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I am his property

light bondage

I have to say light bondage was one of my favorite times with one of my exes. It became too easy for me, so I had to let him go and be with someone who could beat the living daylights.

I crave abuse, and it’s what gets my cunt all wet. When a guy uses me and throws me to the side and makes me watch him get intimate with other girls, it does something to me.

Yes, I am jealous and furious, but I know not to cause a scene and to enjoy myself by realizing how lucky I am to serve a man.

I have bruises all over and marks, and I am branded head to toe most subtly. Once I am fully nude, you will see I am his property.

Daddy threw me out

slave training

My slutty tattoo got me in so much trouble. I keep getting them, and daddy has sworn me off. I love the ink hitting my body and making me feel like a trashy whore. Even though I was raised in one of the wealthiest zip codes and given a life most can always dream of, I turned out to have daddy issues cause I never got the attention I so desperately craved.

Daddy can throw me out all he wants, but he knows I will go whatever I want. Right now, I want to get high and become my boyfriend’s slave training cum slut.

I enjoy him telling me what to do and ensuring I get all his jizz whenever he needs release.

I Crave Master’s Punishment!

Submissive Whore

When master is really upset with me he likes to tie me up in the shower and whip me into submission with his favorite leather belt! I’m not sure what set him off but It doesn’t really matter, I know I deserve his punishment whenever he decides to give it to me. I found myself bound by the wrists standing in the slippery shower when he turned on the water, hot, so hot my skin turned red. Just as I cried out he turned the water to cold and let it run on me until I was shivering and my nipples were so hard. Then came the belt, lashing my cold skin and snapping me all over leaving angry red marks all over. I knew what was coming next, the water shut off and suddenly I was being filled with master’s hard throbbing cock. He pounded me from behind, making me cum on his dick before he shoved it in my ass only to release a hot heavy load.

I’m Master’s Fuck Hole!

Cum Slut Phone Sex

Master was upset with me today, He came all over my face and told me to let it dry my eyes closed! I was tied up and waiting for my master to use me when I felt the flogger roughly hitting my ass cheeks turning them red. I could tell master was in a mood to punish me, I could have sworn I had done everything just like he asked me but apparently that was not good enough. He grabbed me by the throat and slammed my face into his cock forcefully fucking my mouth. I had no choice but to swallow around his cock and gag as he used my face as a fuck hole. Master released a hot load right over my eyes and told me ‘Don’t Move’, I heard the door slam and knew it would be a while before he came back to clean me up or untie me.

i know the rules now i get bare bottom spankings

bare bottom spankings

My ass needs some bare bottom spankings. I have gone against daddy and have had a one-night stand without his approval. I know the rules, and I know the repercussions. I’m about to get fucked like a dumb cum slut in my asshole. Daddy will slap my ass with a giant paddle, and that’s only the beginning. I’m going to have to endure so much pain. It is no surprise daddy has his rules and his punishments for me. Im well aware that my ass needs to be destroyed in every way. That’s the way it is, and if I’m going to be hurt, I will enjoy it now I know the trick. My pussy gets so wet whenever I see that belt and paddles. Each time I take things to the next level, my payback is even more excruciating.

I Lived Your Rape Fantasy

Rape phone sex fantasies


Have some rape phone sex fantasies swirling around in that fucked up brain of yours?  Well here’s one for you…  This is what a girl looks like when she knows she’s about to get raped but can’t do a single thing about it.  I knew I wasn’t going to get through the night without letting this sleazebag use me and run deep inside of me as much as he wants.  The look on my pretty face in this picture is a look of resignation, but I wasn’t scared, I was already disgusted at what I knew was about to happen to me.

Yeah, I’m a super submissive cum slut who loves to please her master, but if I get the feeling that something’s off, I safeword up and peace out of that motherfucker in a heartbeat.  I love abuse, but it has to be the right kind from the right person, and I could tell from the get go that I didn’t want anything to do with Maestro Miguel.

Everything was off about him, smarmy smile, chaotic vibe, even his smell wasn’t quite right.  I wasn’t in the room for five minutes before I told the guys I didn’t think it was going to work out and tried to leave.  They just laughed and kept saying that it would be okay and that they knew what they were doing.  They convinced me to take a seat and try to relax, so I sat and started rolling a joint.  They started making jokes in Spanish, I really should’ve paid more attention in school.  If I had I might’ve known that they were obviously talking about what they were going to do to me.

