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Torture My Body


Submissive Slut

Being your nasty submissive slut gets this cunt nice and dripping wet. You’ve finally taken me to the secret room that I’ve been so excited to see and play in there with you sir! Being your slut is the perfect role for my slutty body. Get me all chained down and start punishing me daddy. I really deserve it after making myself cum in private without your permission. You start making my ass nice and red with your floggers and spank my pussy. My cunt wet and red wanting to be fucked hard and squirt. You attach the tight nipple clamps and tie up my tits so tight that they are changing colors! You torture my feet and the rest of my body. I need the punishment that you know you want too give me! I’ve been a naughty fucking slut that deserves that forced fucking after having my tight body fucked up and played with by you only to be told to hold my next orgasm until you play with me again to give you that hard squirting sex!

I “Escaped” A Traffick Jam

Slave Training
I had a young, tight pussy the first time I was sold to another man and fucked sensless. It was such an intense experience, I don’t know if any retelling will do it justice, but I’m going to try. Blindfolded, and tied down, I was sweating. The room was warm. I could see the glow of candles around the edges of my blinder. My naked body shivered every single time his breath caressed the inside of my thigh.

I was terrified, but I’d been told if I begged him not to hurt me, he’d hurt me real bad. My innocent pussy was pooling drool on the sheets below me. He laughed when he saw, letting the flogger kiss over my soft skin again. He beat me hard. I tried not to cry out; the ball gag in my mouth really helped with that. He mounted me then, without grace. I lost my virginity to a man who’s face I never even saw.

I’ll never forget the way his cock ripped into me, and the way I screamed against the red rubber ring in my mouth. He slapped me, hard. I wasn’t supposed to scream.

I couldn’t help myself. I was rescued from a trafficking ring, and I’ve tried living a “normal” life. All I’ve gotten is three rugrats, and three failed marriages to abusive fuck face men because all I can do is serve. The therapists I used to go see say I have Stockholm syndrome.

I just want to be owned.
S&M Porn

Make Me Your Slave

submissive slutThe phone rang and within minutes I knew his firm and strong words would make me his slave. I could tell by the tone of his voice that he wanted to dominate me and unbeknownst to him that is exactly what I wanted him to do. I melted as he ordered me to retrieve my biggest dildo and deep throat it. My pussy got wet as he told me to go deeper until he heard me gagging and choking. My eyes watered and I did exactly as I was told. I didn’t want to stop but he told me to, and I obeyed. Then he told me to put on heels and nothing else. Again, I followed his commands. Then I was to paddle my pussy with a ruler as I held the phone so he could hear it beating against my skin. My pussy stung but I was soaking wet. Then he had be pinch my nipples hard. Attaching a clip to each one. Although in pain I carried out his every desire. Nothing he asked was too much and I was under his complete control. I fucked myself with my dildo and then licked it clean before ramming into my ass. I again licked it clean. Then he wanted to hear my wet sloppy pussy as I brought myself to orgasm. It was so hot, and he was so controlling. I hope he calls to punish me again.

Submissive slut needs a new owner

submissive slut

I have always known that pleasing my master and serving as his nasty, submissive slut is my only purpose. I love being forced to my knees with his fat, hard cock rammed down my throat, pumping me full. Having been a submissive for so long, I already know my place very well and always follow my master’s orders. I know that I belong sitting patiently at his feet and waiting for his command. I love serving as his gangbang, fuck doll at parties and letting all of his friends fill each of my cum holes with their hard cocks. I will stay on my knees getting fucked for as long as it takes them to dump their cum loads into my slutty holes. I need a strong master who will push me to the edge of my limits and then reward me for being such an obedient whore for him. I don’t currently have a master, but all I want is to be an owned and controlled slut and to serve as the perfect slutty slave.


Hardcore Bondage with Bo

hardcore bondage

Master likes hardcore bondage more than any other dominant man that I have served. That’s a good thing for me. I fucking live for the rope burn and cuff marks that he puts on me when he gets into bondage play with me. He doesn’t care if the way he ties me up takes away my circulation. Master Alexander just wants his slutty submissive whore to wiggle and writhe in restraints for his pleasure. His cock gets incredibly hard when I am bound from the ceiling in suspension bondage. He beats his hard cock onto my lips when I am crying in pain.

 Do you think that your bondage fantasies could hold a candle to his? Like a true sub slut I am always anxious to meet my next challenge. What kind of ropes, chains, or hoods would you put me in? How long would you keep me tied up and helpless? I would take it all for you. When you talk to me you’ll know that I’m the real deal, I’m a real pain slut and rope bunny. Can you make me squeal and cry out in pain and horror? I certainly hope so, I need it so bad.

Spanking Chat Is Punitively Savage

I was raised in a household that practiced corporal punishment by the man of the house. My dad trained me well especially with spankings. I enjoy spanking chat sessions where I am punished for being the dumb little slut I am. It’s no wonder I tend to sneak out and get into trouble so much. I have come to enjoy it so much. As the only girl in my family, besides my mom, it was a never ending world of punishments. I get off on them.

