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A Light Bondage Clipping

Light bondage

Every dom has a different idea of what constitutes light bondage.  Some masters consider binding a blonde bimbo like me in ropes or straps so I can’t move when they molest me to be light.  Others go further, dipping into my discomfort by inflicting little bits of pain and making me squeal and squirm while they slam their dicks into my dirty whorish holes.

Yesterday, I had a sub session with a strange man who thought it was so funny to clip clothespins all over my body.  He put my wrists in leather cuffs and strapped a collar around my neck then locked the end of my leash into a hook fastened to the wall.  While I wasn’t completely immobile, I couldn’t go anywhere or get away from all of the wooden fasteners he used to pinch my flesh.  He giggled each time he successfully stuck one on, counting them as he attached them to me.  Hell, he got 25 of them on each of my titties.  He cackled and started calling them a “50 pin rack” as he grabbed me by my face and asked me if I agreed.  Agree with what, that it was funny or that he did, indeed, get all of those pegs on my perfect tits?

I didn’t know what to say, his clowning really threw me for a loop.  He told me since I was tongue tied anyway, he might as well use it to hold more of his clothespins.  When I wouldn’t stick it out for him, he squatted down and quickly fastened up my cunt lips with four or five clips until I relented.  That was smart, as soon as I screamed a little he snatched my tongue and started putting on his little pinching helpers.  I had over 200 clothespins on me when he finally started fucking me.  I’m not sure how light it was, but it was definitely some strange sexy bondage.


Cum Sluts Love Cum and Know How to Get It!

Cum slut phone sex

All it takes to be good at cum slut phone sex is a true love for thick and sticky dick cream!  That’s totally me!  I love getting hosed down with hot hog snot, filled up with slimy semen and swallowing load after load of creamy cock juice!  Being covered in jizz shows me that I’ve done a great job as your submissive and that you’ll probably want to come back for more.

Any skanky slut can make a guy cum, it’s not that difficult.  Get him hard, apply pressure to his penis, preferably warm and wet, and move back and forth at varying speeds.  Simple formula for getting a guy off.  If you really want to make him explode and spray you down with more dick sauce than he even knew he had in him then you have to make sure you make the sub sexing session go as long as possible before he blows.

Everyone knows what edging is but you can’t let your dom know you’re doing it to him otherwise he doesn’t feel like he’s really in control.  It’s a tricky game to play but when we’re done, we’re both big fucking winners!  He gets to power pump out pearly white rope after arcing rope of sperm filled jizz and I get plenty of chunky spunk to choke down during our dirty, ejaculate filled, creampie creating, sticky and steamy cum eating phone sex freak fuck session.  I know you have a slime shot brewing for me in those balls of yours.  Let’s see how big we can make before you shoot it all over me.  Whadaya say?


Hardcore Sexy Phone Sex

Sexy phone sex

Some sexy phone sex freaks just want to jam their dicks deep inside of me and fuck me furiously until they blow a thick, foamy load.  When I get a dom like that, pretty much all I can do is hold on for the ride and take the seemingly never ending pounding.  No matter what position they put me into, I grit my teeth, grab a bit of bed sheet or couch cushion and let them cram their cock as far inside of me as they can.  What else is a sexy, slutty sub to do?

I’m not complaining, that’s what whores are for.  I get paid to take so many pricks that I lost track of my body count years ago.  I have to be over two thousand by now.  It’s always a shock when a guy shoves his hog inside of me really hard from the word go.  No matter which hole he chooses, getting bashed in right at the beginning of the bang session is surprising, to say the least.  It takes a couple of powerful pumps for my pussy to even start adjusting to the size of his pole, even for my extra experienced cum purse.  

It doesn’t matter the position, a hardcore hole humper always wants to hold me down and drill his dick into me however he can.  On my back, they’ll spread my legs, throw them up over their shoulders, maybe pin me by the backs of my knees and do his worst like that.  From behind, they hold me up by my hips, push my face down into the floor or mattress or whatever then reach a leg over and stand on my head with one of their feet.  Every time.  The real weirdos like to step on your face and see how many strokes they can get in within a second or so.  The real fast fuckers can get up to five or six, I swear! 

