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Submissive slut Cydney has recruited her closest friends for Master

Submissive slutMaster stopped by and updated some rules for his newest Submissive slut! I now have to keep a steel plug-in for 6 weeks straight.. he has also recruited my closest friends Sophia and Emily to be his property. We have been sitting here in nothing but our Soma bras and panties per Daddy’s request. We are no longer allowed to wear clothing indoors… We are to flaunt our tight bodies and embrace Master’s wishes. Today Mom had to spend the entire evening on the fuck machine Daddy left her on before he left this morning so she wasn’t able to join us. That’s just too bad…

I enjoyed every moment I got to spend as a Cock worshiping slut with my Master Tim.

Sir did clarify that I serve as nothing more than a slave slut until he says otherwise. I must be available to serve my master and tend to his needs whenever he needs me. that even means on call, if Master reaches out to me I am to drop whatever I am doing and do as he wishes. With that being said I am not worthy of being a girlfriend or wife unless Master determines otherwise.

I promise to be a good pet for you Master.

As soon as Sophia and Emily got here I had them strip down in the living room and took pictures so Master could see that we were following the rules. Sophia and I broke Emily in by giving her Bare bottom spankings pitting her in a very vulnerable position. I know Master is going to be so proud when he sees the hot shots we got of her gaping asshole after taking turns reeling her with our strap-ons. I first want to receive the Okay from Master Tim to post those pictures here since they are for his eyes only.

I can’t wait for our next training session; I am so thankful for Master Tim!

Submissive Whore Breanne loves that hot sticky cum!

Submissive Whore

Submissive Whore Breanne loves that hot sticky cum! It’s no secret that I absolutely love being dominated. I get off on giving someone else complete domination and control. To me, nothing is more exhilarating than stripping down to nothing and completely submitting to my partner. To be able to serve them and have them guide me and tell me what to do brings my body alive.

I love gooey cum. Whether I’m being told to suck it off a thick cock, or I have it all over my face to lap it up myself. I truly do love every second of it. When I am in this kind of exquisite submission, it goes beyond physical pleasure. There is a unique kind of mental bliss that comes along with it. I am a Cock worshiping slut needing a beating from your cock!

If you are looking for a totally submissive slut, then look no further. I offer the ultimate levels of Cock worship and submission. I’m here to submit myself to you on my knees. I’ll do whatever it takes to make you happy and fulfill all your desires. Whether it’s sexy and dirty talk, anal sex, or anything else you have in mind, you can count on me to do it with passion and enthusiasm.

I’m here and ready to fulfill all your fantasies and give you the ultimate session of pleasure. I’m here for all your submissive needs and fantasies. I’m ready for you, so come and get me! Call for hot and sticky Cum slut phone sex baby!

Bare bottom spankings competition is what I was used for

My master found a new way of using me and humiliating me to submit to the place I belong as his pet by having a Bare bottom spankings competition with his business partners. “Whoever can spank her the best and longest wins” he said as he gave the paddle to one of his business partners. I was bent over and naked just waiting for his spanking completion to begin. “You will take every spanking and thank my partners and beg for more” my master demands of me.

Bare bottom spankings

Then the first paddling hit my ass and it sent a shock through my body. Therefore, I took it and thanked them and begged for more like my master had demanded of me. After his second partner took his turn paddling me my ass was red and welted. Soon my body was shaking but I didn’t want to let my master down. Slave training has shown me many times to take anything my master has for me with a smile. “Thank you master, could I have more?” I asked, hoping it was his turn.

Anytime my master touches me makes me happy even when he uses a paddle. The attention he gives me makes me feel special and not as worthless. After that he took his favorite wooden paddle and started spanking my welted red bare ass. “Thank you master” I whimpered as my body trembled with pain. After he looked at my ass he said, “I think we are all the winners”. Then they laughed and left me there as they continued on with their good time.

Submissive Whore Life Never Appears Dull

submissive whoreThe life of a submissive whore never proves dull. Although, I am an owned bitch, master enjoys watching other men fuck me. He did not always enjoy sharing me. However, as he aged, his dick stopped working as well. Although Viagra works, he claims watching someone else fuck me, works even better. He has a voyeuristic side to him, and it only gets stronger with age.

Master never comes to my house. Maybe a handful of times in our 20 plus years as master and servant has he visited me at home. That’s because his wife keeps close tabs on him. Even at her age, she likes to know where her husband is. That’s why I work for him. If he is at the office, she has no worries about what he is doing. Master told his wife, he wanted to drop off my Christmas bonus in person. I think she tracks his phone. She does not think he cheats on her. She just worries that something will happen to him if she does not know where he is at all times.

