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Your perfect Submissive

submissive whoreI vow to be your perfect submissive whore! When my master says jump I do it without hesitation!
Sucking his cock for hours as he whips my ass until it is red and welted. I enjoy my master taking his big cock head and ramming it into my ass hole because I was misbehaving and did not follow his instructions perfectly! Master always shows me exactly how a woman should be treated! Like a subservient cow. I am honored as I am taking a beating and being used the way a female should be used! Let me be your obedient subslut like I do for my own master!
I love cock in my ass, toys in my ass, fingers in my ass, and anything else that will fit in there. Pound me hard with a big fat throbbing cock and balls slapping against my clit and cunt. I really love it when I am bound and spread eagle, vulnerable and ready for punishment including Bare bottom spankings! And ass abuse! I have had a baseball bat in my anus. I have had dildos, every size of cock and every kind of toy in my whore asshole.
I have been beaten mercilessly, bound tight for hours at the hands of a man who loves to see how much I can humanly take! As if I was even close to being human! One of my masters favorite sex adventures involves me being gagged and ass raped fantasy style in my pretty brown asshole. A slave’s asshole is like a mouth that is always hungry and craving to be fed! Double dick me down with a buddy or two, I love being fucked from both ends!
I want to be fucked, hit, slapped, punched, kicked and any other abuse you want to dish out to me I will take like a good little cock worshiping slut! I am here to serve and please your cock at all cost!
Fuck me!bare bottom spakings

Office Submissive Slut and Piss Girl

submissive slutI am back to being an office submissive slut. My master is my boss. He is much older and not working as much. Plus, Covid had us working remotely from home for a year. He is a lawyer and partially retired, which means we are only in the office two days a week. But when we are, Master is making up for lost time. He was never a cruel master. His thing is bondage and light BDSM. He likes to tie me up and make me perform fellatio and office duties. Occasionally, he puts weights on my nipples and clit. Occasionally, some bare bottom spankings. He has done all sorts of things to me over the years, but he was never much into bathroom play thankfully. A lot has changed in the past year. He discovered Viagra and he is like a 40-year-old man again in the bedroom. Where he shows his age is bladder control. He may have a 40-year-old dick again, but he has a 67-year-old prostate. I have become his piss boy. I guess, I am a piss girl. I was in the office yesterday, and he had a long video conference. He still does Zoom meetings to keep clients out of the office until more of our state is vaccinated. While he was on his long video conference, I was under his desk, naked. I was to suck his cock and serve as his toilet. Now that he is on Viagra, he is hard as a rock, and he stays that way for a long time. My jaw was sore after 4 hours of sucking his old dick. I felt nauseated too, but not from his spunk, from his piss. I swear I swallowed a gallon of his piss. I used to love to go to work, but now that he treats me like his port-a-potty, not so much. Suddenly, I am more qualified for pissing phone sex than I was before, and I am not sure I like it.

Make Me Your Slave

submissive slutThe phone rang and within minutes I knew his firm and strong words would make me his slave. I could tell by the tone of his voice that he wanted to dominate me and unbeknownst to him that is exactly what I wanted him to do. I melted as he ordered me to retrieve my biggest dildo and deep throat it. My pussy got wet as he told me to go deeper until he heard me gagging and choking. My eyes watered and I did exactly as I was told. I didn’t want to stop but he told me to, and I obeyed. Then he told me to put on heels and nothing else. Again, I followed his commands. Then I was to paddle my pussy with a ruler as I held the phone so he could hear it beating against my skin. My pussy stung but I was soaking wet. Then he had be pinch my nipples hard. Attaching a clip to each one. Although in pain I carried out his every desire. Nothing he asked was too much and I was under his complete control. I fucked myself with my dildo and then licked it clean before ramming into my ass. I again licked it clean. Then he wanted to hear my wet sloppy pussy as I brought myself to orgasm. It was so hot, and he was so controlling. I hope he calls to punish me again.

Submissive slut needs a new owner

submissive slut

I have always known that pleasing my master and serving as his nasty, submissive slut is my only purpose. I love being forced to my knees with his fat, hard cock rammed down my throat, pumping me full. Having been a submissive for so long, I already know my place very well and always follow my master’s orders. I know that I belong sitting patiently at his feet and waiting for his command. I love serving as his gangbang, fuck doll at parties and letting all of his friends fill each of my cum holes with their hard cocks. I will stay on my knees getting fucked for as long as it takes them to dump their cum loads into my slutty holes. I need a strong master who will push me to the edge of my limits and then reward me for being such an obedient whore for him. I don’t currently have a master, but all I want is to be an owned and controlled slut and to serve as the perfect slutty slave.


Spanking Chat Is Punitively Savage

I was raised in a household that practiced corporal punishment by the man of the house. My dad trained me well especially with spankings. I enjoy spanking chat sessions where I am punished for being the dumb little slut I am. It’s no wonder I tend to sneak out and get into trouble so much. I have come to enjoy it so much. As the only girl in my family, besides my mom, it was a never ending world of punishments. I get off on them.

My mom and dad both smoked in the house. They sometimes even got a little drunk and I would wake up and wonder downstairs when they were entertaining friends. I always did this in just my panties. It was frowned upon, but I hate wearing clothes to bed or at home. You see, I always set myself up for these punishments. It’s become a game with me.

