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Extreme Fetish Phone Sex, Delight Me?

You know what would delight me the most, it’s Extreme fetish phone sex sessions with a strong Master. Let me be your cum guzzling phone sex whore that enjoys a good tie-up and clamping.

Clamp my nips, and my clit.

Tease me with your big beautiful dick.

Make me suck and lick.

I promise to love it even if your sick. 

Just don’t try to be slick.

Be a little bitch that thinks being a Master’s servant means I am a dumb cunt and let you do whatever you wish to me.

Well I will prove you wrong and switch it up in a flick.

With the Click click clack of my high heels on the slick of your dick the flickering of a whip will make your prick hard as a brick.

Extreme Fetish Phone Sex

Surprise Hog Tie Me!

Bondage Whore

I love being surprised hog tied while my master fucks my slutty young daughter! Just this morning I woke up to master dragging me out of bed to hog tie me and put a ball gag in my mouth. He blind folded me and I heard my daughter moaning after a while, when he took off my blindfold I saw that he had my young daughter’s legs spread and was licking her little wet pussy! He was tasting her and making her cum all over his mouth before he drove his cock into her tight young cunny right in front of me. She was screaming as he pounded her into the mattress, fucking her silly right in front of me! Eventually he made her cum all over his cock before he pulled out and came all over my face!

Bondage And Submission Plus Anal Creampie

Bondage and submission are what master loves most. Seeing a Submissive whore tied up while naked gets his dick hard. I know when he is hard my job is to milk his cock.

Prostate phone sex

Whatever it takes I must get all his nut out. I start with my mouth; I have learned exactly how master wants me to swallow his cock. he likes face fucking me until I choke then he will sit on my face and make me milk his prostate with my tongue. I try to stick my tongue as deep as I can in his asshole as he jacks off on my tits. If he doesn’t bust his nut on my tits, he will lift my legs in the air aiming his cock at my asshole. I try to stay very still for master showing him I submit all to him so when he shoves his hard leaking cock in my asshole, I take it. I make sure to take master’s cock hard and pounding until he fills my asshole up. I will keep my legs in the air until he is done with me. 

Prostate Milking By Submissive Whore

Master loves using my mouth, last night he made me milk his prostate with my tongue. He tied me up to the bed naked with my legs spread. He sat on my face and stuck his cock in my mouth as he rode my face, he pulled his big fisting dildo and I braced myself for the abuse. He was going to stretch my cunt hole open.

Prostate phone sex

He turned around and sat his ass on my face as he started forcing the fisting dildo into me. I licked his asshole as he forced the dildo in me more. He made sure to push against my mouth more so my tongue could reach his prostate. As he rode my face, he fisted my cunt hole with the dildo. He stroked his cock as I liked his asshole, I know how much loves that. When he was ready to cum, he shoved his cock in my mouth and fed me his big load of hot gooey nut. I make sure to swallow every drop of master’s nectar.  

Prostate Milking Slave Whore

prostate milking

Did yu know nigger whores are amazing at milking the prostate. Even when Master uses me as his bondage slut and has both my hands and legs bound behind my back I can make him cum almost instantly! All I have to do is wait for master to spread his ass cheeks in my face so I can sick my long wet tongue in his asshole. As my nigger lips press up against his rim I flick the tip so that he can feel me massaging his spot. I love the way master’s ass taste! When he is about to come he makes me tongue fuck his shithole faster and faster until he turns around and shoots his fucking wad all over my face! I love when master uses me as his slutty black cumrag!

Sometimes Being a Submissive Whore Sucks

submissive whoreA submissive whore finds herself tied up often. Master has friends who rent me sometimes. This one guy is older than my master. He wanted a bondage slut to tie up. The problem is that he has no slave. What he does to scratch his itch is hire pros and borrow subs from his friends. He is married like my master. The difference is that his wife is the one with most of the money. He is a lawyer, but he married old money. If he had a slave and his wife found out, it would be disastrous for him financially. So, my master helps him out with his needs about once a month. It is a bros before hos sort of thing. I like being of use to my master, but his cronies are not as fun for me. This guy is old as dirt, but he ties me up so good that I get rope burn. This week when we had our play date, he demanded I milk his prostate. I am good at prostate milking. My master is a senior citizen. He takes a Viagra and sometimes still cannot cum, so I have to milk him. Unfortunately for me, master has bragged about my skills in the milking department, so his friend tied up my boobs, bound my legs and tied one hand behind my back. That left one hand free to drain his balls. I licked my finger and worked my magic in his old crusty ass. I was feeling grateful that he was not tech savvy because if he had been younger, my humiliation might have been recorded and downloaded to the Internet. I know that at 42, I am no young thing, but master and his friends are 30 years older than me. This guy’s old spooge hit me in the face. I had to lick it all up and I was sick to my stomach because he had some foul tasting cum. Old age I guess or maybe backed up balls, or both. I got funky spunk and rope burns for my trouble. Being a submissive slut is hell sometimes.

