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Submissive Sex Rim Jobs on Demand for Cum Whore

When it comes to being a submissive I am hands down the dirtiest. So of course giving rim jobs  as a subby whore is my joy. While helping to milk your prostate is some submissive sex play that I enjoy.

Obviously many girls don’t do a good job or are very reluctant. But not me.  Let me lick and eat your ass like a good sub pet.

First time I was forced to really lick an ass out was with my training as a submissive. This was difficult to get into for me as I have always been dominant. I used to bully my school mates. Now I feel like the one being bullied sometimes.

Of course this is especially true when I have a line on men and women taking turns sitting their assholes on my mouth. Then being forced to eat like twenty assholes. Obviously that was really a way of training me well.

Submissive sex is not only vanilla, but it is full blown toilet play too

Finally I can’t resist slipping my tongue in that taint and rimming it real good. Even If I get a taste of a little brown and get some shit in my mouth, it’s ok with me. In all realness just piss on me and even take a shit on or in me. My conclusion is that I am indeed a toilet for you.

So as it appears, this is my place to serve you, Master. And so the reality of my training as a submissive has brought about all kinds of filthy uses for me, and I love that. As a filthy slut that stands tall like an amazon woman your need to degrade me is hot.

Once in a while I am proposed to be the Amazon woman with a strap-on and I get to go into my dominant role. This excites me to make men small and enjoy some control again. I will milk your prostate more ways than one, my man.

Submissive sex

Cock Worshiping and Prostate Draining with a Subby Whore

cock worshipingCock worshiping may be what I do best according to my master. He would know too. I bet I’ve spent a few thousand hours in our time together sucking his old dick. As a submissive woman, sucking dick is part of the sub life. But master’s dick does not work so well these days. That’s because of his age. He knows it. He will take a Viagra sometimes, but he prefers his office whore’s mouth to traditional medicine.

But I know some tricks when he cannot cum before my jaw locks up. And I needed those tricks last Friday. He called me into the office on Black Friday. He claimed he needed me to draw up some contracts for some estate planning. But he wanted his old dick drained too. Since we do not see each other as much as we once did when he still practiced law full-time, his balls get backed up more.

His wife stopped fucking him about 5 years before I became his full-time mistress and slave. So, you know when we first got together, he had a huge load. In fact, I do not think his load has ever been that voluminous. Well, I thought that until Black Friday. His balls felt full to the brim. And although I sucked him off as best I could, he needed some prostate milking too.

A Prostate Massage Gets a Dick Harder Than Viagra

That is one of my tricks for draining old balls dry. I dip my index finger into my cunt for lube juice, then slowly inch it in my master’s asshole. It’s not difficult to find the prostate. Now a man might find it challenging to find his own depending on his flexibility, but a woman. Well, it is much easier for us to find that magic pea shaped miracle button. I call it a miracle button because with enough pressure on it, Niagara Falls spurts out the handle, LOL. And it felt like a fire hose went off when I hit Master’s magic button.

Since my jaw felt close to locking up on me after an hour and 35 minutes of head, I used my magic trick. Prostate phone sex works like magic. Now of course, I cannot really massage your prostate like I can my master’s prostate. But I can guide you on how to do it because I am a good whore.

Slave Cunt Watched Me Get DP’d For Practice!

Slave training Spreading my legs for the best DP session of my life was so much fucking fun. What made it even hotter is having another slave cunt during the play time session with 2 of the best customers our owner has. Feeling those nice cocks slip in and out of both my holes while this cute little slave whore sucks my big tits was such a turn on. I always feel so lucky when I get to have the best customers use me for hours. It has been a while since I have had fun with another slut too; so it was a lot of fun to get some pussy action. Customers love watching two cunts fuck each other for their entertainment; which is a plus because I love eating pussy and getting mine eaten from a sweet girl.

This slave cunt above me is newly added to our little group; my owner has had her for a couple months now. She was super nervous when she first got here because she has not really had a lot of prior sexual experiences. I felt kind of bad for her when she arrived and did not know how she would last without a lot more training time. It took her a couple weeks to be fully anally trained; she was having a difficult time getting gaped. My owner was really disappointed in her and demanded she trained for longer hours and stretched her own ass open so she can get fucked properly. He told me it was my job to put her in line; so she was told to join in with me on this session to learn. 

