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Submissive Whore

Submissive whoreI was a stubborn little whore when we met.

I needed a lot of training!

I needed a lot of pussy pounding, A lot of punishment.

But he was worth it. I will never submit to another!

To be dominated by his powerful cock is the only way for me to feel pleasure. 

I could finger fuck myself for hours at a time and never cum with out the sting of his hands against my skin!

I could never worship another the way I worship him.

There is nothing I would not do, no humiliation I would not withstand.

To sleep with my face buried in his cock would be a dream come true and if I told you that I love feeling it pressed against my face, covered in cum, that would not even describe how much I worship it!

My body belongs to him, for him to do with as he pleases!

My cunt is his property to fuck and violate in every possible way! 

He knows that I can not control my orgasms when I feel his thick hard cock slamming my fuck hole!

I live for him and for our anniversary, I got a very special tattoo!

What do ya think?Submissive slut


When the milk man cums

prostate milking

Daddy took me to a breeding farm this weekend. I wasn’t fertile yet so we took a guided tour around the grounds. I got to see the breeding barn and the equipment they use up close. I was scared of the breeding bench at first since it had so many attachments but the owner allowed Daddy to strap me in and explain what the other pieces were for. There were hooks designed to keep my pussy open, spreader bars for my legs, and then a special piece that elevated the hips after insemination to ensure that the sperm will find the egg. We then saw the calf barn which was similar to a baby nursery at the hospital. We passed the females that were either not in heat yet or just calved in a large grassy paddock where they were enjoying some sun. Our final stop was the bull barn. The smell of strong men, pheromones and cum made my mouth water. Some of the men were unable to produce cum without some stimulation and so I was allowed to help with some prostate milking. I was able to use my small fingers and some lube and slide into a bull’s ass and feel his hardened prostate and began to milk the baby batter out. He was moaning and thrusting his hips at my ministrations and his handler was stroking his cum gun and holding a cup over the tip. It was amazing to see and to feel him cum and cum until he was drained. Daddy says that since I will be fertile next week I will get to cum and stay for a while!

My Dark Stranger Returns

Submissive whoreI had a long hard day at my new job as a sexy Mrs. Santa, (what can I say, I am a giver).

All I wanted to do is slip out of this naughty dress and step into the shower and wash all the men’s grubby paw marks off me.

I let the hot water run all over my naked body and as I was soaping my self up, I let my fingers explore my body, sliding down my perky tis, over firm flat stomach, and down to my tight wet pussy.

I at least deserved a happy ending!

Then I saw him! But this time, he was completely naked!

He ripped open the curtain and I saw him holding his cock in his hand!

It was intimidatingly enormous and red hot!

In his powerful commanding voice, he ordered me to continue to finger my swollen pussy!

I was shaking and my knees felt weak as he grabbed me and forced me down on my knees!

His thick cock was right in my face and he ordered me to  open my mouth.

I remember how he felt as he fucked my face and did as he asked willingly!

Then he unleashed a never ending flood of piss all over my face and tongue!

I choked and tried to move my face but he held my head in position as he drained his bladder in my face and down my throat!

Just as I thought I would drown, he shoved that thick hard cock down my throat, forcing me to swallow his salty piss!

Before he dragged me to my bedroom, he told me there was no point in continuing my shower because I will always be nothing but a filthy whore!

Cock worshiping slave Jessica

cock worshiping

I answered a personal ad looking for a cock worshiping slut. The details said he was looking for a whore to be degraded and owned as a piece of property. It has been so long since anyone has owned and used me the way I crave. When I arrived at my new master’s house, he instructed me to go change into the uniform that he provided. The uniform was tall, slutty heels with thigh high fishnets, a black thong and a ball gag. Once I was changed, he called me into the living room where he was entertaining a few guests. I was instructed not to look at or speak to any of the people there. He told me to get down on my knees. I did as I was told. My new master let his guests use me however they wanted. They put cigarettes out on my bare ass cheeks and took turns fucking my mouth. They shoved beer bottles in my holes and took pictures of all of the fucked up shit they were doing to me.  All of this had my new master so turned on. His dick got rock hard watching me be such an obedient slut and taking the abuse like a good slave. I could feel my whore cunt get wet when I saw how big and hard his fat dick was. He held onto my hair and force fucked my mouth until I puked from gagging on his cock. Cum and slobber dripped out of my mouth around his hard cock as he held my head in place while he pumped his cum shot into my mouth! I hope he calls me to serve him again!

