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Prostate milking got me Submissive Whore fucked and face sprayed with nut

I woke up to my master pissing all over me. Waking up to his golden shower told me I should be ready. My master was going to use my mouth all night. This Submissive Whore drips at the thought of my master using my mouth. I just love the way my master tastes. I worship him in any way he commands. When he was done he pulled me out my cage and told me to dry up. He sat on my face and I knew it was time for me to lick his asshole. I stuck my tongue deep in his ass but I guess it wasn’t deep enough. He grabbed me by the hair and shoved my face deeper in his ass. I could feel he was jacking his cock off as I licked his ass and I just wanted to please master and make him happy. I am just a fuck hole for him and i know it so i was very happy when he told me to bend over. I thought he was just going to use my tongue to get some Prostate milking. It felt so good when he stuck his cock deep in my cunt.

Submissive Whore

I just begged my master to please fill me up. He spanked my ass hard and told me that I need to stay in my place and never ask anything of him. He kept spanking my ass over and over showing me who is boss and how I need to stay in my place. I was just happy to have my master fuck me. When he was about to cum I thought he was going to fill me up but as a punishment he didn’t and just sprayed my face with all his nut.

Cum Sluts Love Cum and Know How to Get It!

Cum slut phone sex

All it takes to be good at cum slut phone sex is a true love for thick and sticky dick cream!  That’s totally me!  I love getting hosed down with hot hog snot, filled up with slimy semen and swallowing load after load of creamy cock juice!  Being covered in jizz shows me that I’ve done a great job as your submissive and that you’ll probably want to come back for more.

Any skanky slut can make a guy cum, it’s not that difficult.  Get him hard, apply pressure to his penis, preferably warm and wet, and move back and forth at varying speeds.  Simple formula for getting a guy off.  If you really want to make him explode and spray you down with more dick sauce than he even knew he had in him then you have to make sure you make the sub sexing session go as long as possible before he blows.

Everyone knows what edging is but you can’t let your dom know you’re doing it to him otherwise he doesn’t feel like he’s really in control.  It’s a tricky game to play but when we’re done, we’re both big fucking winners!  He gets to power pump out pearly white rope after arcing rope of sperm filled jizz and I get plenty of chunky spunk to choke down during our dirty, ejaculate filled, creampie creating, sticky and steamy cum eating phone sex freak fuck session.  I know you have a slime shot brewing for me in those balls of yours.  Let’s see how big we can make before you shoot it all over me.  Whadaya say?


Slave training and Prostate milking for period whore

Slave training is what I get every night from my master. It doesn’t matter if I am tired or on my period, I am here to serve my master no matter what.

Slave training

I was on my period and had made a mess all over. My master gave my ass spankings until my ass was red and swollen before making me clean my mess up. The mess must be cleaned up with my tongue. Master watches over me as i lick all the mess up, whipping me with his favorite whip whenever he feels like it. My master was very pleased at how well I cleaned my cage and he wanted to reward me. He laid on the couch naked and spread his legs for me and I knew it was time for me to use my mouth on my master. I opened my mouth wide for his cock to fuck my mouth. My master grabbed my head and made me suck his hard cock all the way down my throat until I choked and couldn’t breathe. I thought he was going to cum in my mouth, but he wanted some Prostate milking. He grabbed my head and pushed it down to his asshole. I knew to lick him good and fast and to shove my tongue as deep as I could in his asshole. I wiggled my tongue on my master’s ass until he came all over my face. He made me wear an adult diaper so i wouldn’t bleed all over my cage again, he likes me to keep it clean.

Submissive Whore misbehaved to get fucked

I have been doing so much Prostate milking lately my tongue is so tired I could barely say yes sir, but my pussy is so wet and horny from him cumming in my mouth that i wanted to get fucked so bad. At night he had been tying my hands up so i haven’t been able to sneak in a middle of the night finger fucking until i cum. I knew the only way for my master to fuck is to punish me. So i miss behaved and i got a good spanking, he made sure my ass was red and swollen. I wasn’t going to be able to sit right. He loved knowing I was in pain and his cock meat was hard and throbbing by now. He had me spread my ass and without any lube or spit and he just rammed his cock in my ass. It shot pain through my body and while my master was busy fucking my asshole, i played with my clit. I didn’t care if he saw me and punished me even more. He fucked me hard and fast; I didn’t stop until my body tensed up and I came all over my fingers. My master realized what his Submissive Whore had done, and he spanked me again. My swore ass sent me to another shock and that is when he filled my ass up with his big load. He smiled and spanked me again and walked away.

