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Bare Bottom Spankings for Me and My Daughter


bare bottom spankingsI needed bare bottom spankings. At least that is what master said. He paid me an unexpected visit at home. Usually, he abuses me at work. Rarely does he come to my house. My car was in the shop. I was going to Uber to work, but he said he would pick me up. I was ready and waiting outside. He ordered me back inside. I was scared. What the fuck was he going to do to me. He ordered me to pull down my skirt and bend over the couch. I had on pantyhose. He loves me in pantyhose. They turn him on. Do you have a pantyhose fetish? Master sure does. He groped my ass first then he pulled off his belt. Oh boy, I was in trouble now. He whipped his submissive whore like a slave. My buttocks were taking the brunt of his punishment, but he whipped my ass too. I tried not to cry, but it just hurt too much. My daughter came into the room and laughed at me. She can be a little bitch sometimes. She hates my life as a subby whore. She thinks of herself as a princess. I guess it is her age. At her age, I was a high school dropout and on the run from my abusive dad. Master did not like her disrespect. He grabbed her and whipped her too. She fought. I do not fight. I never fight. I take the pain like a good bitch. That is what I am. A good bitch. Master whipped my daughter’s ass raw. He whipped her with his belt until she apologized to me. Master lectured her on respect. I doubt it will stick. She is a little bitch with no understanding that she is nothing more than a submissive slut too. Perhaps you can punish the little cunt too. We are both in need of training.

I am a fucking machine whore!

Bondage whore I will always submit to you master, I’m your dirty little cum dumpster! Use me to satisfy any dirty desire you have. I love when you hurt me! You know I’m your dirty little pain whore! And force me I love when you make me lay there and get fucked hard and fast by the fuck machine starting it slow but steadily increasing the speed until its fucking me hard and at and unbelievable rate of speed “Fuck yes! I love it! I’m a fucking machine slut! I am a fucking machine whore!” I scream as u squirt for the machine! You look on while I cum over and over again each wave of pleasure followed by a stream of squirt! “Oh my god! Yes! I scream as I throw my head back and cum so hard that my body shakes violently, but not as violently as I know you’re going to fuck me! I try to move away because I don’t but you have tied me up so I could not escape. Right when I think I can take it a second longer you turn it off. “Oh baby I’m not done with you!” You say as you bring out the drill with the big red dildo attached. This is the one that rips me every time and the speed of the drill makes it unbearable. It hurts so good. I scream in pain and pleasure as your turn on the drill and it rams me hard and deep. I struggle against the ties, feeling as if I am about to pass out from not only the pain but the sear exhaustion. You have been thoroughly punishing me all night long! “Please daddy, please it hurts! I want take any more I cry out as tears stream down my face, and squirt out my destroyed gapping cunt. “Oh no baby, this is just the warm up” you his with a smile.

Training For A Slut

Submissive Whore

Master set me loose naked with my ass, pussy, and tits and covered in massage oil. We were in front of these thick woods when he open the car door ‘Run’ was all he said and was all I needed to know, knowing this was a punishment for cumming too soon earlier. I jumped out barefoot, naked and wet, and ran as fast as I could. I heard him laughing as if he were really behind me! I dodged branches and rocks in my attempt to getaway. He said training a whore like this is effective and fun for him. As excited as I am, what will he do when he catches me? He comes upon me fast and I try to hide behind a try, I feel like my breath is too loud. His hand comes around the same tree and wraps around my throat. What are you going to do to me, Master?

Gangbang Punishment For Submissive Whore Casey

I strayed from my master and found a new fuck buddy. He had a big black cock and pounded me hard until I couldn’t walk right. The next day my master came to visit me, I did as I usually do and greeted him naked on my hands and knees. He pulled his cock out and I sucked it like a good whore. He told me to bend over and with a bit of hesitation, he stuck his cock in me and I yelped out in pain. I was sore from the pounding I got the night before, as he fucked me, he got close to my ear and told me how he knew I had been getting fucked. My heart jumped and I knew I would be punished. He choked as he shoved his cock in and out of me.

Gangbang phone sex

He then turned me around and slapped my face saying he was about to show me what a whore gets. Three black men walked in with hard cocks in their hands. They took turns pounding my asshole and pussy as my master made me suck his cock. They fucked my cunt so hard I bled and that is when master filled my mouth up with his load. He reminded me of who I belong to and what would happen if I gave his property away. I will be a good Submissive Whore from now on. 

Submissive Slut Tool

I got on my knees like a dog bitch because I knew my master was having a bad day. As a good Submissive Whore, I let my master give me bare bottoms spankings until my ass hurt so bad, I pissed myself. When my master saw that, he called me a pissy whore and pulled his cock and started spraying me with his yellow piss stream all over my face.

Bare bottom spankings

He laughed as he told me I am his property to be used as he pleases, and I need to take it whether I enjoy it or not. He shoves his cock in my mouth telling me to clean it, then bent me over telling me his ass needs cleaning too. Like a good whore I licked his ass until it was clean. I wanted to please my master in every way. That is why when he told me to suck the pre-cum out of his cock I did. By then my cunt was dripping down my legs. My master saw this and bent me over lubing his cock up with all my cunt juices. With fast forced he shoves his cock in my asshole fucking me hard now taking his frustrations out on my asshole. After filling my asshole up my master told me to clean up and get ready for more, he still was tense.

Now clean yourself up slut! You are disgusting!