One day I snuck into my mothers purse and snuck a cigarette. I went outside and started puffing and coughing on it. I was young. My big brother caught me and made me bend over so he could spank me. I was getting wet and realized I was a dirty little slut just then. He took that cigarette and put it out on my red bum. I screamed and he got hard. He shut me up with his hard cock in my mouth and that was just the start of my submissiveness and trouble making in my family.

Spanking chat

Bondage whore Beginnings

bondage whore When I became a newly owned bondage whore I didn’t know I would be trained by my new master’s Mother! I was just a budding teen when I was forced into servitude by a new man. I remember his mother bathed me and oiled me up and dressed me in my first bondage gear. I was so nervous as this total hot milf made me kneel and told me to give her my cuffed wrist behind my back. The man before me was a stranger. His cock was the most visible thing in the low light. She told me to suck his cock now whore! She had been silent in my bathing and looked at me like a jilted lover. I had seen that same look in my older sister’s eyes. I was so confused and taking everything in.
I hadn’t wanted to leave my father and sister yet. Now I was married off in a hasty courthouse wedding to a man I had only met a couple of times. His mother slapped me hard as I hesitated to blow him for the first time. This was the first time this Submissive Whore had ever sucked anyone’s cock besides daddies’. My mouth opened and he brutally throat fucked me like I had never been before! I was falling forward and being rocked back with nothing but my new master and husbands cock. After he came in my mouth he let me fall forward and I received a lash to my ass and thighs from a thin whip. I cried out in almost a scream.
“I told you this bitch is too young, let me show her how to serve you son, as His mother knelt and took his whole cock down like a pelican swallowed a fish! I knew then she was going to be a hard act to follow and she would be the one to lead my slave training!

Spanking chat with me


Spanking chat

Pound my perfect ass and show me I’m worthless and can’t handle men. You have to slap me around and do all the things that you want. I want a spanking chat because I want you to tell me how you will fuck me and ruin me. I want to be on my knees, begging you to let me cum. Deny me and tease me till I am crying for your permission to climax. I want you to play mind games with me and show me you’re in charge. My friends can all watch and see how submissive I am to you and your cock. Let your friends come over to use me for their likings as well. It is so perfect to feel you slap me around and make me bruise. I want a ton of marks on me because that’s what I deserve. You only get hard watching me get used. Like a slut, and I know you want to be your punching bag.


Punish Your Slut

Torture Phone SexYou’ve kept my naked body caged up for so long daddy! I’m ready to be let out and played with. I put on my sexy black outfit and do my chores and serve daddy’s dick by sucking it off until I swallow at least three busts of daddy’s yummy cum. If I didn’t do a good job of licking the toilet clean and getting daddy off then you take me into our special room and get me all tied up and pinned down. Get that fuck machine and clit vibrator on and leave it on while I whine and moan and squirm at first but you leave the room for a very long time and come back to a screaming and crying slut! My pussy has cum over and over and squirted all over my toys and the floor. You leave again for a longer punishment and once you’ve finally come back for the last time I’m nearly passed out and a little quaking and shaking mess. Daddy does not stop there though. He takes my nearly limp body and bends me over our fuck bed to spank my ass with his strong cane leaving all those hot marks and welts. Finally daddy uses up my pussy and forces me to lick all the cum after digging it out of my pussy with my fingers. Such a naughty little slut for you daddy!

little piggy slave!

bondage whore


This little piggy went hunting for a new submissive play toy for master! I got this bitch off of the street when she was walking home from school just like how master taught me I did so good maybe he will let me eat tonight! I drugged her up and bathed her and made sure her tight little kitty was shaved just how he likes I even shoved my tongue into her cunt and lapped up her juices making sure she was soaking wet like a good little submissive whore. When master dave arrived home to fresh meat I watched as his cock got hard I immediately got down on my knees pulled out his huge thick cock and forced it in my little whore mouth just gagging and choking on it as I played with my pussy. The new toy was still out cold but my master does not wait for what is his. he chained her to the basement wall and started to ram her dripping wet cunt until she woke up cumming all over my master’s cock! I spent the whole night eating his cum out of her tight little fuck holes!

Mommy Used To Ass Fuck Me

bare bottom spanking
My Mommy used to love watching me get my ass fucked against my will. The thought of it now makes me so wet and wild I could almost beg a stranger to utilize my tight slutty milf ass. I was so young when she started punishing me this way. I remember the first day perfectly. I was small and sweet, and Mommy noticed while she was beating my ass the one day how soaking wet my little virgin cunt was.

Well, that’s when we found out I’m a masochistic pain slut! She realized she couldn’t use bare bottom spanking to punish me anymore since I loved it so much. She had to come up with something more.

Well, Mommy knew I hated shitting because I didn’t like it when my sweet little ass got stretched. It just hurt and pinched and not in a way that I liked! Well, Mommy decided to use that against me.

She got her huge black dildo, a whole fifteen inches because she was a true BBC whore, and she started using that to punish me. The first day, she used my cunt grease to lube up that massive toy and slam it in and out of my asshole. I took all fifteen inches in my young slutty ass, and now

I’m an anal fuck whore.
Bondage and Submission

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