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Bondage and Submission is My Life

bondage and submissionBondage and submission is what I am here for. I understand that life can be stressful for men. Every man needs a sub or a slave to take his troubles out on. For my master and many of his associates, that is me. I have been a fuck doll, a punching bag, a human toilet and a subby whore for men all my life. My master is very stressed with this case we have been working on for months. It is a contested will case. If we can win the case, it is a huge windfall. One big enough for my master to fully retire. I have mixed feeling about his retirement. I know I will still see him, but it will not be much. At least the 2-3 days I am in the office, I get to be his submissive sex slave. I work better owned. He will still take care of me. I am set for life, and so are my son and daughter. He is a benevolent master. I am not always the most loyal submissive, but that is because I am a horny woman now in her early 40s. Master was in rare form on Black Friday. I thought I would be off for the day, but I was summoned in to work. I thought it had something to do with the big case we were working on. He just wanted an excuse to see his whore. His wife was shopping, so he came into work to tie his slave up. We were not working. Well, I was working. I was working on his old dick. I had to really work hard to raise the dead too. He wanted a prostate milking. A good slave does whatever her master needs, including a finger up her master’s old ass. He was determined to fuck me like a dirty whore. I worked my prostate phone sex magic and raised the dead. In hindsight, I was sorry I did because he fucked my asshole for hours. It was like he was in his 30s or 40s again. He was rabbit fucking me into oblivion. Harder than he has in a decade. He even spanked my ass and choked me. I know he loves me though. Like you, he just needed to blow off some steam with his whore.

Submissive whore

Submissive slut

I am Rosalie, the woman who is at your feet! I come to you offering my submissive body daddy master! Even if I’m not in the mood I will still submit to all your wants! 

You can spank me and tie me up! I have had a man who put me on a leash and pulled me so hard to suck his dick! He didn’t even allow me to breathe!! I love getting pissed on and looking up at you daddy like I want more of the disrespect you just gave me!!! Hit me, hump me, and hurt me. I will never object to your actions! All of your hurtful masculine actions are legal here in my world! My favorite time was when my old neighbor invited me over and fucked me in his back yard! He had me on my knees bleeding from the cement and all of the dragging he did to me! He used a horse whip on me and spanked the life out of my body! The more he spanked me the more I submitted to him! I submitted to him so much that he invited 2 of his 60+ year old friends to come and enjoy me like the peasant I am! If your into mistreating a mistress during sex then you have stumbled upon the perfect submissive companion! I am a everything whore like all the men call me! I am a punching bag who gets boxed out by cocks and whips! 

I’ll submit to you easily as long as you know what you are doing master!

Got A Stuffing For Thanksgiving

Cock worshiping

Master gave me a nice stuffing for Thanksgiving. I walked in with nothing but a coat on just as he ordered. He was there with two his best friends’, he signaled for me to come to him. I took my coat off and kneeled in front of him. He pulled his cock out and I sucked it deep down my throat like he likes. I was doing it just how he likes I didn’t notice his friend’s cock were coming towards my holes. I felt a hard dick shoved deep in me and start pounding me. Master told me to sit on his dick so I did and then his friend resumed fucking me but he had shoved his cock in my ass. His friend who had only been watching rubbed his cock on my lips. I stuck my tongue out and let him drip his precum on it. He then grabbed my head and pounded my mouth as my others holes were getting fucked. I was getting stuffed and filled with cum. When they were done filling me up master told me to get cleaned up and get my leash on that we were going for a walk. 

Submissive Whore Gobbles that Cock

submissive whore

I thought that I was going to have Thanksgiving dinner with Master, but instead he told me that I was going to be on the phone being a submissive whore all day. He informed me that Christmas is coming and that I need to make money for presents. Not for me, but for everyone in his life that he will be giving gifts to. I don’t ever get gifts from my Master. He tells me that letting me be his sub is the best gift that I could ever hope to receive, and I know that he is right.

So, since I’m here for your pleasure today, Sir, I’d love it if you’d tell me what you want from me. Remember that I’m not allowed to tell you no, so whatever your desires are, that’s what I must give you. Even if it’s something that I really don’t want to do, I have no choice. Tie me up, whip me, degrade me, humiliate me. I’m yours to do with whatever you wish. Are you going to stuff my ass with your cock? I hope it’s huge and if I’m honest, I hope it hurts a little bit. Please tell me what you need from me so I can please you, Sir.

