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Girl Fight

Submissive whoreI was making the bed in my uniform, when my owner came home.

I heard another girls voice!

I ran out to see what was going on and he had his hands all over her tight little ass!

Oh no! He can’t have another girl! I just got used to him owning me! I can’t share him!

I ran right over and pushed her down and jumped on her! I wanted to destroy her!

I was straddling her curvy young body when I slapped her as hard as I could!

I was screaming at her and pulling her hair and calling her a filthy whore when suddenly my pussy started to get warm and creamy!

And just like that, I began to understand the way he felt when he is beating me! I felt the pleasure it brings him!

And I bent down and kissed her perfect lips. Then I look up and saw him smiling!

“I got her for you.” he said.

But then he told me that I still needed to be punished because that is not how we behave!

I started crawling to my chains to be restrained when he grabbed the back of my hair and pushed me face down onto the floor, I heard his belt come off as he pinned me beneath him! His giant cock forced its way into my cunt, making me scream with pleasure!

He fucked me so hard that my smooth pussy was red and swollen! His yummy cum drzzled out of my abused fuck hole as he got up and walked away.

I looked over at my new pet!

“Come over here you dirty little slut! Lick all this cum up off the floor and kiss my bruised cunt!”

Yes! This could be good…as long as she keeps her hands to herself!

In Need of Slave Training

slave trainingMaster said I needed more slave training. He thinks I have become spoiled being at home and not under close supervision. He is probably right, but I have been working the phones more and I have some stern, even mean phone masters. Not enough for master. He summoned me to the office Friday. It was the first time we had been in his office together since March. I was nervous, but excited too. I have been craving his attention. I needed some pain. I needed some BDSM punishment. Master needed to see me too. We have had some Facetime sessions and lots of sexting, but his bare hands have not been on my body for way too long. I wore his favorite outfit. He likes me looking classy but slutty when in the office. I had on a black business suit and black stockings and a garter belt. Classy black pumps to complete the look. When master saw me, he pulled his cock out. It has been awhile since I saw his cock that hard. I guess the time away has been good for his old dick. Cock worshiping was needed, he said. I got on my knees and let him skull fuck me. He had lots of pent up sexual frustration. I was willing and able to handle it all. Master has never been a mean man, but maybe the time away sparked something inside him. After I swallowed his old spunk, he pissed down my throat calling me a fat pig and a whore. He was jealous of my time with my phone masters. He wanted to put me back in my place and it worked. I licked his ass like the human toilet I am. I was not enjoying being treated like a human waste can, but Master was right. I have been spoiled by social distancing.

Bondage and Submission

bondage and submission

Bondage and submission are what I am good for, sir. That is what I told him when he asked. I did not know the man. Master sent him to me. Master owed him a favor. He thought I was a fair trade for a tit for tat deal. I do what master wants, even if it is submitting to a man he owes a favor too. I did it because I am an obedient whore. Once I knew the man wanted to tie me up, I broke out the ropes. I was too eager for him. He slapped me across the face hard. He does not like women to like it. He wants them to be annoyed and scared. I switched gears. I cannot have him reporting back to master that I am a bad slut. I started to get Bambi eyes. Big and scared like a deer in the headlights. He tied me up and I whimpered. It was not too tight, but I gave the submissive whore performance of the year acting like he was going to give me rope burns. I can make tears well up in my eyes just thinking about it. He got hard once he thought I was in pain. I gave him what he wanted because I know my livelihood was at stake. Master does not like it when I disappoint him. If I did not deliver what this man wanted, master would not be off the hook for the debt he owes. I thought I would be play acting for the duration of our time, but when he fucked my ass, I was crying. Master is not found of ass fucking. This guy was and his cock was huge. Like almost a foot long. He rammed his cock up my ass dry too. He showed me no mercy. I was no longer acting. I was crying. I was in pain. I guess it was a good thing because master would be pleased that I gave the man what he wanted. Real pain. Real tears.

