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Disobedient Slut Angel Gets Punished

Bondage whore

“You’re a worthless piece of shit and you don’t deserve to live.” 

I love it when he degrades my kinky ass. I asked for this. I purposely pissed off Master so that he would punish me and put me in my submissive slut place. I heard the familiar crack of his Cat O’ Nine Tails. Even blindfolded and bound I recognized what was happening. My pussy started sweating and tingling at the thought of Master subjecting me to corporal punishment for my offenses. I couldn’t beg if I wanted to. The ring gag in my mouth prevented me from doing anything except breathing at the moment. I knew better than to beg anyway as this would only serve to worsen the punishment I would receive. “You must have lost your fucking mind defying your Master in public! You’re going to learn your lesson, Slut.” He hissed through gritted teeth. That was confirmation that he planned to fuck me without mercy tonight. I barely had time to finish my thought before he shoved his long, thick cock down my throat. I gagged and tried to catch my breath and rhythm. He ruthlessly pounded the back of my throat until I gagged so hard that pee squirted out of my bald, pink slit. I’d be on soft foods tomorrow for sure. He pumped my sore throat full of his thick creamy cum as he pressed his massive cock as far down as it would go. I was forced to swallow every drop of cum, saliva, and vomit that was trying to force its way out my mouth. Tears, snot, and sweat covered my red face. 

“I’m not finished with you yet, Bitch,” he snarled. It was going to be a very long night of pain, and this disobedient cum whore and my submissive pussy, was ready to endure every agonizing minute.

Cock Worshiping Cum dump

cock worshiping

I am a cock worshiping cum dump Mommy. I have no regrets about the life that was chosen for me. Very few people from my past know that I live a domesticated slave life. My pops does and I had an impromptu visit from him. My master thought that I should get back to my roots and remember my roots from being a brat slave. 

I was instructed to dress in my sexiest slave wear, the thigh highs and six inch heels and garters and have my hair down. I had no idea my father was going to be the mysterious visitor to use me last night. Imagine my surprise as I was head down on my knees and saw the boots of a man and heard my fathers voice. “Robyn, It’s been a long time my slut.” My heart skipped a beat and The flashbacks rocked my head. I was suddenly that little girl tied to a kitchen chair gagging on his cock. I instantly went to grab his pants and get high socks out. He might have aged but his dick was still strong and long! I looked to my master and was instantly slapped and told I was still a disobedient whore. My dad might have sold me to my master But I always take cock that is presented to me! “Robyn take my cum and get me hard again, and bring me back to my youth with your precious slaves in training!” my pops commanded. Master chuckled and called my girls for a lesson in mommy training with her own dad!

Submissive whore

Submissive slut

I am Rosalie, the woman who is at your feet! I come to you offering my submissive body daddy master! Even if I’m not in the mood I will still submit to all your wants! 

You can spank me and tie me up! I have had a man who put me on a leash and pulled me so hard to suck his dick! He didn’t even allow me to breathe!! I love getting pissed on and looking up at you daddy like I want more of the disrespect you just gave me!!! Hit me, hump me, and hurt me. I will never object to your actions! All of your hurtful masculine actions are legal here in my world! My favorite time was when my old neighbor invited me over and fucked me in his back yard! He had me on my knees bleeding from the cement and all of the dragging he did to me! He used a horse whip on me and spanked the life out of my body! The more he spanked me the more I submitted to him! I submitted to him so much that he invited 2 of his 60+ year old friends to come and enjoy me like the peasant I am! If your into mistreating a mistress during sex then you have stumbled upon the perfect submissive companion! I am a everything whore like all the men call me! I am a punching bag who gets boxed out by cocks and whips! 

I’ll submit to you easily as long as you know what you are doing master!

I’m A Slave For You

Submissive Whore

That’s my favorite song! Saying I am your slave is the hottest thing I can do for you right? That is what I am, just a naughty little slave for you and your cock to play with! I love being a toy to be used up and played with. Pretty girls like me are toys and slaves for you, daddy! Bend me over and tie me down pretty please! I will beg for anything and everything from you, including to get fucked in my ass by you. I can be your rope bunny, submissive slut, or a young victim for you to take all forcefully! I need it, master, don’t you? I know you want it just like I do!

Best Slut is a Spanked Slut

My subby slut needs are always leading my desire for spankings. Bare bottom spanking are really the best kind of spankings. I get excited and it really addresses the situation at hand. In a literal case usually. I’m disobedient and some good old fashioned open hand spanks on my bare tushy are exactly what it takes. Make me whimper and moan. I can’t help it Master, but it turns me on. I will be disobedient just to feel the punishment you administer to me. Make my hole big by a good hard fucking. Spank me until my ass is red. Use a paddle on me and make my cunt gush.

My apologies Master, I did not mean to cum at the administering of my obedience training. It’s just something that happens when I do wrong and you have to punish me. I am the worst bad girl and I will only beg for more.

