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Submissive Sex School Girl Once Upon a Time

submissive sexI was raised to be a submissive sex slut. When my mother left, I was just a little schoolgirl too. My dad was a mean SOB to her. I was aware that their marriage was far from conventional, but I did not understand the dynamics until she left, and I took her place. I was never a daughter to my father. I was a fuck doll, prisoner, and slave. The very night my mother left, my drunk mean old daddy crawled into bed with me and took my virginity. He fucked me every day after that until I ran away. I did not enjoy my younger days. Daddy made me service him and that included things like licking his ass and giving him head when he was shitting on the toilet. I became his wife and maid. I cleaned the house. I cooked his meals. I learned how to make his favorite cocktails. He pulled me from school saying they were moving out of state. He was afraid of me telling a schoolteacher or counselor about the abuse. I became a prisoner. He tied me to the bed while he went to work. He would leave a TV on for me, but I had to hold my urine or piss my bed. If I pissed my bed, I stayed in it all day. He would fuck my ass, my pussy and my mouth at all times of the day. Sometimes, just to humiliate me, he would wake me up in the middle of the night to piss in my mouth. My holes were gaped and well-used before I could legally vote. With my youth, it should be no surprise that I am a submissive whore. Daddy trained me well. I may not see my father anymore, but a girl never forgets her roots.

Shocked A Submissive Whore

Cum eating phone sex

A submissive whore is a good slut who knows her place is sent to the world to please her master. Whatever his desire I must fulfill. It reminds of when my master bought a taser. He tied me up naked and splashed water on me. He took the taser and tasted my tits. The shock went all through my body since I was wet it gave me a bigger shock. Every time he tased me, his cock grew in his pants. My pussy started getting wet knowing my master was really enjoying himself. He then took the taser and shocked my wet cunt. It sent the biggest shock up my body and into my cunt it made it squirt uncontrollably. Master really liked it so he shoved his cock in my mouth and started face fucking me hard. As he face fucked me, he shocked me with the taser. Watching as my cunt squirted all over due to the taser turned him on so much he started filling my mouth up with his cum and as a good submissive whore I drank every drop.  

Your Bare bottom spankings Subslut

bare bottom spankings

He only wanted to know about my bare bottoms spankings I received as a sub slut over the years. He quizzed me on implements of destruction to my bare ass! I first said the bare hand of my master is best, but that was wrong. I took out my plexiglass paddle and gave myself three hard paddles for him right on my ass. I was wearing a t-back thong and the sounds were marvelous as I wailed on myself for him! Not that he was wrong, no man is wrong in my opinion, but a nice big masculine hand makes beautiful marks on a bare derriere! Next we discussed cane poles, and flogging devices. I described each that was in my possession and I knew I couldn’t cane myself, so we talked about how it felt and what marks the can left on my body. When he asked me to spread my legs and give my pussy lips a nice twack in time with his voice… I was busted. “You’re wet, I can hear it!’ He almost laughed and told me to get on all fours and with one hand take my favorite thin leather strap and lash myself for him! I came almost instantly! God, I love spanking phone sex!

Obey Your Master


submissive whorePinch my tits and use me till I’m blue in the face. You’re my master, and I’m a little slave pet. I love to be put in my place. I belong on my knees worshiping you and making you feel like the king you are. I’m so sorry that I thought for a second my opinion mattered. I’m so excited to quit school and become your live-in slave. I want to make your life easier. It’s all about your needs and wants, and mine doesn’t matter. When you’re friends come over, I will bow and be of service. Whatever you want, I will do happily with a smile on my face. I have become quite obsessed with you spanking me till I’m black and blue. Hours of torture and abuse have made me crave it all the time. There’s no place I want to be but beneath you because I was born female, and I am naturally inferior and submissive and will no longer associate with anyone who believes the feminist notions. I’m all for women not even being allowed to vote. It’s true women are complete idiots and cum dumps. I’m your cum slut for life. My only job is to please you, master.

His Collard Whore

Slave training

Any time master says we are going out it gets my pussy excited, I know he will dress me up or have me naked depending on his mood. Most importantly I will have my leash and collar on. I love how master tugs on it when he wants me to go a certain direction and if I don’t move fast enough, he burns me with his cigarette to remind me I am his whore and I was sent to this world to submit to him and do as he pleases. My cunt starts dripping when I know he is ready to use my mouth. I open wide so he can stick his big cock deep in my throat, master uses my mouth in every way. He loves when I shove my tongue into his ass and stroke his cock milking him on my face. Seeing his cum dripping down my face makes master happy. I know I am his cum bucket and I am a perfect submissive whore for him.  