Erotic Domination

Submissive phone sexI have been waiting for the return of my dark stranger.

The way he dominated me on Halloween was unforgettable.

The way he owned my body, commanded orgasm after orgasm from me, was the most intensely erotic experience of my life.

But its been weeks since then.

I did not even know his name, but that cock…I will never forget that beautiful perfect cock!

But then last night, as I was climbing into bed, I saw my dark stranger in the corner!

I could not see him, just his shadow but his presence was so powerful.

My clit started to twitch and my pussy instantly became moist and I knew he had come back for more!

He stood at the end of my bed, and without speaking, tore my clothes off my body and pushed my legs apart.

I laid there naked and shivering but my cunt was warm and creamy!

I ached for him!

I pleaded with him to control me and own me like he had done before, but he refused and ordered me to finger fuck myself while he watched!

His power over me was sending uncontrollable spasms throughout my body like electric convulsing shock waves!

My back began to arch as my body started to cum and he pushed my hips back down to the bed refusing my release!

Then, a single thrust with the force of a thousand horses sent his massive hard cock to the depths of my pussy and I lost all control!

Feeling his cock expanding the walls of my tight wet pussy sent a rush of cum splattering his cock and balls!

I couldn’t stop!

I could tell he was not happy when he continued to angrily punish my fuck whole with an intense pounding that could only be compared to a battering ram!

I laid there, exhausted in ecstasy and when I opened my eyes, he had vanished and the only evidence he had left was the slow, hot drip of his thick creamy cum out of my gaping twitching cunt!

Spanking Phone Sex Exhibitionistic Slut

Spanking phone sex

I go out and I get wasted when I am not supervised or owned. Daddy and my brothers love administering spanking phone sex on my red bottom. They easily find reasons for my discipline. I make it easy for them because I love the attention so much. I thrive on attention. I get wasted and become such and exhibitionistic little slut for cock and cum. I was kneeling in the middle of 5 guys last night as they jerked off on me. They didn’t even allow me to suck their cocks. I was laughing like an drunk idiot with my mouth open trying to get my lips on one of those tempting yummy cocks. It seems they were all friends with my brother. They were containing the dumb drunk little whore while my three brothers and daddy showed up. I thought I was being sly and sneaking out while they were all up in discussions about the Presidential win. I hate politics and was getting bored. I went out seeking attention and guys were buying me drinks and shots. I was wasted and being a drunk, horny and cock worshiping phone sex slut that was seeking attention. When the three of them showed up my ass was going to be put on display. They all took turns spanking me red and then let everyone at the bar administer spankings to me. As a show of appreciation to the Bar owner for calling them they allowed him to fuck my swollen red ass. I was a cum whore that was getting what she wanted. I got cum showers from the 5 guys, my daddy, and my three brothers. All of their ball junk on my whore face while the bar owner left his nut in my little whore ass. I was led from the Bar with my face covered in cum and my ass exposed and dripping from the anal fucking.

A Real Submissive Whore

Submissive WhoreI love my daddy more than anything in the world and my pussy gets dripping wet every time I think of him.

There is nothing that I would not do for him and when I do things for him, it makes me want to finger fuck myself, just knowing how pleased he is going to be.

I used to think I was a nice submissive little slut, making sure dinner was on the table, all his favorites, making sure he always came good and hard when I fucked him, regardless of whether or not I was satisfied.

But I was not even close.

But after several bare bottom spankings, I began to see my true purpose as a submissive whore.

