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I Love Eating Cum

Cum eating phone sex


Every submissive worth her salt is a pro at cum eating phone sex.  I’ll take it however you want to give it: in a cup, on a saucer, I even love it as an ice cream topping!  I prefer to get it right from the source, though, so when I get asked to sit in on a blowbang orgy and sub the fuck out, I happily agree.

The only thing that can beat a chunky, creamy mouthful of hot cock juice is multiple mouthfuls of that pearly, pussy plastering nut sauce.  I can even fit a couple of cum slingers in my gob at once to make sure I don’t have to settle for swallowing single loads.  So what if I have to keep my mouth open really wide for so long that my jaw cramps up and my lips start to sting?  After a little bit, I don’t even notice that the corners of my mouth feel like they’re about to rip apart.  When I get that double blast of bone juice I’ll be on cock cloud nine!

I can chug down a pint or so of sperm filled semen in a single blowbang session, no problem.  When you get that yummy fuck yogurt straight from the tap you can swill down a hell of a lot more than you can when you’re gulping down cups of cold, gelatinous jizz.  Maybe it’s having a cock shoved in your mouth to push it all down that really helps!


Can You Handle Two Submissive Slits?

Submissive sex

If you’re fortunate enough to find two hot slutty slaves that want to have submissive sex with then I’d say you should play the lottery because lady luck is definitely on your side!  Most guys have to pay for two passive pussies to pound when they need more than one woman to slap around and subjugate.  My friend and I like the way you look, so we want you to dominate our dong ditches and fill us both up with cum.  If you want to, that is.

You might not have what it takes to get the job done.  Not talking about the size of your beaver beater, that really doesn’t matter.  Sure, huge cocks are great, but most guys are about average or less.  I’m talking about the drive and determination needed to handle two slutty sub whores and really make us feel like you’re in control.  We’ve been doing this for a long time, we know how to suss out fake doms and the men who mistakenly believe they could be the master of even one submissive slut, let alone two of us. 

You look great, just pick a pussy and penetrate it, Pal.  Don’t worry about what we think about how you treat us, just fucking do what you do and I’m sure it’ll be fine.  Don’t hold back, because I guarantee you we won’t.  Show us you can control two wet and sloppy cunts with a heavy hand, this is your one shot to prove yourself.  Make it count!


Golden Shower Giver Only!

Golden showers phone sex


Let me guess… When you have golden shower phone sex you like to be the pisser and not the pissy, huh?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.  You love showering submissive bitches in your hot urine and making them drink as much of it down as they can, but when the tables are turned, you back away like a little girl afraid of her own pee soaked panties, don’t you?  I can tell.  You don’t have the guts to gargle with piss and we both know it.

I go to a sub hall run by a bunch of hot whores where all of the doms are faceless fucks who want to show their superiority by soaking all the slinky sluts they can with the contents of their kidneys and then fuck the piss into their asses and pussies.  They can’t get enough of it, even moan and groan just as loud, if not louder, during the pee breaks as they do during the actual fucking.  Give them a taste of their own medicine, though, and squirt a steamy stream of your pee onto them and they kind of freak out.  I don’t get it!

What a bunch of weirdos.  It just makes sense to me that if you like to cover your sex slave in your yellow piss and take a tinkle on them then you should be fine with getting a little wet from whiz yourself.  Yeah, I know I’m the one who’s supposed to be taking the orders and however many golden showers you want to give me, but lighten up a little.  This is supposed to be fun.  Besides, it’s just piss.


Drowning In Dick Sauce

Cum slut phone sex


Well, shit.  I thought I was just in for a little cum slut phone sex and, like always, I nearly get drowned in a deluge of dick juice!  How do I always get myself into these sticky, spunk covered messes?  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore being adorned in alabaster ball batter and swallowing as much slimy semen as I can possibly stomach.  I am a sleazy cum slut, after all.  But I had no clue that, when I took that call from one of my regulars, I was going to be stuffed, covered and smothered in more gonad gravy than most women spit or swallow in a lifetime!

This was the first time this guy has ever taken things to this level.  He usually just tells me how dominant he is with all of the stupid skanks he likes to humiliate and cover with cum, but this time he wanted to put his money where his mouth is.  He gave me instructions to an address in a shady part of town, like most secretive masters, and told me to be prepared for punishment as soon as I walked through the door.

He wasn’t kidding.  As soon as I stepped into the dingy room, a group of guys grabbed me and forced me down to my knees.  I have no idea how many of them there were, I couldn’t see past the sea of naked male bodies.  They all fucked my face until my lips were fat and swollen and the back of my throat was painfully numb.  It wasn’t my discomfort that made them switch it up and start fucking my pussy though, I think they just got bored.