Bare Bottom Spankings

Mommies Slave Training

slave training

I use slave training to bring my daughters up as good servants to cock. Those small tits are perfect to punish. My own tits are his masterpieces of pain flesh! Starting her out with clothes pins and numbing with ice makes the master happy. He gets a new start on fresh young nipples and tits  to put his dick between! He even gave her very first pearl necklace! Imagine fresh whipped young breasts and a coat of daddys cum all over! It never satisfies Masters Hunger but he does get off on me helping train my delectable daughter for him! In these moments I remember my own young tits and the first time I had to show them off as I was receiving bare bottom spankings on a smooth young ass! Men don’t shame small tits, they beat them and your ass! I watched as the paddle lifted each tender girl tit up from beneath as she cried out, for daddy to stop. Then it was this mommy’s turn to make her obey. I sat on her face as daddy / Master whipped her ass and I pinched her tits so hard she screamed into her own birth canal! 

Would you like to help this mommy train her daughters up right?

Bondage and Submission Slut At Your Service

Submissive Sex

I always dreamed of being a bound up, fuck slut of a slave who lives in her own filth as a punishment for not pleasing my master in time for dinner! I want to be the one and only slave for you, no one else! I promise to be all you need when I serve you and will take my punishments graciously! I do not care how tough or dirty or nasty, and kinky you are! I promise to serve you and I will most likely match your energy while you whip my pussy red with your whips. My ass turning black and blue with every whip of your cane and, every throat grab and mind fucking experience I think about now makes me wet! I will always respect it and you!  

Spank This Milf Whore!

milf phone sex

Milf  phone sex with a subby mommy can be very erotic. Sometimes public humiliation is used to punish me. Don’t get me wrong, when I say punished that’s just my Master’s favorite word. For me each and every time is a thrill even if other people are seeing my bare ass turned into a cherry red landscape. It’s not always about the violence it’s about the rush that I get from the lash of a flogger or bare hands’ anger slaps across my rump and thighs. I might be able to hide the pain but I will never be able to hide the wetness that creeps between my mommy pussy lips. Spanking turns me on. I’m an ass whore while you are stroking and watching. Stroking your cock, while my ass is upturned and the lashes are going out against my skin almost causing it to break! I won’t be able to sit tomorrow but my butt cheeks are nice to open and there’s been a couple of lashes between them as well. It’s so sensitive! Now I moan and cry because I can’t help it. But that’s what you want isn’t it? All I know is nothing makes me more vulnerable than a nice flesh ripping open ass lashing that you deliver to this spanking phone sex Mommy! spanking phone sex

Submissive Phone Sex Loser

submissive phone sexI am your submissive phone sex slut. I am here to service you. I may not like what you want me to do, but I will do it. My master recently lost me in a poker game. He plays poker with other lawyers. They are all in the same BDSM club. They all have slaves. They rarely bet money. My master thought he had a winning hand, but he lost to his buddy Roy. I could tell master was disappointed. And not just because he lost. He lost to Roy who has a reputation for being brutal to his slaves. I do not like him. I hate him actually. He is a pig. He leaves marks on his bitches. And he likes to make bitches cry. I have been with my master for a long time because he treats me well. Roy goes through slaves like I go through water. I had to spend the night with him. Master could not even look me in the eyes. He felt bad for me. I was the real loser. I had to suck Roy’s cock for the 90-minute ride back to his place. I was not permitted to come up for air. My jaw was sore. When we got to his place, he made me lick his ass. I swear he must have been waiting for this moment because his ass was nasty. I was like he had not wiped or showered in a week. I was dreading anything that came next. He tied me up on his bed and whipped me with his leather belt. He broke my skin. My master was not going to be happy. He does not like his bitch to have marks. I was in pain. I was beyond humiliated, but I had to endure a night of hell. A bet is a bet, right?

Caught Getting Gangbanged And Bribed

Being a Submissive Whore doesn’t mean I stop being the whore I was before my Dom came into my life. He was out of town and I was horny, my slutty cunt was throbbing and dripping wet at the thought of getting pounded over and over. I messaged all my old boyfriends and Masters, seven big dick men in total. I told them all that I was having a fuck party and to be ready. When they were all there, I told them that I needed to be pounded and that it was a secret. I was enjoying getting pounded and used in every way so much I didn’t notice that my Dom’s son had walked in and his mouth was wide open in shock of seeing me getting gangbanged.

Cum slut phone sex

We all stop and they started leaving to where only one ex was there, he called me a whore and threatened to tell his dad. I pleaded with to not say a word. He said he wouldn’t say anything if I used my whore mouth to make his cock cum like I had been doing with the men and he wanted to see me get my cunt filled up until thick gooey nut dripped out of it. I had no choice so I opened my mouth wide and let my Dom’s son stick his cock in my mouth and I sucked it as I was getting fucked. Since I am a Submissive Whore, this felt good to me and I finally came so hard I squirted all over the place and his son filled my mouth up. He watched as my ex filled my cunt up and he told me to keep my legs in the air and hold his semen in me he wanted me to be bred.  

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