Submissive Slut Secretary

submissive slutI was hired as a submissive slut secretary over 20 years ago. This virus benched me from the office. My master / boss is much older and being among the public is more dangerous for his health than mine. We have worked around being in the office, however. We can still consult with clients and potential clients with Zoom and other similar platforms. Sometimes, I must give master or one of his associates a special show like yesterday. It is challenging to hurt yourself. I will never hit myself or fuck my cunt or ass as hard as you would, or my master would. And bare bottom spankings are near impossible. But when master asks me to do something, I have no choice. It is not really a request. I did my best striptease. I was dressed professionally yet seductively too. Master likes me to look sexy but not sexy like a trailer trash whore. I utilized some stripper moves, but I knew a seductive dance was not the only request. I had to insert things in my ass and cunt. Things not meant to go in either hole. The ruler in my cunt was not bad, but the stapler hurt like hell and I almost lost the computer mouse. Master and his associate were jacking off watching the submissive whore do whatever they said. I have a love hate relationship with self-torture. On one hand, I am a pain slut. On the other hand, even a pain slut has her limits. Master was in a mood. Maybe it was because this was the first extreme fun he has had with me in months. Maybe it was his friend egging him on. Maybe it was cabin fever. Whatever it was, my holes are sore as fuck today. But I am a good whore. I always do what I am told.

Erotic submissive stories

erotic submissive storiesI have so many steamy erotic submissive stories for my callers. My pussy gets so wet telling them about my wild and kinky lifestyle. I’m a very obedient and well trained mommy slut. I have years of experience as a submissive mommy slut. I have been serving my son since he was very young. His father taught him how to be a dominant stud and own my wet mommy cunt! Even now that he is grown and has his own family, he sneaks over to my house all the time to have fun with mommy. He will walk right into my house and command me to get on my knees and suck his cock. He makes me beg for his cum. Making him mom look him in the eyes as she swallows his cum, turns him on more than anything! He’s always looking for men with massive dicks to fuck me. He wants to watch mommy’s soaked pussy cream all over that big dick. After he lets these men fuck me, he punishes Mommy for being such a cum slut. I love being his submissive cum slut Mommy.


A Submissive Slut in Stockings

submissive slutThis submissive slut has a pantyhose and stocking fetish. Ever since I was a little girl, I was keenly aware that men love a woman in stockings, pantyhose, or thigh highs. My mother wore stockings and garter belts. She looked so beautiful and sexy in them. I would watch her pull the stockings up each leg, affix the snaps, then adjust the seams. She always slipped on a pair of sexy high heels afterwards and walked around the house teasing my father. My dad was an asshole, however. A mean and dominant man who enjoyed abusing his wife, especially in front of his daughter. He would rip her stockings off and tie her to the bed with her own stockings. He would humiliate her, saying things like sexy lingerie will never class up a gutter slut like you. When she left us, she took all her pretty things with her. I was sad. When I got older and my legs got longer, I purchased my own stockings and garter belts. Now, my fetish for nylons is appreciated by my master. My master is old school. When I am wearing black stockings and high heels, he is on his knees caressing my feet, smelling them, even kissing them. Something erotic to him about a slave in stockings. He loves the way my ass looks framed by the garter belt too. He starts to realize he is showing a weak side of himself and he throws me over his knee for some bare bottom spankings on my perfectly framed ass. Often, he will tie me up with my stockings too. He will rub his cock against my silky legs, or maybe make me give him a foot job in my sexy stockings. He loves seeing his slave in black stockings, but he will never let me get the upper hand, even though he is weak for women in stockings, pantyhose and thigh highs.


All I Have Now is Bondage Phone Sex

bondage phone sexI enjoy bondage phone sex calls. I have been a submissive paralegal for a lawyer for several decades. This is the longest we have been apart. Before Corona, we maybe did not see each other for three days, but this has been over three months now. I am used to being tied up and abused almost daily. Not having my master around to tie me to my office chair and bind my tits is depressing for me. I need alpha males in my life. I need to be controlled. I did something surprising for a submissive woman. I hired a male escort. Not to fuck me. I can get that for free even during a pandemic. What I cannot get is the abuse, bondage and dominance I need as much as oxygen. I paid a man to abuse me and treat me like shit. That is fucked up for some women, but not for a submissive whore. Dominic pretended to be my boss master. He used me as his office fuck pig. We pretended that I messed up some legal papers. I was dressed in a slutty secretary outfit.  I put on fishnet thigh highs, teased my hair, and wore a mini skirt and a tube top. I looked more like a street walker than a secretary. I sat on my home office desk masturbating with a memo holder as my boss skull fucked me. I bent further over the desk, spread my ass cheeks and told him to punish my asshole. He rammed his dick in my puckered asshole with no lube. A hardcore ass fucking is an understatement. My pretend master violated my asshole with his cock, that memo holder with my cunt juice still on it and his fist. He tortured my fuck holes harder than my real master ever would, but it was just the submissive sex fix I needed.                     