You know how gangbangs work, everyone frantically trying to get their cock on or in some cute little jizz junkie, this was no different.  I jerked, sucked, rode and fucked until one of the guys busted his chunky nut all over my face.  It was like he set off a chain reaction because as soon as he blew his goo, all of their snot rockets started blasting off and shooting torrents of prick syrup, one by one, like they timed it.

I have no clue which one of them was my regular caller and it really doesn’t matter.  By the time I got myself cleaned up and off of the semen covered cement floor, they were all gone.  It was crazy, I’ve never seen so much fucking cum in all of my time as a submissive whore.  Hopefully, next time, my reg wants to see me swimming in gallons of pearly prick sauce.  I guess we’ll see.


Sexy Sub Threeway

Erotic submissive stories


My erotic submissive stories are all hot as hell and filled with fucking.  What kind of filth do you want to hear about?  Unwilling anal at a picnic in the park from a random passerby?  Intimate circle jerk with the Wing Shop wait staff in one of the stalls in the ladies room?  A taxi ride to the middle of nowhere with a handcuff and cunt loving cabbie?  I bet I have a tale to tell about any sexy topic you can think of, just try me!

One of my favorite masochistic memories is the time that I was hanging out with my girlfriend and the, then, current guy she was banging.  We all had some drinks and a few laughs, but when it came time for me to head home, my friend told me that her guy wanted to fuck the both of us together and she wasn’t going to let me go until it happened.  I liked the level of gentle assertiveness in her voice and the look of desire she had for me in her eyes, so I agreed almost instantly.

When we got back to the bedroom, the fella had the lights dimmed really low with candles lighting up the corners.  He was already naked, of course, so we wasted no time and both started sucking his cock super slow like.  We licked it up and down, gargled his nutsack and throated ourselves just for his pleasure.  He couldn’t contain his cum and absolutely had to let off some semen steam all over our faces before he would be able to continue on to please our two pussies.

He didn’t disappoint.  The man was dominant but caring, forceful but kind and knew exactly what he wanted from us.  In the end, they parted ways and I don’t think she’s ever seen him again.  At least we got to have a six hour sex romp that ended with smeared makeup, red asses and cum filled cunts.  I’m sure it was a night he’ll never forget, too.



Keep Her In The Closet

Bondage S&M

Look, I’m into bondage S&M more than any other slutty sub that I know, but you gotta get me out of this closet!  Sure, it’s your kink, I get it.  But how does getting me all horny and ready to take your cock as hard in my pussy as you want to slam it in there and then putting me away to save for later turn you on?  I’m sorry, but my sopping wet pussy and I just have to know.

It has to be a power thing, right?  Tying up a sexy and willing submissive bitch isn’t enough for you.  You need to strap us down so tightly we can barely breathe, tease us a bit and then lock us up for an undisclosed amount of time before you give us the deep dicking, huh?  Ah fuck, that’s it isn’t it?  You’re going to keep me in here with my hands tied tightly behind my back, tied up to this surprisingly strong closet rod until you finally decide I deserve to please your dick.  That’s your thing, I can tell!

Okay, fine, keep me in the dark and confined here like the rest of your shit that you tucked away for storage.  That’s absolutely perfect for a submissive slut like me, we love to be strung along.  I gotta admit, this is the first time I’ve ever been treated like a fucking item of clothing like this.  I mean, I’ve been worn like a cheap suit before, but I’ve never been kept in a closet until my dom is ready to use me again.  I guess I’ll just think about how big his cock is so my fuckhole stays nice and moist and ready to get drilled whenever he’s ready to do the drilling.  I’m starting to get comfortable in here, anyway.


Sub Whore Cock Worship

Cock worshiping


I love, love, LOVE cock worshiping!  What’s not to like?  Not only do I get to make a man feel good like a real man should, but I also get to take that massive meat he’s packing in his pants in every single one of my submissive holes that he wants to use.  I consider getting my pussy and poo-hole stretched out by a super shaft to be both an honor and a privilege!

Just look at it!  Have you ever seen such a gloriously magnificent male member in your whole life?  It’s big, black and looks like I’m going to feel it all the way up in my stomach when it pounds into me.  Oh man, I just have to get a taste.  I hope his musk stays on my mouth and in my nose for hours to come, I love the way dick tastes soooo much.  I’m pretty good at starting out slowly, but the squishy-hard feel of a fleshy fuckstick on my lips and tongue always turns me on and makes me go harder and faster the longer I blow.

