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Submissive Whore drenched in piss

Have you ever been a drench in piss Submissive Whore? I have and I am every weekend, sometimes throughout the week. That is because my master likes to finish his week by pissing all over. First, he pulls me out of my cage. “Get into position, worthless whore” my master instructs me to do. I love pleasing my master. Therefore, I kneel down with my face up. Then my master pulls his cock out and starts to piss all over my face and body. I love everything my master has for me. So, I even open my mouth and drink some. One reason being I was thirsty and dehydrated.

Since my master had been gone for over a day. Another reason is because my master is so special, and I would have to waste any of his juices. “I have more for you later” my master says as he undresses and sits down. “Time for some nasty ball draining Prostate milking bitch” my master says. I know what that means. He lifts his balls and I right away dive with my tongue. I start eating his ass like I’m starving. It’s true I haven’t eaten in a few days.

Submissive Whore

After my tongue flicks fast over and over his ass, he moans out “suck my dick too”. Then I go back and forth from sucking his cock to eating his ass. Even make sure to play with his balls. Anything to please my master. After a bit he wraps his legs around my neck and pushes my tongue deeper in his asshole. “That’s it bitch show me you are worth keeping as a pet” he moans out. Then he grabs my hair and sprays my face and mouth with thick jizz. I make sure to eat most of it up and try to fill my belly. “Good job slut, you have earned some dinner” you say as he puts me in my cage and throws a fast-food bag in there too.

Cock Worshiping Allows Me To Be the Best Submissive

As a good subby whore, I enjoy cock worshiping. This is what really puts me in my place. And I did need to be put in my place when I was first turned into a submissive.

Now all I can think about is sucking dick. Taking big balls in my mouth and sucking them to fill up. Now Licking that taint is my pleasure. If you need to shit in my mouth to prove your dominance then that is also ok with me.

Then, After a good pre blowjob prep of your ass on my face, and my tongue rimming away. Specifically, The pleasure I get for doing a good job is that deep throat blow job. Taking every inch of your cock down my throat is perfect.

Finally, Just remember I am going to be the dirtiest little use able subby whore out there.

Cock worshiping

Bondage whore into piss drinking, throat fucking and rimming

Bondage whoreI like getting slapped and rough fucked like a dirty Teen whore… I am an Extreme Bondage whore into piss drinking, being throat fucked, and rimming assholes. I am a petite Hot teen slut that deserves to be used like a toy! I learned that at a pretty young age, Dad used to force me into submission and force his cock down my throat. He never had any limits…

My mother was and still is nothing more than a breeder…

She is to birth, train, and groom us to be perfect cock sockets for daddy.

We always shared a room with our parents and at any given moment regardless of the hour if Daddy was horny we were to awaken and please him. Not even my brother was safe, his tight ass was given a Prostate milking by our dad before he even grew pubes. Eventually, Dad and he began tag teaming us girls.

Together they would bind us in fetal positions using zip ties and place gag rings in our mouths… They would alternate between my sister Kate and me, by pounding our throats and asses. Originally it was by force but eventually, my sister and I grew to enjoy it. I was always very submissive even when I didn’t want Daddy to fuck me.

It became something we craved… To this day we both enjoy being gagged and taken advantage of… BDSM, anal, and spankings make me squirt the hardest. I enjoy being humiliated and fucked senseless… I’ve grown from a cute girl into a Submissive Cum dumpster, deserving of Bare bottom spankings.

Cock worshiping from your kept pet slave

When you are dominant like my master you get Cock worshiping without having to say a word. First my master pulls me out of my cage. I can always tell what my master needs by the way he grabs my leash. Then I watch as my master takes all his clothes off and sits down. Seeing my master naked makes my mouth water. “Master, may I approach you” I ask very submissively. You just nod at me, and I crawl to you.

Cock worshiping

Right when I get to your dick my pussy starts to twitch. I grab your cock and rub it all over my face. Like a hungry slut I open my mouth and suck your cock down my throat. I feel your body relax with every inch that goes deeper in my throat. Since you have trained me very well, even when I can’t breathe, I keep sucking. As my eyes start to see stars, you pull your cock out. It doesn’t take much for me to know what my master wants; all he has to do is lift his balls. Once I see my master asshole I dive in with my tongue.

My master had used me in every way including to give him lots of Prostate milking. That is why I know exactly how to tongue fuck him. His balls and cock smacked my forehead as I kept pushing inside his ass. Finally, you bless me with words, “good job whore”. “Keep eating my ass, worthless whore”. It makes me feel proud to be worthy of your ass and it encourages me to go harder. Soon after that, I start getting sprayed by your sperm. My face ends up getting covered by thick gooey nut. As soon as every drop was drained from your balls, you put your cum covered slut back in her cage. “You did well tonight” you say as you walk away. I’m so lucky to be kept by my master and to even be let out my cage. 

Cock worshiping whore ready for a throat fuck!

Cock worshiping It was the perfect day to be a Cock worshiping whore for my masters cock. He throbbed in my warm, wet and sticky mouth. He fucked my dirty slut throat as I gagged and dry heaved on him like the perfect little bitch. He was groaning as he watched those tears pour down my face. He slapped across the face as he pumped my throat hole full of dick over and over again. I couldn’t breathe as he used my face because I was retrained; just like he likes it. He loves when I have no control and have no choice but to just sit there and take it. He railed my mouth open for so long; he was craving an oral session so bad.

If you’re craving Submissive sex with a slut; you better give me a call. I can suck and fuck better than any slave whore here. Just whip out that prick and force it down my throat until I am a whimpering mess. Watch me buck my hips and wiggle to try and get away as you violate my nasty skank throat. Fuck my mouth like a pussy baby; I am ready for your nice creamy load!

