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Submissive sex Mommas

submissive sex


Submissive sex mommas will do anything to cock worship. A chance at a stripper pole and some cash never deterred me.  Good thing master loves showing off my sexy older body. I knew this wouldn’t be a run of the mill sex show. The men who had gathered had eclectic tastes. THey needed more than some tits and pussy on stage. Soon I would be on the dance floor showing off my ass and toast and waiting on comments and commands from my Master and his friends who occupied the club. Once the music started and I began to grind on the pole I knew I was in trouble. Soon hands reached up for me and brought me into the crowd. Master quickie put me in my ball gag and let all these men use me in different ways. I could suck a cock but then my gag would be put back as I was filled up so many times I lost count. A shameful submissive whore laid out to be used as a cum eating cum slut cum dump. And all was right with the world as I slipped into a beautiful sub space and submission as I had never before! Not bad for an older whore huh? I know my place and I know how to serve!submissive whore


Bare Bottom Spankings to Another Sub

bare bottom spankingsMaster had a surprise for me Friday when I got to the office. He wanted me to give bare bottom spankings to a colleague’s slave. Master won her in a poker game. He got her for 24 hours. He wanted my help playing with her. I almost never get to be dominant, even to another woman, so I was going to enjoy this. I put her over my desk and spanked her bare ass while master masturbated. He was enjoying watching some girl-on-girl sub action. He was directing the action. After I spanked her, he had me put on a strap-on and fuck her. I felt like a queen fucking her cunt and ass. I got into it too because master was watching and stroking his old dick. I grabbed her hair and rode her like a mechanical bull. I slapped her ass and squeezed her big tits too. My pussy was so wet. Master did not want to fuck her. I think he was afraid his old dick would not work. He was living vicariously through me. And I was acting like a bitch in heat. I made her eat my ass and lick my cunt. I pissed on her face. I even tied up her big titties and slapped them around. I did to her all the things men have done to me and it felt amazing to be somewhat in charge. I have learned from some of the best masters around. My master was so proud of me he is considering letting me help with the slave training of other submissives. He is often asked to help break in new subs for his colleagues.  I think I have paid my dues. I am ready to help break in new meat and train them to be good whores. Maybe, I can be your accomplice instead of your victim?

Another One Please

submissive whoreIt is Friday night and I know you are ready to play. I will get this party started for you baby because I know you want to punish me. I got this rope especially for you. A nice shade to match my hair. I will get it started. Placing it in all those places you just love to torture. Wrapping it tightly around my breasts so you can squeeze them. I will hold it in my mouth and wait your arrival. I hear you pull up and my pussy glistens with moisture. You always make me soaking wet. Knowing the pain and pleasure you inflict on me is intoxicating. You walk in smiling and kiss my forehead. You tell me to stay, and I don’t move. You return with our box of toys and finish bounding me. You pull tightly and my body starts to ache. The rope deep inside my slit rubbing hard against my slit. The rope squeezing my tits and nipples, turning them a shade of red. Then you kick me down face first with my ass in the air. You grab a whip and start your fun. I hear the sound of the whip being thrown back and almost orgasm as I beats across my bare ass. Thank you master I say, another one please.

Submissive Whore at Your Service

submissive whore

I am so thankful to my Master for everything he did to turn me into a submissive whore. My true life calling was unclear to me until Master told me what it was. He told me that I was too stupid to realize it and that I needed his help to reach my full potential. Nothing in the world has ever been more true than that statement. When he first met me, I was just a shell of the submissive person that I am now. It took a lot of training because, as Master says, I was a bit of a handful, but now I’m fully trained.

If I’m being honest with you, there are times that even though I’m fully trained, I still get disciplined. I love it so much that sometimes I misbehave on purpose just so Master will treat me like the lowly whore that we all know I am. I don’t know if he’s caught onto the fact that I’m faking my bad behavior sometimes, but it’s okay if he does. He would be so mad at me and I bet the punishment would be swift and severe. If you were my Master, what would you do to me in that situation?

Bondage Whore Tracy

Bondage Whore

I only have a few goals in life, and being a bondage whore for an incredibly dark and sadistic man is most of them. I dream these crazy BDSM dreams where I get suspended from the ceiling or a rack and get beaten within an inch of my life. I’m inverted with cocks pounding in and out of my throat so I can’t even catch my breath. I don’t want to be viewed as a human being. I want and need to be seen as only a sex toy. I’m the torture dolly of your dreams, Sir. I’m professionally trained and know all my postures and protocol. Let me submit to you please Sir and I promise I will drain your cock beyond the capacity you thought you had. I have been known to make one blow Joe’s bust six or seven loads down my throat, and I happily swallow them all like the little cum guzzling slut I am. When it isn’t my throat hole getting abused, it’s my asshole getting stretched out or having an entire forearm shoved up inside my cunt. Yes, I do get used as a nasty slut puppet and yes I love every fucking minute of the way I get used.

