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Slave Training After Caught On Bondage Phone Sex By Master

Slave training for me is what I look forward to. I am stuck in my cage while my master is at work, he only lets me out for Slave training or punishments.

Slave training

Sometimes I would break some rules so he would let me out. My master left and I decided to get on Bondage phone sex so I can hear erotic bondage stories while I watch S&M porn. My master had given me Bare bottom spankings and had gotten Prostate milking from me but not once touched my cunt. I was fingers deep in my cunt while hearing Erotic bondage stories when master walked in. As soon as he saw me, I knew I would be punished, and it excited me. He grabbed me by the neck and asked me what I was doing out of the cage. He tied my hands behind my back and slapped my face a few times until I fell to the ground. That is when he climbed on top of me, spread my ass and shoved his cock in me. While he fucked my asshole, he gave me bare bottom spankings telling he is the only one who is allowed to touch my cunt. He fucked me hard until my body shook and I came so hard. That is when he filled my asshole up and made me crawl back into my cage. I went to sleep satisfied and sore. 

Submissive Whore Gives Master Some Prostate Milking

Prostate milking was what I had for dinner. My master loves Cock worshiping and Bondage and submission. Tonight, he tied my hands and the rest of the rope he tied around my neck making a noose he held on to it as he climbed my face. When he gets cock worshiping from me it gets my pussy wet but i couldn’t reach down without making the rope tighter on my neck. He rubbed his cock all over my face making it hard, quickly I sucked it into my mouth and the master moaned out with pleasure. It made my cunt even more juicy but i still couldn’t touch it, master likes to torture me. He scooted up, grinding his balls on my face, until his asshole was right on my face.

Prostate milking

I knew that meant he wanted some prostate milking and I love to please my master. It is my job as a submissive whore, so I stuck my tongue right on his asshole and licked hard and fast. I could feel he was jacking his cock off on my face as I wiggled my tongue on his prostate hard making sure I would get every drop out of his balls. He started pulling on the noose around my neck as he grinded his asshole on my mouth. I could barely breathe. I thought I was going to pass out and that is when my master’s body tensed up and he started splashing cum all on my head and face. He was so spent from the prostate milking he just left me tied up with a face full of cum when he went to bed.

Submissive Whore in and out of the Office for My master

submissive whoreI was hired to be a submissive whore in the office. My master paid for my paralegal school education, set me and my offspring up in a nice house I could never afford. Twenty years later, I am still his part-time paralegal and full-time whore. I love our arrangement. His wife has never caught on either. She just thinks I am a single mother down on her luck and her husband was my white knight. That is true, but there is more to it that she will never know about. He is old enough to be my father, but like many men he loves a younger plaything. He is older now and his cock does not work like it once did. But some days that old dick still has some life in it. It just needs the right motivation like seeing me tied to my office chair. I am my master’s bondage whore. He has long loved tying me up, but with his arthritis now it is more challenging. He is on some new medicine, and I swear his extremities are like those of a 30 something old man, not one close to 70. He tied me up to my office desk this morning. Thursdays are my day in the office with him now. I went from full-time, to part-time to once a week. This morning he was new man, so I was in trouble. I have gotten complacent with his old body. Now, I have rope burns on my wrists, boobs and ankles. I also have the nasty taste of his old spunk in my mouth. Seeing me all tied up like that brought new life to his old cock too. As his slave, I must be ready for cock worshiping at any time. I was not ready, but I was tied up with no where to go. I had plenty of time to blow his old dick a few times until his balls were drained. He was backed up. The power of modern medicine has revived my old master and the jury is still out if that is good or bad for me.

S&m porn addict

s&m porn


I dated an S&m porn addict. It was a complete shock to be put under that type of scrutiny. All I ever did wasn’t good enough, and it always left him feeling a surge of rage throughout his body. One day I was trying to spice things up between us. I took a little longer in the bathroom, trying lingerie and different undies. My purpose was to be the hottest slut for him. Instead, it backed fired because he grew suspicious and began knocking down the door. He didn’t even let me have e the decency to answer him. Instead, he barged into the bathroom and began to beat me bloody and use me up while I begged him not to kill me.

Extreme bondage and submission

Extreme Bondage Jacqueline

I’m the whore that needs to be put in her place, let me know what a slut I am and what my pussy is truly meant for. The big tits aren’t made to be hidden-they are meant to have a cock shoved right up between them or to be sucked on by that fucking hungry mouth of yours. My mother raised me to be a proper whore with all the men she always had passing through the home. No cock left untouched and no hole left un-fucked. She use to kiss me to “give me a taste” before the next time the same man came around. That is what started my lessons to being a submissive whore. My mother sat me down and tied me up-I couldn’t blame her-he was handsome and that cock sure was huge!! So I did what mamas good young slut would do-I gagged on his cock until his load blew all over me and was ready for the next round!