My daddy has trained me so well. I now know that, yes, I serve him because I love him and want him to be happy but I need his approval because without it, I am a worthless whore!

In the evening I wait on my knees by the door, wearing nothing!

I serve him dinner, completely nude and wait for his command as I stand by his side and watch him eat with out speaking.

Bare bottom spankingsAnd when he is finished, before I wash the dishes, I spend an hour licking and sucking his cock, worshipping it with my mouth before he feeds me my dinner!

If he wishes to fuck me, I have trained my pussy to instantly get wet on command, and if I am vacuuming and the mood strikes him, I eagerly bend over the couch and let him stretch my tight cunt before I resume my chores with his cum dripping down my naked thigh.

I know I am worthless without him so his happiness consumes me.

These female equality bitches don’t know what it really means to love a man or else they would find happiness in worshipping him (and his cock) the way I do.

Bondage Whore Bernice

bondage whoreA bondage whore like me gets herself into some sticky predicaments often. Too often for comfort. I do not know if it is my desperation for attention or my refusal to say no that causes my issues. Likely, it is a mixture of both. My daughter has this boyfriend. He is 22, so just a babe to me. I have seen him checking me out as much as that annoys her. My girl is not a fan of her mom. We do not have the typical my mom is my best friend kind of relationship. Never have and never will. When her boyfriend said he wanted to fuck my hot ass, I felt no loyalty to my daughter. I let him. I should have known it was a set up. He tied me up and laughed at me. He said he has already had the best and tightest pussy in the house, why would he step down from that. He told me if you have prime rib one night why would you eat Spam the next night? He was not fucking me. He was humiliating me for my daughter’s amusement. I realized he was filming it. I was tied up on my bed, while he called me names. Fat ass, worthless cunt, stupid whore were the nicest things he said to me. He pissed in my face as the final insult. No, I take that back. The final insult was when he left me tied up covered in piss and no one rescued me until two days later. Welcome to my submissive whore life.

Sucking Furry Friends

cum slut phone sex


Master loved me sucking his furry fiend’s cock that he decided I could be rewarded with making the neighbors mutt cum too. Master said he had been watching me while I was away and noticed how much I had been sucking off his mutt’s big rocket. Master and his friend were really hard at the thought of watching me with all these little furry cocks. I could see their own cocks twitching in their pants. Master said that after watching me suck off the mutts that I would probably have to suck them off too. Which I love doing. I am such a good little cum slut. I love pleasing my master and being rewarded with all the cocks and all the cum I can get. I just want to be so cum filled. I love all kinds of cocks. Any cocks as long as they are full of cum then I am the girl for you. I will always please you and make you cum. You can watch me and see just how much of a good girl I can be.

Red Riding Whore

Submissive whoreMy body froze when I saw the stranger in the black cape and mask on my front porch.

His eyes pierced through me, sending shivers through my entire body! I could not see his mouth but I could tell there was not a smile on his face! I couldn’t speak and was glad to see him walk away with his young one after getting her candy.

I was done for the night and decided to turn off the porch light and get out of my little red riding hood costume.

As I locked the door and turned, I saw him in my living room. This time no mask and definitely no smile!

Erotic submissive storiesI began to shake as he came at me and grabbed me by the throat, forcing me to my knees!

He pulled his cape open to reveal his throbbing hard cock and I began to piss myself!

I was to scared to move as he tied my hands and feet behind my back

I could feel how hard his cock was as he bent me over the back of the couch and slide his thick meet from my pussy to my ass!

Then with one hard fuck, he slammed that cock so deep in my cunt, forcing the air out of my lungs!

He had his belt wrapped around my neck and with each punishing thrust of his meat, the grip of his belt got tighter and tighter!

I was so scared and it hurt so bad but my pussy was wet and cumming!

I realized that I was just a little cum whore that loved getting her pussy destroyed by strangers hard fuck sticks!

When he forced his dripping meat inside my mouth, making me clean my cunt of it, I knew I wanted him to own me!




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