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Bare Bottom Spankings When Your Slut Forgets Her Place

bare bottom spankings

Bare bottom spankings are the perfect way to punish your little fuck pig. Dirty whores need discipline from a strict, dominating master. I earned my ass whooping today. My responsibility is to take care of your cock. And when you message me, I should be on my knees responding to you immediately. But it looks like I forgot my priorities. My punishment is one hard swing for every minute it took me to respond back. It took me 29 minutes to reply. So I will take the rod to this submissive ass 29 times.

Bare Bottom Spankings for Submissive Whore Naomi

I’m on my hands and knees completely naked. That’s how you prefer your submissive whore anyway. You squeeze my soft ass and ask me why I’m being punished. I pathetically admit my faults. I’m an ungrateful little slut who wasted Daddy’s time. I need to be reminded that this ass belongs to you every minute of the day. You drag the rod up and down my ass. Teasing me before you finally crack it on my ass. The first hit stings but every hit feels worse. I count every hard whack on my ass out loud. You love hearing the pain in my voice.

The 25th smack on my ass and I think my legs are going to give out. I beg for you to forgive me instead. Your cock is hard as fuck. You pull it out and slap it on my wet cunt. Then you ask me why I think I get to dictate the punishment. I try to apologize, but you slam your cock into my cunt hard. You drop the rod and use your bare hand to spank my ass. The bare bottom spankings with the rod left my ass raw and stinging, but your hand smacking my ass sets it on fire. You start pounding my pussy and tell me to start counting again from zero.

Submissive Whore who knows to obey and abide by your rules

Submissive Whore I am the College cutie you get to use as your personal Cum dumpster. A well-known Sexy teenage Submissive Whore that lives to submit to dominant men! I used to be a nerd that was until my virginity was forcefully taken and I just became a used whore. Now, I live my day-to-day being punished by absolute strangers, which I enjoy. My first time serving as a Bondage slut, I was forced into a glory hole and watched by my so-called lover at the time.

In all reality I was nothing but worn-out fuck meat, that he used to render his Dark fetish for watching women get destroyed. I was roughly fucked and then forced to my knees to have all of my holes plugged. A Creampie slut is what he made of me!

Make me your Submissive sex pot…

Bare bottom spankings, fisting, and rough penetration are what my daily succumbs to. It makes me scream and cream! Even after hours of continuous pounding I can’t help but want for more. I am bound for a balls-deep fuck, that leaves me dreading my entire existence. My nymphomania is what led me here! Facefuck me hard, give me a facial and a nice thick-throat pie…

For you Sir, I am willing to do any and everything… I am a filthy slave slut in constant need of a penis that’ll leave me oozing from my Young bald pussy after being fucked incredibly hard. No mercy shall ever be given, I am to obey and abide by your rules during Slave training.

Transform me into your Creampie, rough fuck loving, rimming slut.

Slave training on some big black king cock!

Slave trainingCurrently I am involved in some BBC Slave training; my master gave me direct orders and instructions on my sessions. Basically, I am no longer allowed to fuck any customers or playmates that aren’t black. He makes sure to set me up with at least 3 men a day and each cock has to be bigger than the next. Eventually he wants me to be completely trained with a 13-14 inch black cock. Until I can take a pounding by a prick that big I am not allowed to have any orgasms. Not only does he want my wet cunt to be trained with BBC but he also wants my ass hole gaped opened with big thick brown meat too. 

Most big black daddies love a whore who is into Cock worshiping. That is super easy for me because I love worshiping and drooling over cocks. I am obsessed with getting fucked and completely emotionally and physically trained to need sex and cum. I am craving a thick creamy load all the time and I am even more horny because I haven’t had an orgasm in weeks. It has made me even more needy and horny for a pounding. My pussy is always throbbing and ready to get stuffed full of prick and black seed. 

Are you a BBC king baby? I sure hope so. Give me a ring so I can worship you and beg you for your cock and big creamy load. I hope you are ready to spray that seed in my cunt or tight little ass pipe!

Submissive Whore drenched in piss

Have you ever been a drench in piss Submissive Whore? I have and I am every weekend, sometimes throughout the week. That is because my master likes to finish his week by pissing all over. First, he pulls me out of my cage. “Get into position, worthless whore” my master instructs me to do. I love pleasing my master. Therefore, I kneel down with my face up. Then my master pulls his cock out and starts to piss all over my face and body. I love everything my master has for me. So, I even open my mouth and drink some. One reason being I was thirsty and dehydrated.