They usually go too fast to pull out of me when they cum so I can almost count on a forceful fuck session ending in a creampie.  It’s all good, I’ve had so many loads blasted up in my horny hole that now it kind of feels weird when I don’t take the shot in my slot.  That’s kind of how cum slut phone sex goes when you’ve been doing it for a while.  It doesn’t make it not hurt when my cunt or assholes get bashed in, though.


Erotic Stories at the Bondage Gym

Erotic submissive stories

All of the docile dick pleasers I know workout at the same sex slave themed gym and, as you could imagine, we all share our erotic submissive stories with each other while we work on our fuck fitness.  I have plenty of tasty tales to tell but I like hearing about all of the torture and abuse the other bondage loving beauties most of all.  It makes me feel like I’m a part of a crazy, cum filled community, not to mention the fact that they make my pussy get all gushy.

   These aren’t your average workouts, everything is twisted a bit to help train our twats to take the abuse and torture that we’re bound to encounter in our world of sexy servitude.  The trampy trampolines, for example, have a guy at the top of them waiting for an accommodating waif to jump a little too high so he can flog them on the head, neck and shoulders.  Catch on and stay too low for him to hit you and he’ll dump buckets of ice water on you until you jump higher.  It’s a real treat!

Spanking spin class is my favorite.  They give us bikes to ride around a track where we get chased by a masked dom running around with a slut paddle.  If he catches you, and he always does, he pushes you off of the bike, holds you down and paddles you until your butt is bright red and SLUT stamped.  Then he hops up and runs off after someone else leaving you laying on the floor with your baboon whore ass up in the air for everyone to see.  It’s great, you can keep racing around the track for as long as your ass can take it!

The creamy wall climb is hard as hell.  Try scaling a wall while a bunch of weirdos stand on top of it raining spit and cum down on you, I bet you can’t do it.  I’d rather just jizzercise, it’s like jazzercise only with jizz.  I can prance around amongst arcing ropes of jism for hours, I absolutely love dancing in dick juice!  The cardio is great and trying not to slip and slide on all of that semen does amazing things for my core.

When we take a break, we’re forced to sit on a Sybian and ride it the entire time we aren’t working out.  They give us a thick protein drink to sip on while we “relax” and chat with our fellow fuck toys.  That’s where the juicy stuff comes out… of our mouths and our pussies.  We tell each other all of our sexiest and most erotic BDSM stories and help each other have orgasm after screaming orgasm while we grind our gashes into our sex machines.  No shit, this gym is fucking great!


My Friend is a Hot MILF

Milf phone sex

I have a dom who’s into milf phone sex so I get one of my best mommy friends to help me make him blow his heavy handed load.  She has big ol’ hangin’ jugs and the kind of birthing hips that are great for grabbing from behind, just what my jizz filled milf loving master wants.  That’s fine by me, I get to take a little bit of a backseat to some of the bondage and beatings.  I don’t mind taking a torture break now and then.

He likes to roleplay as the domineering daddy who lives in a house with his worthless whore of a wife and their dick crazed daughter.  We’re worthless and never do anything right so he takes his frustration out on our holes.  It’s pretty fun, he teaches us “lessons” by taking his anger with her out on me and vice versa.  I make sure he stays infuriated with his daughter so my gal gets all of the hardcore cock pounding she wants.  She’s pretty good in her role as the put upon wife, she likes to make him jealous of the mailman or plumber so he’ll throw me around and give me a hard drilling, too.  I turn it back around on her fairly easily, though.  Like I said, it’s pretty fun!

 Being able to bring friends along to help in my submissive roleplay sessions helps a lot!  It saves my soft skin and my fine fuck flaps a little bit of the abuse I would normally take and it gives me some fun memories with my friend that I’ll have forever!  I’ll be her daughter for any dom, any day of the week.  She looks great when she rides a rock hard prick and she has a shit ton of fun doing it!


