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Obedient Submissive Slut

submissive slut

Last week, Master Tomas told me that he had a surprise for me. When he says that, I always know he’s talking about something that’s going to be extremely humiliating for me. Well, this time he decided to take me to a casino and offer to take men in the bathroom for blow jobs to relieve the tension from gambling. I was instructed to just walk up to whatever man Master told me to and make the offer to them. Of course, I didn’t really want to do it. But I know by now that I am not allowed to say no to Master. 

So, we walked around and played some slots while Master looked for the perfect guys for me to please. When he found one, I was to walk up to him and ask him if he was getting stressed out from the tension of gambling. If he said yes, that’s when I’d offer him the cock sucking experience of a lifetime. Master would always buy the guy a drink after I sucked them off in the bathroom. Do you want to hear about that or some of my other experiences as a submissive slut, Sir?

Spanking Obsessed Slut

spanking phone sex

I have tons of stories that would be perfect for a spanking phone sex session. That’s my Master’s favorite way to punish me physically. His favorite way to incorporate that into my punishment is to do it in front of a group of his friends. He likes to make me stand in front of them, naked, and tell them the ways I’ve disappointed Master with the ways I’ve fucked up. I am always so embarrassed to do that because all the guys start laughing at me and telling me what a dumb slut I am. They’re right. That’s what I am.

Master loves putting me over his lap and giving me an open-handed over-the-knee spanking. He’s never gentle with me, either. He likes to leave bruises of his handprints on my ass. And he lets his friends spank me, too. They are permitted to put me over their knees and spank me for as long as they want to. Would you like to spank a misbehaving slut like me? I will do my very best to obey you, Sir. If I mess up (and I probably will), you can always spank my naughty ass.

I had to make her my bitch

submissive sex

When you have one of the top-notch men as your new sugar daddy, you have to assimilate to his lifestyle quickly. When my sugar daddy told me his deal, I promised him that I’d be the perfect cum dump for him and would make him happy by keeping things exciting.

I knew that him dominating me for a few hours then taking me shopping would get quite old quickly. I kept thinking and trying to figure out something that would entice his taste.

When I was watching a movie and saw that a girl was dominating another girl in this particular scene, it was a hot dialogue. It drew me in, and that’s when it hit me, and I got a perfect idea.

I was sure that my sugar daddy would enjoy watching me turn the tables and make a girl my submissive cunt. It felt right, and that’s what I set out to do with one of my best friends.

Darcy is a redheaded slut who is down to party and shop. When I presented the idea, my sugar daddy was all in, and I got to beat her asshole and go shopping like never before.

Bondage Whore Bo

bondage whore

Master has really been into bondage S&M lately. He’s been putting me on my hands and knees, tying my wrists behind my back, and spanking me. Sometimes, he just spanks me with his open hand. The feeling of his hand coming down hard on my bare flesh makes my pussy wet. I can’t let him know that, though, or he will stop doing it. I’ve learned that lesson the hard way before. I can feel my ass jiggle when he spanks me and for some reason that is what sends me over the edge, and I need to be fucked.

I usually know what to say to Master to get him to fuck me hard. He thinks he’s punishing me by being rough, but what he doesn’t know is that I love it. It makes me cum really hard, but I can never let him know that I’m having an orgasm, or he’d stop fucking my pussy. As he likes to point out, I have multiple holes for him to use. Do you want to hear more about how Master uses me? Or maybe you want to tell me how you would make me your submissive whore. I’d love to bow down to you.

Humiliation Slave Training

slave training

Even though I have been serving Master Tomas for a while now, he tells me and shows me all of the time that my slave training is never really complete. His tastes sometimes change and that means I need to re-learn how to please him properly. But I don’t mind because I always want to make sure he is sexually satisfied. He’s always much nicer to me when he’s happy. Sometimes he even lets me eat dinner 4at the table and sleep in a bed instead of my cage when I’m doing a good job of keeping him and his cock satisfied.

Lately, Master has been very into taking me out and humiliating me in public. Sometimes he makes me walk up to someone and tell them I’m a submissive whore who serves Master Tomas. Sometimes we walk through the lingerie section of a fancy department store, and he humiliates me by making me announce very loudly that I’m a whore. It really embarrasses me when he makes me ask him if I can suck his cock in the dressing room. Do you want to hear more about his newest fantasy with me? Give me a call, please, so I can satisfy you, too!

