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My Master Likes To Sign Me Up For Gangbangs

Gangbang phone sexMy Master loves Gangbang phone sex and loves it when I get gangbanged. He is always inviting guys over for a gangbang and guess who gets ran through until cum starts leaking out of her pussy, asshole and mouth. Yeah, who else, me! My Master says he loves the look on my face when I am taking a cock in my asshole, pussy and mouth at the same time. He loves to watch these guys cum on my face and titties and smack me across the face if I start to pass out. He loves to watch me scream while I am orgasming from getting fucked by ten guys in a row, He loves to watch me cry when they tear my asshole apart. He loves getting me all dressed and made up just to watch these guys rip my clothes off and smear my makeup by wiping their cocks and cumming all over my face and  titties. I’m a good little submissive whore so I do it to make my Master happy. And I love getting fucked by all those cocks too. 

I’m such a lucky little slut.

i will always be a submissive slut

submissive slut

I escaped my master, thinking I would find comfort in a doormat. I planned to leave and stop being his submissive slut he took advantage of and made his slave.

I wanted out but couldn’t see that I was forever a submissive bitch. It took me a couple of monotonous, dull days to come crawling back, begging for forgiveness. The truth is being a switch is a lie and being able to transform from one way to another is also total bs.

The pain and the humiliation I began to crave and need. Once I came back with my tail between my legs, my master made sure I knew I had hell to pay.

Of course, he fucked me up, but he also made me cum a dozen times. Leaving him for a subby man was never going to work out and was proof of my coming back.

Rape Fantasy

Rape Phone Sex fantasies Jacqueline

Daddy phone sex always sooths me when I’m horny as fuck. Which, let’s be honest- is ALL the time. Jus reminiscing on it makes me feel how soaking wet my thong is getting. I’m a bitch that dominates no matter what the setting. Daddy makes me his submissive little fucktoy and it gets me deeper into my nasty side. Every time I listen to daddy he gives me that hard fat cock. I’m into the rough shit. I’ve never been a gentle girl and couldn’t imagine getting fucked in the same boring missionary position every night. What spots would you even be hitting? I need a man to fuck every hole he sees even after I beg him to stop. I don’t care if I’m crying- I want you to tie me up even pin me against the wall. Daddy rip my wet panties off of my body fist me with both hands- one in each hole. Bite my nipples and spank my ass with a riding crop. All I ever want is to be daddy’s little girl that always pleases him.

cum eating phone sex trio

Cum eating phone sex

My friends and I put on a threesome scene for daddy. We love to ruin each other up for his pleasure. Daddy gives us so much coke and crystal meth to get all fucked up and horny and wet. We go so long fucking. Daddy likes to watch us rub each other and ruin each other.

Cum eating phone sex is hot. We love bukkake whores too. Run a train on us and compare us all to the next. See which one is delivering the best.

There’s nothing more than a girl who wants to be the center of attention. Who can make you shoot the best? I want to be the one to make that cum shoot. We will try to outshine each other.

Consent Non Consent

Submissive sex

“Please daddy no more “I begged as he rammed his massive black cock inside of me. I’m so small that the overbearing weight of a grown man holding down my tiny body makes it impossible to escape. I had no choice but to lay there and open my legs more to allow him to assault my virgin asshole. My pussy started tingling from the submissive sex anal busting that I was receiving. I wanted his sludge-covered cock in my filthy nigger pussy. I try not to moan but feeling his stomach massage my clip as he rammed into my ass hole felt so good! I started thrusting my hips at my abuser until my pussy almost exploded all over his stomach. I love didn’t want him to fill me with jizz but my rectum getting painted white sent me over the edge! I felt my juices trickling down my thigh as his massive cock flopped out of my blown out asshole.

S&m porn addict

s&m porn


I dated an S&m porn addict. It was a complete shock to be put under that type of scrutiny. All I ever did wasn’t good enough, and it always left him feeling a surge of rage throughout his body. One day I was trying to spice things up between us. I took a little longer in the bathroom, trying lingerie and different undies. My purpose was to be the hottest slut for him. Instead, it backed fired because he grew suspicious and began knocking down the door. He didn’t even let me have e the decency to answer him. Instead, he barged into the bathroom and began to beat me bloody and use me up while I begged him not to kill me.

Master Owns My Girls!

Extreme Bondage

Master violated my girls right in front of me again! Master told me to get all dressed up and I automatically thought he would be taking me out for a romantic date but I was terribly mistaken. Master showed up with ten of his friends and gangbanged my sweet little angels while I was tied up on the couch. I watched them get their tight little holes filled with cock, those men couldn’t get enough! They fucked my daughters faces and taught them how to gag on a dick while getting pounded deeply from behind. I couldn’t help that my pussy got soaking wet watching my little angels get cum dumped and completely filled with cock in every hole! Seeing them get fucked like little cum whores with their cunts pulsating hard around those massive dicks made me so fucking wet!

Extreme fetish phone sex with slutty whore

Today I found myself flooded with cum and then tossed aside to another group of guys, it was Extreme fetish phone sex and I was ready to have a use for the evening that didn’t involve being abused by my daddy. Jerking and slurping and having my everything stuffed with thick dick so hard and filling I could still feel them even when they pulled out from how far I was stretched. It was more like a song of lust orchestrated on my pretty young body than any normal sex. Afterwards I was told to stay and blow the whole band and their massive cocks. As a slave I’d never be able to say no to such a set of Erotic submissive stories, in fact, I liked that image so much I closed my eyes to pretend that’s what was happening, that these studs were grateful musicians or artists or maybe even football players and not some trailer trash my master took some cash from to use me as a fuck toy for the evening, only proficient in the instrument of my body and my moans. My fantasies were not very long-lived, a slap to my cheek woke me from them almost instantly, only for my eyes to widen when I saw that what hit me wasn’t a hand at all but a cock so enormous, so powerful, that I knew whatever sperm it managed to shoot – if I even survived the fuck that was about to happen – would be strong enough to give an infertile slut triplets. I’d have to be careful and try to satisfy him with my lips. The first struggle was going to be figuring out a way to fit that thing in my mouth to begin with, and the second was going to be having space left on my face after his cum overflowed out my nose for the rest of this group to add to the massive facial I was about to receive. I opened wide and got ready for some super slutty, fucked up and fantastic Bukkake phone sex with a dick so wide my sopping cunt hurt just thinking about it.

prostate milking side biz

prostate milking

My friend Rosie and I ended up doing a side business that proved to be lucrative. We would cater to men who love to beat the shit out of us with paddles and like to be dominant with us. We both have high pain tolerances and can make any man enjoy the pleasures of prostate milking. If you haven’t had your prostate milked yet, you are missing out big time. 

 Our job is to make you take out all your frustrations and end up relaxing and winding down by letting us both gives you tender massages and worshiping kisses.  We both will then tease you and make that prostate feel so good. I’m great at stuffing my tongue and fingers, and Rosie loves to use her toys. When we finish getting you milked, we clean up the mess.

I am his property

light bondage

I have to say light bondage was one of my favorite times with one of my exes. It became too easy for me, so I had to let him go and be with someone who could beat the living daylights.

I crave abuse, and it’s what gets my cunt all wet. When a guy uses me and throws me to the side and makes me watch him get intimate with other girls, it does something to me.

Yes, I am jealous and furious, but I know not to cause a scene and to enjoy myself by realizing how lucky I am to serve a man.

I have bruises all over and marks, and I am branded head to toe most subtly. Once I am fully nude, you will see I am his property.