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Sext Me Like You Own Me

Erotic Submissive Stories
Master works a very high profile job, but often times he gets insatiably horny for me while he’s on the clock. We have nasty, dirty sext sessions. I find any sort of cyber gets me twice as soaked, knowing he’ll be cumming home later to do horribly dirty things to me.

I get them here too, sometimes. You dirty fucking Masters will cum right into my chat box, and bully me into doing a delicious paid cyber session with you. How could I possibly resist? Men love my literacy, my horny pussy, my submissive nature, and my will to above and beyond please you in whatever fucking way you might possibly desire. No limits means none!

In fact, I often enjoy some of that extremely taboo subject material. Filthy whores are vile, and will do anything to get their cunts stuffed with fresh, steaming hot cum shots! I’m proud to serve, and proud to be a filthy whore for Master, and for you if you’ll have me. I know you could use some company. I can be mouthy, more than just with sucking cock, but I’m a submissive slut well worth the patience.

My obedience is above par, and I always aim to fucking please. Sext me like you own me. Demand a cyber session from this worthless whore; I’m yours for the taking.


Cock Denial Is The Worst Punishment

I am a worthless whore!

I have disappointed my master and the punishment will be intense.Submissive Whore

I know that I am to be kneeling naked by the door when he arrives home….waiting anxiously to be his dirty cum guzzling slut!

But I was still being tossed around like a fuck doll, having my ass and cunt filled and stretched with another mans cum!

I know I will be punished, tied up and tortured, gagged with his meaty cock, forced to swallow load after load of his thick heat spunk!

That is punishment I welcome any day!!!

But that is not what he had in mind!

The torture he gave me was worse than any I could ever imagine!

He denied me his cock!

Refusing to let me suck his magnificent meat, he stood and watched as he offered my dripping smooth pussy to be used…fucked freely in the streets by every man that passed by!

He made me crawl down the street, naked, as their stale loads oozed from my ass, showering me with his hot steamy piss when I was too filthy to be fucked!

I know I am nothing without him. I just hope someday I will be worthy of being his submissive slave once again!


Erotic Submissive Stories, I Have Lots to Share

erotic submissive storiesI am full of erotic submissive stories. I was born into this world submissive. My mom was my dad’s sub for the first few years of my life. I grew up seeing her do everything like a 50s housewife and more for my father. She cooked and cleaned. She had his beer ready for him and his slippers the moment he came from work. He would smack her around too. I would see things I did not understand when I was little. There was a dungeon room with what I now know is BDSM equipment. One day, my mom left. She was tired of being my dad’s punching bag and submissive whore. She had no friends. She never left the house without either me or my dad. This was the time before the Internet and cell phones. I never knew how she met another guy, but she did, and she left. Said she would come back for me and never did. I never saw her again. With her gone, I became daddy’s punching bag, prisoner and submissive girl. I have tons of stories about being daddy’s good girl in the early 90s. When I ran away, I thought I would escape that life, but it seems being submissive is my destiny. I met a man who I married and became his submissive slut. I bore him two brats and it was a miracle they survived to be delivered because he beat me pregnant as well as pimped me out for gang bangs. I fled him, just like I did my father and that was when I met a much older man who became my master for the past two decades. Between my father, my ex-husband, and my master, I am full of submissive stories that will make dominant men horny as fuck.

Masters Loaned His Whore

Submissive sex

I was born to a bondage whore. I was forced and made to love it at a young age by my daddy. The master I have now is the best at using and abusing my body for his pleasure. He loves loaning me out to men. The last one I had to see had a big black monster cock. When it was hard the veins popped out. The sounds he made as he spanked my bare bottom with a paddle made me dripping wet. When he fucked my mouth, he made sure to go in slow so I could feel every inch and savor every flavor of him. He is the boss and when the boss says to lick his ass, I made sure to do it right. I wanted my master to know I was being a good cum slave. As soon as he was ready, he bent me over and pushed his thick black cock in me. I could feel it hit the back of my walls. I didn’t think I would be able to take all of him but he forced it in pump after pump. I enjoyed the way he used my body but especially when he filled my cunt up with his nut, it was so much it oozed out of me all the way down my leg. Master rewarded me for doing a good job. 

My Erotic Bondage Stories and Experiences

erotic bondage stories

If you want to hear some erotic bondage stories, then I think I am the girl for you. My Master loves tying me up in different scenarios and using me in numerous different ways. One of his favorite positions to tie me up in is over a chair. Hands are behind my back, my ankles are tied together, and there really is no way for me to get away. I don’t think I would ever really want to get away from Master, but sometimes when things hurt badly, I have thoughts of trying to escape.

I never do try to get loose, but the temptation is there. That is why it’s good for me to not be able to do so.  Once I’m tied up, Master usually starts out by asking me if I have done anything that deserves punishment. I told him one day that I sometimes think about trying to escape from him, and boy did that get him riled up! He kept spanking me with an open hand until he could see the bruises starting to form. I bet you’d love to hear about what he did next, wouldn’t you? Call me and I’ll tell you, but don’t tell Master!