So when we arrived I told her I would show her how a proper whore takes cock up both her holes. She seemed really nervous but knew she had no choice if she wanted to be a top choice and not be punished for being a useless set of holes. I mean she was super aware that our owner would not tolerate a cunt who can’t take a cock in all holes at once. Our customers pay good money for properly trained slaves so she would need to learn how to please. Otherwise our owner would be angry and take it all out on her body. I told her by the end of this session she will know how to be a good cunt and our owner would be so thrilled with her.

I was so proud of her sucking on these big tits of mine and watching that cock split me open. I was finger banging her ass hole open and she was taking it well. I knew after they fucked me for a while that she would be ready to take a pounding. I could not wait to put that whore on her back; sit on her face so she could eat my cunt and watch those cocks impale her. She was a hot little thing and had some really nice holes that would milk a cock perfectly. She is absolutely going to be one of our owners favorites if she keeps up the good work!



Prostate milking has a daddy domme feeling good

Prostate milking

Prostate milking whores are useful in cleaning out the ol’ pipes. My mouth and tongue in your ass as I jerk you off are helping get every drop of semen.  Call me a toilet slave if you will, but I have been milking prostates and taking piss for as long as I can remember. Often my nickname is Charmin because I have to clean Master like a bidet or toilet tissue. This part isn’t the most glamorous or sexy, but it is required when Needed.  Master loves to keep me humiliated and disrespected to keep me in line. But it is all worth the degradation if he is happy with me. 

Prostate-milking whores are still not in control

Never fear I still get my holes slutted out and whipped like a good girl. My bare bottom spankings are hard and plenty! Bruises and welts make me wet.  Master rubbing his ass on my mouth and fingers as I jerk him gives the best ball-milking orgasms. Sometimes in a slave’s life, she has to do things she would rather not. But it’s okay because if my master needs a soft pegging by his sexy slave occasionally Ill be right there to fuck his ass just as he does for me.

Milk MilK lemonade around the corner fudge is made

I know I could never command such a strong-willed Daddy Domme. But giving what I take sometimes is worth the pain of a built-up cum shot! Do you think that I get away with a simple strap fuck or prostate drain without increased bondage and a humiliating pain slut session? I am a submissive whore and will always be that no matter if I am playing with his back door! I am your potty play, ass slut for your pain and punishment any way you like!

Cum eating phone sex, a shot glass full for a toast.

Cum eating phone sex

          Cum eating phone sex, a shot glass full for a toast. When it is not a shot glass I will suck it out of a dick, up threw the shaft. Straight from the balls. As long as you are happy then I will eat that cum any way that you want me to. Fill my stomach up with cum.

          Willing to count on the fact that you want to join me in eating it all. Lay me out and eat it out of my pussy. Sticking your tongue in to reach all the way up inside of me. Sucking it out.

          Cum in a shot glass and we toast to getting off time and time again. Among our favorites is snowballing it. Swapping it in a kiss. Tasting one another together. Yes, I am a cum slut phone expert and will teach you how to hold that cum in your mouth and gurgle it.

Prostate milking is what caged bitch needs to do

When you are a pathetic slut like me you are used for Prostate milking by your owner anytime, they need. “Get out of your cage I need you to show me your mouth isn’t worthless”. After I crawl out my cage you right away bend me over your lap. “Spread your legs for me slut”. Then your hand smacks down on my bald cunt. The pain gives me shivers from my pussy up my body. One spank to my cunt after the other gave me pain and made my cunt wet.

Just to have my master touch my cunt makes me melt. After my cunt is red and swollen you stop and now your cock is hard poking through your pants. “Thank you master, I want to show you how grateful I am”. Therefore, you stand up and you take your pants off. As I see your cock spring out of your pants, my mouth starts to water. “Suck my cock Submissive Whore, you will feed off me tonight”. As soon as I heard that my pussy twitched, and I sucked your cock into my mouth.

Prostate milking

After you feel your dick in my mouth, you grab my hair and pound my throat hard. “Eat my cock slut, I don’t care if you can’t breathe”. That is exactly what happened, I felt my body passing out. But that is when you pull your cock out and I take a deep breath. “Lick my asshole” you say as you lift your balls up. I dove into your ass with my tongue and wiggled hard. “Milk my dick bitch”.

“Make it worth me keeping you as my pet” you say while stroking your cock on my forehead. Your hands grip me by my hair and shove my head deeper into your asshole. “That’s it bitch, eat me like you are hungry” is all I hear as my tongue vibrates inside your ass. Finally, your balls tighten up and your semen starts spraying all over my face. “Thank you master” is all i can say.

