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Torture phone sex punish your naughty slut.

Torture phone sex

     Torture phone sex punish your naughty slut. I need it. Put those clothes pins on the cunt. As shown above you can clearly see that I like it. Makes me wet. Smack that cunt. I was a disobedient slave. Need the whip. Use the cat-o-nine. In the long wrong I was very naughty. Tell me you like torture. In fact, tell me everything you like so that I may please you.

For the most part I obey. From time to time, I will disobey. This way I get punished and tortured. Immediately upon the pain I get wet. The cum juices will coat my legs, go between my ass cheeks. Pool around the asshole. Begging you to fuck it. Anal pain is what I need to be punished with besides the clothes pins. Wooden clothes pin will cause splinters into my tender bits. Submissive slut

Whereas metal will conduct electricity better. What level of pain would you like. All in all, they get me as wet as possible. Further on down the road we will continue the torture lessons. You do need to keep your Submissive slut in line. 

In the long run when I do step out of line, I will know that you are going to make it hurt. I like the pain. Obviously, when you get hard gets me horny too. I will quickly come to you on bended knee. Anything you command. I am yours.


Submissive Slave Training and Rough Gangbang for Slut Naomi

Gang Fuck for my Submissive Slave Training

Daddy wants me to prove that my submissive slave training is working. And the best way to show off what a broken little cum dump I am is to let his sadistic friends get full control over me. I’m on my knees while someone holds my hands behind my back. I can’t see anything around me with the giant cock pushing down my throat.slave training My eyes are watering. From the dick that’s choking me and the hand slapping my tits hard. You told me to take care of your friends and that’s all that matters to me. I submit to my superiors like the good obedient slut you trained.

The cock pulls out of my throat and I gasp to catch my breath before another random dick gets pushed into my mouth. Their hands are spreading my legs apart. Slapping my thighs and my ass and tits at random. You love hearing my little squeals while they smack me until my skin is as red as my face is. The person holding my hands behind my back yanks me up by my wrists. I can feel his hard cock pressing against my ass. He pushes my head forward so that I’m bending over. You’re stroking your big cock right in front of me and I want to make you proud. I beg for the submissive sex.

Rough Submissive Sex for Your Pathetic Whore Naomi

I lean forward to slide your cock in my mouth while I feel his cock pushing into my asshole. I want to scream when that huge dick pushes in. But the cock in my mouth muffles it. He let my hands go and now too cocks are in my hands instead. I keep pumping those cocks while I submit to my bdsm submission. The wet cock in my mouth slaps against my face instead and he tells me to beg for his cum. I look up to you master and ask you to please give me your cum. I stick my tongue out like a good girl and look up at you begging for your cum.

Submissive slut is what I am and slave is what I want to be!

Submissive slut

Submissive slut is what I am and slave is what I want to be! I crave the pain, the humiliation, the degradation from the moment I am awake, to well into my dreams. I want to be used, abused, and treated like the worthless piece of trash that I am. And so, I find those who could fulfill my lustful black hole of desire.

My pussy salviates for pleasure that only a true Master can provide. I need a Master who will take control of me, who will dominate me, who will make me his. A Master who will give me the torture I so desperately crave. The man who will push me to my limits, who will make me bleed, who will make me his.

I’ve always known that I was different, that I wasn’t like the other girls. While they dreamed of love and romance, I fantasized about being tied up, gagged, and used like the dirty little slut I am. I wanted to be dominated, to be taken, to be owned. And so, I embraced my true nature, and I became the submissive whore I was always meant to be.

In fact, My body is a temple of pleasure, a vessel for the desires of my Master. I want him to use every inch of me, to take me in ways that make me scream and beg for my Mommy. I want him to push me to my limits, to make me bleed. Use your thickest whip on me, followed by the spiked paddle. When I say I want to beg, I really mean it. Make me beg for my pathetic life.

I crave the Submissive sex that will leave me sore and aching, the kind of sex that will make me bleed and leave me begging for more. Please let me be your plaything, your toy, your property, and forever be your willing slave. And when I’m not being used, I want to be tied up, gagged and hung from your meat for hours. I want to be your prisoner, with all the pain and punishment that comes with that title.