Prostate milking

Cock worshiping from Submissive Whore before bed

Year after year Cock worshiping is what I do for my master at night before he goes to bed. He lets me out of my cage, and I make sure to show him how much I love being out.

Cock worshiping

I rub his cock all over my face until it is hard. I then make sure to suck his hard dick just like my master wants. I French kiss the tip of his cock before I take it deep down my throat. Then I make sure to use my tongue on my master’s asshole. He loves a good rim job. He feels my tongue on his ass and it excites him so much. he grabbed my head and rubbed it hard onto his asshole making my tongue go deeper in his ass using it to massage his prostate. He will smack his hard cock on my forehead as I give him a rim job, because he wants me to know he is the boss. I know and I make sure to show it to my master by following the rules and commands he gives just like a Submissive Whore should always do. He kept rubbing my face into his ass. I could barely breathe but I didn’t stop because I was making sure I milked my master. He stopped and pulled me up by my hair. He bent me over his lap and his cock was poking at my face as he started spanking my ass. I opened my mouth and sucked his cock as he spanked me hard over and over. He then spread my ass cheeks and pushed his fingers in my ass. Right when he was about to cum in my mouth, he shoved his fingers so deep in my ass it pushed his cock deeper in my mouth and filled it up. He petted me telling me I did a good job before he put me back in my cage.

Bare bottom spankings got me a wonderful gift

Master wanted to start the holiday weekend trying to see how many Bare bottom spankings I could take before I begged to be put back in my cage. I loved being by master’s side, so I was going to take all he was going to give me. It started with him putting me over his lap and using his paddle. He hit me and I didn’t give up even when my body shook. Master smiled and left so I could make him breakfast. After he ate, he wanted to have a morning workout. Today would be different. He tied me up to the spanking bench for his work out. He used his paddle and spanked me switching arms with every 5 sets.  I didn’t want to give up. He gave a break after every 3 sets and kept going again. He started getting tired and he told me that he was done with his work out. He gave me some after care and his fingers would graze my cunt. It was making me wet, and I was hoping the master would rub my clit, but he didn’t. It was almost the end of the night, I thought master was going to give me the spanking of my life. But instead walked in naked and told me as a gift for being a good slave I was going to do some Prostate milking. He sat on my face facing my feet. I right away licked his asshole, pushed my tongue inside him. My ass was so sore, floor was making it hurt more but all i could think about was milking master.

Bare bottom spankings

I love pleasing master and when i felt his cock leak pre-cum on me it excited me i could feel my pussy start to water. To my surprise master started smelling my cunt and gave it a lick. That sent my body into shock, I started cumming all over the place. I kept licking  master’s ass until he turned around and came all over my face. He didn’t put me into my cage, i slept at the foot of the bed.

Making Him Cum with Prostate Milking

Prostate milking


My Master asked for something that was different from what we normally did. He told me about prostate milking and how he wanted me to stick a finger in his ass and massage his prostate. I was intrigued so, of course, I agreed to please him in this manner. He laid on his back with his legs spread wide. I lubed up my finger and slowly entered his asshole. My finger explored the wall of his rectum until I felt his prostate. I started to massage it and heard my Master moan. It made my pussy wet and my nipples hard to make my Master moan in this way. Once I got comfortable, I started experimenting with different sensations. I used a “come hither” motion, moving my finger faster and faster. He pulled his knees up to his chest and moaned louder. He begged for me to go faster and I did. I could tell he was going to cum so I took his cock so he could cum in my mouth. Too bad my timing was off, so he came all over my face. My Master has not asked me to do that again, but the next time he does I will be ready to pleasure him and swallow his cum. 

