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How I Came to Love Submissive Phone Sex

Submissive Phone Sex

I like submissive phone sex. I never thought of myself as a bitch or a slave, but an early experience turned me into the subby whore I am today. I like a man to be in control. I want to be a bitch. I need to be a bitch Maybe your bitch. I had a friend with a dad who turned me on as a teen girl. I was spying one time when I was spending the night. I found a room. It was like a 50 Shades of Gray room. It had all sorts of kinky things. Some things I did not even know what they did, but they looked painful, lol. My cunt was wet. He caught me snooping in the middle of the night and asked me if I had rough sex fantasies. I swallowed hard and nodded yes. He pushed me into the room and tied me up. My nipples were erect. I was sure he could smell my cunt. He put nipple clamps on my boobs and one of those industrial vibrators up my cunt. I was convulsing because I was cumming so hard. I was a virgin until that night. He shoved his cock in my mouth and skull fucked me. I swallowed every drop. He told me he owned me, and he did. For years, my best friend’s dad would do kinky things with me under her nose. Now, any man can do kinky things to me.

Who gives a fuck about a submissive whore

submissive whore“Who gives a fuck about a submissive whore like you? I could replace you with another bitch like that!” I was hurt so deeply when my Master said that to me last night. I know that I was mouthy and I shouldn’t have been but to know that he doesn’t care about me at all cut deep. I thought I was his pet, his plaything that he cared about, now I know that I am just a worthless whore, nothing more that a hole to fuck when he is horny and a body to abuse as he sees fit. I am a pathetic needy little whore tho so I crawled to him begging for his attention but that just pissed him off. He slapped me hard across the face and knocked me to the floor and screamed at me that if I really needed his attention he would give me some attention by beating the crap out of me. He beat me unmercifully until he was rock hard and then he rage fucked me. It hurt so bad but turned me on at the same time, I couldn’t get enough! I know I’m just a worthless whore but at least I can get him off!

They Tied Me Up And Used Me

Submissive WhoreWhen my master called and told me that he had an incredibly fun weekend planned for us with some of his friends. I immediately started rubbing my pussy. It had been a while since we had one of those and I knew that I would be the entertainment. I closed my eyes and stroked my clit and fingered my soaking wet hole just envisioning the pain and torture me and my holes would endure. I love that. I want to be humiliated, fucked hard in all of my holes until my ass, mouth and pussy are filled with cum. I want them to all become creampies. Anything to please him as I am nothing but his submissive whore. I made my body perfect for the weekend, a full wax and bleaching just like I know e expects from me. We drove to his cabin and when we walked in, I saw he had already installed all of the devices for the weekend. Lots of hooks, whips, saddles, dildos, strap ons and tables. I was so wet just looking at them all. He laughed as he watched my eyes get wide trying to take it all in. He sent me to shower and change into the outfit he would lie on the bed. It was a hot latex body suit with all my holes and tits fully exposed and a pair of thigh highs. I put them on and walked downstairs to a room of horny men wearing absolutely nothing. I nearly creamed as they tightened the rope between my cunt lips. They used and abused me for hours at a time all weekend, can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Submissive whore Jessica

submissive whore

Every night, I take orders from my callers. I have plenty of hot and erotic calls and they always have my slutty cunt soaked afterwards. I still have yet to find anyone to own me the way that my son did. He loved his submissive whore mommy. He was my owner and I would do anything for him. Now that he moved away, I need someone strong enough to control me the way he did. He would just walk into the room and I would get wet instantly, waiting for his command. I loved being owned by him and spent every day serving him. He would fuck me and rip my holes open and then force his fist up into my worn out cunt. He loved to make my asshole bleed by ripping me open with his hands and shoving anything he could find inside of me. I was there for his amusement. Sometimes, he just wanted to see how much I could handle. I loved being in his complete control. I have fun being submissive to my callers but I need the one who can rule me like my master could.

He used me

submissive whoreHe didn’t say a word when he came into my room, I couldn’t see who he was because it was too dark for that all I knew was that his touch seemed unfamiliar to me. He was rough as he hogtied me and since I was naked I was almost immediately cold. He dragged me down to the basement and left me there in the dark. I had no idea who would be coming down those stairs to hurt me all I could do was wait. I laid there crying and miserable, wishing I could stretch my limbs of turn so that my bare breasts weren’t pushing into the cold hard floor but I knew better than to move. Finally he came back down and turned the lights on blinding me so that I still couldn’t tell who it was. He lifted me up and shoved his cock down my throat and fucked it so brutally that I nearly passed out. He fucked all my holes and beat me black and blue and then left me there still hogtied on the floor until my Master finally found me there. He had to carry me back upstairs because my body was useless from being tied so long. I guess I will never know who did this to me.