Above all, I am here to serve you, to please you, to be your willing slave. I am here to submit every inch of my body to your hard throbbing cock. You can give me the kind of Slave training that will make me suffer every second and I will forever be your willing slave. So, come and take me, Master. Use me, abuse me, make me your own. I am yours to command, yours to control, yours to own.


Jacqueline’s Latest Bondage S&M Experience

 Bondage S&MThe wildest Bondage S&M experience I’ve ever had was at a BDSM club. My partner tied me up spread eagle style on the St Andrew’s cross, completely naked and vulnerable. He whipped my ass until it stung but not enough to draw blood, then moved down to tease my pussy with his tongue before fingering me roughly.

As he worked me up into a frenzy, another man approached from behind and started rubbing his cock against my asshole – which was still sore from earlier anal play! They took turns using both holes until they were satisfied; one even cumming inside of me while the other watched intently.

It was intense yet exhilarating at the same time – knowing that these two strangers could do whatever they wanted with no regard for my feelings or limits made every inch of skin tingle with anticipation…and lust!

…and when they were done using me, they left me there bound and exposed for all to see. I couldn’t help but feel both humiliated and turned on by the experience. As people walked past, some would run their hands over my body or slap my ass cheeks playfully while others just stared in awe at this broken little slut who had given herself so completely to them.

It was one of those moments where you question your sanity but know deep down that you’d do it again in a heartbeat because the thrill is simply unmatched! I love being a submissive slut for anyone who is down to play with me. My body can be used as a playground. The more you push me to pain, the more you will love how my pussy feels when you fuck my brains out after you’ve made me your bondage slut through and through. Let me give it to you while you give it all to me!

S&M video that’s right film me my Dom.

S&M video S&M video that’s right film me my Dominant master. Pick someone you would like to see fuck me. Film it so that we may watch the video later. After all, with you as the film director and telling me what to do and him how to abuse me it is sure to be hot.

     In fact, you could be the one to chain me to the chain-link fence as shown above. At the same time making sure that bonds are tight and that there is no way for me to escape. To be sure that there are many different positions that leave enough slack in the chains to turn me around.

     The most compelling evidence that I want this is how wet my pussy is getting just chatting about it. How about it my big man? Let us watch some S&M porn together. It will give us a great idea for when we make our own film.

     It must be remembered that you need to like it most of all. After all I live to serve you and that is what I want to do. Making a film that will get you off constantly needs to be sexy and soft at the same time as hard and erotic.

     In summary what you want, you get, for now and forever for I will always be your little slut whore.

Taking It To a Hardcore Bondage Level

Things took a turn into hardcore bondage between us recently and I have been wet ever since that night. As I lay bound and gagged, my heart races with anticipation for what’s to come. The rough ropes dig into my skin, leaving behind a sting that only serves to heighten the sensations coursing through me. My body is on edge and my cunt is throbbing and wet.  I feel the weight of his presence looming over me – his dominance palpable in every move he makes. He’s taken control of this situation, and I am helpless under his command.

We lay there naked as your fingers thrust inside me.  Then out of nowhere you take me by the hand to the basement and you put me onto this newly built wall. Suspending my naked body in the air.  Playing with my clit in between tying my limbs tHardcore bondageo it.

As if reading my thoughts,  you stars tugging at the knots binding me tighter than before – making sure there’s no escape from the bad things you have in mind tonight.  It hurts but also feels so good – like an exquisite pain that only amplifies how bad I want and need your cock in me. I keep telling you this  when you finally pulls out a ball gag from nowhere and forces it into my mouth which shut up my questions. The rougher you get the harder your cock becomes.

With each thrust against me later on (and trust me there were many), I could feel how much control you had over both our bodies – how completely submissive I The next morning, as we lay tangled in each other’s limbs and remnants of our bondage gear scattered around us like discarded confetti from a raucous party, I couldn’t stop thinking about when we would do it again.

S&M porn sticks and stones, whips and chains…

  S&M porn   S&M Porn sticks and stones, whips and chains…they may break my bones, but they get the juices flowing. Sticks and stones lover. Take me to task. Use those sticks on this ass. As shown above chains and a crop. Head tilted back.

     Come at me from behind. Suspend from the ceiling. Use me abuse me. Fuck me. Give it to me baby huh uh. Spicy. Saucy. Little fucking whore that will do anything commanded. Get wet on the order. Cum when you say. Beg for the whip. Please oh please blister my ass red with the crop.

