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Submissive whore mommy Jessica

submissive whore

I remember when my son realized that I was nothing more than a submissive whore, rope slut and that my only purpose was to please his father’s cock. He grew up watching his dad order me around and then brutally punish me when I didn’t follow his commands. I tried to spare my son from watching his Daddy tie me up, degrade me and force fuck me. It’s not like I could stop any of it. As soon as he would grab me and start to tighten the rope around my wrists or ankles, my cunt would instantly get wet and I would lose all control. Feeling the stinging and burning of the rope pinching into my skin would make my pussy tingle like crazy. All I could focus on was counting down the seconds until he was shoving his hard dick into me and filling me with hot cum. I became addicted to being his bondage bitch and being used as his cum slave so much that when he left, I had no choice but to let my son become the man of the house and take over his Dad’s place of owning his worthless, slut mommy! My son isn’t here tonight and Mommy Jess needs to be put in her place so, what are you waiting for?

Dad Uses BDSM to Dominate Daughter

Soft bondage

I like hardcore fucking in soft, fluffy handcuffs. I don’t care what is done to me as long as I have those handcuffs on me. The first person who fucked me like this was my father. He was a kinky motherfucker who loved to make me his bitch. Since I was a teen, he got me hooked on BDSM and worshiping him as my Master. He fucked me into submission every night, putting me in these fluffy, pink handcuffs that he got from the sex store. He whipped me, choked me and even tried to waterboard me with his piss. It got to the point that he could control me at any time. I didn’t even try to tell my Mom about what we were doing (not that she would be able to believe her daughter could be such a nasty whore). When he wanted me, he could get me with the snap of his finger, putting me in those pink handcuffs that I always loved.

Cum slut phone sex Whore needs more

Cum slut phone sex

Being a cum slut phone sex whore leads me open to so much good stuff. Like being a submissive slut and having men use me at their pleasure. There is nothing better than knowing a man want to use me for my purpose of serving his pleasures. Last week I was I was out shopping and I saw this guy following me. I understand why men feel they need to keep a distances these days since the whole women’s complaining movement but I was cutting my eyes at him in the most inviting way. I’m sure more bitches wouldn’t be snuffed if they realized how our only purpose is to serve the man. The good book says so. Well after following me around a few clothes racks I started to head to the changing rooms, knowing he would follow. When he came around the corner and saw me on my knees his rod instantly came alive. Maybe there way a hole in his pants or maybe he actually unzipped them but that stiff prick seemed to pop out automatically like a jack in the box. And I, just being a whole in the wall was drawn to that dick like a bee to honey. Before I knew it he had zipped up and walked away, leaving my belly full of the creamy white cum I so desired.

Cum slut phone sex whores lure you in to take advantage of them

Cum slutI knew he was there well before he even knew what he was doing. My allure drawing him into my room well into the night to take advantage of my cum slut phone sex body. I’d left my door slightly ajar, so that his big dick would draw him in like a sniffer might great food. I’d slept nude, my blanket slightly off of me so I showed off in just the right way. He’d started feeling my tits, really squeezing them in his palms and rolling them with his wrists. I had to hold back a giggle at knowing I’d had him in my trap. He was mine, always had been, and now I knew I’d get everything I wanted out of him. He’d climbed up onto the bed to straddle my soft waist before long. He couldn’t help himself much when he looked at my luscious body laid out for him like I was, ready to be abused to light bondage. He’d released himself and was rubbing his big cock against my hard nipples with relish, playing with them while trying to figure out exactly what cute move he’d do next with free reign and access to one of his favorite girls in the whole world. I was so vulnerable it made me a soaked mess aching for dick deep and ready to go off at a moment’s notice. I had to hold back from reaching up, grabbing his hair, and pulling him in for a kiss. I had to lay there and let him begin to fuck my massive tits instead, a dangerous game working itself out right on top of me. His every buck came with a groan, his balls slapping against my bouncing titties. I’d have his cum soon. I’d drag it from his youthful body and take it in until I was more than satisfied, my rape phone sex fantasies would get their fill.

Cock worshiping slut willing to do anything for ur pleasure

Cock worshipingI want to be your slave the one you call on when your balls need draining. Your personal Cock worshiping filthy slut who makes you feel mighty and in control.. The kind of gal who knows her place quite well and knows that you being a man makes me inferior. I am your doormat, you can trample me, use me then leave me there until you want more.

I enjoy servicing your cock with no strings attached! I am your naughty mistress who gives you the best orgasms and relieves you of your daily stress.. I promise to always be on my best behavior, what you say goes! If I ever do fall short and misbehave I deserve nothing less than Bare bottom spankings to reassert your dominance.