Erotic submissive stories of Jessica

erotic submissive stories

I love rubbing my cummy whore cunnie and telling my callers all of my wild and erotic submissive stories. Nothing gets me more excited and ready to fuck than recounting all of the times my son has pimped out my sloppy, cum dump pussy. I could go on for hours, finger fucking my wet hole and telling you all the ways he dominates his naughty whore mommy. I love when he shares my used up holes with his friends. He throws huge parties and invites everyone he knows to come watch his mother get fucked like a nasty, party slut. He makes sure that no one leaves the party without dumping a load in his hot,slutty fuck whore mom. He’s off at college right now and won’t be home for a few months. Mommy still needs her pussy owned and used while he’s gone.


She wanted my master!

submissive whoreMy neighbor thought she wanted to be a submissive whore like me. She was begging for master to give her submissive training! She accosted my master and demanded him to use her because her own man couldn’t give her what she wanted. Now I’m a possessive whore but if master wants to fuck another slave i get a little jealous but ultimately I bow to his desires and his cock! This would be sub slave said her pain tolerance was high and even she could take more than his own slave.
I was sent to the store in nothing but skimpy Latex straps across my tits and ass, with nipple clamps visible underneath. I sent master many pics of me in the check out line, of me bending over to reach low shelf items, right in front of other customers.
I was richly reward by this neighbor slut tied to our bed and master gave her to me to test her pain tolerance!
I used thick rubber bands on her tits and hot wax to play tic tac toe. Master used alligator clamps to hold back her pussy lips as I whipped her with a leather flogger. Thai slut was creaming and screaming! I had to silence her with my milf cunt and grind until I came on her face while pinching and pulling at her nipples and pussy as Master fucked the holy hell out of her! “My master Bitch! You want to play cum prepared for massive pain!”

Erotic Submissive Stories of Daddy

erotic submissive stories I am full of erotic submissive stories. I have been a slave since I was knee high. It began with daddy. He made me the submissive slave I am today. I will admit that I never wanted to be my father’s slave. He did unspeakable things to me when I was young, and I hated him for it. I ran away from home as a teen girl. In hindsight, I get excited thinking back to when I was a scared young girl with a very dominant daddy. All the BDSM things I love now, have roots in my youth like bondage. I am a mature bondage whore because my dad tied me up when I was young. He did not tie me up the same way my master does. He tied me up to restrain me so I would not fight and later so I would not escape. But those formative years being tied up by daddy gave me a deep love for bondage. My earliest memories of bondage with daddy involved his friends who he let fuck me. I was a little girl and daddy would tie me up so his friends could force fuck me. I was young and scared, but I would wiggle and fight, so he tied me up. Later, he would tie me to my bed so I would not runaway while he was at work. One day, I got loose and fled, never looking back. That was almost 30 years ago. When I left home, I told myself I would never be a submissive whore for anyone. That never happened. Today, I am an owned bitch. But, when master ties me up it is a mutual love for bondage. And I realize now that my love for bondage goes back to the days of my daddy tying me up.

Cum Eating Phone Sex


Cum Eating Phone SexCum eating phone sex is all that I think about. Master has made me into his perfect, cum eating sex slave for him and I fucking love it. My only real purpose is satisfying Master and doing as he wishes. He’s taught me so much during our time together and has given me so many intense orgasms. Master has shown me what a good, little bondage slut is good for. The only thing I’m fucking good at is worshiping Master’s thick, meaty cock and gargling his salty cum. During our last training session, Master made sure I was nice and tightly bound to our fucking chair. He has a thing for feet and so I put on my best pair of silk stockings to show them off. Master tied rope around my ankles and massaged the arches before bending me over and spanking the fuck out of my ass. I deserved those bare bottoms spankings. I’ll take anything Master has to give me.

Submissive Whore Fucked In Her Sleep

Erotic submissive stories

Being the submissive whore that I am, didn’t happen overnight my training started long ago when I was a young slutty thing.  Daddy taught me that I was raised to be a pair of holes to be fucked and used and I love it. My last boyfriend would use my holes whenever he wanted, if he wanted me to suck his cock while we were out, I better do it and do it good. I was so tired from the pounding he had given me that I was passed out until I felt my cunt hole being fucked, I could feel him using me and he didn’t care if I was up or not. He fucked my pussy while choking me from behind, I didn’t move a bit.  As he pounded me, he kept squeezing my neck tighter as his cock slid in and out of me. He was whispering in my ear how he was going to fuck me to death. I could feel the air leaving my body and I was going limp as his cock was filling me up, that is when I passed out. 

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