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Want To Punish Me?

submissive whoreSometimes I need to feel the strap across my ass and the breasts clamps on my nipples. There is something about the pain that feels so much like ecstasy. I love it, I want it, I must have it. Just thinking of the heat from my beaten ass makes my pussy so wet. The pinching of my nipples makes me even wetter. I will not tell you because then you will not punish me, but I get so excited when you lay out a submissive slut outfit and matching heels for me to wear. I know what that means. It means you are going to use my body, push me to the brink, make me obey you and do as you command. I intentionally disobey you so that you will punish me. If you chose to humiliate me or share my body with your friends or complete strangers, I secretly orgasm time and time again. Right now, I am playing with my pussy which you own, without your permission. So how are you going to punish me?

Sexy Mommy BDSM Chat


Have A BDSM Chat with your sexy mommy Robyn. There are things you should know about this milf slave though. I like it rough, and I seem to get off on kidnapping and home invasion scenes. I wouldn’t go as far as to say I purposely set my set up for these scenarios but I do on occasion find myself tied to my own bed with a stranger and his accomplices on top of me.  Leaving my doors unlocked as I fall asleep on my bed thinking I would have the day off from submissive things such as bare bottom spankings and slave sex. I never have a day off. Complete strangers to me, but known to my son as he rounded the corner grinning evilly. 

It was his turn to watch and help these men use his own mother. I have no safe space now that my son has taken the reins to learn how to use a submissive such as myself. With him it turns sadistic as I am heavily tied to the bed frame and my panties cut off. “Use this stupid bitch, he commands, “ I want to watch her become a bukkake whore just as mommy whore knows she is!” He is beside me feeding me his young hard cock and ordering the brutal fucking of his own mother! No complaints from a whore who has always been meant to be used and abused! 

Black Cock Is Superior

Submissive Slut

It’s all about hung, black cock. Black cock is superior. Getting my fuck holes stretched by some massive man meat is enough to make my cunt pour forth a river. I’m so fucking horny baby! I need to get my cunt stuffed, my mouth filled, and my as torn right in half. I’m a true pain slut, and I love a rough fuck. I need a real man to be able to handle me, and I can tell you right now the only throbbing cocks up to the job of fucking, stuffing, filling, beating, and eating a pain slut submissive bitch like me are BBC. BBC stands for Big Black Cock and i love those juicy ones.

In fact, I have a client who calls me phone chat numbers regularly, who loves to eat black cum! He pays a hung black bastard to come in and just absolutely fucking wreck me. Then, he wants that thick man mean to cum in me so I can squat over his face, and that little BBC cuck can pick up every drop. He loves to help my Black Master abuse me. It gets his cucky cock off. As long as it’s masochistic, I’m dripping the entire time.

Bondage Phone Sex Submissive Celeste

I’m the subby Bondage Phone Sex Whore you desire, if you want a good obedient filthy slut. I love to be made to do what turns you on. Consequently, this sometimes means I am not a complete pet for you and am used in a filthy way that you need. I had this Master that required me to eat a lot of greasy Mexican food. He wanted my ass exploding with filth and He wanted to pump me until I shat on his fuck stick. I was enjoying the switch and being fed some of my favorite Mexican food like cheesy bean enchiladas oozing with goodness. I ate like a Mexican Queen at the Tanqueria. They had more than tacos and I did like the tacos also. I ate and drank a few margaritas. I was so full and intoxicated. He took me to his place and hogtied me. He had fun with me. He spanked my bare bottom and fucked the shit out of my ass. But in a few hours it was devastating the need I had to shit. I was cramping and he was ready to pound my holes until the warm gooey moist crap flowed on his cock. He pumped me full of cum and then set me on my way. This was the strangest Master to date. I did enjoy the feast though!

Bondage Phone Sex

Cock worshiping Slave Slut

cock worshiping

I am Sirs Cock worshiping slave slut. I belong in chains and ropes and only allowed to use my fuck holes to give that cock its due praises. I have been restrained for play. Today is a fresh day out if bondage and I have made his cock cum twenty-two times in the past two days. I am nothing but a slut. Mother, and wife are only subtitles for a older slave who is domesticated. I am being trained to give my body to my son. He is making his way to be a dominant and will have a slave girl bought for him soon at auction. I will be training her to be my son’s live in slave. She will be young, how young I can not say here, but old enough to breed like I was. House slaves are a different breed and one must account for being a fake normal woman to the outside world. My job is to introduce her to spankings and bondage in between the massive amounts of fucking my Husband and master will give her beside my son. Only when she is ripe enough will she be taught household day to day activities with her slave bracelets firmly attached. Nipple and pussy lip weights will be her new attire. She must be prepared to never embarrass her master and quickly think on her feet. Our Masters must never be exposed or embarrassed. His and her  daughters will be slaves like mine are destined to be. Its not just a physical fuck for this milf phone sex bondage mommy. Its a way of life and a mind fuck as well.

