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Bondage and Submission Whore

bondage and submissionBondage and submission are what I do best. I miss being tied up. I can bind my feet and my tits. Sometimes I can get my hands tied behind my back, but not tightly enough that I can not get loose. Bondage clubs are still closed in my state, but it is getting easier to get someone to come over. My master has not summoned me back to work yet, so I can still feed my need for bondage with Tinder encounters. It is just that master cannot know or things will get ugly for me quickly. He is very picky about who handles his bitch. Tony is not a BDSM master. He is just a kinky guy who likes to experiment. When he came over last night, he was surprised to see that I was who I claimed to be. I had not cat fished him. He found me attractive and in good shape. He thought only nasty old whores or strung out bitches would fuck a random stranger off a phone app. I told him that I was a submissive whore. I needed more than I was getting and more than I could give to myself. We talked for a while, then I broke out my treasure chest of BDSM goodies. He had to Google what some of the things were, but he was aroused at the thought of me being his captive slave. He tied me up. Tied me up great for a novice. I have rope burns. I have cum stains on my ropes too. He was jizzing all over my bound body.  I have cum matted in my hair and dried cum all over my body. I even have some whip marks on my back. For a novice, I think Tony missed his calling. He was harsher on me than my own master. I think I woke him.

Spanking Phone Sex With A Submissive Slut

spanking phone sex

Hello, Master. I need to confess to you. You told me that I am not allowed to touch myself without you being present. But this morning, I got so horny thinking about the last time you were very generous and let me cum that I just couldn’t help it. I had my hand in my panties and was cumming before I even knew what was happening. But I know that I have to confess all my sins to you, Sir. So I’m here for my spanking phone sex punishment now.Would you like me bare assed over your knee now, Master?
Even though it is painful when your big, strong hand comes down on my bare ass, I love it. Just being that close to you and having you care enough about me to punish me and set me straight really makes my pussy wet. I know that you probably won’t allow me to cum after my spanking because of what I did. And you are right – I don’t deserve to cum because I was a very bad girl. Now please spank me harder, Sir. I really want to have your hand-prints on my stinging ass all evening.

I Need Master’s Bare Bottom Spankings

I’m a naughty girl that has completely gone out of line and need Master to put me in my place again. I bet you would administer Bare bottom spankings to me before you give my holes a good pounding. I know I deserve everything you do to me Master. You know whats best for my naughty girl cunt and assholes. I know I will be gagging on cock for you because I need to show Master that I am owned by You and only you. I was playing with my pussy again without permission. I really couldn’t help it Master. I was looking at porn videos with a friend. Yes it was a male friend that isn’t my Master. He wanted me to do things to my pussy while he talked about his hard dick. My friend wanted to fuck me, and I wanted him too. I’m sorry Master. I let him come over and snuck him into my bedroom without daddy knowing. He put his penis inside me without permission from my daddy or my Master. I just really am a bad little slut.

Bare Bottom Spankings

submissive whore phone sex

bondage whoreWe all love a kinky fantasy phone sex session. After all, isn’t that why we are here? Call me and let both of our imagination take us off to anywhere we want to go. Like the time I was a nurse scantly dresses in my white nurse uniform and red fishnet stocking when you came in for your prostate check-up. Or when you being a horny soldier walked into and came into the dealership to purchase that Camaro, but we fucked in the car on the test drive. That is just a couple but there are so many fantasies we can think of to play. Of course, as always the dirtier, the better. Call me names because I love that and give me all the spanking, all the submissive things you can think of. If you’re really into ass worshiping, I can be the one for sure. Many of you guys cum in just to get something Many of you guys cum in just to get something to tide you over before you have to go home to your wife. Start thinking of where you want to go in your head and call me for fantasy phone sex.

Spanking Phone Sex

spanking phone sex
Hey guys! It’s your soon to be favorite submissive, Rosalie! With this pandemic going on, I hope all you perves have been staying safe, healthy! Since you and I can not go out and have fun as we did before with our lives, let’s make perverted spanking phone sex our stress release, if you know what I mean. I know we can think of some pretty steamy, sinful ways to make that happen over the phone.

I’ve always enjoyed perverted teen phone sex fun. You do not even have to be my dad, you can be any older man you want and make me be submissive. Want to be the teacher that wants to teach me a lesson for always wearing those super short skirts to class with my tight crop tops? Punish me for being a slut and put me over your knees and spank me! I know you want too and you know I need it! Make me hike up my skirt so it’s my bare bottom, even better! Now my little bum is cherry red from all the smacks you’ve given me!

Bondage Whore



bondage whore

I am a bondage whore. I love being tied up. I get off on being vulnerable and not knowing what you might do next. I met Bob in a fetish chat site once quarantine hit. All my BDSM clubs were closed temporarily and I needed to be a subby bitch. I needed tied up and fucked. After a few weeks of sharing our BDSM experiences, Bob and I met at a no tell motel halfway between where we both live. He brought plenty of equipment for a hot night of bondage and fucking. He was surprised I was hot. He thought there was a possibility he would be cat fished. He was handsome too. I am not always attracted to my masters, but he made me wish I was not a submissive bitch. He tied me up on the motel bed. He jacked off on my face before he fisted my cunt. He was brutal on my whore pussy too. He left his rings on as he twisted his big hand up my cunt. He told me it had been awhile since he had a slave, so he was making up for lost time. My pussy was sore as fuck, but I like some pain. He was only getting started. He fisted my ass next. I could barely drive home after our rendezvous. I guess that is what I get for being a stupid horny slave.

