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Cum Eating Phone Sex

You’re going to be my cum eating phone sex bitch. I stand up and I walked directly to your face and I put my whole pussy deep in your face. I want you to lick it suck it place your tongue deep inside of it. oh yes, I want you to take this nice shaved pussy and twirl your tongue all around in it making me cum all over your face. that’s why I want you to get this pussy nice and wet. oh yes, the way you move your tongue on that clit is amazing. oh yes, baby, my hips are gyrating all over your face making you you make me do all the things. Legs are shaking body is tense. oh, be my cum eating phone sex whore.cum eating phone sex

Gangbang phone sex with Jessica the slut

gangbang phone sex


I have the hottest gangbang phone sex story to tell you tonight. I took my car to the shop earlier because it was making a horrible sound. After they looked at it, they told me that it had lots of issues and would be several thousand dollars to fix. There was no way that I was going to be able to afford to get it fixed for at least a few months. The owner of the shop saw me start to panic and pulled me to the side to make a deal. He said that he would take half of the cost off if I would suck his dick and let him cum down my throat. I got on my knees and pulled his dick out, right there in the garage. He didn’t try to stop me when I started sliding my finger into his ass and deep throating him. The other mechanics saw me gagging on his dick and started to pull their hard cocks out. Before I knew it everyone one of my holes was getting slammed with a hard dick and pumped full of cum like a fuck toy at a frat house! Being used like a gangbang slut is not only one of my fantasies, it also saved me thousands on my car repair today! There’s more to my story but I’ll save that for when you call me…

Submissive Whore Phone sex specials

Submissive Whore

My master loves to make me cry and mistreat me.. He always tells me how much of a low down dirty bitch I am.. In this lifetime I have no idea what I did to deserve the treatment I’ve gotten but obviously it’s repetitive because It’s something I deserve. I’ve been taught by my master to accept this treatment and I have finally come to realize this is the only thing life will ever offer me.

This started as a teen slut. I guess I was a low down hormonal teen with daddy issues and found myself in a situation with a man who would cheat and abuse me.. Ever since him it’s turned me on for men to mistreat me and tear me down. The last guy was probably the worst he would have me sit outside of houses while he was inside fucking other women.

At the time I had no idea but my submissive ways got the best of me! I sat there for hours.. I even would be humiliated by other women.. Once there was a girl in the background saying his “side chick was here” and instead of seeing it for what it was I sat there and waited to allow him to come out and manipulate my mind into believing it never happened.

I deserve to be beaten.. I need sense beaten into me.. Now my new boyfriend does similar things to me.. This is my destiny!

Submissive Whore Sweet Princess Pussy

Submissive Whore

I was a bad girl and these four men are punishing me. I know a hard spanking is cumming my way when I am forcefully bent over one of their cars in the dark garage they have brought me to. They demand me to lift up my skirt and I do as they say. It wasn’t long before their taunting and mockery started to tease me as slaps are delivered to my ass. They enjoy the sounds of my screams echoing in the dark and damp room. I felt a hard cock pressed up against my ass, delivering more smacks as I begged and pleaded for mercy and for them to accept my apology but I was only greeted with more hard slaps and a cock in my ass!

BDSM Chat about Kinky Sub Things

Let’s have a great time and get into some kinky BDSM chat. I like to be your subservient slut and hearing all about the things you want to do to me is exciting. My pussy gets wet knowing men want to own me and do things to me.

I had a guy tie my wrists above my head the other day. He put a spreader bar between my legs and I was stripped of all clothing. Naked hanging by my wrists and my legs forced open. I was tortured with a wand on full power attached to my clit while he penetrated me from behind.

I was in excruciating hell as I wanted to have his cock in my pussy so bad. He pounded my asshole while stimulating my clit into a numbed squirting cunt. I was writhing about and squirming so much I pissed a ton of golden shower juice on his dumb cunt girlfriend. It was amazing.

BDSM chat

Submissive Whore Gives Master Some Prostate Milking

Prostate milking was what I had for dinner. My master loves Cock worshiping and Bondage and submission. Tonight, he tied my hands and the rest of the rope he tied around my neck making a noose he held on to it as he climbed my face. When he gets cock worshiping from me it gets my pussy wet but i couldn’t reach down without making the rope tighter on my neck. He rubbed his cock all over my face making it hard, quickly I sucked it into my mouth and the master moaned out with pleasure. It made my cunt even more juicy but i still couldn’t touch it, master likes to torture me. He scooted up, grinding his balls on my face, until his asshole was right on my face.