I’ll try not to make him shoot his wet and slimy wad in my mouth because I know how badly he wants to really go to work on my downstairs whore holes, but I make no promises.  I mean, a powerful pole like that has to be able to go a couple of rounds minimum, right?  If not, there’s always your dick.  It’s next in line, anyway.


Just Can’t Decide, Huh?



I see the your problem, you need a little uncategorized submissive fuck action because you just can’t decide what you’re into right now.  I don’t know, maybe you’re a little new to this or perhaps you’ve just subjugated so many sluts that you can’t decide what you want to do next.  It doesn’t really matter.  Just sit down here beside me and tell me all of the things you like about dominating a darling blonde bimbo like me while I suck that big bone of yours.  That’ll loosen you up a little.

Don’t mind me, I’ll just be down here gagging myself on your prick while you try and figure out what subby acts you want me to do.  I really like to be tied up and spanked if that helps you at all.  But just go ahead and talk it out with me while I attempt to use your cock as a cork in my throat to hold in my lunch.  If you need me, I’ll be down here giving great head.

  Still can’t decide how to best dominate me?  Your hog is nice and sloppy, I’ll just climb on top and ride it really hard and fast while you keep lamenting your lack of influential inspiration.  You’ll come up with something, my pussy rocking back and forth on your magnificent meat stick will make sure of it.  You can always gag me and clamp up my nipples, if you want.  I bet you’d like that.

It’s up to you.  This submissive slut is just gonna go ahead and make you cum inside of me so that maybe you can straighten out your plan for proper subbing without any of that goo in there mucking up your brain.  That’ll help you decide whether or not you want to strap me down or chain me up, for sure!

Vanilla Sex Is For Suckers

Sexy phone sex Gwendolyn


Just how hot and steamy do you like your sexy phone sex to be?  Do you keep it vanilla and just pump away inside a pussy in missionary position until you shoot your shot inside of that laid back cock box?  Or do you like to take command and put that pussy and asshole in every position you can think of just so you can drill into them deeper and deeper?  I hope you like option two a little more because, if not, you’re in the wrong place!

I like my guys to objectify me and make me feel like the stupid slut that I am.  I need to be forced into uncomfortable positions and stuffed full of all of the dick I can get.  Think you can handle that?  If you’re into pushing my knees back so they touch my ears and pounding my holes so hard that they go numb, then I think we can talk.  Otherwise, you might want to try another hot phone whore.

I’m just being up front and honest.  Be ready to throw it down and gape me out when you make that call and we’re all good.  Pussyfoot around what you really want, maybe offer up some dull ass doggystyle or tired old monotonous missionary and just see what happens.  I’ll tell you now, I’m not into it.  If you have a score to settle or something to prove to some hot whore, then my asshole will be wet, willing and waiting for you.


Cum Stuffed Cum Slut

Cum slut phone sex


When a super submissive strumpet like me has cum slut phone sex, she’ll do whatever you want her to do with your jizz.  I know I do, anyway.  Drink it down, hold it in, wipe it up or massage it into my skin, I’ll do it all!  You can even shoot it into my hair if you’d like, I don’t give a shit.  I just want you to cum and don’t give a single shit about what you have planned for me to do with it once you fire it out of your dominant fuck stick.

Some masters want me to suck every single drop of spermy semen out of their shafts and hold it in my wide open mouth so they can see how big of a serving of sex milk they’re giving me before I gulp down their gelatinous pool of pearly white fuck snot, while other doms shove their dongs all the way into my throat and blast their nut batter directly into my esophagus.  Mmmmm, that makes my mouth water.  I do love a good throatpie!

There’s a guy who makes me call him “Chief” who insists that I scoop up every bit of sex slime that doesn’t make it inside of me and stuff it into my holes myself.  He doesn’t make it easy, he refuses to use a condom and insists on pulling out so he can spray his splooge all over the place.  I’m lucky if any of it even makes it onto my body!  After he tells me to sponge his spunk up off of the floor with my hands or suck some off of the wall to spit onto my cunt, I have to say “You got it, Chief!” before I start stuffing his nut slop into my floppy cum loving fuck folds.  Guess what I have to do if he blasts off inside of my asshole? Yep, you got it, chief.

Have you ever been forced to chug wine glasses full of jizz from a pack of circle jerking misfits?  How about drain a bunch of used condoms that get pulled out of a sex room trashcan and roll around on the floor in whatever you don’t manage to swallow or rub into your skin like spermicide laced lotion?  Probably not, but you’re probably not a submissive cum slut like I am.