He did bring his office submissive slut a present. I got a nice cash bonus like I always do, but he brought me a two-legged present also. However, the present was more for him than me. What do I mean by that? He brought a young buck to fuck me. But this guy would not fuck me gently. No man master brings me ever does. Master sits back like he is at the movies and watches a surrogate do what he struggles to do anymore.

Master Enjoys Watching Younger Guys Fuck His Slave

This young buck is his nephew who is in town visiting for the holidays. The boy is in his 30s, so younger than either master or I. But this boy is sadistic. A natural born dominant man. Not only does he fuck my ass raw, but he also enjoys choking me and slapping me too. I doubt master would let him get so rough with me if he was not family. For about an hour I received anal slave training from my master’s nephew. All the while master watched and stroked his broke down dick.

But watching me never keeps his dick down for long. By the end of the session, master and his nephew both occupied this whore. When they left, I was covered in cum and bruises. Good thing this sort of thing happens sporadically.

Submissive slut Cydney, is the property of Master Timothy

Submissive slutMaster Tim has been teaching me how to be the perfect Submissive slut to suit his needs. Every dollar earned during our sessions is to be spent purchasing new bras and panties from Soma! Sir, and I agree that the Soma collection of bras and panties fits my slender body perfectly… After our first session, I was instructed to keep a steel plug in my ass for 72 hours, I wasn’t aware that I was allowed to take it out if I ever needed to use the restroom which left me in agony. Today I sit here comfortably with a steel plug in place impatiently waiting for Sunday so that I can get some more sets for Master to see me in.

During our last session, Sir had my mother join us who sat on her knees next to me with a gag ball in her mouth. I was able to order her around per Master’s instructions. My mother behaved like the perfect Submissive whore that she is and did exactly as she was told. She was sent outside to piss on the lawn like a four-legged companion and then had to endure verbal abuse from me. She was reminded of how much of a filthy cum rag she is and that her only duty in life is to breed. Master had me relay a message to Father that Sir, wanted her to be impregnated. Father is proud to have mother forcefully fucked by his friends and cum-piled inside of until she becomes pregnant.

I shared Erotic submissive stories with Master Tim, such as the time I went out wearing a gag ring to the bar and wound up out back in the bed of a pickup truck being degraded and forcefully fucked by 3 strange men. After they took advantage of my body and plummeted through every last one of my fuckholes bareback they left me there clothesless to walk home… I could feel the globs of cum seeping down my inner thighs as I waddled home. Master was pleased with me being treated in such a way. Master has made a command for me to keep my pussy hairy. My pussy hair is getting so thick and long! I have a little over 24 hours remaining and I will be able to remove my steel plug, I can’t wait since that is when I speak with Master Tim again. 

Sir, has left me wondering… Am I worthy of being a wife or a girlfriend?

Cock Worshiping and Prostate Draining with a Subby Whore

cock worshipingCock worshiping may be what I do best according to my master. He would know too. I bet I’ve spent a few thousand hours in our time together sucking his old dick. As a submissive woman, sucking dick is part of the sub life. But master’s dick does not work so well these days. That’s because of his age. He knows it. He will take a Viagra sometimes, but he prefers his office whore’s mouth to traditional medicine.

But I know some tricks when he cannot cum before my jaw locks up. And I needed those tricks last Friday. He called me into the office on Black Friday. He claimed he needed me to draw up some contracts for some estate planning. But he wanted his old dick drained too. Since we do not see each other as much as we once did when he still practiced law full-time, his balls get backed up more.

His wife stopped fucking him about 5 years before I became his full-time mistress and slave. So, you know when we first got together, he had a huge load. In fact, I do not think his load has ever been that voluminous. Well, I thought that until Black Friday. His balls felt full to the brim. And although I sucked him off as best I could, he needed some prostate milking too.

A Prostate Massage Gets a Dick Harder Than Viagra

That is one of my tricks for draining old balls dry. I dip my index finger into my cunt for lube juice, then slowly inch it in my master’s asshole. It’s not difficult to find the prostate. Now a man might find it challenging to find his own depending on his flexibility, but a woman. Well, it is much easier for us to find that magic pea shaped miracle button. I call it a miracle button because with enough pressure on it, Niagara Falls spurts out the handle, LOL. And it felt like a fire hose went off when I hit Master’s magic button.

Since my jaw felt close to locking up on me after an hour and 35 minutes of head, I used my magic trick. Prostate phone sex works like magic. Now of course, I cannot really massage your prostate like I can my master’s prostate. But I can guide you on how to do it because I am a good whore.