Submissive Slut in Training

submissive slut

I’m not just a submissive slut, but I am the best subbie you could ever hope for. My Master wouldn’t have it any other way. So, it’s not that I’m bragging about myself. I’m just telling you that any call with me HAS to be the best, otherwise I could get into some serious trouble with Master. Trust me when I say that being in trouble with him is the absolute last thing I would ever want. He can be quite cruel when he is disappointed in me. That punishment is much worse than when he’s simply mad at me.

I hate it when I mess up and disappoint him because those punishments have been some of the most humiliating ones I’ve ever received. I’ll tell you about them when you call me. If you don’t think those punishments are cruel enough for whatever my actions were, I’d love to hear about what you DO think would be enough. Master always loves it when my callers give suggestions about punishments, things for me to wear, tasks for me to perform, etc. So, if there’s anything you’d like him to add into the rotation, please call me and give me the details.

Submission Manor

Submissive slut


Last night I hung out with a cock strong cunt lover who showed me just how much of a submissive slut I really am.  He had a crazy set up designed for the sole purpose of dominating helpless whores like me and, let me tell you, it did not disappoint.  I’ve seen all sorts of salacious sanctuaries of suffering slaves and this guy’s place was definitely in the top three.

The domineering dick didn’t even wait for me to step all the way inside before he dropped me to the floor and shackled my hands and feet.  He didn’t say a word as he strung me up over a dog cage and shoved a bejeweled buttplug in my asshole.  The master silently manipulated his meaty hog into my moist cunt and fucked me so hard that I couldn’t stop squirting and gushing all over.

Showering the floor with my twat juice made Daddy really mad so he jerked his johnson out of my snatch and yelled “Bad girl, you made a mess!”  while spanking my ass really hard.  He forced me inside of the cage then whacked his wang until he shot his sweet, fat load all over me.

With all of this dom’s twisted toys, he could have done any number of crazy things to me in his manor of submission and I would’ve loved them all.  I guess he needed to treat a fine piece of ass like a bad girl.  Let’s face it, they all do.


Rape Phone Sex Fantasies Victim

rape phone sex fantasies

Master tells me all of the time that I’m good for nothing except sex. I am just three warm holes that he can fuck anytime he wants to. Even if I’m not in the mood, it doesn’t matter. That’s when the fun stuff that I get to talk about on calls involving rape phone sex fantasies begins. When Master forces himself on me, it really puts me in my place and reminds me that I am only good for one thing. Well, I guess that would be three things if you count all the holes that I can be fucked in.

Do you have rape fantasies that you would like to role play with me? Master loves it when I get calls like that because I get degraded, and it means that I have something to tell him about. Sometimes he just likes to hear about it and jerk off while denying me his cock. But then when I tell him I’m not in the mood, he loves to push me down and shove his cock in my pussy or asshole against my will. If you want to hear more or tell me how you’d rape me, please call me, Sir.

Submissive whore in pain

submissive whore

Christmas was about a month ago, and I’m still in so much fucking pain. Both of us are so sore from my master fucking me and my best friend. When my master asked me to dress up, I agreed I  had to get into the Xmas spirit for him. On Christmas, I had to bring my friend Bethany, and we had to please his cock so good that he would give us some mercy. It would be a Christmas miracle if he didn’t dismember our bodies. We both knew it could be worse for us. We were lucky enough to please him so much that all he did was beat the shit out of us. I had to endure every single painful task he asked of me. I had to fist Bethany till she was bleeding down my arm. Next, Bethany had to yank my hair and fuck me with a massive strap-on with any mercy. It was endless hours of fucking that left us all bruised up, and we still are in pain from last month’s past deputies.


Submissive whore for my p.e teacher

submissive whore

My PE teacher was the first woman who could take me to do anything she wanted. I was a little worried that I would get in trouble whenever I was not doing my task in class. One day she invited me over to her house and told me she needed to talk about my attendance. I was skipping class, and she knew that very well. It was very convenient that she was living in my neighborhood. I went over all alone without my parents because she said it would be a one-on-one situation. Never did I think my teacher would make me her submissive whore. I had to get on my hands and knees for her, and I had to let her with me. She began to use a paddle one and started to spank the living daylights out of me. I was so confused because I knocked on her door, and she told me to go upstairs to her room. My teacher wasn’t wasting any time. I’ve heard rumors that she loved the lady pond, but I wasn’t certain. All I got my answer I sure dad

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