Experienced Bondage Whore

Bondage whore

When you choose me as your bondage whore of the hour, you get a lot more than just some submissive twit who takes every bit of abuse you have to give her.  I’ve been doing this for a while, I come equipped with my own bondage gear and a mind wide open and ready for whatever you have in store for me.  It’s okay if you aren’t very creative, I’ll make sure your dominant dick draining session keeps you on your toes, even while you have your foot on the back of my head grinding my face into the floor while you fuck me from behind.

How does a sub direct the flow of a dom’s will while they’re being overpowered and punished?  I don’t think I should tell you that, it’s an industry secret amongst all of us seasoned submissive slags.  Instead of telling you, I should show you how the power balance between a kinky master and their sexy slave plays out in real life.  It’ll make more sense that way to you, I’m sure.  You don’t have to trust me, why would you trust some strange slut you’ve never met?  Just trust in the system, it’s as old as time, tested, tried and true.

Doesn’t this chain leash make you want to lead me around and show me off to everyone, humiliating me in front of complete strangers in public?  Doesn’t the way I always want my cunt rubbed make you want to deny me of that pleasure and leave it untouched in my undies while you do everything to me except satisfy my slit?  All I’m saying is I know what I’m doing, even if you don’t.  Being a little wet behind the ears is no problem, if you already know the deal then we’re all good, too.  You can get yourself a less used submissive whore if you want to, but I bet their inexperience will show on their dumb blonde bondage bimbo faces.    


Submissive Slut Souvenir

Submissive slut


I understand wanting to keep a souvenir from your submissive slut subjugation sessions, but you don’t get to just have me all to yourself.  I don’t belong to anyone, no matter how much I get into my submissive role and make you feel as though I’m all yours.  It’s basically just really kinky, sexy roleplay, Pal.  You don’t get to keep me, sorry to tell you.  You must be out of your damn mind.

I know, this time of year makes you all sentimental and you want a sex servant around 24/7 to help you handle everything you’re feeling.  It’s cool, I’ll come around when you call.  Even if I’m busy, I’ll find some time to fit you into my submissive schedule and will let you have your way with me.  You can do, pretty much, whatever you want to me, I don’t have many boundaries.  I do draw the line at being detained against my will for an undetermined amount of time.  For anyone, not just you.  Don’t take it personally.

Seriously, Sluggo, you need to let me go.  Let me out now and I’ll still be willing to come back for more back breaking bondage and slit sliming subjugation.  You obviously can’t keep me in here forever, so if you untie me right now let me be on my merry way, everything will be kosher.  Try to hold onto me for one more minute and you’ll see a super submissive whore get pissed.  I promise I won’t just ruin your holidays, I’ll wreck your whole goddamned life.  What, you think I’m some sort of wimpy woman who just happens to let you dominate her?  You obviously don’t know who you’re messing with.  Now, let… me… go.  I won’t tell you again.


The Hardcore Bondage Box

Hardcore bondage


Every sub knows that if you flap your gums a little too much around the wrong dom then you get put through some of the most extreme hardcore bondage you’ve ever been forced to endure.  I’m not just talking about latex body suits and leather straps.  You get lippy with a really domineering dick and you’re going to get the business.  Last night, I let my mouth get the best of me with a heavy handed master who, apparently, isn’t into levity when he’s slapping around and breaking down a slave.  And when he gets really mad, he busts out The Box.

I couldn’t help myself, he totally set me up for it.  When you meet a new master, it can be a little awkward and a bit nerve wracking, so I like to lighten the mood and joke around when I can.  He was in the middle of his opening spiel (they all have one) when he mentioned something about the “titillating torture” he was about to put me through when I interrupted him to tell my favorite joke: “How do you titillate an ocelot?  Oscillate her tit a lot.”  Needless to say, he was not amused.  

Maybe he isn’t into jokes.  Maybe he doesn’t like to be interrupted.  Maybe he doesn’t know what the fuck an ocelot is and he felt stupid.  It doesn’t matter which part pissed him off the most, what matters is that I was hobbled and locked in a hanging stockade of a box for the entire time I was in his chamber being chastised, whipped, fucked hard and filled with cum.  It sucks, you can’t see what’s about to happen to you or move any of your limbs to do anything about it when it does.  I just had to take everything he had to throw at me and he expected me to stay quiet while I did.