Slave Cunt Watched Me Get DP’d For Practice!

Slave training Spreading my legs for the best DP session of my life was so much fucking fun. What made it even hotter is having another slave cunt during the play time session with 2 of the best customers our owner has. Feeling those nice cocks slip in and out of both my holes while this cute little slave whore sucks my big tits was such a turn on. I always feel so lucky when I get to have the best customers use me for hours. It has been a while since I have had fun with another slut too; so it was a lot of fun to get some pussy action. Customers love watching two cunts fuck each other for their entertainment; which is a plus because I love eating pussy and getting mine eaten from a sweet girl.

This slave cunt above me is newly added to our little group; my owner has had her for a couple months now. She was super nervous when she first got here because she has not really had a lot of prior sexual experiences. I felt kind of bad for her when she arrived and did not know how she would last without a lot more training time. It took her a couple weeks to be fully anally trained; she was having a difficult time getting gaped. My owner was really disappointed in her and demanded she trained for longer hours and stretched her own ass open so she can get fucked properly. He told me it was my job to put her in line; so she was told to join in with me on this session to learn. 

So when we arrived I told her I would show her how a proper whore takes cock up both her holes. She seemed really nervous but knew she had no choice if she wanted to be a top choice and not be punished for being a useless set of holes. I mean she was super aware that our owner would not tolerate a cunt who can’t take a cock in all holes at once. Our customers pay good money for properly trained slaves so she would need to learn how to please. Otherwise our owner would be angry and take it all out on her body. I told her by the end of this session she will know how to be a good cunt and our owner would be so thrilled with her.

I was so proud of her sucking on these big tits of mine and watching that cock split me open. I was finger banging her ass hole open and she was taking it well. I knew after they fucked me for a while that she would be ready to take a pounding. I could not wait to put that whore on her back; sit on her face so she could eat my cunt and watch those cocks impale her. She was a hot little thing and had some really nice holes that would milk a cock perfectly. She is absolutely going to be one of our owners favorites if she keeps up the good work!



Hot couple plus one Submissive Whore

If we embrace our deepest fantasies and embrace our sexuality fearlessly your sex life never suffers. That’s why I choose to be a Submissive Whore, to explore power dynamics and be dominated. To experience intense, erotic, role-playing discovering uncharted territories. Cock worshiping after my Bare bottom spankings. I enjoy being the nastiest, sluttiest, whore for the pair. I aim to please all who  I am lucky to be dominated by. Harder the force the wetter I become instantly. I am always ready night or day. Extreme does not scary a girl like me, I have so many submissive stories to share. I would love to hear yours too, tell me about what you would do to me so I can pleasure my self to the fantasies of others. Submissive Whore

Bare bottom spankings from my master excite me

When my master gives me Bare bottom spankings my cunt gets wet and excited. Any time my master gives me any attention I get excited. Since I am a worthless bitch and I feel lucky if he uses me in any way. First you pull me out of my cage. Since I stay naked, all you had to do was bend over your lap like you like. With your paddle you swing down on my ass while saying “all you are for is for me to use” you say while laughing. Hearing your laughter brings me joy.

Therefore, I will take anything you give me. That is because I was made to be used and trained. “Beg for me to spank you more, my worthless pet” you ask of me while you continue to paddle my red welted ass. “Please master, give me more spankings” I beg with a trembling voice. Although my ass was red and welted, you didn’t stop. After a while my whole body was trembling but your cock was rock hard. “Open your mouth bitch” you demand of me.

Bare bottom spankings

Therefore, I do as my master asks. Once I open my mouth, he pushes his dick deep down my throat making me choke. That excited you and you fuck my throat hard until I had tears coming down my face. “Worthless bitch show me you are worth keeping” you say as you continue to fuck my throat. You spanked my welted ass one more time before your balls tightened up and your cock started to spray semen down into my belly. “That’s right, eat all my cum slut. Show you are worth keeping.

Rape phone sex fantasies and Zella won’t resist you

Rape phone sex fantasies


Rape phone sex fantasies and Zella won’t even resist you. She’s a hardcore Submissive slut who needs bondage and a master to feel complete. Kneeling before the one who will soon put her in her place gives her a primal urdge she can’t explain. Serving a master with a firm spanking hand has allways been a goal for Zella, If she could find him then life would have the spice and balance that she craves. Zella longs to be a pet for a master like that, wearing collars and being lead and controlled in public make her so happy. Could you be the one she trusts to give control? Are you willing to handle a true submissive forfilling your every need?