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I failed at Prostate milking so was put in my place

Men are so much more powerful, and I am just a worthless bitch. I feel lucky if my master uses me for Prostate milking. I get tired of being in my cage, so I was happy when you finally let me out. You told me a hoe bitch like me should feel lucky that you will let me eat your ass. I stick my tongue out and like a hungry puppy I start lapping at your asshole. Your moans told me I was doing a good job but when you pulled my hair and started to choke me and slap my face, I knew it wasn’t good enough job. I pleaded for you to have mercy on me and let me milk you anyways.

Prostate milking

You love hearing me plea for mercy. You gave me a bit of mercy and stopped choking me so I could breathe and bent me over and spanked my bare ass until it was red. But you wanted to use my mouth, you shoved your cock in my throat and used it to milk your master cock meat. When you finally filled my throat up with semen, I realized why hurting me for you off. You like to be in control and have all the power and I must be your happy Submissive Whore. 


My tits love to be soaked by you

cock worshiping“Remove that shirt.” Ryan demanded. So I stopped pinching my nipples and quickly removed my shirt. My breasts jiggled until that sat still on my chest again.“Ahhhhhhhhh…….FUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! I’M GONNA CUM ALL OVER
THESE TITS!” Ryan cried out. As he let out this cry, I could feel the pulsating of his dick unloading his hot
cream across my big tits. He must have unloaded a pint of cum. As he pulled away from me and his warm jizz 
drizzled out of his dick hole unto my tits. He watched his cream drip from my tits. He
liked to watch the mess he would make. After admiring his handy work; he helped me up and kissed my

Bondage Phone Sex Keeps Me on My Toes

bondage phone sexBondage phone sex is hard to do on myself. But we can role play. I do not have to role play with master though. Even at his age he is still the King of Knots. He was starting to decline, till he got on a new arthritis med that was a game changer. He is tying me up better in his early 70s, than he did in his 40s, when we met. Friday, I was in the office. I was 15 minutes late. I get punished when late. Master has never accepted traffic as an excuse. I need to leave earlier to accommodate for that. He tied me to my chair. Not, however, before he gave me some bare bottom spankings like I was a naughty brat. He pops a wallop too. My ass was bright red and raw when he confined me to the office chair. While sitting at the desk, he would make me tried to type while sucking his cock too. I must scoot up to the computer with my wrists bound and try to type. I can multitask, but sucking dick while typing legal briefs is not easy. But if I made a typo, I had to start over. I made many mistakes. I was still bound starting over many times. Master is not often in a sadistic mood, but he was Friday. He enjoyed shaming me for not being able to type and suck his cock while bound. He would wait until the end of the brief, read it then make me repeat. I think he was just trying to get me to suck his cock more. He does not need to do that. I love cock worshiping. I will suck his cock any day and drain his prostate. When I finally got the brief typed, he made me not only suck his old dick, but milk his prostate. Now, that was some multitasking I could handle.

Ursa will milk your Cock!

Prostate milking Ursa

Ursa Milks You 

As a submissive little whore there is nothing I want more than to please you. Seriously, I know just how to do it. Just a little Prostate milking to drive you fucking wild. 

Do not worry if you are not up to having a toy or finger shoved into your tight little asshole. There is a way around that. See there is a very special spot just under your balls and I am going to teach you just how to use it. 

I am going to make you have the most intense orgasm that you have ever felt. So, go and grab some lube and if you are experienced with your toy and a headset because I need you to be hands free. Next, I need you to strip down, get very comfortable and grab your phone to call me. 

Once we are on the phone I want you to relax and let my voice walk you through to complete ecstasy. 

pain slut

bdsm chat

I know the rules and can’t even go with any guy. My master doesn’t allow me to date anyone or sleep with anyone he disapproves of, and of course, he would never dare to let me do things out of his control. After my semester, I noticed someone who wanted to hang out with me. We started a friendship, and he eventually tried to take me out on dates, but I knew I had to hide my relationship from my master. Bad idea that the sunflower field spot we would meet up became the environment of quite a beating. Bdsm chat was one thing, but now he was going to take me and use me and torture me for fucking another guy. I had to strip my clothes off after he blindfolded me. There in the sunflower field, he made me his punching bag. After fucking me to almost death, he made sure I never did it again,

Submissive Sex is all a Mommy Whore is Good For

submissive sexSubmissive sex is all I am good for. Men tell me that all the time on the phone. Sometimes I get to do something out of the box for me like be a guy’s mommy, but even then, I am still submissive. I do not know how to be anything but submissive.  When I talked to Bob last night, he just wanted his mommy to do everything he said. I did not disobey him. He wanted to punish his mommy for being a whore with every other man but her. His mother was a stripper in the 80s and had wild parties at her house. Sex parties. Bob was always ignored. Likely because his cock was not big enough yet for his mommy and her hot friends. When he became a teenager, his sexy milf phone sex mama would seduce his school friends. She would also pick up random men at bars and bring them home. Sounds like a cock teasing mommy to me. We roleplayed one night when he was still a teen boy. I came home drunk from the strip club smelling like a porn star. That was because I let me jizz on me all night at the club for tips. My baby boy was waiting up for me but this time he wanted to fuck mommy. I did not want my own son to fuck me. He got mouthy and aggressive with me, and when I attempted to walk away, he grabbed my arm and pinned it behind my back. He walked me backwards until my back was against the wall. He shoved his fingers up my whore cunt. Soon after he had his entire fist in his mother’s cunt. I was cumming so hard that I could not deny that I wanted my boy too. I have been a submissive whore to my son, but not regularly. I always wished that my son would become my true master.

