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Daddy Administered Bare Bottom Spankings

It was something of a boring day yesterday. I was getting myself into no good, and that calls for Bare bottom spankings and more from daddy. It was when I got to snooping in my daddy’s bedroom and looking at his porn collection that got me thinking. I got caught up in a magazine and was really trying to get myself off when he caught me. I sorta set myself up for this because I was super in need of some torture and fucking. Daddy grabbed me by my pony tail and yanked me to my knees. He had his cock in my mouth and I was gagging on it. Slapping me in the face with it he came hard. I was put over his lap and he started spanking my ass into a bright red. This is what I deserve and crave.

Bare Bottom Spankings

Sometimes a Whore Needs More Slave Training

slave training

He told me I needed slave training. I thought he just meant I needed to go back to slut school. He sent me to be a slave / maid for this man I had never met. My master has been disappointed with me since I returned to the office. He says I am lazy and not appreciative of what he gives me. He also does not think I am appreciative of servicing his cock and his ass. I spent a week in this guy’s house dressed as a slutty French maid. I was humiliated daily. One of the more humiliating things I had to do daily was clean his toilet with my tongue. I had to clean his ass and cock too. He used no toilet paper. My tongue was all the toilet paper he needed. Everyday, he left his toilet a mess. Skid marks on the porcelain. Pubic hair and piss drops on the rim of the toilet. My master has never humiliated me like that. He is not into bathroom play thankfully. I was beginning to understand why I was here. As a submissive whore, I needed to realize how lucky I was to have a master who is just into bondage and other BDSM games. This guy I was lent to for the week made me see how good I have it as a whore. I do not ever want to have to lick a nasty ass toilet again. I never want to swallow piss or be pissed on like I am a piece of turf. I was smacked around and whipped too on top of being a human toilet. When I was returned to my master, I was a new whore. I was more appreciative of what my master does and does not do to me. Sometimes, I you must be reminded that the grass is not always greener on the other side.

He Bound Me For My Punishment

submissive whore


I was in trouble, well actually more trouble and I knew the punishment would be severe. I was asleep when I heard the door slam and his heavy steps coming to the bedroom. The door flew open, and his eyes were filled with fury. He grabbed my hair and threw me onto my stomach. Yelling he told me to stay. I didn’t move a muscle. He rummaged through the play drawer and brought out a rope and locks, He grabbed my legs and arms and bound me so I could not move. The rope was cutting into my wrists and ankles, but I didn’t say a word. I looked down not daring to look him in the eyes. Then he pulled out his phone and put it under my face. Watch he screamed as the video of me appeared. It was me in my bed using my vibrator while watching porn. I had orgasmed multiple times, playing with my pussy and ass and nipples. He was furious. I could say nothing except I was sorry. I know I am not to play with his pussy without permission, but I did. He slapped me across the face and told me he would be back. After an hour or so I heard the front door open and the sound of dozens of feet coming down the hallway to give me my punishment.

Went To Work With Master

Erotic BDSM storiesI’m a pain slut I love being used and abused by my master; he takes me along with him to work and makes me sit under his desk ass naked no one can see me when I’m down there. Whenever he feels like it, he pulls his cock out and I know I must suck it hard and deep and not make a sound. He will cum over and over down my throat and during his break he will pull me out and bend me over his desk. He spanks me hard and fast until my ass is read and when he is ready, he sticks his fat cock deep in my ass. I know I must take all his cock and not make a noise as he fucks me deep and hard, I love when master takes me to work uses my ass and mouth whenever he wants. Specially how hard he pounds me and how he still has lots of hot gooey cum to fill it up with.  

Going Away Party

Master is going away for a belong time so he planned a special event so that I would remember who I belong to!Submissive Whore

He had me dress in the sluttiest black satin corset with thigh high stockings and no bra and panties. Then he put my collar on, attached my lead, and gave me my special powder candy!

I knew this was going to be special!

We drove deep into the woods where no one would hear my screams to a party with four other very large men!

Master threw my lead down and let the muscular men tear my body apart!

There was a giant BBC that started stretching my ass right away! And the second I opened my mouth to scream, another massive fuck stick  rammed the back of my throat!

My body wiggled and twisted, trying to brake from the size and force of their mighty meat!

Then a third one joined the fuck doll party!

After they had their way with me, it was master turn…my favorite…I love everything he gives me, even pain!

He fisted my torn cunt, making my body squirt uncontrollably over and over and before handing my lead to one of the men in the party, he seared the delicate flesh under my perky firm tits to remind myself and everyone else who’s whore I am!

I am so lucky to be his filthy worthless whore!

I wouldn’t want it any other way!

