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Submissive Whore In The making

submissive whoreThey say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, but I’ve got a better analogy. The panties don’t drop far from the submissive whore! My young daughters are, much to my orgasmic delight, becoming hot little teen sexy slaves. They’re learning every lesson I know; how to serve and speak a BDSM Slave. As well as, submissively sitting and standing! Don’t forget my favorite cock sucking 101: how suck a cock. How to be the perfect little bed slave. Knowing that just makes my sexy Mommy pussy dripping wet and ready to be used. Master said he had a surprise for me! He dressed me up in my shackles, and my collar, and took me out on the town. We went to my slutty girls’ slave training! They were both strapped to the St. Andrew’s Cross, getting the living fuck whipped out of them. They were both crying and begging, it was so fucking sexy! They had to learn to only ask for more, so master wouldn’t be angry! These little fucking whores. Master pushed me down to suck his cock while he watched. We’d be here all day to turn these little ladies into submissive sluts!submissive slut

Cock Worshiper

Erotic submissive storiesMaster K has made me the best submissive slut. All he has to do is tell me to kiss it and I’m on my knees mouth open, taking his hard cock meat in my mouth, licking the head and playing with his ball; waiting to taste his precum which I love. If I do it right, he rewards me by filling my mouth with all his load. I love how sometimes he just bends me over whenever and where ever we are and sticks hi hard dick deep in my pussy, he fucks me hard and deep making me feel like I can’t take it while choking, spanking me and calling me his dirty little whore. When does this he can feel my pussy drip and then he will bite me hard on my shoulder sending me to full orgasm. My favorite is when he fucks my ass, he pushes his dick deep in me making me take it all. As he fucks my ass hard holding me down making me take whatever he gives me I play with my clit and when I feel him pumping his cum deep in my ass, I finger my pussy until I cum. Master K makes me worship his dick just like I like it. 

Submissive BDSM Slut Part 2

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His cock plunged deep into my dripping wet cunt! I love when he is fucking me so hard that even his balls seem to get wet inside me!Submissive Whore

He was pounding my smooth pussy harder and harder and I knew I was going to cum!

I couldn’t help it! His cock was so strong and forceful and it felt so good to be owned by him!

I knew I was not allowed to cum until he did! And I knew I was in trouble if I did so I squeezed his thick hard cock with all my pussy power….pulling his cock with my clenched cunt until he flooded my swollen pussy with cum!

I pulled his dripping meat out and I fell to the floor!

As he walked away, he said that I had been a good little whore and gave me permission to fuck myself until I came! I slid my fist inside my sloppy wet cunt and pushed another in my tight ass!

I laid on the floor twisted like a pretzel in a puddle of cum, my body convulsing and shaking with ever squirt that erupted from my sweet pussy!

Erotic Bondage Stories Told by a Submissive

erotic bondage stories

As you already know, I’m very submissive, so I’d love it if you’d call me and tell me erotic bondage stories about things you’ve done to women like me. My Master likes me to talk to guys on the phone and get fresh ideas for things he can do to me. Of course, Master is very smart and experienced, but you never know when you’ll hear something new. I would also love to tell you the things that have been done to me. I’ve been submissive my entire life, so there are a lot of fun things to talk about.

Like one time, my Master tied me up to the bed and left me there for the entire weekend. He tickled me with feathers and used toys on me to edge me and get me close to having an orgasm so many times I lost count. He humiliated me verbally and even brought a little bit of pain to the weekend-long session. It really was one of the best experiences of my life and I love sharing it with others. Are you in the mood to hear about it? I’ll even tell you whether or not he let me cum at the end of the weekend.

His Party Toilet

Pissing phone sexSometimes one of the master’s likes to have big parties for his special friends. He picks houses that a normally vacant completely and those in some pillows and blankets and the masses flock for orgies and fuck parties all night. This time he picked a completely abandoned house, made me clean all morning, by the evening it looked a little livable. But a big problem I brought up to him when he arrived back was in the bathroom. I led him to the bathroom where there was only the sink in there. The toilet itself had been completely removed. He laughed as he grabbed my risk and handcuffed me to the sink. “I know I removed it myself” he spat in my face. 

I sat on the cold tile floor for hours when I finally heard the guest start to arrive. No doubt he was filling them with drinks, cause soon people were coming up to use me. Pissing right into my mouth and pulling my hair back to make me swallow. He made me the toilet for the evening and warned me if any shit or piss made its way to the floor and not cleaned up by morning I was in for the beating of a lifetime. I spent all night licking up droplets of pee, off the floor and oftentimes having to eat up shit, and some vomit off the floor. It was humiliating and disgusting, so why did it get me so wet?

Good Slut

Tie me up and let me show you how much of a good whore I am. After you tie me up, I’ll be at your dispose, use my mouth make me gag, make me drink up all your cum like a cum guzzling slut. I love when you paddle me and whip me until my pussy is dripping and skin is red. I’ll be a good girl and not resist so you can reward me by playing with my pussy and fingering my ass. I won’t resist when you choke me and make me lick your ass, it gets me excited to have you use my tongue for your pleasure I am your slut to do as you please. I want to suck your balls until I feel them tighten up and get ready to burst, but I know you won’t stop until you get to pound me raw. When you are ready you will lick my ass and with one hard pump you will shove your hard throbbing dick deep in my ass. I will fuck you back and take it as much as I can because I know you love that; I won’t stop until I hear your moans get louder and feel your hands wrap around my neck, with a few more hard pumps you fill me up with your hard dripping cum and it will drive me over the edge I won’t help it but squirt all over the place.  

