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Bondage Whore Bernice Sometimes Regrets Being a Rope Bunny

bondage whoreMost days, I want to be a bondage whore. However, then there are days like yesterday I wish that I had never told anyone that I enjoy being a rope bunny. My master could be considered an expert at tying women up. He has been a rope master since I was in diapers. But as he ages, his strength dissipates. So, sometimes he uses surrogates to tie me up. And some of them, like his friend Alex, get extremely rough with me. And men like that make me regret being a rope bunny.

Master summoned me to the club last night. His friend needed a slave to practice his rope skills on. My master often takes younger men under his wing and helps them be dominant slave owners. Alex clerked for a friend of his, and they became friendly. Perhaps, master saw potential in him. He has an eye for natural domes. Just like he has an eye for submissive sex slaves.

The Life of Submissive Slaves Gets Painful Sometimes

Alex used me to practice his rope skills. From a simple hogtie to a more complicated reverse prayer tie, Alex used me as his practice doll. But Alex tied me up too well. Perhaps, master spoiled me by never binding me too tightly. And I don’t know if that’s because of his age or if he just never wanted to inflict pain. But Alex did not care about my comfort level. And I suppose most men do not.

The reverse prayer tie almost dislocated my shoulder. Master could see me crying, grimacing in pain. However, he never stopped Alex. He let him run the show. And he just sat back and masturbated. Today, my arm is in a sling. Plus, I have rope burns all over my body. And I can barely move. The life of a submissive whore can be dangerous.

Uncategorized Venice likes it rough and kinky.

     Uncategorized Venice likes it rough and kinky. The rougher the better. I like to play games. In fact, I will call you whatever you want me to. Take it to the extreme. Let it roll over you like warm champagne drowning us. Take it to the extreme levels. Make it hurt.

     Up to the present time, the spankings, the clothes pins, the electroshock has been fun and nasty. Using tongue chopsticks with electricity is rough and dangerous. After all, make a slip. There I go. Snuff hell awaits.

     What makes it so much nastier, and fun is the XXX bondage. Gets the cunt just oozing. Gushing like Old Faithful. Just shooting up in the air. Like clockwork. Give me the pain. Bring it on.

     Given these points I am so close, fucking beat me. I need the biggest cock in this cunt. Oh please. I will beg and plead until you finally make me explode. Obviously, I want to cover you in the cum.

     Until you immediately cum right alongside of me.Uncategorized

Slave Training for a Deepthroating Milking Cow

slave training

Tit Milking Slave Training for Cocksucking Slut

Slave training is meant to remind me that I don’t own my body. My master does. And that includes my tits. Even when they are swollen and aching full of milk, I’m not allowed to touch them. All I can do is beg Daddy to milk my tits when he comes home.

I love being on all fours in front of my master. Master puts a collar around my neck like I’m one of his pets. My pussy gets wet just knowing that he will touch me. My tits are heavy and my nipples are so sensitive. Master teases them with his fingers and then gives my nipples a squeeze. The moan that comes out of my mouth makes his cock hard. If I want to be milked, I have to milk Master’s cock first.

He grabs my blonde hair and pulls my head back. Then he slaps his cock against my face and tells me to beg. I open my mouth and beg for him to fuck my throat. “That’s not how a milking cow begs.” I look at him in the eyes and then I moo. “Louder!”

Submissive Whore Cums For Tit Milking

I moo like a fucking cow while Master strokes his cock. Then he forces that hard dick in my mouth. He fucks my throat so fucking hard. I just relax my throat and let him use my sloppy mouth like a fleshlight. He squeezes my tit hard to make me moan. I can feel the milk dripping out of my tits. My tits are just begging to be milked. That’s when Master shoots his cum down my throat. I swallow his cum like my slave training requires.

Then I finally get my reward. He squeezes my nipples and points them down to the bucket underneath my tits. It feels so good I almost cum just from that. But Master pushes his finger into my pussy and presses on my g-spot while he milks me. The bucket fills and my legs start shaking. Master pushes my head into the bucket and tells me to drink.

submissive whore

Submissive slut abducted, probed, bred & left behind

Submissive slut A Submissive slut needs her beauty sleep but I never get any true rest. I wake up every night, the same way, with my body humming from the electric current they send through me. They are always here, watching me with their cold, metallic eyes that glow in the darkness.

