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Submissive slut Cydney has recruited her closest friends for Master

Submissive slutMaster stopped by and updated some rules for his newest Submissive slut! I now have to keep a steel plug-in for 6 weeks straight.. he has also recruited my closest friends Sophia and Emily to be his property. We have been sitting here in nothing but our Soma bras and panties per Daddy’s request. We are no longer allowed to wear clothing indoors… We are to flaunt our tight bodies and embrace Master’s wishes. Today Mom had to spend the entire evening on the fuck machine Daddy left her on before he left this morning so she wasn’t able to join us. That’s just too bad…

I enjoyed every moment I got to spend as a Cock worshiping slut with my Master Tim.

Sir did clarify that I serve as nothing more than a slave slut until he says otherwise. I must be available to serve my master and tend to his needs whenever he needs me. that even means on call, if Master reaches out to me I am to drop whatever I am doing and do as he wishes. With that being said I am not worthy of being a girlfriend or wife unless Master determines otherwise.

I promise to be a good pet for you Master.

As soon as Sophia and Emily got here I had them strip down in the living room and took pictures so Master could see that we were following the rules. Sophia and I broke Emily in by giving her Bare bottom spankings pitting her in a very vulnerable position. I know Master is going to be so proud when he sees the hot shots we got of her gaping asshole after taking turns reeling her with our strap-ons. I first want to receive the Okay from Master Tim to post those pictures here since they are for his eyes only.

I can’t wait for our next training session; I am so thankful for Master Tim!

Bondage whore Jessica

bondage whore

I’m Jessica the submissive, bondage whore with a constant need to be owned and controlled. I’ve been owned for so long that I don’t have a clue how to live any other way. I’m hopelessly addicted to being tied up and having my hole run through and used up. I hope you’re looking for a bondage loving, rope slut to tie up and play with tonight. Nothing gets my whore hole more hot and wet than the thought of rope biting into my skin when you start to fuck me. My rope obsession began when I was just a little whore. My earliest memory is being tied up so that I couldn’t escape my step dad’s cock. He was a mean, old man with a violent temper and a huge cock. I was too scared to tell him no, especially when he forced me to open my mouth and suck his big, hard dick. He would wrap his hands around my throat and squeeze while he was fucking my mouth. He would also hold me down and force his huge cock into my tiny, bald cunnie. It felt like he was ripping me in half and I would struggle against him and try to get away. It didn’t take long for him to figure out that tying my hands above my head, gagging me and using a spreader bar on my little legs, put me in the best position for him to be able to force fuck me. I couldn’t fight back when I was tied up like that. He learned that the gag made it so that he could ram it in as hard as he wanted and I couldn’t scream too loud. He could just bend me over and shove his fat cock in any of my holes that he wanted. All I could do was lie there, take his dick and accept my place as his little cum rag, fuck doll. It’s been years since a man has tied me up and fucked me like my step dad used to but I haven’t stop fantasizing about it since…

Hardcore Bondage for Gangbanged Bondage Whore Pt 2

Bondage Whore Cums for Hardcore Bondage Fucking

Part 1…   The cock that was pushed inside of me was so much rougher with me than the other two. Pinching my clit and calling me a filthy whore while he fucked me. The hardcore bondage was digging into my skin and he was using it to keep fucking me.  Then, he wrapped his hands around my throat until my face turned red and then he slapped me. I screamed thank you everyone he hurt me.

That whole time slamming his thick rod in my pussy with no mercy. I could feel him banging around my walls but I loved the pain of getting used. I kept soaking his fucking cock and I begged for his cum. He rammed his cock into me hard a few more times and then cream pied me too. 

There was just one more load for me to earn and Master was waiting for me. I was so ready to take that final load of cum, but Master had questions for me before I was allowed to cum for submissive sex. “Did you like getting used? Do you like that they are all watching? Do you want to say thank you?” I said yes sir to all of these. He spread my cunt lips apart to show them all the cum I’d been filled with. It started leaking to my ass and Master pulled out the plug and let it catch all of the cum. Then he slid it back and forth fucking my asshole with that little toy.

hardcore bondage*click me for part 1*

Cock Worshiping Bondage Whore Takes Master’s Cock

I begged for something bigger. He gave me what I asked for. He took out his cock and then pushed it into that cum covered ass hole. Every time he pushed in more cum squeezed out of my cunt and covered his dick. Master fucked me hard and told me to thank his friends. I tried my best to sing their praises but the cock was too deep and stretching out my ass. My cock worshiping ass was milking Master’s dick, while Master was rubbing my clit. I couldn’t stop myself from cumming anymore. 

