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Bare Bottom Spankings for Me and My Daughter


bare bottom spankingsI needed bare bottom spankings. At least that is what master said. He paid me an unexpected visit at home. Usually, he abuses me at work. Rarely does he come to my house. My car was in the shop. I was going to Uber to work, but he said he would pick me up. I was ready and waiting outside. He ordered me back inside. I was scared. What the fuck was he going to do to me. He ordered me to pull down my skirt and bend over the couch. I had on pantyhose. He loves me in pantyhose. They turn him on. Do you have a pantyhose fetish? Master sure does. He groped my ass first then he pulled off his belt. Oh boy, I was in trouble now. He whipped his submissive whore like a slave. My buttocks were taking the brunt of his punishment, but he whipped my ass too. I tried not to cry, but it just hurt too much. My daughter came into the room and laughed at me. She can be a little bitch sometimes. She hates my life as a subby whore. She thinks of herself as a princess. I guess it is her age. At her age, I was a high school dropout and on the run from my abusive dad. Master did not like her disrespect. He grabbed her and whipped her too. She fought. I do not fight. I never fight. I take the pain like a good bitch. That is what I am. A good bitch. Master whipped my daughter’s ass raw. He whipped her with his belt until she apologized to me. Master lectured her on respect. I doubt it will stick. She is a little bitch with no understanding that she is nothing more than a submissive slut too. Perhaps you can punish the little cunt too. We are both in need of training.

Gangbang Punishment For Submissive Whore Casey

I strayed from my master and found a new fuck buddy. He had a big black cock and pounded me hard until I couldn’t walk right. The next day my master came to visit me, I did as I usually do and greeted him naked on my hands and knees. He pulled his cock out and I sucked it like a good whore. He told me to bend over and with a bit of hesitation, he stuck his cock in me and I yelped out in pain. I was sore from the pounding I got the night before, as he fucked me, he got close to my ear and told me how he knew I had been getting fucked. My heart jumped and I knew I would be punished. He choked as he shoved his cock in and out of me.

Gangbang phone sex

He then turned me around and slapped my face saying he was about to show me what a whore gets. Three black men walked in with hard cocks in their hands. They took turns pounding my asshole and pussy as my master made me suck his cock. They fucked my cunt so hard I bled and that is when master filled my mouth up with his load. He reminded me of who I belong to and what would happen if I gave his property away. I will be a good Submissive Whore from now on. 

Prostate Milking By Submissive Whore

Master loves using my mouth, last night he made me milk his prostate with my tongue. He tied me up to the bed naked with my legs spread. He sat on my face and stuck his cock in my mouth as he rode my face, he pulled his big fisting dildo and I braced myself for the abuse. He was going to stretch my cunt hole open.

Prostate phone sex

He turned around and sat his ass on my face as he started forcing the fisting dildo into me. I licked his asshole as he forced the dildo in me more. He made sure to push against my mouth more so my tongue could reach his prostate. As he rode my face, he fisted my cunt hole with the dildo. He stroked his cock as I liked his asshole, I know how much loves that. When he was ready to cum, he shoved his cock in my mouth and fed me his big load of hot gooey nut. I make sure to swallow every drop of master’s nectar.  

Dad gives Bare bottom spankings

bare bottom spankingsBare bottom spankings are wonderful after a nice long roleplay scene.
My dad popped over for a visit unexpectedly. I was minding my business and took a nap after masturbating in between picking my offspring up from school and cleaning the house. A rare day all to myself as Master was in meetings and I had already done my chores and thought I was going to have a great relaxing afternoon. But I woke up as my pops was tying my hands to the headboard and calling me a lazy bitch! He pulled out the viberator from under my pillow and told me that I really should have changed the locks on my house! He teased me as I was bound and gagged and wouldn’t let me cum. But he did get on top of me and put his old daddy dick in my mouth while he laughed at what a stupid bitch I was! ANd as he released his jizz and smacked my face, he turned me over and spanked the hell out of my daughter ass. I still had bruises when my master came home and I had to explain everything to be gagged with his cock and spanked all over again!

My Daughter Deserves Bare Bottom Spankings and More

bare bottom spankingsI had to give her bare bottom spankings. I did not want to, but he forced his way into my home and made me violate my daughter. At first, I had no clue who he was. Honestly, he was too young to be my master or any of his friends. Turns out I did not know him, but my cock teasing daughter did. She was the reason we were in this predicament. He was a teacher at her high school. Apparently, my daughter has been blackmailing him for better grades. She cock teased him for months, then when he tried to act on it, she threatened him. The conniving little cunt was to blame. I told him he should punish her too. I cannot spank my daughter hard enough to scare her, or even make her cry. I was on his side. My daughter should be a submissive whore like me, not some cock teasing princess who never gives a man what he deserves. My daughter had this incredulous look on her face when she realized I was on his side. I told him to fuck her. To fuck her bald cunt and her tight asshole. What she did was criminal and mean, and she deserved to be punished for it. I mean how is a girl going to learn her place in this world if men do not check their behavior? Punishment is always warranted when a girl or woman thinks she is better than a man. Not on my watch. She was getting fucked. I even sucked his cock and opened her asshole and pussy for him. Guided his cock into her tight virgin holes. No condom. No lube. She deserved none of it. He made my daughter his bitch with his rape phone sex fantasies, and I loved being along for the ride. Young bitches need to learn their place early in life.