He Tied Me Up

submissive whoreHe caught me with my vibrator again and I knew that I was in even more trouble than I had been in before. He had told me that if he caught me again that the punishment would not be pleasant. I walked down the stairs to the basement where he was waiting for me. He told me to kneel with my hands in front of me. I did as I was told, and he bound my hands in gloves and lifted me up. He walked me over to where hooks hung from the ceiling and bars leaned up against the wall. He took my hands and attached them to the hook above my head. He then placed my legs in a spreader bar and attached a rod between my legs leading to my pussy. He then removed a paddle from his box, ripped open my shirt and proceeded to paddle my tits until they were bright red and my nipples were swollen. As tears rolled down my face and I tried to catch my breath he attached a wand to the bar between my legs, pushed it close to my clit and turned it on. I immediately felt my body begin to orgasm. He sat there watching me and when he could see my clit becoming engorged, he would flick it with a stick. The pain was enormous. Who would have though that orgasms could bring such unpleasantness? As I sobbed from the torture he just laughed as he turned off the lights leaving me in a dark room with only the sound of the wand and my cries.

He woke me up

submissive whoreI was sleeping in my bed when I was awakened by a rough hand covering my mouth. I could feel his body pressed pressed against me, his hard cock was pulsating against my naked ass cheeks and I was terrified. He whispered that he was going to hurt me and that I had better just lay there and take it or he would make it so much worse for me. It was so scary because I had no idea who it was! He could have been anyone, it was dark and he was whispering it was just awful. He forced his giant cock into my pussy and I wanted to hate it but I couldn’t, against my will my pussy was getting wetter and wetter and he definitely noticed. He called me a slut and fucked me harder, it felt like his cock was going thru my whole body he was fucking me so hard and deep. Then he pulled out of my pussy and violently fucked my ass while I screamed. It hurt so bad but I came so hard! I think I must be addicted to abuse.

I’m a submissive whore just like my mom

submissive whoreMy mother raised me alone and there were always boyfriends coming and going. She was a submissive whore to so many men just to keep me sheltered and cared for. My mother taught me that the best ride is a free ride and that I needed to submit to men just as she does. I was trained to serve men and be of service to their carnal needs and to just lay back and let them use me. I have even come to love the feeling of being used and to enjoy their parties where I would be the center of a bukkake shower. They would have many men circling me and jerking their cocks off on me. They enjoyed me sitting in the center with my legs forced open with a spreader bar and my hands tied behind my back. I was forced to keep my mouth open and my eyes and take their cum wherever they wanted to shoot it. I had to smile, beg and thank them for their services of cumming on me. If I failed to do any of it there was my mother at my side with a switch in her hand to serve me punishment. Don’t you want to cum on me sir?

I Live For BDSM Phone Sex

BDSM phone sex

Do you want to hear about the first BDSM phone sex experience I had? I had been seeing this guy who was old enough to be my father and the sex was kind of boring. So, one day I asked him if he had any fantasies that he hadn’t told me about so we could spice things up a bit. That’s when he told me that he’s heavily into BDSM. I didn’t have any experience, so I asked him to ease me into it very slowly. And he kind of did, I guess. He tied me up, but it was for an entire weekend.
When he first tied me to his bed, I thought he was kidding when he said it was going to be from Friday night till Monday morning. But as it turns out, he was absolutely serious about it. He teased me for the entire time, only stopping when he slept. He only let me get off the bed when I had to shower (and he stayed there with me) or use the bathroom. It only got more hardcore after that experience. If you want to hear more, I’m ready and waiting to serve you. I’ve become quite a good little pet.

I am His Submissive Slut

submissive slutSo, you like a hot little submissive slut baby? Someone who loves to be degraded and told exactly what to do and when to do it? Someone to spread her legs or open her mouth just to satisfy you at anytime or any place? Yeah, I know a few guys like that too and as a woman who loves to be dominated, I need them. I have been my daddy’s little pet for a while now and when he calls, I know that I am to answer and totally obey. He called from a bar where he was with a few buddies. I dressed just how he likes, complete with my collar around my neck. I entered and there he was at the bar motioning me over. I walked over to him and he patted my head and directed me to his crotch. I knew what to do and although there was a bar full of people my need to please him and my love of humiliation immediately took over. I unbuckled his pants and pulled out his massive cock. I started stroking it until I could see the pre-cum. Then I opened my mouth wide and started giving him a wet sloppy blow job. As he got more excited, he grabbed me by the hair and forced my face deep in his crotch, holding me there while he throat fucked me. I gagged and struggled for breath, but I know that I am here to please him. As tears ran down my face and I struggled not to vomit he filled my throat full of his warm cum. He then told me to clean him up and I did as I was told. He then had me sit beside him, legs spread so that my juicy bald pussy was on full display. Let me tell you all the kinky things this submissive slut did that night, you are going to love to hear all about it.

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