I will be here waiting for you completely naked ready for you to instruct me.. Anything you want, I am here to give! Own me, Use me and Brand me. There are no limits to the cruel things you make me endure.. If you are upset with your wife and need a punching bag.. I am here, that’s what I am for!.

Slam your cock in and out of my pussy and rip me by my hair. Nice and rough just the way I like it.. Don’t feel bad, it’s what I want and exactly what I deserve.

I am a Submissive slut by choice and I enjoy every moment of degradation and abuse I am to endure. 

Your Subbie Whore!

Submissive whore

Are you new to Domination and want to explore? I am your Submissive whore here to help. There are so many forms of BDSM and I am sure you have many questions. I can make this so much easier for you. Let me send you some S&M porn. 

Here is what I need from you. Go grab your lube, take off your pants and sit back and get comfy. I need you to have your phone and computer or tablet with you also. We are going to watch quite a few videos together. 

Let us explore everything from the hardcore Dom with paddles and canes, to soft core dom with edging and floggers. We are going to see what makes your cock throb and jump. Once I know exactly how you want me to submit to you I will be all yours. Please let me cater to your needs and desires. I will be a good girl for you.

Jealous subby sluts

bdsm chat

What’s better than one subby slut? Two two subby sluts of course.  Let me show you what makes me your slave inevitably. Whenever you have a group of girls or one other girl it doesn’t matter just another female around my inner Instinct of being territorial emits.  It’s so hard for me to keep a chill mood.  At first I am threatened and I need you to have the BDSM chat where you berate me and tell me that I don’t have any Authority. In my mind I like to think that I’m your number one but in reality you will never give me that satisfaction. So I have to learn how to play nice and get comfortable with other girls.  Whatever you want you always claim. When I had Clara around she told me that I would be eating her cunt and submitting to her. In some ways I couldnt stop myself from being so wet by being dominated by a subby slut. Clearly it was a battle of the babes and you enjoyed the show.

Ursa and the Circle Jerk!

Bukkake phone sex

Circle Jerk And Me

I am such a dirty little cum dumpster. The idea of being the star in a Bukkakke phone sex call makes me cum right in my panties. 

I was hanging out with my four big black friends the other day and decided to instigate a circle jerk with me in the middle. I need you to picture this. Four dark skinned men all over 6 feet tall standing around me. The smallest cock in the bunch was 9 inches long. Watching them stroke their cocks made my mouth water. I wanted to taste those snicker bars so bad. 

Their big dicks smacked against my face as they jerked away. They smeared their precum on my lips every so often. God it tasted so good. I could tell that they were getting close to cumming. I opened my mouth and let them spray their hot heavy loads all over my face.

Cock worshiping leads many astray

Cock worshiping

Did I know I was going to cock worshiping all the days of my life I would have started out in a brothel. But someone I started out in the burbs with straight vanilla parents. There was always something in me that saw the best times as those in which a cock was out and I was able to give it my undivided attention. If you’ve ever had a loved one with an addition. you know the look in their eyes. Well that’s me but because of my lovely choice of careers my addiction pays me. So as I enter my middle years I’ve come to accept that worshiping cock to me is the same as little old ladies going to church on sunday. But am I a half time worshiper? Hell no! Full time Cum slut phone sex whore is what I am. And my callers make it so addicting because they can tell when I’ve actually had an orgasm and generally get off around the same time. Nothing is better that cum, especially if your doing it with someone else.

Cum slut phone sex whore Jessica

cum slut phone sex

I hope your stiff cock twitches like Master’s does when you see the pictures of me tied up, ready to be used. You should see how rock hard he gets when he has my legs tied up over my head and my pussy and assholes are spread wide open in front of him. He tells me that I’m nothing but a submissive and only good as a cum slut phone sex whore but he’s the one that keeps coming back for more of my worn out cum holes! He just untied me for the first time in a few days. I’ve been bound, gagged, kept in a dark, locked closet and used like a pocket pussy fuck toy for the last 3 days straight. The only thing I’ve had to eat was Master’s shit and cum and the only thing he let me drink was his piss! The only time he would take me out, would be to piss or shit in my mouth or to fuck my filthy, cum crusted holes. After brutally force fucking me and shooting fat loads in my holes, he would toss me back in the pitch black closet and leave me there until he was ready to use me again. I’ve been laying there for days, unable to move, feeling his cum rolling out of my sore, worn out cunt and secretly craving more of his intense punishments.