Cock Worshiping is Not Always Enough to Drain Old Balls

cock worshipingAt my age, I know all about cock worshiping. I have been sucking cock since I was wearing little nylon panties in pastel colors with days of the week on them. I know how to polish a nob. I took care of my father’s cock, then my husband’s cock and now my master’s cock. His cock does not work like it once did, however. I had to go into the office yesterday to help him. I thought I was helping him type up some legal documents. I am his part-time help now that he is semi-retired. But he needed help cumming. He took a Viagra so he could masturbate, but when he could not cum after an hour of trying, he summoned his submissive whore to the office. I never minded his cock when I was younger. I still do not really mind it, but with age comes erection issues. I have sucked his cock for hours before to get maybe a couple drops of spooge out of his old penis. Most days, he smells musky like he has old moth balls or something, LOL. I was not ready to hurt my jaws again trying to find water in the desert. But I am still an owned bitch, and I need to do what I am told to do. I brought lube and muscle relaxers in case this was a marathon cock sucking event. With an old dick, that is usually the case. I could tell master was backed up. His balls were heavy and felt as if they could burst at any moment. I knew what was required of me to drain his balls. Cock sucking alone would not be enough. I needed to combine cock sucking with prostate milking. Not something I love, but an expectation when you have a much older master. I slipped my finger into his ass and found his love button. Before long, he was exploding like a volcano. I may not always enjoy the things I do, but I make sure my master is always happy.

Sub Whore Cock Worship

Cock worshiping


I love, love, LOVE cock worshiping!  What’s not to like?  Not only do I get to make a man feel good like a real man should, but I also get to take that massive meat he’s packing in his pants in every single one of my submissive holes that he wants to use.  I consider getting my pussy and poo-hole stretched out by a super shaft to be both an honor and a privilege!

Just look at it!  Have you ever seen such a gloriously magnificent male member in your whole life?  It’s big, black and looks like I’m going to feel it all the way up in my stomach when it pounds into me.  Oh man, I just have to get a taste.  I hope his musk stays on my mouth and in my nose for hours to come, I love the way dick tastes soooo much.  I’m pretty good at starting out slowly, but the squishy-hard feel of a fleshy fuckstick on my lips and tongue always turns me on and makes me go harder and faster the longer I blow.

I’ll try not to make him shoot his wet and slimy wad in my mouth because I know how badly he wants to really go to work on my downstairs whore holes, but I make no promises.  I mean, a powerful pole like that has to be able to go a couple of rounds minimum, right?  If not, there’s always your dick.  It’s next in line, anyway.


Prostate Milking Until My Mouth Was Numb

Being master’s submissive whore is easy and fun for me after all the slave training I have gotten. Last night he left me dripping with his piss and my mouth and lips numb. He bent me over his knee and gave me bare bottom spankings until my ass was red and my pussy was wet. He fingered my pussy and asshole rough, and I knew it was going to be a fun night. He got me on my knees, and I immediately sucked on my master’s hard cock.

Prostate milking

His balls tightened up and I sucked them while stroking his big cock. He slid down a bit and lifted his balls and I knew he wanted me to lick his asshole. I do anything for my master, so I did. He stroked his dick in my face as he grinded his ass harder and harder on my mouth. My tongue slipped into his ass, forcing me to milk his prostate. He kept stroking his cock in my face as I tongue fucked his ass. He did this for hours and even allowed me to play with my pussy. I got to cum multiple times on my fingers and after what felt like an hour, he finally started cumming all over my face. By the time his balls were empty, my lips were numb and tender. He then stood over me and gave a warm golden shower.  He used my mouth so well and made me drip with his piss before leashing me up to the foot of his bed.

Cock Worshiping and Prostate Draining

cock worshipingCock worshiping is part of being a submissive. You cannot be an owned bitch and not worship your master’s cock, balls and even asshole.  I have been trained on how to suck cock since I was a young schoolgirl. Daddy trained me first. All his mean friends helped. So, I have been swallowing cum since I was in little days of the week cotton panties. Back then I did not know techniques for ball draining. I guess maybe the taboo age that I was, was all the technique I needed. Daddy and his friends would skull fuck me into oblivion and drown me in their cum. I did not do a lot but lay there and pray for it to be over. Now, I have techniques. One of those techniques is prostate milking. When I was daddy’s whore, I am sure I had no idea what a prostate was. My master is old. He has dick issues. He takes Viagra, but sometimes he just likes to humiliate me with ass play. Not my ass, but his dirty, old hairy ass. He told me yesterday in the office, why should he take Viagra when I can manually get his old cock hard. I never argue with master, not out loud at least. I never like sticking my finger or my tongue up his hairy asshole, but part of what I do is all the stuff I do not want to do like milk a prostate. He had showered before work thankfully. But he had not yet had his morning shit. Oh, lucky for me, NOT. I had to stick my finger up his shit filled ass to find his prostate and massage him into an erection and an explosive cum. Not the way I like to start any day. I guess since I am a submissive whore, I should feel grateful he did not shit on me too. The things us slaves must do.

prostate milking side biz

prostate milking

My friend Rosie and I ended up doing a side business that proved to be lucrative. We would cater to men who love to beat the shit out of us with paddles and like to be dominant with us. We both have high pain tolerances and can make any man enjoy the pleasures of prostate milking. If you haven’t had your prostate milked yet, you are missing out big time. 

 Our job is to make you take out all your frustrations and end up relaxing and winding down by letting us both gives you tender massages and worshiping kisses.  We both will then tease you and make that prostate feel so good. I’m great at stuffing my tongue and fingers, and Rosie loves to use her toys. When we finish getting you milked, we clean up the mess.