Abuse me!

Cock worshipingThe whip stung more than normal today, but it was my fault for asking for a break after the fifteenth load in my poor abused teacher pussy. I shouldn’t have asked for fair, I don’t deserve fair, I deserve to be driven onto every cock they can manage to get to pay them my fee. I deserve to be choked while they rut, squeezed and pumped for hours like the dirty slut I’ve become. I like it this way, I couldn’t imagine another life now, not with the way these brats use me, abuse me, and whore me out. I once thought of the outside, a family so long forgotten, but now all I think about is my next meal and whether it’ll be real food or more delicious dick. I salivate at the thought, my pussy aching for more. I want to be gagged harder, punished more ferociously. I want to beg for the whip again because I know I deserve it, I must. I was too eager for a break, I have to ask them to put me back out there, I want more, need more. Give it to me!

Bondage Submission in public

bondage submissionBondage submission is what happened as I met my master on the porch as he has been away for a while.
I dressed as slutty as I could as I walked the street to his house. Tight latex dress, black panties and garters showing in six inch stilettos! I wore my collar proud as I walked so people would look at me and know this subby whore was on a mission. Master opened his door and I knelt and bowed to him. Several of his neighbors were peeping on us and he laughed and demanded I strip my dress off on his porch!
Without question I did as I was told as he shoved his dick down my throat and gave his neighbors a great whore mouth fucking show!
Then it was time to be attached to the rings on his rails and strung up like a pinata, only I was a submissive whore on display. And the timing couldn’t have been more perfect as he got a UPS package delivered as I was incapacitated and vulnerable.
As a tip Master told the UPS driver he could fuck my ass if it wouldn’t interfere with his route that day. He took the offer and held me tight as I got an ass blast from the delivery man!submissive whore

Cum Dumpster for my Master

Cum Slut Phone SexMy master loves that I am a cum slut. He loves to bring all his friends over to assault every hole I have. He always brings them in groups so that a woman can sit on my face while I am tied up and once, I make her cum the men start. Master says that each of them must take one of my holes. Usually, the biggest cock goes in my pussy while the other two go in my mouth and asshole. They love to hear me scream and cry in pain while they rape every hole I have. When they are finished master makes me swallow every big load of cum that they release. Then it happens again and again.

Shit Eating Slave

Scat Phone sexI gagged and choked as he made me eat his shit and while I licked his ass clean. My most recent master knows exactly how to use his monkey! When we are together it is exhilarating because all the things that I know that I deserve he does to me. Yesterday I told him that my daughter and I needed a master that will take care of us during these hard times. I knew it wouldn’t be free so I let him break me. He stripped me of all my clothes at his front door and made me drop to my knees like the black bitch that I am. As I crawled on my hands and knees I got big whiffs of his stinky hairy ass. He made me his slutty toilet paper and required that I lick his ass crack until it was nice and clean. As I gagged, he yelled, “eat my shit nigger!” while my face was buried between his cheeks. After making me chew and swallow his nasty log of shit he let me wash it down with two mouth fulls of piss! By the time he got to using my black snatch it was dripping puddles! Master’s heavy white cock filled my shit hole and nigger cunt so well that I licked my mixed juices from his meat until he exploded down my throat. There are so many other fucked up and twisted things we did together that made my cunt cream, but I don’t want to tell too much! I don’t want these other nigger whores to try and take my master!

Golden Shower With Master And Friends

I got a golden shower like no other last night. Master had his friends over and they drank and got aggressive just like master does. They whipped their cocks out and slapped me with their dicks. Master told me to stick my tongue out and one by one they bent over in front of me and grabbed my head to lick their asshole. Laughing and stroking their cocks while I licked their ass is what they did one of them even sprayed my face with his jizz.

Pissing phone sex

The rest including master wanted me to swallow it. I sucked them off and tried to swallow all their nut. When they were done using me, they decided to empty their bladders give me a golden shower and started pissing all over my face and tits. Their piss was yellow and smelly, but I took it like a good submissive whore would. I wouldn’t want to let master down while he is with his friends. Master reassured me that I made him and his friends happy before he put me in my cage.  

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