Daddy is Back!

He called me from the plane and warned me to be ready!

He told me to be very hydrated and to drink a gallon of water per hour until he arrived!Submissive Whore

I thought he was going to use my tight pussy until I squirted over and over! But when he told me that I could not piss until he told me too, I knew he had other plans!

It was torture but the pain from my bladder almost rupturing just reminded me how much I missed him!

I couldn’t wait to start sucking on that nine and a half inch cock.

There is nothing better than his hands on the back of my head while he is skull fucking the life out of me!

I was looking forward to gagging in his hard meat all night long!

I was hoping to be used, nipples clamped, giant dildos forced into my unused cunt, and maybe even a hard bare ass thrashing!

Oh I love the sting of those strong hands on my juicy ass!

I can hear his foot steps now!

Oh I am so excited I could piss right here on the floor!



Submissive Whore for Women Too

submissive whoreUsually, I am a submissive whore for men. I love sucking cock, eating ass and getting fucked in the ass. You know, the things wives no longer do for their men. I am not really attracted to women, but sometimes I am forced into situations I do not want to be in like last night. Master owed a favor to another guy in his BDSM club. This is a group of old guys who went to law school together in the 70s. They have been masters for decades. Old school men who believe a woman’s place is in servitude to men. They are not misogynistic, however. They do not hate women. They just want women to know their place and serve them properly. I thought I would be having some submissive sex with this man. He traded favors with my master so I could be a fuck toy for his wife. Quarantine made life stressful for him and his wife. She has some pent-up frustration and since her husband is a dom, he was not letting her work out that frustration on him. He got her a whore instead. I was that whore. Women are often more cruel and rougher than men when it comes to a submissive bitch. I was not prepared to be violated by an angry woman. She had a huge strap-on that was bigger than any cock I had ever fucked before.  She did not use lube because she said lube was a courtesy a stupid whore does not deserve. She pulled my hair as she fucked my ass for hours. To add insult to injury, she made me suck the dildo clean. I do not like tasting my ass. She was brutal. She even fisted my cunt. My master was not happy that I was not sitting or walking right the next day. Hopefully, that means he will not trade me again.

I’m A Slut For Master

Cum slut phone Sex My master is the one who can get me dripping wet and pulsing, I do as he orders because pleasing him is what I am meant to do. I love getting on my knees and sucking his big hard cock for hours. Sucking on his balls and filling them up is my job and what I look forward to doing. It gets my pussy dripping wet knowing his cock leaks for me and the things I do. He knows how to handle a whore like me, uses my mouth for as long as he wants knowing I want to suck, lick and kiss every spot of him from his hard cock to his balls and ass. As soon as he is throbbing and balls are tight and full, he will bend me over and pound my wanting dripping cunt. If I get lucky, he will finger my pussy as he sticks his cock in my ass. I love when he fucks my ass, he is beastly when he does. Pounds my ass hard and deep while moaning hard. When does that it drives me while ill cum so hard. I am his slut and he is my master.

Remind Me What Kind Of Whore I Am

No one can make me wet like he does.

He has been gone for so long and left me with another to submit to while he is gone.

I will do as I am ordered because that is what my Master ordered me to do….But I wont like it!Submissive Whore

I loved waiting on my knees for my master, licking his yummy cock for hours while he relaxed and then taking his load in any fuck hole of his choice.

I loved the way he would grab my hair and slam his cock hard against the back of my throat. I always smiled through the tears as I choked on his throbbing hard cock.

But this other man does not know how to handle a whore like me.

He leaves me tied in a dog kennel, unfucked for days!

His loads that he dumps are small and barely enough to keep a slut alive!

He never passes me around like Master did, letting his friends ram their thick cocks deep into my used wet cunt and filling my stretched round ass!

I need a real man to fuck me hard and remind me what kind of whore I am!

I need strong hands to slap my ass and pin me down while he pounds my smooth pussy hard and deep!

I need to be covered in the cum of 100 men while Master watches and smiles!

I need my Master!

Punished By Daddy

Slave training I was being a mischievous child not listening in class or playing nice during recess. I knew daddy was going to be upset with me, I just had no idea how we would be punishing me. When he got home, he went in my room and right away smacked me on my face and laid me on his lap. He pulled my dress up and pulled my panties down, he spanked me hard over and over until my ass was sore and red. As I cried, he spread my legs and told me he wasn’t done with me that I was going to learn to be a good girl. He stuck his finger in my ass and started pumping it in and out of me. As I squirmed, he spanked me hard again. I learned not to move and just let him punish me. He grabbed me by my hair and put me on my knees. As he pulled his cock out, he slapped me and made it clear I better open my mouth and let him use it. He pumped his cock in and out my mouth chocking me as it went deep. He picked me up and spit on his hand rubbing it on my little cunt hole. With one hard push he shoved me down on his throbbing cock. I couldn’t scream or cry he was covering my mouth. As he ripped me open, he told me I would be a good girl and listen from now on. I knew that I had to do as he said, before I knew it his cock was pumping juices in me. Now I love when daddy or any other man punishes me and uses me.  

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