Submissive Phone Sex With a Master

submissive phone sex

I’ve been feeling like submitting to a strong, powerful Master all day and if you call me for submissive phone sex, you get to be the one. I know that sluts like me are a dime a dozen and you could have your pick of any woman you want, but I do hope that you’ll pick me to give you everything you desire. I am not saying I am the best cock sucker in the world – that is for you to decide. But when you shove me down onto my knees, I will do everything in my power to make you have the best orgasm you have ever had.

You can be rough with me if you want to, Master. I will do as I’m told, even if you tell me you’re going to skull fuck me until I gag and I have tears running down my face. You can do it so hard that I will have a sore throat the next day and might not even be able to talk. But that’s okay because you don’t need my mouth for talking. I’m sure you don’t want to hear anything I have to say other than “Yes, Master.” I’ll be waiting to please you and give you everything you desire.

A Submissive Whore Remembers

submissive whoreI have been a secretary and a submissive whore for a lawyer for almost two decades now. This virus has benched our relationship sadly. And a subby whore needs alpha males in her life daily. I have been reflecting on my relationship with my boss and master lately. I have lots of extra time on my hands. I met my boss when I was a scared and abused wife with two little ones in diapers. I was in a store and my credit card declined. I burst into tears because I knew my husband had drank away the food money. A handsome much older man paid for my groceries. I went back to my one-bedroom apartment and masturbated thinking of him. I knew he had strong hands and I wondered how good they would feel around my throat or spanking my ass. I knew he was married. I saw the ring on his finger, but he was the first man to be nice to me. I did not even know his name or if I would see him again. I did not until almost 2 years later. I ran into him in a corner store in downtown New York. That second encounter changed my world. I found out he was a lawyer from California, in town for a case just like the last time. He took me out that night. I got a babysitter because my husband was MIA on a drunken bender. He took me to a BDSM club. A very elite club. Membership only. I would have done anything for him. I wanted and needed rescued. That night, he watched as men used me. They spanked me. They choked me. They restrained me and they fucked me. He was impressed that I was a good submissive slut. He made me a proposition I could not refuse. Leave my husband, move to California, get trained as a paralegal and be his office whore. He paid for my move. He paid for my education. He set me up in a house. He even helped me get a divorce. Almost twenty years later, and I am still his slave. I am your slave too, however. My master finds it hot that he gets to share me with all of you men.

Submissive whores In Cars

Submissive WhoreSubmissive whore in a car is nothing new. I still love a good car fuck. Last night I was on this date with a very shy man who I really wanted to suck and fuck. He bought me a nice dinner and we discussed his work and interest. What we never discussed was that he found me on fet life and he skirted sexual conversation the whole meal.But my pussy was throbbing and I held my legs together clamped shut. He was so shy that when he put his hand on my leg in the car He was trembling. I thought it was sweet and he even asked if I wanted to go to his place. His shyness wore off as soon as we hit his garage. He pulled me out of his car still trembling and as the garage door lowered he whispered he was going to hurt me. I was forced into a pink maids uniform and the rope appeared from nowhere. Being bound and used is nothing new to me and that ache inside me grew. One finger dipped inside my cunt as he tied my legs up. I was made to lick myself and tell him if it was a good pussy for Master! I said yes and he slapped me and pushed me to my knees. “You forgot to say Sir Bitch!” and his long cock was released from his pants. I made quick work on taking his dick inside my mouth even though I was secured tightly. He pumped with a rage that I hadn’t seen in a while. Tears came to my eyes as he pushed me to his balls and gagged me at what seemed forever. Finally he began to twitch in my throat and before I passed out My mouth sucked and rewarded me with a belly of cum. I was thrown in the trunk and I knew I was in trouble… Bdsm Phone sex

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