Prostate milking

I knew that meant he wanted some prostate milking and I love to please my master. It is my job as a submissive whore, so I stuck my tongue right on his asshole and licked hard and fast. I could feel he was jacking his cock off on my face as I wiggled my tongue on his prostate hard making sure I would get every drop out of his balls. He started pulling on the noose around my neck as he grinded his asshole on my mouth. I could barely breathe. I thought I was going to pass out and that is when my master’s body tensed up and he started splashing cum all on my head and face. He was so spent from the prostate milking he just left me tied up with a face full of cum when he went to bed.

Submissive Whore forced into submission

Submissive Whore

I am his fuck toy and I don’t mind it one bit.. My neighbor loves stopping by every morning when his wife goes to work… It all started with a home invasion… he scares the living daylights out of me..

One morning, while I was in the shower I heard a bunch of banging.. I tried to get out as quickly as possible. That was when I walked into someone in all black with a gun in my face demanding I get down on my knees. I was scared but in the same sense turned on..

Being absolutely naked in front of a man with a ski-mask on was kind of hot. I got down on my knees and that’s when he unzipped his pants and whipped his cock out. He demanded I deepthroat his dick.. After I got through sucking his cock he bent me over and pounded my wet pussy while ramming the barrel of his nine millimeter in and out of my ass…

He fucked me while threatening to kill me.. The adrenaline rush with the fear that ran through my body made me orgasm the hardest I had ever came. Now, every morning he stops by and forces me into submission. I don’t have a choice but to fuck him bareback and take his load.

Spanking Chat

Spanking ChatSpanking chat turns me on. I lay on the bed with my ass in the air, with my cute little pink tight pussy wide open for you to see all. I want you to spank me spank me hard spank me rough. Spank me till I’m really red. I know I misbehaved make sure you hold that stick up high and bring it down hard. Make sure I listen next time oh, it feels so good to hurt so bad spanking with me will give you so much pleasure feels so bad. This nice round little ass deserves a good spanking from her big old daddy. I swear daddy I’m gonna listen to every word you say next time. I might not, I like our spanking time.

Cock worshiping memories

Cock worshipingI participate in a healthy dose of Cock worshiping for money, it’s a thing, it’s perhaps my favorite thing. I spend all day contemplating the dicks I could suck, I constantly fantasize about all the dicks, sometimes I touch myself just to the thought of it. You have a dick right? I’d like to suck it, for money. I used to suck it for free but I found out that it doesn’t really pay the bills, so now it’s exclusively for money, which is sad but sometimes you have to give yourself standards.  I remember, back when I was sucking dick for free, there was this one party I went to where I had to suck two dicks at once. They were both so girthy that I had a really hard time fitting them in my Submissive phone sex mouth, but swirling my tongue in between them got me the moans I desired, and bobbing my head, well, that got a reaction. Suddenly they were stretching out my jaw enough I had to pull back and start bobbing down one, only to pull back and bob down the other, individually working two cocks off at once like some kind of professional – I guess I am one now – cock sucker! It was so hot, being used like that. I love getting into weird situations, they don’t always work out but they’re always fun and make a great story! And yes, before you ask, I did get two full heaping loads in my mouth to slurp down and warm my belly. I sometimes think about that while jilling hard, and it gets me so wet every time. To think they wanted me so much they were willing to wait between bobs, my fingers fondling their sacks with glee while I was at it. Cum eating phone sex is where it’s at.

Cum slut phone sex with Jessica

cum slut phone sex


Being a submissive, slave slut is my entire life. When my son isn’t around to dominate me and use me, I serve as a cum slut phone sex sub whore. I need to constantly be reminded that I’m nothing but a hot piece of fuck meat. I always do exactly as I’m told, even though I secretly crave the punishments I get from being a disobedient whore. My cunt gets so wet when I’m being held down and you’re ramming your stiff, throbbing dick in my mouth or deep in my slutty cum holes. You can even use me as a pass around slut and let all of your friends force fuck me from behind while I choke and gag on your hard dick. No matter what you want to use me for, you know that this sexy sub slut will do as she’s told and please your dick like you deserve!