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Submissive Whore Fucked In Her Sleep

Erotic submissive stories

Being the submissive whore that I am, didn’t happen overnight my training started long ago when I was a young slutty thing.  Daddy taught me that I was raised to be a pair of holes to be fucked and used and I love it. My last boyfriend would use my holes whenever he wanted, if he wanted me to suck his cock while we were out, I better do it and do it good. I was so tired from the pounding he had given me that I was passed out until I felt my cunt hole being fucked, I could feel him using me and he didn’t care if I was up or not. He fucked my pussy while choking me from behind, I didn’t move a bit.  As he pounded me, he kept squeezing my neck tighter as his cock slid in and out of me. He was whispering in my ear how he was going to fuck me to death. I could feel the air leaving my body and I was going limp as his cock was filling me up, that is when I passed out. 

Submissive slut trip



submissive slut


How did I become so submissive? Well, I had no choice, a really submissive life was introduced to me by my boyfriend at the time. I was supposed to take a summer trip to Europe. My parents paid a pretty penny to be able to give me all the finer things in life. They wanted me to grow up with all the things they didn’t know that they were able to give my siblings and me everything under the sun. They pride themselves in that.

I should have been having the time of my life, but in reality, I met the wrong crowd, and they made me skip out on that lavish trip and instead take the several thousands of dollars in spending money for my trip and use it on drugs and them.

I was beaten and used and told that I was now their personal fuck slut. All I had to do was obey like a submissive slut. My boyfriend at the time had his plan from the beginning. It was three weeks of abuse, and I had to send my parents postcards and trinkets to keep them thinking I was enjoying my trip when I was downtown getting ruined in reality.

Cock worshiping the king with Company

submissive whore

My king loves when I am Cock worshiping with the company. He has a rule I must bring over a new friend at least once a week. I’m surely going to do whatever he wants to keep him happy. I don’t like to question daddy, so if he wants something, he’s going to get it at whatever cost. I like to lure my classmates since I have run thru my closest friends. I will bring over co-workers and even randoms I meet. I know I have to get the task done. If not, it is going to be hell to pay.

I don’t question daddy or his wants. Whatever daddy wants, he will get. Actually, he will be so angry I didn’t address him as king on this post, so I might get my ass handed to me. King loves to spread my legs and whip my clit with the sharpest nipple clamps ever. My body quivers and shakes as the pain settles and becomes part of my everyday routine.

Luckily when I bring a friend over, there’s a little less beating and more fucking for me. King loves when I fuck a slut up for him.

Extreme fetish phone sex games

Extreme fetish phone sex

When I’m away for college, my master loves to play extreme fetish phone sex games with me. He makes me do all sorts of humiliating things and watches as I agree to it, and rubs his cock off it.

This latest game session has to be the latest, most humiliating to date. My master made me walk in public with my top off, just flashing all kinds of people. I went to a horrible neighborhood, and he knew I would get used.

I stumbled across a group of guys who wanted to use me. My master tells me if someone wants to use me, then I must say yes. I can’t say no to what they want. Good subby whores never say no.


I felt like such a slut doing whatever those men wanted me to do, but I knew it was for the best. I don’t beg and plead; I say yes to what any man asks of me.

Piss Princess

pissing phone sex

Pissing phone sex is something I know a lot about. I have become quite the pissy slut in the past. There was a guy who I dated who was obsessed with drenching me in his urine.

He thought it was the ultimate humiliation and believed a slut like me should be a pissy slut. I, of course, adored him, and I sure did worship the ground he walked on, so I never complained.

I let him use me up and did it with a smile. He would fuck me and hit me and pour alcohol all over me. The more he was mean to me, the more I wanted him. It might have been

sick as fuck to feel that way, but I was more than willing to be his piss bucket. He’s the man, and I am the worthless whore. All I am is a hole for a man to use.

I wanted him to show me how much he wanted to fuck me up, so I would guzzle him warm pee whenever he told me to do so.

We Should Get Acquainted

You are seeking a new little slut to use and enslave. I am here for some new Masters to take ownership over me and for me to submit to and worship their cocks with my whore mouth. I will even drink your piss because I love everything about that cock of yours, Master. I think our Phone sex specials work out as a great way to get acquainted with your new slut, and to use her, and I do hope that “her” is going to be me! I am very enthusiastic in being the Subby Slut Slave for many new Masters and hope I can be a favorite to a few. I’m a submissive that really enjoys being used for my Masters pleasure even if it means I am being humiliated, I love to be humiliated! It’s my sole pleasure to be your device for releasing frustrations and to get your needs met. I have absolutely no limits either.

Phone sex specials

What ever master wants he gets

UncatergorizedWhat ever master wants he gets! Sometimes my master demands I suck his cock 10 times a day. Like a good subby cock sucking nigger whore I do what I am told. What submissive whore doesn’t like to please their master? Name me one! The only chance of me disobeying my master if I want to get beaten. Sometimes I disobey on purpose just so I can get hit and slapped around harder than usual. It gets my cunt so moist to be bruised by my master. Every week master has a different sex act I am to do on him for hours at a time. This week was sucking his cock everyday for 10 times a day. Next week he will be fucking me in my tight little asshole everyday for multiple times out of the day. I will never complain about my master wishes. Never!

xxx bondage doll

xxx bondageXxx bondage was fun. This past summer, I have learned how to be the complete submissive slut. I learned how to take control and become the perfect cum dump and take all the commands from the master. Master loves when I am on my knees and his beck and call. I want nothing more than to be his pain slut. I want to be used and strapped and fucked like the trashy whore I am. I a complete slut who has always thought I wasn’t. I ended up going to college and working corporate and thinking I was better when all and all I have always been a loser. I was born a woman, so now I should face that fact that I am nothing but a man’s slave slut.

Killer date

submissive sexSwiping all day long I finally found my perfect match. I thought he was so cute exciting and felt like an excellent, honest person. It was a match, I thought. I ended up feeling a ton of regret super early on. I felt the mood change, and once we hung out, his dark side came to play. I assured him I was not going to give out the goods so easily. Submissive sex was what he wanted, and he was going to get it no matter what. I had no say so and I had to sit back and let him pound all my holes like the slut I was supposed to be. I didn’t think for one second it was real. Then I saw he meant each word. It was on, and his mind was set.

Fist me mommy

submissive slutI am such a submissive slut that I call my master’s wife mommy. I let her fist me and fuck me up till I am crying and shaking. My cunt and ass have taken the biggest beating ever. My pretty pink holes aren’t mine anymore, and I have to understand that. My master’s needs come before mines and will always be that way. I like being a stupid, worthless slut. I am the biggest know it all at work, but behind closed doors, I am one submissive bitch with no says so. I like a man and his wife to ruin me together. I am put in my place till I am whimpering like a dumb, stupid slut. My face and body are not mines anymore. It is your playground mommy and daddy. You both are my owners.

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