Submissive Whore for Spreading Her Holes for Perverts

Guys need a Submissive Whore in their lives. I’m in need of a dirty pervert who craves to control and use a slut. We have a true calling to be together. Use me as you feel fit. Just don’t be too scared of me because of my height and dirty perversions.

I’m a switch, for sure. My love of CBT and ball busting is great. Guys love me in their giantess fetish roleplays, due to my height, and perverted fucked up mind. My love of submissiveness is counter acted by how much I enjoy dominating and torturing men.

Maybe your need is to have a giantess bust your balls and sit on your face? I am 5`11, strong and slender. Extreme calls are my greatest love. Having a knack for the more extreme fun really brings out the inner kinks of perverts. We start to get quite filthy once they realize I am true to my word, anything goes, extreme fetishism is perfect fun for me.

Let me trample your balls and stick rods in that pee hole. I want to anally violate that ass and you can use extreme sized toys to violate and gape me out. Piss on me or I will stand over you and piss on you. Fuck it, let me bust your balls as I turn the tables on your lack of being able to really serve me as a good master.

Submissive Whore

Submissive Whore needs to get abused

You filthy Submissive Whore is what my master calls me. Every time i lick his asshole.he loves slapping my face and mouth until my lips are numb showing me I am just his tool. All I do is thank him and ask for more. After having my cunt used so much I lost some feeling to it. I need more now I get wet and excited from the way my master ties my body up and beats me. The burn from the rope or sting from his whippings send a shock that wakes my cunt up. By then all i want is for you to please fuck me hard. I need a pounding but you torture my cunt even more. You make me give you some Prostate milking and tell me that I better have your legs shaking. I know if i didnt you would end up beating me, i am always torn because that makes my cunt wet now. But I always do as you ask and I make sure to swirl my tongue in your ass just like you need in order to be able to drench my face with your thick load of semen. I love that it tells me I did my part as your property.

Submissive Whore

Submissive Slut In and Out of the Office Like a Good Whore

submissive slutI am an office submissive slut. That does not mean I am not submissive other places too. It just means when I am in the office, I am way more than just a paralegal. I am down to one day, maybe two days, a week in the office with my long-time master. He is retiring soon, although has been saying that for 5 years now. He does not want to fully retire because that means he might not ever see me. He is married and it is tough to explain absences for long periods of time to his wife. In the office, however, he is doing “work.” He does have a legal case we are working on right now, but the pressing issue was his backed up old balls. He has not cum in weeks. I know what that means. Prostate milking. I am as good at being submissive as I am at milking master’s old backed up balls. He wanted a show first. I knew he would. Men are visual. I masturbated my cunt for him. Not with my fingers, however. I used whatever office supplies I could find. A stapler, a pen…. He wanted bigger, so I took the round pen holder, dumped the pens out and inserted this fat round thing in my cunt like it was a speculum. It gaped my hole, which is what master wanted to see. I scooted the office chair near him so I could slide my finger up his ass. My legs straddled the arms of his office chair, while my finger worked in and out of his ass. The goal was to milk his old balls, so he could nut all over my body. I prefer that over in my mouth. When he is backed up like this, his spunk can be rather pungent. But I am a good submissive sex doll for him. I drained his backed up testicles and licked his old nasty spunk off my big boobs like the perfect office whore I am.

Submissive slut is always on all fours for master

Since I am a Submissive slut for my master, I must always be on all fours like a dogbitch. I must worship him in every way and I really do. My master has me do all my choirs before he comes home from work. When he gets home I am supposed to greet him on my knees. My training has taught me to do so and I do as I was trained. He started by first face fucking me hard. He likes to make sure I swallow every drop of his semen, so he holds his cock down my throat as he cums. When I am on all fours like a doghoe, it is easy for my master to spank or whip my ass. I want to please my master in any way. I know I am a worthless whore and should be happy for anything he gives me. So when he spread his ass for me I knew it was Prostate milking time. I stuck my tongue out and licked his ass like it was my last meal to have. He turned me around and called me a filthy whore as you spread my ass and started ramming me like a used sock. After licking your asshole like I did, it didn’t take much for you to fill me up. As soon as you fill my ass. you put me in my cage so you can go to bed. That is our normal routine and as your worthless property I feel lucky to get it.

Submissive slut