What Can I Do For You?

submissive whoreI am such a submissive whore. It is my dirty little secret as most of my friends wouldn’t understand. The thought of you tying me up and putting duct tape over my mouth makes my pussy so wet. When you add nipple clamps, I can feel my pussy start to contract. I need the humiliation and pain. I want to do as you command, I want to be your slave. I want you to grab my hair and throw me to the ground, forcing me to take your hard cock deep in my mouth. Shoving it in so deep that I gasp for air. Holding your dick deep inside my mouth as your streams of cum fill my throat, gagging me. Feeling you smack my face and telling me to take it all. How you lay me on the bed and paddle my slick bald pussy until it is red and bloody. I won’t even move, no need to tie me up. I long to please you. For you to use my body as you want. All of my holes are yours, to do with what you want. I am here to please you and if that means pleasing all of your friends then I will lay there like the slut I am and take it because all I want is to make you happy. So Master, call me and tell me how I can please you.

He Used Me Like A Submissive Slut

Submissive Slut

“Suck that fucking cock, you fucking slut.” He grabbed a handful of my hair, shoving his cock down my throat. “You’re going to get used bitch,” He started throat fucking me, hard, fast, and it hurt so good. My cunt was soaked as he grabbed a second handful of my hair and slammed my oral fuck hole like the worthless whore I am. He was choking me with his massive cock, and I couldn’t breathe, My eyes were tearing up, I was uselessly bound. He spit on my face, and I tried to gasp for air around his cock. He finally let me breathe, and I dragged air into my lungs greedily. He spread my slutty legs, and rubbed his cock on my clit, making me moan and beg for him to fuck me. He slapped me, slowly pushing his cock into my cunt. It was driving me wild, so slowly, but he went balls deep stretching me out. He pushed it in so far it hurt, and I cried. He pinned down my hips, my hands tied above my head. He started to mercilessly pound away at my cunt, and I was only getting wetter.

Mine now

slave training

I had a guy over last night who was interested in slave training. He had been with someone before who had trained him to take a cock but not much else. So I had my work cut out for me. I brought out my strap ons, dildos of varying sizes and some gags. I then also brought out some cuffs and paddles. I started my night with putting a gag in and turning his ass to a nice shade of red. He had some tears coming down and when I removed the gag he begged for me to stop. I put in a cock shaped gag and then smacked his ass and balls until they started to swell. I removed the gag and had him come over to a spot on the floor where I inserted a ring gag and got my strap-on harness ready. When I was happy with the placement I brought the dildo over for him to suck and get nice and wet, I slid it inside the gag and got wet listening to him choke and drool. I poured some cold lube onto his asshole as well and then slid in. He was trying to get away when he felt my thighs meet his ass cheeks. I help on and started pumping him hard and fast. He was only able to hold out for about 2 mins this time and he did not ask to cum so I guess we will have many more training sessions to go. I am willing to train you as well.

Pain Slaves Take What They’re Given

Bondage And Submission

I’m strung up by my ankles, dangling two feet above the cold, linoleum floor. I’ve been stripped naked like the slut I am. My legs are spread, my glistening cunt on display for the onlookers. The stage lights are hot on my skin, but not as hot as the bite of the whip. The sting always follows the crack of it, but it splits on my soft skin, and I scream every time. The audience applauds, those of them who aren’t stroking their cocks, or sucking someone off, or best of all getting railed. I was on display, being beaten within an inch of my life while my cunt got soaked beyond my wildest dreams as the world looked on. i was being humiliated on public international television, and that thought alone is enough to make me damn well squirt.

Master pressed the brand into my fat ass cheek, and I scream as my skin bubbled beneath the red hot steel. His name was forever, painfully seared onto my ass, and every man I fucked from here on out would know who I belonged to. I’m a slave to him, for now and forever. I screamed as he began to whip me again, my cunt getting wetter with every fucking stroke.

Your Obedient Submissive whore Milf

submissive whore As long I can remember I’ve been a submissive whore inside! Even young I always ready to serve cock. It began with watching slave porn, with my Dom Father. He was already training me as a sex slave only I didn’t know it. On the screen we saw slaves beaten, gagged, and tied up while taking cock. My little bald pussy was instantly wet. Everything from gangbangs to toilet games while being pounded made me want to be a slave like these! I knew one day I would be just like these slave sluts! And the thought soaked my panties. Daddy would roleplay each scene a hundred times before he sold me to my now Master! I was his young cum whore. I loved being used, even while pregnant! . As I took so much cock, you would have thought I would have grown sick of it but the more I took, the more I craved abuse, I am a real slave sex addict! When I was younger I would beg my husbands friends for sex and they would give me what I asked for, and I would keep it our little secret forever. Or so I thought. I would be beaten black and blue, but still encouraged to be a gang bang submissive mommy! Cock hungry and producing brats for my master is all I knew those first few years! And now my daughters are ready for slave training right alongside mommy. And I feel like a young nympho again! I am your obedient subslut Milf!slave training

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