I’m A Slave For You

Submissive Whore

That’s my favorite song! Saying I am your slave is the hottest thing I can do for you right? That is what I am, just a naughty little slave for you and your cock to play with! I love being a toy to be used up and played with. Pretty girls like me are toys and slaves for you, daddy! Bend me over and tie me down pretty please! I will beg for anything and everything from you, including to get fucked in my ass by you. I can be your rope bunny, submissive slut, or a young victim for you to take all forcefully! I need it, master, don’t you? I know you want it just like I do!

Best Slut is a Spanked Slut

My subby slut needs are always leading my desire for spankings. Bare bottom spanking are really the best kind of spankings. I get excited and it really addresses the situation at hand. In a literal case usually. I’m disobedient and some good old fashioned open hand spanks on my bare tushy are exactly what it takes. Make me whimper and moan. I can’t help it Master, but it turns me on. I will be disobedient just to feel the punishment you administer to me. Make my hole big by a good hard fucking. Spank me until my ass is red. Use a paddle on me and make my cunt gush.

My apologies Master, I did not mean to cum at the administering of my obedience training. It’s just something that happens when I do wrong and you have to punish me. I am the worst bad girl and I will only beg for more.

Bare Bottom Spankings

Ass Worship For Master

Submissive Sex Chat

Master loves some hot ass to mouth rimming ass worship! It makes his cock harder than just about anything else. I was laying under him as he sat on my face and my tongue was buried up inside his shit chute. Master’s ass is always filthy and he loves to make me clean it up.

Though I’m always happy to do anything for Master! I’m his slutty little fat pig who’s not good for anything except sucking shit from his asshole and piss from his cock.

Sometimes I get graced with a load of cum in my mouth or even my cunt, but mostly Master just loves it when I lick his ass and rub his taint. And I’ll do anything to be a good slut for Master.

A Well Trained Submissive Whore

Pissing phone sex

After being trained for many years to be a submissive whore, I get wet at the thought of master tying me up and doing whatever he wants with me. I will drain him in any way if it is his balls or to drain and take every drop of his hot piss. I’ll take whatever master wants me to take down my throat and I will love it. I know I must milk him every morning as soon as he is up and every night before bed, or whenever he needs to be drained. I better be ready or I will be punished and put on my place. When he ties me up, I am ready for his abuse. He likes to fuck my asshole while I am tied up because if I struggle the rope burns my skin and reminds me to keep taking his cock in my ass no matter how much it hurts. When he is ready, he pulls his throbbing cock out and cums all over my face. I am the best Submissive Whore he has had, I just know it.  

Bondage and Submission Slut At Your Service

Submissive Sex

I always dreamed of being a bound up, fuck slut of a slave who lives in her own filth as a punishment for not pleasing my master in time for dinner! I want to be the one and only slave for you, no one else! I promise to be all you need when I serve you and will take my punishments graciously! I do not care how tough or dirty or nasty, and kinky you are! I promise to serve you and I will most likely match your energy while you whip my pussy red with your whips. My ass turning black and blue with every whip of your cane and, every throat grab and mind fucking experience I think about now makes me wet! I will always respect it and you!  

Cock Worshiping Fuck Doll

cock worshiping

When I first became Master’s sub, he made sure to reiterate that cock worshiping was going to be a pretty big part of my servitude. I didn’t like that at the time because I wasn’t a very experienced cock sucker and hadn’t learned quite how to do it without choking, gagging, etc. But little did I know that that’s one of the things men like when you’re sucking their cocks. And when a Master is getting a blow job from his slave, it’s a very important thing. They like to make sure you know they’re in charge and that’s one way of doing it.

I got pretty lucky because my Master has a gorgeous cock. I would suck it all day long if he didn’t have anything else to do. I wouldn’t even care how much it made my jaw hurt or how degrading it would be. I love pleasing him and it just so happens that me down on my knees worshiping his amazing cock is something that brings him a lot of joy and a lot of orgasms. I couldn’t ask for anything better to make me smile. Do you have a cock that I can worship? I look forward to serving you, Sir.

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