     As long as you get hard and cum on me, I will be the happiest Submissive Whore you could ever possibly ask for. Listening to your every command. Looking up at you. Pleading with you to hurt me just a little bit more. Knowing that pain is a pleasure watch those videos with me. Make the porn with me. Subject me to the nastiest porn that you can.

     Watch me get. We will play the porn to the extreme. Now hurt me until you finally cum.

Bare bottom spankings

Bare bottom spankings

You know what one of my favorite sexual past times is? I love bare bottom spankings. When I’m such a bad, naughty girl, you love to bend me over your big strong knee and just let me have it. You have some strong knees and strong hands as well. With every single spank and hand slap that you give me, I let out a whimper and a jolt.

                After you are done spanking me over your knee, you take me to the basement where you hook me up to chains on the wall, with me facing the wall. You cut my panties off, leaving me bare and vulnerable. My legs are spread apart as well. I can feel my pussy start to tingle as I await your hand on my nice, round, plump ass. I feel that first hand smack and my ass jiggle with the force.

                You spank me over and over, using your hands, paddles, and floggers. After I count ten good, hard spanks, I lose count. The pain feels so good that I can’t help but to cum. After two amazing orgasms, you unchain me from the wall and I fall to the ground from being weak at the knees.

Bondage S and M Submissive Whore Lovere’

As a Bondage S&M sex slut, I’ve experienced all kinds of kinky shit, baby! My body is a temple for pain and pleasure, and my cunt is the ultimate playground for filthy cocks. I’ve been fucked hard in every hole imaginable – my pussy gets stretched to its limits by massive dicks that make me scream with delight as they fill me up.

Bondage s and mMy ass cheeks have been slapped so red from being spanked that they sting like hell afterwards but it only makes me want more. And let’s not forget about the bondage sessions where I’m tied up like a piece of meat waiting to be devoured by some horny bastard who knows just how to work his way into my aching holes.

My cunt is the definition of a sloppy wet mess when I get going; juices dripping down my thighs as eager cocks plunge in and out of me over and over again. It takes real skill to handle this little slut hole because it craves rough treatment but also needs tender loving care afterward.

The smell of sweat mixed with sex ling ers in the air whenever I’m getting fucked is intoxicating, and the feeling of being completely owned by my partner during these sessions is indescribable. My cunt pulsates around a throbbing hard cock like a second heartbeat, begging for more as they push deeper inside me. The taste of cum on my tongue after being face-fucked or rimmed is like an aphrodisiac; it only makes me want to suck dick even harder next time around.

Submissive Whore gets caught masturbating without permission

Submissive Whore Daddy came by and shot a huge load inside of the best friend of his Submissive Whore… Sir, was so upset when he got home and walked into me and my best friend mutually masturbating while watching clips of Daddy milking my tits. Master has a strict rule that I am not allowed to touch my Young bald pussy if he is not present. I tried explaining that we had gotten so turned on reminiscing about Sir, and became extremely impatient waiting for him to get home… Our pussies were helplessly pulsing to the sound of Daddy’s stern voice as he laid me out on the milking table and tugged at my breasts. No explanation could satisfy Master, a rule breaker is a rule breaker and deserves nothing more than Bare bottom spankings or as Master would call it an ass whooping.

I had to bend over Daddy’s knee and take his leather belt to my ass several times… He spat into the palm of his hand and lathered my cunt up so that my Best friend could plow through my Wet bald pussy. A massive dildo shoved balls deep inside me for hours, slamming in and out of me without any mercy was only part of the torture I had to endure. That wasn’t it, Master made me do the same to my best friend… Our pussies were swollen and beet red by the time Sir allowed us to take a break.

Afterward, he had us rub our bald slits together while he sat back and jerked his dick. When he became extremely stimulated he made us lay on top of one another so that our pussies were overlapping and jammed back and forth between the two of our pussies. Master was being very indecisive as to who would be deserving of his load. We pleaded and begged pick me, pick me until Daddy released his load inside of my best friend. He told me I wasn’t deserving of his cum and instead made me feel his load drool out of her cunt and run down my slit.

This Submissive slut is on Master’s naughty list.