Since my master had been gone for over a day. Another reason is because my master is so special, and I would have to waste any of his juices. “I have more for you later” my master says as he undresses and sits down. “Time for some nasty ball draining Prostate milking bitch” my master says. I know what that means. He lifts his balls and I right away dive with my tongue. I start eating his ass like I’m starving. It’s true I haven’t eaten in a few days.

Submissive Whore

After my tongue flicks fast over and over his ass, he moans out “suck my dick too”. Then I go back and forth from sucking his cock to eating his ass. Even make sure to play with his balls. Anything to please my master. After a bit he wraps his legs around my neck and pushes my tongue deeper in his asshole. “That’s it bitch show me you are worth keeping as a pet” he moans out. Then he grabs my hair and sprays my face and mouth with thick jizz. I make sure to eat most of it up and try to fill my belly. “Good job slut, you have earned some dinner” you say as he puts me in my cage and throws a fast-food bag in there too.

Erotic submissive stories

Erotic submissive stories

I love being super submissive and sharing our erotic submissive stories. I want to go down to the beach and have you tie me up good. Then we can start new memories and share our new stories. There’re a few trees down on the beach that would be perfect to tie me up to. They are somewhat close to each other, so I think I could fit very well in between them, even if you must stretch out my arms a bit.

                I bring ropes and chains for you to use on me. The two textures put together are such a good match and look very sexy together. I’m completely naked and vulnerable to you with the way you have me attached to these trees. I feel my body get aroused as I’m excited to see and feel what you are going to do to me.

                You find a feather on the beach and run it down my sides. I shake as I’m tickled and my toes curl with pleasure. I really can’t wait to see and feel what you are going to do next.

Bare bottom spankings for a horny depraved amateur anal slut

Bare bottom spankings I am a submissive anal slut in need of having my anus stretched. Hard remorseless, Bare bottom spankings and my ass slammed is what I am asking for, Sir. I am willing to do any and everything for you to grant me my wishes… I am so horny and depraved, I promise to be an obedient slut and do as I am told.

Whip my Bald shaved pussy and welt me up. A spanking is what I deserve before given any penetration… I love BDSM, spankings, and anal… but I know I am only worthy of an orgasm if you say so. Please sir I am begging you to use me as your sex doll. Fuck me rough and make me soak the bed…

I am a no-limits Submissive slut with no morals ready to be used as your Cum dumpster.

Punish me by slamming your cock with no mercy in and out of my wet bald pussy while pinching my clitoris. Drag your cock down low and alternate back and forth between my two worthless cum dump holes. All I am good for is sucking and fucking while getting my ass whooped.

I am not worthy of being anything more than a whore used as a cum rag. Slam in and out, show me no remorse, you can use me as if I were a fleshlight. Slap me across my face and forcefully shove your cock down my throat and finish me off with a hardcore sloppy Deepthroat face fuck.

I am lucky you chose to honor me as your Submissive Whore for the night.

Cum eating phone sex makes me savor the taste of my Master!

Cum eating phone sexCum eating phone sex makes me savor the taste of my Master! As I awaken each morning, I can smell your  scent on my pillow. We really get wild and the next morning I need it all over again. Master, your cum tastes so sweet, my teeth ache. I yearn for you to spray generations all over my face. Your cock is a divine rod that I am lucky to please.

I love when you flip me upside down and make me gag on your cock. I love I am helpless in that moment, just completely yours to use. You know I can take as much as you got and I know that is a lot. As your Cock worshiping slave whore I am bound to take a hard beating too. Master, I beg you, beat my face black and blue with your monster cock. 

I am tangle between your fingers and I never want to escape. They way your torture my pussy turns me into a warm puddle and my body rises to another level. Your cock pounding hard into me sends waves of ecstasy throughout my being. I adorn my Master by opening my mouth up wide. I can’t wait to taste your sweet cream. If I could live on just eating your cum Master, I would.

I will happily slurp it from a spoon or I can clean your load out of any hole you please, Sir. I know how you like to spread your seed and I would love to play made. Make my jaw sore and my pussy puffy. My passion for serving my Master knows no limits. I can take all the humiliation you can give just as long as you spray your kids down my throat and deep in my pussy. I am a cum crazed whore who needs a Master who will push my limits. Let’s have Cum slut phone sex!