When they started snapping pictures, my heart picked up pace and began pounding hard.  I didn’t even spark the J, just tried to get up to go, but was held in place by Miguel’s forceful grasp.  I was a little surprised when he slapped the taste out of my mouth and told me I wasn’t going anywhere in plain English.  I didn’t struggle, didn’t even cry.  Experience has taught me that they like it more, so I just laid there on the musty old couch and took his long, thin prick like the champ I am, staring him in his stupid face as he pounded into me.

Luckily he was one of those rapists who are so horny that they don’t last long and he horked his horchata inside of my pink pussy in three minutes, tops.  Unluckily, though, his friends had way thicker cocks and lasted much longer.  That’s when the tears started flowing and I could no longer contain my screams.  


Bondage Whore Bo

bondage whore

Master has really been into bondage S&M lately. He’s been putting me on my hands and knees, tying my wrists behind my back, and spanking me. Sometimes, he just spanks me with his open hand. The feeling of his hand coming down hard on my bare flesh makes my pussy wet. I can’t let him know that, though, or he will stop doing it. I’ve learned that lesson the hard way before. I can feel my ass jiggle when he spanks me and for some reason that is what sends me over the edge, and I need to be fucked.

I usually know what to say to Master to get him to fuck me hard. He thinks he’s punishing me by being rough, but what he doesn’t know is that I love it. It makes me cum really hard, but I can never let him know that I’m having an orgasm, or he’d stop fucking my pussy. As he likes to point out, I have multiple holes for him to use. Do you want to hear more about how Master uses me? Or maybe you want to tell me how you would make me your submissive whore. I’d love to bow down to you.

Bondage whore deserves pain

bondage whore

I’m a spoiled brat, and I always flaunt my privilege. One day I took it way too far; I made fun of the wrong guy. I called a mechanic a grease monkey, and he made sure to get his revenge on me. I knew I had it coming by the look on his face when he spilled oil all over the interior of my gle Mercedes. I was pist, and he had to tell me the truth because the shop had its rules. Most normal people would let it be and not say anything about it. It’s only grease and can get fixed. Still, I was mad it was a brand new car from daddy, and I couldn’t stand that it had an oil spill. I snickered and called him a loser grease monkey who couldn’t do his job right. I got over it, but he didn’t because I had a visitor who made me their bondage whore that very same night. The grease monkey himself found my address through the shop, got his revenge, beat me mercilessly, and fucked me till he had his nut.

Master and His Machine!

BDSM Phone Sex

Master loves torturing my cunt in so many delicious ways! Being the perfect submissive whore for my dominant Master daddy is what really gives my whole life purpose, I love making my Master cum hard. Master loves training me and pushing me to the brink of insanity with his punishments. My only reason to live is to be Masters hot little cum dump who services all his desires and fucks anyone he tells me to. When I’m a good little submissive whore, Master sometimes rewards me with a hard fucking on his machine, he straps me down, places the dildo head against my ass and a vibrator on my clit before he slowly turns up the settings. Master loves watching me go wild, seeing me squirt helplessly and cum so violently I nearly pass out!

Bondage Whore

Master’s Cruel Moods!

Hardcore Bondage

A Submissive slut like me knows exactly what to expect when I’m all tied up and spread out! Master is a merciless torturer who really enjoys seeing fear in my eyes, when he sees me look like a sheep to slaughter his cock pulses with excitement. I learned a hard lesson about masters cruel appetite for my fear this week when I came over to help him around the house. Master told me I had to keep all the towels separated and I completely forgot like the dumb slut that I am. When he saw what I had done he spanked me good right over his lap with a belt like when I was a little girl. My pussy got wet while he lashed me, he was aware that I was enjoying it so he slapped me hard across the face and dragged me by the hair to the kitchen. I looked up at him with a wild fear in my eyes when I saw that he turned on the stove burner. He took my hand and held it to the flames making me scream at the top of my lungs. Master saw my fear and he rammed his cock in my mouth as he pushed me onto the floor. My hand throbbing and my mouth full of his big hard cock.

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