Truck Stop Whore

Rape phone sex fantasiesI was a runaway teenager and it taught me men will take whatever they want whenever they want it. I was new to being a teenager sluty and dumb I was hitchhiking at a truck stop, when I was picked up by a driver. We had a drink and I passed out. I woke up naked with my hands and feet tied up, I started screaming and “pow” I was slapped in my face he told me if I was a good whore, he might spare my life. He pulled a big fat throbbing cock out of his pants and told me to suck it good and to make sure he doesn’t feel any teeth. I sucked his cock just asked he asked taking as deep as I could, he stuck fingers hard and deep in my little pussy. I made sure not to cry and act like I was liking everything he was doing, he bent me over and spread my legs wide open. He started licking and sucking on my lips and my asshole, as I was starting to enjoy it, he covered my mouth and stuck his big fat dick in my asshole. As the pain shot up my body, he pumped my ass hard and fast. He was enjoying it so much he was moaning and calling me a good little whore, he didn’t stop even when it hurt until I felt his cock start pulsing and being filled up with hot cum. He untied me and told me I had earned my life, that is when I knew I was made to serve and be used for a man’s needs and pleasures.  

Piss Princess

pissing phone sex

Pissing phone sex is something I know a lot about. I have become quite the pissy slut in the past. There was a guy who I dated who was obsessed with drenching me in his urine.

He thought it was the ultimate humiliation and believed a slut like me should be a pissy slut. I, of course, adored him, and I sure did worship the ground he walked on, so I never complained.

I let him use me up and did it with a smile. He would fuck me and hit me and pour alcohol all over me. The more he was mean to me, the more I wanted him. It might have been

sick as fuck to feel that way, but I was more than willing to be his piss bucket. He’s the man, and I am the worthless whore. All I am is a hole for a man to use.

I wanted him to show me how much he wanted to fuck me up, so I would guzzle him warm pee whenever he told me to do so.

Sexy Bondage Cum Slut Submissive

He was seeking a Sexy bondage cum slut submissive. That spoke to me. The advertisement may have had my name branded to it. This was what I am meant to be and it just so happens that I need a new gig to serve as another’s submissive. The Master I was serving recently turned out to be a real dirt bag loser. This piece of shit tried to sell me to some Cartel fuckers to fix his debt.

This guy was no Master. He was a druggy loser pretending. These little dick losers pumped full of speed are the worst. They don’t understand the demanding role as a Master. It’s shameful that I let this one lure me. I had to turn the tables on him. The cartel beheaded that loser. I was a submissive cum slut for the cartel for a few hours and they were quite nice to this subslut white girl. I put out with my submissive sex and gave them a dipshit moron to take care of. Win/win for all parties involved. But, Now I need to find a new Master to satisfy my needs.

I will be the best little ass licker, cum slut you could ever desire. My skills at eating ass, being a human toilet and just a subslut whore for cock. I want to do whatever it takes to get the oozing cream from your cock. I really don’t care where you cum as lond as it’s on or in me.

Sexy bondage

submissive slut Jessica obeys her master

submissive slut


Gags aren’t the only balls I love to drool on. This submissive slut always has a stiff, hard dick shoved down her whore throat. You’re going to love the sounds of me gagging and choking on your hard cock and swallowing all of your cum. I do have to tell you, I’ve been a naughty slut and I deserve to be punished. Pull out your thick, wooden paddle or long leather whip and teach this dirty whore a lesson! I’ve had my eye on these super sized anal beads for a while now. I think you’re the perfect one to pop them in my shit hole and have some fun. Being my master’s cum filled, fuck toy is what I live for. When you’re not using me for your pleasure, I will sit obediently on my knees and wait for your command, like a good slave. I prefer to be bound and gagged but if you’d like you can just bend me over to fuck me and use me. Just like me, the decision is all yours, Master.

Bukkake Phone Sex Addict

bukkake phone sex

The first time I was a bukakke slut, it was by accident. I was at a holiday party thrown by my Master. He put me in a back bedroom naked so that if anyone got horny they could just come back and do whatever they wanted to me. Well, after one guy came on my face and tits, everyone just kept blowing their loads all over me. By the time the night was over, I was covered in cum from head to toe. I hated to wash it off, so while I was in the shower, I started thinking about how I’d get my next cum bath. 

I’m so glad that I get bukakke phone sex calls and you guys want to tell me how you’d cover me in cum. If the thought of my face and body being covered in cum while you fuck my mouth or cunt, call me. I’m on this earth so serve men, so I’m willing to submit and let you have your way with me – as if I have any say in the matter. Cover me in your hot and gooey jizz right now and make me your whore. I’ll be waiting for you.

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