Submissive slut

Submissive Slut Needs to Be Used

submissive slutI love being a submissive slut. I can get sassy sometimes, but it is not because I am a switch. It is because I am wanting more pain. My master understands me, but men I meet off fetishes sites rarely do. They think I am just playing a role, but I am broken bitch and a lifestyle submissive. I have been broken since the late 80s and early 90s. I start to feel guilty about cheating on my master with younger, more capable men during this quarantine, so I egg them on when they mistake me for someone who wants playful spanking. Sometimes it works, sometimes it backfires. Last night, it worked. I was with this much younger man I met on a fetish site. He said he wanted to hurt a milf. I thought he had like rape phone sex fantasies but when he arrived, he acted more like we were on a first romantic date. I wanted 50 Shades of Gray, not a romantic comedy. He brought flowers and wine. Ugh. This boy just had the hots for a milf. I wanted spanked. I wanted rough sex. I wanted degraded and treated like the whore I am. I did not want to be wooed. I do deserve that. I tried pushing his buttons. I asked him where the man I spoke to online went. I gave him some good coke I had stashed for special occasions. My master would beat me senseless if he knew I was partying, even occasionally. He would beat me if he found out I was fooling around with such a young boy too. Once high, he started to find that bad ass I was hoping for. I got mouthier and he pulled my hair and shut me up with his cock. Once his dick was hard, he ravaged my asshole. He finally started fucking me like the submissive whore I am. Do not mistake me men. I am a submissive. It is just that sometimes I need to push some men to treat me like the worthless whore I am.

Spank Me, Slap Me, Cover Me in Bruises

I love being your submissive whore and serving you!

You know there is absolutely nothing I wont do for you!Submissive Whore

Last weekend, when you had that Superbowl party….I loved being your cum eating halftime show!

When you ordered me to suck everyone of your friends chubby hairy cocks, I watched the smile grow on your face as I gagged and choked on thick meat after thick meat!

You encouraged all those men to fuck my face like it was a hole meant only for dumping cum! You even pulled my hair to hold my throat open for each hot chunky load!

I was so proud as I watched your cock grow hard as they held my ankles and wrists and each one of them took turns filling my tight wet pussy with one, or even two pounding hard cocks at a time!

But when everyone left, you called me a worthless whore, full of cum from every man there!

I begged for your forgiveness and pleaded with you to fuck me like you did before!

I needed to feel the touch of your hand, even if it was only to be whipped and tortured, punished and humiliated!

Without you, I am a cheap trashy slut! Please! Please do your worst!

Spank me, slap me, cover me in bruises! Please just touch me and use my body as your cum dumpster fuck whore!

Erotic Submissive Stories

Erotic Submissive Stories

I bet you enjoy all kinds of erotic submissive stories. I had this dream the other night that I was at a bar. I was getting really intoxicated and being naughty. I was flirty with a guy right in front of his girlfriend. She was getting so pissed off and I was enjoying it. It seems this something a guy brought up to me one day started to seed into my brain. He had asked if I had ever had a girl brought in for me to take my pent up revenge on. It seems I never thought about that before, but it fueled a pretty hot dream.

I was flirting with this chicks boyfriend, and was doing so pretty obnoxiously. He was eating it up. I saw they were having some words earlier in the night and decided to move in on him. I even offered to buy him a drink. I found him attractive. I was getting wet at how enraged she was getting. It didn’t take too long before she got between us. I slapped her in the face and told her she was rude. She pulled my hair and I topped the bitch. I had her on the floor and we were going at it in such a cat fight we gained an audience. I loved it. I would love to have taken this bitch with a big strap on and fucking fantasy rape the cunt. All kinds of sexy things went through my head.

Cum slut phone sex mommy gets used

cum slut phone sexI’ve spent the last week letting my stretched pussy and prolapsed asshole recover from my son’s wild New Years Eve party. As always, my son used his cum slut phone sex whore mommy as a fuck toy for all of his guests. I was tied up, gagged and positioned so that everyone had access to me. He let everyone there use my holes however they wanted. He even brought out a massive dildo and rammed it into my asshole. He held it and let everyone take turns fucking me with it. Fucking me and using my holes was the main event of the night. I stayed on my knees all night long like a good submissive. I was getting soaked in piss, spit and cum by all of his drunk friends. At the end of the night, he made me stand by the door, still soaked and thank every one of his guests for fucking me and using me like a urinal slut. Humiliating me and letting his friends use my holes gets his cock so hard. When he finally had me alone, he forced his hard cock down my throat while he made me bounce on that giant dildo. I was gagging and crying while that big fuck toy ripped my shit hole wide open. My son shot his hot cum all in my mouth and told me what a good mommy slut I was for him. I’ll be healing for a while but my pussy still gets so wet thinking of how hard his cock was, watching mommy get used.



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