grease every time I got hurt, when I realized my submissive snatch responded to pain, I was done for. I never could keep my slutty fingers out of my slick little slit. Master has warned me not to touch his cunt without permission, but I woke up yesterday with my filthy fingers pumping pathetically in and out of my pussy.

I had gotten so horny I’d started finger fucking myself in my sleep! Well, Master caught me and I knew I’d pay dearly for my transgressional sins against His Pleasure. Master said we were going to make a hot S&M Video. He dragged me by my hair into his Chamber of Faith, as he called it. I had to put faith in the fact he wouldn’t kill me every time he forced me in for a punishment or play session. Master likes it rough, needs it rough. He bound me up, and attached needle tooth alligator clamps onto my sensitive, swollen nipples.

I cried out in pain; my cunt pulsed in pleasure. Master attached the weights, and started to swing a most sadistic Newton’s Cradle. And then…
Submissive Slut

my domme daddy



Phone sex specials

My domme daddy loves when I show him all my holes. He loves to fuck and use me whenever the mood strikes. I love that he likes to get naughty with me, and together we have some phone bones with other girls and enjoy some phone sex specials together. We pop a molly and get drunk and end up turning into party animals.

I like to get slapped across my face and love when he’s hurting me. I can feel my asshole bleed whenever he puts his rod in me. Whenever he dominant me in front of other girls, I get extra wet. I’m his total little cum rag and won’t ever say no to him.

I want him to beat me and fuck me. Take out all your frustrations on me.

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