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All his friends will use me

Bdsm chat should be something you feel free to talk about with me. I’m all for having a master and getting piss all over me. Whenever you enjoy yourself beating me, know that you are doing the right thing.

A girl like me belongs to be behind men and willing to please them at all costs. Whenever you get to enjoy yourself with a girl ready to be a bottom bitch licking and eating all the cum  you give her, know that you have mastered being a slave pet master.

Spit all over me and watch me cry, and tell all your friends to gather around me and fuck my face till I’m blue. There’s no need to take it easy on me.

Submissive Slut Souvenir

Submissive slut


I understand wanting to keep a souvenir from your submissive slut subjugation sessions, but you don’t get to just have me all to yourself.  I don’t belong to anyone, no matter how much I get into my submissive role and make you feel as though I’m all yours.  It’s basically just really kinky, sexy roleplay, Pal.  You don’t get to keep me, sorry to tell you.  You must be out of your damn mind.

I know, this time of year makes you all sentimental and you want a sex servant around 24/7 to help you handle everything you’re feeling.  It’s cool, I’ll come around when you call.  Even if I’m busy, I’ll find some time to fit you into my submissive schedule and will let you have your way with me.  You can do, pretty much, whatever you want to me, I don’t have many boundaries.  I do draw the line at being detained against my will for an undetermined amount of time.  For anyone, not just you.  Don’t take it personally.

Seriously, Sluggo, you need to let me go.  Let me out now and I’ll still be willing to come back for more back breaking bondage and slit sliming subjugation.  You obviously can’t keep me in here forever, so if you untie me right now let me be on my merry way, everything will be kosher.  Try to hold onto me for one more minute and you’ll see a super submissive whore get pissed.  I promise I won’t just ruin your holidays, I’ll wreck your whole goddamned life.  What, you think I’m some sort of wimpy woman who just happens to let you dominate her?  You obviously don’t know who you’re messing with.  Now, let… me… go.  I won’t tell you again.


daddys always right

My master picks all my clothes out for me. Whatever he says goes, and I never try to correct or challenge him in any way. Master knows I am his property and must abide by all his rules. Many times he loves to put me in slutty outfits. It does turn him on to see other men check me out.

However,, there’s a switch when it comes to him sometimes,, he enjoys making me cover up and telling me I’m only his and I must do whatever he says. Of course, I am not going to argue with him,, but sometimes I say something a little bratty that gets him to whip me and choke me while he pounds me roughly. I’m so into submissive sex, and there’s no going back now.

Cock worshiping memories

Cock worshipingI participate in a healthy dose of Cock worshiping for money, it’s a thing, it’s perhaps my favorite thing. I spend all day contemplating the dicks I could suck, I constantly fantasize about all the dicks, sometimes I touch myself just to the thought of it. You have a dick right? I’d like to suck it, for money. I used to suck it for free but I found out that it doesn’t really pay the bills, so now it’s exclusively for money, which is sad but sometimes you have to give yourself standards.  I remember, back when I was sucking dick for free, there was this one party I went to where I had to suck two dicks at once. They were both so girthy that I had a really hard time fitting them in my Submissive phone sex mouth, but swirling my tongue in between them got me the moans I desired, and bobbing my head, well, that got a reaction. Suddenly they were stretching out my jaw enough I had to pull back and start bobbing down one, only to pull back and bob down the other, individually working two cocks off at once like some kind of professional – I guess I am one now – cock sucker! It was so hot, being used like that. I love getting into weird situations, they don’t always work out but they’re always fun and make a great story! And yes, before you ask, I did get two full heaping loads in my mouth to slurp down and warm my belly. I sometimes think about that while jilling hard, and it gets me so wet every time. To think they wanted me so much they were willing to wait between bobs, my fingers fondling their sacks with glee while I was at it. Cum eating phone sex is where it’s at.

Sneaking In

teen phone sexYou snuck into my room again tonight and I knew exactly what you wanted. I was laying in bed and I knew better than to put any clothes on and I could already feel my pussy getting wet. You came in behind me and I could feel just how hard you were as you pressed your big fucking cock against my ass. He reached your arm around and started playing little clit making me feel so fucking good. I moaned as you pushed a finger right in my soaking wet kind and started pumping it in and out making me even more wet than I already was. I could feel you start to position your cock in between my round ass cheeks. You started to push your cock into my asshole and then shoved all the way in. You were so deep in my ass hole and I screamed as you started fucking me harder and harder with each fucking thrust while you played with my pussy. You were going as fast as you fucking could and I was cumming all over your fucking hands. I could feel that you were about to cum so I reached around and started massaging your balls making you feel my tiny little asshole all the way up with your big cum load.

Just Can’t Decide, Huh?