I squirted hard while master fucked me. My legs were shaking and my pussy felt so hot. Master didn’t stop fucking me. He kept stretching out my asshole with his cock and used me to completely milk his dick. I felt his load till my asshole with cum. And then I felt the plug being pushed back inside keeping it there. Master reminded me I wasn’t allowed to cum until everyone had, and I squirted before he could cum inside of me. For my disobedience I need to be punished. I can’t wait to see what my punishment is! Hopefully more hardcore bondage fun!

Sexy phone sex will explore both our kinks.

          Sexy phone sex will explore both our kinks. Among many things that I have for naughty things, one is being bound. Tie me to you. Shackle me. Pick a piercing to tug on and watch how wet I get.

          As soon as you tug on my cunt piercing, you’ll see the creamy wetness start oozing out of my cunt. Over your fingers. Ultimately, I want you to get off and explore every one of your kinks. As a cheating sub to my master some of my getting off is know that my husband doesn’t know what I do in my down time.

          Leaving him, sneaking out of the house. Just to run into my masters’ arms. Bending to your will. Making all my fantasies come true. At the same time making sure I am doing everything I can to make you cum. Make me into your Submissive Whore.Sexy phone sex

Submissive Whore Life Never Appears Dull

submissive whoreThe life of a submissive whore never proves dull. Although, I am an owned bitch, master enjoys watching other men fuck me. He did not always enjoy sharing me. However, as he aged, his dick stopped working as well. Although Viagra works, he claims watching someone else fuck me, works even better. He has a voyeuristic side to him, and it only gets stronger with age.

Master never comes to my house. Maybe a handful of times in our 20 plus years as master and servant has he visited me at home. That’s because his wife keeps close tabs on him. Even at her age, she likes to know where her husband is. That’s why I work for him. If he is at the office, she has no worries about what he is doing. Master told his wife, he wanted to drop off my Christmas bonus in person. I think she tracks his phone. She does not think he cheats on her. She just worries that something will happen to him if she does not know where he is at all times.

He did bring his office submissive slut a present. I got a nice cash bonus like I always do, but he brought me a two-legged present also. However, the present was more for him than me. What do I mean by that? He brought a young buck to fuck me. But this guy would not fuck me gently. No man master brings me ever does. Master sits back like he is at the movies and watches a surrogate do what he struggles to do anymore.

Master Enjoys Watching Younger Guys Fuck His Slave

This young buck is his nephew who is in town visiting for the holidays. The boy is in his 30s, so younger than either master or I. But this boy is sadistic. A natural born dominant man. Not only does he fuck my ass raw, but he also enjoys choking me and slapping me too. I doubt master would let him get so rough with me if he was not family. For about an hour I received anal slave training from my master’s nephew. All the while master watched and stroked his broke down dick.

But watching me never keeps his dick down for long. By the end of the session, master and his nephew both occupied this whore. When they left, I was covered in cum and bruises. Good thing this sort of thing happens sporadically.

Fuck Meat Entertainment For Daddy!

Bondage whoreMy owner had a lovely session set up for me today and I was so excited to see what he had in store in for me. When I walked in and saw everything set up I knew I was in for the time of my life. My favorite Hitachi wand was set up with all the rope/restraints laid out for me to see. I could feel my pussy throbbing/tingling in my panties because I knew I was going to be able to cum. I have not been allowed to cum from my Master in over 3 months so I could feel how drenched and excited my little fuck hole was getting just standing there. 

I was enthralled with excitement and anticipation; my daddy could see me getting all worked up and he loved it. He grabbed me by the hair and threw me to the ground and said “Take off your panties bitch and open up your mouth”. I did exactly what he said and waited with my mouth open; all my drool was dripping down my chin. He stood above me with his rock hard shaft and said “If you take care of this cock properly you will be rewarded you fucking bitch”. I shook my head so excited to play and so needy for his cock in my mouth.

He pumped my throat open hard and made me look up at him while my makeup ran down my face. He loved a messy blowjob and enjoyed making all his cunts cry for him after a face fuck. He used my mouth for a while and nutted all over my face; I was covered in my spit and cum. He dragged me over to the set up and began restraining and roping me up to the wood slacks. He spread my legs and slapped my cunt a few times. He then covered up my mouth and said “I don’t want to hear you so I am going to keep this over your mouth whore”.

He cranked on that vibe and pushed it up my clit. He sat back and watched me squirm and get tortured by that vibe forever. I squirted all over so many times until I could not even feel my clit. I was in a daze and could not take it anymore I needed it to stop. My daddy came over and shut off the vibe and laughed at my disorientation; he told me I had enough orgasms for a lifetime. He slapped me in the face and pissed all over my fat tits and cunt. He called me a dumb whore and took me down. I laid there for quite a while unable to move!

Submissive Sex Rim Jobs on Demand for Cum Whore

When it comes to being a submissive I am hands down the dirtiest. So of course giving rim jobs  as a subby whore is my joy. While helping to milk your prostate is some submissive sex play that I enjoy.