Porn Star Dancing

Submissive Phone SexWhen Barry came to me and said he had a job that didn’t require touching any dirty old men or stuffing any of their cocks in between my pouty lips, you can bet I was in. It was stripping, of course. I find I end up at the local strip joints all too often when cash gets tight.
Barry owns the one closest to me, really the nicest one in town, and asks me to work when he’s short. Tonight he was extremely short, and the place was packed. I decided that to earn a little extra cash, I’d let the men bid on the songs I was going to dance to. I got the entire pot, and I didn’t care which mumble rapper or hair metal song was chosen.

Of course, with my luck, the first one up was that old Akon song talking about how much he wants to fuck the stripper. I slowly pulled off my chiffon top, revealing nothing beneath. A long, low wolf whistle pierced through the racket as I shimmied my way out of my skirt.

As I started gliding my barely dressed body up and down the pole, my eyes met the whistles. I almost instantly dropped my knees; what a fucking man. He made a beckoning gesture, so I sauntered my way through the crowd to him. He patted his lap, and handed me two nicely folded, crisp Ben Franklin’s.

Into his lap I went, as the music blasted around us. It was only then that I realized he had his cock pulled out, and he was pulling my little thong to the side. He slipped into me before I even knew what was happening, and I just kept winding and grinding up on him. Surprisingly enough, before the end of the song was even over, I felt like I was ready to cum.

He had his hands around the front of me, tweaking at my nipples, and growling in my ear how badly he had wanted to fuck me since the first time he saw me here. As the song ended, and the next girl took the stage, he held me firmly. One hand around my throat, the other on my hip, and I continued to bounce on his cock along to the music.

My cunt was dripping like a waterfall and there was nothing I could do to hide how fucking turned on I was. I glanced around nervously, wondering if any of the other patrons realized what was going on. From the shit eating grin on their faces, it was obvious that they did. Three songs later, I felt him explode inside of me.

I screamed, but thankfully the music covered it up. As I went to walk away, he handed me a business card with only an address and another three hundred. Written on the back of his card was that he had a pole installed in his office, and he expected me there tomorrow morning, dressed exactly the same. There’s no way I could refuse. I didn’t even know his name.

Submissive Sex with Daddy

submissve sex

Submissive sex is something I have always given to my daddy. I hated my mommy and her drug problem. Mommy slept around with a lot of dirty men to pay off daddy’s gambling debts. I had always liked being around my dad. I liked sitting on his lap and giving him puppy dog eyes to get drinks of his beer. He treated me like his princess. I am daddy’s princess. When I came to budding little breasts daddy could not keep his hands off of me. He set up boundaries and rules for me. My pops did not want me to be a 2 bit whore like mama and made me his subby princess. I kept daddy happy and in turn I got anything I wanted. In my teens I was considered to old for daddy and he decided to let other Masters purchase me for their use. All of my Masters are ones that my dad chose for me and they pay him to own me. I am a slave that is owned. It’s my will to please my Masters’ and my Daddies. Are you going to be my Master or my Daddy? The difference is that daddy treats me like a princess and spoils me but also gets a little rough with me when I fall out of line. Master’s own me and make use of me like the sex slave that they purchased me as. Which will it be?

Bondage Whore Gets a Mouthful of Cum

bondage whoreBeing a bondage whore has its ups and downs. It is hard to tie yourself up. No matter how hard I try, I will never tie myself up as good as a man like you. I was watching some bondage films over the weekend and brushing up on my techniques. I have a lot of time on my hands lately, so I thought this was an area of my life I could work on. I managed to get my hands tied behind my back too tightly. I was on my bed with my hands secured snugly behind my back when the doorbell rang. I was expecting a package of sex toys and did not want to miss not getting them. I rolled myself off my bed and hopped to the front door. I opened it with my mouth. Maybe not the healthiest thing to do but it was a smart thing to do because I have a big mouth. The delivery guy gawked at me once he saw me. The first thing he said was, “Do you need help, ma’am?” I laughed and told him I was in no danger. There was no one home but me. Perhaps in hindsight, that was not the smartest thing to say. I just let him know I was tied up and all alone. I saw the wheels spinning in his head. I tried to turn around and hobble away, but I fell. I heard the door shut, but I also heard it latch from the inside. I rolled over and he was standing over me with his cock swinging. He knelt over me, shoving his cock down my throat. He assaulted my throat. He was taking advantage of the situation I handed him on a silver platter. For whatever reason, he ignored my pussy, but he left me tied up like he found me, just with a mouth full of his cum.

Erotic Submissive Stories With Bo

erotic submissive stories

Oh, hello there. How are you, Sir? Do you want to hear about some of the experiences I’ve had? Oh, I’d love to tell you some erotic submissive stories. I am such a good girl and I will always do what’s best to please my Master. Once you hear some of the things I’ve been told to do and then I’ve done them with a smile on my face. It’s just who I am as a person and I’d love to tell you so you can be my new Master, if you find that I am worthy enough.
I’ll just tell you a bit about one of the first Masters I ever had. He instructed me to sit on my knees with my nose in the corner until he wanted me. When he called for me, I would crawl over and ask him what I could do to make him happy. Sometimes he would want nothing more than a blow job. But sometimes, he would tell me to crawl into his bedroom and put on the outfit he’d laid out for me. Once I did that, that’s when the fun would begin. Sometimes it would just be him using my body, but sometimes he’d bring over a bunch of his friends. Oh boy, that was so much fun. Call me, Sir, and let me tell you all about it.

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