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Sadist? Why yes I am!

S&M video

Master made an S&M video tonight about us. He set up a couple of small cameras and then brought me in. I was quickly blindfolded and bound to prevent me from seeing what was up his sleeve. He brought out all the big guns for tonight and he also had a live audience waiting to watch. First he brought the hook down from the ceiling and then wrenched my arms up until I was no longer on the floor. He then tied my lower legs to my thighs and then got to work. He started with the flogger, slapping all over my butt and backs of thighs. He then moved onto the whips. He whipped my back, ass and thighs. He was using each one in the collection and was striping me in different areas with each one. For the finale he brought out the fiberglass cane and whipped me so hard with t that I was bleeding all over my back, butt and legs. He then lowered me to the cold ground and slammed his hard cock in and out of me until he came. He then cut the ropes and released me. He rubbing some numbing cream on my wounds and dressed those that didn’t want to stop bleeding. My blindfold was removed and I was rewarded with a good girl in my ear and a kiss on the forehead

My DP Fuck Machine Punishment

Bondage and SubmissionI want to be a strong woman, but I am nothing but a submissive whore. I have found that I like the pain. I like pleasing my master, I like bringing him joy. I deserve every punishment that he has for me. I also have an insatiable appetite for orgasms. I have so much trouble keeping my hands off my master’s pussy. I often don’t ask permission before I play with it. And for that I know I will be punished, and I know that I must learn. I was caught by master pleasuring myself and he yanked me up by my hair and drug me to the punishment room. He pulled down my bra, attached clamps to my nipples and began pulling tightly until tears fell from my eyes. He then added weights to them. Next, he stuffed a ball gag in my mouth and tied my arms behind me. He left me there in pain while he retrieved his special punishment. I was in so much pain and my nipples were numb. My arms were bound so tightly that I could barely feel them. He walked in the room wheeling behind him and extreme DP fucking machine. He positioned me on top of it and turned it on. It was on a variety setting and with every turn on of the motor I did not know how long or hard that dildo would be rammed into my pussy. To add humiliation to my punishment he turned on the webcam to allow all his friends to watch as I was fucked nonstop for hours. I continued with orgasm after orgasm until my pussy was raw. He still didn’t stop the machine. He turned off the lights and left me there, with only the humming of the machine to think about how I had displeased my master.

Twisted sluts

hardcore bondageOnce we get a taste of hardcore bondage, we can’t get enough. We begin to crave it and need it every single day. It is apart of who we are as slave pets. My master is so proud when I take the initiative and make sluts pay. What does it exactly mean to pay? Well, master believes that we are brought to this earth as females and females deserve to pay to for the right to exist. How do they pay?

In pain, they pay of course. All for the amusement of men. Men watching pathetic whores be fucked and tortured. I enjoy beating a whore up til she is bloody and bruised; that is what the master enjoys, so that is what I will do. After I am done with the slut, it is my turn to take the pain.

He Made a Scat S&M Video

s&M video

Master made a very nasty scat S&M video of me. First, I was put in my fishnet body suit and gagged and bound with blue rope. My face was slapped and my ass whipped with a bamboo cane until I couldn’t cry anymore.  I was thrown in the shower and Master Pissed on me. Then each of my girls and my teen son came and pissed on this filthy P-mommy submissive. I had no clue what I had done, my mind replaying the things I could have been caught doing. The phones came out and my son and husband each took turns shitting on me. My ball gag was loosened so I could taste that ass hole covered with creamy shit. I have to say it was hot being a toilet slave.

I still do not know what I was punished with shit for, But I will submit any day of the week to make my men happy.scat phone sex

The other side


My master taught me there is a thin line between being a sub and a domme. I have made him very proud by gathering everything I have learned from him. I have shown my boss I can make sluts cry and beg. I can be the ultimate ruthless domme. I give out bare bottom spankings like no one’s business. I make sluts cry so much. I like slapping a slut and choking her till she can no longer take any more pain. The way her face is instantly black and blue makes me feel like I have done something right. I glance right over and see my boss rub his cock as I spit and slaughter this slut. I have no mercy, and I begin to fuck her till her asshole prolapses and shes on the ground barely moving. 