I see the your problem, you need a little uncategorized submissive fuck action because you just can’t decide what you’re into right now.  I don’t know, maybe you’re a little new to this or perhaps you’ve just subjugated so many sluts that you can’t decide what you want to do next.  It doesn’t really matter.  Just sit down here beside me and tell me all of the things you like about dominating a darling blonde bimbo like me while I suck that big bone of yours.  That’ll loosen you up a little.

Don’t mind me, I’ll just be down here gagging myself on your prick while you try and figure out what subby acts you want me to do.  I really like to be tied up and spanked if that helps you at all.  But just go ahead and talk it out with me while I attempt to use your cock as a cork in my throat to hold in my lunch.  If you need me, I’ll be down here giving great head.

  Still can’t decide how to best dominate me?  Your hog is nice and sloppy, I’ll just climb on top and ride it really hard and fast while you keep lamenting your lack of influential inspiration.  You’ll come up with something, my pussy rocking back and forth on your magnificent meat stick will make sure of it.  You can always gag me and clamp up my nipples, if you want.  I bet you’d like that.

It’s up to you.  This submissive slut is just gonna go ahead and make you cum inside of me so that maybe you can straighten out your plan for proper subbing without any of that goo in there mucking up your brain.  That’ll help you decide whether or not you want to strap me down or chain me up, for sure!

I am his property

light bondage

I have to say light bondage was one of my favorite times with one of my exes. It became too easy for me, so I had to let him go and be with someone who could beat the living daylights.

I crave abuse, and it’s what gets my cunt all wet. When a guy uses me and throws me to the side and makes me watch him get intimate with other girls, it does something to me.

Yes, I am jealous and furious, but I know not to cause a scene and to enjoy myself by realizing how lucky I am to serve a man.

I have bruises all over and marks, and I am branded head to toe most subtly. Once I am fully nude, you will see I am his property.

Obedient Submissive Phone Sex

submissive phone sex

 I told myself that I wasn’t going to fuck him anymore. When he showed up with presents for me, I thought he had come to apologize. He went on a shopping spree to get gifts alright, for him to use on me. I opened box after box with nipple clamps, butt plugs, electronics toys and everything you would expect to see at a sex shop. It was like he bought at least one of everything. He slapped me across this face and told his submissive phone sex bitch to strip for him. I should have kicked him out. I did not.
     I stripped until he grew tired of my slow pace, and he ripped the rest of my lingerie off and shoved me face first into my pillow. He buckled a collar around my neck and bound my arms behind my back with the rope. He called me a helpless fucking whore and lightly lubed my ass. I thanked him, but he said it was for his comfort not mine. He yanked the collar and choked me when he sunk his cock deep in my ass. I screamed and he hand gagged me and fucked harder. 

Submissive sex with his new slave pet

submissive sex

Dominant men love to make you feel like crap, especially in front of a crowd. Submissive sex is not for everyone, and it can put you in a downward spiral if you aren’t meant to be a sub slut. My master brought over another girl. I won’t deny there was a ton of rage built up in me knowing he had another sub slave at his fingertips. I knew I had to stay quiet and look pretty. I wouldn’t dare to mention how incredibly green with envy I was. Her style was so hot, and she was gorgeous. I knew he enjoyed her because he couldn’t get his hands off her. My inferiority complex was crystal clear. The next task at hand would be one proven to make me look like a fool.

submissive whore isla


I had to be her submissive whore. Master loved to see cruel female domination. Lots of paddling and pegging would be going on, and he would see who could be the winner. The one that ends up getting him off the best will get a weekend off from dungeon duty. The loser would get a hogtie surprise. It was game on, and after a nice ass beating from the master himself, we both grew tired but knew we had to outshine one another. I had my eye on the prize. All I wanted was a weekend getaway and alone time with my master. Eliana wasn’t going to back down in her roughness. She was one mean bitch to me. At first, she began tugging on my nipples, and I began to pin her down to give her an anal pound. I was winning at the pegging game. It got bloody at first. Master demanded we become used to each other and had us kiss and make up. We both ended up spending the weekend out of the domination dungeon and pleased the master whenever he wanted. 

Make It Hurt, Make Me Scream

bare bottom spankings

So many men call me and tell me that they want to bend me over their knee for a bare bottom spanking. I have to admit that at first, I didn’t like being spanked. I wasn’t used to the idea that it didn’t matter how I felt about it, so I would scream, and cry and it would just make Master Tomas incredibly mad. I tried to do better, but it wasn’t a change that happened overnight. Eventually, Master told me that I was the good little pet, and I was taking the spankings very well.

Once I started behaving, I thought that he’d give me less spankings, but that is not what happened at all. He told me that since I was able to take them so well, he could start spanking me with more force. I wasn’t happy to hear that, but of course, I didn’t tell Master what I was thinking. I knew that would only result in more pain for me, and even though I like it, I didn’t want to push my luck. Do you have spanking fantasies like my Master does? Perhaps I need the touch of another Dom to train me better for my Master.