Obviously many girls don’t do a good job or are very reluctant. But not me.  Let me lick and eat your ass like a good sub pet.

First time I was forced to really lick an ass out was with my training as a submissive. This was difficult to get into for me as I have always been dominant. I used to bully my school mates. Now I feel like the one being bullied sometimes.

Of course this is especially true when I have a line on men and women taking turns sitting their assholes on my mouth. Then being forced to eat like twenty assholes. Obviously that was really a way of training me well.

Submissive sex is not only vanilla, but it is full blown toilet play too

Finally I can’t resist slipping my tongue in that taint and rimming it real good. Even If I get a taste of a little brown and get some shit in my mouth, it’s ok with me. In all realness just piss on me and even take a shit on or in me. My conclusion is that I am indeed a toilet for you.

So as it appears, this is my place to serve you, Master. And so the reality of my training as a submissive has brought about all kinds of filthy uses for me, and I love that. As a filthy slut that stands tall like an amazon woman your need to degrade me is hot.

Once in a while I am proposed to be the Amazon woman with a strap-on and I get to go into my dominant role. This excites me to make men small and enjoy some control again. I will milk your prostate more ways than one, my man.

Submissive sex

Submissive sex through the holidays for my Masters

Submissive sex

Submissive sex through the holidays for my Masters who need a whimpering bitch at the end of a belt! If you do not know me, Im Robyn a cock hungry milf who will do anything to please. Trained at the end of a big fat brutal daddy cock I know how to please! I still remember fondly the feel of daddy’s belt stinging my backside as I cried out begging him to stop. Still heats up my cunt to this day!

Just thinking about the Kitchen chair he would tie me to naked after I had fucked up some house rule has me fingering myself.  He would always make me beg for his forgiveness before he would let me cum. His love for punishment was so strong. I miss his touch and the smell of his cologne.

Submissive sex for men who need a stress release

Bondage phone sex is a way of life for me. I never disobey on my own. I might be a little too dumb for my own good though! Following my pussy instead of my brain has gotten me knee-deep in shit for as long as I can remember. And now I ahve a couple sweet offspring that are quickly catching on to what mommy is. So if you are a DOM son who thinks mommy needs punishment Ill be happy to fill those shoes for you! Or if you are a daddy who would like to revisit training his sweet plaything, Im you dirty lil brat! Train me and make me behave in only the way you can! 

A time of remembering and letting go of the stress of the world with a subby piece of meat

Erotic bondage stories to get lost in my pussy with from me or you are needed. Tell me the most kinky ways you and your wife, daughter, or Slave have gotten! Remember that I love to share and roleplay many things. My pussy gets off to serving and being a cum slut! Tis the season for cuddling up with a nice drink and beating your sub’s ass!  

Submissive sex from a easy slut

Submissive sex chat

Zella the Submissive slut likes you to take control and be in charge. She follows direction well and never says no, and Bare bottom spankings make Zella wet as a river. Tell her what to do to her body or yours, Submissive sex chat can make you cream harder then you ever seen. Fucking and sucking until only you say “stop”. Holding her cum until you allow her to release and squirt all over you. Bless her with a ripe and ready cock to ride, or a new spanking paddle made just for her round ass. After you are done with her just pass her to a friend, Zella loves to be a whore for more. Zella is the easiest sex you can get.

Submissive Slut Jacqueline Obeys her Master

As I stand before you, my eyes rake over your body, taking in every delicious inch of it. You’re a submissive slut and I love being the one to dominate you. The way your chest rises and falls with anticipation sends shivers down my spine as I imagine all the naughty things we could do together.

I run my fingers along your jawline, feeling the softness of your skin beneath them as they trace their way down to where our bodies meet – that sweet spot between us that begs for attention. Your breath hitches when yours catches at this simple touch; it excites you  knowing how much power you have over me right now just by brushing against me. As you do I feel your full cock expanding in your pants

“Kneel before me,” you command softly yet firmly, enjoying how quickly obedience washes over my features when addressed properly by Master.  My knees buckle slightly under pressure but eventually obey without hesitation – head bowed low while hands clasp behind back awaiting further instruction…or punishment if disobeyed. I know what bad girls get and you won’t be gentle with me in that case.

You take that full cock and shove it down my mouth telling me to take it all and choke on that huge cock. As I’m restrained, having only my mouth to use, I try my best to take as much of it as posubmissive slutssible down my throat. My spit is falling down your cock, covering my mouth, I feel the sticky mess I am becoming with every bob down on that cock. You love holding my head down there to point I am gasping for air.

When you take that cock filled with my spit out and it’s slapped against my face, you get harder and harder. Eventually we move on to other parts of our fun, but I sure like how we started, don’t you?