My mom and dad both smoked in the house. They sometimes even got a little drunk and I would wake up and wonder downstairs when they were entertaining friends. I always did this in just my panties. It was frowned upon, but I hate wearing clothes to bed or at home. You see, I always set myself up for these punishments. It’s become a game with me.

One day I snuck into my mothers purse and snuck a cigarette. I went outside and started puffing and coughing on it. I was young. My big brother caught me and made me bend over so he could spank me. I was getting wet and realized I was a dirty little slut just then. He took that cigarette and put it out on my red bum. I screamed and he got hard. He shut me up with his hard cock in my mouth and that was just the start of my submissiveness and trouble making in my family.

Spanking chat

little piggy slave!

bondage whore


This little piggy went hunting for a new submissive play toy for master! I got this bitch off of the street when she was walking home from school just like how master taught me I did so good maybe he will let me eat tonight! I drugged her up and bathed her and made sure her tight little kitty was shaved just how he likes I even shoved my tongue into her cunt and lapped up her juices making sure she was soaking wet like a good little submissive whore. When master dave arrived home to fresh meat I watched as his cock got hard I immediately got down on my knees pulled out his huge thick cock and forced it in my little whore mouth just gagging and choking on it as I played with my pussy. The new toy was still out cold but my master does not wait for what is his. he chained her to the basement wall and started to ram her dripping wet cunt until she woke up cumming all over my master’s cock! I spent the whole night eating his cum out of her tight little fuck holes!

Mommy Used To Ass Fuck Me

bare bottom spanking
My Mommy used to love watching me get my ass fucked against my will. The thought of it now makes me so wet and wild I could almost beg a stranger to utilize my tight slutty milf ass. I was so young when she started punishing me this way. I remember the first day perfectly. I was small and sweet, and Mommy noticed while she was beating my ass the one day how soaking wet my little virgin cunt was.

Well, that’s when we found out I’m a masochistic pain slut! She realized she couldn’t use bare bottom spanking to punish me anymore since I loved it so much. She had to come up with something more.

Well, Mommy knew I hated shitting because I didn’t like it when my sweet little ass got stretched. It just hurt and pinched and not in a way that I liked! Well, Mommy decided to use that against me.

She got her huge black dildo, a whole fifteen inches because she was a true BBC whore, and she started using that to punish me. The first day, she used my cunt grease to lube up that massive toy and slam it in and out of my asshole. I took all fifteen inches in my young slutty ass, and now

I’m an anal fuck whore.
Bondage and Submission

MILF Phone Sex Submissive

milf phone sexMILF phone sex submissives are in high demand. I put an ad out on Fet Life last week and the only guys answering my ad were much younger men with rape fantasies for mommy. My own son will not admit it, but he has rape fantasies for his mother too. I had a lot of young men to choose from to play with first. I went with Zachary. He is a 22-year-old college boy who told me I looked just like his mother. She is a busty redhead too. We texted back and forth for a few hours before we agreed to hook up. His mother cock teased him up until he left for college. She never let him fuck her and even punished him severely for masturbating after she would walk around the house half naked.  He wanted to explore a mother son role play with me. It was more like violent rape phone sex fantasies for mommy. When he arrived he wasted no time getting into character. He slapped me against the face and called me a whore. He told me he was all grown up now and his days of being cock teased were over. His hand was against my throat as he ripped my clothes off. I was pleading for mercy, but not really, LOL. I was in character and loving it. He ripped mommy’s panties off and jammed his fingers in my cunt dry. Before long, he had his entire fist in my pussy as he was choking me. He was spitting in my face and calling me names like whore and slut. I do not think my pussy had ever been wetter. He fucked my pussy and ass. He smacked me around and humiliated me too. Turns out I love being a mommy submissive whore. Do you have rape fantasies for mommy too?

Punish And Humiliate Me

submissive whore


Are you looking for some fun today? Maybe those deep dark fantasies that fill your head when it is quiet are creeping into a reality for you. You know what I have been thinking about today baby? You. You are being cruel and harsh and making me your little obedient bitch. I want you to degrade and humiliate me and punish me if I tell you no. I want you to spank my bare bottom until it is bright red and I beg and plead for you to stop. Tie me up and put nipple clamps on my breasts and pull until them are red and ripping and little streams of blood from them. Spread my legs and tie a want to my clit and laugh as I orgasm over and over again. So much that tears run from eyes they hurt so bad. But you don’t care at all do you? You are just getting started. I talked back and now it is time for my punishment. Humiliation hurts the worst so you attach my collar and leash and dress me as slutty as you can. Then you lead me to the car and to the mall and restaurants. Making me service all the men and women you command me too. Then you take me to the local homeless camp and smile as they form a line in front of me.

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