Bare bottom spankings

Can’t say no

2 girl phone sex2 girl phone sex is what I like when I need a friend to help me out. I am stingy and can surely handle my own. I can’t say no to my master. My pussy and asshole are bloody red from all the pounding they have gotten. I enjoy being his perfect slut. I will do whatever he says and more. I have become the dream accomplice. I have no limits and am willing to lure anyone and everyone in on our fun. I have made all his wishes my priority. I knew he was fond of my cousin Tabitha. A young slut barely legal. I knew he wanted her in our sex dungeon and I did just as he wished. I brought her over to our place of torture. I got her high and ready for the best painful fuck ever. I couldn’t wait to make him proud. This was the way to his heart. I was going to make master happy bringing over my cute cousin. I knew how to make his cock throb. Fucking her while she was intoxicated was such a turn on. I was watching him ruin her holes. I knew she was stone cold out. We went all in with light bondage and decided to pick up the tempo the next day. Our sex slut was here to stay.

light bondage

Submissive Whore Torture Show

submissive whoreHe wanted a submissive whore show. I knew what that meant. He wanted me to hurt myself, stretch my holes. I wanted to please him because if I didn’t please him, the punishment would be far worse than anything I could do to myself. I gathered my toys needed for such abuse. I started slow. If I hurt myself too much from the get go, I wouldn’t be able to last as long as I knew he wanted me to perform. I fucked my ass and cunt with a big, fat dildo. The kind of dildo that ruins fuck holes. I have had a lot of cock and fists up my fuck holes, so trust me when I say the dildo was double wide. When I fucked my ass, I knew the dildo would be covered in shit and blood. I licked it clean for his amusement. I stifled the urge to vomit from tasting my own shit and blood. His cock was hard, and he was moaning. That was a good sign that he was enjoying the show. Once my holes were gaped open, I started cutting my flesh with a razor blade. As blood tricked down my porcelain skin, I lit a fat stogie and burned my nipples and clit like a born submissive slut. The pain was awful, but I kept up a brave front for Master. He seemed please because before I could pierce my nipples with a long hat pin, he came all over my bloodied wounds. I will do anything to please you too.

promiscuous girl

s&m pornWith all the torture I endured I could be the poster slut for a s&m porn. I had to give my phone to my master. It was confiscated because it wouldn’t stop beeping. It was apparent someone else was trying to get my attention. As he opened my phone my heart sank. I was sure he was going to see a dozen messages from different me. I knew I was going to be examined and punished. I went and spread my legs for him. I even had a fresh batch of jizz inside from lunchtime. I was in serious shit. I was going to get my body tortured for being a complete slut. My holes were stretched since I liked being a fuck slut. I was going to get used and abused. I learned my lesson after that. I won’t entertain guys, and I won’t fuck anyone unless I am told I can by the master. I will never disobey him again.

s&m video slut

s&m videoIt was time for the world to see what a slave pet I was. I have been my old bosses slave slut for an over a year now, and I needed to prove to him that I was all in on this new lifestyle. My family noticed a massive change in me. They wondered why I was so reclusive and isolated. I was being trained and was being a good slut. I couldn’t explain that to them, so I tried my best to avoid them. Over time I could no longer hide the fact. I had to give my all to my owner and show him I am not ashamed to be his slave. I was going to be in a video. In that video, I had to admit openly and publicly that I am a worthless slut and I have foud my true calling. I know it would make no sense but knowing every single person I know would finally hear it from my mouth was making me excited. It is so sinister that me admitting that I am a subby slut would make me happy and horny. I like being owned, and I especially love being treated like a worthless piece of shit.


It was show time and I was ready to reveal. I was going to do it in a true sub fashion. I was going to be roped up and of course my master would have a huge hitachi on my clit. Not only was it tingling but he also had a sharp anal beads in my asshole ruining my bumhole. I could feel my ass get raw and start trickling blood. I was ready to recite my statement. I looked at the camera and told them I was never to be free because this is where I belong. I’m a slave slut that will never do a thing without my masters permission.

Submissive slut On display

submissive slut Round two here it comes. I am the submissive slut on display. My master loves show and tell and I always seem to be the one he is bribing about. He loves to show and tell all his best buds that I am a filthy whore that will take his piss and cum and spit everywhere and anywhere. He has a blast humilating me and making me feel like the torture slut I am. Lately he has gotten super greedy with my holes. Before anyone could cum on my face and fuck my holes. Lately its all about him. I thought perhaps my master was falling for me. Who am I kidding? I am his property and will always be his punching bag. He loves putting me on display and showing me off regardless. It makes him feel mighty and in charge when he does.

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