Bondage whore“Fuck me like your life depends on it, because, it kind of does!” You hiss as you force my hips down on your cock harder than I thought possible! We have been fucking, well you’ve been fucking me I should say, for hours now! You have punished my ass literally and figuratively to the point of no return! I love when you punish me! I like extreme, but master, well, this one is one for the books! I don’t know how I survived being in that little collar cage that you contrived and constructed. You sure are creative, and this might be you best work yet. I could not move at all, so there was no running from the fuck machine that you let destroy my holes none stop for forty-five minutes. I came so hard, so many times, that I didn’t think I could do it again without having a heart attack. There is a puddle to prove it! But of course, you proved me wrong because I’ve cum dozens of times since then, and they are stopping! “Cum on you little whore! Don’t act like you don’t like it!” Your gruff voice says as you rip my head back by my hair. “You’re nothing but a pain whore! This is all you are good at! To fuck and get fucked, and don’t tell me you can even do that!” you scold with a laugh. “Fuck this dick and make me cum now before I have to punish you longer! We don’t want that do we?!” I start rotating my hips and grinding hard. Then I pop my ass fast up and down on your long shaft ensuring you feel my ass smacking your balls. My tight, wet pussy stroking your cock just right! “Oh yeah you cum dumpster just like that! You love being my dirty bondage whore, don’t you?!” You say through gritted teeth as I feel you explode deep inside me. “Now clean yourself up slut! You are disgusting!”

Submissive Whore Party Fever

submissive whore

A submissive whore is always the life of any party. I was invited to a party. I thought I was a guest. As it turned out, I was the free pussy and ass offered up to the real partygoers. I met this woman through my master. She is a client. We did her will and estate planning. Older woman. Old enough to be my mother. Her and my master go way to college. Back then it was rare for women to go to college. She is the daughter of old money, but she is in her 60s. She is not the kind of woman I ever would have suspected to throw a sex party. So, when I was invited, I thought it was to thank me for helping her with her legal affairs. Turns out master once again loaned me out, but he let me think that I was going to the party with him, not as a submissive sex slave. When I arrived, I was told I was overdressed. I was sent to a room to change clothes. When I saw the outfit, I realized I was not a guest. It was like an old-fashioned Playboy Bunny outfit from the 60s just sans the ears. I was walking around barely dressed serving drinks. Men were groping me. Master told me to do anything the party guests wanted. What they all wanted was to use my holes. I was free pussy and ass. They ranged in age from 25-85. And I fucked just about everyone there. Sucked a lot of cock too. More cock in one night than I am accustomed too. Master told me that my performance could bring him a lot of money. He was getting referral business based on how well I pleased these party guests. I sucked it up and swallowed load after load of cum. I was the best submissive slut I could be. I got old men hard enough to fuck my pussy and ass. Some of those men had not cum in ions. I was sore and covered in cum by the end of the party, but master was very happy with all the business I brought him. I guess a slave’s work is never done.

Bukkake Slave


bukkake phone sex

Have you ever wanted to go to a gang bang where all the guys busted their nuts all over the girl? If not, then you should try bukkake phone sex, then! I love being the slut who gets glazed with load after load of cum. Submissive whores like me don’t have a choice in the matter, though, so it’s good that I enjoy it. But I can’t let Master Tomas know how much I love it, or he will stop having all those guys come over and blow their loads all over me.

That would be such a huge tragedy because nothing makes me feel more fulfilled than serving all of those men by having them paint me with their cum. Sometimes, after a bukkake gang bang, Master will take me out to the store without letting me wash my face off. He tells me that if men know what a whore I am, then maybe they will want to add another load to my face. If you saw me out, covered in cum, would you stop me and cum all over me? I would be grateful, Sir.


But hey at least I can say I put my blood, sweat, and tears into pleasing you!

Bondage whoreRough and hard! That’s how I like to be fucked! I’m a pain whore and the more pain the better. Pain is like a sudden rush for me and there is a thin like that I like to straddle. Speaking of straddle, I love the way you tie me up forcing my legs open with a spreader! I’m like a pig ready to be slaughtered, and baby you know how to slaughter all my holes! I’m your pig who needs to be punished. You know how to punish me just right baby. Spank my juicy ass make it cherry red while you choke and degrade me! Then flog me baby. The sting of your blows against my big tits and my dripping wet pussy is almost too much to handle. You know I’m just a whore and I want you to treat me as such! I will do anything you say although you don’t say much. Force is more your style, and baby I’m loving it. Force your huge dick in my already gapping holes. Use me and make me your cum dumpster baby! Cum all over my fucking face like the cum whore I am. I will suffer in silence knowing this is the fate I deserve! Suffocate me with a huge dildo down my throat. Force me to make it nice in wet so you can punish my holes with it. I want tears to be streaming down my face while your force fuck me with that anaconda baby! It’s so big I know I will bleed, but hey at least I can say I put my blood, sweat, and tears into pleasing you!

Extreme Fetish Phone Sex, Delight Me?

You know what would delight me the most, it’s Extreme fetish phone sex sessions with a strong Master. Let me be your cum guzzling phone sex whore that enjoys a good tie-up and clamping.

Clamp my nips, and my clit.

Tease me with your big beautiful dick.

Make me suck and lick.

I promise to love it even if your sick. 

Just don’t try to be slick.

Be a little bitch that thinks being a Master’s servant means I am a dumb cunt and let you do whatever you wish to me.

Well I will prove you wrong and switch it up in a flick.

With the Click click clack of my high heels on the slick of your dick the flickering of a whip will make your prick hard as a brick.

Extreme Fetish Phone Sex

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