Submissive Whore Submits Up Her Ass For Punishment

A Sadistic Master Needs a Submissive Whore

Down on your knees my submissive whore. I love hearing those words coming from your lips, Master. I drop down to my knees like the good girl I am. But today I am to be punished. I raise my arms up with my palms up. You place a book on each of my hands and tell me to hold them. If the books fall you will beat my ass until I’m black and blew. The thought of that makes my cunt so fucking wet. And you know your little whore so well. You rub your fingers against that wet pussy and make me squirm.

submissive whore

My face turns red. I’m trying to keep the books up but you’re slamming your fingers inside of my cunt so hard. Three fingers stretch out my cunt and make me so horny. My pussy is flooding around those fingers. I’m so close to cumming. My entire body is shivering. Despite the whining about cumming I’m humping your fingers. I see your cock getting hard for submissive sex. You force me to stand up and bend over with my hands against the wall. I feel your cock rubbing against my cunt and beg you to fuck me. You do. But not my pussy.

Torture Sex For My Masochistic Slut Asshole

You spit on your cock. And then force it into my tight asshole. I wasn’t ready to have my ass fucked. I scream. You grab my neck and tell me to shut the fuck up or you’ll give me a reason to scream. I nod and bite down on my lip. My ass is still gripping on to your cock. I like the pain.My pussy is still soaking from that torture sex. Your hand reaches down to pinch my clit and I can’ hold it anymore. I cum so fucking hard. My ass squeezes around your cock and you drain your dick inside of my whore ass.

Extreme bondage : Master captured pictures of me, vulnerable

Extreme bondageDuring my extreme Bondage, Master captured pictures of me, vulnerable, helpless, bound and gagged, before indulging in his BDSM pleasures!  There was no escape from his control. It was a world of pleasure and pain for me. My master made me a slave to his cock! 

It was the moment when I learned that my life would revolve around fulfilling his wishes, becoming his dedicated and subservient servant for eternity. The air was heavy with the scent of leather and candles, creating an atmosphere of submission and dominance. My ass stripped by bare bottom spankings!  I cried out in pleasure and pain, my body trembling in anticipation. I felt my submission growing stronger with each second. 

I could hardly breathe as the rope tightened around my neck, pulling me into the mattress. My wrists were already bound securely above my head, the leather cuffs digging into my flesh as I struggled desperately for air. I could barely make out the dark figure looming over me, a wicked smile stretching across his face as he continued to tighten the noose.

Extreme bondage : Master captured pictures of me, vulnerable

“Please,” I gasped, my voice barely audible between gasps for air. “Please, let me up.” He chuckled, his voice low and sinister, as he continued to choke me. “I don’t think so, sweetheart. You know what you did, and now it’s time for you to pay the price.” As he spoke, he grazed a finger down my chest, making my heart race with both fear and excitement. I felt a rush of adrenaline as I realized this was more than just a BDSM scene!

 Every touch of his hand burned into my skin, etching itself permanently into my memory. And from that day on, I surrendered to a life of devoted servitude to him alone. The memory of the day Master claimed me as his own will forever be etched in my mind. I can still feel the cold, hard surface beneath me as I lay bound and gagged, helpless to resist his advances. His cock buried deep in every hole. I was his slave, and I was willing to do anything to please him. I yearned to be his, body and soul. I gave myself to him willingly, knowing that I was his forever.

His camera flashed, grabbing a moment before he began to ravage me. He showed no mercy, demanding complete submission! His cumming was the only thing that mattered anymore!  I was lost in the pleasure of his orgasm, my body trembling in pleasure. I lay there, panting and exhausted, as he slowly withdrew his cock from my trembling body. I was his, body and soul. It was then that I learned my fate—to be his obedient servant for the rest of my days. From that day on, I was no longer my own person but merely his submissive whore.

Submissive Whore turned Anal Bitch!

Submissive whore phone sex is so much and makes my pussy cream. Master decided today he wanted to play with my ass. He tells me  all the time that my ass is the best thing about me. He loves to stuff it with toys and beat and spank it with whips and chains. Master put me on my leash and had be get on all fours. He said today I was going to be his Bitch. He put a butt plug in my ass that had a furry tail attached. Master put a muzzle on my face and walked me around his house and neighborhood for everyone to see. I felt so good being Master’s pretty, black bitch. When we got in the house he spit on his fingers and stuffed them up my ass. He fucked me so good with those fingers and my asshole was so wet. He then put his fist in my ass and pounded my insides until I was cumming out of my ass and pussy. I started squirting and was dripping everywhere. Master took me off my leash, tied my arms to my legs, and put my ass in the air.  Master then stuffed his big hard white dick and fucked me until he came.  Today was such a fun day being Master’s submissive whore bitch!

submissive whore