Submissive Phone Sex

Submissive Whore Loves Master

submissive whoreBeing a submissive slut is supposed to be my job that’s why whenever master comes home I’m already down ready on my knees to suck his big cock. Master likes to take me into the next room and handcuff me to the chains on the bed. Then make me his own nasty little slave! Being a slave for the master isn’t a very hard job even though he likes to make it tough on me I always learn how to suck his dick the right way just how he likes, to drain those big, full balls heavy with hot loads of baby batter.
Would you like to come and help my master? you can be the second master that helps me achieve getting fucked in my ass over and over again leaving my ass hole licking of your come!

Pissing phone sex whore Jessica

pissing phone sex

Pissing phone sex always makes my hot whore cunnie so wet! I get so turned on and start thinking back to my wild days in college. They say all bitches turn into sluts in college but I went in as a cum thirsty, party whore. I went to every party there was and got my slutty holes slammed and creamed by every cock on campus. I can’t remember a single class but I sure remember getting passed around at the parties! I was the star of the show when none of the other sluts would get as nasty as I would with the guys. I was the only slut there that would get on her knees and beg to be pissed on. I would let those guys use my mouth like a dirty fuck hole and then piss all over my cum covered face after a sloppy, hot blowjob. Every one of my holes was constantly dripping with cum. I’m a little older now but still just as much of a cum crazy whore as I ever was. Let’s have some kinky fun strolling down memory lane together. I’ll show you why they called me “the campus cum dump”.


submisive slut brings a dirty friend over

submissive slut

I love to be a submissive slut for men, but I like to dominate them and make them please me when it comes to women. I know a hot sexy little whore when I set my eyes on her. When I see a girl that sparks my dirty mind, I know we will have a blast. I love to choke them out and use my gnarley strap-on cocks on them. My cocks are great because they are thick and make any girl cream all over.

Also, it turns me on when I get you to squirt and make you lick up all your own juices with a nice smile. Another favorite is slapping you with my faux-cock and making you apologize to me for being a stupid slut.

I Am Yours

submissive whoreUse me master. Make me obey. Let my body be for your pleasure regardless of the pain I endure. Let your friends use me. I will always obey you. You tell me to prepare for a party, but I know what that really means. That means that I will be the entertainment for you and your friends. You will drink and party and use me as a sex toy or a punching bag, either or both is what I deserve. Because I am here to serve you.

Your friends fuck me until they can no longer get hard, but they are still wanting to be pleased. You bring out your fun box of toys. My body covered in cum. Cum running out of every hole. My ass bright red from their spankings. My ass gaped from being pounded. My tits sore and red from pinching. Bruises start to appear but that doesn’t detour you nor them. I am now bound as one of your friends lifts the whip. I lay there on the floor waiting for it to strike my skin. I don’t flinch or try to avoid it. I take it because I am obedient to you. It pierces my flesh and soon I feel blood running from the cuts. I still remain still and resilient, for I am yours.

Submissive Slut Loves Pantyhose Fetishes

submissive slutThis submissive slut has a master with a pantyhose fetish. Some days proper work attire is sheer nude pantyhose and high heels. No panties. No bra. Just hose and heels. I like pantyhose, so I look forward to these days where I can wear pantyhose. Most days in this attire, the abuse is mild. I get spanked. Maybe if he takes a Viagra, he will rip a hole in my hose and fuck me. He just has a pantyhose fetish stemming from his youth. It was what his mother wore. Back in those days, bare legged women were scandalous. I understand why men of a certain age love pantyhose. Yesterday, was a hosiery day, but he had something different in mind for us. Master invited a few younger boys to the office. His great nephews. Now they were not too young. They can vote, but not drink. Master said the boys had milf fantasies. They are brothers and got busted jacking off together with a pair of hose belonging to a best friend’s mother. That mother turned them away. Master wanted them to get some milf pussy and explore their hose fetish. It is not like I can say no to my master, but this is one rare time I get to enjoy myself. College boys with a milf fetish? Would go wrong? These boys had rape phone sex fantasies for a mom. They tied me up with hose that my master had ready for them. They forced their dicks in me raw, ripping through the pantyhose I was wearing. They fucked me like savages. Plus, they used my hose to choke me as they fucked me. I was not prepared to be brutalized by two college boys. Master was enjoying the show. He did not even need a Viagra. He was getting off on watching these young boys brutalize my holes. Pantyhose day will have a new meaning to me now and I will never look forward to pantyhose day at work again.


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