Tie Me Up and Punish Me Master I’m your Submissive Slut

Oh Master why can’t you see you are what I need. Punish me, use me. Let me be your submissive slut Master. Just show me my place.
Obedience, submission and completely without limits. In the effect I am also a dominant woman that has embraced giving up all for submission to a strong Master. 

Subsequently my biggest desires are to be in ultimate submission and made to feel safe. The feeling of power and ownership over a strong willed woman is what you should desire, Master. If you want to shit on me and make me lick your anus hole out, then just assert your dominance and make me your toilet. 

Finally the mere fact you get the chance to punish, piss on, force your farts in my mouth and just purely use me, should be enough. Inviting you to push my limits. Ha ha ha not like I have any but it is good to try and be more. Give me all you got master.

Submissive slut

Prostate milking Breanne dreams of making some sick  S&M porn

Prostate milking Breanne dreams of making some sick porn. Most of her time she is a submissive bitch who is only there for your pleasure, but lately She’s been domineering force, doing whatever she desires with filthy whores.. She loves the idea of submission, and being in complete control over a young dumb slut. There is nothing quite like getting lost in the moment while your cock is stuffing that young tight hole and they are completely helpless. She loves feeling the pleasure and energy that vibrates through her body, pushing her to a completely different level of arousal. Lately this dirty little bitch has been creating filthy movies without the knowledge of these dumb sluts she fucks. These videos can turn messy fast and it is super sexy! She pounds these little sluts so hard they cover her in their shit. She doesn’t mind, she loves when they make a mess. When the mood strikes her she will make them suck her messy cock clean, She explores her scat desires without fear. Being covered in shit can be so sexy and exhilarating, the stink of shit just does something very special to her juicy pussy and she oozes for it. Fuck having shame for any kinky desires. With Breanne anything goes. If you thought of engaging in filthy acts yourself, then I suggest reaching out to that filthy whore Breanne. 

Got My Fuck Box Used!

Submissive whore I was a lucky whore this morning and got my pussy fucked this time! My master woke me up with his hard shaft in my face and told me to get to work. We did a 20 minute throat training session and I took that meat all the way down my cock hole. I gagged, choked and drooled all over while he used my face. I was a dripping fucking mess in all my holes and I took that face pounding so good!

He was so proud of me that he told me he would reward me by fucking my wet gash before my ass hole. He rarely fucks my pussy because he says a whore should stay edged and needy. Fucking my cunt hole too much will confuse me and make me think I deserve it all the time. My cunt hole is only there to torture, look pretty and to be fucked ONLY when master wants too. Your main holes as a slave is your mouth and ass hole. 

So I was so excited and grateful when he threw me on my back, put my legs back and slid his cock in my wet little box. Another good thing about keeping your cunt untouched as much as possible is that it gets trained to stay pretty tight. My master makes me do kegels a lot when he pounds my shit hole or shoves toys in me. It is really a great mechanism to keep your holes up to par. It is a prize possession to have a tight wet fuck box; otherwise you will only have 2 holes that are worth fucking and your owner could find a better fuck slave. 

Prostate milking from worthless whore

Being a Prostate milking whore for my master is normally very easy. But last night it was hard on my mouth since had beat my mouth with his cock really hard. My whole body was sore from his abuse. I got paddled and whipped, which had my skin red and welted. First my master wants me to know my body belongs to him and he can do whatever he wants to me. Then you pulled your cock out and I got excited.

Prostate milking

“Get to work bitch, suck my cock” you grabbed my head and i fuck my throat so hard. I even had tears coming down my face from the hate fuck my mouth was getting. “It doesn’t matter if you can’t breathe, worship my cock slut” That is what i needed to try and please my master. Therefore i started sucking his cock like it was my last meal. From time to time he would smack my face and mouth with his hard meat. After a while my mouth was getting numb, I even bit my tongue a few times.

By the time he was going to cum he stopped and spread his ass on my face. Since my tongue was hurting and bloody from me biting it, I almost cried as I had to push it into my master’s ass. As a worthless slut I know I have to please him in any way he needs. My master started fucking my mouth with his ass hard almost like he was punching my mouth with his ass. Finally he started moaning hard and I knew he was close to bursting. As my master turned around his thick gooey nut started to spray my face. “Good job whore you aren’t all that useless” is all I could hear as my face dripped with semen.