Prostate Milking Pet

prostate milking When Master Tomas first took me under his wing and showed me what it was really like to be a submissive slut, there was one thing he insisted on. Well, besides expecting complete submission, that is. He told me that if I didn’t know anything about prostate milking, I’d better learn. Apparently, the orgasms from that are incredible and that’s what he likes almost every time unless he’s in a hurry and just wants a quickie from me. So, I made it my mission to learn exactly how to do it because I just wanted to please him all of the time.

Do you also like having your prostrate milked? Master says that it just feels so good. And I love the way the cum seems to just explode from his cock when I’m milking him. It turns me on so much, but of course, I don’t do anything about that because I don’t want to upset Master. He doesn’t let me touch myself in front of him unless he tells me that I can. If you’re looking for a submissive little whore, I would like to offer myself up to you. I’ll be ready and waiting for you, Sir.

I had to make her my bitch

submissive sex

When you have one of the top-notch men as your new sugar daddy, you have to assimilate to his lifestyle quickly. When my sugar daddy told me his deal, I promised him that I’d be the perfect cum dump for him and would make him happy by keeping things exciting.

I knew that him dominating me for a few hours then taking me shopping would get quite old quickly. I kept thinking and trying to figure out something that would entice his taste.

When I was watching a movie and saw that a girl was dominating another girl in this particular scene, it was a hot dialogue. It drew me in, and that’s when it hit me, and I got a perfect idea.

I was sure that my sugar daddy would enjoy watching me turn the tables and make a girl my submissive cunt. It felt right, and that’s what I set out to do with one of my best friends.

Darcy is a redheaded slut who is down to party and shop. When I presented the idea, my sugar daddy was all in, and I got to beat her asshole and go shopping like never before.

bondage whore with a goal

bondage whore

I’m a bondage whore who loves fighting other girls for my master. Last week he had me fight this girl who wouldn’t submit to him. It was up to me to beat the shit out of her and get revenge for the master that rules my body and my mind. There is no hesitation when it comes to having to give my owner everything he wants out of me. It is pretty simple to allow him to conquer my mind and thoughts. All the actions I make are a result of what I have promised. Im a defender and will defend daddy till he’s happy. I love hurting girls for him. It makes him proud to see me beat a girl down, and after I have finished, he rewards me and lets me cum.

Submissive Slut for Poker Night

submissive slutThe life of a submissive slut is never dull. Master had a party at the office Friday. It was a late-night poker game technically, but he only plays with other men like him who own slaves. The poker games rotate between the guys’ offices and whomever is hosting that game, his slave is the hostess. I was in a BDSM Playboy bunny outfit. Black leather corset, black thigh highs, a dog collar around my neck, bunny ears and high heels. I served the men drinks. I was a bartender too. I make a mean martini. The guys would smack me on my ass and grab my tits. When they had to piss, I would hold a wine glass under their cocks for them to piss in like it was a urinal. Of course, I had to drink it with a smile. I am not a fan of pissing phone sex, let alone real pissing sex. Ugh. I drank a bunch of piss. I also had to massage their prostates to drain their balls for stress release. When they get worked up, they need to relax. These are all old men. Most of them over 65 which means they do not get hard easily, but they still need to cum. I am good at draining old balls. When I was not having masters pee in wine glasses for me to chug, I was milking prostates into wine glasses for me to chug. I dread when poker night is in my master’s office because his cohorts have funky tasting spunk. They all drink this wheat germ shit that makes their cum sour. It is a Californian cocktail to stay youthful feeling and keep the brain sharp. This was the longest poker night ever. At least it felt that way. Luckily, my master won because if he had lost, the winner would have had me for a night.

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