We all know that didn’t happen.  I talked shit and screamed and, of course, tried to be funny while I got violently banged, beaten and blasted with jizz.  Wanna know how I know he liked it?  He didn’t gag me.  He could’ve put any number of gags in my mouth that would’ve easily shut me up while I was bound and tethered with my head in The Box of extreme bondage and super serious men.  No, he let me keep gabbing away while he gouged out my vag and gaped my asshole.  Being locked in that dark and musty cube would’ve been a lot worse If I couldn’t say anything and joke around.  Next time I’ll tell him a real knee slapper, I bet I can make him laugh.  


Sodomy at Sunset

Erotic submissive stories


My favorite setting for erotic submissive stories is definitely a lovely, outdoor, golden hour scene.  One of my favorite dommes always does it up right and has me over to his place for some sexy sodomy at sundown.  He loves aesthetically pleasing ass plowing as much as, if not more than, I do and is thrilled that I like the backdoor pumping ambience of his amazing backyard at sunset.  It really is a sight to behold, even when he’s not buried balls deep in my butt.

I’m not a plant person, I don’t know what from what, but there’s every color of flower in his yard that you could imagine.  They look so beautiful in the late evening and smell so sweet, it provides perfect cover from any musky funk that come from a hardcore round of ass pounding.  Not gonna lie, it can get dirty sometimes.  If you’re afraid of getting a little shit on your dick then do yourself, and every woman you’re ever with, a favor and just keep it out of asses.  My dapper domme doesn’t give a fuck, he’ll drill my dumper as the sun goes down every night, if I let him.  Even if he stuffs me full of food and booze first!

I love feeling like I’m making the prettiest porn scene ever when I’m taking it up the ass.  Riding a rock hard rod into the sunset is like getting sodomized in a dream or a really cool cowboy movie where the girl lives at the end.  My hard craphole fucking domme knows how much I enjoy the time I spend with him and keeps inviting me back because of how much I genuinely appreciate all of the beauty and wonder he has to share with me.  That, and my sphincter stays really tight no matter what, but we won’t talk about that, right now.   


Prostate Milking is a Process

Prostate milking


The loudest screaming orgasms I’ve ever heard are from the guys who come to me for some prostate milking.  They scream and shout as their bodies shake and shudder, pricks pumping out shimmering pools of pearly pecker goo the whole time.  It can get pretty crazy and really messy, especially when my entire fist is buried wrist deep in their rectum.  If you like the look, feel and taste of cum as much as I do, you’ll agree that it’s completely worth the extra effort.

Proper milking is a process.  You don’t want to just jam your fingers into a guy’s butthole, find his rubbery little cum nugget and stab at it with your manicured claws.  The session will be over before it can even get started.  You have to start by edging him out, teasing his tallywacker and gently nudging his nutsack a bit, first.  Massage his undercarriage and play with his prostate from the outside, get it all juiced up and ready to start leaking out a little love lotion.  You’ll know when it’s time to start making your way into his shitbox by how much precum is drooling out of his dong.  Once you have a steadily flowing stream of slime coming out of that cock head, you can venture on around to the back.

Doing two things will prevent any unwanted anal blowouts when you’re fisting someone: sequential stretching and lots of lube!  I make sure the cornhole is coated and filled with lubricant before I start with my one finger warm-up.  It doesn’t take too long for a sphincter to get used to a single digit and, before I know it, I have three of the five fingers on one of my hands inside his anus and gently tickling his semen maker.  Three soon turns into four then I add in the thumb, holding the tips of all five together to make a cone shape with my fingers.  That’s the most important stretching moment, once I pop my knuckles past their turd cutter, the rest is a snap.

Imagine wearing a hot and mushy, super juicy oven mitt that weighs 200 pounds on your hand.  That’s what it feels like when you’re wrist deep in an ass.  Slight jabs and gently moving your fingers generates some crazy gyrations and hip grinding from your guy, every time.  Stroke his schlong in rhythm with the thrusting of your fist and you’ll get so much jizz out of your extreme fetish phone sex freak that you won’t know what to do with it.  I suggest sucking it all up and using it to play with your pussy, but that’s just what I like to do with it.