Even with my eyes closed, I can still see what they do to me. They insert their technology deep into my pussy, pumping me full of alien cum. It’s a mix of pain, pleasure and pure terror. I’m a slave to their mission as a breeding whore.

Those wide eyed monsters get me so high on this shit. They pour it on my face and it crawls up my nose. It makes me much more behaved, they enjoy when their human slaves give them the best Submissive sex. They insert multiple probes at once and when ejaculation happens I squirt so much it could fill a bath tub.

I can’t even begin to describe the feeling of my belly growing the hybrid inside me. It swells up in mere minutes, producing one after the other. It’s like a conveyer belt shooting out of me and after hundreds come out of me more start to grow. 

I serve as a good breeding bitch, I don’t scream like the others really. I don’t really talk about it much because when I do everyone thinks I am crazy but I’m not! It really does happen.I have no choice but to serve as a good bitch in heat, a Slave training whore. 


Erotic Bondage Stories Of Submissive Slut Jacquline’s Dom Side

Erotic bondage storiessubmissive slutI love beig  submissive whore but I also love hearing about sub turning into a dom at times too.

 So I turned the tables one night on my boyfriend. Without waiting for an answer (because let’s face it – who needs consent when you have handcuff keys?), I leaned down and took his cockhead between lips gently sucking at first before increasing pressure steadily until he was throbbing against the back of my mouth. I wiped the pre-cum out of the corners of my mouth and came up on that cock.  Tying his hands behind his back.

Next, I inserted a ball gag inside his mouth shoving it until he almost puked.  That instantly made my cunt sloshy wet.  I bound his feet tightly with nearby rope. Taking a belt and whip and whipping his ass so hard it left red marks pierced into his bubble butt of an ass. He quivered and shaked uncontrollably as I rather violently kept the whippings going.  Ordering him to call me mistress.

The power trip was getting to my head a bit. I had fishnets on, with a leather corset tied tightly making my tits perfectly perky poking out of my black corset.  Black panties with a garter attached to those fishenets.  I take the butt plus and start thrusting it in his ass making him yelp in pain. However that was nothing because right atter I shoved one of my big black dildos up there and I am pretty sure the next town over heard how much his ass got stretched out in the next town over.

I made him lick my feet, become my sex slave for the night. But secretly I did miss being a submissive whore. That is where I am best, but some nights, I can switch it up for the greater good.


Anal Slave Training for this Subby Whore

slave trainingI thought my days of slave training were in my rear view window. As a submissive woman, I know my place. My master trained me early on to his needs. However, he seemed to want to embark on something new. And he thinks I need trained to be his ass slave.

When I first met my master in the early 2000’s, I never had any formal training in how to be a slave. Men just used me. And abused me too. Primarily my daddy and my husband at the time. Master took me away from my abusive ex and made me his slave. And when I arrived in California with him, he trained me not only how to be his submissive whore, but also how to be his paralegal too. For over 20 years, I have served my master in a couple capacities.

Now, he wants me to be his anal whore too. But I do not have a virgin ass. Daddy and my ex-husband abused my asshole all the time. My ass would not feel as tight as it did once upon a time. But I played along because I knew my ass would feel tighter than my old pussy. Master has never ass fucked a woman. His generation thought the ass was for output not input, LOL. But he watches a lot of anal porn. Even at his age his dick still gets hard thanks to Viagra.

With a Lot of Head an A Viagra My Master Turned Me into His Ass Slave

I told master no one has fucked my ass since I was 22. A little fib. My son likes to force fuck mommy’s asshole too. Master needed my help. So, I slobbered on his dick to get it super hard and wet with saliva. And it worked. With the help of some head and lube, master shoved his cock up my shit box as I bent over his big oak desk. He pulled my hair and slapped my ass like he was a 20-year-old frat boy fucking a bitch.

For an old man, he fucked my ass good. Now that master knows how much tighter my asshole is than my pussy, I fear he will only ass fuck me from here on out. Perhaps, I deserve that. I am nothing but a submissive sex slave.

Erotic Submissive Stories Often Include Spanking

When it comes to erotic submissive stories I find that spanking is often a part of it. One instance is playing the naughty school girl sent to the Principles office.

In this instance the young lady was caught being inappropriate to her teacher. For me it’s super hot to be the girl that tries to get a better grade in class by offering up a glimpse of her pussy. This made my teacher very angry when I sat on his desk when held after class. I sat and spread my legs. He was very upset with me.