Submissive Sex Whore Bernice Milks Old Cocks Dry

submissive sexSubmissive sex whore is what I am. And because I am sex slave, I do as I am told regardless if I like it or not. I had to attend another holiday party, but this time there were other slaves there. I was not the sole focus of the holiday cheer. In fact, this party was not so bad. Well, it was nasty, but I did not get stretched out and gaped like the prior ones. This party was for master’s friends. All old men who love submissive women. The emphasis is on old because these guys need a Viagra to get hard and sometimes that is not even enough to get an old dick hard. Do you know where I am going with this? It was a prostate milking party. Me and the three other submissive sluts that were in attendance had one task. That was to manually stimulate all the old guys into a ball draining orgasm. Oh, joy for us. I guess we had two jobs because once we drained the cum from those old balls, we had to drink it. We milked all the men there into cups that we poured into a punch bowl. The spunk smelled rotten coming out. For some of these old men, my guess was the cum had been backed up so long in their balls, it was more akin to spoiled milk. Foul smelling and chunky. The guys were loving this though. I mean they were enjoying themselves way too much. There were at least 50 old men there. And some of them were so backed up that they required a couple ball drainings. I was dreading drinking all the nasty spunk, but I knew that was where this nasty party was going. The men got to drink fine champagne and each submissive whore got to chug glasses of old, funky spunk. Cheers to being a sex slave.

Slave training and cum eating for starving Submissive whore

Slave training is part of my daily life. I wake up in my cage and wait there until my master lets me out. Sometimes I am there all day and all night. Last night he came home and realized he hasn’t fed me in 2 days. I crawled out of my cage slowly because I was weak from hunger. He asked if his little bitch was hungry and thirsty and I nodded yes. He told me to open up and I opened my mouth wide. My master pulled his cock out and let out a big sigh as his cock started pumping a yellow stream towards my mouth. I made sure to drink every drop and it made my master smile. I have had enough training that I know I must take anything he has, and this made me feel a bit better. He stroked his hard meat on my lips as my stomach grumbled with hunger and I once again opened my mouth. He told me he was going to give me a meal to last the night. I just had to give him some good Prostate milking. I was so hungry and eager that I dove right in between my master’s ass cheeks licking like a hungry puppy. I stuck my tongue as far as I could in his ass, and I could hear my master moaning out which made my cunt drip. Since he hasn’t fed me, and I didn’t complain my master was rewarding me.

Slave training

He bent me over and stuffed my cunt with his hard cock. It had been a while since my master fucked me and it felt so good i creamed his cock right away. That only made me weaker. My master had me lay on my back, he climbed on me, and face fucked me hard, making sure i tasted every inch of his cock. He told me to be ready to eat as he started filling my mouth up with a big load of his thick gooey semen. He made sure my stomach was full before he put me back in my cage. I did what any good slave whore would do and thanked my master for everything he gave me. Even though I was still hungry and could eat more of his cum loads. 

Surprise Prostate milking for Submissive Whore

When I woke up, I didn’t know my master had Prostate milking in mind. But as his property I must do whatever my master asks and love it. He tied me up on the bed with my legs spread open and my hands tied over my head. He loves slapping me when I am tied up because it makes my body move and the rope burns my skin, and he loves leaving marks all over my skin. He climbed right on top of me and was face fucking me until i started choking. He loves seeing his Submissive Whore choke and squirm. He bent over right on my mouth and spread his ass, so I had full access to his asshole. I knew I had to do a good job, or I would be punished. That is why I stuck my tongue out making sure I was going to give him the best rim job. He rode my face hard; I could barely breathe but I didn’t stop. He started teasing me by lightly petting my wet cunt. That only made me stick my tongue deeper in his and massage his prostate hard. I wanted to make sure I milked my master right. He sat up right on my face and it shoved my tongue deeper in his ass and I couldn’t take a breath.

Prostate milking

I could feel he was jacking his cock off and I was happy because I was about to get his load out. He turned around and started spraying my face and mouth with his load. I am lucky my master has big loads of semen and that is why I was drowning in his cum. When his last string of semen hit my face. My master then left and told me to go to sleep, leaving me tied up and face full of cum. That is part of my Slave training.