Cock Worshiping Is Exactly One Way To Use Eliana

How would you use a good whore? I have a keen love of Cock worshiping if that pleases you. My mouth is a great place to prepare that cock for fucking my pussy and ass.

Alternatively, if it’s just fucking my ass that turns you on, by all means. Give me that hard ass pounding. It would be great if you pissed in my asshole too.

First off my body is a perfect playground for you. Have you ever wished to control a woman that is taller than you? Little man? Well I will be your subservient amazon slave.

However, if it suits you, I would shrink you down and fuck myself with you. As I was forced to be a giantess due to my height and use my last master as a toy for pleasuring my pussy.

Finally, I am flexible as a switch.

cock worshiping

Golden Showers Phone Sex For a Dirty Slut

Golden Showers Phone Sex For a Dirty Slut is everything you crave to deliver. Pissing on me is exciting. I love drinking lots of piss. In fact my whole body can be your toilet. Use me, and make me your filthy little whore. That excites me.

Coincidently, I became a human toilet for a few guys while I was off yesterday. Sometimes I like to be the pervert whore and visit the local jack shack. I will go there and get undressed in a booth.

Often times I keep the curtain open and watch piss porn. It excites me watching all of these mens penises urinating all over a slut. In these moments I am playing with my cunt.

Often times I am pushing out urin into a plastic cup. Expressly, It excites me to pour this pee all over me tits. In fact I like to close my eyes and think about being pissed on. On this day I gained a little audiance.  Surprisingly, a few frat guys were watching and saying lewd things to me.

One Day I Want Golden Showers Phone Sex on Camera Like the Porn Whores

Finally, we interacted and decided to get a sleazy room. This makes it easy for them to all use me as their toilet. And these guys pissed all over me. And in general pissed on my cunt while one was fucking me even.

While on the subject, I even became a gangbanged whore. Well slut to be specific. And there was so fucking much cum all over my body.


Golden showers phone sex

Prostate milking will knock you out & have you at ease

Prostate milking

Prostate milking will knock you out & have you at ease. I’m a master at the art of prostate milking. I know, you’re probably thinking, ‘Prostate what?’ Well, let me educate you. It’s when a woman, like me, expertly massages your prostate, that small gland located within your ass, and it feels like heaven.

Trust me, once I lay my hands on you, you’ll be begging for more. I am never a dom but I do know how to milk that prostate right. I think all men should feel the sensation of being milked. And don’t worry, you are always the one in control with me.

I believe that all men should experience the sensation of being milked. It’s not only a mind-blowing orgasm, but it’s also good for your health.So why not indulge in a little self-care and let me take care of that prostate for you? Sometimes a man just needs to be worshipped in a different way. And I am more than willing to worship every inch of your body, especially that delicious throbbing cock of yours.

I’ll start by slowly sliding my lips down your shaft, warming you up and getting you nice and hard. And once you’re ready, I’ll gently insert my finger into your tight asshole and find that perfect spot. The way you’ll squirm and moan as I stroke your prostate will make me so wet. I know you’ve been pent up and in need of release, and I’m here to serve you. After you’ve exploded hot cum all over me, I’ll happily take a good spanking from your throbbing cock. Oh, the thought of your hard cock pounding inside my raw asshole is making me wet!

So come on, baby, let’s have a Sexy phone chat and let me take you on a hot sensual journey. I promise to have you in a state of complete bliss, and who knows, you may even discover a new favorite kink. Don’t be shy, it’s our little secret, and our little secret is safe with me.


A Submissive Whore Like Me Loves Being Filthy

As a Submissive whore my limits are none. Some of the thing’s men love to use me for are as a toilet, an anal cum dump, and a good ass licker. The fact that I am eager to do any of these things shows how filthy I can be.

Just last night I was caught squatting in the bathtub to piss. I had the plug in the tub and just enjoyed the flow of my piss spattering on the porcelain. Moist juices spattering is rather arousing to my vaginal hole. My brother walked in on me doing this. In fact, I was still wearing my panties as I did this. He was very confused and decided that he would just piss on me.

First thing my brother did was actually push me down in my piss panties. Pushed down in the wet bathtub. Then he started to piss on me. He fucking had a huge flow of hot urine spilling all over my panties and cunt.

Finally, When he was done, he told me to stay put. My brother actually went and brought his four friends in. They had been shooting hoops with him. Seems He told them all to piss on me. That I was a filthy little whore that needed it.

Obviously a Submissive Whore Like me Knows her place as a Toilet

Of course it really goes without saying my brother knew exactly what I needed. I sat tere in the bathtub while those guys pissed on me and started jilling my pussy off.

Submissive whore

Prostate milking, trust me to massage all your needs.

 Prostate milking    Prostate milking, trust me to massage all your needs. As long as I am your sub I will do as you command me. Eating your cum at the same time is simply a perk for me. Love all that cock. Can’t get enough of it. It is important to remember that when massaging the prostate waste not want not is key.

     Now that means that I will be sucking on the tip of your cock, making sure I catch all the fluid. Pressing and moving fingers up and down slowly from the outside. Just behind your balls with one hand.

     Feet and legs in the air looking at me as I insert to fingers into your anus feeling around for your gland. Beginning to stroke inside and out. Quickly causing you to stiffen and the milking begins. Continuing until you have nothing left in your balls.

     As your submissive slut you trust me to obey your every command. At the same time, I know how much you enjoy watching as I drink all that cum. Guzzling it down.

     Next time your sub will milk you from behind and give you and all new experience.