Then as I was walked down to the Principles office the two of them disciplined me. I was put over the knee of my principle while my teacher removed his belt and swatted my pale ass to bright red.

Now I bet you are wondering what this led to? Let’s say that my cunt was wet, the principle’s cock beneath my belly was bulging and that teacher could not help but use his hand on my cunt with a pinch and a slap. This was all only the beginning.

Erotic Sex Stories

I Am A Submissive Whore And I Love Cum

I am a cum slut. I will milk your cock for it in any way I can. There is nothing I love more than having your cock down my throat and draining every drop of your precious cum. The feeling of nice warm gooey cum sliding down the back of my throat makes my pussy throb with desire. I get so fucking sloppy wet at the thought of it. I want to take very good care of your cock. I love to worship your cock with my tongue. I will lick it all wet and sloppy and won’t stop till I feel warm gooey cum down the back of my throat and that is just the beginning.  I also love feeling once warm cum inside my pussy and in my ass.  There is nothing like a cum filled cunt and a cum filled shithole. I also have a thing for balls. I love to lick them and caress them blow on them make sure they are nice and warm. I love a cock with a big mushroom head. I like to take that shit and swirl it around in my mouth like a piece of candy. I can deep throat. I love when a cock is balls deep in my slutty mouth. I want your cock so far down my throat that I can lick your balls while I am sucking your dick.  I want to get my face fucked by a big cock! I love when you take me by the hair and ouch my head so your cock goes into my mouth even deeper. I love the feeling of choking on a nice big dick. I would also love for you to cum all over my this. Cum all over my fucking tits feels amazing. I love the nice warm sticky feeling. I will rub it all into my tits and use it as a lotion to play with my nipples.

cock worshipping

Submissive slut mommy Jessica

submissive slut

I woke up with my son on top of me again, telling me that I was a good, submissive slut mommy and that he was about to use my worthless fuck hole. There was nothing I could do because he already had my wrists tied above my head and my legs held open with a spreader bar and ankle cuffs. I’ve been owned by him for years so this scene was nothing new to me. I tried to put my mind anywhere else, so as not to get wet and excited because I knew that he would punish me for it. I couldn’t help it though. The way he was sucking on my big, milky mommy tits, stroking his dick and rubbing the head against my clit at the same time felt so fucking good! I faked a few soft whimpers so that he would think that he was fucking me against my will but I think we both knew better. Once he started ramming his dick in me, my pussy started gushing so much that I could hear the wet, sloppy sounds of my cunt taking it. I couldn’t hold back any longer and started moaning loud as fuck. He clamped his hand tightly over my mouth, told me to shut the fuck up and kept thrusting. I felt his dick pulsing and the sudden rush of warm jizz being shot deep in my cunt. He left me there tied to the bed with cum pouring out of my cunt and he left the room. I could hear him on the phone in the next room over, telling someone our address. A few minutes later a man that I’ve never seen before walked into the room. Give sub slut mommy Jessica a call. I’ll tell you how my son left me there, tied up all day long and sold my pussy, mouth and asshole to a bunch of strange men back to back.

Vicious Pleasure: A Submissive Whore’s Torment

Submissive Whore

Being the willing whore that I am, I yearned for my Master’s touch. Bound and helpless, I awaited his devious plans with a dripping wetness between my legs. And boy, did he deliver!He started with a whip, leaving my back a mesh of red stings. I cried out in pleasure, begging for more. Master knew just how to push my buttons, torturing me with deliciously vicious strikes.

But that was only the beginning. He moved down my body, piercing my delicate flesh with sharp claws. The pain was exquisite, driving me wild with desire. I was his to command, and the thought of it made me soaked.His heavy thrusts soon followed, each one making me see stars. He fucked me mercilessly, using me as his personal sex doll. The filthier he talked, the harder I came.

But Master had more tricks up his sleeve. A hard gag was buckled into my mouth, silencing my moans, though it couldn’t muffle my desperate pleas for more. Yes, more! Give me your nasty, hard cock! Fuck me like the whore I am!He granted my wish, and I felt his meaty Cock stretch me to new limits. The pain and pleasure were intertwined, sending me into a blissful abyss.

I was his submissive slut, and this was my idea of a perfect night—being tortured, fucked, and used.

Use me, Master!